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					How to Buy the Best Wines

Many wine buyers and collectors prefer to go to wineries to ensure that
they make the right purchase of fine wines. You may find experts and wine
critics where you travel. They know everything about the most popular
wine brands, quality fine wines, and the vintage wines.

However, there are professional wine critics that have their own personal
judgment on the taste and quality of a wine. You may rate it differently
according to your preferred flavor and taste. It is important to read
wine reviews to serve as your guide in buying quality fine wines.

You may also get advice from your friends and local wine traders. Don't
be intimidated to ask for advice and suggestions on what brands and types
of wines that will match your taste in collecting and drinking wine. Here
are some helpful tips on how to purchase the right wine for you.

1.    You may attend tradeshows that offer free taste tests and try out
new releases. You can then make a list of the wines that you think taste
the best and have good quality.

2.    Compare prices from different stores and look for stores that offer
discounts when you buy wine by the case. Don't assume that all vintage
wines are expensive. There are aged wines that are also sold as bargains
as long you buy them in cases.

3.    Accept special offers from wine shops. The wine industry has always
been highly competitive for sellers and businesses because of the
increasing number of wine shops.

4.    It isn't advisable to buy wine without their bottles having signs
and wrong labeling. They could only be products of wine smuggling and

5.    Check the ullage on vintage wines. You can find seepage if there is
a gap between the cork and the wine. You may even find trails of crystals
on the seal of the bottle.

6.    Do not buy those bottles that have shown signs of seeped wine
through the corks. You could find traces of spills and trails on the
glass of the bottle.

7.    Always be updated on the new releases and sudden favorites like
those wines that are high in demand in nightclubs and bars. Look for
those lists of wines that have been recognized and have won at tradeshows
and competitions.

Always make sure that the wine you purchase has an undamaged label. You
shouldn't buy those wines that have faded labels. It might mean that the
bottle may have been exposed to sunlight and wasn't properly stored in

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