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					The Joys of White Wine - An Overview

Red wines have been very popular lately, thanks to medical reports about
their antioxidant and heart-protecting properties. It's true that red
wines are amazing, but that doesn't mean the other less noticed kinds of
wine are bad. White wines are in fact divine, when it comes to their
subtle aroma and taste it's more than the senses with a right amount of
sweetness and delicately combined with mild sources.

Many people are confused about wine, especially whites. This makes many
estranged from the joys of the cellar. For the uninitiated, here are
some of the most common kinds of white wine:

1. Chardonnay - The most renowned type of white wine is very much
befitting of the superstardom. This type of wine originated in France
from grapes of the same name. Its flavor reminds one of the fruity tastes
of pineapple, peach, citrus, apple combined with luscious tang of
vanilla, oatmeal, and nuts. Chardonnay looks very elegant in a glass with
its deep yellow to light greenish transparence.

2. Sauvignon Blanc – Another wine that hails from France, particularly
around the Loire valley, the Sauvignon Blanc can also be found in New
Zealand. Its flavor evokes freshness of the pastures around its area,
reminding one of the aroma of freshly cut grass, giving the wine an
herbaceous flavor with hints of fruits. It is best to enjoy this wine
immediately as its fresh flavor doesn't last long.

3. Chenin Blanc – another product of the Loire valley, this exceptional
wine usually goes unnoticed as the underdog of the wine kingdom. However
its flavors are truly magnificent with hints of tangy pineapple and lime
combined with the sweetness of honey and licorice. This one lasts longer
and can keep up to 10 years.

4. Gewurztraminer – This one comes from Alsace, France. A wine with a
louder character, with hints of spice and floral taste.

5. Pinot Gris – this crisp and smoky wine with hints of apricot comes
from Alsace, North Eastern Italy, and New Zealand.

6. Riesling – a noble tea-like, honey flavored wine comes from Alsace or
Clare Valley in France, or from Germany.

There are so many other kinds of white wines, all evoking elegant and
luscious flavors that make them perfect companions for soft cheeses,
white sauced pasta, fish and poultry. Of course one can have a glass with
any meal or by itself depending on one’s preference.

When it comes to the joys and pleasures brought about by wine, whites can
compete with reds. To know more about white wines, it is best to befriend
a wine dealer. Cheers!

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