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					Enjoy Touring the California Wineries

California is well known for first-class wine and wineries. While they do
not have as much romance and mystery as their European counterparts do,
they, however, have a vibrance and body to them that is hard to deny.

California, with over 200 days of sunshine and a very dependable growing
season, is ideal for cultivating grapes and setting up wineries.

For any wine connoisseur, a trip to California – both to witness
winemaking and to engage in wine tasting – is a once-in-a-year, if not
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If your goal is to visit California for this purpose, and to see the
yearly festivals, the harvesting and processing events, then a tour of
the California wineries is sure to delight you. Here are a few tips to
help you make the most out of a trip to these wineries.

1. Plan ahead. You will need a clear plan on which geographical areas
that have been designated for viniculture – to visit since there are so
many. Luckily most of them are bunched together by region right next to
urban and natural settings. Choose a region that suits you and map out
the areas that you would like to visit.

You could also visit websites or contact trade bureaus and winery
organizations for a list of wineries to visit and for upcoming special

2. Make reservations. Some wineries offer tasting by appointment only, so
you will want to call ahead of time to let them know. Also make travel
and accommodations before hand because this period will generally be a
busy one for them. Limit your visits to, at the most, three wineries per
day since there is so much to do and so much to see. Some visitors make
the mistake of trying to squeeze too much into one day, only to find out
that travel to and from regions can be a terribly long affair. You will
also want to allow for time to tour the wineries and participate in
annual events. That’s going to be a lot of things going on at the same
time, so make sure you accommodate that into your schedule.

3. Study your destinations   carefully.   In order to make the most out of a
visit, try to know as much   as you can   about the winery you are visiting.
Having a designated driver   helps when   touring the California area. You
will also have to consider   using spit   buckets and share tasting as

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