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					Mike Tucker
             (434) 242 9483

                               Most recently I launched Base / Apex, a small firm specializing
                               in interaction design. Prior to that, I freelanced for MSN as a graphic
                               designer and Flash developer. In 2006 I worked full-time as a designer
                               at Big Spaceship in New York. And along the way I’ve done
                               freelance for companies such as American Express, Sony,
                               Target, Paramount, and Sierra.

                               Secondary capabilities include photography, clothing design,
                               illustration, UI and functionality, post production,
                               and creative development.

                               Education includes a BFA in Graphic Design from VCU in Richmond, VA.
                               Philosophy, Psychology, and Economics were also of interest.

                               Recent Highlights

           nikeair.com         • Designer and Developer under the direction of Pablo Marques
              Big Spaceship
                               • Winner of two New York Festivals Gold Medals
                               • Winner of FWA Site of the Day and Site of the Month awards.
                               • Extensive use of Illustrator, Flash, Actionscript, and After Effects

       base-apex.com           • Launch site for the new firm
            personal project
                               • Visuals utilizing After Effects, Cinema 4d, Final Cut and Flash
                               • Ground-up dynamically driven AS 2.0 engine

2006        Ludosabato.com • personal portfolio, winner of 2006 Pixel Award for student category

                MSN Money • Part-time Flash designer and developer for the MSN Money dept

          American Express • Flash developer on the My Life, My Card website width Dev Impact and Digitas

              Sony Pictures • Silent Hill movie website with Big Spaceship, art directed by James Widegren

         Paramount Classics • Photoshop layout concept for Black Snake Moan movie with Watson/DG

           Rockett Clothing • dozens of illustrative designs for the California-based clothing company

2005             Threadless • winning t-shirt design for the successful clothing company

             Art Exhibitions • multiple shows in Richmond, VA as well as I Am Static in Canadah

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