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									ONE MORE MILE

MARCH to MAY 2011
Year 12 - Issue 106

    Not only we “survived the winter”           optimism even in deep February
    but we had a great fun biking               and bike goes back to be a full
    through it.                                 joy.
    I am a lucky one who can decide,
                                                Now, with spring in full motion
    from the height of my old age, where
    to live and where to spend the              and with the migrant birds back
    winter and this year, with the family,      in the garden it is time for
    we transformed our summer house             biking with joy for everybody.
    on the south coast of Turkey, into
    the “all seasons” home: what a
                                                For the one of you in or near
    decision. I mean, a decision I should       Turkey a consideration for the
    have taken years ago while reading          next year: plan a good riding
    about the joy of riding in California       holiday on the south coast to
    or Brazil or Costa del Sol.                 cure the grey sadness of biking
    Riding in a region with mild weather        in cold weather:
    changes the way one approaches              Welcome to our Season.
    life: if it is true that “biking is a way
    of thinking”, riding in a “south
    region” at least changes the way of
    thinking and the way of feeling.
    One can take the bike all year
    around without much planning,
    dressing up is simple and not so
    “bulky” to isolate you from the
    environment, the sun inspire

The                  of BIKING

Despite all the limitations that              wheels will be relegated to museums,
governments, institutions, federations        exhibition (strange but true) and circuits.
and bureaucratic entities are placing on
                                              Normally and for long time bikers and
our favourite way of transportation,
                                              passion, two-wheel and enthusiasm,
motorcycling is well alive and kicking.
                                              motorcyclists and joy have been closely
Despite all the technology that makes         associated. Bikers has always been a well
bikes more and more difficult to use,         knitted community helping and saluting
despite all gizmos exclusively designed       each others, different from all road users,
for extreme circuit use, despite a            committed to sporting integrity and
senseless competition on useless power        shining with the joy of open roads.
motorcycling is still alive and popular.
                                              Yes, I do not need to be reminded: hell
Despite all the ignorance and arrogance       angels and similar delinquent gangs are
that we, the bikers, show everyday with       and have been part of our history; every
bad riding, disrespectful noise and           family has black sheep and ours are not
criminal manoeuvres motorcycling is still     blacker than other. While biking can
legal.                                        change a sad, depressed man into a happy
                                              one it cannot take away completely
What keeps biking alive is (and it has
                                              delinquency from bad humans. Media
always been) the joy and pleasure that
                                              focus on "rebels without a cause" while in
most of us, bikers, manage to show and
                                              reality bikers have zillions of causes to
pass around. When this joyful message
will be silenced, on the same day, the safe
banality of cars will win the day and two     From the letter I get from the few

                  readers/riders and from the frequent           searching for lanes without slowing
                  conversations with bikers (old friends or      down, lost in his (or her?) dream of
                  casual acquaintances) it looks like the        speed, freedom, challenge and
                  simple Joy of Biking is under severe           individuality.
    Biking is     danger of being wiped out as many of the
                                                                 The first comment from my friend
                  old simple (and not too costly) joys that
    becoming      we shared in the past (conversation being
                                                                 (remember that he is a biker driving a
                                                                 car) was “Riders like this one are going to
                  the most evident victim of the
    more and      communication era).
                                                                 die you know giving bad name to
                                                                 motorcycling…” Nothing to do but to
    more          Biking is becoming more and more               agree with the well founded good
                  COMPLICATED and when things lose the           mannered, banal-common-sense
    complicated   dimension of simplicity joy tends to be        comment. If you are trying to split lanes
                  reduced. With simplicity the SPORTING          at 100 miles per hour in the heavy and
                  dimension of biking is going away both at      irregular traffic of Istanbul Turkey on a
                  amateur and professional level. Less           two-wheels-no-protection missile with
                  SPORT and less SIMPLE and, therefore,          only denim&leather as shield, one tend to
                  less SATISFYING for a large group.             increase the chances of leaving this world
                                                                 earlier than the statistically assigned
                  Few days ago while prisoner inside a car,
                  driven by a biker friend, we were
                  approaching on of the Bosporus bridges         But then a second consideration came to
                  along the motorway Istanbul-Ankara             my mind (not to my lips since I remained
                  when the lacerating sound of a full-open       silent on the subject for the whole
                  exhaust, connected to a powerful two-          duration of my prison time): maybe
                  cylinders, announced the incoming              shielded by Aerostich or camouflaged as a
                  redness of a Ducati full speed: a flash and    Grand Prix leather hero, the same rider,
                  the rider was well in front of us, stretched   with the same behaviour would have been
                  over the tank, with jeans and “rocker”         judged differently: an excessive
                  jacket, moving at over 160 KpH,                professional training for advanced skills.

We eliminate joy because we take             Look at the companions of Steve
ourselves too seriously, because we take     McQueen riding every Sunday on quite
too seriously what is, at the end, a         simple motorcycles dressed with jeans
splendid game. From the top: take a look     and t-shirts, or at the trialists moving
at the GP riders of today and consider the   around in tweed pants. Now move to the
seriousness of their blank personalities     advertising page for motorcycle clothing
compared with the “romantic picaresque       of any decent (or indecent) MC magazine
characters” that were populating the pit     and check the suggested model: going
lanes just few years ago. Riders (and        around for a spin on Sunday dressed as
pilots) partying the night before,           the “gladiator of the circuits” or the “Paris
throwing away the cigarette at the start     Dakar sponsored professional”.
line and going to race to death on quite     We take ourselves and our game too
unstable and temperamental machines.         seriously and we make it complicated, we
                                             transform education and knowledge in a
                                             business game for profit, we convert
                                             simple machine in technological wonders.
                                             We kill the joy.
                                             “Taking too seriously” is often
                                             covered by a call to professionalism, to be
                                             expert and competent, to know and use
                                             the last of technology, forgetting that
                                             competence and knowledge are just tools
                                             for sharing and loving, oblivious that
                                             professionalism is just a media for unity,
                                             ignorant of the fact that been “good at” is
                                             just a position of service to others and not
                                             glory to the self.
                                             “Taking the self too seriously

    taking a game too seriously” is the           simple things is joyful: we need to learn
    beginning of the ruin: if you take life too   how to ride well with joy, we have to
    seriously you are already dead.               share our experience with other riders
                                                  with joy, we have to protect ourselves
    The joy come from the ludic aspect of the
                                                  with joy, we have to use good and modern
    whole life: going back to being a kid. We
                                                  vehicles with joy, we have to congregate
    kill the joy when we eliminate the
                                                  with joy and we have to talk among bikers
    madness and we introduce the millions of
                                                  with joy.
    rules designed to protect the idiots; in
    this way we transform a group of friend in    No better conclusion to this set of
    a small replica of decadent parliaments,      consideration that the note that Andrew
    the bunch of riders companion into an         Longshow (Wookie master and Observer)
    organized-group-ride with road-master         uses to close his messages: “Have fun
    and all the infernal things of parading,      and be safe. But don't be too safe
    when we transform a simple game into a        not to have fun”
    complicated events.
    "We're living in a world
    that contributes in a
    major way to mental
    distraction, de-coherence"
    and the absence of joy, the
    introduction of complicated
    rules, the taking of the self too
    seriously are the accelerators to
    Biking is simple and as all
                           From Lee Park
                         “TOTAL CONTROL”
              book that can be bought at

“Faith is a trust in your knowledge”...         desired by the artist.
”How many times have you seen two
                                                Art and Science are the indivisible couple
racers on equal equipment and tires go
                                                at the center of any human achievement:
through a turn at the same speed and yet
                                                art to feed the vision, science to guide the
watched only one of them crash?
                                                execution, art to fuel desire and
Sometimes it is a case of one rider
                                                imagination, science to express what has
making a mistake, but other times it
                                                been announced.
comes down to the difference in
confidence level. The more faith you            Art and Science move together and any
have, the more confident you will be.           attempt of separation kill the twins.
This is one of the reasons why                  Science without art is sterile and violent;
motorcycling has to often been described        art without science is futile and onanistic.
as a religious experience”.
                                                From Andrew Longshow after a day of
“Why do I want to be a Trainer or an            training and observation: “The trainee
Observer?” To pass the “science” of riding      riders made no mistakes apart from
showing to an ignorant fellow the level of      some harsh steering… nevertheless the
knowledge that can be reached with              essence of Systematic Advanced riding
application and money? Or to pass the           was missing. I argue that advanced
passion and enthusiasm for the Art of           riding is an art form; art works with
Riding together with the Science needed         science but requires that 'human
to support the art?                             element'.
It is true that a statue is the expression of   That is why a painting may be a master
art… but a statue requires a lot of science     piece to one person but a piece of
to be carved and to stand in the position       garbage to another. With only science,

    what is, is. I saw riders whose actions     continue but we should get worried when
    where correct in execution without an       a Test (IAM or RoSPA) or a Grading are
    understanding of the why, without           involved. There is limited time to
    inspiration of the reasons… The “Golds”,    produce the goods. You pay your cash
    the best riders in my group where those     and, hell; you want a certificate at the end
    who when shown elements of ART had          of it: so it is easier to teach how to pass
    the “revelation” moment and gave me         the Test rather than explain how to ride.
    THEIR ride not a ride they thought I
                                                 2. The riders coming through OMM
    wanted to see.
                                                training are young without too much
    Best example of this was the girl on the    experience and we show them advanced
    Hornet 900. Best on the highway with a      techniques when some of the
    near perfect ride but flat on the twisty.   intermediate stuff not fully in place.
    Stopped, had a chat, showed her, invited
                                                3. As per #2 but applies to the
    her to ''stop being correctly boring and
                                                Trainer/Observers. They have not ridden
    ride the bloody bike''. Then her ride
                                                many bikes, not done as many miles,
    shone through”
                                                have not track or off road experience.
    Why we see less Art and more
                                                4. Teaching is hard work. Learning is
    “Science only”? Why more correct
                                                hard work. Life is hard work full stop.
    rides without inspiration? Why a
                                                Sometimes people default to the easiest
    repetitive sequence of empty act as
                                                route. “If this rider is crap, I just show
    prescribed by the System but no
                                                him enough to get through the Test and
    passion for real advanced,
                                                then the next student maybe better”.
    progressive, I-am-all-here rides?
                                                What is missing is the 'thinking' phase
    Again Andrew gives 4 reasons and I
                                                of the ride. Do this and you will get the
    repeat them to open a debate:
                                                Grade or Pass the test: so only science,
    1. Commercial schools/trainers have         crude and violent science, repetitive set
    their place and I think they need to        of actions without ART. And,
                                                naturally, without Joy.
                one of the POWER VIRTUE
                    for GOOD RIDING
Engin Balaban, OMM Rider and IAM               to chance. Did you ever ask yourself
Senior Observer, one of the forces behind      whether you can be patient and analyze
the development of A.R.A. in Turkey does       (noticeable or unnoticeable) dangers and
not look or act as a man of patience but       timing before overtaking the vehicle? If
he cultivates this, often forgotten and        you ask yourself that kind of questions
often under evaluated, virtue when             you do not only ride by thinking but also
riding: and, boys, he rides!                   give priority to the security, not to
Having spoken several times about
“humility” as an instrumental virtue for        Patience: Is it the right time? By taking
excellence I am really happy to increase       into consideration the road-weather
the list of POWER VIRTUES for RIDING:          conditions, and thinking about yours and
welcome “PATIENCE”                             other road users' security of others and of
                                               course yours, you have to ask yourself “is
“All human power is a compound of time
                                               it now the right time to overtake?”
and patience.” Honoré de Balzac
                                               Where to exercise patience? Wherever
Here is a virtue to meditate about and to
                                               you are. While walking, running, talking,
use when you are riding: Patience.
                                               eating, riding even sleeping and especially
What is patience? It is the ability to wait,   while learning something or building your
or to continue doing something despite         skills, you have to be patient.
difficulties, or to suffer without
                                               Frankly speaking, most of us do not have
complaining or getting annoyed.
                                               even the patience to read “user manuals”
For what is patience? Not to leave space       of expensive and complex items: we buy a

    television, and we read the note saying      5 stages; information, position, speed,
    “Before operating this item get in touch     gear and acceleration.
    with the authorized service”, we call the
    service and they say they come to install    Here, in all the stages of the system is
    only two days later. Two days… How can       application of patience. And if you are
    we wait for two days for it? We have paid    patient enough to consider, you will
    lots of money… we can't wait. Moreover       understand why.
    we opened the box thinking “there is a       To gather as much information as
    match tonight and I will enjoy watching it   needed, requires time to see, to smell and
    on the big screen finally on HD”. We take    to hear. Argus-eyed observation gives the
    instructions, papers and booklets, give      rider extra time to think and to react.
    them to wife to put away… on one of          Information that we gather with good
    those booklets the title reads               observation allows us to adapt “the
    “INSTRUCTION FOR USE” … just keep it         system” to the road-weather conditions;
    in case… for later… It's too thick for       “information that comes constantly,
    now… Plug it in then turn it on, take the
    zapper and push one of the channel's
    buttons, no it doesn't work. Ok, no
    problem, there are 34 more to try, don't
    worry, one of them will work. Lucky or
    unlucky, we spend a lot of time for
    nothing just because we don't have
    enough time and patience to read the
    While we are occasionally patient we
    never show this virtue while building our
    riding skills. Why?
    We all know that “the system” consists of

accumulates and is transferred to all the       Most of us are not patient to choose the
stages of the system” says Roadcraft.           right speed. All we want is to hit the gas
                                                and take corners. Next time check if you
You have to be patient to collect “the
                                                hold your breath on the bend or not. If
information” from the road too. There
have been times when you see a vehicle
                                                you feel that you hold your breath and get
                                                stressed that means you are too fast for
                                                                                             ...You have
trying to cross your path at the eleventh
hour when you think that you have
                                                the bend, you will either brake in the       to be
                                                middle of the curve or you will chop the
collected all the information to overtake:
it can be failure to observe sufficiently but
                                                throttle. Thus, you can't have the proper    patient to
                                                sense of acceleration. “Sense of
under the skin there is patience too.
Waiting till the last step to collect the
                                                acceleration is to change the speed using    collect the
                                                throttle according to the road and traffic
information, sum up them and ride
                                                conditions” says Roadcraft. But we are       information
according to the plan. For these, we need
to be patient.
                                                even not patient to use throttle.
                                                                                             on the
                                                Gear choice can make the riding better or
We have to be patient while taking
position on the road.
                                                worse. Choosing the right gear in            road..
                                                accordance with the speed is one of the
There has been time that we lose our            most system's milestones. While
position at a corner and, here again, the       approaching a curve, gearing down is
most important criteria is still patience.      generally selected before slowing down.
We have to wait till the end of the curve,      Why don't we consider decelerate instead,
and if there is no danger now we can take       if required? Why don't we chop throttle or
another position. In this way you can           brake (if necessary) before choosing the
approach the successive corner in the           right gear? Here, we are not patient once
right position. Losing the correct position     more. We have forced the engine too
early confuses all the incoming cornering       much, haven't we? Our rear wheel even
maneuvers. So as you see the most               slides a little since we have geared down
important point is still patience too.          without slowing down. If we had been

     patient enough, we wouldn't have lost our      patient not to forget key elements. You
     concentration. And then we would not           would not want to have an accident with
     have had to panic again saying “I think        your untied helmet on or to throw your
     I'm too fast for this curve”.                  bag in the traffic for lack of securing it.
     Acceleration is the most delightful part of    Be patient and gain time because time is
     riding. However, being a little impatient,     the most essential thing while riding. And
     opening throttle too early at the corner's     be patient not only to obtain the time but
     exit may generate loss of traction, plastic,   also to improve your riding skills.
     metal and skin. Patience, patience,
                                                    "Patience is something you admire in the
                                                    driver behind you, but not in one ahead."
     To be patient is one of the most               Bill Mcglashen
     important keys to develop our skills,
     patience is not for sale but we all have it.   Ride One More Mile

     All we need is to learn how to use it.
     Just participating in some OMM -
     A.R.A. workshops can't help you to
     develop your riding skills. After the
     workshop you have to work on what
     you have learned, repeat techniques
     and observe your own progress
     You can't build a house without laying
     the foundations; thus, you have to be
     very careful and patient to improve
     your skills since the very beginning.
     Even dressing up for riding demands
                Motorcycle and Scooter
                 RIDE TO WORK DAY
              is Monday, June 20th, 2011
The twentieth annual commuting            their members to ride to work on this day.
event is expected to more than            Studies have shown that across equal
double the number of riders on the        distances, commuting motorcyclists reach
road, according to Ride to Work,          their destinations in less time than those
the coordinator of the activity.          using automobiles, that motorcycles and
"Riding on this day showcases the         scooters consume less resources per mile
positive value of motorcycles and         than automobiles, and that they take up
scooters for transportation. It is an     less space on roads. Motorcycle and
economical, efficient and socially        scooter riders seek improved employer
responsible form of mobility that         recognition and support for this form of
saves energy, helps the                   transportation, and more public and
environment and provides a broad          government awareness of the positive
range of other public benefits,"          value of riding.
states Andy Goldfine, the event
organizer.                                The 2011 public service advertisements
                                          are available as digital image files at
Motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts and
rider organizations worldwide encourage   work-day-ads
                                          More information on RTW Day is
                                          available at the Ride to Work Day
                                               TOTAL CONTROL:
                                    adapted from an original booklet published by
                                  The Norsk Motorcykkel Union
     riders           By linking to OMM website and                Many riders repeatedly act incorrectly,
                      downloading from the front page the          yet get away with it because they build
     repeatedly       TOTAL CONTROL documents you will be          into their riding wide safety margins. or
                      able to read (29 pages) one of the best      are simply lucky. They ride on in good
     act              pieces recently written on Advanced          faith and ignorance and in that way
     incorrectly...   Riding. We have to thank Norsk               establish a whole bunch of poor riding
                      Motorcykkel Union and Jon Taylor. Jon        habits. These habits can then turn on
                      presented the article to OMM and “made       them in a critical situation and lead
                      a few minor adjustments to the Total         directly to an accident.
                      Control article so that it fits in with
                                                                   It is therefore quite reasonable to believe
                      Roadcraft terminology and best practices
                                                                   that many of the accidents that happen
                      (particularly the Acceleration section
                                                                   are directly caused by the rider's own
                      where it refers to overtaking exercises)
                                                                   instinctive actions. Conscious effort to
                      This article describes an effective and      learn precise riding techniques, and thus
                      precise riding technique while also          beat instinct, will inevitably lead to
                      helping you to understand the essential      increased enjoyment with fewer
                      physics of a motorcycle. In addition it      'problems'. To change working habits
                      also offers you a series of exercises that   demands perseverance.
                      you can work on every time you ride.
                                                                   It takes humility to realize that you may
                      Through systematic practicing you can
                                                                   be wrong, and a measure of stubbornness
                      learn to override dangerous instincts and
                                                                   to practice systematically. The reward is
                      let the bike do what it is best at.
                                                                   more fun and increased safety.

Of course, a precise riding technique is        we have had to simplify the scientific and
not by itself sufficient to become a            physical explanations a lot. As they are,
competent rider. There's a lot of other         they are a good starting point to
knowledge you need in order to become a         understand what happens physically
good rider. Other articles offer riding tips,   when you steer, brake or accelerate your
but in many of these, a precise riding          machine.
technique is treated superficially.
                                                We explain each subject of riding
This article is written to help you practice    technique separately and later put them
on your own and establish accurate              together as a whole. Along with the
technique.                                      chapters of riding technique we have
                                                described exercises that you can employ
All two-wheelers without exception
                                                when you are out riding on the road. One
steer, brake and accelerate according to
                                                of the last chapters describes more
the same physical principles.
                                                demanding and specific exercises to be
That's why precise riding technique is          practiced in an area without traffic.
equally important whether on a Harley or
                                                Your machine is a precision instrument,
a sports bike.
                                                ready to follow whatever command you
This article is laid out as a handbook or       give it. But you have to give it the right
reference book.                                 commands. The key word is
                                                communication. The bike does what you
You can read it in the order you choose.
                                                ask of it, but if you disturb it, the result
Start with what interests you the most.
                                                may not be what you intended. It is,
We start out with the physical forces that
                                                therefore, important to understand how
influence the bike and why it is built the
                                                the machine works best, what it needs in       Click on the NMCU logo above to read more
way it is. A natural consequence of                                                                   and to download the full article
                                                order to do its very best, and what
physical laws is that some riding
                                                prerequisites are essential for it to do its
techniques are more efficient than others.
                                                job perfectly.
But since this is not an in-depth textbook,
                       DO YOU NEED 10 YEARS
                         TO ENJOY BIKING
      from Wookie (yes is stillAndrew but.. We lile what he does & writes

     Is the “10 Year Rule” [that in average one    Florida and rode almost every day for 4
     needs ten years of intense application to     years.
     master a skill or competence] correct?
                                                   When I moved back to England I got a job
     Yes I would say it's true, BUT!               which gave me a company car so I didn't
                                                   ride during the week. When I got on the
     “Why is there always a BUT? Dear Mr.
                                                   bike my riding was CRAP. Seemed it took
     Longshaw, you have just won the
                                                   me ages to get back in the 'groove'. But I
     National Nigerian Lottery, BUT!
                                                   couldn't get much practice.
     Hello Andrew and welcome to Paradise,
                                                   When I did go riding a lot of it was
     BUT first let's check your file [end of my
                                                   teaching beginners.
     stay in Paradise].
                                                   So not much of a challenge. Changed jobs
     Andy I love you, BUT!”
                                                   again and this is where the TYR comes in.
     Well with the TYR I have one more BUT         For the next 16 years I commuted to work
     and one 'You May Want to Consider'.           by bike. Another BUT here. I have seen
                                                   riders who have commuted for decades
     First a history lesson. I started riding at
                                                   and you wonder how they ever survived.
     16 which is now 28 years ago. This is a bit
                                                   But my job involved shifts so a lot of the
     of a surprise since I never thought much
                                                   time I was riding to/from work at 04.00
     past the age of 30.
                                                   or 23.00 so almost no traffic. Had a
     From the ages of 16-19 I rode all the time.   selection of routes and the minimum
     From 19-23 I was travelling a lot and my      distance was 28 miles [45KM] each way.
     riding was intermittent. Then I moved to
                                                   So lots of “progressive” [on occasions

very progressive] riding in all conditions.   days, off roading or club racing.
This I think is the reason why my riding      But you have to FOCUS not just float and
has improved so much over the years.          'if I don't train the world soon knows”.
BUT [again] without any form of external
observation how do I know if my riding is     Now for the “CONSIDER” bit. Are you fit
any good?                                     enough to ride? A hero of mine is John
                                              Deacon who raced the Dakar on a BMW
While I may think I'm the “dog's              R900GS and died during the Master Rally
bollocks” [English slang for being very       in August 2001.
good], in fact I'm the donkey's arse.
                                              When he was asked about his training he
I became involved in the Advanced             said “I don't do much stuff in the gym but
Riding world. This means that at least        I do a lot of miles on the bike. I'm RIDE
once a year a professional critic is          FIT” - BUT - as the years pass [plus 40 as
looking at my ride to see how it is and       a rough guide] - the excess and damage of
pass comment on it.                           previous years start to catch up with you.
I also started to teach others which meant    Because of my job change I had to make
I had to maintain my standards. So the        sure I was fit enough to pass tests in order
                          commute to work     to get the job. Other friends had to look at
                          was my basic        their 'fitness' for various reasons from
                          material and the    work, to health, to not fitting into their
                          advanced riding     leathers.
                          was the polish.
                          There are lots of   We don't all have to be super athletes but
                          different ways to   you should CONSIDER how your diet,
                          maintain your       fitness and general health affect your
                          standard of         riding. You can't be a great rider if you are
                          riding, for         out of breath getting the bike off its side
                          example track       stand!

                           TAKE IT SERIOUSLY
                             or MAYBE NOT

     Finally, after years of study and millions   advanced qualification.
     of pound spent, most in-depth safety
                                                  Using a Triumph Daytona 675
     study conducted by the Nottingham
                                                  motorcycle mounted on a custom
     University using motorcycle simulator is     simulator, three groups of riders
     completed and the results are                were put through identical
     astounding: advanced riders ride better      scenarios, as well as other tasks in
     than non-advanced riders. Keep reading       the laboratory to test aspects of
     (is real)                                    their hazard perception and
     SCIENTISTS AT Nottingham                     behavior. The findings showed that
     University have investigated the             experience on its own does not
     attitudes, behaviors and skills of           make riders safer on the road and
     different types of riders according          in some cases the experienced
     to their level of experience and             riders behaved more like the novice
     training, using a new motorcycle             riders. Advanced riders used better
     simulator - with surprising results.         road positioning to anticipate and
                                                  respond to hazards, kept to urban
     The study, carried out by                    speed limits, and actually made
     researchers at The University of             better progress through bends than
     Nottingham's Centre for Motorcycle           riders without the formal advanced
     Ergonomics & Rider Human                     training.
     Factors, was designed to find out
     whether or not riders with                   Dr Alex Stedmon from the Human
     advanced training actually ride              Factors Research Group, said: “This
     well than those that don't have an           is one of the most in-depth studies
                                                  of its kind ever conducted. It's been

a fantastic opportunity for us in the
Faculty of Engineering to work
                                                  IS IT ME?
                                                from Rapid Training News
alongside colleagues in the School    
of Psychology focusing on high
impact research with a relevance to
all motorcyclists. It has               I do not believe that we need an
demonstrated clear differences          introduction to this brief note that
between the rider groups and            appeared on Rapid Training bulletin last
potential benefits to advanced
                                        year at this time: I kept with me and I
training above and beyond rider
                                        enjoyed every time I read it. You may not
experience and basic training.
                                        know who is Jeremy Vine and you may be
Whilst experience seems to help
                                        oblivious of any radio program in UK. But
develop rider skills to an extent,
                                        the idiocy of boy scouts that try to protect
advanced training appears to
                                        us from the JOY of LIVING must be
develop deeper levels of awareness,
perception and responsibility. It       something that you experienced at least
also appears to make riders better      few time.
urban riders and quicker, smoother      In a world without risks, in a world
and safer riders in rural settings.”    “sanitized you may get the feeling of
Dr David Crundall from the School       living longer but you will definitely live
of Psychology added: “This is real      narrower.
cutting edge research and the           Is it me? I already know the answer, but
hazard perception results, in           what the hell. If I don't quite qualify as a
particular, have shown that             grumpy old man yet, then at least I'm a
advanced riders were quicker to         grumpy middle-aged man. I found myself
identify hazards and had a greater      yelling at the radio, which I know is not
awareness on their responsibility       the actions of the sanest amongst us. But
to themselves and other road            my blood was boiling. It was Jeremy Vine
users.”                                 (an English Radio Presenter n.o.e) I know

     its crap but it is usually on in the office so   of course flawed as I'm a motorcyclist and
     I get sucked in. Today they were                 clearly as intelligent as retarded plankton
     discussing a child of six had been killed        in this woman's eyes. I know its dodgy
     riding a motocross bike and it was a             ground to think of criticizing a charity run
     typical let's ban them conversation.             by people whose loved ones have been
                                                      killed on the roads, but their agendas are
     They had wheeled out a spokesperson
                                                      often extreme. Some display a hatred for
     from 'Brake'. This is a “road safety”
                                                      all things vehicular. While I don't wish to
     charity and they obviously campaign for
                                                      diminish some of the good work they do,
     better road safety. However, this woman
                                                      some of them are on a crusade to stop all
     was outraged that any parent could
                                                      movement of traffic over 20 mph. May be
     contemplate letting anyone who wasn't an
                                                      dealing with crashes for a living gives me
     adult loose on a bike. There were “risks”
                                                      a “shit happens” attitude, but I can't think
     and no child should ever experience a
                                                      of anything worse than living in a
     risk. The poor guy from an organized
                                                      sanitized risk free world that these people
     motocross school who was trying to give
     the pro argument was obviously looked
     upon as a dangerous lunatic. Is it only me       You may live longer, or will it just feel like
     (and I am sure you will tell me if it is!)       it.
     that thinks this is bollocks! We are surely
                                                      I remember running a competition for
     designed to revel in risk and get extreme
                                                      young drivers a few years ago. We had a
     pleasure from it.
     Obviously there need to
     be some controls, but to
     deny kids the thrill of
     risky behavior seems to
     explain to me why there
     are so many odd adults
     about! My argument is

representative from another of these
charities along, she was upset that the
entrants were visibly enjoying                    TO RIDE
themselves, as in her words “driving is
not there to be enjoyed”. The will to live          TWO
saps from my body!
 The people at Aerostich are spreading       With this issue of the bulletin
the good news: “Help all the plants grow     we are opening a special page
big and strong by topping off the tank
with high octane and riding more. Who        dedicated to opportunities
knows, the plants you feed today could       for riding, for going ONE
become the fuel your descendants will        MORE MILE. We welcome
burn in another 150 million years. Who       your suggestions both in
would have thought recycling could be
                                             terms of rides you have done
such fun. Riding more and more often:
                                             and/or information that you
1. Helps green up the Earth.                 received for good riding
2. Redistributes energy pent up inside       occasions. From strange
refined hydrocarbons.                        itineraries in Turkey, to
3. Provides precious carbon dioxide to       opportunities on the other
hungry plants.                               side of the Globe all
4. Help create more fuels for future         suggestions are good. We
generations.                                 also welcome your comment
And.. it is more fun than saving             once you tried one of the
aluminum cans and old newspapers” You        opportunities that we present
can buy badge and paraphernalia by           here.
clicking here.

                            DO NOT TAKE IT

     Robert Khodadad great friend,            writes:”I just got a radar detector for
     OMM rider and trainer, founder of        the bike and it works great. It comes
     Bike Turkey has finally solved the       with a special fitting kit and bolts
     problem of speed control and sent        straight onto the GS in about an
     us the latest accessory that he tested   hour, connect a couple of cables and
     on his bike to fight the radars, now     your away.
     so popular on our roads. Robert
                                              The range is unbelievable, I reckon
                                              about 10km's which I haven't seen
                                              on a bike before. I really recommend
                                              you get one - if you like I can put you
                                              in touch with the supplier here in
                                              Turkey. Check it out on the picture”
                                              Great range, ease of fitting
                                               a bit bulky and has been known to
                                              drain batteries if left on when not
   Few words of wisdom from the Master
 Jon Taylor who took time to read ISSUE
                                             for a
    100 of the Bulletin and the article on   GREEN
                            Confidence       WORLD

Competence without confidence                The people at Aerostich are spreading the
      = Not ideal but workable               good news: “Help all the plants grow big
                                             and strong by topping off the tank with
Confidence without competence                high octane and riding more. Who knows,
                                             the plants you feed today could become
     = A disaster in the making              the fuel your descendants will burn in
                                             another 150 million years. Who would
   Confidence with competence                have thought recycling could be such fun.
                                             Riding more and more often:
           = An ideal marriage
                                             1. Helps green up the Earth.
                                             2. Redistributes energy pent up inside
DIRECTIONS                                   refined hydrocarbons.
                                             3. Provides precious carbon dioxide to
                                             hungry plants.
                                             4. Help create more fuels for future
                                             And.. it is more fun than saving
                                             aluminum cans and old news-papers”
                                             You can buy badge and paraphernalia by
                                             clicking here.
                     NOW FOR CREDITS and LEGAL WARNINGS
                     The real Joy Killers (but we try to keep it light.. Read on)

     IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN AND HOW TO RIDE                          Riding while training on other kind of activities is extremely
     WITH REAL PRO'S CHECK THE OMM CALENDAR AT                         dangerous and in some country (Turkey included) highly
     WWW.OMMRIDERS.COM SINCE THE WEBSITE is                            illegal. If you smoke, always check what you smoke before
     timely updated we do not present in the BULLETIN the              opening the door. Finally remember that all that is good is
     incoming events: you have to SEARCH… NOR WE                       dangerous, forbidden or fattening but biking may reduce
     PRESENT HERE ALL THE RICH CONTENT OF THE WEB                      the cellulite level and eliminate dandruff.
     SITE. Before asking, please take a look at the “Read and
                                                                       The Bulletin is compiled monthly or occasionally by Levent
     Ride” section, at the “Riding in Turkey” section.
                                                                       Vardar (Turkish edition) and Paolo Volpara (international
     If you are tired of CLUB life with all the pleasure and joy       edition) with contributions from friends. The opinions and
     that OMM members and trainers bring to your mail from             ideas reported here do not represent OMM official
     all cities of Turkey, simply mark their address as spam and       position… but they are very near since OMM has not
     you will soon miss the flavor of spicy gossip and national        “official position” outside of leaning in cornering as much
     pride.                                                            as we can, with the tires that we can afford.
     If you want to share the Bulletin with a friend feel free to do   ALL MAIL QUESTIONS- IDEAS - COMPLIMENTS
     it: just mention to her/him that the subscription is free at      INSULTS AND DOUBTS MUST BE FORWARDED TO If you do not want to share we will            THIS ADDRESS:
     not get offended: take note that you can use everything
                                                                       The White House, Number 1 Poste Restante, Washington
     written in the bulletin as your own ideas and get the credit
                                                                       DC U.S.A
     for it. Give good example or be a terrible warning.
                                                                       Manuscripts and pictures sent to the bulletin will be kept
     BIKING IS DANGEROUS: before biking make sure that you
                                                                       and treasured if good and trashed if bad: we will return only
     had a good meal (it could be your last one) and a good
                                                                       what we do not understand. If you want pictures of yourself
     digestion with all that comes with it. Never, and I mean
                                                                       (vanitas) and your friends (vanitas vanitatis et omnia
     never, ride with empty stomach: nothing to show when you
                                                                       vanitas) use your camera and check the results.
     are really scared.
                                                                       They assure us that OMM bikers are riding in Istanbul,
     Every accident does not happen by accident: it your
                                                                       Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa and all over Turkey. We are a
     stupidity, it is your fault and you pay for it.
                                                                       Horizonsunlimited community
                                                                       Do not ride fast, do not ride hard, and do not ride for long
     EXCEPT SOME KIND OF LIAISONS. Using earplugs in
                                                                       time or distance. Do not use the horsepower of your bike (is
     your nose can seriously reduce your sense of smell and the
                                                                       there just for fun and conversation) nor tell your mother,
     aesthetics of your face: same applies for tight booths and
                                                                       fiancé' and/or wife that you have a two-wheeler in garage.
                                                                       Always wear protection does not matter what you are doing.
     Dedicating too much time to training can be strenuous             And try to enjoy life as well, in between.

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