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What is The Luggage Club?
The Luggage Club (TLC) is the travel industry's premier door-to-door luggage, golf
clubs, skis, surfboard and goods delivery provider. With services available domestically
and in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, TLC provides a complete
range of specialized delivery services to make any travel process more stress-free in
today's travel environment. By having your luggage, golf clubs and goods shipped in
advance, TLC provides an alternative to the hassles of airport transfers and airline fees
while eliminating the risk of lost luggage through its arrival guarantee and premium
insurance coverage. For additional information on The Luggage Club, please Click
Here or call toll-free 877-231-5131. When calling please remember to mention promo
code “LPGA” to receive your discount.

What is the partnership between the LPGA and The Luggage Club?
The Luggage Club is a concierge service that offers reliable and secure shipping of
luggage and clubs for LPGA members and fans. The Luggage Club’s worldwide
service offers our members and fans an option for dependable luggage transfer in lieu of
simply checking bags when they travel.

Has the LPGA shipped anything with The Luggage Club?
Yes, for the 2007 Solheim Cup in Sweden, the LPGA worked with The Luggage Club to
send over 20 boxes and suitcases to Sweden. All packages passed through customs and
made it to the tournament and back to the United States on-time without delay.

What is the discount LPGA members receive?
The Luggage Club offers LPGA members, staff and fans a 15 percent discounted rate
on purchases for all TLC services. Please note that like most concierge services, the off-
the-rack rates include a premium but after the LPGA discount, their rates are
comparable to Fed Ex and UPS. Depending on the shipping arrangement (weight,
location, arrival time, etc.), the rates may even be lower than other services. To take
advantage of the discounts please Click Here or call toll-free 877-231-5131. When
calling please remember to mention promo code “LPGA” to receive your discounts.

Who can participate?
All LPGA members, staff and fans are eligible to take advantage of this program. Click
Here to begin or call 1-877-231-5131 and mentioning the promo-code “LPGA”.

How do I use the service?
Visit and on the Members Only extranet, click on the Luggage Club link
which will direct you to The Luggage Club web site or Click Here. You can register
there, get a price quote and ship your packages. You can also call 1-877-231-5131 and
mention the promo-code “LPGA”.
What are the packaging requirements for shipping?
You can ship many different items including standard luggage, golf clubs, business
equipment, skis, bikes, wheelchairs, recreational gear, cribs, strollers and all kinds of
other bulky items, as well as portfolios and sales presentation / trade show materials.

Are there any restrictions?
The Luggage Club is held to F.A.A. standards. Any item that you would not be allowed
to carry-on or check-through as baggage on a commercial passenger airline applies to
The Luggage Club. The shipment of weapons, drugs, explosives and hazardous items is
strictly prohibited. Also, at this time the Luggage Club does not ship pets.

Should I secure my luggage?
Always have your own personal identification tag (name, address and phone number) on
each bag or item being shipped. For added protection, also place personal identification
information inside each bag. Bags shipped internationally should not be locked per FAA
regulations. Regarding sporting equipment (Ski's, Snowboards or Golf Clubs), if you are
using a soft-sided case or nylon travel bag, place some padding around your items (please
use non-essential items), but be careful not to overstuff.

What is the maximum weight I can ship per bag?
You can ship any size or any weight, but there are costs involved at each level. The
standard maximum weight is 150 lbs. Please review the Luggage Club terms &
conditions and quotation rate schedule for a detailed explanation please CLICK HERE.

What levels of service are available?
The levels of service available are Next Day AM, Next Day PM, 2 Day, 3 day, or 3-5
Day economy services. Please click here to view the specifics.

Can packages be shipped to a residence or a business?
Packages can be shipped to a residence or a business. Packages can not be shipped to a
P.O. Box.

How soon before my trip should I make arrangements?
It is recommended to book your order one week in advance of the desired pick-up date.
However, you can make arrangements as early as six (6) months in advance to as little as
24 hours before your pick-up date, and The Luggage Club will make sure your needs are
met. (Bookings are scheduled for pick-up between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through
Friday with Saturday pick-up and delivery available for an extra charge.)

Does The Luggage Club pick-up and ship on Sunday?
No, The Luggage Club will pick up your package(s) on Monday morning and deliver as
early as Tuesday morning.
How do I pay for these services?
All transactions are paid by credit card or debit card. The Luggage Club accepts Master
Card, VISA, and American Express. When you book on-line or through the customer
service call center, you will be required to provide your credit card information at that

Are my packages protected against possible loss or damage?
The Luggage Club provides insurance, at no additional charge, on the contents of each
item for up to $1,000 per item shipped. Additional insurance is also available for an
additional charge. Weather related delays, mechanical problems, strikes or job actions,
acts of God or other elements beyond the Luggage Club’s control are not covered under
this policy.

If I ship my luggage internationally, should I prepare more time for delivery?
Due to international requirements, The Luggage Club would appreciate 5-business days
advance notice to book a delivery of your luggage. For all international questions and
bookings, please click here or call the customer service call center at 877-231-5131.