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					“Make Money with, ect…, using torrent sites!”

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Legal Disclaimer
This is not a free ebook and you do not have rights to give it away or alter it’s content in any way. You should have bought it for the price of $10, No More! All contents are protected by copyright worldwide.

Earnings Disclaimer
Your earnings from the method outlined may vary. Of course, you can make some good money depending on the amount of effort you put in. How much you make is dependent on so many things outside the control of the author of this guide so bear this in mind.

This guide will teach you how to make money with file hosting sites such as and, using torrent sites. This method can make you good money, if you upload lots of torrents.

What is and sites that are like it?
They are file hosting sites just like RapidShare or Megaupload, but the difference about them is that they pay you when your files get downloaded.

Now that we have that out of the way, Lets make us some money!

Here is a picture of what you will be making soon:

What do you think?

Method Outline 1. Set up a free account with, etc… 2. Open up an account with some torrent sites, especially Mininova & ThePirateBay, since they are the most popular ones. 3. Get your hands on some good software that you know people will download. (People download anything from torrent sites. Lol) 4. Split the software so that the actual exe file is in its own zip archive and the keygen is in its own separate zip archive. 5. Upload the zip file containing the keygen to etc.., (I will show you how to do that further on in this ebook.) 6. Make a notepad file called “Keygen”, and add the keygen’s download link to the notepad file and add the file to the exe zip archive 7. Create & upload the zip file containing the exe and the notepad file to the torrent site, (I will show you how to do that further on in this ebook.) 8. People will get forced to download the keygen from the ect… site & that means that you will start making money!

Yes, it’s that simple!

The Setup
The first thing you’re going to have to do is, set up an account with It’s 100% free to do this and you can sign up HERE. (You can also use Next you need to set up accounts with Mininova & ThePirateBay. You’ll also need to set up a Paypal account. I am going to presume that you used paypal to buy this guide but if not you can get an account HERE.

Step 1 – Finding Good Software:
We need to find good software that people would want to download. The best way that I find is to go to Warez sites such as “”. Another way is to go to Mininova and download the most popular torrents for the day and then re upload them.

Step 2 – Splitting The Exe File From The Keygen File:
Once you have a software file, you need to split the software so that the actual exe file is in its own zip archive and the keygen is in its own separate zip archive. So that way you can upload the exe file to the torrent website and the keygen to ect…

Step 3 – Uploading The Keygen To :
Once you have the keygen in its own zip archive you can upload the file to and then you will be provided with a download link of the file. How to Upload:

Download Link:

Step 4 – Getting the Exe file ready for uploading on the Torrent sites:
By now you should have the exe file in its own zip archive. So make a notepad file and write the following in it:

“PowerISO 4.3 Keygen + Serials (Example)
Download the Keygen & Serials from the file host. Here is the link: r.html (Replace With Your Download Link) Enjoy!


Save the notepad file and call it Keygen or something like that. Once that is done add the notepad file to the Exe file’s zip archive. And now we upload to the torrent sites!

Step 5 – Creating a Torrent File:
You now need to create a torrent for your software. Here is the procedure for how to create a torrent. 1. Get uTorrent for free on 2. Open uTorrent and press Ctrl+N 3. Click on Add file or Add directory and add your software. 4. Now you need to add trackers to your torrent. Here are some trackers which you can add to your torrent.

Torrent Trackers: Mininova and thePiratebay are the very important sites among all these torrent directories. It’s enough if you upload your torrents to Mininova and PirateBay. No other sites will give you big downloads. Here are some points you must follow to make more profit with torrents. - Don’t upload all the 5 torrents at a time. Upload them with atleast 20 mins interval between each. - Never upload any porn/adult torrent to Mininova. You can upload them to ThePiratebay. - Don’t upload more than 5 torrents a day using the same IP. Use Proxy. After you have made the torrent file just upload it to Mininova & ThePirateBay. And remember, the more torrents you upload the more downloads you will get.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and I would like to urge you to take action with it immediately. People are not doing this method right now, but you and I know that opportunities to make cash with this method. So get cracking!

All The Best!

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