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									ELLEgirl : Article : Finding the Perfect Jeans                                                                                           08/13/2006 10:58 AM

                                      Finding the Perfect Jeans
                                      The new lines, the spin-off brands,
                                      the celebrity followings, and how to
                                      resuscitate your old faves; Jackie
                                      spent her whole summer sweating
                                      through this fall's newest looks.

                                                              CLICK HERE FOR A GALLERY
                                                              OF OUR FAVORITE NEW FALL
                                                              DENIM. (Having trouble? Check
                                                              your pop-up blocker.)

                                      This fall, a mix of new designers and classic labels finally
                                      got the message that good-looking jeans aren't just for
                                      socialites and Hollywood starlets. Everyone from Paper
                                      Denim & Cloth to Earnest Sewn is easing denim sticker
                                      shock with some beautifully cut, hand-distressed takes
                                      on the wardrobe stable, minus the tacky bling (once the
                                      hallmark of cheap jeans) AND the absurd price tag.             Replies 1 to 4 of 4   Refresh list
                                      Tada! Look for unique washes in grays, pure black, and a
                                      black 80s-inspired speckle, each with standout back            2006-08-13 01:47:28.527
                                      pockets-perfect for holding all that extra cash you'll          jeans
                                                                                                     i love the jeans at anhor blue, it's hard for
                                      Another idea for investing all that left over moolah?          me to find jeans since i'm a size one or zero,
                                      Resuscitate your favorite worn-out pair of jeans. Though       so anchor blue is cool
                                      you may want to wear your perfectly stretched battle-
                                      scarred denim with pride, that rip in the crotch means
                                      you really can't wear them in public. Patches are one
                                      option, but one brush with the washer/dryer and your
                                                                                                     2006-08-12 16:47:16.873
                                      carefully applied stitching is ruined. That's why we're in
                                      love with Mail your old jeans to the
                                      Brooklyn-based company, along with a print-out of the
                                                                                                          i love hollister or express jeans they fit
                                      online form explaining which holes you want fixed (and
                                                                                                          awesome everyone should try them
                                      which ones you want to stay put). Denim Therapy will
                                      send you an estimated cost (expect to pay about $50 to
                                      repair a hole in the seat, and about $30 for a knee
                                      repair-the cost is calculated by inches). In two weeks,
                                      the geniuses at Denim Therapy will literally reweave your      2006-08-12 06:57:06.853
                                      denim to the repair is virtually seamless. We heart old-        lauren
                                      school technology.
                                                                                                          Shopping for jeans is my sport!
                                      By Jackie Nasser                                                                                              Page 1 of 2

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