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                     Vol. 22                  December 2009                   NO. 12

                       From The Pastor:                   Life, Light of the World, Lily of the Valley, Lion
                       “Who is Jesus?”                    of the Tribe of Judah, Living One, Living Water,
                                                          Lord, Mediator, Mighty God, Only Begotten Son,
                                                          Our Hope, Our Passover, Pioneer of Our Faith,
                   Have you ever given thought to
                                                          Prince of Peace, Prophet, Physician, Rabboni,
                   ―who is Jesus?‖ It is hard to fully
                                                          Ransom, Redeemer, The Resurrection and the
                   describe the Son of God. We try
                                                          Life, Rock, Rose of Sharon, Savior, Servant, Son
                   with many words to capture the es-
                                                          of David, Son of Man, Teacher, The True Vine,
sence of fully human and fully divine. The contrast is
                                                          The Truth, The Way, and Wonderful Counselor.
challenging. And often when we think we know who
Jesus is He slips out of our grasp. Here are some ways
                                                          Which descriptions speak more to you? Can you
people have described Him:
                                                          think of more? Starting on December 20th we will
                                                          explore ―Who is Jesus?‖ in a sermon series. We
Advocate, All in All, Alpha and Omega, Ancient of
                                                          will focus on Jesus as Light, Infant, Door, Way,
Days, Anointed One, Arm of the Lord, Atoning Sacri-
                                                          Truth, Good Shepherd and The Life. Through
fice, Beloved, Branch, Bread of Life, Bridegroom,
                                                          these descriptions we will gain a fuller understand-
Bright Morning Star, Carpenter, Chief Cornerstone,
                                                          ing of Jesus. See you on Sunday.
Christ, Dayspring, Door, Everlasting Father, Friend,
God, Good Shepherd, Head of the Church, Heir of All
                                                          Grace and peace,
Things, High Priest, Holy One, I Am, Immanuel, Inde-
scribable Gift, Judge, King of Kings, Lamb of God,
                                                                                          Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                                                                    AN ADVENTURE OF FAITH
                                                                    By Grover Wallace

After Jesus was born in Judea, during the time of King          As we read the story of the first Christmas, we find that it
Herod, magi (traditionally wise men) from the east came         was a period of joy and terror. The people were happy that
to Jerusalem and asked “Where is the One who has been           baby Jesus was born as the Messiah. However, it must have
born King of the Jews?. We saw His star in the east and         been terrifying for Mary and Joseph when told by an angel
have come to worship Him”. He (King Herod) sent them            to escape to Egypt because King Herod was determined to
to Bethlehem and said “Go and make a careful search             kill baby Jesus. It was even more terrifying for the mothers
for the Child. As soon as you find Him, report to me, so        and fathers in Bethlehem and vicinity when Herod gave or-
that I may go and worship Him.”                                 ders to kill all boys who were two years old and under in the
                                                                time frame he had learned from the magi. We don‘t hear
After they had heard the king, they went, and the star they     much about the violence surrounding the birth of Jesus at
had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped        Christmas time because we all celebrate and worship the
over the place where the Child was. When they saw the           birth of our Redeemer. King Herod was surely a vicious and
star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they         violent leader who must have enjoyed the bloodshed of
saw the Child with His mother Mary, and they bowed              adults and children he ordered killed by his army.
down and worshipped Him. Then they opened their treas-
ures and presented Him with gifts of gold and of incense        During the remaining days in November and the first 24
and myrrh. And having been warned in a dream not to go          days in December, Christians in the United States will be
back to Herod, they returned to their country by another        preparing to carry on the tradition of giving gifts to our fam-
route.                                                          ily, friends, and neighbors as the Wise Men gave to Jesus.
                           Matthew 2:1-2 and 8-12 (NIV)
                                                                In the November issue of the Roadrunner volunteers estab-
As we read on through Chapter 2 of Matthew, we find             lished deadlines to prepare food boxes to be delivered to
that King Herod asked the wise men to report where the          many needy families in the area, including Apache Junction.
Christ child was located, not for the king to go and wor-       In addition to the turkey and all the traditional trimmings
ship Jesus, but to find and kill the newborn king. Herod        like pies, cookies, vegetables, and potatoes and gravy, our
feared that Jesus would dethrone him and become king.           congregation provides gifts of clothing, shoes, bicycles,
By not returning to Jerusalem and reporting the where-          toys, electronics, and other gifts for the family. This is all in
abouts of the Christ child, did the magi save the life of       hopes that the turkey dinner and gifts will lift the spirits of
our Savior the first Christmas season more than 2,000           families in desperate need. We have received a number of
years ago? I believe yes!                                       referrals and families are being interviewed for this season.
                                                                Like the Wise Men, our congregation carries on the tradition
When the magi gave gifts to the baby Jesus, I doubt that        of giving in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
they realized they started a tradition that would still honor
Him 2,009 years later.                                          Every person in our congregation, young and elderly, men,
                                                                women, and children, can participate in this glorious and
When they (the magi) had gone, an angel of the Lord ap-         heart-warming project in many different ways. Just watch
peared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up” he said, “take the        for announcements in services and Sunday bulletins. Please
Child and His mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there            help our program of providing for many needy families.
until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the Child
and kill Him”. So he got up, took the child and His             On this celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ:
mother during the night and left for Egypt, where they
stayed until the death of Herod.                                MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AS WE
                                    Matthew 2:13-15 (NIV)          CELEBRATE THIS MOST HOLY SEASON!
                                                                                                   Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

 During the month of October our congregation contributed
 $21,488, which means five months out of the first eight
 months of our giving year we have failed to meet the
 amount needed for our mortgage payment. During October
 of 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 we contributed $32,355,                  The period of time between Thanksgiving and the beginning
 $31,828, $28,182, and $27,219, respectively, which aver-               of a new year can be very difficult for people who have ex-
 aged $29,896. During October, 2009, our contribution was               perienced a major loss of any kind. Over the 30 years that I
 $8,408 below the October average for the past four years               have been working with bereaved persons, many have said
 of 2005-2008. As you can see, our contributions during                 that come Thanksgiving they would like to pull the shades,
 the period 2005-2008 fell slightly each year, but in 2009              go to bed, pull the covers over their heads and wake up on
 fell 28% below the previous four year average for Octo-                January 2nd.
 ber. Hopefully, economic conditions will improve and our
 giving for each month will exceed our mortgage commit-                 Christmas is supposed to be ―the season to be jolly‖, but it
 ment.                                                                  can become the season of depression if someone you love
                                                                        has died.
 Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt              The impact of divorce, job loss or the threat of losing a
 to love one another...                                                 home can be equally devastating.
                                      Romans 13:8 (NIV)
                                                                        If you have lost a loved one to death or had some other ma-
                                                                        jor loss, don‘t expect ―holidays as usual‖. It‘s a good time to
                                                                        change holiday traditions and to seek help in a grief support
                                                                        group or with a skilled counselor. If you have a friend or
                                                                        family member who is dealing with a loss, invite that person
                                                                        for coffee and let them know that you are ready to talk - and
Please continue to recharge and use your Bashas‘ Commu-                 listen any time.
nity Support Cards and Fry‘s Gift Cards while shopping at
these grocery chains. It doesn‘t cost you anything extra to             Gold Canyon UMC has a grief support group led by Laurie
use them (you still get the sale prices) and it benefits the            Christy. It meets every Wednesday at 4:00 pm. You can also
church bus fund. Think how many $$ we can rack up buying                call me if you want to talk about a loss.
all those holiday groceries!! See me at the information table           This is also a good time to write the following on a piece of
for a card or stop by the office during the week.                       paper and post it where you will see it everyday: ―I will not
                                                  Betty Rolley          always feel like I do right now‖.
 Bashas’ Shoppers: Don‘t forget that you have to give the               Focus your attention on the real Christmas story - the one
 cashier your church identification number anew each season             that happened out back in the stable - whose message is that
 (Sept. 1-April 30) to be attached to your Thank You card.              God has come very near to all of us and has never left.
 This earns the church an additional 1% at no cost to you.              Peace and joy,
 Please do this the next time you shop. Our number is 23886.
                                                                        Bob Deits

                                             DONATIONS AND ATTENDANCE

       October.               2007                         2008                           2009                  2008         2009
                    Gen.           Build.          Gen.        Build.          Gen.           Build.          Worship       Worship
                                                                                                                 All          All
       1st              $21843        $13021         $17289       $10421            $15730        $6828         652           624
       2nd                 11108            6153      10234             4081          12511            5926     655           724
       3rd                  8676            4542      10480             6328          10958            3811     816          1143
       4th                 10089            4466      11400             6388          11038            4923     884           933
       5th                  ——              ——            ——            ——             ——              ——       ——           ——
       Total               51716        28182         49403         27218             50237       21488         3007         3424
                                                                                            Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                      Christian Education…
                                                                                                    With ―Coach‖ Ellis Falk
                       “Our mission is to bring the love of Christ and His teachings to learners of all ages on their spiritual
                         journey, that they be transformed and thus positively affect our local and global communities.”

What a busy month December will be for many of us. We               seats left. If you are interested, register early. This is a 17
will need to make a real effort to find time to remember the        week class and will carry over next fall with the second por-
true meaning and the experience of Christmas. Words like            tion, another 17 week session. All together the class will be
star, manger, trip, angels, lights, friends, parties, shepherds,    34 weeks, the same as other Disciple classes. The total Dis-
and gifts all come to mind. Phrases like ―No Room at the            ciple program and other studies now going on in the church
Inn‖ will haunt us and we will wonder how that could have           have over 75 persons in class this fall, learning and growing
happened. Yet, if we are not careful we will find ourselves         in their faith walk.
placing the sign over our lives ―No Room‖ for the Baby of
Bethlehem - the Savior of all mankind! Mary will be held in         Sidewalk Ministries: Sidewalk Sunday School has changed
reverence by millions of persons the world over. The name           it‘s name to ―Sidewalk Ministries‖. We at this church will
of JESUS, the baby in the manger will be read and dupli-            call the ministry by the name of ― Sidewalk Ministries, The
cated in many plays. We will sing Christmas songs, listen to        Fun and Faith Zone‖ We tend to think these few extra words
the biblical celebration and give our gifts. Yet, the greatest      mean a lot when dealing with children. We are very thankful
gift of love from God calls for us to respond. Acceptance of        for the wonderful help from all the ―shepherds‖, many of
Jesus as our Savior is the greatest tribute and gift we can         them new workers, who have volunteered this year. We have
give to the Lord this Christmas Season. Let us open our lives       been averaging 47 children and 24 shepherds for this new
to this Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace and Lord Em-           year. On the last Saturday of Oct. we set a new record for
manuel. Then, and only then, can we sing with the angels on         attendance with 52 children coming to the Fun and Faith
high ―Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, good         Zone. We are thrilled with the way God is blessing this Sat-
will toward all people‖.                                            urday ministry.

Sunday, Nov. 29th: This is first Sunday of the Advent sea-
son. If you and your family or group would like to light the
Advent Candles this year, please sign up in the Narthex. The
                       lighting of the candles will take place
                       every Sunday service including the
                       Christmas Eve services. The scrip-
                       ture reading and the prayer will be
                       prepared for you in advance. Also,
                       the church Christian Education Com-
                       mittee has made available Advent
devotional booklets and a calendar of Scripture readings for
the Advent Season. These are available in the Narthex of
both buildings.

Thurs. Dec 24th 4:00pm: This is the Family Christmas Ser-
vice with a large number of the children taking part. The
children are practicing their songs and will make a short
presentation with singing and performance of Christmas
skits and a small play. Some of the children will be partici-
pating for the first time. Plan to come to this service and
give them your support .

Disciple Programs: A new Disciple 1 class will be starting
Wed. Dec 9th . This is an evening class and will start at 6:00
pm in the Educational Building. The facilitators for this
class are Thomas and Shirley Feather. There are still a few
                                                                     Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                 Youth Ministries                           With Heather Rodenborg

                    Sunday School 9:30 am in the Education Building
                    Youth Fellowship 6:30 pm Sundays in the Education Building

  December Service Project

For the month of December we will                                   Youth Sunday
be helping out at Sidewalk Minis-
tries, The Fun and Faith Zone. Infor-                 On November 8th, the youth performed all as-
mation will be provided at Youth                      pects of Sunday service. They did an amazing
Group.                                                job. Thank you to all those who participated.
                                                                                      Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                                                                         Commemorative Mugs!!!!
                                                                     Wouldn‘t you like to enjoy your morning
                                                                     coffee or tea or perhaps hot chocolate in an attractive
                                                                     Gold Canyon United Methodist Church Commemora-
                                                                     tive Mug? Stop by the Information Desk or the office
                                                                     and pick one up for only $5.00 each.
W.O.W. Corner                                                        Your W.O.W. team designed the mugs and proceeds
Welcome back winter residents! We are happy to see you and           will be used to support their outreach mission.
look forward to your participation in upcoming events.
―Family Life‖ has been incorporated into W.O.W. and several
events are being planned. First, an afternoon Christmas perform-        A Country Christmas Celebration
ance at Broadway Palm titled ―A Country Christmas” on De-
cember 19th. If you have suggestions of things you would like to     We will be celebrating the Advent/Christmas season
do with a group, please contact Ron Walker, W.O.W. Team              in a country western way every Sunday at 5:00 pm
Leader at 671-3881. More information regarding these events          in the Koinonia Room.
will be posted in Sunday bulletins and upcoming newsletters.
~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                         When family comes to visit, be sure to bring them to
―Hanging of the Green‖ is scheduled for Friday November 27th         this unique, toe-tapping, upbeat time of singing and
at 9:00 am. This fun event to decorate the sanctuaries and other     worship. You can be fairly sure they will not have
open areas of the church campus is open to anyone who wishes         seen anything quite like it!
to help. We have coffee and doughnuts and lots of laughs. No
need to sign up, just show up and we‘ll put you to work!             ―One in the Spirit‖ will provide the music on most
~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                         of the Sundays in December. ―The Houser Gang‖
Christmas Eve services will have a special attraction this year so   will sing for the last Sunday.
be sure to attend at least one service. Service times and descrip-
tions are noted elsewhere in this newsletter                         We would love to see you.
Are you a baker or cook? We will be serving dinner at Desert         Bob Deits
Chapel on Christmas day and will be needing apple, cherry and        David Ballard
pumpkin pies as well as ham, turkey, green beans, yams, stuffing
and all the traditional foods to make a delicious holiday meal.
Please call Ron Walker, W.O.W. Team Leader at 671-3881
and let him know what you can supply. Those who partake of                          BUS DRIVERS NEEDED
this meal will consider it a gift from God and you will feel up-       There are no special license requirements and we
lifted by your generosity.                                            hope to rotate the schedule enough so that you should
~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                          not have to drive more than once every six weeks.
With the cooler weather we are once again greeting outside the        This would be for the 9:30 service. If you would be
church buildings. We would like to have more volunteers so that       able to help out, please call the church office to leave
returning winter residents as well as continuing attendees feel       your name and the bus manager will call you to
welcome in our church family.                                         schedule a very short training session.

We want to expand the golf cart service of bringing those with
difficulty walking from the parking lot to the church entrances.
Do you have a cart to loan for a couple of hours Sunday morning
and evening for this worthwhile service? Let Ron know.
~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                           Are you just returning from your “summer
Please stop by the Information Desk and purchase your coffee           place?” Please contact the office and give us
mug(s). They would be unique as Christmas gifts and the pro-           your new address right away!
ceeds help support outreach missions functions.
                                                                               Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                                Music Notes

Christmas! Just another holiday – like New Year‘s           people from all over the state. We have had
Day? Absolutely not! This is the day we celebrate God       visitors from Flagstaff, Prescott, Globe, White
coming to earth as Christ for the Masses! When some-        Mountains, Tucson and Yuma. This is a great
one wishes you ―Happy Holidays‖, say ―Thank you.            way to introduce our church to your friends and
Happy New Year to you too, and have a very Merry            neighbors. There is no charge for this concert
Christmas!‖ ―Merry‖, of course, is what we should be        as we will receive a free will offering to help
when we celebrate anything, but we should be especially     sustain our Music Ministry programs and Per-
merry when we celebrate Christ‘s birth. Please remem-       forming Arts Series. We do ask everyone to
ber to wish everyone you come in contact with this sea-     please bring at least one non-perishable food
son a ―Merry Christmas!‖.                                   item per person for the Gold Canyon United
                                                            Methodist Church Food Bank. A list of needs is
I am writing this after our very successful Celebration     in the Sunday Worship Bulletin.
of Veterans. We had a good turnout of people, had a
great program with several great speakers, including        May we all have a most blessed Christmas and
some of our own youth, Richelle Heinauer and Kath-          the blessing of all good things in the new year.
ryn Moore. We raised over $1,700 to benefit our local
veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many, many              Merry Christmas!
thanks to all who came and supported our vets. Special
thanks to all the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts – and the
JROTC groups from Apache Junction High School and
Skyline High School, Mary Lynn Preiss (soprano),
Patty Sobek and Marty Robison (piano), Shirley
Coad (cello), Gary Sauerbrunn (trumpet) and the
Chancel Choir for some excellent music. Thanks also
to Major Neil Brogren, our Master of Ceremonies, and
to Bashas’ Gold Canyon and Bar S Foods for the hot
dogs and buns after the program. This was truly a com-        Congratulations to the following new
munity event!                                                 members who joined the church on Nov.
This month the Performing Arts Series presents our 8th
Annual Choral Christmas Concert on Saturday, De-              Daniel & Coleen Hoerter
cember 12th at 3:00 & 6:30 pm. The concert features           James & Judith Watters
our Chancel Choir, Chancel Ringers, Youth Hand-               Duri & Rosemary Arquisch
bell Team, Agape Brass Quintet, Flute, Harp, Organ,           Heather & Matthew Rhoton
Piano, Percussion, and Timpani. Last year we had              Judy Halverson
1,750 people at the two concerts and we expect more           Wade & Cynthia Hoff
this year. Doors will open at 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm. We         Joan Wilder-Siersma &
suggest you come early, especially to the 3:00 pm con-        Andrew Siersma
cert, but please don‘t come before 2:00, as we need to be
sure all groups are sufficiently warmed up before open-
ing the doors for the congregation. This concert, insti-
tuted by my predecessor, Mary Ann Warren, attracts
                                                                                         Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                                                     WITHIN THE CHURCH FAMILY
                                           By Hu & Wendy Rhymes, with a little help from Hattie, Muffin (& Sadie, too)

                                             ATTENTION: If you want to contact the Rhymes and you
                                             don’t have our CELL number, please contact the church of-
                                             fice. CALL US, please, with immediate needs, as we don’t
                                             check our e-mail every day.

                                               SADIE RHYMES MEMORIAL
  We were in the Food Bank one day bringing in pet food. A lady saw us with it and asked for cat food. The bank was out
              so we were excited that at that moment the cat was going to have some food. We told her the story of about
              the MEMORIAL and how it started. She said she would be back with some dog food her dog wouldn‘t eat to
              share with another dog.
              A BIG THANKS to Jolene Guist-Agnew for taking over the duties of the Sadie Memorial in the Food Bank.
              She offered to check on pet food and shop and bag it so our furry friends will have food while we are on va-
              cation. She is also checking on food for people so they will not go hungry. We really appreciate all your vol-
              unteering concerning the Food Bank, Jolene.
  Again, thanks so much to the girls‘ veterinarian, Dr. Amy Munion. She has donated pet food again to the Food Bank.
                                        Love, Hu, Wendy, Hattie, Muffin and Sadie too!!!

 Thank you for your prayers for us when we were on vacation. We had a wonderful trip and are very happy to be
 back home. Hu & Wendy

.Sympathies: Will Green, upon the death of his brother,          Greene, Ione Grills, Lee Hagaman, Audrey Harrington,
Garrett Malone; Judy Hartenstein, upon the death of her          Neil Houtcooper, Denise Huening, Judy Humbert,
husband, David; Jean Kaminski, upon the death of her             Demi Yang Ingram (Pam & Bob Ingram‘s daughter-in-
husband, Henry; Sherman Rogers, upon the death of his            law), John Jeeters, Noel Jones (Linda & Morgan Jones‘
mother, Kathy Rogers (Sherman is Suzanne Jacobson‘s              grandson), Connie & Rick Keeling, Virginia Ketcham,
brother in law); The family of David Baker, upon his             Jim Kichefski, Paul Kruger, Michelle Lintvedt (Bob &
death. (Prayers & thanks to Charlie Mitchell, who was a          Marian Bonestell‘s daughter), Pat Lackey, Richard
caring friend of David‘s for a long time & planned his           Lockwood, Sue & Michael Malloy, Bruce Mercer,
Memorial Service); The family of Michelle Fable, upon            Carolyn McGlynn, John Norton, John Phillips, Silvia
her death; The family of Michael Fromm (Relative of              Quinn, Peter Rahaneotis, Andria Redman, Ellen
John & Myra Berry); Mary Thomas, upon the death of               Roberson, Heather Rodenborg, Betty Rolley, Don
her mother, Maria Remaley; Jim Toppin, upon the                  Rush, Debbie Rycraft (John & Dixie Coules‘ daughter),
death of his brother; Pat Vermillion, upon the death of          Sgt. Anthony (Tony) Senecal, Carol Somerville (Mary
her husband, Ted; and the families & friends of the              Catherine Myers‘ sister-in-law), Lori Thompson
above.                                                           (Carolyn & Jim Burt‘s daughter), Rae Tianen, Peggy
                                                                 Tippie, Matty Tlusty (great granddaughter of the Eisen-
Concerns and/or Continued Prayers: Patti Baker,
                                                                 trauts), T.J. Trainer, Nancy Trout, June Welker, Paula
Sandy Billeter, Cathy Bird, Barbara Boggs, Alicia
                                                                 Wirth, Grace Wroebel, Andy Yeska, and PRAYERS
Boland, Jerry Bredian, Dr. Brad Bryant, Carolyn Burch,
                                                                 for the families (CAREGIVERS) of the above.
Rob Colby (Beth Steinberg‘s brother), Kenneth Cook,
                                                                 PRAYERS for requests in the ―CONFIDENTIAL
Bryan DeBrie, Bill DeLeeuw, Ken Dickinson, Derek
                                                                 PRAYER‖ boxes & UNSPOKEN REQUESTS. Also,
Dinges (Laura & Darrell Dinges‘ son), Howard Dym,
                                                                 those FOOD BANK CLIENTS who have requested
Todd Eckhardt (Barb Eckhardt‘s son), Catherine Fallon,
                                                                 prayer. PRAYERS for our MILITARY Personnel and
Charlie Finley, Joshua Finstad, Danna Gharavi, Mailia
Goforth (Shirley Coad‘s niece), Patti Girardi, Coral             their families.
                                                                                 Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

Still in Need of Prayers: Charlie & Joan Acker, Janice
& Andy Anderson, Dick & Eleanor Armstrong, Tom &
Dee Ashe, Dorothy & Joey Baker, Jeff Barnhart, Jan
Berry (Myra & John Berry‘s daughter-in-law), Jenny &
Bob Burgi, Terry & Ruth Burris, Jim & Carolyn Burt,                 Ho, Ho, Ho!
Bob Carpenter, Bob Carter & family, Mark & Donna
Cleary, Ellie Conger, Bill & Joyce Curtis, Rev. Bob &
June Deits, Chuck Dickinson, Ted & Joy Fite, Fred &                “LAUGH A LITTLE” with Hu
Jerri French, David & Ardeena Gillette, Ross & Arline
Hacker, Viola Hammond (Don Hammond‘s Mom), Rich                      NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH
& Sheila Haraldson, Rita Hawkins, Beth Hayes (Jeff        Parishoner: ―Say, Pastor, how is it that you are so thin
Hayes‘ mother), Gladys Kay (Jane Hayes‘ Mom), Ro &        and gaunt while your horse is so fat and sleek?‖
Dick Heinauer (Diane Heinauer‘s parents-in-law), Mel &    Pastor: ―Because I feed the horse and the congrega-
Mary Kilbo, Steve & Peggy Kinder, Paul & Polly            tion feeds me.‖
Knowlton, Roxie & Gene Kruschek, Naomi Kyle, Jerry                         WATER BAPTISM
LaSorba, Jane Lambert, Thelma Lang (Pete ‗n Kay John-     A drought in Georgia began to affect how the churches
son‘s mother), Carol & Bill Lindemann, Bob & Juana        in many communities conducted baptisms. The Bap-
Mahlandt, Dean & Nyla Mansdorfer, Shirley & Brent         tists took up sprinkling, the Methodists used damp
Matzke, Bryan McCann (Jeanette Lunstead‘s son), Larry     cloths and the Presbyterians gave out rain checks.
& Pat McMann, Wilbur McMann, Burt & Muriel Mercer,
Mary Moore, Hedy Moore (Jed Moore‘s Mom), Jerry &
Addie Muratore, Don Pentecost, Eileen & George Pet-
ticrew (Keith Petticrew‘s parents), Lorraine & Victor
Phillips, Marvin & Jean Richter, Joanne Rogers, Mickey     Joan Wilder-Siersma has accepted the position of
& Bob Rosenstein, Virgil & Rose Scantlin, Rick & Sue       chairperson of the Christian Education committee.
Sutter, Bill & Bobbie Talbot, Carl & Helen Thacker,        We deeply appreciate her accepting this position. Our
(Jerry Thacker‘s parents), Kenneth Thacker (Jerry          thoughts and prayers are with you, Joan, as you guide
Thacker‘s uncle), Ken & Lorraine Tippie (Jerry & Peggy     the Christian Education committee in the year ahead.
Tippie‘s son & daughter-in-law), Lillian Thomas (Bill &
Mary Thomas‘ mother), Bev & Jim Toppin, Marven &
                                                                     New Financial Peace University
Wanda Tufte, Ray and Nancy Villeneuve, Bill & Nancy
                                                                         ~ Class Starts in January
Waechter, Les & Mary Gay Wenger (Diane Heinauer‘s
                                                          Most people struggle to make ends meet. They just
parents), LeRoy & Dorothy Wolter, Dot Zelezic and the
                                                          have too much month left at the end of the money. If
families of the above.
                                                          you have made mistakes and feel like your money van-
                                                          ishes each month, you are not alone. In fact, 70% of
                                                          Americans live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of
                                                          income. Financial Peace University is designed to
                                                          teach you and your family how to get out of debt, stay
                                                          out of debt and build wealth. You‘ll meet with your
                                                          class each week to watch the video lesson and partici-
                                                          pate in discussion and accountability groups that will
                                                          change your whole attitude about money! Dave breaks
                                                          through the common financial jargon and explains how
                                                          money really works in a simple, easy-to-understand
                                                          style. You‘ll actually have fun as you learn about sav-
                                                          ing, budgeting, investing, insurance and more! FPU is,
                                                          without a doubt, the best program available for per-
                                                          sonal finance. Get started in January!
                                                                      (from Financial Peace University brochure)

NOTICE: We need your Email Address! Please email it to us at:
                                                                                       Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                                                                    MIND MENDERS SUPPORT GROUP
                                                                 ….meets on the 2nd & 4th Friday each month at
                                                                 10:00 am in the Education Building. Mind
                                                                 Menders is a support group for caregivers of
                                                                 Alzheimers and other dementia disease patients.
                                                                 Come join us. Contact Jeanette Lunstead at
                                                                 480-671-9888 or the church office for more in-

                         Laurie Christy will be glad
                         to meet with anyone who
                         contacts her by phone at 480
                         -671-5768 or by email at
                         Lchris ty 20@y
when needed. The group will meet every Wednesday
at 4:00 pm in the Education Building.
                                                               The greatest consolation in a time of despair is the knowl-
                                                               edge that God has worked in our lives. Until we reach
                                                               that stage (and none of us is there until a time of trial,
                                                               until God has rescued us), the best thing that can happen
                    Cancer Support Group                       to us is to have loving Christian friends in whose lives
                                                               God has worked. Through their loyalty (to us and to
Meets each Wednesday at 10:00 am in Room 101-
                                                               God), they will hang in there with us and give us the as-
102. This active group provides spiritual support, love,
                                                               surance that our God is a God who works, even in the
friendship and a helping hand to cancer patients, caregivers
                                                               most hopeless situations.
and their families. For further information, contact Tom or
                                                                                                     William Kinnaird, in
Dee Ashe at 480-924-5483 or 480-650-6765
                                                                                                    The Promise of Hope
(cell) or by email at

                                                                                 The Gift at Christmas

                                                               The great gift at Christmas is the birth of Jesus. Yet there
                                                               IS NO gift without acceptance. For some folks, MAYBE
Dear Gold Canyon Friends,
                                                               YOU, accepting the salvation wrought by Christ‘s birth is
                                                               not an easy, fall off the log, thing to do.
Thank you so much for your cards, notes, calls, love, con-
cern and prayers for me while I was recuperating from my       Sinfulness builds walls of self-imposed alienation that are
recent fall.                                                   difficult to pull down. Acknowledging the wrong done and
                                                               speaking of it with a Stephen Minister can restore one‘s
I am now mobile again - even driving - yea! And I am so        relationship with God AND our fellow humans. In discus-
very grateful for my many blessings, including friends like    sions with a Stephen Minister about whatever misdeed you
you.                                                           have on your sleeve, you will not be rejected or chastised
                                                               even if what you reveal is patently shocking. Your Stephen
I look forward to seeing you in January!                       Minister is there to help you!! He or she will listen care-
                                                               fully and will ease you into the process of unloading any
In Christ‘s love,                                              burdens of guilt, rejection, failure and sin you may have.
Nancy Arbuckle                                                 Only then can the gift of absolution be accepted. IT
                                                               STARTS AT CHRISTMAS - BE JOYFUL!!
                                                                                  Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                                                                                        Happy Holidays!
                                                                                      It‘s time to order your Christ-
                                                                                      mas Poinsettia to honor or in
                                                                                      memory of someone you love.
                                                                                      Just fill out this order blank and
                                                                                      include the $10.00 payment for
                                                                                      each poinsettia ordered. Mail
                                                                                      these to Gary Stemple, 8295 E.
                                                                  Sweet Acacia Drive, Gold Canyon, AZ 85218, or
                                                                  place the order blank and payment marked
                  Women of the Church                             ―Poinsettia‖ in the collection plate. Poinsettias will
This year Women of the Church are celebrating 140 years of        be placed in the Sanctuaries for enjoyment during
mission work affecting the lives of women, children and youth     the holiday season. You may take yours home after
everywhere.                                                       the Christmas Eve services. A listing of those giv-
This past year you answered the call of God through your giv-     ing poinsettias will be distributed bulletins during
ing.                                                              Christmas Eve services. POINSETTIAS MUST
As believers, we can be grateful that God is with us and work-    BE ORDERED BEFORE DECEMBER 10!
ing for our good.
We have been called by name, and we have been called to ac-       POINSETTIA ORDER BLANK
tion. Whatever our gifts, we are called to faithfulness and
thanksgiving.                                                     I am ordering a poinsettia in Memory of:
God‘s goodness is as constant as the sun. Imagine what lies       _________________________________________
ahead!                                                            _________________________________________
                                                                  I am ordering a poinsettia in Honor of:
Dear Friends,                                                     _________________________________________
Michael and I want to thank our church family for their sup-      _________________________________________
port through prayers, visits, meals, etc. while we were both      _________________________________________
recovering from surgery in late October. We are both on the
mend and grateful to God for such wonderful care and concern
for us. We love and appreciate each of you and we trust that      And payment of $10.00 for each is enclosed
God will bless you for your time, energy, and generosity. A
special thanks to Shirley Flowers, who kept others informed                                 Total: ________________
and scheduled the meals brought in by herself, Floy Kilbourn,
Monica Ortega-Watters, Trudy and Tim Carpenter, and Dee
and Tom Ashe. Thank you, Lynn Revis for sitting with me           Your Name: _____________________________
through a long wait due to other heart emergencies at the Heart   Env. No. (If Applicable)______
Hospital. All the rest of you who volunteered in other things
                                                                  Telephone Number:_____________________
that needed to be done YOU ARE THE BEST! I also want to
say ―Praise God‖ for a wonderful daughter who left her family     Make checks payable to Gold Canyon UMC.
in Lubbock and came for two weeks to help out. She is a gem,      Please call Gary or Sharon Stemple, 671-4307, if
as are my friends MJ Warchol and Robin Burgeson, who had a        you have any questions. Orders must be received
somewhat rowdy time with me my first post-op night due to         by DECEMBER 10. DUE TO SCHEDULING
my developing an allergy to one of the meds. Again THANK          THIS YEAR, THERE CAN BE NO EXCEP-
YOU AND WE LOVE YOU ALL.                                          TIONS.
Blessings of health and wellness to you,
Sue Malloy
                                                                                  Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                                        International Missions
                                   “The world is my parish.” – John Wesley

The season for giving and sharing is fast approach-        Every Sunday between now and Christmas, we will
ing! Christmas trees and decorations have been up          have gift coffee baskets for sale, all of which will
in Wal-Mart since September and the din and com-           contain Green Parrot Coffee and other unique cof-
motion of the holiday is beginning to grow. In this        fee accessories. In addition, we will have gift con-
spirit, the GCUMC International Missions Commit-           tribution cards with which you can make a donation
tee is going to make your life easier during the next      to any and all of our international missions in the
several weeks.                                             name of a family member or friend. All of these
                                                           gifts will be on display at our Green Parrot Coffee
In the past issues of this newsletter we have been         table between all of the Sunday services. Don‘t
keeping you updated on the various international           miss this opportunity to serve people around the
mission efforts that the church has been involved in.      world, as well as involve friends and family in these
These projects include the work trip in January,           very important and valuable Christian projects.
2010, to Iquique, Chile; the ―After the Wave‖ Pro-
gram in Thailand for orphans of the 2005 tsunami;          If you would like more information on any of the
on-going financial support for the Wangshi Christian       above outreach projects or gift ideas, or if you
Church in Haicheng, China; and the Green Parrot            would like to become a member of the international
Coffee sale for the Fellow Man International Pro-          missions team, please contact:
gram.                                                      Jackie Douglass (,
                                                           Nona Larson ( ),
Now, in our continued efforts to fund and support          John Paddison (, or
these various projects, our committee will be offer-       Jean Paddison (
ing several time-saving gift-giving ideas.

“...We will strive to be a church that serves our community and the world, realizing and
sharing the satisfying and abundant life Christ brings to all people.”

                                        The 2010 Chile Work Trip Group
                                                                                        Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

                 By Monica Ortega-Watters, RN
                                                                    Congratulations are in order!!
Coping with the holidays can be difficult, but it can be es-    The following article is from The Mesa Public Schools
pecially difficult if you are coping with a loss. When our      Newsletter and the Presidential awards web site, con-
loved one dies, we grieve not only for the person, but also     cerning Colette Bos, founder of the GCUMC Food
for the life we used to have, the love the person gave us and   Bank. When you see her, be sure to pass on your good
all the special times we spent together. Perhaps there is no    wishes for a job well done for the children who are the
time of the year when we are more aware of the empty            future of our country.
space our dear one has left behind than during the upcom-
ing winter holidays.                                            Bos is an Arizona Presidential Award Finalist
If we decide to do so we can choose to embrace a holiday
as a special day on which to remember our loved ones and        Dr. Bos, Title I school improvement specialist, is one of
to celebrate our love for them. The bonds of love are never     two Arizona finalists in the Presidential Awards for
severed by death, and the love we shared will never die.        Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.
When we‘re in the midst of pain, and the rest of the world
wants to celebrate, we need to find ways to manage our          The Arizona Department of Education honored her at a
pain and get through the season with a minimum of stress.       State Board of Education meeting this fall. The award
                                                                is the highest recognition a K-12 math or science
Suggestions for coping with stress                              teacher may receive for outstanding teaching in the
Have a family meeting: List all the things you ordinarily       United States.
do for the holidays (send greeting cards, bake, string
lights). Decide together what‘s important to each of you,       “It was such an honor to be nominated, and I am
what you want to do this year, what you could let go of and     happy to have been named a finalist,” Bos said. “My
what you can do differently.                                    favorite part of teaching is empowering students. The
                                                                human brain automatically thinks like a scientist inves-
Do other things differently: You don‘t have to discard all
                                                                tigates. Science teachers have a unique opportunity to
your old traditions, but you can choose to observe the holi-
                                                                excite students with information and then guide them to
day on a smaller scale this year.
Take care of yourself: Build time into your day to relax,
eat healthy meals and get some daily exercise.                  In late spring or early summer, the National Science
Expect to feel some pain: Plan on feeling sad at certain        Foundation, which administers the program for the
moments through the holiday season and let the feelings         White House Office of Science and Technology Policy,
come. Have faith that you will get through this and you will    will convene a National Selection Committee.
                                                                Winners will travel to Washington, D.C., where they
Seek support from others: Grieving is hard work and             will attend a series of recognition events and profes-
shouldn‘t be done alone. You need to share your experience      sional development opportunities. They will receive a
with someone who understands the pain of your loss.             presidential citation, gifts from national program spon-
            When all is said, when all is done,                 sors and $10,000 from NSF.
             I will remember you with love.
            When all is said, when all is done,                 In addition to honoring individual achievement, the
            You will be in my heart forever.                    program exemplifies the highest standards of math and
                                                                science teaching. The program provides teachers an
          You‘re the thread that weaves my soul,
                                                                opportunity to build lasting partnerships with col-
               When the fire turns to ember
                                                                leagues across the nation. This growing network of
            And the grass has turned to gold,                   award-winning teachers serves as a vital resource for
                    I will remember…                            improving science, technology, engineering and math
                Remember you with love.                         education.

Paul Alexander Music, 1992
Information obtained from                           Let‘s all wish ―our‖ Dr. Bos (who, on
                                                                Communion Sunday sings ―The Lord‘s
Blessings to you all,                                           Prayer‖ like an angel) continued
Monica                                                          success!
                                                   Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

      December Birthdays
Makaya Aguilar       1   Becky Reid            9    Paula Tucker          14   Jesus               25
Diane Heinauer       1   Marty Robison         9    Craig Barrick         15   Deborah Brooks      25
Kathleen King        3   Elva Bradley          10   Pam Foreman           15   Robert Brummitt     25
Harrell Miller       3   James Anderson        11   Ellen Laux            15   William King        25
Larry Raffurty       3   Neil Brogren          11   Doris Newton          15   Neta McCleary       25
Judith Monk          4   Anita Raffurty        11   Clara Goodman         16   Gary Stemple        25
Rod Reid             4   Mary Ann Warren       11   Suzanne Jameson       16   Danna Gharavi       26
Nick Weidner         4   Dale Fitzpatrick      12   Darrell Keast         17   Judy Horn           26
Angie Fyfe           5   Bob Graves            12   Peggy Kinder          17   Robert Pennington   26
James Swails         5   Sylvia Schuerman      12   Joe Morton            17   Sarah Swails        26
Holly Boyd           6   Judy Campbell         13   Sue Lullo             18   Michael Malloy      27
Arlo Clemensen       6   Shirley Coad          13   Melissa Martinez      18   Joyce Schenck       27
Judy Donovan         6   Pat Flint             13   Kathy Serrine         18   Don Tonole          27
Carol Johnson        6   Nathaniel Gingrich    13   Abe Rikli             19   Howard Flowers      28
Lisa Kinzel          6   Bambi Hutnak          13   Helen Flowers         20   Joseph Lundberg     28
Charlie Palmer II    6   Marcia Ritenour       13   Heather Fox           20   Connie Schuler      29
Jean Brannan         7   Gerald Tabor          13   Linda Van Kekerix     20   Cherie Madzey       30
Marie Ebneter        7   Don Anderson          14   Kay Leet              21   Todd Owen           30
Jack Virden          7   Clare Goodman         14   Mary Faith Van Noy    21   William Waechter    30
Bob Volgelgesang     7   Bill Green            14   Cassandra Hellyer     22   Ann Wallace         30
Bill Curtis          8   Ron Houser            14   Georgia Kirkpatrick   22   Richard Ferguson    31
Betty Humphrey       8   Thomas Preiss         14   Andy Gharavi          23   Jerri Manbeck       31
Bev Mitchell         8   Ilene Tabor           14   Melvin Kilbo          23

                    December Anniversaries
Gladys & Donald Osgood       1    Peggy & Robert Dowrick       19    Bev & Darrell Mitchell        27
Lori & Charles Palmer        1    Dottie & Richard House       19    April & Kade Owen             27
May & Norman Livgard         3    Lynda & Mark Kessler         19    Diane & Wayne Heinauer        28
Patricia & Don Zirjacks      4    Kathy & John Nuss            20    Joyce & Bill Shafer           28
Dixie & John Coules          9    Edith & Jack Viviani         20    Helena & Ron Van Englehoven   28
Nancy & Ray Villeneuve       10   Linda & Stan Van Kekerix     21    Linda & David Austin          29
Mary & William Thomas        11   Carmean & Glenn Bargman      22    Jill & Bob Bills              29
Ardeena & David Gillette     12   Lillian & Pat Calihan        22    Betty & Leland Jensen         29
Collette & Brett McNamee     13   Jean & Thomas Brannan        23    Carolyn & Richard Schlager    29
Bobbie & Bill Talbot         13   Connie & Phalen Schuler      23    Wanda & Marven Tufte          29
Diana & John Linton          14   Lois & Leo Gerst             24    Joyce & Gary Gingrich         30
Pamela & Bob Ingram          16   Lorraine & Victor Phillips   24    Deborah & Mark Brooks         31
Bev & Cris Criswell          17   Nina & Robert Pennington     26    Mildred & Joseph Johnson      31
Barbara & Royce Brownfield   18   Jenny & Bob Crow             27    Jean & John Paddison          31
Danna & Andy Gharavi         18   Donna & Glenn Johnson        27    Violet & Lowell Reiners       31
Gail & Bill Yoder            18
                                            Volunteers Do Make a
                                                      Jane Hayes, Volunteer Coordinator

                                                                                                **Circle one or more of these
As Christmas approaches this year, PLEASE keep Jane and our Annual Christmas
                                                                                                options and place the form in
Mission in your prayers. We REALLY NEED for EVERYONE to take an active part
                                                                                                 the collection plate on Sun-
to be successful, so please consider this your personal invitation to become a part of                 day, or drop by
this worthy mission. Needs list is below. I have been receiving referrals for deserving              the office! Thanks.
families since October. Personal interviews are being held weekly at church.

Keep these needs on your “To Do List‖
                                                                                                     1. Custodian Helper
1.   November 29, the First Sunday of Advent, tags will be available on our trees.                   2.   Homebound
2.   Empty shoe boxes by December 13th.                                                              3.   Office Assistant
3.   Bashas‘ gift cards for $20 will be available for purchase.
                                                                                                     4.   Sunday Morning
4.   Cash/check donations by December 13th and we will shop for
     YOU!                                                                                            5.   Gift Card for Food
5.   ―Christmas in a Bag‖ will be available and filled bags are due                                       Bank
     back to the church by December 13th.                                                            6.   Greeter
6.   Baked goodies due by December 18th.                                                             7.   Liturgist
7.   Frozen turkeys due on December 18th.
8.   Wrapping Party is December 18th at 3:00 pm. (Scissors and                                       8.   Bus driver
     tape required)                                                                                  9.   Sidewalk Sunday
                                                                                                          School Helpers
 A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each
 morning. The wife said, ―You should do it because you get up first, and then we                     Name_____________
 won‘t have to wait as long to get our coffee‖. The husband said ―You are in charge
 of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just               __________________
 wait for my coffee‖. Wife replies ―No, you should do it and besides, it is in the Bible
 that the man should do the coffee‖. Husband replies ―I can‘t believe that                           Phone____________
 - show me. So she fetched the Bible, opened the New Testament and
 showed him at the top of several pages that it indeed say ―HEBREWS‖.
             So men, we can use you to brew the coffee, too!!

                                                                                           Roadrunner Email
                                                                    Would you mind receiving your Roadrunner and event
                                                                    announcements by email? If so, please fill out the infor-
                                                                    mation below, tear it off and drop it in the collection plate
                     COOKIE LOVERS!                                 or send it in to the church office.
                                                                    PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
Our Hospitality Team badly needs cookies, breads or fruit to        Name (s): ____________________________
continue serving our 8:00 and 9:30 services. We will accept
cookies anytime during the week in the office or on Sunday in
the kitchen. OR we will do the shopping for you. With $5 do-        Email Address:
nations we can purchase baked goods in quantity to have on          ____________________________________
hand. You can contribute by donating funds on Sunday at the
tables on the patio or adding a check for ―Kitchen Fund‖ to the     Do you wish to continue to receive hard copy Road-
collection plate. Thank you.                                        runners as well? ___Yes ___No
                     Gold Canyon United Methodist Church                                     Non-Profit Organization
                     6640 S Kings Ranch Road                                                      U.S. Postage
                     Gold Canyon, AZ 85118                                                            PAID
                     Phone: 480-982-3776                                                     Apache Junction, Arizona
                     Fax: 480-671-0028                                                            Permit No. 64
                     Office Email:

                               GCUMC Staff
Senior Pastor                                Fred A. Steinberg
Minister of Pastoral Care                    Hu Rhymes
Associate Pastor                             Bob Deits
Director of Education                        Ellis Falk
Director of Music Ministries                 Douglas J. Benton
Associate Director of Music                  David Ballard
Director of Youth Ministries                 Heather Rodenborg
                                                                                    Addressee or Current Resident
Pianists                                     Carol Ballard,
                                             Linda Jones,
                                             Marty Robison
                                             Nancy Virden
Office Manager                               Suzanne B. Jacobson
Administrative Associate                     Margaret Ball
Volunteer Coordinator                        Jane Hayes
Parish Nurse                                 Monica Ortega-Watters
Nursery Care Giver                           Susan Kenyon
Facility Care Taker                          John LaViolette

   See Page 1 for an announcement
 about special Christmas Eve Services

                                                                                      SUNDAY SCHOOL
                                                                      All Children’s Sunday School classes begin in the Wor-
        WORSHIP SCHEDULE                                             ship Service with their families. Children are led to their
                                                                              classrooms after the Children’s Sermon.
     *8:00 AM—Traditional Worship
                                                                        8:00 AM ~ Adult Sunday School
     *9:30 AM—Traditional Worship                                                    Meets in Room 101/102
            In the Sanctuary                                            9:30 AM ~Children’s Sunday School
                                                                                    Pick up in Room 101/102
        *10:50 AM—PRAISE Service                                      9:30 AM ~ Youth Sunday School
          In the Koinonia Room                                        10:50 AM ~ Children’s Sunday School
         Music led by Uncommon Grace                                                    Pick up in Classrooms
                   *Childcare Provided                                11:00 AM ~ The Journey Adult Sunday School
                                                                                        Meets in Room 101/102
   5:00 PM-Country Western Service
          Every Sunday from
                                                                         Deadline for January Newsletter Dec. 4
         October through May                                      Weekly Bulletin Insert Deadline: Noon on Wednesday
                                                                    Your GCUMC Publications are brought to you by:
                                                                   Patti Baker, Georgia Kirkpatrick and Kathy Serrine
                                                                        With help from the Friday Bulletin Team
                                                                          And the Roadrunner Assembly Team

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