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     Wall Storage
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      At GarageFit we design and install outstanding fitted garages, which are both
      practical and look great.

      Our products include high quality cabinets, storage units, flooring, luxury items and
      many others to achieve the GarageFit look.

      Whether through space creation measures or total conversions,
      GarageFit will design your ideal garage.

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                                                          For aesthetic value,

Few people can boast about the luxurious nature of their garage but that is about to change.

A garage should not be a dumping ground, but instead a valuable space, put to good use.

   • Create effective, efficient space
   • Improve your home, add to its
   • Robust, flexible units built to last
   • Garages uniquely tailored to your
       personal needs

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                                                        This brochure contains an insight
                                                                       It is designed to

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into our exciting range of products.
inspire ideas.

                                           What we can do for you!
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Who we are

      GarageFit is a company with a
      wealth    of     quality    and    reliable
      building experience.

      We are committed to delivering
      excellence       to   our    customers
      through professional designs and
      crafted workmanship whilst solving
      the    age-old    problem     of    ‘space
      utilisation’ for garages.

       We have designed and installed everything from shelving, storage, freezers, flooring
       and workbenches to fully equipped gyms and bedrooms. Every garage is different
       and we tailor our designs to the personal needs and aspirations of our customers.

                                               With space becoming increasingly limited in
                                               modern houses, the garage has become the
                                               inevitable ‘dumping-zone’ for those unwanted
                                               household items and a storage ground for all
                                               manner of DIY, gardening and other apparel.

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                                                                           What we do

                                               GarageFit offers not only the
                                               tools to organise and utilise
                                               your garage, but also to
                                               exploit the extra freedom
                                               that a well designed and
                                               fitted garage can afford.

        Our top-notch designers and skilled craftsman are specialists
             across a wide range of garage furniture, including-

           • Shelving                     • Gym equipment
           • Wall storage                 • Sauna/Spa
           • Workbenches                  • Wine storage
           • Cabinets                     • Sinks and plumbing
           • Home offices                 • Freezers
           • Flooring                     • Garage doors
           • DIY storage                  • Safes

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What we can do for you!

                                                      We begin by generating a precise 3D
                                                      design of your garage following an on-
                                                      site consultation.

                                                      The design will be a blueprint of how
                                                      your garage will look.

      As each of our garages is tailored to
      you, the fit is highly specific.

      Whether      it’s   a   new   work-station
      and shelving system or the creation
      of a home gym you’re looking for,
      we will fit it.

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                                                                 What we can do for you!

                                          Secondly, as part of the GarageFit
                                          service,   we   will     remove      any
                                          unwanted   items   and     dispose    of

  The added extras will help make your
  garage more efficient, neat, tidy and
  give you more space.

  If it’s more of a luxury touch you’re
  seeking we’ll ensure your aspirations
  are met.

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 A Note on Design

              The computer generated design we produce will mean that
              you can see your future garage from the comfort of your
              living room in high definition three dimensional graphics.

             We take real life products, digitise them and superimpose matching
                    colour schemes to create an accurate representation of
                              how they will look in your garage.

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                                                                           A Note on Design

                    This results in a high level of digital realism
                        which translates to a quality finish.

                                                      We work in both 2D and 3D to
                                                      ensure that the final fit is what
                                                      you want.

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 A Typical Fit

                                    Design brief for a single garage:
                                    Create a clear area with ample wall storage
                                    and space for a large quantity of documents.

                                    With a smaller space, an innovative design and
                                    carefully constructed plan is crucial. Having
                                    designed a 3D model of the garage, wall units and
                                    cabinets were installed to clear the floor of clutter
                                    and create room for safe and efficient document

     Design brief for a double garage:
     Create a clean, functional garage, ideal for
     a young family, which can be used for
     storage, home DIY and cars.
     Having created the design, we updated the infra-
     structure with automatic garage doors and a new
     floor. We then installed a wall storage system,
     bike racks and a set of cupboards to store the
     children’s toys. Finally we fitted a D.I.Y.
     workbench and a tool storage unit.

                                               Design brief for a triple garage:
                                               Create a garage which serves as a gym, a
                                               home office and a robust, neat, storage

                                                Following an extensive design process we
                                                fitted a new floor and several storage
                                                units. We partitioned the garage into three
                                                sections and installed first-class furniture
                                                and equipment in each.

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                                                           A Typical Fit

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