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					Business immigration solicitors
Millbank Immigration solicitors provide practical, commercial advice in relation to all
aspects of business immigration both into the UK and internationally. We can provide
invaluable and cost effective assistance to businesses in helping them overcome the
complexities of UK and international immigration laws.
The mobility of staff is a key business issue for multi-national businesses operating in a
global economy. Each country has its own set of complex immigration laws which are a
major barrier to staff mobility. When you add in the difficulties created by language
barriers, you can see that companies are faced with a significant problem when looking to
move or hire staff internationally.

Our lawyers can offer expertise in both UK and non-UK business immigration and
combines detailed knowledge of the UK immigration system coupled with a clear
understanding of the legal requirements in international jurisdictions (both within Europe
and beyond).

We provide comprehensive advice, assisting UK employers who wish to employ overseas
nationals; international and multi-national businesses looking to establish or operate in
the UK; and entrepreneurs and private clients who wish to do business, invest, reside or
settle in the UK.

Solicitors at Millbank are carefully monitoring each stage of the UK Borders Agency's
implementation of the Points Based System and are highly experienced in advising
clients seeking to apply for leave to enter or to remain in the UK to work or to study.
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Business immigration solicitors : FAQ's

       What is the'points' based system?

       In the most recent measure announced with respect to its Points Based System the
       UK Border Agency has announced that people currently in the United Kingdom
       in specific immigration categories which will be deleted as the Points Based
       System is implemented may complete their leave to remain under the existing
       terms of that leave. If they apply successfully to extend their leave in their
       existing categories they will be granted further leave to remain to entitle them to
       apply for settlement in the UK at the expiry of that further leave to remain.

       The eight categories which will be deleted as the Points Based System is fully
       "rolled out" are:

       • Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)
       • Writers, composers and artists;
       • Innovators;
       • Business persons;
• Self-employed lawyers (this is a concession within the category of business
• Investors;
• Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme;
• International Graduates Scheme.

What is the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)?

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) is unique among categories
whereby a person from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) comes to the
UK to work for an employer or to be self-employed. This is because the person
working for an employer does not need to have a fixed job offer or other arranged
work before they arrive in the UK. Successful applicants under the HSMP are free
to change employers when they wish, and to work as consultants or start up their
own business, with no specific requirements other than the general requirements
that apply to anyone, British or from overseas, in self-employment or setting up a
company in the UK.

Whether or not you qualify as 'highly-skilled' is measured by awarding points for
different attributes. Since December 2006, when the scheme was changed, points
have been awarded for academic qualifications and on the basis of previous
salary, with top-up points for those who have worked in the UK before, and for
younger applicants. It is necessary to demonstrate proficiency in English to
qualify under the scheme.

I have already applied successfully under HSMP. How does the revised HSMP
affect me?

A: Not at all. It is important to note that once you have entered under the
programme you are in a category that has an avenue to settlement. Those who
have already entered under HSMP will be allowed to stay and apply for
settlement after four years qualifying residence regardless of these revisions to

How do I obtain business and commercial work permits?

If a person from outside the European Union wishes to take a job for an employer
in the UK, even for a very short period, they will require a work permit. This is a
two-stage process: an employer applies to Work Permits UK, part of the Home
Office, for a work permit and then the employee takes the work permit and
applies for leave: for a visa at a post abroad or, if taking up the job when in the
UK, to the Home Office in the UK. Unless a special scheme is operating, Work
Permits are only issued for skilled jobs.

There are two levels, or 'tiers' of work permit.
Tier 1 is for intra-company transfers (ICTs), where a company wishes to move its
employee to work in the UK; for senior, board-level, posts; for work in
occupations where Work Permits UK identifies a current shortage of UK and EU
workers; for sponsored research; for inward investment, where a company based
overseas is bringing jobs and money to the UK.

Tier 2 is for jobs that do not fit into Tier 1. The employer has to show that there is
no UK or EU worker who can take up the job. This is normally done by proving
that the post was advertised to the standards expected by Work Permits UK but it
was not possible to recruit a UK or EU worker.

What are Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES) permits?

These work permits allow employers to bring people to the UK to benefit from
training and work experience. The person is expected to return to their home
country with their new skills when the training or work experience is completed.
This type of work permit is not suitable where the training could be done as full-
time study.
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