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					Hammerfall RPG Game on Myspace
The social websites seem to have taken over the entire Internet. Everywhere you go, you see popular web 2.0 applications being released. Some of
these apps are for business, some for leisure and entertainment, and some are just plain useless. But mostly, the great applications eventually rise to
the top.

Games on social websites like MySpace are gaining in popularity very quickly. Online games have always been very popular in the gaming industry.
On the Internet, you quickly learn whether the game has what it takes to be a great game or not. If it spreads quickly through word of mouth, you know
you have a winner. But if it sizzles and dies off quietly, perhaps it's time to move on.

When you visit a website like MySpace and join as a member, you find that there are numerous games that you can install. Hammerfall is one of the
latest addition.

Hammerfall is an RPG social game. Like many other RPG games, you start as a basic character. Your character has health, stamina, energy, power
(attack strength), and toughness (defense). As you battle and perform quests during game play, your health, energy, and stamina will decrease. Unlike
many RPG games, Hammerfall regenerates your stats passively. This makes the game play more challenging and interesting. In other words, you
have to be very carefully about the choices you make. Every time you decide to use your resources, you will have to think about how you can maintain
a balance that will allow you to cope with other problems that may arise.

A game on MySpace is unlike a RPG game that is powered by the latest 3D engine. Most of the game play happens in text format. But you do get a
visual representation of the game, in the form of a map and imagery. From the visual map, you can quickly see where you are starting out from, and
where you are headed.

As you overcome the quests in the game, the story starts to unfold. You start out in a little island called Summervale, which is part of the Kalamar
Empire. For reasons that very few know about, the Kalamar Empire is infested with roaming orcs and goblins. You and your friends, starting from
Summervale, will fight the monsters and other bosses. Hopefully, you get to the point where you learn what the reasons are.

The bosses are yet another attraction for the Hammerfall game. Usually, for RPG games on a social platform, the battle result is always generated
automatically by the game. This result is based on the stats of the boss and your character when the fight takes place. The outcome is determined by
a formula. In Hammerfall, you can actually influence the outcome while the fight is in progress. In other words, fighting the bosses is a more interactive

To date, the game has over 4,000 reviews from enthusiastic gamers. With such a huge amount of feedback, the developers will have lots of ground to
cover. As Hammerfall develops, it is set to be a winner if the developers listen hard enough.

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