Graduation Hoods by tetheredtoit


									                             The Graduation Ceremony

Doctoral Hoods

Every doctoral graduate who attends the commencement ceremony which is the
Thursday before university commencement is presented with the ceremonial doctoral
hood free of charge. The hood is given by the College of EHHS to celebrate the
accomplishments of the new Ph.D. Those students who would like to own a hood, but
do not attend the commencement, may obtain the hood at their own expense.

Candidates who plan to participate in the graduation ceremony must make
arrangements to be properly attired in a doctoral gown. The University Bookstore rents
and sells doctoral gowns. Whether purchased or rented, the doctoral gown must be
appropriate to the degree. When ordering a gown, a doctoral candidate from the
College of EHHS should specify that the Doctor of Philosophy degree in education has
been earned. The gowns worn by master's or bachelor's degree recipients are
inappropriate attire.

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