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					The Role of Fireplace Blowers
Many homes today and homes of yesterday have at least one fireplace installed. Fireplaces have been used for heating and cooking for centuries, but
as homes, improved fireplaces have improved. Home fireplaces were as much a decorative touch as they were for heating. In early times, kids would
"toast on one side", "toast the other side" then jump under the covers to hold in the warmth. Modern times have brought modern trends one being the
fireplace blower.

Fireplace blowers make an inefficient heat source an efficient heat source. Different size blowers can be bought and installed into existing fireplaces.
The costs of fireplace blowers vary according to the number of blowers in the unit and the size. Generally, blowers are installed when the fireplace is
first installed. Installing a fireplace blower will without a doubt help to heat a room, improve overall heating efficiency, and reduce heating costs.

The blower takes the heat produced in the fireplace and channels the heat through the blowers. This facilitates better hot air circulation. This does not
change the intensity of the fire. It does not increase or decrease the possibility of fire. Most of these devices are not readily visible to the eye. They do
not blow soot and smoke into the room. Do it yourself kits are available. There has to be a wiring source to power the blower. They are not noisy.
They are not considered a necessity, but definitely considered an asset.

With the high costs of heating homes today, once dormant fireplaces are now being utilized. The fireplace blower works with wood burning fireplaces,
electric fireplaces and gas fireplaces. A proper burning fireplace with blowers can heat a large room even when the electricity is out. Many people
close vents and turn down thermostats in rooms with a fireplace to save on heating cost. Placement of the blower will depend largely on the type of
system purchased and the area to be heated. Most fireplace blowers sit in front of the fire, while some have vents on the side or above the fireplace.
There are units that can be placed in between rooms to provide a greater heated area. Factory guidelines must be followed and the unit properly
installed. Some companies will provide instillation. Thermostats for the blowers are available and usually included on the newer models.

Even with the installing of a fireplace blower, the fireplace itself must be in proper working order. The chimney still has to be cleaned. Flutes have to
be open and operational. The firebrick needs to be intact and without cracks. Fireplace screens are needed especially in wood-burning fireplaces.
Fireplace maintenance and safety measures are just as important in fireplaces with the blower as without a blower.

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