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					  Tall Ships on Puget Sound

• TheBeginnings: Sails on the Sound
•From Exploration to Expansion: 1850 – 1893
•Transition and Evolution: 1894 - 1927
•A Square-Rigger Sailor’s Story: 1898 - 1905
•End of a Proud Era: 1928 - 1950
•A New Age of Sail: 1951 - 2005
Bark Fortevoit, Tacoma, Commencement Bay, 1903
Makah sailing canoe & tall ship, 1900   Salish design canoe with sails, late 1800s
Seattle waterfront scene, Yesler’s Wharf, 1880
Square-rigged ships & steamer, Tacoma waterfront, 1886
Bark Olivebank in dry dock, Dockton, Quartermaster Harbor, 1898
Full-rigged ship Lucile in Seattle loading passengers bound for Alaska Gold Rush, 1898
Launching of schooner Minnie A. Craine, Moran Shipyard, Seattle, 1900
British Bark Lynton hauled at Hall Brothers Shipyard, Eagle Harbor, 1906
Shipboard scenes, Port Blakely & Tacoma, 1901 - 1905
Schooner, sail-rigged steamer and submarine, Port Townsend, 1912
Sailing regatta & square-rigger at anchor, Port Townsend, 1901
British bark Queen Margaret at grain warehouse wharf, City Waterway, Tacoma, 1901
On-board Queen Margaret, Tacoma & at sea, 1901 - 1905
Former Queen Margaret sailor W. A. Kunigk,
bark under full sail & wrecked, England, 1913
Auxiliary schooner construction during World
       War I, Olympia & Tacoma, 1817 - 1918
Obsolete WW I auxiliary schooners burned for scrap metal value, Minter Creek spit, 1926
Bark Monongahela leaves Lake Union before completion of Aurora Bridge, Seattle, late 1931
Navy minesweeper Grebe tows frigate USS Constitution past Port Townsend, 1933
Schooner Adventuress, built 1913, & Lady Washington, 1989, Port Townsend
Washington State heritage flotilla events, 1986 & 1987,
    Ernestine “Erni” Bennett & historical re-enactors
Lady Washington & longboat approaching Tacoma, 2001, Indian canoe leaves Hawaiian Chieftain, 2005
Bark Europa (right) and schooner Zodiac enter Lake Union, Seattle Tall Ships, 2002
Russian full-rigged ship Pallada, Port Madison &
    Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island, 2005
Tall Ships Tacoma, Old Town & Thea Foss Waterway, 2005
& Fair Winds
Indian canoes & tall ships, Port Townsend, early 1900s
Schooners & a square-rigger at the Tacoma Mill Co. wharf, Old Town, 1902
Laid-up steamship & square-riggers, Lake Union, Seattle, 1929