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					BeT Budget Presentation

  BeT Annual Updates 2009-2010
BeT At a Glance
   Total 4 homes at: Kupwara, Beerwah, Anantnag and recently
    opened a new home in Jammu
   Total no of girls at present in all locations = 131
      Beerwah = 43
      Anantnag = 26
      Kupwara = 52
      Jammu = 10

   Budget given by BWF for 150 girls as some admissions happen
    in the middle of the year (19 girls budget reserved)
   Project partners requested total sponsorship for all 82 girls from
    Kupwara home some of which go to Beerwah school
   Children sponsored last year 63 (out of which 4 dropped, 2
    duplicate, 4 still awaiting update), actual count is 57 (=63-6)
BeT Students At a Glance
   Average age of girls from         Status at Kupwara/Beerwah for
    3 years to 19 years, LKG             academic year 2008-2009
    to 12th
   Girls are moved from                 Total girls 2008-
                                             2009             63
    Kupwara to Beerwah for
    better education, Beerwah is
    closer to city, Srinagar-better      Dropped               4

   Change DOB for seeking               Duplicate             2

    admission in private schools
    when move from govt school           Actual nos 2008-09   57
Annual Expenditure of a Child at BeT
    2009-2010                                  2010-2011
                                             Particulars                  2010-2011

Particulars                     2009-2010    Expenditure Amt Reced              19200

Expenditure Amt Reced                16800
                                             Bedding                              800
                                             Trunk                                600

                                             Material For Additional
Bedding                                800
                                                 Educational Activities           500

Trunk                                  600   New Amount proposed to
                                                 project partner                17300
                                             Deductions: Clothing
School bag/Geometry                    400       (summer +
                                                 winter)***                      2070
                                             New Final Amount
                                                 proposed to project
Amount paid per child by Asha        15000       partners***                    15230
Deductions Proposed to keep the budget
under Rs 15000/- per child per year
   Bedding/Trunk: Requested project partner to pick up the tab for
    one-time items like Bedding, and Trunk which may be procured
    locally through “in-kind” donations
   Clothing (Summers + Winters)- Project partners mentioned
    since this is the minimum required per child and cannot be
    deducted so in order to manage the additional funds and
    provide less load on Asha, they would need to check in with
    additional sponsors for BeT and will put them in touch with us
    so that they can sponsor the additional minimum funding
    required per child
   After deduction cost per child per year = Rs 15,230/- (=19200-
   If Asha includes Summer and Winter clothing cost per child,
    then new amount per child per year after deductions =
    Rs.17,300/- (=19200-1900)
Class Ratio – Vs No. of girls
        Class         No of Children
         12th               2
         11th               1
         10th               3
          9th               1
          8th               5
          7th               0
          6th               8
          5th               7
          4th               3
         3rd                2
         2nd                8
          1st               5
         UKG                3
         LKG                5
    Awaiting Update         4
         Left               6
         Total             63
Last Funds Received by project partners from
Asha SV in 2009-2010

   Asha-SV approved Rs. 15000/- per child for 70 children for
   Last year Asha-SV sent half of the approved amount (for
    2008-09 and 2009-10),
      Rs. 300000( for 40 children 08-09) and

      Rs. 472500 (for 63 children, first half of 09-10).. SAC
       received information of only 63 children.
   Funds sent = Rs. 772500 (15940 * 48.5 = 773090), based
    on average conversion rate for sep 09
      Actual amount received was Rs. 7,62,225.80 on
       09.09.09 by project partners
Last Funds Received by project partners from
Asha SV in 2009-2010---continued

   Rs. 472500 is pending for last year's budget (63
    children, second half of 09-10) as per the last update
    with SAC
   Since out of 63, 6 children dropped out for second
    half of 09-10, so funds are pending for the remaining
    children – amount pending is Rs.382500, not
   Difference in amount (472500-382500) will be kept in
    reserve funding towards BeT project
   Next Sheet explains the Expense details that BWF
    spent on 45 children of (BeT) from the funds sent by
No       Particulars - Expense details spent on 45 children (BeT)                Amount
                 (donation sent by ASHA) for 2009-10
     1   Clothing                                                                115650

         Winter clothing
         School uniform
     2   Other Accessories                                                        19350

         Shoes (slippers-1, shoes-2, wintershoes-1),

         Handkerchiefs, Broaches

     3   STUDY MATERIAL                                                          152550

         School bag, Note books, Textbooks,

         Geometry box, Pencils, Erasers

     4   FOOD:                                                                   410625

         Tea, Bread (kashmiri roti), Biscuits,

         Lunch (Rice+2 vegetables),

         Dinner (Rice + 2 vegetables), Fruits

     5   TOILETERIES                                                              21850

         Soaps, Detergents, Cold cream, Hair oil, Comb, Talcum powder

     6   Medical Expenses                                                         22200

     7   Travelling expenses                                                      20000

                               TOTAL Expenses for 45 children in BeT , Kashmir   762225
Status 1- Present Budget (2010-2011) Vs
Last Years Budget (2009-2010)
   2009-2010
   Annual Expenditure per child per year = Rs 15000/-
   Actual No of Students sponsored in 2009-10= 57
   Total Funds for 2009-10 for 57 children= Rs15000*57= Rs 855000/-
   Funds disbursed in 1st half of 2009-10 = Rs 472500/-
   Funds Outstanding for 2009-10 = Rs 855000 – Rs 472500 = Rs 382500/-

   2010-2011
   Approved Annual Expenditure per child per year = Rs.17500/- (Rs 17300 plus
    added Rs 100 towards material for educational activities & Rs 100 towards
   Approved 70 Children to be sponsored from BeT for 2010-11 (57 existing
    students and added 13 new)
   New Budget approved for 70 children at Rs 17500 for 2010-2011=
Status 2
   56 out of 57 have paid sponsorships
   Database has up to date profiles of all 57 students
   Half-yearly and Annual updates are completed for academic year 2008-2009
   Site visit by Anju due in (2010)
   Status of Changes at BWF end
         New staff: No major impact (positive or negative)
         Currently all 4 homes are rented and have very small space. BWF plans to build homes
          at the project site and currently are in the process of discussing this with govt of J&K
         BWF has received land for Kupwara home

     Ajai Hedge will be based out of Kupwara site for next 6 months starting Apr 2010 to
        promote new trainings for teachers in govt /pvt schools where the children study.
         Project has contacted Madhvi Kapoor Foundation for the same.

        BWF is in discussion with Edelgives Foundation for additional funding to promote
         Vocational /Development Activities amongst the girls, Medicare and funding for
         building homes
        facilitate updates and streamline reporting
Status 3 - Project Needs
       BWF wishes to encourage Vocational training for the girls between 14-18
        years of age and requires additional support to get material for educational
        activities (like colors, drawing sheets, etc)
       Education standard in Kashmir is relatively low compared to other states,
        when these students were shifted to Beerwah school, they could not cope up
        with the education standard-J&K Board is not at par with CBSE & ICSE
            Lack of qualified staff/teachers in schools due to lower salaries
            Lack of teaching English even in private school
            Less focus as one teacher teaches multiple subjects
            BWF wishes to hire minimum of one tutor at each home to aid the girls
            with their school work at the Home since the Kupwara home has a large number of
            residents. Few girls, specially the younger ones, require close individual attention
            with their academics as they are weak in certain subjects like Maths, English and
Existing Sponsors of BWF
   Asha for Education – 57 girls at Kupwara home - 8 Lakhs/year
    (association since 5 years)
   35 girls from Anantnag home (25) & Jammu (10) are fully
    sponsored from SPA Education Foundation and Nandini Trust,
       SPA Donates 4.8 Lakhs/year (association since 2 years)
       Nandini Trust donates 1.68 Lakhs/year (association since 2 years)
   GITS Food – 2.4 Lakhs/ year (association since 6 years)
   Rotary Club – 1 Lakh/year (association since 5 years)
   Bombay Group of Friends – 3 Lakhs/year (association since 1
   Recently BWF received in kind donations from J&K Police for
    total 7 PC and heaters in all 4 locations
   Attached Annual Financial Report for 2008-2009 received from
    BWF, India
   Attached Annual Financial Report for 2007-2008 received from
    BWF, India
   Attached School Visit Report by project partners for 14 schools
    where BeT students study in Kupwara(8), Beerwah(4), &
   Attached Annual Expenditure of a child at BeT 2010-2011
   Attached Annual Expenditure of a child at BeT 2009-2010
   Attached Annual Budget for 2009-2010 based on audited
    accounts of 08-09 and Financial Proposal for 2010-2011
   Attached BWF Project Description

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