Nordic immunohistochemical Quality Control by wuyunyi


									                             Nordic immunohistochemical Quality Control
                             Institute of Pathology, Aalborg Hospital, Ladegaardsgade 3, P.O.Box 561, DK-9100 Aalborg, Denmark

                           Scheme 2007, Assessment Run 19

                                                                                                  Aalborg, 22 January 2007

Dear participant

Please find enclosed pairs of unstained sections according to your submitted protocols. If you are in
any doubt, please read the details at the website:, or send us an e-mail: Also inform us if slides are missing.

Please note your three digit participant number (NQC…) shown on the address label and slides. This
number must be indicated on all new slide labels and used for any communication with NordiQC.

Stain the sections according to your protocol (only one protocol for each marker!), and return for each
marker one stained slide together with your own control slide marked with your participant number to
NordiQC at the above mentioned address not later than 7 February. Keep the remaining NordiQC
slides as your control.

The general results are communicated on the website about 1 April. Examples of optimal as well as
insufficient stains will be illustrated (anonymously) and the corresponding methods described. The
origin of recommended protocols giving optimal results is published, encouraging technicians and
pathologists to communicate directly.

About 7 April each laboratory will receive an e-mail with their individual assessment scores and (in
case of borderline or poor marks) comments to the stains and suggestions for protocol improvement.

Monographs describing the relevant epitopes and the expecting staining patterns are available on the
website. Submitted sections are stored in the NordiQC file for future documentation. The laboratories
may request their stained sections for review (in case their control set is lost).

Best regards,

Mogens Vyberg
Scheme manager

Contents of the multitissue sections
Top row closest to the glass label.

CD23:                  CR:                CyD1:                  Ki67:                  Podop:                  TTF1:
1. Tonsil fixed 4h,    1. Appendix,       1. Tonsil fixed 4h,    1. B-CLL,              1. Ovarian clear cell   1. Lung
2. Tonsil fixed 72h,   2. Kidney,         2. Tonsil fixed 72h,   2. Burkitt             carcinoma,              adenocarcinoma,
3. Tonsil fixed        3. Malignant       3. Tonsil fixed        lymphoma,              2. Ovarian serous       2. Lung carcinoid,
168h,                  mesothelioma,      168h,                  3. Tonsil fixed 24h,   carcinoma,              3. Lung,
4. + 5. B-CLL,         epithelioid,       4. B-CLL,              4. Tonsil fixed 72h,   3. Appendix,            4. Thyroid gld.,
6. Mantle cell         4. Malignant       5. + 6. Mantle cell    5. Tonsil fixed        4. Seminoma,            5. Liver.
lymphoma.              mesothelioma,      lymphoma.              168h. (4 and 5 may     5. Embryonal
                       biphasic,                                 contain little or no   carcinoma
                       5. Ovarian                                lymphoid tissue).      6. Malignant
                       granulosa cell                                                   mesothelioma,
                       tumor.                                                           epithelioid.

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