Denture Repair by tetheredtoit


									Quick Self-Curing Resin
Set             : Powder 100g, Liquid 100ml, Pipette, Spatula, Rubber Cup,
                  Powder Measuring Cup, Brush
 Powder Refills : 100g or 250g
 Shades         : Pink, Fibered Pink, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Ivory, Clear Ivory
 Liquid Refills   : 100ml or 250ml


1. A curing time of 3 1/2 minutes enables continual treatment.
2. It is suitable for either brush or dough methods.
3. Since only a few bubbles are produced as a result
 of minxing, a high strength and durability can
 be achieved.
4. As it is easy to be trimmed and polished, cutting
 or polishing instruments are not easily clogged.
5. It can be polished to an extremely smooth fisnsh.
6. The "dropper top" for the liquid also serves as the cap,
   thus ensuring convenience and sanitation.
7. Attached "pen brush" makes brush-on application easy.

                                Examples of Uses
■ Denture Repair (Gingival Shade)

■ Temporary Restorations (Ivory shade)


                1. Denture repair in the following cases:
                   (1) Denture Border Extension
                        (2) Repair of Broken or Cracked Denture
                        (3) Reattaching Loose Artificial Tooth of Denture
                        (4) Occlusal Build-up of Resin Teeth
                 2. Fabrication of Temporary Veneers or Crowns
                 3. Fabrication of Individual Trays
                 4. Other Applications
                        (1) Temporary Retention of Clasp
                        (2) Pattern Resin

                                       Technical Information

                       Curing time(min.)                              3'30''
                       Knoop hardness(HK)                              13.3
                       Flexural Strength(kgf/cm )                       880
                       Ease of Brushing                                  ○
                       Ease Mixing                                       ○

                     Powder/Liquid Ratio(P/L) = 2g/ml (in our laboratory test at 23℃)

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Sizes indicate width of tip for numbers 1 through 5, and 11 are all optionally available.

No.1          No.2            No.3            No.4           No.5            No.11

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