How to renew your Membership by nyut545e2


									                                      How to renew your Membership

                        APD Members – FIRST you must complete your APD goals, logs and
                       outcomes. See ‘How to Complete your APD Documentation’ (see over)

                                                              ALL MEMBERS


                        ONLINE                                                                       POST
    Go to Membership of DAA > Membership Renewal                                    Go to Membership of DAA > Membership
        and Reinstatement > Online Renewal and                                     Renewal and Reinstatement > Documents for
       Reinstatement to: Renew, Reinstate, Defer                                      Postal renewal and reinstatement to:
    Complete all steps (see Payment Options below)                                          Renew, Reinstate, Defer
                                                                                   Download and print your renewal documents
                                                                                          NO INTERNET ACCESS: Contact DAA for forms

          Receive confirmation email to ‘preferred’                                 Complete all Sections of the Renewal Form,
                      email address                                                             Including QUIZ and Checklist
            Follow all instructions on email
      (for most members no further action is required, others will
        need to supply documentation within a set time period)

                                                                                     Post all completed documents and payment
                                                                                      (see Payment Options below), to DAA

                                                     Attach any documents required
                                                        Online and Post options:
                                          Students converting: Certified copy of your qualifications
                                              Full time study: Certified evidence of enrolment
                                           Associates Overseas: Membership Verification form*
                                                Name Change: Evidence of name change
                                                               Post option only:
                               Full Time Study: Study remission form*, with certified evidence of enrolment
                                                      Deferment: Deferment form*
                                Changing to Retired Category (under 55 years): Medical verification form*
                                                    * available from the DAA website or contact DAA

                                                             PAYMENT OPTIONS
                                                               Select preferred method

                        1. Credit Card                                                            2. Cheque/Money Order
Online: Processed immediately on a secure site, an email Tax                              Online: Send with your confirmation email
    receipt will be issued to your ‘preferred’ email address                                Post: Send with your Renewal Form
 IMPORTANT: Do not close out of site until last screen appears

  Post: Complete all required details on Renewal Form and
       send to DAA with all other renewal documents

                                                                                                       4. Instalments
                        3. Direct Debit                                               Download forms from Membership Renewal and
           Available for Full payment only                                                  Reinstatement > Payment Forms
    Download forms from Membership Renewal and                                         COMPLETE PAYMENT FORM and post to
          Reinstatement > Payment Forms                                                            DAA along with:
 COMPLETE DIRECT DEBIT REQUET FORM and post to                                              Online: your confirmation email
                 DAA along with:                                                               Post: Renewal Documents
          Online: your confirmation email
                                                                                         NOTE: $5.50 service fee applies to all payments
             Post: Renewal Documents                                                          Early Bird Discount is not available

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