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              Faith, Fashion and Humanitarian Efforts – JesusBranded Christian Clothing

       By JesusBranded
       Dated: May 08, 2007

       Who says a group of kids cannot change the world? Approximately two years ago, a group of
       20-somethings, freshly graduated from college - turned down high-paying, prestigious jobs at reputed
       companies, in order to pursue a dream.

       Who says a group of kids cannot change the world? Approximately two years ago, a group of Seattle-based
       20-somethings, freshly graduated from college - with degrees in Computer Engineering, Mechanical
       Engineering, Finance, Applied Mathematics, Design, and Fine Art - turned down high-paying, prestigious
       jobs at reputed companies, in order to pursue a dream. Their dream was to inspire a generation to faith and
       action, while devising a new and innovative method to give back to the world community.

        As they press forward, their dream continues to become a reality. Successfully launched in 2006,
       Seattle-based outfitter JesusBranded has recently released its second season of t-shirts based on the second
       chapter of Acts. As always, their newest collection uniquely fuses faith, fashion, and humanitarian efforts.

        JesusBranded ( is not merely another fashion label, a religious emblem, or
       even a fleeting trend. “Fashion speaks, and if people are passionate about their faith, why shouldn’t their
       fashion express their conviction? The purpose of mixing faith with fashion is to allow individuals to express
       themselves in a new way and inspire those around them. We want Christians to see our shirts and be
       inspired to love their neighbor and their God. We want non-Christians to see our shirts and somehow be
       spurred toward an exploration of Christ. Our greatest disappointment will be if our shirts are simply ‘cool’
       but without impact.” says Company CEO Salil Jain.

        JesusBranded designers ensure the clothing is made of the highest quality materials available in the fashion
       market and each piece is hand assembled by a small family owned factory in southern India. The designs on
       each shirt carry powerful messages that go beyond the clothing: Feed the poor, clothe the naked, heal the
       sick. The shirts boast the graphic works of designers Haley Ha and Sam Franada, top graduates of Cornish
       College of the Arts in their respective fields of fine arts and graphic design. Both have seen an evolution in
       their design methodologies within the brand, “…during our growth…our thinking became clearer and
       simpler: to communicate His heart as we daily experience it in our lives. Between Him and us, we wanted
       to unlearn habits that stopped us from pursuing the unlimited possibilities…" says Franada.

        JesusBranded goes even a step beyond just providing top-quality, faith-based apparel with meaningful
       designs. JesusBranded is determined to raise social awareness and bring concrete positive changes in the
       lives of the less fortunate. A significant portion of all profits will go towards supporting charities worldwide
       that have a mission to practically carry out the positive messages emblazoned on the shirts. By openly
       donating, JesusBranded invites individuals to participate in intelligent consumerism. JesusBranded
       consumers have the ability to now go beyond just “talking to talk” to actually “walking the walk.” With
       each purchase, consumers are proactively participating in raising money for humanitarian causes

        Currently, JesusBranded is committed to supporting the humanitarian efforts of young people who dare to
       make a difference and to make the designs on their shirts a way of life. One such project that JesusBranded
       has pledged a percentage of its proceeds towards is The Orphanage Project, a charity started by a young
       Seattle-based attorney who recently gave up a promising career to move to India in an effort to feed the
       poor, clothe the naked, and heal the sick. The Orphanage Project will be a world-class school and

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PRLog.Org - Global Press Release Distribution

orphanage bringing God's love to the forsaken and forgotten children of India while equipping them for a
brighter future. Thus, consumers can rest assured that every shirt they purchase not only carries an uplifting
message of faith, but is actually helping to uplift downtrodden people around the globe.

 Also, JesusBranded supports other ministries and organizations, with a shared vision to influence the world
for Christ, by designing lines of merchandise around their message. Some of their current partners include,
Leeland, Sanctus Real, Acquire the Fire, and The Voice of the Martyrs.

 “JesusBranded shirts impact how people live, wear and think. They encourage people to live their faith and
take action. They allow people to express their faith with pride and engage the community around them
both, believers and non-believers” says Jain. The company believes that the quality of the product, depth of
the designs, and its invitation to social and faith awareness makes the shirts more than fashion, but a
message of truth.

JesusBranded shirts are currently available for purchase online at

 For more information about products and ordering, please contact Salil Jain at 206.919.5041 or

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