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World leading Sales & Marketing Company
for Luxury Hotels & Resorts
Press Review                       (The Travel Post)

Island Marketing (“IM”) is a notable sales & marketing company for luxury hotels and resorts as well as a GSA
(General Sales Agent) of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Novotel Lombok, Twin Palms Phuket and Samed Resorts in
Thailand. As a wholesaler, IM is creditably performing reservation service for Korean travel agencies which would like to
provide clients accurate and useful information and promote their travel products.

Island Marketing is a leader of the travel trade industry in Korea and leads a new generation to create innovative travel
culture through a valuable insight. As a part of marketing, various public relations has been brought positive effects to
enhance the image of each hotel and resort as the ideal holiday destinations.

Refer to several reasons why Island Marketing has been a leading company successfully;

First of all, IM has been done long-term of outstanding work as a specialized marketing company utilizing local brand. IM is
not only keeping high level in the travel market with intangible asset - an unique idea, but also it has contributed to travel
trend of Korea to be converted into essence of travel itself.

Secondly, major achievement of IM based on long-term plan and Mr Tony Hwang’s driving force is change of travelers'
taste. Taste of travelers in Korea has been switched over from clichéd and simple tour package involved a tour guide
passively into dynamic and active pattern.

                                                                                                                                 CEO Island Marketing
At the end, Island Marketing has been fully contributed to new generation of travel culture. IM makes clients to recognize
                                                                                                                                 Mr. Tony Hwang
that “The Resort” is the ultimate destination for travelers.
                                                                                                                                           2008. FEB

                                                                         Island Marketing
                                                                                                  History of Island Marketing
Main Business Area : Total Marketing Service including Advertising, Public Relations for Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Overseas

   2 0 0 1     Marketing Representative of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts
               Marketing Representative of El Nido Resorts (Expired in MAR.2005)

  Dec.2001     Contracted GSA with Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

  Jan.2002     Contracted GSA with Novotel Lombok Mandalika Resort
               Contracted Novotel Benoa Bali (Expired in MAR.2006)

  Feb.2003     Contracted GSA with Bali Sofitel Seminyak Resort (Expired in MAR.2007)

  July.2003    Contracted GSA with Bali Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel

 June.2004     Contracted GSA with Club Paradise Resorts (Expired in FEB.2008)

 June.2005     Contracted GSA with Bali Royal Pita Maha Resorts

 June.2006     Contracted GSA with Khao Lak – The Sarojin -

  Nov.2007     Contracted GSA with Samed Resorts Group

  Dec.2007     Contracted GSA with Twin Palms Phuket

  Dec.2007     Contracted GSA with X2 Kui Buri

Introduction of Island Marketing
     Company Name : Island Marketing Co., Ltd                                                             Destination Branch Offices
     1. President : Mr. Tony Hwang(               )                                                       1. Thailand (Bangkok) : TM Thai Marketing Co., Ltd
     2. Established Year : 2001                                                                           2. Philippines (Manila) : Island Marketing Co., Ltd
     3. Head Office : #313, 3F, Gwanghwamun Officia, 163,                                                 3. Indonesia (Bali) : Wonderful Bali Co., Ltd ( 2009)
                       Sinmunro - 1Ga, Jongro-Gu, Seoul, Korea
     4. Tel : +82 2 3276 2332 / Fax : +82 2 3276 2333
     5. URL : / e-mail :
     6. Paid in Capital : $ 2,000,000

Awarded by Laguna Group for best travel company       Wedding travel mart in SEOUL with our GSA Resorts       Korean Travel Mart in Bali organized by Island Marketing

                                                                         Island Marketing
                                                                                   Our Portfolio
                                                                       Daily Newspaper

                                       Advertising on Magazines,
                                      Publicity on Newspapers etc.
                                           Island Marketing Media AD

Wedding Magazine
                                                                                          Lifestyle Magazine

                   Travel Newspaper

Organization Chart
Island Marketing
                                                                                               Market Analysis
Business Area                                                                                    Management

                                                                      Marketing                      GSA Hotel

                                                                                                      Direct Marketing
                   Magazine Ads
                                                                                                        Short & Long-Term Planning
           Newspapers Ads

             Trade Ads
                                                                                                                             Sales Call

                                                                                               Sales                       Operator Office


                                                                                                                     GSA Hotel & Resort

                                                                                                                  Relation with Travel Agencies

                Press Release
         Organization of Fam Tour                                                          B2B Promotion
                 Clipping Monitoring                         Promotion                  Convention
                                                                                     Corporation Promotion
                    Press Conference

                                                   Island Marketing
Our Partners some of Key Account List
   Corporations          Master Card / Visa Card / Hyundai Dept Store H&S / SK telecom / BC
   Card VIP Members / Banyan Tree Club & Spa / Samsung Insurance VIP Members

   Wholesale Agencies              HANA Tour / MODE Tour / OK Tour

   Retail Agencies            KRT / LOTTE Travel / HANJIN Travel / SK Travel Division /
   LGRED-CAP Travel Division / Let’s go Travel / Tour Lotto – Handle Amway Korea / Resort
   Life / Resort Tour

   Local Operators/Sales               CLUB AGAIN / SKY KOREA / Dong Hwa (M - Tour)
   / KOREA NO.1 / W-Tour Busan / Happy with us / LAND STAR (SM Tour) / Club Now
   (HANA Tour Bangkok F.I.T.)

   Tourism Offices           Philippines Department of Tourism / Tourism Authority of Thailand
   / Maldives Tourism Promotion Board / Indonesia Ministry of Culture and Tourism /
   Singapore Tourism Board / Hawaii Tourism etc

   Associations         KATA (Korea Association of Travel Agents) / STA (Seoul Tourism Asso-
   ciation) / KTA (Korea Travel Association) / KNTO (Korea National Travel Organization)
Who are we?
Are you looking for a real Sales & Marketing company in Korea?

Do you want to keep high-quality of your property?

Are you looking for a Sales & Marketing company has much experience such as a GSA of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts for 10 years in Korea?

Which Sales & Marketing company is even more famous in overseas travel industry than inside of Korea?

Do you know who developed and introduced luxury travel industry in Korea as a pioneer?

The Answer is Island Marketing !!!

    Island Marketing Awards

     Top Producer 2004~2007   Plaque of Appreciation 2006      Top Agents 2002          Top Agents 2002          Top Producer 2005       Best Supporter 2007   Plaque of Appreciation 2007   Best Partnership 2005~2006
            by El Nido           by Club Noah Isabelle      by Banyan Tree Bintan   by Banyan Tree Maldives   by Banyan Tree Maldives   by Laguna Phuket Spa        by Banyan Tree                by Laguna Group

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