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Pioneer CDJ-100S


ALL PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Aricles marked * will be discontinued soon! Pioneer CDJ-100S Single CD-Player from

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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pioneer Page 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                Price List 2/2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Effective February 25, 2011
                                               Net Price List PROFESSIONAL USER                                                                                                                       Subject to change without prior notice.
                                               ALL PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                                                All former price lists expire with the publishing of this version.
                                                                                                                                                                                        All prices are suggested net retail prices; ex works.
                                               Pro-Sound & Lighting Solutions                                                                                                   There are applicable our General Terms of Business, only.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                  Aricles marked * will be discontinued soon!

                                                                           Pioneer CDJ-100S Single CD-Player
                                                                           Turn the JOG DIAL like an analog turntable,and club sound resounds. You can operate the CDJ-100S with a closer-to-vinyl turntable feel. The
                                                                           Digital Jog Break function provides 3 different effects at a turn of the JOG DIAL. The Slot In Method enables smooth disc change. You can enjoy
                                                                           a wide variety of DJ performance combining analog touch operability with versatile digital effects. DIGITAL JOG BREAK -Slot In -Quick Start -
                                                                           Compact Body -Jog Dial -Tempo Control -Master Tempo -Playing Address -Fader Start &Back Cue Play -Relay Play - Vibration-Proof
                                                                           Contruction -Digital Output

                                                                           Disc Type:                                                                              Compact Disc (5 inch/3inch)
                                                                           Frequency Response:                                                                     4 Hz-20kHz
                                                                           Digital Filter:                                                                         18 bit x 8 Oversampling
                                                                           Line Out:                                                                               RCA PIN
                                                                           Audio Output:                                                                           2.0 V
                                                                           Power Requirements:                                                                     AC 230 V / 50 Hz
                     Unit Price:
                     new price !!!                                         Power Consumption:                                                                      12 W
                     308,00       369,00 ЕUR                               Net Weight:                                                                             2,2kg

                                                                           Pioneer CDJ-200
                                                                           Since the CDJ-200 is fully MP3-compatible, aspiring DJs can now include the very latest downloaded tracks in their sets, without having to
                                                                           convert the audio from other formats. The MP3 functionality also allows DJs to locate tracks more quickly (via Folder Search) and to see the
                                                                           name of the disc, artist and song on the unit's bright dot-matrix display window. This screen also has a bar graph showing the elapsed and
                                                                           remaining playing time of a track, plus an Auto BPM Counter, giving DJs the real-time information they need to create better mixes more quickly.
                                                                           The unit has a tempo read-out too, as well as a separate Master Tempo button with 3 settings for locking the pitch of a track as its' sped up or
                                                                           slowed down.
                                                                           The unit uses an electric-blue light at strategic locations to give the DJ constant feedback on the status of the CD and the effects in use. The light
                                                                           above the CD-slot, for example, shows that there's no disc on board and also guides the DJ to the user-friendly quick-load slot. With the disc
                                                                           inserted, that light goes off and a blue illuminated ring appears around the edge of the Jog Wheel - indicating that a CD is loaded and ready for

                                                                           System:                                                                                 Compact disc digital audio system
                                                                           Power requrements:                                                                      AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
                                                                           Power consumption:                                                                      16 W
                     Unit Price:                                           Operating temperature:                                                                  +5°C - +35°C
                     new price !!!                                         Operating humidity:                                                                     5% - 85%
                     374,00      449,00 ЕUR                                Weight:                                                                                 3.2 kg
                                                                           Dimensions:                                                                             216 (W) x 292 (D) x 99.5 (H) mm
                                                                           Frequency response:                                                                     4 Hz - 20 kHz
                                                                           Signal-to-noise ratio:                                                                  110 dB or more (JEITA)
                                                                           Distortion:                                                                             0.006% (JEITA)

                                                                           Pioneer CDJ-350 NEW!
                                                                           The CDJ-350 is compatible with various music formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF. All can be played either via a USB device or
                                                                           from CD-R discs. It also plays regular music CDs, so you can enjoy DJing with all major media and music formats. The CDJ-350 comes
                                                                           equipped with the BEAT Display function, which shows the beat position of a song and the playback point. This lets you check the beat
                                                                           both by sound and vision, giving a feel of ‘hand/eye/ear coordination’ to aid practice and performance of tricks such as scratching and
                                                                           looping. With one press of the button, you can enjoy all kinds of loop erformances. Beat Loop: Matches the beat and repeats a 4-beat
                                                                           loop.Loop Divide: While playing a loop, plays the loop at a different rhythm. Hot Loop: While playing a loop, returns to the start of the loop
                                                                           and plays it. With just the push of a button, it matches the song that is playing to the preset master BPM. A beginner can easily match the
                                                                           tempos of two songs and enjoy real BPM mixing. While playing music, all it takes is the press of a button to transfer a desired song to a
                                                                           playlist. Connecting the CDJ-350 via USB to a computer allows it to be controlled by MIDI compatible DJ software, as well as using the
                                                                           music files on the computer to enjoy DJing. It can also be used as an audio interface. Excellent vibration-resistance thanks to its Shock-
                                                                           Proof Memory and Floating Architecture. Four levels of settings can be made for the maximum variation range of a song's tempo–±6%,
                                                                           ±10%, ±16% and WIDE (audio CDs only for WIDE mode) Thanks to the Resume function, when a disc is removed and later reloaded, it
                                                                           returns to the previous point.

                                                                           System:                                                                                 Audio CD, CD-R/RW, USB storage device
                                                                           Power requrements:                                                                      220-240V (50/60 Hz )
                                                                           Power consumption:                                                                      16 W
                     Unit Price:                                           USB Ports                                                                               USB A PORT × 1, USB B PORT × 1
                     new price !!!                                         Operating humidity:                                                                     5% - 85%
                     499,00      599,00 ЕUR                                Weight:                                                                                 2.3 kg
                                                                           Dimensions:                                                                             220 × 288.5 × 107 mm (W×D×H)
                                                                           Frequency response:                                                                     4 Hz–20 kHz
                                                                           Signal-to-noise ratio:                                                                  115 dB
                                                                           Disc Drives:                                                                            Drive that can play CD-ROM/CD-DA discs

                                                                           Pioneer CDJ-400
                                                                           Designed for DJs by DJs and drawing inspiration from our industry standard CDJ-1000 series, the CDJ-400 is a flexible, affordable
                                                                           performance player for the aspiring club DJ to use at home. The CDJ-400 allows you to play your MP3 collection off CD-R/RW discs
                                                                           as well as music from mass storage USB devices, such as USB keys, external hard drives and portable media devices. The deck
                                                                           also features the world’s first Scratch Jog Effects , with three creative scratch effects and an amazing new Loop Divide function.
                                                                           Virtually all of the button and slider functions can send
                                                                           MIDI data via USB output, making it possible for the decks to control external DJ software such as our DJS, an MP3 mixing software
                                                                           that emulates a full Pioneer DJ setup on your PC. It includes 8 innovative effects, a waveform display with cue / looping ability and
                                                                           can convert CD / line input signals to MP3 within an easy to manage music library.
                                                                           Other third party applications will also be supported such as Serato Scratch LIVE on a PC or MAC.

                                                                           MP3, MPEG-1 32Kbps - 320 Kbps / MPEG-2 16 Kbps - 160 Kbps
                                                                           Quick Start, Reverse, Real Time Seamless Loop, Loop Adjust, Reloop, Cue / Loop Memory
                                                                           Digital Jog Break
                           Unit Price:                                     USB Memory Stick Enabled
                           new price !!!                                   Shock-Proof, Scratch Play / Cue
                           552,00     662,00 EUR                           Fader Start / Back Cue start / Relay Play

Tel: (02) 978 20 25 (office)                                                                                                                                                                                                    ProTechnica EOOD
Fax: (02) 978 58 70                                                                                                                                                                                                            Iskarsko Shaussee 7                                                                    Please note all prices in the first column are without V.A.T.!!!                                                                                BG-1528 Sofia
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pioneer Page 2

                                                       Pioneer CDJ-800MK2
                                                       The Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 has a stylish new silver metallic finish and metallic JOG buttons and also includes full MP3
                                                       compatibility; tracks can be operated in the same way as CDs as the deck is equipped with ¡®Folder Search¡¯, and in
                                                       ¡®Text Mode¡¯ the artist name, track title and file name are shown on the display.
                                                       The JOG wheel retains the non-slip metallic finish of the CDJ-1000MK3 and the subtle silver trim on the wheel, as well as
                                                       the same features on the On JOG Display (brighter, larger cue point and 45¢ª marks).
                                                       The feel of the JOG wheel is tweaked to mirror that of the CDJ-1000MK2. The track data display is of a higher resolution
                                                       (multicolour and fluorescent) and the address data has been extended to include the complete track. Resume play is also
                                                       included alongside the backlighting of the re-loop button. In addition, it¡¯s now possible to make short beat loops on the
                                                       CDJ-800MK2 due to the inclusion of an AUTO BEAT LOOP command: by pushing the loop-in button, DJs can create a one-
                                                       per-eight BEAT LOOP.

                                                       Digital In/Out
                                                       MP3 track data displayed
                                                       Refined JOG feeling adjust
                                                       New fast and more accurate manual search capability using the JOG wheel improved
                           Unit Price:
                                                       WAVE data
                           new price !!!
                                                       Legato Link conversation
                           724,00        869,00 EUR    Extra cue points (Pair of)

                                                       Pioneer CDJ-850 NEW !!!
                                                       Replacing the CDJ-800MK2, the CDJ-850 offers some major enhancements over its predecessor. This deck is designed to
                                                       feel and function like a CDJ-900 or CDJ-2000 and is rekordbox enabled, while maintaining an affordable price. No matter
                                                       what source – CD, USB (flash drive or disk) or straight from PC or Mac – this deck is suitable for your way of working. MP3,
                                                       AAC, AIFF and WAV (up to professional 24-bit WAV) files are supported. It’s also rekordbox compatible, meaning that using
                                                       the free rekordbox software, you can beforehand prepare and manage your tracks on your PC for an extra smooth DJ set.
                                                       But you can also easily create your set on the fly. With the Tag List feature, you can plan 20 or even more tracks ahead.
                                                       Unique to the CDJ-850, you can even add, remove and change the order of the tracks in the list. Wave Display allows you to
                                                       see peaks and drops in your tracks, helping you make fluent mixes between tracks. Full-size jog wheel and other pro features
                                                       Just like the CDJ-900 and 2000, the CDJ-850 has a full-size 206 mm jog wheel for a professional feel and performance, and
                                                       a large screen. The USB HID interface allows you to use more complex DJ software without a control disk. Additional
                                                       features include Auto Beat Loop Function, Tempo Variation, CD Resume function and vibration resistance.

                                                       Media Loading Type Slot
                                                       Anti Vibration Yes
                                                       Analogue Output Yes .
                                                       Type of Discs 12cm CDs
                                                       Disc Format CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 CD
                                                       MP3 MPEG-1 32Kbps - 320 Kbps / MPEG-4 16 Kbps - 160 Kbps
                           Unit Price:
                                                       MP3 Folder Search Yes .
                           new price !!!
                                                       Incl. Accessories Power cord, Manual, Stereo Phono cable, Control Cable, Forced Eject Pin, rekordbox software
                               749,00    899,00 EUR    Dimensions (W x H xD) 305 x 105.5 x 364.4 mm

                                                       Pioneer CDJ-900
                                                       The CDJ-900 accompanies the launch of the new range-topping CDJ-2000 player and is loaded with many shared features. It can play
                                                       from various different music sources, including CD and USB storage devices. It also comes with the revolutionary music database
                                                       management software for DJs: rekordbox™. Based on our Prepare & Perform’ concept, rekordbox works (for both Mac and PC) like the
                                                       leading music database management software, but is more creative and more DJ-friendly.
                                                       rekordbox allows DJs to prepare more before their performance and opens a door to tools such as Quantize for perfectly synced loops
                                                       every time. DJs can then export data to a USB device to access vast libraries of music files and perform live - without the need for extra
                                                       equipment or any inconvenient rewiring in the club. No need to burn CDs, simply take your USB device to the club, plug in to the CDJ and
                                                       play. Through the industry-first Pro DJ Link, music files and database data on one single USB device can be shared simultaneously by up
                                                       to four players connected via LAN (local area network) cable, or with one LAN cable between two players. Plus, the data history of each
                                                       DJ set is automatically saved and can be made into a playlist that can be loaded back into rekordbox. Another key facet of the CDJ-900 is
                                                       its advanced HID (human interface device) and MIDI capabilities for native control of DVS (digital vinyl systems) via USB. There is also an
                                                       improved audio output circuit, a new Wolfson DAC processor, and a built-in 24-bit/48 kHz sound card. Add to these features an overall
                                                       enhanced design that includes a new display screen, rotary selector, carry handles and Kensington lock. Then check out the four-beat
                                                       Emergency Loop and the three CDJ-900 exclusives: the Auto Beat Loop, Quick Return scratch feature and a Slip mode that enables DJs
                                                       to perform tricks and return to their original flow in an uninterrupted fashion and you have the perfect tool for maximum performance.

                                                       Frequency Response 4 Hz ~ 20 kHz .
                                                       Signal to Noise Ratio 115 dB or more (JEITA) .
                                                       Distortion 0,003 % (JEITA) .
                                                       Audio Output Level 2.0 V rms (1kHz, 0 dB) .
                                                       Power Consumption 26 W .
                                                       Power Requirements 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz .
                                                       Dimensions (W x H xD) 305 x 115.6 x 385 mm .
                                                       Net Weight 3,9 kg
                      Unit Price:
                      1.066,00          1279,00 EUR

                                                       Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3
                                                       The CDJ 1000 mk3 has full MP3 support including VBR files, intelligent features, such as the direct folder search button,
                                                       allow DJs to quickly access files within folders on the disc for intuitive, fast cueing. A total wide tempo range (+70% to –
                                                       100%) also gives greater control than many competitor models.
                                                       Along with multimedia cards, SD cards are now also compatible with the CDJ-1000MK3 so that HOT CUES, HOT LOOP
                                                       points and WAVE display data can be easily stored and loaded.
                                                       The CDJ-1000MK3 includes a unique JOG feeling adjust (to the top right of the JOG wheel). It tailors the deck to
                                                       performers' individual styles by altering the resistance of the wheel, which benefits from a new metallic 'non-slip' finish. The
                                                       visibility and detail of the information shown on the 360˚ JOG Display is also improved: the fluorescent display has been
                                                       raised, increasing brightness. The cue marker is larger and new 45˚ angle marks make it easier for scratch DJs to time their
                                                       effects. The track display has similarly advanced. Its resolution has been doubled, the lighting is multicolour and fluorescent
                                                       and, as well as displaying the total number of tracks and track position, the WAVE data and playing address details are
                                                       extended so that a DJ can see a track's entire length at a glance.

                                                       MP3; Digital in/out; MP3 track data displayed; JOG feeling adjust; Non-slip metalic
                                                       finish on the JOG wheel; Brighter multicolour fluorescent display and improved WAVE
                                                       and track data; Brighter and rasied On JOG display with more information
                                                       Metalic Master Tempo switch; Resume play; New HOT LOOP button; Backlit HOT CUE,
                      Unit Price:                      hot loop and re-loop button; New super fast and more accurae manual search
                      new price !!!                    capability using the JOG wheel and improved; WAVE data; Removable multimedia or
                      1.040,00          1.248,00 EUR   SD card Gold RCA connectors; Legato Link conversation;
                                                       System:                                                                 Compact disc digital audio system
                                                       Weight:                                                                 4.2 kg
                                                       Dimensions:                                                             320 (W) x 370 (D) x 105 (H)

Tel: (02) 978 20 25 (office)                                                                                                                                                                     ProTechnica EOOD
Fax: (02) 978 58 70                                                                                                                                                                             Iskarsko Shaussee 7                                                Please note all prices in the first column are without V.A.T.!!!                                                                     BG-1528 Sofia
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pioneer Page 3

                                                                    Pioneer CDJ-2000
                                                                    • Fully compatible with a wide range of media formats
                                                                    • rekordbox database management software: ‘Prepare & Perform’
                                                                    • Huge full-colour display screen leads the market
                                                                    • Industry-first Needle Search™/Needle Drop for speedy searches and previews
                                                                    • Industry-first Pro DJ Link for multi-play from a single source and file sharing among 4 players
                                                                    • Improved quality audio output circuit with Wolfson DAC processor
                                                                    • Advanced connectivity with 24-bit/48 kHz sound card, HID and MIDI control via USB
                                                                    • Quantized beat loop for perfectly synced cue points, loops and Hot Cues
                                                                    • An extra three Hot Cue Banks, available via the rekordbox™ playlist
                                                                    • Advanced new Jog for smooth operability and greater feeling adjustment
                                                                    Plays • Music CD • CD-R • CD-RW • DVD±R • DVD±RW • DVD±R-DL • USB Memory Devices
                                                                    • SD Memory Card • WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC files on CD and DVD
                                                                    Media Loading Type Slot . Anti Vibration Yes .Analogue Output 1 stereo RCA .Digital Output Yes .
                                                                    Type of Discs 12cm DVDs/CDs .Disc Format CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW (not surported Video format) .MP3 MPEG-1
                                                                    32Kbps - 320 Kbps / MPEG-2 16 Kbps - 160 Kbps .
                                                                    MP3 Folder Search Yes .Included Accessories • Rekordbox software
                                                                    • Power cord• Stereo phono cable• Control cable• LAN cable• Forced eject pin• Manual

                                                                    Frequency Response 4 Hz ~ 20 kHz .
                                                                    Signal to Noise Ratio 115 dB or more (JEITA) .
                                                                    Distortion 0,0018 % (JEITA) .
                      Unit Price:                                   Audio Output Level 2.0 V rms (1kHz, 0 dB) .
                                                                    Power Consumption 28 W .
                                                                    Power Requirements 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz .
                      1.499,00      1.799,00 EUR                    Dimensions (W x H xD) 320 x 106.4 x 405.7 mm .
                                                                    Net Weight 4,6 kg

                                                                    Pioneer CMX-3000
                                                                    With scratch play, emergency loop and a very unique cue and loop point memory function - once the cue / loop points are
                                                                    set, the unit will remember them even after it is switched off! It will memorise upto 1000 points, once it reaches the limit it will
                                                                    over write the least used cue points.
                                                                    3u Controller and 2u Transport

                                                                    Scratch play & Seamless loops
                                                                    Seamless loops
                                                                    "Emergency loop" loops 4 bars of a track, seamlessly
                                                                    Master tempo
                                                                    Variable pitch range of 6/12/16/100%
                                                                    3 hot start points (per side)
                    Unit Price:                                     Wave display
                    new price !!!                                   Hot start memory for up to 1000 cue points
                    852,00          1.022,00 ЕUR                    Hot start can also memorise loops
                                                                    Auto BMP counter & Basic BMP sync

                                                                    Pioneer MEP-7000
                                                                    Professional Multi-Entertainment Player

                                                                    Plays MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF Files
                                                                    Industry's first Area-Color OEL display
                                                                    High quality touch-sensitive Jog Dial

                    Unit Price:
                    new price !!!
                    1.166,00 1.399,00 ЕUR

                                                                    Pioneer EFX-500/R
                                                                    User-friendly top panel operation. Operation system allows live performances. Pioneer has launched an all new Effector
                                                                    with a DJ perspective and instrument feel. Further evolved BEAT EFFECTS actualize realtime effect performance with a
                                                                    JOG DIAL, allowing 25 different effects (5x5 combination). You can expand the digital sound world by connecting this
                                                                    machine to your mixer, player and electric instruments.
                                              Unit Price:
                                              new price !!!
                                              374,00       449,00 EUR

                                                                    Pioneer EFX-1000
                                                                    The new Pioneer EFX1000 is the high quality version of the classic EFX500.
                                                                    24-bit/96kHz digital sampling
                                                                    Equipped with a 24-bit Analogue/Digital, Digital/Analogue converter (96kHz sampling) and 32-bit digital sound processing, the EFX-1000
                                                                    offers the best-possible audio quality.
                                                                    Beat and rhythm effects
                                                                    Effect Type: DELAY, ECHO, PITCH ECHO, TRANS, FLANGER, FILTER, PHASER
                                                                    Rhythm Effect: Enables the DJ to process the effects together with a pre- programmed rhythm
                                                                    BPM Effect: Lets the DJ process the effects linked to the tempo of the song
                                                                    Effect Frequency Selection: Allows to select and effect the following frequency range (HI, MID, LOW)
                                                                    Digital Jog Break
                                          Unit Price:               Effect Type: JET, WAH, PHASE, SHIFTER RING, ZIP, HUMANIZER, VOCODER
                                          new price !!!             Hold Switch: Gives DJs the ability to hold the Jog Dial effect
                                                                    Jog Memory Play: Memorises and reproduces the motion of the Jog Dial, either once – using SINGLE – or in a repeating LOOP,
                                          729,00     875,00 ЕUR     allowing DJs to reproduce effect changes at will
                                                                    Jog Break Meter: Expresses the Jog Break movement visually

                                                                    Pioneer DJM-350 NEW!
                                                                    Main features of the DJM-350. You can record your own DJ mix directly to a USB storage device without having to use a computer or recording
                                                                    device. As recorded DJ mixes are saved in the WAV file format, they can be imported and listened to on a PC or portable audio player. The DJM-
                                                                    350 comes equipped with four kinds of effects—Filter,Crush,Jet and Gate. The intuitive controls allow sounds to be altered so original
                                                                    arrangements can be added to songs and you can enjoy DJing with all kinds of remixes. The DJM-350 has a built-in 3-band equalizer (Isolator
                                                                    type) that allows a broad range of level control, from +9dB to -∞ (cut) in each of the HI, MID & LOW ranges. Each band can be controlled
                                                                    independently. The analogue signal is converted to digital via the shortest of circuits. The analogue and digital circuit are isolated from each other,
                                                                    and all signal processing is performed by a high-performance CPU that minimises noise. The DJM-350 inherits the high fidelity design of the DJM
                                           Unit Price:              series so you can enjoy DJ mixing with a clean, clear sound.
                                           new price !!!                * Equipped with MIC/AUX terminals for connecting portable audio players and/or microphones.
                                           416,00 499,00 ЕUR            * A CDJ player can be used for fader, start or play functions via a link to the fader control.
                                                                        * All channels are equipped with peak level meters, which indicate the input level on each channel.
                                                                        * The Crossfader Curve Adjustment function makes it possible to adjust the crossfader curve.

Tel: (02) 978 20 25 (office)                                                                                                                                                                                      ProTechnica EOOD
Fax: (02) 978 58 70                                                                                                                                                                                              Iskarsko Shaussee 7                                                               Please note all prices in the first column are without V.A.T.!!!                                                                       BG-1528 Sofia
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pioneer Page 4

                                                              Pioneer DJM-400
                                                              The new compact 2ch mixer, the DJM-400, offers a host of beat effects and an in-loop sampler that offers a new level of flair for creative
                                                              remixing. Built around the same digital processing technology and high quality components used in Pioneerfs DJM-1000. The new unit is
                                                              a reliable and robust performer with exceptional audio quality.
                                                              Although the smallest mixer in Pioneerfs range, the DJM-400 packs a wide variety of effects for creative mixing. The effects, that
                                                              automatically detect the BPM of the music and sync to the beats include: Delay, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot and Roll, all of which
                                                              are processed at 24bits for the highest quality sound. In addition, by using the newly-adopted Beat Select Button, the DJM-400
                                                              automatically sets the effect time linked to the BPM for more intuitive play and responsive remixing.
                                          Unit Price:         The intelligent 96kHz/24bit sampler automatically detects the tempo of a track during playback, sampling it for four beats, then loops the
                                                              sample. As the sampled audio is in sync with the beat of the track being played (no matter the tempo) the DJ is given more time to be
                                          new price !!!       creative. Samples are automatically beat matched and up to five samples can be stored in memory.
                                          416,00 499,00 ЕUR   Each of the DJM-400fs channels has a 3-band Kill EQ which ranges from +9dB to -‡(infinity) for total control of the sound.

                                                              Pioneer DJM-909
                                                              2 Channels : 4 Line Inputs : 2 Turntable Inputs :2 Switchable Phono/Line Inputs :2 Fader Start Inputs
                                                              3 Band EQ per channel (-26dB to +6dB) : EQ On/Off switch
                                                              1 Mic Input (Neutric / 1/4" combo) : 2 Band Mic EQ
                                                              Touch Sensitive Screen for Effects and Fader Curve : Over 50 effects including Echo, delay, reverbs, panning, transforms and more.
                                                              Effect Lock / On / Off Switches : Footswitch Connection for Effects
                                                              Transform switches, Reverse switches
                                                              Non-Contact Crossfader
                                                              Adjustable Channel Fader curve, Independantly Adjustable Cross Fader Curve
                                                              Adjustable Cross Fader Lag, Adjustable Cross Fader Tension
                                                              BPM Tap Buttons
                                                              Headphone Monitor auditioning
                                                              Session inputs / outputs with level control
                                                              Reinforced headphone jacks, Stereo Send / Return, RCA & XLR Outputs

                       Unit Price:
                                                              Weight:                                                                              6.5kg
                       new price !!!
                                                              Dimensions:                                                                          9-7/8" (W) x 15" (D) x 4-1/4" (H)
                       1.081,00    1.297,00 ЕUR

                                                              Pioneer DJM-600/S
                                                              To ensure the widest possible music-making flexibility,the DJM-600 is equipped with an industryfirst auto beat sampler. AUTO BPM
                                                              COUNTER -AUTO BEAT SAMPLER -AUTO BEAT EFFECTOR -HEADPHONE -MONITOR SPLIT -FADER START PLAY -
                                                              EQUALIZERS -CROSS FADER CURVE -TALK OVER -PEAK LEVEL METER TRIM -INDEPENDENT MONITOR SWITCH -BOOTH
                                                              MONITOR OUTPUT

                                                              Input Terminals:                                                                     CD / Line –14dBV (200mV) / 22kOhm
                                                                                                                                                   Phono –54dBV (2mV) / 47kOhm
                                                                                                                                                   Main Mic –54dBV (2mV) / 3kOhm
                                                              Output Terminals:                                                                    Master Out1 (RCA) 0dBV (1V) / 1kOhm
                                                                                                                                                   Master Out2 (XLR) 4dBm (1.23V) / 600W
                                                                                                                                                   Rec Out (RCA) –10dBV (1V) / 1kOhm
                                                                                                                                                   Phones 0dBV (1V) / 22 Ohm
                                                              Frequency Characteristics:                                                           CD / Line / Phono: 20Hz to 20kHz
                                                              EffectorDelay and Echo:                                                              1 to 3500mSec
                                                                                                                                                   Pan, Trans, Filter & Flanger: 10 to 16000mSec
                  Unit Price:                                 Reverb:                                                                              1 to 100%
                                                              Pitch:                                                                               0 to ±100%
                  new price !!!
                                                              Net Weight:                                                                          6,6kg
                  700,00        840,00 ЕUR
                                                              Dimensions (WxHxD):                                                                  320 x 107 x 357.4 mm

                                                              Pioneer DJM-700 K/S
                                                              Incorporating the familiar layout and footprint of the workhorse DJM600, as well as inheriting some of the brains from its
                                                              big brother, DJM800/DJM1000, Pioneer’s DJM700 empowers DJs with 96 kHz/24bit sound card quality, a fully assignable
                                                              MIDI interphase, loads of new effects, as well as the landmark innovation of the world’s first ‘Effect Frequency Filter’.

                                                              - High quality sound with 96 kHz/24-bit sampling digital system
                                                              - World's first 'Effect Frequency Filter' for more enhanced audio expression of effects
                                                              - Fully assignable MIDI function
                                                              - More intuitive setting of effects with 'Manual Filter'
                                                              - Loads of effects, including 'best effect' & 'roll sampler'

                                                              Weight:                                                                              6.6 kg
                                                              Dimensions:                                                                          320 x 378.4 x 107.9mm
                   Unit Price:
                   new price !!!
                   749,00         899,00 ЕUR

                                                              Pioneer DJM-800
                                                              The DJM-800 is the new professional-grade mixer. Pure fidelity is delivered by the hi-end 96kHz/24 bit A/D converter that's
                                                              complemented by 61 assignable MIDI control channels and 'Harmonic Mixing' capability. This is a landmark innovation, that
                                                              detects a track's key and automatically aligns it to the closest true key, removing inaccuracies created when adjusting the
                                                              pitch. With digital connectivity, a large bright dot matrix display and a wide a range of high quality effects, the DJM-800
                                                              enables DJs to perfect pristine mixing.

                                                              Cross fader assign: to assign each channel's input to the cross fader
                                                              Fader curve adjust: to change the cross fader/channel fader curva
                                                              3-Band Equalizer: a built-in equalizer on each channel enables level control within
                                                              a -26dB to +6dB range for high, mid & low bands, respectively
                                                              Talk over; automaticaly attenuates the volume by -20dB so an MC can talk over the track
                                                              Mic signal cut: Eliminates the mic. output to the booth monitor to prevent feedback
                  Unit Price:                                 Peak level meter: Chack the peak level of the input audio for each channel as well as
                  new price !!!                               the master
                  1.249,00      1.499,00 EUR

Tel: (02) 978 20 25 (office)                                                                                                                                                                            ProTechnica EOOD
Fax: (02) 978 58 70                                                                                                                                                                                    Iskarsko Shaussee 7                                                       Please note all prices in the first column are without V.A.T.!!!                                                                     BG-1528 Sofia
                                                                                                                                                                                         Pioneer Page 5

                                               Pioneer DJM-1000
                                               The DJM-1000 is a robust installation grade mixer with the highest quality digital audio, enhanced functionality and intuitive design.
                                               3 Mic / 10 Line / 6 phono / 4 Digital / 2 "sound"
                                               19" Rackmount / Tabletop design
                                               Digital Out - Switchable 48 kHz or 96kHz
                                               MIDI Out / MIDI Cross Fader for operation of external equipment
                                               2 Band Booth EQ for equalizing the booth monitor
                                               Fader Start Play for CD player control on ALL 6 channels
                                               3 Band Equalizer (-26dB to +6dB) with Hi, Mid and Low settings in per channel
                                               Master Output Attenuator - rear panel output attenuation of master 1 and 2 O/P's by 0dB, -3dB, -6dB, -12dB

                                               Input Terminal:                                                                        CD/LINE x 6(RCA), LINE x 4(1/4 inch PHONE),
                                                                                                                                      PHONO x 6(RCA), DIGITAL IN x 4 (COAXIAL), MIC x
                                                                                                                                      1 (XLR & 1/4 inch, also be used PHONE), SUB MIC x
                                                                                                                                      2 (1/4 inch PHONE)
                    Unit Price:                Output Terminal:                                                                       MASTER OUT x 2(RCA x 1, XLR x 1), BOOTH OUT x
                    new price !!!                                                                                                     1(1/4 inch PHONE), HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x
                    2.583,00    3.099,00 ЕUR                                                                                          1(TOP PANEL 1/4 inch PHONE x 1), REC OUT x
                                                                                                                                      1(RCA), DIGITAL OUT x 1(COAXIAL)
                                               Dimensions                                                                             428(W) x 363.5(D) x 187.5(H) mm
                                               Net Weight:                                                                            12.1kg

                                               Pioneer DJM-2000
                                               If you’re looking for a mixer that matches our new industry-standard CDJ-2000 digital decks in power and performance, look no
                                               further. Developed with the help of a number of international DJs, this innovative mixer aims for relevance in both functionality and
                                               operation to give you total creative freedom. Designed with an integrated system approach to simplify the ever-expanding DJ booth,
                                               the DJM-2000 has the effects technology of the EFX-1000 built in. The 6 individual effects processors allow you to create your own
                                               unique sounds in conjunction with a stunning industry-first multi-touch panel: a completely new approach to mixing. Also featuring a
                                               rotary control and Tap and Trace methods, you get an intuitive layout so you’ll be able to focus on creative mixing at all times. 3 new
                                               performance modes including MIDI (with four layouts) make every DJing scenario possible. Connecting has never been easier Enjoy
                                               advanced connectivity. ProDJ Link connects up to 4 CDJ-2000s/900s and 2 rekordbox™ laptops together so DJs can easily share
                                               their libraries and switch sets. Also, you can quickly sample live recordings, see status information (like live on-air status, channel
                                               number and more) on connected decks, and Cue Link lets you listen to rekordbox tracks via a dedicated Cue channel. Connect your
                                               laptop and use its audio signal for mixing, too. With the USB four-channel sound card built in (switchable to three-channel at 24-bit),
                                               it’s never been easier. The DJM-2000 uses a balanced output amp and its completely discrete structure allows the sound quality in
                                               each bandwidth to be adjusted. We pursued the ideal club sound by creating a sound down to the very details of how sound
                                               resonates.Functionality, connectivity and quality make the DJM-2000 the ultimate club mixer.

                   Unit Price:
                   new price !!!               SPECIFICATIONS: Connection USB, Stereo Inputs 3 or 4, Stereo Outputs 0 or 1, Input/Output Configurations 3
                   1 852,00     2 222,00 ЕUR   Sample Rate 16-bit or 24-bit, Frequency 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz

                                               Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 409 x 107.9 mm, Weight 8.5 kg,

                                               Pioneer DJM-3000
                                               Building upon the legendary capabilities of Pioneer's DJM-600, the DJM-3000 is Pioneer's first Pro DJ rack mount mixer in a 19" format.
                                               This re-sizing and rack-mounting facility, coupled with numerous feature improvements, gives users even more scope for creativity in
                                               their sets.
                                               Other Features:
                                               • Ther CMX--3000 offers a host of other benefits • such as Quick Start ((less than 0.01 sec)
                                               • Track Search //Super Fast Track Search • Auto BPM Counter //Tap BPM Counter • Time
                                               Mode (Remain /Elapse)• Manual Cue//Auto Cue/Real-time Cue/Back Cue/Cue Point
                                               Sampler • Fader Start //Back Cue • Relay Play • Digital Outputs

                   Unit Price:                 SPECIFICATIONS:
                   new price !!!               Signal-to-noise ratio:                                                                 87 dB or more
                   805,00      966,00 ЕUR      Distortion Ratio:                                                                      0.02% or less

                                               Pioneer DJM-5000
                                               The DJM-5000 offers new features such as multi-zone entertainment, three microphone inputs, Advanced Talk Over, 96kHz / 24-bit
                                               sampling, Sound Maximizer, MIDI mapping capability and a built-in sound card. Mobile DJs need more these days: more flexibility, more
                                               compatibility, more possibilities and more punch. These requirements are now met by the latest addition to the trusted DJM mixer family –
                                               the DJM-5000. The 4-channel mixer boasts several standout innovations that place a premium on DJ dynamism, usability and
                                               professional style. The ideal companion for our MEP-7000 media player, the DJM-5000 delivers 96kHz/24-bit sound and is also fully
                                               Its built-in sound card for the laptop DJ guarantees quick and convenient PC/Mac connectivity, while three microphone channels together
                                               with four mic effects and an Advanced talk over application allow meticulous control over MCs, announcements and vocals. .
                                               It also offers a dedicated Master/Zone output facility, enabling one DJ to manage two separate outputs across two different locations.
                                               Adding to its knockout credentials, the DJM-5000 includes a new Sound Maximizer function that boosts EQ dynamics to suit play in any
                                               environment and breathe new life into MP3’s.
                                               Dimensions (W x H x D) 482.6 x 107.8 x 225.1 mm .
                                               Weight 8.9 kg .Power Consumption 33 W .SN Ratio: Line 102 dB .SN Ratio: Mic 84 dB .
                                               Harmonic Distortion 0.005% .Crosstalk 80 dB

                   Unit Price:
                   749,00      899,00 ЕUR

                                               Pioneer DVJ-1000
                                               Professional DVD Video/CD Deck
                                               Get the best of both CD and DVD worlds – scratch, loop and cue both audio and video with the DVJ-1000. Offering the same operation
                                               and layout as the CDJ1000MK3 but with enhanced DVD specifications, you can easily create and add visuals to your set. Manipulate
                                               DVDs as you would music - digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible.

                                               Offers enhanced specification on the CDJ-1000MK3, allowing DJs to easily add visuals to their sets.
                                               You can perform audio-only sets while having the option to mix in DVD, with a powerful and versatile range of effects. The best of both

                                               Additional features include MP3 compatibility, a brighter and larger wave display, studio quality 96kHz/24-bit audio and several new
                                               innovations like 4 x hyper jog mode and a back and forth loop button. It’s a globetrotter, too - playing both NTSC and PAL DVDs using a
                                               built-in standards converter.

                                               - MP3 Playback from DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW
                                               - New performance loops
                                               - Preview Monitor displays information without the need to switch display modes
                                               - Cue / Loop Point Navigator
                                               - 24bit/96kHz Digital Out
                                               - New 'JOG feeling adjustment' tailors the deck to performers' individual styles

                   Unit Price:
                   new price !!!
                   2.158,00    2.589,00 EUR

Tel: (02) 978 20 25 (office)                                                                                                                                                              ProTechnica EOOD
Fax: (02) 978 58 70                                                                                                                                                                      Iskarsko Shaussee 7                                        Please note all prices in the first column are without V.A.T.!!!                                                                      BG-1528 Sofia
                                                                                                                                                                                         Pioneer Page 6

                                              Pioneer SVJ-DS01
                                              Pioneer’s DJS software was designed for professional and amateur DJs to enable full-scale DJ play on a PC. The software offers the
                                              same playability and functionality as the company's Pro DJ products, using a PC instead of two CDJ turntables and a DJ mixer.
                                              Also included is a ripping function for converting CD, line input signals and wave files to MP3.
                                              The graphic user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. The display shows everything a professional DJ needs to see, including
                                              time, BPM, mixer controls, jog dial, hot cue buttons, etc.
                                              The DJ can assign basic functions to a particular key on the PC keyboard. By doing this for frequently used functions, the DJ can
                                              establish his or her own playing style – on a keyboard. In addition, the “SYNC” feature automatically beat matches the cued track to the
                                              track that is playing and a powerful effects program mimics the effector features of the DJM-600.

                                              Waveform display for indicating playing position and cue/loop points
                                              BMP synnchronization and beat synchronization
                                              Eight effects including Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Reverb, and
                Unit Price:                   Pitch Shifter
                new price !!!                 Fader stert function for controlling the playback of two players (channel, fader and
                123,00 148,00 EUR             cross fader
                                              Create function for setting four points for cues or loops in a song

                                              Pioneer SVM 1000
                                              4-Channel Audio and Video Mixer
                                              Designed for use with our DVJ-1000 DVD/CD decks, the SVM-1000 gives you comprehensive control by synchronising both audio and
                                              video elements of your performance.

                                              Complete with LCD touch panel, an impressive range of effects and 96 kHz/ 24-bit studio sound quality, the MIDI assignable SVM-1000
                                              functions in a similar fashion to our acclaimed DJM series; which for DJs mean that the doors to full-on AV freedom are now fully open!

                                              Inputs: CD/LINE Input 6, PHONO Input 2, Digital Input (Coaxial) 2,
                                              MIC Input (XLR) 1 (Neutrik Combi), MIC Input (1/4 inch Phone) 1 (Hinten)
                                              Output SVM-1000: Master Output (XLR) 1, Master Output (RCA) 1,
                                              Booth Output (1/4 inch Phone) 1 (T.R.S.) , Booth Output (RCA) 1, Rec Out (RCA) 1
                                              Digital Out (Coaxial) 1 x (SP/DIF) (48kHz or 96kHz)

                                              Effect/Sampler SVM-1000
                                              Touch Panel, Beat Effect 12, Auto BPM Counter, MIDI Global Clock, Roll Sampler (Fwd)
                                              Roll Sampler (Reverse), Effect Level & Depth Volume
                   Unit Price:                Video Control SVM-1000
                   new price !!!              Video Trim, Video EQ - Mapable, Visualiser, JPEG Viewer, Text Generator
                   4.999,00 5.999,00 EUR

                                              Pioneer PD-F607
                                              CD changer - Disc Capacity 25
                                              1-Bit DLC with Pulseflow D/A Converter Yes
                                              Playback mode All Discs, “Custom File” Discs, Random play mode: All Discs
                                              CD Text
                                              Optical Digital Output
                                              Anti-Resonance and Anti-Vibration design

                                              Specifications PD-F607
                                              Frequency Response 2 - 20.000 Hz
                                              Signal-to-Noise Ratio (EIAJ) 98 dB
                                              Dynamic Range (EIAJ) 95 dB
                                              Distortion (EIAJ) 0,005 %
                                              Power Requirements 220 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
                                              Power Consumption 13 W
                 Unit Price:                  Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 193 x 312 mm
                                              Weight 4,8 kg
                 new price !!!
                 347,00          416,40 ЕUR

                                              Pioneer SE-DJ5000
                                              Tightly closed type dynamic headphones. Great quality - almost "classic" headphones that innovated the swivelling cup design.
                                              Exclusive Single-Ear Monitor-Use , Shoulder Rest
                                              50 mm Large-Diameter Headphones that Deliver Pro-Level Performance
                                              HOUSING-Rotation/Reverse Rotation Mechanism and Foldable Design
                                              Coiled Cord and Cord-Fixing Belt Clip Ensure, Superb Freedom of Movement
                                              Robust Stress-Absorbing Structure , Stereo/Monaural Switch
                                              Accessories Shoulder rest (shoulder pad), 06.3 mm 3P plug adaptor (gold plated) with screws, cord-fixing belt clip

                                              Playback frequency range:                                                            5-28000 Hz
                                              Impedance:                                                                           55 ohms
                                              Maximum input:                                                                       3000mW
                                              Output sound level:                                                                  105 dB/mW
                                              Unit type:                                                                           50 mm dome type
                                              Plug:                                                                                03.5 mm 3P mini plug (gold plated)
                 Unit Price:                  Connection cord:                                                                     1.2 m one-side out coiled cord (extending to 3 m)
                 new price !!!                Weight:                                                                              approx. 270 g (not including cord)
                 115,00         138,00 ЕUR

                                              Pioneer HDJ-1000
                                              Tightly closed type dynamic headphones. Folding Housing With Universal Joints
                                              Joints allow you to fold the headphones for space-saving and to turn them in each direction for free-style single ear sound
                                              Designed with DJs in mind, the housing can rest against the shoulders for stability and comfort.
                                              Stereo/Mono Selector
                                              The selector allows you to mix right and left channel signals for single ear sound monitoring.
                                              50-millimeter dome fully encompasses the ear
                                              Cord assembly available as service part
                                              Accessories: 06.3 mm 3P plug adapter with screw & carrying bag.
                                              Frequency Range:                                                                     5 to 30,000 Hz
                                              Impedance:                                                                           40 Ohm
                                              Maximum Onput:                                                                       3,500 mW
                                              Output Sound Level:                                                                  107 dB/mW
                                              Unit Type:                                                                           50 mm dome
               Unit Price:                    Plug:                                                                                3.5 mm 3P mini plug (gold plated)
               new price !!!                  Weight:                                                                              270g (excluding cord)
               158,00          189,00 ЕUR     Connection cord:                                                                     3.94 ft long single coiled cable (approx. 9.84 ft when

Tel: (02) 978 20 25 (office)                                                                                                                                                              ProTechnica EOOD
Fax: (02) 978 58 70                                                                                                                                                                      Iskarsko Shaussee 7                                       Please note all prices in the first column are without V.A.T.!!!                                                                       BG-1528 Sofia
                                                                                                                                                                                              Pioneer Page 7

                                                                  Pioneer HDJ-2000
                                                                  The ultimate professional DJ headphone

                                                                  High quality frequency response for unmatched clarity and ultra defined audio
                                                                  High flux magnets for perfect sound resolution
                                                                  Durable Lightweight magnesium swivel/fold mechanism for comfortable prolonged use

                                                                  Frequency Range:                                                            5 to 30,000 Hz
                                                                  Impedance:                                                                  360 Ohm
                                                                  Maximum Onput:                                                              3,500 mW
                                                                  Output Sound Level:                                                         107 dB/mW
                                                                  Unit Type:                                                                  2" dome
               Unit Price:                                        Plug:                                                                       3.5 mm 3P mini plug (gold plated)
               new price !!!                                      Weight:                                                                     270g (excluding cord)
               238,00          286,00 ЕUR                         Connection cord:                                                            3.94 ft long single coiled cable (approx. 9.84 ft when

                                                                  Special Offers
                                                                  Pioneer CDJ 500 Mk II
                                                                  The ultimate professional DJ CD Player - Used

                                                                  2 pcs on stock
                                            Unit Price:
                                            new price !!!
                                            99,00    118,00 ЕUR

                                                                  Pioneer CDJ 500 S
                                                                  The ultimate professional DJ Player - USED

                                                                  1 pcs on stock

                                            Unit Price:
                                            new price !!!
                                            149,00    179,00 ЕUR

Tel: (02) 978 20 25 (office)                                                                                                                                                                  ProTechnica EOOD
Fax: (02) 978 58 70                                                                                                                                                                          Iskarsko Shaussee 7                                                          Please note all prices in the first column are without V.A.T.!!!                                                        BG-1528 Sofia

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