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					         October - 2010
                                                           MAPLE LAWN
                                                            MARYLAND                                      Newsletter
                                                                                                                 Volume 5, Issue 10
Press Clippings
• SAVE THE DATES                     Maple Lawn Welcomes Baltimore-Washington Conference of
     −   Bra-la-La Workshop at       the United Methodist Church - By Christie Zimmerman & Lydia Chandlee
         YMCA 1 to 2 PM Ellicott
         City 10/6
     −   Flu Shots 10/7 3 to 7 PM    On Oct. 19, the Baltimore-Washington                meetings and other events and the
     −   Pink Night on Friday 10/8
         5 to 9 PM
                                     Conference of the United Methodist                  center will hold worship, which is
     −   Success in Style Lunch-     Church will open its headquarters in                open to the community, twice a
         eon at Maple Lawn Com-      Maple Lawn along with Cokesbury                     month on Mondays at 8:30 a.m.
         munity Center 11:30AM
         to 2 PM 10/14               Christian Book Store. Maple Lawn busi-
     −   Calico Corners Sale 10/9    nesses and community members are                    This new, beautiful, 30,000 sq ft
         to 10/23
                                     welcome to attend.                                  building came to Maple Lawn in
     −   Pink Diva Day 10/29                                                             hopes of being better situated geo-
• Harris Teeter Announces            The conference                                      graphically and having a mixed use
    New Recycling Program            is made up of                                       building with ample parking for its vis-
    to Benefit Local Schools         nearly 200,000                                      iting congregants.
•   Support Pink Night and           people in 700
    Breast Cancer Research                                                           Our new neighbor houses meeting
                                     churches in
•   Maple Lawn Businesses                                                         rooms, conference/multipurpose
    are Hiring - See Jobs
    Within                           Washington,                                  rooms, administrative offices, chapel,
•   October is Orthodontics          D.C., the pan-                               video production studio, employee
    Month - Smile!                   handle of West Virginia and Bermuda.         lounge, kitchen and a special prayer
•   Anti-Aging Treatments            The center houses the offices of Bishop      room. In addition, the Conference
    Are Here!
                                     John Schol, episcopal leader of the          Center has partnered with Cokesbury
•   Welcome to the United
    Methodist Church
                                     Washington Area; 60 staff people and
                                     Cokesbury Christian Bookstore, located       Publishing. Cokesbury Christian
• Discounted Flu Shots for                                                        bookstore, is located on the south
    Maple Lawn Businesses            on the ground floor of the building.
    and Community                                                                 corner of the building and is open
•   Cultivation for Education -      The Methodist church began in the New Mon-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm and
    Enjoy the Rain Forrest           World in Maryland 226 years ago and          Saturdays 10:00am-3:00pm. The
•   Earn Money For Lime              today is known for its creative joining of bookstore sells Christian books , bi-
    Kiln’s Environmental Pro-
    ject                             faith and social action.                     bles, greeting cards, Christian gifts &
                                     Throughout the year, church members novelties, and teaching material.
                                     will be visiting the center for a variety of
                                                                                                                     (Continued on page 18)

                                     Calico Corners / Environ-
Pink Night                      2                                  8 Simply Divine             14 Pangia Technologies                 20
                                     mental Literacy / The Pearl
Coreworks Fitness Cen-               Wood Consulting / Neighbor-
                                3                                  9 Bozzuto Builders          15 Maple Lawn Orthodontics             21
ter                                  hood Ride

Developer News                  4 Mitchell & Best Builders         10 Miller & Smith Builders 16 Venegas Prime Filet                  22
Applied Defense Solu-                                                   Maryland 1/2 Mara-          United Methodist Church / i.m.
                                5 Mosaic Group                     11                          17                                  23
tions / Harris Teeter                                                   thon / Sidamo               Wine / Techlab
Hyatt & Co. / Pura Vida         6 M & T Bank                       12 Shrader Team             18 Maple Lawn Directory                24

                                     Aesthetic Dental Center /          Chesapeake Urology
Bra-La-La                       7                                  13                          19
                                     Educational Partnership            Associates / Techlab
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 2
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 3
Volume 5, Issue 10

                              From the Developer                                                Page 4

                                                        Flu Shot Clinic at Maple Lawn

Parking: As you may have noticed, we are blocking off the VISITOR PARKING spaces in the mornings
around the perimeter of the buildings. Please instruct your employees to NOT PARK in these
spaces. Visitor parking is designated for transient customers and not for building employees. Many of
our first floor tenants rely on the visitor parking for their business operations. This effort is to avoid
tagging your vehicles with violation stickers or imposing a towing service.
Smoking: There are now notices posted on the parking lot side lobby doors indicating that there
should be no smoking within 15 feet of the building. This is a COUNTY ORDINANCE and should be ad-
hered to at all times. Please instruct your employees to not smoke in front or around the lobby en-
trances, they must smoke AWAY from the building and properly discard their cigarette butts. We have
had damaged landscaping as a result of cigarette butts thrown into the beds. Customers frequenting
our office complex have complained to management about the unsightly and odorous entrances to the
buildings. Please be considerate of patrons and your tenant neighbors by asking your employees to
keep a 15ft distance away from the buildings when smoking.
Please direct any questions or comments to our management office line, (301)604-1011, or email, thank you for your attention.

                                                      OFFICE BUILDING DOORS LOCKED
Business-To-Business Meeting                            •   Thursday November 25th Thanksgiving Day
The next Maple Lawn Business-to-Business
Meeting will be held on Wednesday October 6th,          •   Saturday December 25th Christmas Day
2:00pm at Looney’s. This is a voluntary gather-
ing of Maple Lawn business owners and mer-              •   Saturday January 1st, 2011 New Years Day
chants to share resources, strategize marketing
ideas and network among business affiliates. If
you're not able to attend, please send a repre-
sentative and mark your calendars-the group           Try these websites for the latest info about Maple Lawn
meets the first Wednesday of every month!   
                                                      You can download past issues of the newsletter
 Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                                Page 5

                                                                    Contract Administrator - Part-time (Job 178) – ADS is
                          Applied Defense So-                       seeking a part-time Contract Administrator who will suc-
                          lutions (ADS)                             cessfully manage the following duties, among others: ba-
                                                                    sic government contract/subcontract administration, ana-
                           ADS is a growing company which           lyzing and monitoring contract requirements, supporting
provides engineering, consulting and software development           bid and proposal efforts, tracking and reporting on funding
services to the Aerospace and Defense communities. ADS has          levels, and project scheduling. Experience with the FAR,
several job positions available at its headquarters in Maple        FTR, and Microsoft Excel a must. Experience with govern-
Lawn located in Fulton, MD. Most positions require U.S. Citi-       ment contracting, administering GSA schedules, Microsoft
zenship. We are seeking qualified candidates who enjoy work-        Project, EVMS, and QuickBooks are each a plus.
ing in a team environment to fill the following positions
(                                                                            Part-
                                                                    HR Administrator/Recruiter - Part-time (Job 184) - ADS is
                                                                    looking for a part-time human resource person to assist
 Software Developer (Job 173) - Potential applicants should         with recruiting, administering benefits programs, answer-
have experience working with a team of developers through-          ing staff questions about policies, keeping the company in
out the full lifecycle, from design through testing and deploy-     compliance with governmental requirements, and other
ment is a plus. Qualifications for this job include a Bachelor of   H.R. related items. Strong attention to detail, ability to
Science degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering or        multi-task and prioritize tasks, organizational skills, com-
a degree in a comparable field. Language experience should          munication skills, professional demeanor, and proficiency
include advanced experience of one or more of the following:        with the Microsoft Office suite are essential to success in
C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, Perl, Matlab, SQL. Previous job ex-        this position.
perience with one or more of our core vendors' products (ESRI
ArcGIS, AGI STK & Components, OGC) is a plus. Previous ex-                  See Company website for full postings.
perience with the development of ActiveX components is also                Send resume and salary requirements to
a plus. U.S. Citizenship required.                         
                                                            Reference Job #. No phone

Senior Database Developer (Job 183) - Duties include, among
others: managing the development of DB projects; developing
logical and physical data models, and using these to design
and develop database schemas; implementing, monitoring,
and reorganizing DB, codes and test; implementing and main-
taining DB architectures; defining file organization, indexing
methods and security procedures for specific user applica-
tions; advising systems engineers on DB coding issues; pre-
paring system documentation . Qualifications include, among         Harris Teeter Wants You to Support
others: 5+ yrs of work exper. as a Database Application Devel-
oper in DB appl dev and admin; demonstrable knowledge/              Your School and the Environment
experience with designing and administering ORACLE or SQL           With Engaged Recycling
Server DB applications; exper w/interfacing WEB appl w/OLE
relational DB; Windows server knowledge and skills essential.       Harris Teeter Together in Education (TIE) is a fundraising
                                                                    program for schools in the communities in which our
Aerospace Engineers (Job 181) – ADS is currently seeking            stores are located. Since the program was founded in
Aerospace/Astrodynamics/Systems Engineering professionals           1998, Harris Teeter has donated over $14 million to TIE
with software development experience. The company has               schools. Now, the company's Together in Education team
ongoing work in the areas of mission planning, mission opera-       pleased to announce a new way for Together in Education
tions, and systems integration for the Department of Defense,       schools to raise money - community members who recycle
NASA, other US Agencies, and Commercial Space - across              their gently used electronic devices through Engaged Re-
many orbit regimes: LEOs, HEOs, GEOs, and Lunar or-                 cycling MyBoneYard can earn money for their schools!
bits. Work includes systems development integrating COTS
components using .NET languages. It is preferable that candi-
dates have experience with: Satellite operations; Orbit deter-
mination; Maneuver planning; Attitude control and estimation;       Go to the following link to get the details:
Software architecture and development, specifically: .NET,
web services, and scripting and Software lifecycle manage-

Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                                Page 6

                                                          Pink Night - we will have free gifts and will be serving wine
                                                          and light refreshments

                                                                  ANTI-AGING TREATMENT
                                     INTRODUCING A NEW INTENSIVE TREATMENT TO IMPROVE DRY,
                                             MATURE AND AGING SKIN.             t-
                                                                                                            t r ea
                                                       REJUVENATE                                     0
                                                                                                   5.0 nt
                                                                                                $17 me r           r
                                                                                                         O Five fo
                                                          DETOXIFY                                         of
                                                                                                        ge 00
                                                                                                     cka 750.
                                                                                                  Pa $
             This is the perfect time to pamper yourself while obtaining visible results.
This advanced anti-aging therapy includes Microdermabrasion followed by a blend of medical grade antioxidants and anti-
aging properties to stimulate cellular renewal.

      BYE                        BYE                            TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE
         •     Brown Spot                                                (3) BBL LASER TREATMENTS
         •     Sun Damage
                                                                          (2) MICRODERMABRASION
         •     Red, Flushed Face
         •     Age Spots                                                              $900.00
         •     Dead Skin                                                       A savings of $500.00
    The signs of aging and sun dam-
   age are most visible on a person’s
                  face.                                                       Expires Nov. 2, 2010
Volume 5, Issue 10                      Page 7

               See elsewhere in this
               issue for special Pink
                  Night Promotion
 Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                               Page 8

                                                                                        Environmental Literacy
                                                                                        Breakfast at The Pearl- An
                                                                                        Auspicious Beginning
                                                                                        Janice Koch Ph.D.
                                                                                        On September 15, 2010, a small, but
                                                                                        dedicated crowd of local Maple Lawn
                                                                                        business people met at the Akoya Room
                                                                                        of The Pearl, in order to learn about local
                                                                                        environmental initiatives begun by stu-
                                                                                        dents and teachers at Lime Kin Middle
                                                                                        School (LKMS). Many thanks to Sidamo
                                                                                        and The Pearl for providing the nourish-
                                                                                        ment and the venue and thanks to all
                                                                                        who attended for their thoughtful com-
                                                                                        ments and generous contributions on
                                                                                        behalf of furthering environmental liter-
                                                                                        acy projects that directly and indirectly
                                                                                        impact all of us in Maple Lawn. Also pre-
                                                                                        sent were Maryland delegate Shane
                                                                                        Pendergrass, Business Association Man-
                                                                                        ager Lydia Chandlee and Mary Schiller of
                                                                                        the business partnerships office for How-
                                                                                        ard County Public Schools.
                                                                                        Participants learned about the middle
                                                                                        school projects that filter the run-off wa-
                                                                                        ter from Rte 216 and neighboring farms
                                                                                        and serve to ensure that the water wend-
                                                                                        ing its way to the Maple Lawn catch ba-
                                                                                        sins is cleaner than it otherwise would
                                                                                        be! LKMS is one of Howard County’s
                                                                                        “Green Schools” and students plant rain
                                                                                        gardens, protect endangered fresh water
                                                                                        fish and grow Spartina grasses that
                                                                                        eventually get planted on the shores of
                                                                                        the Chesapeake Bay. Sincere thanks to
                                                                                        Bill Langmead and Liane Reese from The
                                                                                        Brickman Group, Andrea Keating from
                                                                                        Crews Control, Prasad Karunakaran from
                                                                                        Zenyon, Inc, Kassi Buscher from The
                                                                                        Pearl, Linda Quinones of Quinones Gal-
                                                                                        lery , Robin Tarantino of Petite Artistes
                                                                                        and Sara Raymond of Coreworks Fitness.
                                                                                        Look for further news about the next en-
                                                                                        vironmental literacy breakfast and con-
                                                                                        tact if you
                                                                                        could not make it but would like to learn
                                                                                        how you can help!

THE pearl is pleased to               Cultivation for Education                          difference in their own community.
                          This new program offers local schools an opportunity to        Enjoy a 60 or 90 minute Rainforest
                          earn financial support for certain programs geared to-         Restoration in the month of October
                          wards cultivating the minds of our children.                   and help cultivate the minds of our
                                                                                         future environmental scientist! THE
                          This month, THE pearl proudly partners with The Environ-       pearl will donate 15% of the proceeds
                          mental Literacy Initiative at Lime Kiln Middle School. This    to The Environmental Literacy Initiative.
                          project allows the students and opportunity to enjoy a         Now you can look and feel your best
                          rare, hands-on approach to learning about environmental        while cultivating enriching experiences
                          science while the students discover how they can make a        for our youth!
Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                        Page 9

                                                                   WOOD Consulting is currently look-
                                                                   ing to fill over 100 positions within the
                                                                   intelligence arena. The WOOD Re-
                                                                   cruiting Team is seeking candidates
                                                                   with the following skill sets and ex-

  •    Systems Engineering                   •   Information Assurance             •   System Architecture
  •    Software Engineering                  •   System Administration             •   Cyber Security
  •    Database Administration               •   Software Development              •   Systems Test

                                *TS/SCI with NSA Sponsored Full-Scope Polygraph required*
                                                *Referral Bonus Opportunity*
                     WOOD Consulting is now offering a $2,500 referral bonus for all cleared candidates.
                  Referral bonuses will be paid after successful completion of a 90-day introductory period.
            Please contact the Recruiting Team at (301) 377-5300 for more information. You can also review all of our
            current opportunities at
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 10
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 11
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 12
Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                           Page 13

     The Maple Lawn Business Association and Howard County Schools Partnership

      School              School Phone        Principal’s Name           Additional Contacts
      Cedar Lane          410-880-8800   Paul Owens                   Principal Secretary:
                                        Maggie Blackwell
      Fulton Elementary   410-880-5957   Karen Moore-Roby             Principal Secretary:
                                  Janna Wilson
      Lime Kiln Middle    410-880-5988   Scott Conroy                 Principal Secretary:
                                      Harriet Spadin
      Reservoir High      410-888-8850   Adrianne Kaufman             Principal Secretary:
                                     Barbara Mueller
                                                                      Community Liaison:
                                                                      John Wyseman
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 14
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 15
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 16
Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                         Page 17

                                        Sevel, the race co-chairman, says, “We       runners, launched the Maryland Half-
MARYLAND HALF-                          want this race to be challenging enough      Marathon in 2009, combining their
MARATHON TO                             to attract experienced runners from          passion for running with a desire to
                                        throughout Maryland, but also suitable       help the cancer center, which is
MOVE TO HOWARD                          for more novice runners who are most         named for Greenebaum’s parents,
COUNTY IN 2011                          interested in raising money for the can-     Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum.
                                        cer center. By moving the race to Howard     Mrs. Greenebaum is a two-time breast
    Event has raised more than          County, it will be a whole new experience    cancer survivor.
   $450,000 for the University of       for all the runners.”
                                                                                     A portion of the proceeds from the
      Maryland Greenebaum               This year, organizers also are offering a    2011 race will support the young adult
          Cancer Center                 training/fund-raising program for runners    patient navigator program at the can-
                                        who are interested in participating in the   cer center, which is run by the Colum-
The third annual Maryland Half-         half-marathon and helping to raise           bia-based Ulman Cancer Fund for
Marathon to benefit the University      money for the Greenebaum Cancer Cen-         Young Adults. The Ulman Fund was
of Maryland Marlene and Stewart         ter.                                         founded by Ken Ulman’s brother, Doug
Greenebaum Cancer Center will be        Greenebaum and Sevel, both longtime                               (Continued on page 18)
held on Sunday, May 15, 2011, in
Howard County. After two successful
years in Baltimore County, race or-
ganizers are keeping with their plan
to change the venue to another lo-
cation in Maryland in order to create
a new experience for runners.
“We’re very excited about the new
location for next year’s race. Howard
County is a great venue, and we
hope that by having the half-
marathon in Maple Lawn Maryland,
we will be able to attract more run-
ners from Howard County and the
Washington, D.C., metropolitan
area. We also believe that all the
people who ran in the half-marathon
in Timonium will really enjoy this
new course and experience,” says
Michael Greenebaum, race co-
chairman. Maple Lawn Maryland is
a community in western Howard
The new location was announced by
Greenebaum, race co-chairman Jon
Sevel and Howard County Executive
Ken Ulman at a news conference at
10 a.m. Sept. 28 at the Maple Lawn
Community Center.
“The Maryland Half-Marathon is one
of the state’s premier races, and we
are honored that it will come to
Howard County next year. Not only
will this race bring runners from
around the state
to our beautiful county, it is also
supporting a great cause,” says Ken
Ulman, the Howard County execu-
 Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                        Page 18

                                          County; this year, the cup was pre-       For more information about the Balti-
Half Marathon (Continued                  sented to Harford County.                 more-Washington Conference of the
from page 17)
                                                  The University of Maryland        United Methodist Church, visit
Ulman, who is a three-time cancer
                                          Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum  
                                          Cancer Center, a National
“We’re very pleased that the organiz-
                                          Cancer Institute-designated cancer
ers are bringing the Maryland Half-
                                          center, was recently ranked No. 21
Marathon to Howard County, and that
                                          out of nearly 900 cancer centers
a portion of the funds raised will help
                                          across the country by U.S. News and
us support young adults being treated
                                          World Report. The cancer center of-
at the cancer center as well as their
                                          fers a full range of treatments for all
families. We expect that many people
                                          types of cancer and has an active can-
whose lives have been touched by
cancer will come out for this race,”      cer research program.
says Brock Yetso, executive director of     For more information about the
the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young           Maryland Half-Marathon, visit                                     Bookstore
A number of cancer survivors and         To learn more about the Greenebaum
members of their families have partici- Cancer Center, go to
pated in the half-marathon, along with
doctors, nurses and other members of Methodist Conference Center
the cancer center staff. Cancer survi- (Continued from page 1)
vors give medals to all those who fin-      The conference center is open Mon-
ish the run.                            day-Friday regular business hours, to
                                        get more information you can contact
The County Cup is presented to the      the Office of Communications (800)
county executive representing the
                                        492-2525 ext 420. Visit the Confer-
home county of the first Maryland resi-
                                        ence Center’s comprehensive website
dent to cross the finish line. In 2009, for information on their mission, pro-
the County Cup went to Baltimore
                                        grams and volunteer opportunities
Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                          Page 19

                                       Half Off PhotoOpoly and Terpopoly while supplies last! PhotoOpoly, the game that
                                       lets you use your pictures and titles to play the classic board game awaits! Ter-
                                       popoly also available for you Maryland fans with the spaces named after your favor-
                                       ite College Park locales. Normally $24.95, both games are 50% off.
                                        Coming soon! Get your holiday portraits done early with a sitting at Techlab Photo.
An accomplished professional photographer will be available at selected times (to be determined) for your holiday photo.
Packages may also include preferred pricing on holiday cards using those photos, enlargements and photo gift options.
Business portrait sessions will also be scheduled. Inquire for details.
Coming Very soon! More photo gifts produced faster in house! More gift options have been added including three different
                                                                                                           (Continued on page 23)
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 20
Volume 5, Issue 10   Page 21
 Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                         Page 22

                                                   •   Venegas Prime Filet is excited about the fall! We are
                                                       putting together Home coming specials for the local
                                                       high schools on Saturday evenings, a special dinner
                                                       to be served between 5-6:30 all for $30 per person,
                                                       excluding tax and gratuity.

                                                   •   We are accepting private luncheon parties at Vene-
                                                       gas between now and the holidays!

                                                   •   Our Executive Chef , Scott Scicchitano is preparing
                                                       a Thanksgiving feast for all of those who want to
                                                       enjoy a day of leisure! Be sure to call early, we ex-
                                                       pect to book early!

                                                   •   Our Sunday brunch has been a big hit! For $9-$14
                                                       you can experience decadent French Toast, Eggs
                                                       Benedict and much more.

                                                   Join Us for Brunch on Sun-
                                                   Brunch reservations taken from 11:30am -

 Ladies Night                                      Featuring, but not limited to:
 Thursday Evenings after 7:00pm
                                                   Traditional Poached Eggs Benedict, $11
                                                   with Grilled Ham, English Muffin, & Hollandaise
 Featuring 50% off Wines by the Glass, Beer,
 and Mixed Rail Drinks in the bar only             Shrimp & Cheese Omelette, $14
                                                   served with Hollandaise Sauce & Home Fries

1st and Ten!                                       Vanilla Challah French Toast, $10
                                                   with Maple Syrup, Glazed Bacon, Fresh Berries &
                                                   Chantilly Cream
Join us for the Ravens or the Redskins
games this fall                                    Prime Venegas Burger, $11
                                                   with Smoked Bacon & Hand Cut Potato Chips

Featuring our 1st and Ten Special:
The Venegas Cheeseburger, hand cut french fries,
and a draft beer ALL FOR $10!                                     Live Music!
Also featuring $2 off Wines by the Glass,                     Featuring Solo Guitarist
Beer, and Mixed Rail Drinks
                                                                    Bruce Casteel
Look for our half time specials, 1/2 off Special
                                                               Friday Nights, 6:30-9:30pm
in the bar only (not valid for carry out)

Venegas also offers
Daily Happy Hour, 4-7pm
  Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                                                   Page 23

                                                                                               NEWS & EVENTS at
                                                                                               • October brings the release of the
                                                                                               new fall wines and they are terri-
                                                                                               fic. We're even receiving some small
                                                                                               production Pinots from Oregon that are
                                                                                               so hard to find here on the right coast!
                                                                                               • The Pumpkin Beers are selling
                                                                                               faster than we can put them on the
                                                                                               shelves! If you didn't come to last week
                                                                                               -end's tasting, then you missed a
                                                                                               chance to sample 4 of them and decide
                                                                                               for yourself which one was the best!
                                                                                               • Pink Night, Friday, October 8 is al-
                                                                                               ways special at i.m.Wine with our Wine
                                                                                               & Beer Tasting and even a lollipop for
                                                                                               the under 21 set.
                                                                                               • Mark your calendars for Saturday,
                                                                                               October 23 because it's our first ever
                                                                                               Wine Extravaganza Distributors are
                                                                                               bringing in special wines to taste and
                                                                                               Wine Makers will be pouring their wine
                                                                                               and telling their story. It's a chance to
                                                                                               find your new favorite wine at an amaz-
                                                                                               ing price.
                                                                                               • It's not too early to think about
                                                                                               thanking customers. Here's one sug-
                                                                                               gestion - Have a private tasting at the
                                                                                               store after hours Call us at
                                                                                               240.456.0330 - Let's Talk!
                                                                                               • Remember - Maple Lawn employees
                                                                                               receive a 10% discount on wine. Just
                                                                                               let us know you're part of the neighbor-

   TECHLAB (Continued from page 19)                        
   styles of can/bottle coozies (or Huggers, stubby coolers, many different names to keep your favorite beverage cold!) alumi-
   num prints, car/garden flags, ceramic tiles and much much more. Come into see samples or click on photo gifts off our
   web site to see our offerings! Made locally by the trusted name in photo products and services.
   Businesses! Something for every business!                            •   Photo books - Thought of using them to display your talented
                                                                            work? Check out our web site to create yours today! Great for
  •   Table tents for restaurants
                                                                            waiting areas!
  •   Greeting cards - thank you notes, holiday cards, announcements
                                                                        •   Clear - Fast, mobile Internet
      and more
  •   Indoor signs, banners and posters (and for temporary outdoor      •   Flyers, brochures, and other dry print
      use)                                                              •   Wall art - canvas prints, fine art prints, framed photos
  •   Note cards
And of course, high quality photo printing. Some past clients include: The Pearl, Sidamo Coffee & Tea, Quality Associates, Greene-
baum & Rose, University of Maryland Medical System, Bra-la-la, Coreworks Fitness and more!
Volume 5, Issue 10                                                                                       Page 24

                     Prepared by Denise Shrader—Send any updates directly to

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