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									Sailing New Zealand
         Magalie Laniel
           Gaël Simon
Kia Ora = Gidday !!!

Welcome to Ao-tea-roa, Land of the Long
 White Cloud, commonly know as New
New Zealand in the World
New-Zealand is
composed of two main
islands: North Island and
South Island and of a
variety of minor Island
scattered around them in
the Pacific Ocean and in
the Tasman Sea
History – Abel Tasman (1603 – 1659)

Best known for his voyages of 1642 and
 1644 for the Dutch East India Company
History – Abel Tasman route
History – James Cook (1728- 1779)
                   "The land on the Sea-Coast is
                      high with steep cliffs, and
                      back inland are very high
                      mountains...the face of the
                      Country is of a hilly surface
                      and appeares to be
                      cloathed with wood and

                      Captain Cook's journal, 8th
                      October 1769
History – Cook’s route

 The first voyage (1768-1771) is shown in red,
 second voyage in green (1772-1775), third voyage (1776-1779) in blue.
              The boat cook sailed
The Endeavour  during his voyages in
               the Pacfic Ocean

Cook’s Map
 of NZ
New Zealand Geography

The two island
 have different
 geological origins
The ecosystems
 and the ressources
 are thus very
 different on each

This country has the more important
 shoreline to surface area ratio in the world
North Island : the volcanic one

North Island is characterised by strong
 geothermal and volcanic activity
It has a tropical climate and flora
Northern tropical climate

Fern Tree:
The emblem of
 New Zealand
South Island : Hills and Alps

South Island is the tip of the Australian
 tectonic plate rising above he pacific one.
 It’s geography is more similar to the
 american west coast or the Alps
Maori : Natives of New Zealand

Maoris represent 14% of New Zealand

               Maori also is the
                country’s second

  Wood and Bone carving
  Facial tatoos
Maori navigation

Voyaging canoe : Waka Hourua

First oceanic sailing multihulls
Storage room for food and fresh water
Maori navigation

War canoe : Waka
Maori navigation
Maori Wars

Naval warfare
Haka Dance
Famous sailors from NZ

Peter Blake (1994 world sailor of the year )
Russel Coutts (1995, 2000 and 2003 AC)
Mike Sanderson (VOR 2005, 2005 WSY)
Mike Sanderson skipped Mari-Cha IV

145 footer carbon fiber ketch
First monohull to sail more than 500 nm in
 24 hours
Beating the worlds sailing records one
 after another
Mari-Cha IV

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