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									NORTH SHORE                               Registration Form
 ARCHERS at                     Name: __________________________________
                                      First             Last
                                DOB: ___________________________________                 ARCHERY
BROCKTON Preparatory            Address:
                                City: ___________________________________
      3467 Duval Rd
                                Postal Code: _____________________________
  North Vancouver District
                                Phone Number: ___________________________
                                Cell Phone:    ____________________________
  Meet every Tuesday evening
     7:00 PM – 9:00 PM          Level: __________________________________
              &                 Parent Name: _____________________________
      Saturday afternoon
                                E-Mail: _________________________________
     2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
                                MEMBERSHIP Fee:
         Contacts:                                NSA          BCAA        TOTAL               (Coming Soon)

        Don Johnstone           Junior          $ 30.00    +   $ 33.00   = $ 63.00
    Phone: (604) 924-4476       Adult           $ 60.00    +   $ 36.00   = $ 96.00
     Cell: (604) 374-1207       Family of 2     $ 90.00    +   $ 50.00   = $ 140.00
                                Family of 3+    $ 120.00   +   $ 70.00   = $ 190.00         COME and JOIN US
                                DROP – IN Members     = $ 3.00
        Marianne Blazs                                                                   For an EVENING of FUN
                                DROP – IN NON-Members = $ 5.00
    Phone: (604) 985-9709             (Experienced Archers with own equipment)
                                                                                          For ALL THE FAMILY
     Cell: (604) 375-1825       DROP – IN NON-Members = $ 10.00
                                                (Require equipment)
 E-mail:   BC Archery Association (BCAA) Membership
                                is Mandatory for insurance purposes.
         What is Archery                                       Archery Terms                                North Shore Archers
Archery demonstrates translation of energy       In the lessons, you will learn the proper Archery   Established in mid-2005 to meet the need for
and projectile motion.                           terms, such as:                                     Archery facilities on the North Shore. Our
                                                                                                     mission is to promote archery and make it
Archery suits everybody, young and old,                 Stance                                      easily accessible to anyone. Archery is a
males and females. To hit the ten with your             Nock                                        family sport where Mom, Dad & the Children
arrow, you need to, of course know the                  Set                                         can all join in.
proper shooting technique. It does not                  Pre-Draw
require muscles.                                        Draw,                                       North Shore Archers operate under the
                                                        Anchor,                                     auspices of the British Columbia Archery
To do it right, time after time, you need to            Aim and release                             Association and the National Coaching
be mentally firm, devoted (like doing                   Follow--through                             Certification Program. We have three BCAA
anything well), be very determined and                                                               Trained Archery Instructors and welcome
have lots of practice..                          Information links                                   everyone to join us in this noble sport.
                                                        Archery Instruction
While doing all these things, you will learn
about yourself, and will help you to be
                                                                                                     Children 8 years and above are encouraged to
prepared to face new challenges.                                                                     participate in our introduction to Basic Archery
                                                                                                     which includes safety, proper form and
Safety First                                                                                         technique and is transferable to another club if
Any archery coach will tell you that the
                                                                                                     Our Introduction to Archery includes six (6)
first thing you need to learn is safety. Learn
                                                                                                     sessions of instruction. Each session is at least
how to practice and compete in archery
                                                                                                     one hour. Demonstrations at Schools are
                                                                                                     available & negotiable.

Equipment                                                                                            Instruction Fee’s:
                                                                                                     6 sessions x $20 - $120.00
You will need proper equipment for your
                                                                                                     Demonstrations in Schools & Organizations
new archery hobby. We don't recommend
you to purchase these items right away, but
                                                                                                     Special Terms for Private lessons.
eventually, you will need a bow with sight,
                                                                                                     Family Terms Available
a set of arrows, chest and arm guards,
finger tab, quiver and some small                                                                    Equipment – We provide equipment you may
accessories.                                                                                         use for a small rental fee (Included in lesson

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