iPhone Optus Free by shuifanglj


									Optus      Free Wifi at   Talk free for      Bring all your
           approx 60      20 minutes         mobiles onto
           locations      between 8pm        one account
                          and midnight,      and enjoy free
                          seven days a       5 minute voice
                          week from one      calls to
                          Optus GSM          mobiles on the
                          mobile to          same account
                          another within     24/7.
                          Australia. No
Telstra    Receive free   Choose a           Nominate one        50 free text      Only pay for
           Wi-Fi access   Telstra mobile     hour of the day     messages to       the time that
           at more 1000   or any eligible    or night to         mobiles in        you use. Voice
           Telstra Hot    fixed number.      receive the         Australia or 50   and video call
           Spots          Voice calls to     first 20            free Talking      rates are
                          that number        minutes free of     Text              charged per
                          are free for the   each voice call     messages to a     second instead
                          first 3 minutes,   made to             Telstra home      of in 30
                          24/7, with no      eligible fixed or   phone each        second blocks.
                          call connection    mobile              month.
                          fee ($3 set up     numbers. That
Virgin                     Free to V Cap
                           $100 available
                            exclusively to
                            Apple iPhone

Vodafone                  Unlimited free     100 FREE            100 FREE          50% off
                          calls to your      Vodafone to         standardTXT       Vodafone’s
                          Best Vodafone      Vodafone                              standard
                          Mate               minutes                               international
                                                                                   call rates
20c for the first   Get 200 free
10 minutes of       text messages
voice calls to      to any Telstra
mobiles in          mobile in
Australia 8pm-      Australia 8pm
7am with no         – 7am each
call connection     night and pay
fee.                15c per text
                    message at
                    other times or
                    to other

5% donation of      5% donation of
your monthly        your monthly
access fee to       access fee to
Conservation        UNICEF
                     Optus                         Telstra                       Virgin
 Wi-Fi       Free Wi-Fi at approx 60     Receive free Wi-Fi access at
                   locations             more 1000 Telstra Hot Spots

 Bonus        Talk free for 20 minutes    Choose a Telstra mobile or Free to V Cap $100 available
Option 1    between 8pm and midnight,      any eligible fixed number.    exclusively to Apple iPhone
           seven days a week from one Voice calls to that number                 customers
               Optus GSM mobile to             are free for the first 3
            another within Australia. No   minutes, 24/7, with no call
                  flagfall applies.      connection fee ($3 set up fee
 Bonus      Bring all your mobiles onto    Nominate one hour of the
Option 2   one account and enjoy free 5 day or night to receive the
           minute voice calls to mobiles first 20 minutes free of each
            on the same account 24/7.      voice call made to eligible
                                            fixed or mobile numbers.
                                          That is up to 1,860 minutes
                                         of additional voice calls every
                                              month at no extra cost.

 Bonus                                     50 free text messages to
Option 3                                   mobiles in Australia or 50
                                         free Talking Text messages
                                            to a Telstra home phone
                                                   each month.
 Bonus                                  Only pay for the time that you
Option 4                                   use. Voice and video call
                                        rates are charged per second
                                             instead of in 30 second
 Bonus                                  20c for the first 10 minutes of
Option 5                                     voice calls to mobiles in
                                          Australia 8pm-7am with no
                                               call connection fee.
 Bonus                                   Get 200 free text messages
Option 6                                     to any Telstra mobile in
                                          Australia 8pm – 7am each
                                           night and pay 15c per text
                                         message at other times or to
                                          other numbers in Australia

Unlimited free calls to your
  Best Vodafone Mate

  100 FREE Vodafone to
    Vodafone minutes

  100 FREE standardTXT

    50% off Vodafone’s
 standard international call

5% donation of your monthly
access fee to Conservation
   Volunteers Australia

5% donation of your monthly
  access fee to UNICEF

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