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					  AdWords Killer: The Renegade $643 A
 Day “No BS― Goodle Pay-Per-Click Form
       Has pay-per-click been frustrating? Still not making $600+ a day?

Lost PPC profile secrets, finally uncovered...

CRACKED: Lost Formula That Grabs Google AdWords By The Balls & Can Generate A 5X
Full Time Income Every Single Day

Uncover ultra-advanced tricks that they are STILL hiding from YOU.

Dear Soon-To-Be AdWords Profiteer,

Are you still not making a full-time living off of Google advertising?

Have you lost your shirt over and over again, only to find your ads just DON'T convert your

Or all the sudden, these "Google Slaps" and updates kill all your hard work INSTANTLY?

Either way, we all know ... it can be an extremely TOUGH game to crack, newbie or not.

My name is Will Halliburton. I've been tackling the affiliate marketing arena since 2003. I can
say with full confidence that the road has been at least 5 times as difficult as they make it

... and I believed them for a little while ...

"Affiliate marketing" huh? No inventory? No customer service? Little money down? Wow,
this must be easy.... ouch. Not quite so.

For every "next BIG affiliate marketing magic pill" that came along, I would buy it and realize
it never actually delivered. Why does it always seem to work for them but never for you and
I? ....

For 2 years, I constantly doubted whether people were really making money this way OR
just fooling with my head....

We all hear of these "one hit wonders" and gurus who make a killing just by sending traffic
and promoting products or leads over the internet.

... and it truly is the best, LEAST STRESSFUL work in my experience hands down.
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That is .... only if you MASTER what you're doing......

Let me tell you a bit about my background so you'll discover that I began just like everyone
else .......

In August 2003, I picked up a guide written to help affiliate marketers by sending traffic from
pay per click engines, especially Overture. I made some good money for about 7 months
straight, even on Google AdWords before it was the current "self-service" model.

It was awesome. I ended up dropping my job as a bank teller to pursue it full-time.

Then something inevitable happened....

Within a year, the field was no longer that virgin, "competition-less" place it used to be. My
ROI for the clicks I bought diminished to chump change.... costs per click upped for many
niches ... I could no longer afford to convert at my comfortable 1:100. My checks from
affiliate marketing stayed the same, but each day I looked at my ad costs, and it was a
devastating feeling. I really did not want my 9-to-5 day job again.

I thought that this was just the fate of the online advertising game. As a result, I decided to
try out search engine optimization instead, because of it's promises of "free organic traffic".
Turns out, I just couldn't keep up with the search engine game as it was ten times more

In 2005, I took a dedicated stab at Google AdWords again after hearing a few insane
success stories. I devoured virtually everything out there just to get that "magic pill", a
formula to profit to beat the fast-evolving paid search game.

Some guides had nice gems of truth back then, but a lot doesn't work anymore past 2006.
Some were absolutely crap. I even hit up a few "guru" seminars that promised the world ...
only to my disappointment. Sounds familiar to you, eh?

I implemented practically every technique they taught ... in hopes that something would
work, picking the brains of the authors and seminar speakers mercilessly....

By 2006, through sheer brute force and nearly $21,700 in the hole, I began making
consistent returns even amongst competition. At least 70% of my methods were all
principles that I had to formulate myself during this time. A month in, I knew I had this down.
I was averaging a success 2 out of 3 campaigns, each creating a new income stream almost
every day!

I looked back and see that much of what is being taught relies on "toss up" testing - which is
ENTIRELY WRONG! There is a real blueprint to PPC success that not even the big players
are currently implementing (nor will for the foreseeable future and I'll tell you why later).

Sadly, it's probably lost among a lot of hype. Everyone seems to revolve around trial-and-
error about what really works in PPC affiliate marketing.

What's even worse is that many people who reach success will fool, trick, and do whatever it
takes to cover up their real secrets. It's ridiculous how far they will go to protect this. I know
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that this is NOT a zero sum game and opportunity in PPC will be virtually limitless for years
to come.

Check my past affiliate earnings, with Clickbank for example, to see that I'm not kidding.
This is a real cash earning blueprint well through to 2008 and into 2009.


In most cases, you DON'T even need a website. You can earn automatic income purely off
Google from anywhere on the globe! Authority Reviews:

"AdWords Killer ... was one of the best moves we ever made"

While the AdWords Killer itself is for intermediate and more advanced marketers, it's ideal
for beginners too, as there is a separate "Fast Beginner Action Mini Guide" which explains
far better than Google themselves, how to use AdWords effectively right from the word go ...

... There is really nothing more you need to run successful AdWords campaigns ....

.... There is practically no way that you can fail to earn more money from internet marketing
through Google AdWords if you have a copy of the AdWords Killer Guide, and implement
just some of the strategies contained in it....

.... It is an invaluable resource for any serious internet marketer using Google AdWords as a
primary source of income. If you aren't already, then you should be.


Here's me with nothing held back, STEP-BY-STEP:

See the 2 CRUCIAL APPROACHES to PPC for generating massive cashcows. 99% of other
approaches, used by everyone else, are practically DOOMED for failure - don't risk it.
(Section 2)

The NEW "Google Cash" blueprint towards 2008. Catch this wave or sink faster than ever
because it's a far DEADLIER field now. (Page 60)

How to create "SUPER RELEVANT" ads that annihilate the playing field even when you're
competing with some of the most targeted ads out there. Watch that CTR soar even over the
DYNAMIC headline pros! (Page 33)

The STRANGE TRUTH to why some keywords convert and others don't, even when
merchants claim so. After this, you can make almost any related keyword convert
PROFITABLY. I can almost BET MY MONEY that no one has ever elaborated this to you ...
I was infuriated when I first discovered this myself.

Hear the 3 techniques to LITERALLY have merchants helping YOU in your sales. Save your
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time, money, and sweat because you can secretly leverage the very expert in any niche -
and you may be surprised at EXACTLY how far you can get away with!

Believe It Or Not: 90% of affiliates are CLUELESS how some merchants can ROB you
without you knowing, so put an end to this crap now. I'll show you my stealth "Merchant
Enforcer Strategy" so you are only driving traffic at the best and AVOIDING THE SCUM.
(Page 58)

Experience my GUARANTEED METHOD to INSURE against ever creating a losing
campaign. This is THE affiliate marketing goldmine that has yet to fail me. Expand this and
you're automatically financially free, but I honestly believe you'll like the other stuff even

Watch me hand-hold you through the use of INSIGHTFUL keyword tools (more than just
Overture and WordTracker) so you don't WASTE another second scrambling to start
campaigns that may flop due to no impressions or simply not having an audience. (Page 19)


BONUS: 100% Beginners "Fast Action" Guide that will get you going in no time. This WILL
save you months of wasted time, money, and confusion and it's getting HARDER than ever
to catch up. Suited exactly for total newbies to absorb this FAST & EASY.

Total Beginner's STEP-BY-STEP Video Demonstration Walk-Through: "How To Setup
Adwords & Promotion Selection"

Don't forget that I have affiliate income streams from promoting PayDotCom products and a
plethora of lead generation programs.
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