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					                Bedroom Makeover Checklist

Brainstorm and prioritize the items you need to buy for your bedroom. Make a list
using Microsoft Word. Save the list as Bedroom.

Visit shopping websites to start planning your room design. Keep in mind your
budget, and the size of your bedroom.
Bedroom Furniture and Accessory Shopping Online: - Target – Pottery Barn Teens - JC Penney - Total Bedroom - The Container Store – Your Kids
Direct Teen Shop

List store names, item names, size, and prices of furniture you select for your
room. (Bedroom Web Shopping Worksheet – Excel)
Deduct this cost from your budget. (Bedroom Makeover Budget)
Copy pictures of the items you choose.

Create a bedroom area map using the Arrange-a-Room tool
( ) Add your furniture, storage,
and accessories to your area map.

Total the cost of your purchases (Excel). If you have spent more than your
budget, delete items from your shopping list.

Create a PowerPoint with at least 4 slides describing your room design. Your
presentation should have:
     a title page,
     a copy of your Web Shopping Worksheet,
     pictures of some of the items you have chosen for your bedroom,
     a copy of your area map.

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