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					It is Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) filing season and the Process for Filing IRS Form 2290 and
receiving a stamped Schedule 1 can be a confusing process.

      The first thing to do in order to Receive a Stamped Schedule 1 for your Heavy Vehicle
       Use Tax is to fill out IRS Form 2290. The Schedule 1 is included in this particular IRS
       Form. This form can be completed either by hand or online.
      The next step in the traditional process is for the form to be taken to the nearest IRS
       Office including a proof of payment or proof of EFTPS Payment. It could also be mailed
       to the nearest IRS office via postal mail.
           o The Problem with the traditional paper filing process is that both options are very
               time consuming.
           o If the form is physically taken to the IRS, the nearest office could possibly be
               many miles away. There can also be a very long waiting period at the IRS office
               of up to several hours.
           o If the form is mailed to the IRS, it can take 4-6 weeks before it is completely
      The IRS will then review the Form 2290 and when it is verified, they will stamp it, and
       return a portion of the form to the taxpayer.

A Stamped Schedule 1 is required in order to register a vehicle with the DMV. So it can be a
very stressful process to wait until the last minute to register your vehicle because you are
waiting for the IRS to send you a stamped schedule 1.

Although these may be the traditional ways of getting a Stamped Schedule 1, an easier way has
come about in recent years. E-Filing has become very practical, as well as more efficient. A
leading provider of this online service is Instead of waiting in the
IRS office for hours, or up to 6 weeks for the IRS to stamp your schedule 1 via postal mail,
Express Truck Tax will get your Schedule 1 stamped in minutes. When you login to the site,
you can enter the information for the Form 2290, and Express Truck Tax will then create a
Schedule 1 based on that information. That form will be sent to the IRS electronically, and they
will then transmit the stamped Schedule 1 back to Express Truck Tax, who will then
automatically email the file to the taxpayer. This document can also be faxed as well as
emailed to the taxpayer as soon as the IRS processes the form. The final form will include a
watermark as well as an IRS E-File logo since the document will not be physically stamped.