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                                                                                   Sensible lawyer Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) was always the most balanced of the Sex and the City foursome.
                                                                                   The hard-driving, Harvard-educated lawyer put in long hours to make partner, bought a swank condo and still had time
                                                                                   for countless brunches with Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte. Miranda’s life was pretty much on track—that is, until she
                                                                                   had a baby and watched her organized, fabulous existence swiftly unravel, leaving her little time even to brush her teeth.
                                                                                       For real-life female lawyers, and millions of working moms in other high-pressure fields, balancing work and family
                                                                                   may be the toughest part of the job. Law firms are starting to recognize the hard choices their female attorneys face.
                                                                                   In this, our inaugural Working Mother & Flex-Time Lawyers Best Law Firms for Women list, we salute those firms with
                                                                                   groundbreaking programs to help women strike a better work/life balance and climb to the top. Our winning firms have
                                                                                   taken the lead in implementing penalty-free flex schedules and mentoring, networking and leadership programs.
                                                                                       Despite these advances, there’s still work to be done. Though almost half of law school grads over the past
                                                                                   15 years have been women, they make up only 16 percent of equity partners (those who share in a firm’s profits).
                                                                                   The good news is that our winning law firms prove that a dramatic shift in thinking, as well as in policies that
                                                                                   benefit women, is under way and gaining momentum. Miranda would be proud.
                                                                                                         EDITED BY SUZANNE RIS S, TERESA PALAG ANO AND ANGELA EBRON
                                                                                                        PHOTOGRAPH BY ERICA BERGER STYLING BY STEPHANIE RYGORSKY

                                                                                                                                     • august/september 2007 | WORKING MOTHER    67
                 BEST LAW FIRMS FOR WOMEN
                 ALSTON & BIRD                                CHAPMAN AND CUTLER                              ECKERT SEAMANS CHERIN & MELLOTT
                 Atlanta, GA • Corporate, intellectual        Chicago, IL • Public finance, banking,          Pittsburgh, PA • Litigation, counseling and
                 property, litigation and tax counsel         leasing and securities                          regulatory services Partners Equity 90
                 Partners †Equity 160 Nonequity 152           Partners Equity 77 Nonequity 50                 Nonequity 60 Percentage of female
                 Percentage of female partners                Percentage of female partners                   partners Equity 12% Nonequity 22%
                 Equity 13% Nonequity 19%                     Equity 17% Nonequity 22%
                                                                                                              FARELLA BRAUN + MARTEL
                 ARMSTRONG TEASDALE                           COVINGTON & BURLING                             San Francisco, CA • Business transaction
                 St. Louis, MO • Business and litigation      Washington, DC • Corporate and                  services and commercial, civil and criminal
                 services Partners Equity 100                 regulatory counsel and litigation               litigation Equity partners 65 Percentage
                 Nonequity 17 Percentage of female            Equity partners 167 Percentage                  of female equity partners 22%
                 partners Equity 10% Nonequity 41%            of female equity partners 20%
                                                                                                              FOLEY & LARDNER
                 ARNOLD & PORTER                              CRAVATH, SWAINE & MOORE                         Milwaukee, WI • Intellectual property,
                 Washington, DC • Litigation, transaction     New York, NY • Corporate, litigation,           corporate advisory, business and litigation
                 and regulatory counsel Equity                tax, trust and estate services                  services Equity partners 502 Percentage
                 partners 240 Percentage of female            Equity partners 93 Percentage                   of female equity partners 16%
                 equity partners 19%                          of female equity partners 14%
                                                                                                              FOLGER LEVIN & KAHN *
                 BAKER & DANIELS                              DEBEVOISE & PLIMPTON                            San Francisco, CA • Litigation and
                 Indianapolis, IN • Business and litigation   New York, NY • Mergers and acquisitions,        transaction services Equity partners 37
                 services Partners Equity 106                 capital markets, finance and litigation         Percentage of female equity
                 Nonequity 45 Percentage of female            services Equity partners 143                    partners 46%
                 partners Equity 15% Nonequity 16%            Percentage of female equity
                                                              partners 14%                                    GIBBONS
                 BAKER & McKENZIE                                                                             Newark, NJ • Business transaction,
                 Chicago, IL • Corporate and regulatory       DICKSTEIN SHAPIRO                               litigation and counseling services
                 counsel and litigation                       Washington, DC • Litigation, advocacy           Partners Equity 39 Nonequity 53
                 Partners Equity 194 Nonequity 137            and counseling services                         Percentage of female partners
                 Percentage of female partners                Partners Equity 107 Nonequity 35                Equity 21% Nonequity 17%
                 Equity 15% Nonequity 28%                     Percentage of female partners
                                                              Equity 15% Nonequity 31%                        HELLER EHRMAN
                 BINGHAM McCUTCHEN                                                                            San Francisco, CA • Litigation, business
                 Boston, MA • Finance, corporate,             DLA PIPER U.S.                                  and intellectual property services
                 securities and litigation services           New York, NY • Corporate, litigation,           Equity partners 240 Percentage
                 Equity partners 353 Percentage               real estate, intellectual property and          of female equity partners 20%
                 of female equity partners 21%                government services Partners Equity 368
                                                              Nonequity 291 Percentage of female              HOGAN & HARTSON
                 BLACKWELL SANDERS                            partners Equity 13% Nonequity 23%               Washington, DC • Business and finance,
                 Kansas City, MO • Litigation and trans-                                                      litigation, government regulation and
                 action services Partners Equity 78           DORSEY & WHITNEY*                               intellectual property services
                 Nonequity 97 Percentage of female            Minneapolis, MN • Corporate transactions        Partners Equity 287 Nonequity 126
                 partners Equity 9% Nonequity 18%             and litigation Partners Equity 218              Percentage of female partners
                                                              Nonequity 29 Percentage of female               Equity 17% Nonequity 29%
                 BRYAN CAVE                                   partners Equity 16% Nonequity 17%
                 St. Louis, MO • Corporate, transaction                                                       HOLLAND & KNIGHT **

                 and regulatory counsel and litigation        DUANE MORRIS                                    New York, NY • Litigation, business,
                 Partners Equity 177 Nonequity 134            Philadelphia, PA • Corporate transactions,      government and real estate counsel
                 Percentage of female partners                intellectual property services and litigation   Partners Equity 334 Nonequity 322
                 Equity 12% Nonequity 27%                     Partners Equity 157 Nonequity 186               Percentage of female partners
                                                              Percentage of female partners                   Equity 10% Nonequity 24%
                                                              Equity 11% Nonequity 30%

                                                                                                                *Managing partner is female
                                                                                                               **Chairperson is female
                                                                                                                †Equity partners share in profits;
                                                                                                                 nonequity partners do not.

                                                                          • august/september 2007 || WORKING MOTHER
                                                                                                           august/september 2007 WORKING MOTHER             69
HOWREY                                          McGUIREWOODS                                    REED SMITH
Washington, DC • Antitrust, intellectual        Richmond, VA • Commercial litigation and        Pittsburgh, PA • Transaction, litigation
property, business litigation and               corporate services                              and regulatory services
counseling services Partners Equity 122         Partners Equity 188 Nonequity 161               Partners Equity 196 Nonequity 241
Nonequity 102 Percentage of female              Percentage of female partners                   Percentage of female partners
partners Equity 12% Nonequity 33%               Equity 12% Nonequity 22%                        Equity 16% Nonequity 22%
HUNTON & WILLIAMS                               MILLER & CHEVALIER **                           SIDLEY AUSTIN
Richmond, VA • Transaction, litigation          Washington, DC • Tax, employee benefits,        Chicago, IL • Transaction, litigation and
and regulatory services                         government affairs and litigation services      regulatory services Equity partners 566
Equity partners 335 Percentage                  Partners Equity 51 Nonequity 6                  Percentage of female equity
of female equity partners 16%                   Percentage of female partners                   partners 19%
                                                Equity 22% Nonequity 0%
ICE MILLER                                                                                      SKADDEN, ARPS, SLATE,
Indianapolis, IN • Business, employee           MINTZ LEVIN COHN FERRIS                         MEAGHER & FLOM
benefits, labor law, litigation, public         GLOVSKY AND POPEO                               New York, NY • Mergers and acquisitions
finance and real estate services                Boston, MA • Corporate, health                  and securities services and litigation
Equity partners 115 Percentage                  sciences, intellectual property and             Equity partners 369 Percentage
of female equity partners 28%                   litigation services Partners Equity 71          of female equity partners 18%
                                                Nonequity 135 Percentage of female
KATTEN MUCHIN ROSENMAN                          partners Equity 11% Nonequity 21%               SONNENSCHEIN NATH & ROSENTHAL
Chicago, IL • Corporate, litigation, real es-                                                   Chicago, IL • Litigation, corporate,
tate and financial services                     MORRISON & FOERSTER *                           real estate and intellectual property
Partners Equity 150 Nonequity 159               San Francisco, CA • Litigation,                 services Partners Equity 168
Percentage of female partners                   finance and technology services                 Nonequity 198 Percentage of female
Equity 14% Nonequity 35%                        Equity partners 318 Percentage                  partners Equity 15% Nonequity 29%
                                                of female equity partners 19%
KING & SPALDING                                                                                 WHITE & CASE
Atlanta, GA • Corporate, financial, regula-     ORRICK, HERRINGTON & SUTCLIFFE                  New York, NY • Cross-border transactions,
tory and intellectual property services         New York, NY • Transaction, finance and         international arbitration and litigation
and litigation Partners Equity 150              litigation services Equity partners 241         Partners Equity 160 Nonequity 35
Nonequity 103 Percentage of female              Percentage of female equity                     Percentage of female partners
partners Equity 11% Nonequity 28%               partners 17%                                    Equity 10% Nonequity 20%
KIRKLAND & ELLIS                                PATTON BOGGS                                    WILMERHALE
Chicago, IL • Litigation, corporate,            Washington, DC • Lobbying, transaction          Washington, DC • Business and
intellectual property, restructuring and        and litigation services Partners Equity 115     regulatory counsel and litigation
tax services Partners Equity 212                Nonequity 87 Percentage of female               Equity partners 321 Percentage

                                                                                                                                                 STEWART SHINING/ART AND COMMERCE
Nonequity 333 Percentage of female              partners Equity 14% Nonequity 24%               of female equity partners 19%
partners Equity 8% Nonequity 27%
                                                PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON                   WOMBLE CARLYLE SANDRIDGE & RICE
KIRKPATRICK & LOCKHART                          & GARRISON                                      Winston-Salem, NC • Litigation, banking,
PRESTON GATES ELLIS                             New York, NY • Corporate, litigation,           real estate and intellectual property services
Pittsburgh, PA • Corporate, financial,          bankruptcy, real estate and tax services        Partners Equity 166 Nonequity 83
intellectual property, litigation and           Equity partners 104 Percentage                  Percentage of female partners
regulatory services Partners Equity 290         of female equity partners 16%                   Equity 14% Nonequity 22%
Nonequity 252 Percentage of female                                                                         —Compiled by Susan Gerstenzang
partners Equity 13% Nonequity 25%               PILLSBURY WINTHROP
                                                SHAW PITTMAN
KRAMER LEVIN NAFTALIS & FRANKEL                 New York, NY • Energy, real estate,
New York, NY • Litigation, corporate,           intellectual property, technology, litigation
real estate, land use, intellectual             and financial services Partners Equity 173
property and bankruptcy services                Nonequity 172 Percentage of female
Equity partners 97 Percentage                   partners Equity 14% Nonequity 28%
of female equity partners 10%
Los Angeles, CA • Advertising, health-care
and entertainment-industry litigation
Partners Equity 49 Nonequity 105
Percentage of female partners
Equity 18% Nonequity 24%
Chicago, IL • Litigation, corporate,
finance, real estate, tax and ERISA services
Equity partners 447 Percentage
of female equity partners 17%
Chicago, IL • Corporate, intellectual

property, litigation, regulation, tax and
benefits services Partners Equity 265
Nonequity 261 Percentage of female
partners Equity 13% Nonequity 31%