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									                  World Friendship Carnival 2011
                        Saturday ??, 2011
      10 am Set up
      10:45 am Troops gather for group photos
      11 am SHARP!! Opening Ceremony Begins
      11:15 am Carnival begins
      1:00 pm Carnival ends
      1:00 pm Clean up your area, help return tables
      2:00 pm All done

What to do before the carnival:
  1. Pick a country, Try earning a badge while learning about different countries
  2. Learn about your chosen country
  3. Choose a food to serve, try offering small samples of something “authentic” and
      then an “American” lunch food or beverage
  4. Choose a game or craft that fits your theme for girls to do when they visit your
  5. Make a display that shows what your girls learned about their country
  6. Create a Trivia Question and Include the trivia question AND answer on your
      display board
  7. Create a way to mark the map when girl visits your table, stamper/stickers/marker
  8. Make 200 swaps to share with visitors
  9. Dress a doll in GS uniform or native costume of your country
  10. Make a flag for the parade
  11. Design a costume for girls/leaders to wear

What to submit to LucyKulbago, lucy@kulbago.com
  1. Country Reservation Form
  2. Blank Map with location preferences
  3. Game/craft and food choices
  4. Number of custom patches and maps you want

Rules and Guidelines
   1. Only one troop per country
   2. Two troops may sell the same “American” lunch food, would like a variety of
       options between “authentic” and “American” food choices
   3. Only one troop, first to call Hudson Food Service, can use Slushy Machine,
       request a table next to the kitchen
   4. Multiple troops may sell beverages
   5. Only one game type per event, games should not involve live animals/fish/insects
   6. Game fee should be around 50 cents, twice the cost of your prizes
   7. Food prices should be about twice the cost
   8. Try to make smaller samples of authentic foods to encourage girls to try new
   9. Money collected will be split between World Friendship Fund, which furthers
       Global Girl Scout Mission (Scholarships, International travel, Less fortunate girls)
       and GSNEO Family Partnership which funds programs in our council
   10. Cost of patches will come out of money collected, and distributed that day
   11. Minimum Troop Contribution is $35 to cover the cost of the patches and room
   12. After you add up all the money your troop collects, deduct your expenses and
       send the remaining donation to Lucy Kulbago, check payable to GSNEO HSU
   13. Set up starts at 10 am
   14. Clean up starts at 1pm – each troop responsible for their station, wipe down table,
       sweep floor around your area, remove all decorations and display items
   15. Assign an adult to stay from 1pm – 2pm to help put the room back to its regular
       set up (moving tables back, sweeping and mopping the floor)

What Girls bring that day:
  1. Quarters, money pouch/purse
  2. Bag to carry prizes
  3. Wear costume
  4. Camera

What Troops Bring that day:
  1. Food
  2. Table cloth, serving utensils, paper products
  3. Prizes
  4. Flag for parade
  5. Game/Craft
  6. Display Board
  7. Dressed up doll
  8. Stamper/stickers for map
  9. Swaps
  10. Money box, singles and quarters for change
  11. Arrange for parents and girls to rotate through shifts so everyone has a turn
      working and visiting the other tables

UN Ambassadors will supply:
  1. Map and patches
  2. If a girl gets all the passport stamps, they will receive the exclusive UN Swap
     from a UN Ambassador
  3. Country Signs for parade
  4. Set up tables
  5. Judge Doll Contest and award prizes
  6. Sweep main area after event
  7. Visit your troop to help with preparations if requested
Parade Route
   1. Troops will gather in front of their table
   2. One or more girl(s) carries troop flag
   3. One girl carries the country sign
   4. Parents and spectators gather along the parade route by 11 am
   5. Troops join the parade in alphabetical order
   6. After the parade, troops return to their table to begin the carnival

          When in doubt – Go Simple, and Have Fun.

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