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Great Web Sites For Seniors


									Updated 2 September 2009 by Karen Boyers

          Great Web Sites For Juniors &
    Rely on the college of your choices’ web page for information on school-specific awards .
 There are literally thousands of sites geared for the high schooler who is searching for
 schools, majors, financial aid and anything that has to do with higher education. These
    are just a few that I think might help. If you find others that you would like me to
           include,please email the link to Mrs. Boyers at

Sites for Application
Information:                                        (Entrance Test Continued)
http:// www.appl                         http://
The is the Texas Co mmon Application website.       online test preparation courses are totally free!
You can apply to any/all Texas public schools       By creat ing an account you can access a
simu ltaneously. This is the preferred method of    customized course that includes tutorials, and
application for all Texas public schools.           practice session that adapt to each student’s
                                                    ability level.
                                                    Sites for College Searches:
The is the national application website for
numerous competitive co lleges and universities.    CAMPUS TOURS
Many colleges use this application rather than      http://
their own. It also has addresses and other          Your one-stop shop for campus virtual tours,
informat ion including supplements required by      maps, videos, movies, and pictures of your
some schools.                                       selected schools.

Individual Colleges and Universities                COLLEGE AND UNIVERS ITY
Put in the name of the college then edu.            DIRECTORY
                                                    http:// worl d/uni v/
                                                    Reach co mmunity college and university web
Sites for College Entrance                          sites by searching alphabetically by name or
Tests:                                              state.

Both sites listed below have practice tests and     COLLEGE CHOICE CAMPUS TOURS
college search programs.
ACT                                        gives you a candid                                  look of college tours fro m a ho me v ideo format.
Register online for the A CT test, one of the two   This is a cheap way to visit a far-away school
nationally recognized college entrance tests. The   and see around an hour’s worth of video footage.
ACT is a knowledge-based test. It has four parts
with an optional writing section.                   COLLEGE EXPRESS
SAT                                                 This site provides free informat ion about many                         colleges, including ad mission tips.
Register online for the SAT reasoning test, one
of the tow nationally recognized college entrance   COLLEGE OPTIONS
tests. The SAT is a reasoning test with three       http://
parts, critical read ing, math reasoning, and       Free matching/search service helping you find
writing.                                            the right college fit.

Updated 2 September 2009 by Karen Boyers

(COLLEGE SEARCHES                                    Sites about College
                                                     Access and Careers:
                                                     ADVENTURES IN ED UCATION
Videos, maps, overviews of colleges. “The            http://
Ult imate College Search”.                           Excellent site to discover your career
                                                     “fit” and schools that offer that training.
COLLEGE VIEW                                         Also has free e-newsletter service to
http://            keep you up-to-date on college planning.
Do a search for a co llege based on the specific
criteria, such as major, location, and student
body profile. This site also has virtual tours for
some colleges as well as tips on doing college
                                                     gives you information about preparing, applying,
and scholarship essays.
                                                     and paying for college. There is also help with
                                                     getting through college, career p lanning, military
                                                     dependents, FAFSA, Texas Grant, Residency,
http://                               adult education, and even forms and
Matchmaker college info rmation. Easy to follow      applications.
lin ks subdivided by career/technical/two-
year/four-year schools as well as international      CAREER VOYAGES
                                                     Highlights the hot job markets by state and
PETERSON’S COLLEGE GUIDE                             industry and has projections for future
http://                      emp loyment trends.
This is the web site for Peterson’s College
Gu ide. There is a wealth of informat ion on         CSO COLLEGE CENTER
many colleges, practice tests, financial aid and
web site links for schools.                          is an online clearinghouse of of
                                                     college programs and admissions
TEXAS PRIVATE SCHOOLS                                informat ion serving first-
http://www.texas                          generation, low-inco me, and
All private schools in Texas are listed              minority student populations.
Charts make co mparing private schools               Learn about these outreach,
easier. Easy links to private schools are            recruit ment, and retention
offered.                                             programs and more to find schools
                                                     promoting a college-bound culture.
                                                     College Is Possible
all co mmunity colleges and tech
schools in Texas can be easily                       http://
compared at this site. Fo r a broader                University-based campaign to inform parents and
look at co mmunity/tech schools outside the          students about accessing college. Has areas about
state go to the home page.                           preparing for co llege, choosing the right college
                                                     and paying for college.

Sites for Athletes:                                  PRINCETON REVIEW
NCAA                                                 Take an interest test on line and match to
http://                            careers/majo rs; also has good search databases
A website for college-bound athletes. Good           and on line applicat ion capabilit ies
informat ion on the college selection process for
potential college athletes.

Updated 2 September 2009 by Karen Boyers

(Access and Careers Continued)                       WIRED SCHOLAR
                                                     Wiredscholar offers guidance on the loan process
MY FUT URE / MILITARY CAREERS                        and the types of loans available, responsible
http://                             borrowing, and ability to apply online. Also
Provides an overview of military educational and     features scholarship and college matches to your
career benefits with links to each branch of         requirements.
service service.

                                                     Sites for Scholarships:
                                                     COLLEGE NET oco                            http://
                                                     This site provides scholarship searches,
Occupational Outlook Handbook online. This
                                                     electronic applications, college search and lin ks
huge resource outlines all careers/jobs in the US,
                                                     to financial aid information. “ Virtual Plu mbers”
their respective salaries, and job potentials for    of higher education.
the future. You can research the future of your
intended career or find the “hot” careers for the
                                                     FAST WEB
coming decades.                                      http://
                                                     This site has an application that provides you
                                                     with a list of scholarships that you may be
http://          elig ible for based on your input. College
ndex.html                                            searches are also easy here.
Information on various college majors, what
careers are related to those majors, typical
courses a student would complete in that majo r,     MINNIE S TEVENS PIPER FOUNDATION
and what type of person would be successful in
                                                     http:// www.wi
that career.                                         This is the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation’s
                                                     Compendium of Texas Colleges and
                                                     Scholarships. Located in San Antonio, this
Sites on Financial Aid:                              foundation offers college and career searches
                                                     along with scholarship databases.

http:// www.fafsa.ed.g ov                            QUES TB RIDGE
This is the Free Applicat ion for Federal Student
Aid (FAFSA) website. Start here for all              The QuestBridge Nat ional College Match helps
financial ai d! Applying on line gives you faster    outstanding low-income high school students
results! File as soon as you have your income        regardless of family income. Th is match pairs
taxes ready in January or February.                  these students with ad mission and full 4-year
                                                     scholarships to 25 partner colleges.
AID/SCHOLARS HIPS)                                   SCHOOL SOUP
http:// www.finai                              Providing students with the most scholarships
Information about student loans, federal             and other financial aid options on the internet—
programs and scholarship services. There is a        over $32 b illion in scholarship awards.
web page specifically dedicated to revealing
scholarship frauds.                                  ZINCH
TEXAS COLLEGE MONEY                                  Help students hook up with scholarships and
http://www.texascollege                    colleges. He lp with other resources as well.
Anyone planning to attend any of the UT
System schools should review this site for
Financial aid.

Updated 2 September 2009 by Karen Boyers


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