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Choosing the right fitness clothing and equipment is important to stay comfortable and
avoid embarrassing fashion disasters at the gym. Below are a few guidelines for choosing the best
fitness clothes:

          Comfort: Shorts, tee shirts, tights...wear whatever feels good to you. Test your clothes before
   you go to the gym to make sure your clothes don't ride up, slide down or show more than you want.
   You may also start out feeling chilly in an air-conditioned exercise room, then get hot and sweaty as
   you exercise, then get chilled again when you cool down. When you leave the A/C and walk to the
   car, you’ll either be freezing or too hot, and if you just had a shower as well, your hair may be wet.
   For all these reasons, layering is the answer to your workout wardrobe needs. You can probably stay
   comfortable with a pair of lightweight workout pants or shorts, a T-shirt, thick, absorbent socks and a
   sweatshirt to prevent chills.
   Cotton is an excellent fabric for exercise clothes because it is absorbent, comes in a huge variety of
   thicknesses and is easy to care for.
          Protection . Wear light-colored clothes, plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses if you're
   exercising outdoors during hot weather. Clothes made of special wicking material keeps you cool and
   dry in the summer and warm in the don't need fancy fabrics, but it does make workouts
   more comfortable.
          Invest in quality, sports specific shoes. For weight training and low impact activities
   consider cross-training, running or walking shoes. If you're going to be running, you'll want a running
   shoe so your feet will have plenty of support. Similarly, if you're participating in a sport such as
   basketball, football, etc. you'll want a sport-specific shoe so you don't hurt yourself. Ideally, your
   footwear should provide you with ample arch support as well as proper medial (inside aspect of the
   foot) and lateral (outside) support. If you've ever had any foot pain, then be specific with the
   salesperson about what you'll be doing in these sneakers. If you know that you're flat-footed (have no
   arch), pronate (walk on the inner portion of your foot) or supinate (walk on the outer portion), inform
   the salesperson; if he knows what he's doing he should recommend shoes designed for those
   specific conditions. If you don't understand pronation, buy whatever feels best and, over time,
   monitor where the majority of the wear and tear on your footwear occurs. (If you're a runner this will
   quickly become obvious.) Generally speaking, when you're weight lifting, a cross-training shoe would
   be your best bet for appropriate support. You should wear shoes with good shock absorption while
   exercising. The midsole, insole and cushioning inside the shoe all absorb impact, so be sure these
   parts of the shoe are well-made. Good shock absorption in your shoes prevents you from putting too
   much sudden pressure on the bones, muscles, joints and tendons of your lower body
          Be picky about your workout socks. If they're too thick or thin you could get blisters which
   can ruin a good workout.
          Choose clothes to fit your activity. If you're running or walking, a simple pair of shorts and
   tee shirt might be fine. If you're doing yoga or Pilates, you might choose more fitted clothing so you
   can move freely but stay covered. You can also find clothes for every size, including plus size
   exercisers. Also some people find wearing a tank top too revealing, keep in mind that it's always a
   good idea to concentrate on the muscle groups you're working, so if you're concentrating on your
   upper body, a tank top may be just the thing. Not only is it easier to focus on the task at hand if you
   can see the muscle actually lengthening and contracting, it can be a good motivational tool to see
   your muscles grow before your eyes.

There's no right and wrong when it comes to exercise clothes. It's whatever makes you feel good and
keeps your comfortable.

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