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Library PowerPoint - Dartmouth College


									                   Dartmouth College Library

   Baker-Berry Library                  Paddock Music Library
       Current Periodicals Reading
       News Center
                                         Rauner Special Collections Library
       Jones Media Center
       Evans Map Room                   Sherman Art Library

   Biomedical Libraries                 Storage Library
       Dana Biomedical Library
       Matthews-Fuller Health           Library Services
        Sciences Library                     Acquisitions Services
                                             Cataloging and Metadata Services
   Feldberg Business and                    Digital Library Technologies Group
    Engineering Library                      Education and Outreach
                                             Library Communications and Web
   Kresge Physical Sciences                  Management
    Library                                  Preservation Services
                                             Shipping and Receiving
Dartmouth College Library Online

                        Click on Search/Browse to identify
                         materials in the collection.

                        Find Over…

                           2.5 million books
                           20,000 current paper journals
                           35,000 electronic journals
                           350 electronic databases
                           150,000 electronic books
                           2.5 million microforms
                           75,000 audiovisual titles
                           180,000 maps
                    Coming Soon….

 Sign up to test our new design, we’ll pay you for your time.

Email: to register.
                      Borrow Materials

   Check out books, movies, journals, and more – FREE!

   Just bring your Dartmouth ID to any library.

   Dartmouth doesn’t have the materials you want?
     Get them through DartDoc (Interlibrary Loan) or Borrow Direct

   Retired employees also get free library privileges.

   Spouses or domestic partners can get a library card, too!
                         Reference Help

   Need help finding the
    right resources?

   Need a dictionary,
    encyclopedia, telephone
    book, or thesaurus?

   Need help getting started
    on a research project?

   Visit one of the libraries’
    reference desks or go to:
    Dartmouth College Library  Library Services  Get Reference Help
                        Computer Access

   You are welcome to use the public Macs
    and PCs you will find throughout the

   If you’d like to bring your own laptop,
    there are data ports and wireless
    network access throughout the libraries.
               Map of the Libraries

Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library is located at D.H.M.C.
Baker-Berry Library

      Baker-Berry Library houses the collections for the
       Humanities and the Social Sciences, including the
       Cook Mathematics Collection.

      Baker-Berry provides open stacks, allowing
       library patrons to browse through the collections.

      Included in Baker-Berry are public computer work
       stations, classrooms, 24-hour study spaces,
       group and individual study areas, and more.

      Baker-Berry has public computer workstations,
       classrooms, 24-hour study spaces, group and
       individual study areas, a café, and more…
                    Current Periodicals Room

   The Current Periodicals Room holds
    Baker-Berry's collection of current

   This is a popular, quiet reading space.

   The Current Periodicals Room has a
    ClearView video magnifier to enlarge
    print materials for patrons with visual
News Center

        The News Center is a multimedia
         service point for news.

        Two plasma screen TVs run
         different news channels all day,
         every day. Headphones are
         available at the News Center

        100 newspapers and news
         journals from the local area and
         around the world are available for
         you to read.

        An adaptive technology station is
         available for patrons with special
                    Find Local News Online

Read the News at
   your Desk –
Headlines are Hot
  off the Press!

                                               Full Format
                                             Newspapers are
                                             Just One Click
                       Jones Media Center

   The Jones Media Center is a
    multimedia viewing and
    development facility. JMC also
    operates the campus cable TV

   Check out VHS and DVD movies
    for FREE. Choose from a
    collection of 10,000 titles.

   Use microfilm and microfiche
    collections of journals,
    newspapers, government
    documents, and much more.
                         Evans Map Room

   The Evans Map Room has a vast
    collection of maps, including:

       Steet Maps
       Atlases
       Books / Journals
       CD-ROMs
       Computer Software
       Globes
       Aerial Photos

   Maps for hiking and biking, maps
    of any place you want to go – or
    just dream about.
Novack Café

     Take a break at the Novack Café. They
      have sandwiches, soups, bagels,
      cookies, juice, coffee, sodas, and more.

     A great spot to meet for coffee or just
      read a newspaper.

     The Café is also a popular 24-hour
      study space, complete with public
                               Tower Room

   Enjoy the view of the Dartmouth
    Green from the Tower Room, on
    the second floor of Baker.

   This beautiful, wood-paneled room
    with leather armchairs and walls
    full of books is a favorite spot for
    quiet reading.
                           Orozco Murals

                                         Along the walls of the Baker
                                          Reserve Corridor are the famous
                                          Orozco Murals.

                                         Painted by Mexican muralist and
                                          painter José Clemente Orozco in
                                          1932-34 while he was an artist in
                                          residence, they depict the turbulent
                                          history of North America.

                                         The murals are considered by many
                                          to be one of the finest forms of
                                          expressionist art in North America.

Stop by the Reserves Corridor in Baker-Berry and listen to the NEW audio tour!
                        Biomedical Libraries

   Dana Biomedical Library is located
    in Gilman and houses the collection
    for medicine and the biological

                                         The Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences
                                          Library is located at the Dartmouth-
                                          Hitchcock Medical Center. The
                                          collection contains recent clinical
                                          materials, the nursing collection, and
                                          the Consumer Health collection.
          Feldberg Business and Engineering Library

   Feldberg Library is in the Murdough

   The collection serves the Tuck School of
    Business and the Thayer School of

   The collection includes periodicals and
    books, but is primarily available online as

   Many periodicals, along with U.S.
    Government technical reports, and
    Securities and Exchange Commission
    company filings, are available in
              Kresge Physical Sciences Library

   Kresge Library is on the third floor of
    Fairchild Hall, within the Fairchild
    Physical Sciences Center.

                                      Kresge staff provide services and collections to
                                       support research and teaching in astronomy,
                                       chemistry, computer science, earth and
                                       environmental sciences, mathematics, physical
                                       geography, and physics.
                                      All employees are welcome to use the print
                                       and digital materials. Kresge has an
                                       extensive reference collection for the non-
                                       specialist on topics such as chemicals in the
                                       environment, climate and weather, rocks and
                                       minerals, and astronomical events.
                     Paddock Music Library

   Paddock Music Library is located
    in the lower level of the Hopkins

   The collection includes:
     Monographs
     Scores
     Sound and Video recordings
     Reference Materials and
     CD-ROMs

    And…places to listen and view the wide range of music resources.
      Rauner Special Collections Library

                             Rauner is located in Webster Hall. The
                              library houses the College's manuscripts,
                              rare books, and the College Archives.

                             The collection also includes:
                               Playbills, photographs, musical scores
                                 from the late 18th century
                               Historical College records from 1769 to
                                 the present
                               Diaries, journals, photographs,
                                 genealogical files and more
                               Dartmouth Yearbooks

Don’t miss Audubon’s “Birds of America”, on display in Rauner!
                       Sherman Art Library

   Sherman Art Library is in Carpenter Hall.

   The collection contains materials on
    architecture, art history, and studio art
     Books and periodicals

     Exhibition catalogs from art museums
        and galleries around the world
     Auction catalogs

     Special collections of artists' books,
        facsimiles, catalogues raisonnés, and
        other rare items.
                            Storage Library

   The Dartmouth College Library acquires material in many formats and
    retains the vast majority of items added to the collection. When space
    became a critical problem for the Library in the early 1980s, an off-site
    storage facility was constructed.

       To request items from Storage, use the "Request Selected Item" feature
        in the library catalog.

       The books or articles you request will be delivered to an on-campus
        library within 1-2 working days.

       Photocopies of articles may be delivered on paper or to your email (a
        PDF file).
Acquisitions Services

            Acquisitions Services staff orders and
             processes every book, journal, video,
             musical score, and all other materials
             that are acquired by the libraries.
             Cataloging and Metadata Services

   Cataloging and Metadata
    Services creates and
    maintains the Dartmouth
    College Library Catalog, and
    other discovery tools that
    describe Library collections.

   Because of their work,
    scholars on campus and all
    around the world can discover
    Dartmouth's collections!
                Digital Library Technologies

   Digital Library Technologies Group develops underlying
    infrastructure, technologies, and architecture to support the
    Dartmouth College Digital Library. DLTG supports public access to
    library systems such as the Library Catalog and E-Resources.

   Together they have created:
       Library class registration programs
       Feedback forms
       Automatic A-to-Z index
       Library news system
        Library Communications & Web Management

   Library Communications and Web Management provides leadership
    for the creation, development and maintenance of an effective web
    presence for the Library.

   Works closely with the Technologies Group to define, manage and
    specify services & tools for the library website and staff who
    maintain web pages.
                     Shipping and Receiving

   Shipping and Receiving supports all
    Dartmouth Libraries and Computing

   Shipping and Receiving handles all
    campus and US Postal mail deliveries,
    shipments of DartDoc (Interlibrary Loan)
    and Borrow Direct books, and the
    transfer of materials between libraries
    around campus.
Preservation Services

             Preservation Services is
              responsible for the maintenance of
              all parts of the Dartmouth Library

             They repair books, bind journals,
              save damaged materials, preserve
              rare items, and handle all
              collection disasters (books in
              danger of floods from broken
              pipes, moldy books, and more).
                                                       Visit our website to see
                                                         Videos clips of the
     Acts of                                          Random Act performances!

 Through the Random Acts of Art program, the
 Library invites student musicians, singers, and
 artists to perform during lunch time.

                                         These 15-20 minute performances allow
                                         students to reach a broader audience,
                                         perform in a different setting, and promote
                                         upcoming concerts and events. In return, the
                                         performances provide a study break for
                                         people working in the Library.
          Tuesday Nights at Jones

Learn how to….

   Create I Movies

   Edit images in Adobe Photoshop

   Design PowerPoint Presentations

   Teach with Blackboard (Blogs & Wikis)

         Sign-up for a workshop today!
              BOOK ARTS WORKSHOP

Workshops are open to students and any member of the Dartmouth Community.

 Studios are located in Baker Library and are…             FREE!

                               Projects span from making
                               hand decorated papers to
                               Innovative book structures!

Use the Letterpress workshop
to print holiday cards,
or your favorite poem!

  Professional instructors are there to help you…

Setup and operate the presses, learn new skills, and
        assist you with personal projects
              BOOK ARTS WORKSHOP

                             Create your own Valentines!

Holiday Cards, invitations
and more!

       Learn more about future workshops
by visiting the Book Arts Workshop Blitz Bulletin!

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