Compliance Training Provider Announces Online and In-Person Seminars for Regulated Companies

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					Compliance Training Provider Announces Online and In-Person
Seminars for Regulated Companies

Compliance Online, the largest GRC advisory network, has announced compliance programs that
cater to different industries including health, finance, banking, among others.

Compliance training is important for an employees in regulated industries to navigate through
the strict regulations enforced by various governmental authorities. Compliance departments in
companies take care of the various facets regarding compliance issues and make sure their
employees abide by the law during business transactions and other procedures. Needless to say,
they play a vital role in the overall management of the company. For example, employees of
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies must be well aware of the latest
FDA regulations and guidelines.

A ComplianceOnline spokesperson said, “We are one of the leading compliance training
providers. We train employees in various industry verticals such as banking and financial
service, clinics, consultancy firms, and so on. Regulatory agencies are constantly updating their
rules and requirement and we ensure that we are constantly aware of these changes so that we
can impart the correct training to our customers. We help clients learn the best practices
through our training programs. Our training sessions cover topics as diverse as food safety
compliance and Excel spreadsheet validation.”

He also added, “For employees short on time, an online training is sure to be more effective to
learn all the rules and guidelines from the office itself. Compliance training must be taken by
employees of all the departments in regulated companies as they help every employee to be
aware of all the rules.”

ComplianceOnline’s compliance programs are an affordable and more efficient alternative for
businesses as they need not reserve a room or hall and discounts are available for large groups
of participants. Companies who keep their employees regularly updated and trained can avoid
expensive and time consuming legal problems that may arise due to violations of government

About ComplianceOnline:

ComplianceOnline’s compliance training programs are some of the most comprehensive and
well structured available, based on topics such as FDA regulations, OSHA compliance, SOX, EPA
rules and so on. ComplianceOnline’s objective is to create quality compliance professionals who
can contribute to the quality enforcement and regulatory adherence of their employers.

For more information on ComplianceOnline’s Compliance Programs, please visit:
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Description: Compliance Online, the largest GRC advisory network, announces compliance training for various regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and banking.