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									   Child Support Obligations and                        Division of Child Support (DCS)
                                                                Local Branches
           Referrals to the
   Division of Child Support (DCS)                   Albany                    East Portland
                                                     118 Second Avenue SE
                                                     Suite B
                                                                               10142 SE Washington St.
                                                                               Portland, OR 97216             Child Support
   Oregon law (ORS 419C.590, 419C.595 and
                                                                                                          for Youth Committed
                                                     Albany, OR 97321          503-257-4300
   419C.597) allows the Oregon Youth Authority       541-967-2028
   (OYA) to be the recipient of any financial
   support available to a child placed in its
                                                     1300 NW Wall Street
                                                                               1515 SW Fifth Avenue               to the
                                                                                                         Oregon Youth Authority
                                                     Suite 100                 Suite 415
                                                     Bend, OR 97701            Portland, OR 97201
   The OYA has an agreement with the Division        541-388-6141              503-229-5825
   of Child Support to collect this support.         Corvallis
                                                     806 NW Buchanan Ave.
                                                                               612 SE Jackson #2
   The Division of Child Support State Recovery      Bldg. A                   Roseburg, OR 97470
   Central Unit establishes support orders for the   Corvallis, OR 97330       541-440-3357
   OYA.                                              541-757-4222

    Parents can, at their own expense, speak with    Eugene                    East Salem
                                                                                                                  Frequently Asked
    an attorney regarding child support              2885 Chad Drive           3200 Lancaster Drive NE

                                                     Eugene, OR 97408          Salem, OR 97305
    obligations.                                     541-686-7834              503-378-3636
   Money collected for child support is used to
   reimburse the State for a portion of the costs    Medford                   West Salem                        Questions

   associated with your child's out-of-home          39 North Central Avenue   1495 Edgewater NW
                                                     Medford, OR 97501         Suite 120                            &
                                                     541-776-6043              Salem, OR 97304
   The Division of Child Support cannot give legal
   advice to parents but can answer general          Milwaukie                 Springfield
   questions.                                        4252 International Way    101 30th Street
                                                     Suite B                   Springfield, OR 97478
   Parents may visit the Division of Child Support   Milwaukie, OR 97222       541-726-3525
   website at http://dcs.state.or.us for
   information about child support.                  Oregon City               Tigard
                                                     315 Beavercreek Road      10777 SW Cascade Blvd.
                                                     Oregon City, OR 97045     Tigard, OR 97281
                                                     503-657-2111              503-670-9775
        Whom Should I Contact?
                                                     Pendleton                 White City
Contact the Division of Child Support State          700 SE Emigrant           P.O. Box 2750
Recovery Central Unit for questions about            Suite 100                 White City, OR 97503
establishing new orders and wage withholding.        Pendleton, OR 97801       541-864-8700
Also, contact SRCU for questions about existing      541-276-6932

orders that were established when a child was in         New orders for youth committed to OYA            This brochure provides basic information
the custody of the OYA or Child Welfare.                          are established by:                    about the State's child support program and
                                                         State Recovery Central Unit (SRCU)              how it may affect you and your child if your
Contact your local Division of Child Support                 1495 Edgewater NW Suite 120                     child is placed in the custody of the
office for questions about existing orders and                     Salem, OR 97304                             Oregon Youth Authority (OYA).
wage withholding where a parent or guardian was              503-986-2400 or 503-373-7300
                                                                DCS accepts collect calls.
the payee when the order was established.                                                                              YA 9512 REV 08/04
                                                        DCS Website – http://dcs.state.or.us
                 Why does the Division of Child Support get involved in my case?                                      Q             How do I make support
                 The Department of Justice, Division of Child Support (DCS) is the agency designated by
                                                                                                                           A        payments?
   Q             Oregon law to establish paternity, enact obligations for support and medical coverage, and to
                                                                                                                                     Oregon law requires all child
        A        collect child support payments. Under Oregon law, both parents have the responsibility for
                                                                                                                                     support orders to be paid through
                                                                                                                     automatic wage withholding (payroll deduction).
                 providing support for their child(ren). The OYA must refer your family to DCS when your child
                                                                                                                     There are some exceptions, however, which are
                 is placed with the OYA.
                                                                                                                     explained in the "Notice and Finding of Financial
By Oregon law, if an order for child support already exists (e.g., divorce decree, paternity award, etc.), the OYA
will be the "payee" while your child is placed with OYA. This is called an "assignment of support rights". ORS
419C.597 also allows the state to collect past-due child support owed under the existing order. If you continue
to receive child support after your child is placed with the OYA, you need to contact DCS.
                                                                                                                                    What if my child is under
If no child support order exists, DCS will establish an order to collect child support from each parent, and the
OYA will be the payee.
                                                                                                                      Q             the age of 18, but was
                                                                                                                           A        convicted in adult court
                                                                                                                                    and placed in a youth
                Why do I need to pay                                          How does DCS establish a                              correctional facility?
  Q             child support when my                          Q              support order?                         Even if your child is sentenced in an adult court,
       A        child is in an OYA                                   A       Parents are served with a "Notice       the state will collect child support from you while
                placement?                                                   and Finding of Financial                your child is in an OYA facility. Sentencing in an
                 State and federal law require the                           Responsibility." The notice shows       adult court does not emancipate a youth, nor
State of Oregon to collect child support from you             the proposed amount of support to be paid on a         does it relieve the parents of their financial
when your child is placed in state custody. The               monthly basis, and the amount of past support          obligation to the youth.
money is used to reimburse the state for part of              owed based on the date of the child's placement
the cost of providing for your child's placement.             with OYA. Parents may request a hearing
                                                              through State Recovery Central Unit if they
                                                              do not agree with the proposed order.                                 When does my child
                                                                                                                      Q             support obligation stop?
                How will the dollar                                                                                        A         Under Oregon law, youth in the
  Q             amount of support be                                                                                                 custody of OYA may be eligible to
        A       established?                                                  What is the hearings
                                                                                                                                     receive support up to the age of
                                                                                                                     21, if they qualify as a "child attending school"
                  The amount of support you are                               process?                               (ORS 107.108, effective October 6, 2001). DCS
                  ordered to pay depends on your               Q               Support order hearings are called     will continue to collect the monthly child support
individual income. DCS has established guidelines                    A         "administrative" hearings. They       amount if the youth meets the criteria. All youth
to calculate child support amounts. DCS calculates                             are conducted by a hearings           committed to the Oregon Youth Authority are
the support order amount using information about                               officer via telephone. An             enrolled in some type of mandatory education
a parent‘s income and the child support guidelines.           Administrative Support Order has the same legal        program.
If you have questions, please contact the State               standing as a court order. Parents have 60
Recovery Central Unit.                                        calendar days to appeal a decision by a hearings
                                                              officer to the circuit court.

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