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New York Law Firm


									                                                   DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY

                                                   Global Law Firm Case Study

                                              Driving profitability through proactive
                                              Network Support
                                              Leveraging Dimension Data’s proactive support services has enabled
                                              this global law firm to keep its business-critical telephony network
                                              operating at peak performance.

Professional Services

Country                                       Downtime is costly for                  Business Challenge
United States                                 all enterprises – and                   Ensuring the availability of its

Challenge                                     when IT infrastructure                  telephony environment is a key
The client needed a partner that could        is not operating 100%                   business issue for this client as a
provide a proactive support service for       effectively, or telephone               significant portion of its monthly
its telephony environment.                                                            billable hours comes from time
                                              or email services are
Solution                                                                              spent on calls. The client needed a
                                              unavailable, profitability
Leveraging Dimension Data’s proactive                                                 partner that could provide a proactive
network monitoring and maintenance
                                              is negatively impacted.
                                                                                      support service for its telephony
service offerings has enabled the             This is particularly true               environment – as well as identify and
law firm to optimise its network               for legal firms, where time             remedy potential problems before
                                              is money, and downtime                  they affected business continuity.
                                              translates directly into lost
Results                                       billable hours.                         Relationship History
                                                                                      Our relationship with the law firm
▲   The client reaps the benefits             This case study explores                began in 2004 when we were
    of better network stability and
                                              how a global law firm                   engaged to design and deploy a
    reduced network downtime.
                                              succeeded in optimising                 converged voice and data platform
▲   Potential errors or faults
                                              its network performance                 at the client’s Washington offices.
    are identified and remedied
    them     before     they        reach
                                              by leveraging Dimension                 Impressed with our performance on

    critical mass.
                                              Data’s proactive network                this front, the client subsequently

▲   Dimension       Data      provides        monitoring and maintenance              engaged the Dimension Data team

                                              service offerings.                      to deploy a converged network at its
    a   second      ‘set      of     eyes’
                                                                                      New York offices.
    and a second opinion, to
                                              Client Overview
    complement          the        client’s
                                              Founded in New York in 1901, the        Over the years, Dimension Data has
    internal team.
                                              law firm has lawyers in the United      established itself as the law firm’s
▲   The client has been able to
                                              States, Latin America, Europe, the      trusted advisor, working closely
    capture approximately 20%
                                              Middle East, Africa and Asia. Its       with its internal resources to ensure
    more billable hours since the
                                              clients are public and privately held   minimum downtime and avoid
    solution was implemented.
                                              commercial businesses and financial     problems before they happen. Today,
                                              institutions, as well as governments    our services include the provision
                                              and state-owned entities, involved in   of network support for the client’s
                                              sophisticated corporate and financial   Washington site as well as a proactive
                                              transactions and complex dispute        network monitoring and maintenance
                                              resolution proceedings.                 service for its New York offices.
    DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY                  Global Law Firm Case Study

Solution Provided
In 2004, the law firm decided to relocate its Washington         part of the Build Service function, we rolled out the new
arm to new office premises. In the interest of reducing          network, which included the procurement and deployment of
the cost of ownership of its IT infrastructure, Dimension        all associated infrastructure.
Data proposed that the client implement a converged voice
and data network in the new environment. We explained            Thereafter, we moved into the Support Service function,
that this option would reduce the cost of installation by        where through our Uptime powered by Cisco Services
eliminating the need for duplicate cabling infrastructure.       maintenance offering, we provide ongoing troubleshooting
Furthermore, it would reduce the time and effort associated      and problem resolution for all elements of the new network.
with managing two separate networks.                             Next, we moved again to the Plan service function, where
                                                                 we undertook an extensive assessment of the existing
The smooth rollout of this initial project led to Dimension      state of the client’s New York office’s IT infrastructure and
Data being awarded the contract to support the new               plotted out a development plan to migrate to a converged IP
network. In addition, the client elected to deploy Dimension     network. We then rolled out the new network as part of the
Data’s billing software solution, which we have successfully     Build service function.
positioned to a number of law firms around the globe. This
application allows law firms to better track the billable time   Once the New York network has been deployed, we began
associated with phone conversations with different clients,      to proactively monitor and maintain this environment as part
both incoming and outgoing.                                      of the Support service function.

With the end of lease for an existing telephony system           Value Derived
in its New York office fast approaching, the firm elected        Global Capabilities
to leverage Dimension Data’s expertise in network                With a presence in multiple locations across the United
technologies to architect and deploy an IP telephony system      States, it was important to the law firm that its IT
at this location as well as to provide a maintenance and         partner had a national footprint. At the time of our initial
monitoring service.                                              engagement, the law firm was using the services of an
                                                                 incumbent with capabilities in New York only. This led
The support contract that the client has opted into at its       to fears relating to scalability and an absence of staging
Washington and New York offices – Uptime powered by              facilities. As a global organisation with a strong presence in
Cisco Services – is an enhanced end-to-end service which         all of the law firm’s national locations, Dimension Data could
helps deliver optimum network performance 24 x 7 x 365. It       better serve the client.
does this by providing a single operating and delivery model
which allows the law firm to take advantage of the best of       A Reliable, Robust Network
both worlds: Dimension Data’s unique strengths in service        The key business benefit that the law firm has enjoyed
delivery management, restoration service level agreements        flowing from its engagement with Dimension Data relates
as well as priority access to Cisco’s technology expertise       to better network stability and reduced network downtime.
and assistance, if required.                                     “Ensuring the availabiliy of its telephony environment is
                                                                 specifically critical to this client. A significant portion of
How We Delivered                                                 its monthly billable hours come from time spent on calls
Dimension Data demonstrates its holistic approach to
service delivery with its Services Continuum, allowing
clients to engage at any point and in any order. At
each stage, Dimension Data uses proven methodologies                 The client benefits from Dimension
and integrated toolsets, which are governed by industry              Data’s unique strengths in service
best practice.                                                       delivery management, restoration
                                                                     service level agreements as well as
Our engagement with this client began with a consulting
                                                                     priority access to Cisco’s technology
exercise as part of the Plan Service function, where we
                                                                     expertise and assistance, if required.
developed a roadmap for a Cisco converged voice and data
network at new the client’s Washington premises. Next, as
    DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY                                 Global Law Firm Case Study

and, as a result, the telephone is even more important than                        As part of its Uptime powered by Cisco Services support
email.      Our ability to proactively monitor the New York                        offering, Dimension Data provides a dedicated Service
office’s telephony environment, identify potential errors or                       Delivery Manager who focuses solely on the law firm.
faults that could occur and remedy them before they reach                          This individual streamlines communication by being the
critical mass has proven invaluable.                                               company’s regular interface and proactively engages
                                                                                   with the client to ensure optimal service levels; the
Dimension Data provides real-time, proactive network                               Service Delivery Manager provides regular feedback and
monitoring, ensuring that every component and aspect of                            reports relating to network performance, trouble tickets,
the telephony environment is constantly scrutinised for                            system configurations, usage, health, system status and
performance, availability and reliability. In short, if there is                   exceptions.
any threat of a component failing, it is detected immediately
– or, in some cases, even before failure occurs. The result:                       More Billable Hours
The law firm’s technology environment is more robust and                           Profitability has also been positively impacted through the
reliable.                                                                          deployment of Dimension Data’s billing software, and the
Dimension Data’s breadth and depth of skills in networking                         client has been able to capture approximately 20% more
technologies is one of the key reasons we have been                                billable hours since this solution was implemented. In the
selected as this client’s technology partner. IP telephony                         past, shorter calls of only a few minutes may have been
was a relatively new area for this client and, although it                         missed, but this new system allows the lawyers to track
does have limited levels of in-house expertise, it recognised                      every single second they speak to their clients and this
the need for specialist skills to ensure its networks                              time is mapped by its billing software. The solution also
performed optimally. While the firm has its own internal                           facilitates improved accuracy and transparency; in the event
operations centre monitoring the network, we provide a                             of a query or dispute relating to hours billed, a report can
second ‘set of eyes’ and a second opinion.                                         be easily generated.

               Plan                   Build                  Support                  Manage                     Improve          Innovate

          Identify Business          Implement                 Break Fix         Full Lifecycle Support of       Strategy and   Commercialisation
              Benefits               Technology             and Monitoring      Infrastructure and Systems        Evolution       of New Ideas

            Step 1                    Step 2                   Step 3
     Develop a roadmap        Roll out the new network       Through our
    for a Cisco converged     in Washington, including     Uptime powered
         voice and data         the procurement and        by Cisco Services
      network at new the         deployment of all           maintenance
     client’s Washington      associated infrastructure      offering, we
            premises                                       provide ongoing
                                                          troubleshooting and
                                                          problem resolution
                                                          for all elements of
                                                            the Washington

            Step 4                    Step 5                   Step 6
         Undertake an             Roll out the new        Proactively monitor
    extensive assessment      converged IP network in      and maintain the
     of the existing state           New York              new converged IP
      of the client’s New                                   environment in
         York office’s IT                                      New York

      Justify technology        Manage project risk        To reduce costs           To maximise return on investment              Innovation

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