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					100% Money Back            A Cut Above              Best Performing
Guarantee                  Advanced                 Before and After
100% Satisfaction          Authentic                Bright
2 Simple Steps             Accelerate               Boost
24-Hour Service            Attractive               Buy One Get One Free
3 Easy Payments            A Pleasant Experience
                           Act Now                  C
A                          Amazing Literature       Cancel Anytime
Allure                     Accommodate              Caution
Auto Delivery              Analysis                 Commercial
All Purpose                                         Clearance
Available                  B                        Congratulations
Admired                    Both are Free            Collectible
Accurately                 Blown Away               Cash Rebate
Acknowledgement            Before They’re Gone      Collectors Item
Automated                  Below Wholesale Prices   Crammed
Autograph                  Below Retail Prices      Consumer Help
Appealing                  Below Dealer Prices      Clear
Awesome                    Brilliant                Convenient
Appropriate                Big Demand               Confident
All New                    Best Quality             Cost Shifting
Act Today!                 Brand New                Current
Accept Our Offer           Big Bonus                Complete Details
At Your Request            Buy Direct and Save      Colorful
Added Value                Balanced Pricing         Confidential
Absolutely No Obligation   Best Selling             Colossal
Analysis                   Buy                      Complete
Automotive Discounts       Better Than              Crammed
As Seen On TV              Bargain Price            Caring
Approved By Major          Bonus                    Classic
Companies                  Bargain                  Call
A Must!                    Big                      Completed
Astonishment               Bonanza                  Concerned
A Child Could Do It        Beautiful                Construct
Astounded                  Better                   Contact You
Anyone Can Do This         Be First To Qualify      Charity
A Winning Offer            Breakthrough             Courage
At You Own Pace            Blockbuster              Credit Cards Accepted
Approved                   Bottom Line              Changes Your Life
Anytime                    Best                     Committed
At Your Fingertips         Breathtaking             Christmas Sales
Automatic                  Best-Selling             Comprehensive Training
Anytime                    Beauty                   Comprehensive Support
Anywhere                   Beneficial               Call Anytime
Absolute                   Beyond Reason            Call Toll-Free
All You Need               Bonus Gifts              Custom Design
Adjustable                 Benefits                 100% Commission
Amazing!                   Beautifully Packaged     Call Toll Free
Adrenaline                 Booming                  Common
Alert                      Brand name               Certified
Affordable                 Believe                  Challenge
Avoiding                   Bill You Later           Customize
Concept                  Desire                    Effective
Competitive Edge         Difficult                 Enterprising
Challenging              Donate                    Emerging Growth
Crucial                  Destiny                   Easily
Compromise               Dynamic                   Endorse
Compatibility            Delicate                  Enormous
Cutting Price            Digital                   Expert Advise
Continued Support        Difference                Expert
Cash Back                Detailed                  Everything Supplied
Convertible              Dare You                  Exciting Details
Cost Effective           Double Income             Extra
Colorful                 Don’t Be Left Behind      Envision
Compact                  Detailed Information      Exercising
Cut-Cost                 Discount Equal to Sales   Economical
Customer-Minuends        Tax                       Elastic
Control                                            Error Proof
Completely               E                         Entire
Confidential             Estimated                 Ease Of Use
Complete Setup           Enchanted                 Envied
Compounded               Enjoy                     Easy Operation
Competitive Edge         Exhilarated               Extra Income
Crucial                  Elegant                   Enriched
Common Sense Approach    Extensive                 Efficient
Clutter Free             Enhanced                  Easy to Install
Comprehensive            Emerging                  Easy To Use
Custom Packaging         Enormous Potential        Exploding
Call Today               Experts Agree             Energy
Complete Facts           Extremely Informative     Express
Computerized             Easy Payments             Experts Say
                         Extraordinary             Express Service
D                        Effortlessly              Equal
Debt Free                Eliminate                 Exact
Discover                 Enduring                  Explained
Don’t Delay              Easy Installation         Easy to Read Instructions
Deep Discount            Equipped                  Ease
Delivered To Your Door   Effect                    Enjoyment
Discount                 Extension                 Exceptional
Discount Coupon          Except                    Eager
Description              Eligible                  Effortless
Durability               Experience                Excellent
Deductible               Exceed                    Excellent Service
Deserve                  Endeavor                  Excellent Quality
Dominant                 Expansive                 Experts Agree
Don’t Miss the Boat      Essential                 Excellent Offer
Don’t Miss Out           Exclusive
Double Your Money Back   Ethical                   F
Guarantee                Eye-Catching              Fabulous
Distinguished            Enhanced                  Full Color
Delivered                Easy Ordering             Fully Explained
Direct to You            Excitement                Free No-Obligation
Danger                   Exploit                   Finest Quality
Doesn’t Have to Be       Endurance                 Favorable
Full or Part-time         Forever                   Gaining On
Financing Available       Free Sample               Greatest
Full Size                 Features Include          Great-Floor Offer
Financial                 Formula                   Give
Fraction of the Cost      Fundamentals              Gratification
Full Spectrum             Forecast                  Garage Sale
Fresh Start               Future                    Get Ahead
Fraction of the Price     Free From Pain            Good
Free Newsletter           Focus                     Genuinely
Free Ideas                Flourishes                Gift Makes a Great Gift
Free Cassette             Fortune                   Gigantic
Free Written Evaluation   Famous                    Guarantee
Freedom                   Free Booklet              Genuine
Fascinating               Free Approvals
Free of Charge            First-Class               H
Fast Turn-around          First Place               Hundreds Sold
Fast Service              Free                      Honor
Freely                    Fresh                     Highly Recommended
Fast Results              Fast                      Hard Hitting
Flexibility               Flattering                High-Light
Full                      Faithfulness              High Volume
Free/No Obligation        Fortunate                 Huge
Free Quote                Funny                     Happy
Fun                       Flash                     Hard
Full Range of             Find the Answers to       Heavy
Full-Featured                                       Huge Demand
Free Demonstration        G                         Hefty
Fully                     Gift with Purchase        Highest Rated
Free Estimates            Get the Facts             Highly Rated
Free Details              Good Judgment             High growth
Free with Purchase        Guaranteed to Work        Hottest
For a One-Time, Fee of    Golden                    Healthy
Full Effect               Grateful                  High
Flat Rate                 Get Results Overnight     Helping People Like You
First Month Free          Good-Tasting              Historic
Fact                      Global                    Hurry Offer Ends Soon
Fantasy                   Guaranteed Delivery       Hope
Factory Direct to You     Guaranteed Overnight      Hungry
Faster Service            Delivery                  Help
Free Consultation         Guaranteed Return         Hearty
Free Brochure             Guaranteed Lowest Price   Heighten
Free Issue                Giant                     Handsome
Fascination               Good Reasons              Hot Property
Free Trial Offer          Get Results Fast          Healing
Free Advice               Get Results-Order Now     Have Fun
Free Membership           Gifted                    High Class
Free Coupon               Gorgeous                  Holiday Sale
Fixed Price               Grace                     Holiday Price
Free Delivery             Generic                   High Speed
Fixed Rate                Good-Taste                How To
Fast-Setup                Get Something Extra       Hassle Free
Free Replacements         Growth                    Huge Difference
Handy                      Imprinted                  Long Term
High Impact                Intriguing                 Low
High-Tech                  Illustrated                Low Risk Solution
Highest Commission         Ironclad Guarantee         Lease Negotiation
Offered                    In a Flash                 Lifetime Income
High-Rolling               Inspire                    Lease To Buy
High Priority              Inspiration                Leadership
                           It’s a Breeze              Latest Technology
I                          Interactive                Lifetime Warranty
If You Decide              Introductory Offer         Lasting Impression
Incentive for Buying       Immediate Response         Loved Luxury
Incredibly Easy To Use     Immediately                Lifeblood
It Makes Sense To Buy      Improved                   Last Minute
Now                        Informative                Lowest Price Ever
Intangible                 Instructive                Live your Dream
Inflation-Beating          Interesting                Low Price
Insatiable                 Inform                     Less Hassle
Innovation                 Intelligent                Larger Then Life
In-Store Repairs           Is Provided With           Lightweight
It Will Boggle Your Mind   Insane Prices              Lifetime Guarantee
Introducing                Imagination                Loyalty
Its Confidential           Investment                 Luxury
In-Demand                                             Legal
It Sells Itself            J                          Leading
It’s That Easy             Jesting                    Liability
Introductory Offer         Justice                    Largest Selection
Instant                    Just In Time               Like No Other
Increase Your Earning      Judgment                   Learn About
Power                                                 Lavishly
Interest Free              K                          Liberal
Innovation                 Killing Prices             Lifetime
Improved                   Knowledge                  Limited
Improved Version                                      Lowest
In Minutes                 L
In Seconds                 Largest                    M
Invest                     Latest                     Major
Inexpensive                Launching                  Motivation
Incentives                 Lively                     Modern
Increasingly               Liberating                 Modified
Improve Your Life          Late-Breaking              Master
In-Depth                   Longevity                  Magnetizing
Introductory Rates         Largest Selling            Mammoth
Imported                   Leading Name               Maximum
Important                  Lower Price                Minimal Investment
Imaginative                Limited Time Offer Maybe   Massive
It’s a Must                Withdrawn                  Mega
In Need                    Lasting                    Money-Saving
Inspiration                Live                       Mainstream
Independent                Legitimate                 Masterpiece
Incredible Benefits        Leasing is Available       Magic
Idea                       Legendary                  Millions Sold
Insightful                 Low Factory Prices         Miracle
Millions                    New niche                   Prices Cut in Half
Mail Today                  No payment for one year     Phenomenal
Multi-Functional            No Interest for One Year    Proven Track Record
Multiple-Revenue Streams    No Money Down               Priority
Mammoth                     Now Available               Pride
Mail-to                     Nationwide                  Pioneers
Money Making Facts          No Minimum Order            Performance
Monumental                                              Popularity
Measure Up                  O                           Potential
Mania                       Original                    Price Comparison
                            Order While Supplies Last   Profit Generating
N                           Out-of-Sight                Prime-Quality
No Experience Needed        Open 24 Hours a Day         Portable
No Problem                  Open 7 Days a Week          Priceless
Next Frontier               Of-the-Year                 Perfect
No Nonsense                 Optional                    Productivity
No Doubt                    Others Cost Twice as        Pay Only…
Not in Stores               Much                        Powerful
No Out of Pocket Expense    Order Today                 Practical
Nothing Else To Buy         Once In a Lifetime          Professional
No Hype                     Opportunity                 Profitable
National                    Opportunities               Principle
New and Used                Obsession                   Privileged
No experience needed        Overwhelming                Premier
No Postage Necessary        Option to Purchase          Prosper
New Vision                  Option to Choose            Phone Today!
No-Hassles Refund           Organized                   Profusely
New                         Outstanding                 Pay Nothing For () Months
No Salesperson Will Visit   Obligation                  Personalized
Next Day Air Available      Order Now!                  Promptness
No Questions Asked          Only $                      Perspective
Natural                     Order Direct                Patented
No Payment For Month        Official                    Personal Fortune
Neat                        Original                    Poised
Natural Grown               Odd                         Permanent
No Obligation               Overrated                   Provocative
Necessary                   Offer Ends                  Promotional
No Money Required           Ownership                   Prices Below Competitors
Now is the Time!            Overcoming                  Private Invitation
No one will call            Outstanding Benefits        Promising
No Application Fee          Overnight Delivery          Preppie
National Brand                                          Pre-Paid
Not Available in Stores     P                           Plus Get…
No Experience Necessary     Proven                      Protection
No Restriction              Preview                     Purchasing Power
No Obligation               Perpetual                   Portable
No Hassle                   Potent                      Preserve
Nostalgic                   Price Includes Shipping     Prevent
Noted                       Precious
No Risk                     Participation is Limited    Q
New and Improved            Profit                      Quality
Nothing Better!             Precision
Offer Limited to First ()   Roaring                   Suitable
Callers                     Real                      Setting High Standards
One-time Setup Fee                                    Special Discounts
Quickly                     S                         Superb
Qualified                   Special                   Substantial Savings
Quality-Minded              Secret                    State Of the Art
Quick-Tips                  Secrets Revealed          Small Investment
Quantity Pricing            Successful                Secured Opportunity
Quieter                     Super                     Same As Cash
                            Surprise                  See The Savings
R                           Superior                  Stand Out From The
Risk Nothing!               Sensational               Crowd
Rave Reviews                Security                  Sizzling
Red Hot                     Selected                  Simple Step
Revolutionary               Simplified                Simple to Use
Reveal                      Scarce                    Superior Living
Reliable                    Sizeable                  Set Your Own hours
Results Overnight           Startling                 Shape your Tomorrow
Reduced                     Strange                   Start-Up
Remarkable                  Strong                    Step-By-Step
Read All About It           Sturdy                    Sharply
Rewards                     Send Your Name            Same Day Delivery
Reap The Benefits           Skilled                   Satisfaction Guarantee
Rates As Low As…            Specialized               Safe to the Environment
Ready To Use                Stardom                   Special Bonus
Rapid Change                Surging                   Sincerely
Return It and Owe Nothing   Savvy                     Surprise Bonus
Realize Your Dream          Sharp                     Super Sale
Rank At the Top             Slashing Prices           Save Hundreds
Riveting                    Safe                      Save Thousands
Respected Name              Smart                     Significant
Reduced Rates               Save Money                Softer
Rare                        Support                   Succeed
Refundable                  Save Time                 Swiftest
Receive Free                Same Day Service          Support
Revised                     See Before your Buy       Showcased
Revisited                   Send No Money Now         Short Term
Reviewing                   Send For Free Details     Simply Powerful
Rich                        Sale                      Stimulating
Requested                   Send Today                Stop Wasting Time
Right Now!                  Stable                    Specializing In
Royalties                   Save                      Sky-Rocketed
Rocketed                    Start with Nothing        Standard
Reality                     Speed Delivery
Rent To Own                 Sufficient                T
Returnable                  Solve                     Terrific
Risk Free Trial             Spotlight                 Tip of the Iceberg
Recyclable                  Soar                      Tested
Receive Coupon With         Sure-Fire                 Thinner
Payment                     Sure To Fit Your Budget   Tremendous
Rush Delivery               Speedy                    Traditional
Relief                      Stay Competitive          Trouble Free
Test Drive                 Up-Scale                   Y
Tech                       Unsurpassed                You Select
Time Saving                Unparalleled               Young
Top Name                   Ultra                      Your Choice
Timely                     Updated                    You Qualify
Take Care Of               Upgraded                   You Owe It To Yourself
Time Tested                Use Your Credit Card       You Can Too
Tough                      Unlimited Warranty         Your Choice Of…
Tax Deductible             Untapped Market            Youthful
Total                      Unique Packaging           () Years Experience
Try Before You Buy         Uplifting
Times Running Out          Universal
Tried and True             Unbelievable Bargains
Tax Benefits
Thousands                  V
Top Secrets                Vital Purchase
Top Level                  Variety
Technology                 Valuable
Technical                  Value
Time Limited Info          Vision
Toll Free                  Vibrant
Take Advantage Of          Value for the Dollar
Thousands Sold             Versatility
Truth                      Very Hot
Two Free Bonuses
Trusted                    W
Top                        World Premier
Tested and Approved        We Will Not Sell Your
Take Action Now!           Name
Taking Over                Warning
Triple Your Money-Back     Win
Guarantee                  Wealthy
Travel Discounts           Wealth
To Assist You              Willpower
There’s Nothing Like It!   Word-Of-Mouth
U                          Wisdom
Utilize                    Wholesale Price
Unlimited                  We Pay Shipping and
Useful                     Handling
Understanding              We Pay Postage and
Unbelievable               Handling
Untold Behind the Scenes   We Need Your Help
Unbeatable                 Wonderful
Unique System              We Really Care
United                     Wide Variety
Unique Offer               Wide Range Of…
Useful                     While Supplies Last
Unconditional              Works in Minutes
Under Priced               Without Lifting a Finger
Unlock                     Worlds Greatest

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