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                                  Minutes from Monthly Meeting
                                           April 8, 2009
Present:                    Marvin Collier, Theresa Herrick, Mack Hollis, Mike Johnston, Cliff Kirchner, Chloe Lieblong, Steve
                            Olson, Garland Steuber
Absent:                     Robert Holeyfield
Person Recording:           Kelli Nealy
Guests:                     None
The meeting was called to order at noon.
Marvin Collier made a motion to accept the minutes from the March meeting. Chloe Lieblong seconded the motion, and
the motion passed.
Old Business
A.        WIFI in the Parks-This agenda item was tabled.
B.        Community Center Reservation Policies-Current community center reservation policies were reviewed with the
city attorney for possible revisions. The current policies are too restrictive in not allowing birthday parties, weddings, or
receptions to be held in the Hughes Center gym. Proposed policy additions were reviewed with the commissioners. The
revisions establish renter identification requirements and procedures for waiving the property damage deposit. Marvin
Collier made a motion to adopt the policy revisions. Chloe Lieblong seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
C.        Skate Park Regulations-A gate has been installed at the skate park, and the gate is open from 7:00am to
10:30pm. The Russellville Police Department and park personnel have increased patrol at the park. Reports of bad
behavior and vandalism at the park have improved. Several parks departments that oversee skate parks were contacted
about age specific skate times. The departments contacted did not have this regulation; however some restrict bicycles in
their skate park because the bike pegs damage the park. The Russellville Skate Park was designed for skateboards and
bicycles. Since conditions at the park have improved, the commissioners unanimously agreed that no more restrictions
were needed at this time.
D.       Park Amenities List-Capital Improvement Project 3 is for park amenities. Before placing an order, a list is being
compiled of equipment needs. Existing inventory is being coordinated and matched throughout the parks.
New Business
A.        2009 Fireworks Display-The 2009 Russellville Recreation & Parks Dept. Community Fireworks Display will be
held on Saturday, July 4. The Advertising & Promotion Commission donated $5,000 for the event, and the approximate
cost for the display is $5,250. In the past, spectators were asked to give a $5.00 per car donation to help offset the cost.
The fireworks account currently has a balance of approximately $900.00. A discussion followed regarding the need to
request donations from spectators this year. Marvin Collier made a motion to waive spectator donations for the 2009
display. Steve Olson seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
B.        Soft Drink Agreement-The city’s soft drink agreement with Coca Cola expires September 15, 2009. Under the
terms of the current agreement, only coke products can be sold in a city facility, and all drink products must be purchased
through the Coca Cola Company. In addition, competitive beverage advertisements cannot be displayed in a City of
Russellville facility. All concessions operated in city parks must adhere to the conditions of the contract. In 1999, Coca
Cola paid the city $40,000 for exclusive promotional rights for the ten year term of the agreement. Specifications in the
proposed renewal contract will be presented to the commissioners at a later date.
C.        City Parks Donation Policy-Hoe & Hope Garden Club requested permission to place memorial plaques by trees
in City Park that were planted in memory of someone. All expenses will be paid by the garden club. A brief discussion
was held regarding plaque vandalism, theft, and uniformity. Commissioners agreed that if problems occur, the plaques
will be removed. Mike Johnston made a motion to allow the request. Marvin Collier seconded the motion, and the motion
passed. A policy will be written addressing all guidelines and stipulations addressed by the commissioners.
D.       Regulating Orbit Lane Access-A letter from Mayor Williamson was read to the commissioners. The letter stated
that due to the extreme number of complaints received regarding pollution in the lake area accessed through Orbit Lane, it
would be beneficial to install an access gate that can be locked on Orbit Lane. Based on the mayor’s observation, people
are accessing the area through Orbit Lane and dumping large amounts of household waste including furniture and
appliances. The issue has been discussed in previous commission meetings, as well as a public meeting. All persons
present at the public meeting were concerned about the problem, but no one wanted to see the road closed. After a brief
discussion, the commissioners agreed to install a lockable gate on Orbit Lane. A letter will be sent to the Corps of
Engineers requesting permission to do so.
E.       Loaning Hughes Center Tables & Chairs-Hughes Center tables and chairs are currently loaned to non-profit
groups and other city departments when they are not being used for an event at the center. The condition of the
equipment has worsened by doing this. Mike Johnston made a motion to stop loaning tables and chairs. Marvin Collier
seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
F.        Prairie Creek Bridge & Road Work Project-The highway department is scheduled to replace the bridge over
Prairie Creek. The work will also include the addition of a six foot sidewalk from Parkway to “B” Street. The
improvements will cause the removal of three trees, but the highway department has agreed to replace them. The
number of parking spaces in the east parking lot of the Hughes Center will not be affected, but the size of the spaces will
change. Marvin Collier made a motion in favor of the project. Chloe Lieblong seconded the motion, and the motion
General Update
A.      Play Day-The commissioners were reminded of Play Day at City Park on Saturday, April 11 at 11:00am.
B.      Ball Field Lighting Schedule-The security lights have been delivered, and the poles are scheduled to ship April
20. Work will begin at Hickey field 7, field 5, and Shiloh Park. Due to safety concerns, a suggestion was made to begin
work on Hickey fields 2, 3, and 4 at the completion of the 2009 season. The commissioners agreed.
C.      Monthly Report-The commissioners received a copy of the department’s monthly report.
D.      Upcoming Events-A schedule of upcoming events was given to the commissioners.
E.      Future Agenda Items-              None Noted
F.      Pool Pavilion-In the March meeting, the commissioners voted in favor of purchasing a pavilion for the pool
through U.S. Communities Purchasing Alliance. By buying through the purchasing group, construction would be handled
by a company from out of town. The decision was made to begin the bid process and utilize local contractors.

The meeting adjourned at 1:10pm.