Millionaires - DOC by hcj



Millionaires are ruining music. The songs made by the Huntington Beach trio—Melissa Marie
Green, Allison Green and Dani Artaud—will make you want to gouge out your ears. They are
the downfall of society. 2010, the year their debut full- length is scheduled to come out, will
probably bring the Apocalypse.

Wait a second. That can’t be true. Catchy, fun electro-pop songs made by cute, foul- mouthed
girls who are all 21 and under can’t possibly be the thing that ends the world, can it? The five
tracks on their debut EP, Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid, which comes out June 23 and was
produced by Mark Maxwell, aren’t going to ruin anything… except maybe the credibility of
some Internet haters when it turns out they like Millionaires.

The girls get it. They know their band started as an accident, when Melissa and Allison started
fucking around on GarageBand one day in the summer of 2007 and made their first song “I
Like Money.” They know it’s been a combination of a strong DIY work ethic, a unique se nse
of style and a willingness to put their fast-talking, in- your- face songs into the scrutiny of the
public that’s transformed them from a one-time joke to a serious band. They know it takes
guts to write bouncy, hooky, indefinable songs about alcohol and sex and boys—and to
perform those songs on stage during their unstoppable live shows. They know it takes
determination and steadfast self-promotion to sell out two headlining tour before ever
releasing an album. They know that MTV doesn’t ask just any band to perform live on one of
the final episodes of TRL and pen the theme songs for Teen Cribs and A Double Shot at Love.
They know the album they’ve been working on in New York City for release next year is
going to be gobbled up by haters and fans alike.

Because that’s another thing: Millionaires are aware that a lot people have a lot of nasty
things to say about them and their music. And you know what? They don’t give a shit.

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