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					VOLUME XLVI, NUMBER 46                           Your Local News Source Since 1963                                       SERVING LIVERMORE • PLEASANTON • SUNOL                                            THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

                                         Lawmakers Critical of Water Measures
                                                                                                   Zone 7 President Likes Them
                                       By Ron McNicoll                                 sembly members Joan Buchanan                     municipal water departments,         Califonria voters voted against       It can be see climbing over the
                                           A package of five water bills               and Mary Hayashi voting against                  the Dublin San Ramon Services        the Peripheral Canal, which           hills to Los Angeles.
                                       affecting the Delta will have a                 all five bills. In the Assembly,                 District and California Water        halted it before it could start.         WATER WOULD HAVE
                                       big impact on northern Cali-                    the bills passed with the bare                   Service, a private firm serving      The North saw the canal as a                   FEWER SALTS
                                       fornia. Opinion on how well                     two-thirds majority of 54 votes,                 80 percent of Livermore.             way for the South to obtain more          The Delta conveyance will
                                       they will work, or whether they                 although a 55th was added later.                    Quigley told The Independent      water, with the whole state pay-      keep the water much fresher,
                                       should even have been passed,                      Sen. Ellen Corbett voted                      that the “dual conveyance” fea-      ing for it.                           when it is transferred from the
  Find Out What's                      is split.
                                           Two of the bills were signed
                                                                                       against four of the five, and Sen.
                                                                                       Loni Hancock voted against three
                                                                                                                                        tured in the plan is a good thing.
                                                                                                                                        The conveyance is patterned
                                                                                                                                                                                Some criticisms already have
                                                                                                                                                                             been heard concerning the dual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   mountain rivers to Zone 7’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   intake on the shores of the west
     Happening                         several days ago. The other three
                                       are expected to be signed by Gov.
                                                                                       of them.
                                                                                          On the other side is Zone 7
                                                                                                                                        after the controversial peripheral
                                                                                                                                        canal, which was defeated in the
                                                                                                                                                                             conveyance, too. The method
                                                                                                                                                                             of transporting the water is not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Delta, said Quigley.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With water containing much
       Check out the                   Arnold Schwarenegger later this                 Water Agency board president                     early 1980s. The proposed dual       likely to be an open canal, but       less salt and other impurities,
                                       week.                                           Dick Quigley. Zone 7 is the                      conveyance would pipe water          more likely will be a huge pipe-      Zone 7 could receive water so
      second section                       The bills have drawn fire from              Valley’s water wholesaler, sell-                 around the Delta.                    line assembly, like the one along     fresh that fewer chemicals would
    Section II is filled with in-      area state legislators, with As-                ing to Livermore and Pleasanton                     Ninety percent of Northern        Interstate 5 near the Grapevine.                     (See WATER, page 4)
formation about arts, entertain-
ment and special events. There

are education stories, a variety
of features, and the arts and
entertainment and bulletin board


Special Event                                                                                                                                                                                                      On 3 Rail
To Raise Funds
For Open                                                                                                                                                                                                           Projects
Heart Kitchen                                                                                                                                                                                                          Nine potential routes for a
    Open Heart Kitchen is always                                                                                                                                                                                   BART extension to Livermore
in need of help to keep its pro-                                                                                                                                                                                   were studied in the environmen-
grams going.                                                                                                                                                                                                       tal impact report, which was
    Open Heart Kitchen (OKH)                                                                                                                                                                                       released last week.
provides every day healthy meals,                                                                                                                                                                                      The Rail Policy Group heard
free of charge, to anyone in need.                                                                                                                                                                                 a presentation last Friday on
It solely depends on the support                                                                                                                                                                                   the pros and cons of each of the
of the businesses, organizations                                                                                                                                                                                   routes. After a series of public
and individuals of the Tri-Valley                                                                                                                                                                                  hearings, the goal would be to
communities. Last year, OKH                                                                                                                                                                                        identify a preferred alignment.
nearly went out of business. The                                                                                                                                                                                       Criteria include level of rider-
community has stepped up to                                                                                                                                                                                        ship, congestion relief, economic
keep it open.                                                                                                                                                                                                      benefits, and the potential for
    Upcoming is a major fund-                                                                                                                                                                                      transit oriented development
raising event, “Put a Little Love                                                                                                                                                                                  (TOD).
in Your Heart.”                                                                                                                                                                                                        In addition to a BART exten-
    It will be held from 5:30 to                                                                                                                                                                                   sion, two other rail projects are
8:30 p.m. on Thurs., Nov. 19 at                                                                                                                                                                                    in the planning stage. One is the
Blacksmith Square, 21 South                                                                                                                                                                                        high speed rail, which is con-
Livermore Ave., Livermore.                                                                                                                                                                                         sidering an Altamont route. The
    Wendy Weathers, operations                                                                                                                                                                                     other is the ACE train.
manager for Open Heart Kitchen,                                                                                                                                                                                        In conjunction with the BART
stated, “The need for contribu-                                                                                                                                                                                    extension review, the City of
tions is higher, because there is                                                                                                                                                                                  Livermore is holding workshops
        (See OPEN HEART, page 9)                                                                                                                                                          Photo - Doug Jorgensen   to take public input on what the
                                       Fifth-grade students from Valley View Elementary School, Pleasanton, got a lesson in robotic exploration by test-driving the remote-controlled                              five potential stations could look
                                       NASA rovers around a student-designed obstacle course. The robotic rovers are similar to those used in space exploration and are designed                                   like.
Pleasanton Leaf                        and built by the Carnegie Mellon University in partnership with NASA’s Ames Research Center. Robots are used extensively in the Spaceward
                                       Bound program for students and teachers. The robots are designed to train the next generation of space explorers through participatory
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Of the nine routes, the align-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ment down I-580 with stations
Pickup Begins                          educational activities. Isabel Henry (photo at right) gets help from Michael Lamberty, technical lead for Spaceward Bound 2.0. He helps two                                 at Isabel and Greenville was the
                                       other students in the photo at left.                                                                                                                                        least costly at $3.1 billion and
    City of Pleasanton work crews                                                                                                                                                                                  showed the greatest increase in
have launched the annual leaf                                                                                                                                                                                      ridership at 31,700. However,

                                       Livermore Mayor, Councilmembers Sworn In
pick-up program that will run                                                                                                                                                                                      there was limited potential for
through mid-January of next year.                                                                                                                                                                                  TOD. Another option to reach
During this time, the City’s leaf                                                                                                                                                                                  the Greenville terminus would
crew clears a path for the street                                                                                                       candidates, one for each office,        Horner was first appointed         be along 580 to El Charro Road,
                                          Livermore Mayor Marshall                        Under Livermore’s term limit
sweeper scheduled in residential                                                                                                        there was no vote held in Liver-     to office.                            through the quarry area and into
                                       Kamena took the oath of office                  ordinance, all three would reach
neighborhoods once a month.                                                                                                             more.                                   Kamena selected Horner to          downtown Livermore.
                                       during Monday’s city council                    the limit at the end of their
Generally, the leaves are picked                                                                                                           Kamena quipped, “Doug             serve as vice mayor over the              Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer
                                       meeting.                                        terms.
up one to two days prior to the                                                                                                         Horner is the only person I’ve       next two years. He replaces John      Hosterman made it clear that her
                                          Also sworn in for the last time                 An November 3, the official
regular street sweeping date.                                                                                                           known who never had a vote           Marchand.                             city would object to any routes
                                       as councilmembers were Doug                     election, took place. However,
    Residents are requested to rake                                                                                                     against him in an election.”                       (See OFFICE, page 2)
                                       Horner and John Marchand.                       since they were the only three                                                                                                           (See STUDIES, page 5)
leaves into the curb and gutter
area, keeping the storm drain

                                       Livermore School Board Hires The Cosca
clear of all leaves and debris. It
is recommended that you rake the
leaves slightly away from the curb
line so that the leaf loader can
reach as many leaves as possible.
                                       Group to Conduct Superintendent Search
Remember to rake leaves only and       By Patricia Koning                                  “I’m impressed by the values                    At the regular Board meeting
avoid placing other debris such as        At a special meeting of the                  and open transparent approach of                 on Tuesday, Nov. 3, Frank Cosca,
yard clippings, tree branches, dirt,   Livermore Board of Education                    The Cosca Group,” said trustee                   president of The Cosca Group,
gravel, etc. into the street. This     last week, the trustees voted                   Stu Gary. “We five are doing                     and Steven Goldstone, a Cosca
collaborative effort between the       to spend $27,200 to retain the                  something very important. I think                Group partner, presented their
City and Pleasanton residents          services of The Cosca Group                     we will benefit from their neutral,              proposal and discussed their val-
keeps storm drains clear during        to aid in the search for a new                  independent assistance especially                ues and methods with the trust-
the rainy season and reduces the       superintendent. Brenda Miller,                  when it comes to final onsite vis-               ees. Cosca and Goldstone met
chance of flooding.                    who has served as superintendent                its and contract negotiations. I’m               when they were superintendents
    Those unsure of the leaf pick-     since 2003, will retire at the end              pleased to get this professional                 of neighboring school districts in     Artist's
up date, can call the City of                                                                                                                        (See SEARCH, page 5)
                                       of the year.                                    guidance.”                                                                              rendering of ice
Pleasanton’s Operations Services                                                                                                                                               rink.
Department at (925) 931-5500.

                                       Agreement Reached on Hacienda Task Force                                                                                              Ice Rink Opens in
                                          The Pleasanton City Council                  months. However, both Matt Sul-
                                                                                                                                                                             Pleasanton Next Week
                                                                                                                                        contentious nature of this pro-
Adoption                               approved the make-up of a task
                                       force that will prepare a rec-
                                                                                       livan and Cindy McGovern felt
                                                                                       that would not be sufficient time
                                                                                                                                        cess, I know there will be people
                                                                                                                                        who want to delay it and others
Faire Slated                           ommendation for planned unit                    to prepare a quality plan.                       who may want to hurry it as              The grand opening of the Dev-
                                                                                                                                                                             con Holiday Ice Rink will take
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   from November 20, 2009 through
                                       developments (PUD) for three                       Mayor Jennifer Hosterman                      much as possible.” Her sugges-                                             January 10, 2010.
    Tri-Valley Animal Rescue is                                                                                                                                              place in Pleasanton on Thurs.,
                                       properties in the Hacienda Busi-                wanted to stick with the 12 month                tion was to leave the 12 month                                                Devcon Holiday Ice Rink is
holding an adoption faire this                                                                                                                                               Nov. 19.
                                       ness Park.                                      deadline. Councilmember Jerry                    target and allow the task force to                                         a partnership between the City
Sat., Nov. 14 from noon to 3 p.m.                                                                                                                                                Sharks Ice and the City of
                                          Both minority and majority                   Thorne said he didn’t know what                  come back to the council and ask                                           of Pleasanton and the San Jose
at the East County Animal Shel-                                                                                                                                              Pleasanton will host the festivi-
                                       reports are expected to come out                the appropriate time would be.                   for more time if it were needed.                                           Sharks. All net proceeds from
ter, 4595 Gleason Dr., Dublin.                                                                                                                                               ties at the rink located at 400 Old
                                       of the process.                                 “It is important to have a good                  “There will be a point where it                                            the operations of the outdoor
    The fair will provide expert                                                                                                                                             Bernal Avenue in downtown
                                          The council vote was unani-                  and thorough process,” he com-                   will be apparent whether there                                             winter rink will be donated to
advice in choosing the right cat,                                                                                                                                            Pleasanton (in the north sec-
                                       mous following arguments over                   mented.                                          is actually progress. At that time                                         Pleasanton education, sports and
dog or bunny. There will be free                                                                                                                                             tion of the library parking lot)
                                       how much time the task force                       Councilmember Cheryl Cook-                    the council could extend the time                                          recreational activities. Pleasanton
soft drinks.                                                                                                                                                                 on November 19 at 6:30 pm.
                                       should have to complete its                     Kallio favored keeping the 12                    or dissolve the task force and try                                         hopes to follow in San Jose and
    Those adopting dogs will                                                                                                                                                 Pleasanton’s first seasonal holi-
                                       work.                                           month timeline in order to push                  something else.”                                                           Walnut Creek’s successful foot-
receive three private lessons                                                                                                                                                day ice rink will be in operation                 (See ICE RINK, page 9)
with a professional dog trainer           Staff had recommended 12                     the process forward. “Given the                            (See HACIENDA, page 5)
($180 plus value), dog bed, leash
and collar plus a bag of Science
Diet dog food. Cats will go to
their new homes with a goodie
                                                                         Inside                                                                                                       PET OF THE WEEK
                                                                                                                                                                                      Chica is a tiny baby kitten that was found wandering
                                                                                                                                                                                      outside in the cold. With a heating pad and some TLC
bag containing a blanket, toys           Art & Entertainment....... Section II          Short Notes.............................10                                                    from Valley Humane Society she warmed right up and
and more.                                                                                                                                                                             will be available for adoption soon. There are many
    TVAR is a nonprofit, all vol-        Bulletin Board............... Section II       Sports......................................6                                                 other kittens at VHS that are also looking for their home
unteer organization whose mis-           Classifieds...........................10       Obituaries................................9                                                   for the holidays. To visit the kittens, come to Valley
sion is to end the unnecessary                                                                                                                                                        Humane Society at 3670 Nevada Street in Pleasanton.
euthanasia of homeless animals.          Editorial.................................4
For additional information, visit                                                                                                                                                     Open Tues-Sat from 11AM to 5PM. Call 925-426-8656
                                         Mailbox...................................5 or call Sue at 408-                                                                                                                                                      or visit the web site for more
                                         Roundup..................................3                                                                                                   information.
PAGE 2 - The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

Lab Scientists Part of National Geographic Documentary                                                                                                OFFICE
                                                                                                                                                      (continued from page one)
   Two Lawrence Livermore            hypothetical radiological attack.      moves to the question of “what      Center (IMAAC) to obtain a               Marchand commented to              ning. Cooperation with our re-
National Laboratory (LLNL)           Part of the network’s “Naked Sci-      happens next?”                      model of the radiological plume’s     the mayor, “It has been a great       gional partners is at an all time
researchers and the LLNL at-         ence” series, the program will air        Brooke Buddemeier, a certi-      dispersion over Portland, Maine.      honor and a privilege to be your      high.”
mospheric modeling center are        at 7 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)      fied health physicist in LLNL’s     A team of NARAC/IMAAC                 right hand man. I came to truly          Of the future, he mentioned
featured in a one-hour documen-      and 10 p.m. (PST) on Thursday          Chemical, Biological, Radio-        atmospheric scientists and other      appreciate the passion you have       the 1600 acres near the national
tary that airs Thursday (Nov.        evening.                               logical and Nuclear Consequence     researchers are shown modeling        for this city and affection for its   laboratories that have been set
12) on the National Geographic           Produced by the Maine-based        Countermeasures Program, was        the dispersion of the plume.          residents. I also discovered that     aside to promote economic de-
Channel.                             Lone Wolf Documentary Group,           interviewed for the show about         Officials also were inter-         being mayor is close to a full        velopment. “It is a phenomenal
   The program, called “Dirty        the program starts with a dra-         ways to protect emergency           viewed from several other agen-       time job.”                            opportunity,” he declared.
Bomb Attack,” shows what hap-        matization of a car bomb that          responders. Buddemeier also         cies, including the FBI, the             Kamena offered the follow-            “There is the pending opening
pens when a U.S. city - Portland,    disperses radioactive material         talked about the steps that could   Centers for Disease Control and       ing observations of the last two      of a super shopping center on El
Maine - becomes the target of a      detonating on a busy street and        be undertaken to mitigate the       Prevention, the Department of         years. “They have been years of       Charro. It only needs to clear one
                                                                            consequences of a dirty bomb        Energy, the National Nuclear          accomplishments in my view.           more hurdle,” he added.

NIF Reaches Milestone
                                                                            attack.                             Security Administration and           Downtown is thriving. The road           Kamena then thanked the city
                                                                               Page Stoutland, the director     the Department of Homeland            system is receiving good plan-        staff for all the work completed
                                                                            of Strategy for the Lab’s Global    Security.                                                                   over those years.
                                                                            Security principal directorate,        In addition to airing on Nov.
    Laser beams can be effective-    cus its 192 laser beams, in a few      discussed the use of nuclear        12, the “Dirty Bomb Attack”
ly delivered and are capable of      billionths of a second, into a pen-    forensics to help identify the      documentary also will be shown
creating sufficient x-ray energy     cil-eraser-sized metal cylinder        perpetrators of such a terrorist    on Nov. 15 at 7 a.m., Nov. 19 at 3
to drive fuel implosion, an im-      containing a small fuel capsule        attack.                             p.m. and Nov. 22 at 11 p.m.
portant step toward the ultimate     to create a small star about the          During the program, federal         More information about the
goal of fusion ignition.             diameter of a human hair which,        authorities contact the Labora-     documentary can be obtained at
    The National Nuclear Secu-       when successful, releases more         tory’s National Atmospheric Re-     by going to http://channel.nation-
rity Administration (NNSA),          energy than the laser energy used      lease Advisory Center (NARAC)
along with officials from the        to create it.
National Ignition Facility (NIF)                                            and its Interagency Modeling        science/4252/Overview
                                         One of the key requirements
at Lawrence Livermore National                                              and Atmospheric Assessment
                                     for this process is to create suf-
Laboratory (LLNL), announced         ficient x-ray energy to drive the
that finding in the National         fuel implosion. In a series of
Ignition Campaign (NIC). The         experiments that began shortly
announcement was made at             after the facility was dedicated
the 51st Annual Meeting of           in May, NIF researchers have
the American Physical Society        been focusing on characterizing
Division of Plasma Physics in        the x-ray drive created in test tar-
Atlanta. Highlighting results        gets. Recent tests at the NIF have
from recent NIF tests, NNSA          shown that the NIF laser beams
and LLNL and its NIC part-           can be effectively delivered and
ners — Los Alamos National           are capable of heating the targets
Laboratory, the Laboratory for       to the radiation temperatures
Laser Energetics (LLE), General      needed to drive fuel capsules to
Atomics, and Sandia National         ignition conditions.
Laboratories — showed that               “These are very exciting re-
NIF’s LLE also presented results     sults,” said NIF Director Ed
showing the most compressed          Moses. “The NIF laser is proving
fusion capsules to date.             to be robust with very precise
    The NIF was built as a part of   and repeatable performance. We
the NNSA’s program to ensure         have demonstrated most aspects
the safety, security and effec-      of target fabrication and are inte-                                                     Photo - Doug Jorgensen
tiveness of the nuclear weapons      grating and using the diagnostics      ValleyCare volunteers hosted the annual holiday boutique in
stockpile without underground        we need for initial ignition test      both Livermore and Pleasanton last week. Pictured is one of
testing. With NIF, scientists will   experiments later next year.”
be able to evaluate key scientific                                          the items that was available for purchase.
assumptions in current computer
models, obtain previously un-
available data on how materials
behave at temperatures and pres-
sures like those in the center of
a star, and help validate NNSA’s
supercomputer simulations by
comparing code predictions
against observations from labo-
ratory experiments.
    NIF also has the potential to
produce breakthroughs in fields
beyond national security. It is
expected to help advance fusion
energy technology, which could
play a role in making the United
States energy independent. It
also will enable scientists to
better understand the makeup of
stars in the universe and planets
both within and outside our solar
    “The developments an-
nounced this week demonstrate
exciting progress toward the
grand scientific challenge that is
fusion ignition on the National
Ignition Facility,” said Brig.
Gen. Garrett Harencak, NNSA
Principal Assistant Deputy Ad-
ministrator for Military Ap-
    The results announced this
week demonstrate that NIF is
capable of fulfilling a key re-
quirement of the fusion process.
To achieve fusion, NIF will fo-
                                                                                                                                                                      The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009 - PAGE 3

VALLEY ROUNDUP                                                                                             SFPUC Asked to Extend Comment Period
                                                                                                               Over two dozen Bay Area            of the stream flows of the upper    to Complete the Refuge, Clean
                                                                                                           conservation and fly-fishing or-       watershed and plans to divert al-   Water Action, Close to Home:
                                                      funds requirement with respect to SBDC grant         ganizations have asked that San
County Earns National Award                           programs conducted in areas in which a disaster
                                                                                                                                                  most all winter and spring stream   Exploring Nature in the East Bay,
   The Alameda County Public Works Agency                                                                  Francisco and the Army Corps           flows from upper Alameda Creek      Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen,
                                                      has occurred.                                        of Engineers extend the public         at their Alameda Diversion Dam.     Friends of the Arroyos, Friends of
was selected to receive a 2009 National Roadway           The House passed each bill and will send them    comment period on environ-             This action diverts flows from      the River, Golden West Women
Safety Award recognizing the Vasco Road Safety        to the Senate for consideration.                                                                                                Flyfishers, Grizzly Peak Flyfish-
                                                                                                           mental review for the Calaveras        upper Alameda Creek into Cala-
Improvements Project. The award was presented                                                              Dam replacement project. The                                               ers, Lake Merritt Institute, Mis-
                                                                                                                                                  veras Reservoir. Completion of
to Director Daniel Woldesenbet on behalf of the                                                                                                                                       sion Peak Fly Anglers, Nature
Agency on November 5 in Washington D.C.
                                                      Personnel Commission                                 San Francisco Planning Depart-         Calaveras Dam trapped formerly
                                                                                                                                                                                      in the City, Northern California
                                                          The Livermore Area Recreation and Park           ment and the Corps are refusing        ocean-run steelhead trout above
   The National Roadway Safety Awards                                                                      to extend the comment period           the reservoir and blocked fish      Council Federation of Fly Fish-
                                                      District Board of Directors is seeking applicants                                                                               ers, Peninsula Fly Fishers, Pilar-
program honors agencies and organizations in          through 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30, for a position on    or to provide a public hearing         migration.
                                                                                                           in Sunol.                                                                  citos Creek Advisory Committee,
the transportation community that have made           its Personnel Commission. Personnel Commis-                                                     The groups sending the letter   and Regional Parks Association.
verifiable and significant strides toward improv-     sioners are appointed by the Board to four-year          The San Francisco Public           include the following: Alameda      otection and Watershed Network,
ing the safety of the nation’s highways through                                                            Utilities Commission (SFPUC)           Creek Alliance, Beyond Sears-       Salmon and Steelhead Restora-
                                                      volunteer terms.                                                                            ville Dam, Center for Biological
infrastructure improvements, operational im-                                                               proposes to replace the Calaveras                                          tion Group, and Sierra Club.
                                                          The Commission monitors the District’s per-      Dam with a new earth and rock          Diversity, Citizens Committee
provements or program planning, development           sonnel policies, oversees the hiring of full-time    fill dam of equal height and im-
and evaluation. Every two years, this biennial        staff, hears appeals of disciplinary actions and     proved seismic design. The exist-
awards program examines the “best of the best”        makes recommendations to the Board of Direc-         ing reservoir has been lowered
using effectiveness, innovation and efficient use     tors on matters of personnel administration. The     to 40% of its capacity because
of resources as criteria in determining which         Commission meets as needed, but normally not         of seismic safety concerns. The
projects will receive this award.                     more than once a month.                              reservoir is the system’s largest
   Detailed information on the award winning              Interested individuals should submit a let-      local reservoir and represents
programs can be found at www.roadwaysafety-           ter of interest and information on knowledge         more than half of the storage                                            and experience with personnel administration         capacity in the Bay Area.
   Over the past few years, there have been a         to District General Manager Timothy J. Barry,            From 2011-2015, San Fran-
number of fatal and serious injury crashes along      LARPD, 4444 East Ave., Livermore, 94550. For         cisco will rebuild the Calaveras
                                                      more information about the position, please call     Dam on Alameda Creek, the
Vasco Road, a highly traveled arterial roadway                                                             largest local tributary to San
connecting Alameda County and Contra Costa            Carolyn Ulrich at 925-373-5700.
                                                                                                           Francisco Bay.
County. To address these traffic safety issues, the                                                            “The Calaveras Dam replace-
Public Works Agency, in collaboration with the        Haggerty Appointed                                   ment is a large-scale, com-
Contra Costa County Public Works Department               The National Association of Counties (NACo)      plex project, the environmental
and the California Highway Patrol, implemented        President Valerie Brown of Sonoma County an-         review documents are highly
a number of strategic, innovative and coordinated     nounced her appointment of Alameda County            technical, and there is consider-
traffic safety measures that have significantly       Supervisor Scott Haggerty to Chair its Trans-        able controversy over biological
reduced accidents along Vasco Road. These             portation Steering Committee. The committee          impacts of the project and the ad-
measures included centerline rumble strips,           creates and advances the transportation agenda       equacy of proposed mitigations,”
                                                      of NACo and county governments.                      stated Jeff Miller, Director of the
centerline delineators, speed display signs, com-                                                          Alameda Creek Alliance. “The
munity safety signs, a daytime headlight program          A priority for the committee is developing
                                                      policy for the Federal Surface Transportation        decision not to extend the com-
and coordinated speed enforcement. There was                                                               ment period and to hold a hearing
also joint support for funding the County’s Vasco     Program which expired in September. The              in Sunol will reduce the ability of
Road Safety Improvement Project which is near-        committee proposal includes developing future        the public to provide informed
ing completion.                                       highway, bridge and transit programs that focus      comments.”
                                                      on reliability, system preservation, innovative          The San Francisco Planning
Garamendi Votes to Help Businesses                    solutions and partnerships; and an improved sys-     Department in early October
   Congressman John Garamendi, (D), voted             tem of project delivery, flexibility and improved    released a draft Environmental
for three bills – H.R. 3737, H.R. 1838, and H.R.      accountability that will contribute to a better      Impact Report (EIR) for the
1845 – that will strengthen small businesses and      federal program. “Effectively funding this pro-      Calaveras Dam project. Ac-
                                                      gram will be critical to its success, but Congress   cording to the Alliance, the
help create and preserve jobs in the 10th Congres-                                                         proposed stream flow releases
sional District and the nation at large.              is reluctant to consider possible funding options
                                                                                                           for migratory fish are “clearly
   “Small businesses are the lifeblood of the         that include taxes,” said Haggerty. “Further de-     inadequate, the proposed opera-
American economy, and with the passage of             lay only exacerbates the lack of attention to the    tions of Calaveras Dam and the
these three bills, we can continue the important      condition of existing infrastructure and to the      related Alameda Diversion Dam
work of moving our economy forward with job           increased need for expansion. But the committee      are illegal, and the proposed
creation,” said Rep. Garamendi, former chair          is working on a strategy to help Congress iden-      mitigations for what will be
of the California Commission for Economic             tify a practical approach to funding this crucial    significant construction impacts
Development. “Small businesses have generated         federal program.”                                    on habitat for numerous endan-
64 percent of all net new jobs over the past 15           Haggerty has served in various capacities at     gered species are meager and
                                                      NACo that include vice chair of Mass Transit         inappropriate. With all major fish
years, and with the passage of these good busi-                                                            passage projects in the watershed
ness-friendly bills, small business owners will       and Railroad subcommittee. Haggerty is also an
                                                                                                           now underway, stream flows for
find it a little easier to continue their important   active member of numerous Bay Area transporta-       fish below the San Francisco
contributions to our nation.”                         tion boards and commissions. He currently serves     dams is a critical last piece of the
   H.R. 3737 by Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-Indi-          as chair of the Metropolitan Transportation Com-     puzzle for the full restoration of
ana), the Small Business Microlending Expan-          mission which coordinates regional transporta-       Alameda Creek.
sion Act of 2009, removes the requirement that        tion planning and funding for the nine-county            The 45 day comment period
microloans for small businesses be short-term,        Bay Area region. Haggerty represents the First       on the 1,600-page draft EIR
increases eligibility for program participation,      District on the Alameda County Board of Su-          currently closes on November
increases borrowing limits, and lowers interest       pervisors, which includes the cities of Fremont,     20. The Corps comment pe-
                                                      Pleasanton, Livermore, a portion of Dublin and       riod on the federal permit closes
rates for some borrowers.                                                                                  November 27. The Planning
   H.R. 1838 by Rep. Mary Fallin (R-Oklahoma)         eastern unincorporated Alameda County
                                                          Founded in 1935, The National Association        Department has scheduled two
amends Small Business Act language related to                                                              public hearings on the draft EIR:
the women’s business centers program to require       of Counties is the only national organization
                                                                                                           November 10 in Fremont at the
funds approved for a women’s business center          that represents county governments in the United     Main Library, 2400 Stevenson
be distributed no later than one month after its      States. NACo’s membership totals more than           Blvd., beginning at 6:30 pm;
application is approved.                              2,000 counties, representing 80 percent of the       and November 12 in San Fran-
   H.R. 1845 by Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Illi-            nation’s population.                                 cisco before the City Planning
nois), the Small Business Development Centers                                                              Commission, in Room 400 of
Modernization Act of 2009, amends Small               Correction                                           City Hall, beginning at 1:30 pm
Business Act language related to small business          Two names were incorrect in last week’s story     or later.
development centers, requiring institutions of        about honoring service personnel at the end of the       The SFPUC manages 36,800
higher education that are provided SBDC grants        Pleasanton City Council meeting. The Pleasanto-      acres of public land and oper-
be accredited and eliminating the matching            nians 4 Peace were represented by Fred Norman        ates three dams in the upper
                                                      and Kathy Dowding.                                   Alameda Creek watershed. Ca-
                                                                                                           laveras Dam, completed in 1925,
                                                                                                           captures runoff from 100 square
                                                                                                           miles of the Calaveras Creek
                                                                                                           and Arroyo Hondo watersheds.
                                                                                                           The SFPUC diverts 86 percent
PAGE 4 - The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

                                                                                                            Garamendi Adds His Vote to
  100% Lovable                                                                                              Health Care Bill Passage
     A more meaningful ribbon cutting than your usual rib-
  bon cutting took place recently at the Altamont Landfill in                                               By Ron McNicoll                        day after the election in which
  Livermore, where officials gathered to celebrate the opening
  of a facility that will transform landfill gases into liquefied
                                                                                                                Newly elected 10th District
                                                                                                            Rep. John Garamendi was sworn
                                                                                                                                                   he defeated Republican David
                                                                                                                                                   Harmer and three minor party            Town Hall Meeting Set
  natural gas.                                                                                              in Nov. 5. He voted for the health     candidates in a special election          Congressman John Garamendi will host his first town hall
                                                                                                            care bill that was approved by         to succeed former Rep. Ellen           as a Congressman. The Livermore town hall will focus on
     “We love this project and there is really nothing not to                                                                                                                             economic development and job creation.
                                                                                                            the House on a 220-215 vote on         Tauscher.
  love about it,” exclaimed Mary Nichols, chair of the Cali-                                                                                           Tauscher resigned the seat            It will beheld Thurs., Nov. 12 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in
  fornia Air Resources Board.                                                                               Nov. 7.
                                                                                                                Garamendi called the health        when she became an undersecre-         the Livermore City Council Chambers, 3575 Pacific Avenue.
     “It’s taking materials that would otherwise go into the                                                care vote the most important           tary of state for nuclear weapons         Rep. Garamendi will host four additional town halls
  atmosphere and contribute to global warming and turning                                                   vote of his public policy career.      control. Garamendi resigned            throughout the 10th Congressional District on December 5th
  them into a useful product that cuts carbon emissions,”                                                   He said, “The Affordable Health        the lieutenant-governor’s office       and December 12th. More information on these events will be
  Nichols said.                                                                                             Care for America Act will pro-         Thursday, before taking the con-       provided at a later date.
     The project is the work of a partnership between Waste                                                 vide every American citizen            gressional oath.
  Management and The Linde Group. Four state and regional                                                   access to quality, affordable pa-          In winning the run-off elec-
  public agencies also contributed.                                                                         tient-centered health care.”           tion Nov. 3, Garamendi took
     Altamont is only the beginning. Waste Management and                                                       Garamendi explained that the       nearly 53 percent of the vote,       ramendi won 241 to 233 votes.         stay with the Democratic agenda
  Linde are already scouting locations for the next plant.                                                  bill will reduce the deficit, and      compared to approximately 43            Harmer did not return a call       in Congress.” Garamendi cited
                                                                                                            lower costs, “instead of leaving       percent for Republican candidate     for comment about the election.       his own victory, and a Demo-
      Livermore can feel honored about being home to this                                                                                          David Harmer. The minor party           The national press reported        cratic win in New York in the
  pioneering project. As Mary Nichols said at the ribbon cut-                                               Americans at the mercy of a
                                                                                                            health insurance industry call-        candidates accounted for the         a Republican comeback in the          only other House seat on the
  ting, “This is exactly the kind of win-win situation we are                                                                                      remainder.                           Nov. 3 special elections, based       ballot Nov. 3, as proof that at
                                                                                                            ing the shots and rationing our
  looking for in trying to transform our whole energy economy                                                                                          Garamendi won big in Contra      on victories by Republicans in        the federal level, the Democrats
                                                                                                            health care.”
  away from having to extract, process and import fuels from                                                    As a state legislator, Gara-       Costa County, with 50,724 of         the New Jersey and Virginia gov-      gained ground, not lost it. The
  other parts of the world.”                                                                                mendi was author of more than          his total district vote of 66,852    ernorships. Republican leaders        Democrats had not held the New
                                                                                                            20 health care bills signed into       coming there. Harmer received        saw it as a rejection of the Obama    York seat since four years before
                                                                                                                                                   38,210 votes in Contra Costa, out    administration.                       the Civil War.
                                                                                                            law.                                   of his total of 54,217.                 Garamendi disputed that inter-        The New York Democrat, Bill
                                                                                                                Technically speaking, Ga-              Harmer won in Alameda            pretation. He said that the press     Owens, defeated a conservative
                                                                                                            ramedi’s health care bill vote
                                                                                                                                                   County, which consists primarily     noted that Virginia has chosen        Republican who ran on the Con-
                                                                                                            on Saturday was not his first in       of Livermore and a sliver of Dub-    an opposite-party governor after      servative Party ticket in the 23rd
                                                                                                            Congress. His first vote was for       lin. Harmer received 8039 votes      every change in parties in the        District. The moderate Republi-
(continued from page one)
                                                                                                            a resolution honoring women            to Garamendi’s 6811 votes. The       White House. Generally, it has        can nominee bowed out of the
be needed to treat it. That would                      each one, since as a package, they                   who are military veterans or are
                                                       would sink, she said.                                                                       split was 52 percent for Harmer      been a Republican state, he said.     race, when polling showed that
save Zone 7 some money.                                                                                     currently serving in the armed         and 44 percent for Garamendi.        New Jersey, where incumbent           she was running a distant third.
    Further, with its lower salt                          “Groups supporting the leg-                       forces. He also voted on several
                                                       islation were invited to appear                                                                 Garamendi won the Solano         John Corzine lost by 2 percent-       Although still on the ballot, she
content, the water would have                                                                               minor bills, said an aide.             County portion of the district       age points, is a swing state, said    endorsed Owens, who won by
less impact on the build-up of                         on panels, testify and answer                            Garamendi flew back to
                                                       questions. Groups opposing were                                                             with 9076 votes to Harmer’s          Garamendi.                            about 5000 votes.
salts in the Valley’s underground                                                                           Washington, D.C. Nov. 4, the           7736. In Sacramento County, Ga-         “I think the public wants to
water basin. That is where Zone                        limited to one minute or less of
7 stores its water.                                    public comments. Supervisors
    Zone 7 has built a deminer-                        from the Delta counties were al-
alization plant in Pleasanton,
just to keep the underground salt
content from violating regional
                                                       lowed to combine their time, with
                                                       one supervisor speaking for five
                                                       minutes,” said Buchanan.
                                                                                                            Fiorina Kicks Off No. California
water quality board standards
that regulate discharge of water
into streams that flow into San
                                                          The bills create a big bu-
                                                       reaucracy, said Buchanan. They
                                                       add new authority for the Delta
                                                                                                            Campaign in Pleasanton
Francisco Bay.                                         Protection Commission. It cre-                       By Ron McNicoll                        John Garamendi, have also made       how she would “bridge the gap         performance, and reward the bet-
    Quigley said that if the rec-                      ates the Sacramento-San Joa-                             Pleasanton was the second          appearances before TVBC.             between big business and in-          ter teachers with merit pay. It’s
ommended “dual conveyance”                             quin Delta Conservancy, a Delta                      stop on Senate hopeful Carly               Cities often have a policy of    novators.”                            something that teachers unions
were built, the water hardness                         Stewardship Council with sala-                       Fiorina’s journey toward the Re-       not becoming involved in orga-           “It’s about trying a lot of       traditionally have opposed.
in Zone 7 would be measured at                         ried members, a water-master,                        publican primary last week.            nizations that have partisan po-     things. Some may not work. The            Fiorina said that common
about 100 parts of total dissolved                     an Delta Independent Science                             After kicking off her cam-         litical events. However, the five    focus is on regulatory mandates       sense is imporant in looking at
salts per million parts of water                       Board, and numerous advisory                         paign in Orange County on Nov.         Tri-Valley cities are not members    and taxes. They discourage risk-      government. When she was in
(100 ppm).                                             groups, according to Buchanan.                       4 at a green-tech firm, Fiorina        of TVBC, he said. The contribu-      taking,” said Fiorina. She said       management at AT&T, she read
    At 100 ppm, the water would                           There is also a requirement                       addressed about 160 people who         tions that cities have made to       she would vote to make the cur-       bills that were submitted. There
be similar to that provided to                         that urban water users decrease                      gathered at Goal Line produc-          TVBC have been for specific          rent research and development         simply were errors in them.
most East Bay Municipal Utili-                         their water use by 20 percent by                     tions in Pleasanton on Nov. 6. It      projects that would help business    tax break permanent, which drew       Eventually, she had 90 people
ties District customers.                               2020. Industrial users are to cut                    was her first campaign appear-         development, he said.                some applause.                        checking bills and “saved bil-
    In recent years, government,                       use by 10 percent, with no goals                     ance in northern California.             FIORINA TALKS ABOUT                    “Small companies can do a         lions” for the company.
environmentalist, agricultural in-                     for agricultural users to conserve.                      The event was hosted by the              ENTREPRENEURS                  lot of things better than big ones.            RELIGION OR
terests, and others have huddled                       “Twenty percent of our water                         Tri-Valley Business Council                Fiorina served as CEO at         And big companies can do some                  ECONOMICS?
to come up with a plan to restore                      goes to urban use and 80 percent                     (TVBC). Toby Brink, execu-             Hewlett-Packard for six years,       things better than small ones,”           One questioner asked Fiorina
the Delta’s environmental health.                      o agriculture,” she said.                            tive director of the council, said     the first woman to head a Fortune    she said. Government should           about the Republican Party be-
Urgency was added by a fed-                               There are also bills on water                     that the Fiorina campaign had          20 company. Before that, she had     avoid taxing capital, and should      coming a conservative Christian
eral judge’s order to stop Delta                       rights and groundwater moni-                         “reached out” to TVBC about            a 20-year career at AT&T and         partner more with business in         Party, paying more attention “to
pumping, until a workable plan                         toring, without either adequate                      sponsoring the event.                  Agilent.                             research and development.             morality, and less about creat-
was devised. The stop pumping                          monitoring or environmental                              “They wanted to focus on               A breast cancer survivor,            Asked about tax credits for       ing jobs.” He alluded to former
order was rescinded quickly. The                       enforcement language, she said.                      small business startups, and           Fiorina said that she was ready      investors, Fiorina said, “If you      Missouri Sen. John Danforth, an
five water bills were supposed to                      Warren made the same point                           innovation,” said Brink. Those         to go at the Senate nomination.      hand that out to Wall Street,         ordained Episcopal priest, who
provide the solution.                                  about enforcement.                                   have been the TVBC’s big push          She will face southern California    tell them to use it to help the       raised the same point in his book,
    The bills were sewn together                          Buchanan is critical of the                       over the past couple of years. The     Assemblyman Chuck Devore.            economy grow.”                        “Faith and Politics.”
as a package until almost the                          bond issue, and already is urging                    group started an interactive web           Fiorina gave a set speech,           Livermore school board mem-           Fiorina replied that she sup-
last minute, when they were                            voters to defeat it next Novem-                      site to help entrepreneurs get in      then took audience questions.        ber Anne White said from her au-      ports “diversity. If you ask people
separated for individual votes.                        ber. Traditionally the canals and                    touch with venture capital.            Her talked focused on what she       dience seat that state and federal    today, the No. 1 issue is jobs,
However, legislators still look at                     reservoirs have been paid by                             Brink said that Fiorina’s ap-      thought Congress should do to        government is “over-regulating        and the No. 2 issue is debt. So
them as a package.                                     revenue bonds. This bond would                       pearance, with its election ban-       help business.                       education” with their mandates.       there is common ground. We can
      $11 BILLION BOND                                 be straight from the state treasury,                 ners across the room, clearly was          One example, was her an-             Fiorina said that legislation     make things better for all people
           FOR BALLOT                                  which is obviously already in                        political. However, in no way did      swer to a question from Paul         should be more flexible to al-        in California.” Some in the audi-
    The legislation will allow for                     trouble, said Buchanan.                              it constitute an endorsement of        Pluschkell, CEO and founder of       low a school district to hold         ence applauded.
two new dams in the state and                                                                               her candidacy. He noted that oth-      Spigit in Pleasanton, who asked      teachers accountable for their
put an $11 billion general obli-                                                                            ers, such as newly elected Rep.
gation bond on the ballot next
    The legislation will create
a commission out of the reach
of the Legislature, which will
determine the parameters of en-
                                                        Pleasanton to Look at Growth Management
vironmental health for the Delta.                         Pleasanton will strengthen its                    to be development. Impact fees         example, the council could rein-        Stearn said another approach       will require the rezoning of
However, there is no wording in                        growth management ordinance in                       manage growth by providing a           state the requirement for formal     would be to measure develop-          additional properties in the new
the package that would enforce                         anticipation of the potential loss                   mechanism by which the city            growth management review of          ment based on sustainabilty,          housing element. He wanted to
it, said Ross Warren, water con-                       of its 29,000 unit housing cap.                      can maintain service levels. An        projects, a requirement that was     ranking them for green building,      look at policy that would create a
sultant for Hayashi.                                      The hearing is set for Decem-                     example of performance stan-           dropped in recent years because      etc.                                  more wholistic process of growth
    The bills also will fund some                      ber 18. A ruling is expected in the                  dards is the city’s level of service   the number of units applying was        “It’s a discussion we need to      management.
flood district projects from an                        early part of 2010.                                  for traffic.                           below the allocation threshold of    have,” stated Councilmember              City Manager Nelson Fialho
existing state bond fund. None                            City Attorney Michael Roush                          There are also initiatives in       350 units a year.                    Matt Sullivan.                        said, “The outcome of litiga-
of the money will fund Zone 7                          said the court could set aside the                   place that govern how ridgelands          The council could also amend         Sullivan raised an ongoing         tion may determine how we re-
projects.                                              housing cap. It could say it would                   may or may not be developed.                                                issue, the number of houses as-
                                                                                                                                                   the ordinance to specifically                                              spond.”
    Warren said Hayashi saw                            not set it aside, but have the city                     Stearn suggested the council        reference citywide standards for     signed to Pleasanton as its “fair        City Councilmember Cindy
many things wrong with the
                                                       ask voters to modify the ordi-                       look at reviving some of the           services and infrastructure, such    share.” The council recently re-      McGovern stated, “We need
package. The sentiments were the
same as those expressed in an op-                      nance if they find that it violates                  city’s existing growth manage-         as intersection level of service,    zoned property to put its current     safeguards in place prior to when
ed piece released by Buchanan.                         state law.                                           ment provisions that have not          sewer capacity and water supply,     housing element into compli-          the new housing element is in
    Neither liked the process. It                         Roush said that even if all                       been used in recent years. For         and acres of parklands.              ance. Sullivan said new numbers       place.”
was conducted in secret among                          of the units were built between
the four Assembly and Senate                           now and 2014, the city would
leaders and Schwarzeneggger. It                        be only 277 units over the cap.
was rushed, with some parts of
it available for examination and
discussion for only a few hours.
                                                       “Our argument to the court is that
                                                       that is a small impact on regional
                                                                                                            French Speakers Are Organizing a School
    “If it revamps the entire state’s                     Staff was directed to strength-                   By Ron McNicoll                        required to start the program.       learn their mother tongue and the     Valley.
water supply, maybe having nine                        en and refine the growth manage-                         An effort to organize a French         The French government helps      tradition of French culture.             Pleasanton has several Chi-
months (in the next legislative                        ment ordinance.                                      language and culture after-school      operate the non-profit program,         “Most of the French people         nese academies, and other Asian
session) to reflect, and take in                          Senior Planner Janice Stearn                      program is underway in Pleas-          although there is also an hourly     coming to the Bay Area live on        cultural groups. Also, Spanish
all viewpoints would have been                         said there are existing methods to                   anton.                                 fee paid by the student’s fam-       the Peninsula. Schools have been      speaking families are served
better,” said Warren.                                  control growth Among them are                            Efforts are being led by Merlin    ily. Yamssi is optimistic that the   started quite easily in Mountain      in Pleasanton’s public school
    BUCHANAN CRITICAL                                  the urban growth boundary, land                      Yamssi, who moved to Pleasan-          continuing effort will bring the     View and Burlingame,” said            sector by a regular school day
            OF PROCESS                                 use regulations, development                         ton three years ago from France        Pleasanton school into existence     Yamssi.
    Buchanan, whose district                                                                                                                                                                                                  dual-immersion Spanish and
                                                       impact fees, and performance                         with his family. He left a Sybase      in time for the next school year.       “If we have this kind of pro-      English program at Valley View
includes Livermore and also                            standards.
touches on the Delta, said that no                                                                          installation in France to work at          The organizing effort signed     gram here, maybe others will          elementary school.
                                                          Land use policy controls                          the firm’s offices in Dublin.          up more than 10 non-French           move here, too,” said Yamssi.            Although not enough French
Delta legislator was appointed to
                                                       growth by designating a specific                         The program is part of a           speakers. Non-Francophone               Yamssi’s statement was in          speakers signed up this year, they
the Assembly-Senate conference
committee that worked out the                          amount of land for residential                       world-wide system of French            families are interested and wel-     line with thoughts expressed at       are able to take part in an on-line
bills’ passage. The bills were un-                     development and providing poli-                      schools, which are non-profit and      come, because of their desire to     a Pleasanton seminar two weeks        adaption of the in-person cur-
packaged for purposes of passing                       cies stipulating how the land is                     supported by the French govern-        teach their children the French      ago about the New Economy. A          riculum, said Yamssi. One of the
                                                                                                            ment. Berkeley is the closest city     language and culture.                speaker at the seminar said that      teachers at the Berkeley French
                                                                                                            to the Tri-Valley with a French            The program will offer classes   if Pleasanton wants to recruit        school created the program.
                                                           Publisher: Joan Kinney Seppala                   school, so it’s important to start     twice weekly after school, with      high-tech workers with foreign           The French program, known
                                                         Associate Publisher: David T. Lowell               one in Pleasanton for people in        sessions one and one-half hours      origins, there should be clubs
    (INLAND VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.)                            Editor: Janet Armantrout                                                                                                                                        as French Education in the Bay
                                                                                                            the Tri-Valley, said Yamssi.           long. There would be two groups      or schools in the community, so       Area, has a web page at http://
 The Independent is published every Thursday by Inland Valley Publishing Company, 2250 First St.,
                                                                                                                The effort started during the      of students, based on their French   that the workers’ children can as- For more informa-
 Livermore, CA 94550; (925) 447-8700. Application to Mail at Periodical Postage Prices Pending at the
 Livermore Post Office and additional mailing offices. The Independent is mailed upon request. Go to www.
                                                                                                            summer, which was two months           language skills. The advanced        sociate with kids from their own      tion about the local effort, Yamssi to sign up and for more information. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The           too late, because the school year      group would not serve students       culture. That’s true, the speaker     may be contacted at via e-mail at
 Independent, 2250 First St., Livermore, CA 94550.
                                                                                                            for the program begins in May,         over 11 years old.                   stated, whether the workers are, or by
           Advertising rates and subscription rates may be obtained by calling (925) 447-8700
                         during regular business hours or by fax: (925) 447-0212.                           said Yamssi. Seven French fami-            The intention is for children    coming directly from their native     phone at 413-2872.
                  Editorial information may be submitted by
                                                                                                            lies were signed up, but 10 are        of French families to be able to     lands, or from jobs in Silicon
                                                                                                                                                                                  The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009 - PAGE 5

(continued from page one)
                                                                                                                     (continued from page one)
that were on the eastern edge of                                                                                         McGovern and Sullivan were                                               the task force numbers to 14: two
Pleasanton.                                                                                                                                                 idential property owners within
                                                                                                                     also concerned with wording that       the business park is the fees they    city councilmembers, two plan-
    Councilmember Jerry Thorne                                                                                       allows property owners to apply                                              ning commissioners, five at large,
suggested that the maps make                                                                                                                                pay to Hacienda Business Park
                                                                                                                     for development with “good                                                   four residential property own-
clear which routes go through                                                                                                                               over and above homeowners             ers and one from the Hacienda
                                                                                                                     cause” before the PUD process          association fees. They wanted
Pleasanton. He objected to                                                                                           is completed. They argued that                                               Business Owners association.
them being labeled only quarry                                                                                                                              to discuss whether there would        She didn’t think the apartment
                                                                                                                     property owners would come             be an increase, or even an elimi-
routes.                                                                                                              in at the end of the 12 months,                                              residents should be included.
    The options with the most                                                                                                                               nation of the fees, as a result           The council said that apart-
                                                                                                                     whether the PUD was in place           of what comes out of the PUD
TOD potential included the                                                                                                                                                                        ment buildings should be repre-
                                                                                                                     or not. Sullivan pointed to com-       process.
downtown Livermore stop and                                                                                                                                                                       sented by tenants, not owners or
                                                                                                                     ments made during the public              The various factions in the        managers.
a station at Vasco Road. There                                                                                       hearing to back up that belief.
are two.The first goes down El                                                                                                                              audience tried to convince the            Former Councilmember
                                                                                                                         John Steinbusch, who repre-        council to change staff’s suggest-    Becky Dennis suggested there
Charro, through the quarry and                                                                                       sents owners of the W.P. Carey
into downtown. The second fol-        Future Altamont Corridor Express Visual Simulation                                                                    ed make-up of the task force. As      should be a period of time to
                                                                                                                     site (formerly Shaklee), stated,       approved by the council, the task     educate task force members prior
lows 580 to Vasco Road.                                                                                              “We have been attempting to
    There were three possibilities                                                                                                                          force membership will include         to the time it begins its work.
                                      munity goals and how they match         High-Speed Train System is             move a project forward for five                                                  The council agreed with the
with only one station. One would      with the stations. The final one on                                                                                   two council members, two plan-
                                                                              consistent with the Metropolitan       years. There are vested rights on      ning commissioners, five at-large     proposal. The work of the task
provide for a subway on Portola       Jan. 21 will deal with architecture     Transportation Commission              the property for an office build-                                            force would begin after a “rea-
into the downtown. A second           and design.                                                                                                           representatives appointed by the
                                                                              (MTC) Bay Area Regional Rail           ing. If we choose to pull out of the   council, six Hacienda residents       sonable” education period.
would route the tracks along              HIGH SPEED RAIL                     Plan.                                  process, we would move forward                                                   McGovern wanted some dis-
along 580 to El Charro and end            The California High Speed                                                                                         (including two apartment build-
                                                                                  Some funding will be provid-       with an office building.”              ings), the owners of the three        cussion as to what the holding
at Isabel and Stanley Blvd. The       Rail Authority is beginning a           ed by the San Joaquin Regional             Peter MacDonald spoke for                                                capacity of the park would be.
third would go down 580 ending        study of an Altamont Rail Cor-                                                                                        properties to be studied, and one
                                                                              Rail Commission (operator of           the property owners of another                                               She said there had never been a
at Isabel. These options represent    ridor option. Scoping sessions on                                                                                     representative of the Hacienda        discussion as to whether office
                                                                              the existing ACE service) and          site, BRE. He declared that “good      Business Park Association.
phasing potential, according to       the initial environmental review        additional funds for planning, en-     cause” could be if the task force                                            and commercial zoning would
Bill Hurl, who spoke for BART.                                                                                                                                 In addition to the main task       be reduced if residential building
                                      are underway.                           gineering, and construction will       has not provided guidance within
He said all three had the potential                                                                                                                         force there will be an advisory       were increased.
                                          Dan Leavett from the author-        be pursued from various sources.       one year.
to continue to either Vasco Road                                                                                                                            stakeholder group, which would            Sullivan agreed, “One concept
                                      ity, said that no specific align-       Proposition 1A, approved by                City Manager Nelson Fi-            basically be made up of anyone
or Greenville Road.                   ment had been selected. The             California voters in 2008, lists the                                                                                would be no net increase. These
                                                                                                                     alho suggested adding the word         interested in the process.
    The cost of seven of the routes                                           Altamont Corridor as eligible for                                                                                   properties have some develop-
                                      spur to Livermore would go                                                     “strive” to reach consensus on            BART and trade union rep-          ment allocation. The task force
includes a maintenance yard at a      from Stockton over the Altamont         funding with California’s High-        a plan within12 months. At that
half a billion dollars. There are                                                                                                                           resentatives felt they should be      needs to look at residential im-
                                      to the Tri-Valley, Fremont and          Speed Rail bonds. Also, the State      time a report would be submit-         represented on the task force         pacts. It may be that we have to
also new vehicles needed to make                                              is requesting federal “stimulus”       ted to the council to determine
                                      possibly connect with Caltrain.                                                                                       as well.                              take away some office use.”
sure there is adequate capacity                                               funds per the American Recovery        whether progress was being
                                      The construction timeline would                                                                                          Steinbusch offered the opin-           Fialho said the goal was to
to carry the expected increase in                                             and Reinvestment Act that could        made. The timeline could be
                                      be determined by funding avail-                                                                                       ion that the make-up of the com-      have the task force start its dis-
ridership. Hurl commented that                                                be applied to project planning         extended. Fiahlo stated, “Twelve       mittee did not reflect the business
                                      ability.                                                                                                                                                    cussions with a clean slate.
the last real number of about $1                                              and environmental review.              months is overly optimistic.           park itself. There should be more
                                          He commented that the proj-                                                                                                                                 Sullivan stated, “I didn’t get
billion for the full expansion did                                                The California High-Speed          In reality it will probably take       commercial property owners on         everything I wanted. Not every-
not include the yard, the cost of     ect has the potential to transform
                                                                              Rail Authority and Federal Rail-       longer.”                               the task force. He also argued that   one is getting what they wanted.
new vehicles and assumed that         the existing ACE service into a                                                                                       people with real estate expertise
                                                                              road Administration have agreed            The council also limited the                                             However, this is an opportunity
I-580 would be prepared in ad-        robust intercity and commuter                                                                                         should be part of the process.        for people to make a difference.”
                                                                              to lead a formal environmental         work of the task force to the three
vance for BART.                       service with frequent trains op-                                                                                      “Planning is not like falling off     He urged all those interested to
                                                                              review process under the Califor-      properties near the eastern BART
    Currently, there is about $120    erating in both directions all day                                             station. Staff had suggested there     of a turnip truck,” he stated.        participate in the process “to
                                                                              nia Environmental Quality Act
million available for the project.    long.                                   (CEQA) and National Environ-           may be impacts from the devel-            Deborah Sanders, a residential     make this work.”
Those funds would be used for             The high speed rail trains          mental Policy Act (NEPA). The          opment that the task force would       homeowner, suggested reducing
planning and engineering work.        would not travel at 150 mph as          public scoping meetings will kick      want to study in relation to the
    Hosterman voiced her support      projected in more open areas.           off that process and allow op-         rest of the business park.
for the extension down 580 to         They will travel at 100 mph or          portunities for early community            Director of Community De-
Greenville. “It has the shortest      less.                                   input. Comments also can be sub-       velopment Brian Dolan explained
travel time, the largest number of        ACE TRAIN                           mitted in writing by December          that the idea is to come up with
new riders and it is cheaper. That        A new study will look at trans-     4, 2009 to Dan Leavitt, Deputy         a plan that incorporates good de-
makes sense to me.”                   forming the Altamont Commuter           Director, California High-Speed        sign and affordability that would         (Opinions voiced in letters        it is important that those who are
    No other member of the policy     Express (ACE) into a modern-            Rail Authority, Attn: Altamont         do well in the market place.           published in Mailbox are those        still living know how much we
group expressed a preference.         ized system with faster, more fre-      Corridor Rail Project, 925 L               The task force will look at the    of the author and do not neces-       appreciate the commitment and
Supervisor Scott Haggerty sug-        quent, and more reliable intercity      Street, Suite 1425, Sacramento,        intensity and location of land use     sarily reflect the opinion of The     love he and his fellow veterans
gested that staff rank the alter-                                                                                    and its potential impacts on city      Independent. Letter Policy: The       had for our country.
                                      passenger rail service and better       CA 95814, via fax (916) 322-
natives on the basis of negatives                                                                                                                           Independent will not publish              Thank you, Dad and all vet-
                                      regional connections. The trip          0827, via email at comments@           services and infrastructure, such
and positives. He also felt that                                                                                                                            anonymous letters, nor will it        erans for your service. We ac-
                                      from Stockton to San Jose, which, or through the website     as traffic and schools. It will also   publish letters without names.
the ridership projections were                                                                                                                                                                    knowledge you and the almost
                                      now takes over 2 hours on ACE,            address quality of life issues such    Frequent letter writers may have
too low.                                                                                                                                                                                          7,000 soldiers that died in the line
                                      could be cut to about 1 hour.                                                  as noise and parks.                    publication of their letters de-      of duty from the 2nd Air Division.
    The numbers are based on cur-         Diesel locomotive-hauled                                                       One of the main issues for res-
rent land use designations. They                                                                                                                            layed.)                               For more information on the 2nd

                                      trains could be replaced with                                                                                                                               Air Division, and the Heritage
do not include the potential for
increased development around
                                      state-of-the-art electric trains that                                                                                 Thanking a Veteran                    League of the Second Air Divi-
                                      are faster, cleaner and greener.        (continued from page one)                                                     Irene, Chris, Barb and Rose           sion (USAAF) please visit www.
the stations.                         The study will look at a pro-                                                                                         Livermore                   
    Dennis Fay of MTC stated          posed system that would allow                                                                                             On this 2009 Veterans Day,
                                                                          Southern California.                           Assistant superintendent Mike
that perhaps going down I-580 to
subway Portola, then downtown
                                      quick intercity trips between          “We are in this business to             Martinez will serve as interim su-     we would like to honor the men        BART to Livermore
                                      regions, commuter access to job     serve districts, communities, and          perintendent until a replacement       and women of the Eighth Air           Robert S. Allen
and on to Vasco Road would                                                                                                                                  Force, 2nd Air Division of WWII       Former BART Director
                                      centers, and easy connections to    children, and for no other rea-            is found. Assistant superinten-
provide an alternative where “we                                                                                                                            stationed in East Anglia, England     Livermore
                                      local transit systems, BART and     son,” said Cosca. “I believe the           dent Kelly Bowers and executive
get all the benefits.” While this                                                                                                                           flying B24’s and the support              For BART to Livermore, I
                                      California’s High-Speed Train       most important thing we bring is           director of fiscal services Susan
option was not studied specifi-                                                                                                                             crews with a special honor go-        strongly favor alternative 4, at
                                      network.                            a focused process. We will ask             Kinder will also assume some
cally, all of the routes mentioned                                                                                                                          ing to our dad Albert Biel of Los     grade in a widened I-580 median
                                          Public input is being invited   you what makes this a wonderful            of Miller’s duties in the interim.
are included in the EIR.                                                                                                                                    Banos and Livermore, CA. He is        to Isabel. It is by far the least
                                      to help identify potential routes   District and how it can become             Miller has also agreed to consult
    Public hearings on the draft                                                                                                                            a true example of what the “great-    costly, involving little earth or
                                      and stations for this proposed      better. From the answers to those          on an as-needed basis with the         est generation” is all about. Our
EIR will be held at 2 p.m. Nov.                                                                                                                                                                   structural work and almost no
                                      rail project in an area extending   two questions, we’ll determine             interim superintendent, new            dad, Bert, a member of the 453rd
18 in the Livermore City Council                                                                                                                                                                  adverse environmental impacts.
                                      from Stockton to San Jose via       what kind of superintendent you            superintendent, and Board of           Bomb Group (as was Jimmy              It is easily accessible to most
Chambers and Dec. 2 at 6 p.m.
                                      the Altamont Pass. Station stops    need.”                                     Education.                             Stewart), flew 35 missions over       of Livermore in the direction of
at the Robert Livermore Com-
                                      along the way could be located         The Cosca Group will also                   For a year after placement,        Europe and Germany. Members           travel. It is also easily accessible
munity Center.
                                                                          meet with any groups designated            The Cosca Group will provide           of his crew thanked him for get-      to travelers on I-580 and SR 84.
    The comment period for the        in Tracy, the Livermore / Pleas-
                                                                          by the Board and go through this           counseling and coaching to the         ting them all safely back to base         Funding planned for ACE
EIR ends Dec. 21, 2009. Writ-         anton area, the Fremont / Union     same process. They will share all          new superintendent at no addi-         and home again. He was young          would far better be used to extend
ten comments can be submitted         City area, and Milpitas. Later a    of the information they collect            tional cost. Cosca told the Board      and did his job, never talking        BART later over the Altamont
to BART Planning Department,          branch out to Modesto may also      with the Board at a public meet-           that in 10 years of business, not      much about his experience after       to the Central Valley. It would
300 Lakeside Dr., Oakland, CA         be a possibility.                   ing in which they will review              one of the superintendents placed      he came back. Although dad will       serve many more people far bet-
94612, attn: Malcom Quint or to           With top speeds on the Al-                                                                                        tell you that the true heroes are
                                                                          the questions again and make               by The Cosca Group is in trouble                                             ter at less cost than what is being             tamont Corridor at 150 miles per                                                                                      the guys who never came home,
                                                                          changes as necessary. “That                or has left a position except to                                             proposed with ACE.
    STATION WORKSHOPS                 hour or higher, the project would   becomes your brochure,” said               retire.
    Livermore is taking input         be compatible with the California   Cosca. “All 32 members of The                  At the Nov. 3 meeting, former
on the development of the five        High-Speed Train system, which      Cosca Group will then work on              trustee Tom McLaughlin ques-
potential stations. They are at       will operate at up to 220 mph       recruiting a person who meets              tioned if the District should spend
Isabel and 580, Isabel and Stan-
                                      in the Central Valley. This will    those characteristics.”                    nearly $30,000 when it is facing
ley, downtown Livermore, Vasco
                                      provide greater flexibility and        The first phase of the search,          a $6 million deficit. “You need to
Road and Greenville Road.
                                      potential for joint-use of the rail which includes creating the                look at the money going out,” he
    They will all be held from
                                      corridor.                           job description and actively               said. “It leaves us far less money
6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Shrine
                                          The development of the Al-      recruiting candidates, will take           for the students in this District.
Event Center, Livermore. The
                                      tamont Corridor Rail Project as     approximately three months.                The passage of Measure M and
first is Nov. 12. This will be a
                                      a complement to the Statewide       Screening applicants and con-              the $1 million still left from Mea-
presentation on TOD. The second
                                                                          ducting background checks will             sure D shows what we have in
on Dec. 10 will focus on com-
                                                                          take three weeks. Interviewing             this District. You should consider
                                                                          candidates, conducting site visits,        the members who are working
Pleasanton Selects                                                        and negotiating the contract will
                                                                          take another five weeks. Based
                                                                                                                     well. Please don’t look outside
                                                                                                                     before you look inside.”
New City Attorney                                                         on this timeline, a new superin-
                                                                          tendent could be hired by April
                                                                                                                         When Miller was hired in
                                                                                                                     2003, the District did not use a
                                      of the legal challenges facing of 2010.                                        recruiting firm.
    The City of Pleasanton has
selected Jonathan Lowell to take      California cities in his role as
over the post of city attorney.       the incoming 2011 President of
    Lowell will assume the re-        the League of California Cities
sponsibilities of Michael Roush,      City Attorney Department,” she
who recently retired after serving    added.
as City Attorney for the past 21          In his position as Pleasanton’s
years.                                city attorney, Lowell will oversee
    Lowell comes from the City        a legal department that handles
of San Luis Obispo, where he has      the city’s contractual, regula-
served as city attorney since 2003.   tory, and litigation matters that
Prior to that he worked in private    typically include open meeting
practice with the San Francisco       and public records laws; con-
law firm of Curiale, Dellaverson,     flicts of interest; land use and
Hirschfield, Kraemer & Sloan.         environmental laws; claims and
Lowell was also the city attorney     litigation; municipal elections;
for the City of San Bruno, and        employment and labor relations;
an assistant city attorney for the    code enforcement, and other
cities of Livermore and Hayward.      legal matters.
He received his J.D. from Hast-           “I look forward to working
ings College of Law and holds         with my peers in the City of
a B.S. from the University of         Pleasanton, which has an excel-
California, Berkeley.                 lent reputation as a well managed
    “After a comprehensive search     city. I was drawn to the collabora-
to fill this vital position, we are   tive approach that the City takes
confident that Jonathan Lowell        to community issues and look
exceeds the rigorous criteria for     forward to becoming a part of
the position of City Attorney. He     that effort”, says Lowell.
is well versed in land use issues,        Lowell was born and raised
negotiations, CEQA actions, and       in Alameda County and looks
the full range of legal and admin-    forward to returning to the area
istrative proceedings that we are     where his parents and family live.
presented with in Pleasanton”,        He currently resides in San Luis
notes Mayor Jennifer Hosterman.       Obispo and plans to relocate to
“Jonathan brings the additional       this area.
benefit of a statewide overview
PAGE 6 - The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

                                                                                                                                                                                                        BUSC U12 Premier battled the Union City Diablos to a 2-2 tie.Union
                                                                                                                                                                                                        City scored first, but their lead did not last long as Carsen Paynter fed
                                                                                                                                                                                                        a perfect ball to Tylor Silva who scored with a patient slow rolling toe
                                                                                                                                                                                                        poke. Ballistic took the lead shortly thereafter as Tylor Silva played a
                                                                                                                                                                                                        brilliant ball up to Nathan Esparza who took the ball wide, then scored
The Pleasanton Ballistic United Soccer Club (BUSC) U19 Select                                       Second-place U12B Livermore Elite Hurricanes, Sonoma                                                on a far post beauty. In spite of a couple of saves by keeper Omeed Ziari,
pictured are (left to right, front) Jonathan Ramirez, Brian Bui,                                    Halloween Classic Tournament                                                                        and outstanding defensive pressure by Chudi Atuegbu and Mitchell
Jason Scott, Albert Lin, Brandon Lee; (second row) Jared                                                                                                                                                Wilson, the Diablos scored the equalizer in the second half.
Chinn, Cory Beck, Jason Teague, Brian Hu, Troy Stetson, Alex
Caravan; (third row) Josh Cho, Steven Gilbert, Tyler Copeman,
Niko Lecco, Daniel Pittenger, Jaymi Van Dam, Brodie Roberts,
Coach Ed Lecco

                                                                                                    The Pleasanton BUSC U16 Select team celebrates after a 3-2
                                                                                                    victory over the Newark Rebels on Sunday at Val Vista to clinch
                                                                                                    the league title and remain undefeated. Pictured are (from left
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Pleasanton Rage Grey U9 clinched its first-place victory in
                                                                                                    back row) Coach Joe Carlucci, Joe Lee, Nick Bayley, Brandon
                                                                                                                                                                                                        the Nor Cal Premier Bronze Girls Division with its 2-0 win on
                                                                                                    Cohen, Randy Copeman, Hunter Meurrens, Cameron Baker, Jake
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Saturday against the Montclair Soccer Club (MSC) Clippers.
                                                                                                    Lorentz, Tyler Mende, and Miguel Nino; (front row) Jared Shofi,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Pleasanton team, composed of first-time competitive
                                                                                                    Eric Brooks, Chandler Bullock, Lukas Moses, Frank Morley and
The Pleasanton Rage U16AC captured 1st place in league when                                                                                                                                             players, ended its regular season undefeated after playing nine
                                                                                                    Abe Barrera. Not pictured, Yashar Behnam.
they finished the season with a decisive 4-1 win over the WCC                                                                                                                                           games.
FC Eclipse. Pictured are team members.

All Valley Divers                                   Delnevo stripped the ball from a Saint runner
                                                    and dashed 40 yards for another touchdown
                                                                                                    behind the offensive line of Sean Flynn, Cal
                                                                                                    Parrella, Chris Bush, and Steven Zaballos as
                                                                                                                                                      dinals 36, Giants 28: In what turned out to
                                                                                                                                                      be the game of the year, the Cardinals out-
                                                                                                                                                                                                        stuffed the Cardinals running attempt. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Cards then kicked off, and speedy Giants
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and dove into the end zone, stretching the ball
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        over the flag from 10 yards out. The Giants
     All Valley Divers competed in the Sher-
man Fun Meet in Lafayette, on Saturday,             to put the Redskins up 18-7. The scoring        well as tight ends Ramsey, Kent Nakano, and       lasted the Giants in the LJFL championship        running back Timothy Harris started down        then controlled the 3rd quarter by pounding
November 7. Sixteen divers participated             spree was capped off by an Isaiah Harris 22     Alex Zwingle.                                     football game, taking home the title with a       the right sideline was never touched on his     the ball inside with both Harris and fullback
in the Future Champions and JO meet. The            yard touchdown run, which was followed                                                            hard fought 36 - 28 victory. The scoring of       way to an 85 yard kickoff return. Harris's      Jay Garay getting 4 - 5 yards a carry up the
                                                    by an extra point conversion catch by tight                                                       the game was back and forth as each team          run around end put the Giants up 16 - 6 to
team brought home six first place medals,
five second place and two third place medals        end Kyler Ramsey. The last touchdown            Livermore Jr. Football                            executed their offense with both power            end the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter started
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        middle. A Harris touchdown put the Giants
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        up 22 - 20. The Cardinals came right back
                                                    was set up by an interception by defensive           The Livermore Junior Football League         running and great passing. The Cardinals          with Soltis taking the kickoff and returning    in the 4th quarter when Soltis ran around the
along with other numerous accomplishments                                                           crowned two champions on Saturday night.
in the 1 meter springboard meet.                    back and Anthony Irizarry. On defense, Sean                                                       received the opening kickoff and on their first   it 29 yards, giving the Cards good field        left sideline for a 46 yard touchdown run,
                                                    Flynn, Sam Higuera, Brian Delnevo, Jake         The Dolphins took the Advanced Division           play from scrimmage, fumbled the handoff.         position at the 45. Quarterback Curtis Wig-     putting the Cards up 28 - 22. The blocking
     In the Future Champions (Novice) divi-                                                         title with a convincing 18 to 0 victory over
sion, AVD divers scored extremely well,             Wilgus, and Sean Thomas all had tackles                                                           The Giants' Conner Cruz picked up the             gington took control by handing the ball to     of Paynter, Kaipo Bradanini, Kevin Hayes
                                                    for a loss of yardage in the contest. Aaron     the Ravens. In the most exciting game of          fumble, and ran 25 yards for the touchdown.       the backs, and connecting timely passes to      and Nick Penrod allowed the play to get
some participating in their first meet: Level                                                       the season, the Cardinals scored in the final
1: AnneMaria Hancock (82.30 pts) – 7th              Banks, Craig Lager and Drew Novak, and                                                            Quarterback Greg Plantenga then found a           both Soltis and Dearborn out of the backfield   to the outside with a good inside seal. The
                                                    Konner Mass were instrumental in contain-       seconds of regulation to beat the Giants, 36 to   wide open James Wilker in the corner of           for big gains. Solti's 1 yard plunge put the    only problem for the Cardinals was that
place, Darby Culver (80.60 pts)– 9th place,                                                         28, in the Senior Division championship.
Allison NG (50.50 pts) – 10th place. Level          ing the Saint running game with agressive                                                         the end zone to give the Giants a 8 - 0 lead.     Cardinals back in the game by the score of      the Giants offense wasn't done yet. After
                                                    tackling. Cornerbacks Jordan Gilham and              The 49ers and Jets won the consolation       The Cardinals then took over their next           16 - 14. The Cardinals defense then came        another Cardinal fumble, the Giants drove
2: Isabelle Norton (137.00 pts) – 1st place,                                                        games over the Raiders and Saints, respect-
Kelsie Ballas (105.00 pts) – 6th place. Level       Jacob Blair kept the air attack in check with                                                     possession and started running the ball off       up big behind the play of linebackers Jacob     down the field to tie the game at 28 apiece.
                                                    solid coverage. The offense was effective       fully. LJFL's All-Star games will be played       tackle with Casey Soltis and Ryan Dearborn.       Benavidez, Colten Paynter and defensive         The Cardinals Bo Carter and Travis Adams
4: Tory Kruger (152.45 pts) – 2nd place, Jaime                                                      on Saturday night, November 14 at Granada
Gray (142.00 pts) – 3rd place.                      throughout the game using a balanced attack                                                       Fullback Trevor Escover, subbing for the          linemen Leroy Williams, Billy Henderson         were able to get to Plantenga to force an
                                                    led quarterback and field general Max Sand-     High School at 5 and 7 p.m. Here are the          sick Chopper Bradley, took the handoff and        and Jeffrey Brinkley, forcing the Giants to     errant throw on the 2 point conversion try,
     In the JO (Junior Olympics) events, div-                                                       game highlights:
ers scored well in their respective age groups:     erson. The Redskin running back tandem of                                                         ran 9 yards for the touchdown. The 2 point        punt. The Cardinals went into the half with     keeping the game tied. The Cardinals offense
                                                    Harris and Irizarry found ample running room         Senior Division Championship: Car-           conversion was unsuccessful as the Giants         a 20 - 16 lead when Dearborn took the toss      then got into the huddle, and with 75 yards to
Age 9 and under: Jaydin Briggs (94.45 pts)
– 2nd place. Age 10-11: Lottie Goddard
(169.90 pts) – 1st place, Anatoly Nazarov
(154.80 pts) – 1st place, Natasha Sondeno
(162.40 pts) – 2nd place. Age 12-13: Anthony
Epshteyn (207.30 pts) – 1st place. Age 14-15:
Haley Brott (233.40 pts) – 3rd place. Age
16-18: Cody Huntington (316.30 pts) – 1st
place, Melissa Parker (298.40 pts) – 1st place,
Lauren Jesse (256.80 pts) – 2nd place.
     All Valley Divers is a springboard dive
club coached by Monte Young. The team
holds practice at the San Ramon Olympics
Aquatic facility.

Livermore AquaCowboys
    The Livermore AquaCowboys (LAC)
competed over the weekend in the Terrapin
Senior Meet held in Concord.
    New Best Times were achieved by Evan
Carlo in his 50 Free with a time of 23.16
and his 100 Breast with a time of 1:03.63.
Andrew Hayes earned a New Best Time in his
100 Fly with a time of 1:00.17. Nina Hayes
earned a New Best Time in her 50 Free with
a time of 24.92. Katie Kulp earned a New
Best Time in her 200 Breast with a time of
2:41.88. Patrick Kulp earned a New Best
Time in his 100 Free with a time of 57.68 and
his 100 Back with a time of 1:05.09. Shelby
Swanson earned a New Best Time in her 50
Free with a time of 27.14.
    Evan Carlo earned a Junior National
Time in his 200 Back and Nina Hayes
earned Junior National Times in her 50 Free
and 100 Back.
    Nina Hayes placed 1st in the 50 Free
and 2nd in the 200 Free and 100 Back.
Andrew Hayes placed 8th in the 50 Free
and Evan Carlo placed 10th in the 200 Back
and 50 Free.

Pleasanton Jr. Football
     Pleasanton Junior Football League saw
the Broncos take the championship in the
Intermediate Division.
     The Broncos defeated the Raiders 27-6.
The Broncos scored within five minutes of
play thanks to quick footwork by Napoleon
Kaufman who cut his way through the Raid-
ers’ defense for a TD. Cory Barrios ran for
the extra point and a 7-0 lead. The defense
held off the Raiders through the rest of the
quarter with key tackles by Luke Spiller,
Jake Massie, Sam Tarasow and Nick Massie.
The Raiders pushed down the field early in
the second and ultimately scored, but the
Broncos D-line stopped the Raiders’ PAT.
The Raiders threatened to score again after
a Bronco fumble on the kickoff, but tackles
by Andrew Lambert and a sack by Alex
Lazzereschi shut them down.
     What the Broncos needed was a break
out play and that’s exactly what Barrios
delivered. Blocks by Alex Narvani, Ashwin
Anand, Cameron Beck, Colby Gilbert, Craig
Gin, Jordan Reed and Saketh Gurram gave
Barrios a clear shot into the end zone. The
Raiders then blasted their way toward their
goal in the last minutes of the half. With just
3.3 seconds left, their hurry-up play to score
was stopped by Spiller and Barrios.
     The defense kept the Raiders’ from
gaining much with their first possession due
to tackles by Alex Omo and Alex Crepeau.
Kaufman broke out with a 65 yard TD run
thanks to excellent blocking by Barrios.
Ronnie Jones’ pass to Kaufman got the PAT
for a 21-6 lead. Key stops by Frankie Banks,
Nick Massie and Deangelo Ty held off the
Raiders for the rest of the third. With 4:17 left
to play, the Raiders’ went for a long pass, but
Lambert deflected the ball. A tackle by Ryan
Jenkins-Wilburn and Jake Massie stopped
a breakaway run, and Ty and “Lazz” halted
a first down. In the final minutes, Jones’
launched a pass that landed perfectly in the
hands of Bergman for a 35 yard TD. Though
the PAT was stopped and the Raiders took
over, tackles by Omo and Spiller ended the
game with a 27-6 Bronco win.
     The Sr. Division Redskins ended their
2009 season with a resounding 25-15 victory
over the Saints in the game for 3rd place.
The Redskins trailed 7-6 heading into the 4th
quarter but erupted for 3 touchdowns in 7
minute span en route to the win. The defense
was the key as they forced 3 turnovers, all
of which were turned into touchdowns. The
rally started when Isaiah Harris recovered
a fumble at the Saint 18 yard line. 2 plays
later quarterback Max Sanderson rolled out
and connected with Connor Caspersen on a
10 yard touchdown pass. On the ensuing
Saint possession Redskin linebacker Brian
                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009 - PAGE 7

                                                                           go, and a little over 2 minutes to work with,
                                                                           started to mix it up on offense. A couple of
                                                                           runs by Soltis and Dearborn, followed by
                                                                           Wiggington completing 2 third down passes,
                                                                           the Cards were able to get a couple of needed
                                                                           first downs. The Cardinals were down to
                                                                           only a couple of seconds left on the clock
                                                                           when Soltis took a toss from Wiggington,
                                                                           and getting good pass protection from Kyle
                                                                           Constable and Chase Rochin, found an open
                                                                           Paynter streaking across the deep middle for
                                                                           a 45 yard touchdown with only 4 seconds
                                                                           left on the clock, giving the Cardinals a 36
                                                                           - 28 win. Also having a good game for the
                                                                           Cards were corner backs Jacob Torres, Garren
                                                                           Groeniger and safety Bailey Wirth. Receiver
                                                                           Garret Torres played a great game on offense
                                                                           by providing some key blocks to free the
                                                                           running backs of the Cardinals.
                                                                                Advanced Division Championship:
                                                                           Dolphins 18, Ravens 0: The Dolphins played
                                                                           the Ravens in the Championship game for
                                                                           the Advanced division. The Dolphins beat
                                                                           the Ravens with an 18-0 score. The Ravens
                                                                           started out strong with a huge run by Kevin
                                                                           Garcia but Tyler Gonzales had an incred-
                                                                           ible tackle to stop his probable touchdown.
                                                                           Brandon Untalan had another fantastic game
                                                                           by scoring first for the Dolphins with an 86
                                                                           yard touchdown run! The offense was on fire
                                                                           with Untalan carrying the ball for another 11
                                                                           and 4 yard run. Quarterback Jason Frost had
                                                                           an 11 yard QB sneak and then he completed
                                                                           a perfect pass to Bryce Disbrow for a 59
                                                                           yard reception. Untalan capped off the 1st
                                                                           half with another 14 yard run. The Dolphins
                                                                           came out strong in the 2nd half with Frost
                                                                           running for another 11 yards, and Untalan
                                                                           rushing for 39 yards. The Dolphins scored                                                                                                                                 Photo - Doug Jorgensen
                                                                           again with Untalan scoring on a 6 yard run.
                                                                           Scott Plantenga played phenomenal defense
                                                                                                                              Amador Valley High School defeated the Livermore Cowboys 34-7 in EBAL action last Friday.
                                                                           this game by making 5 tackles this game and        The start of the game was delayed to repair a leaning goal post. In the photo, Amador’s Codey
                                                                           also an interception in the 2nd half where he
                                                                           ran for 24 yards! This led to another Dolphin
                                                                                                                              Heidebrecht (51) leads the way for running back Dalton Turay (33). Next for Amador is a battle with
                                                                           touchdown, this time with Disbrow running          crosstown rival, Foothill Falcons. Livermore will take on Granada High in the season finale.
                                                                           10 yards for the touchdown. The defense had
                                                                           another fantastic game with many players
                                                                           contributing. Will Mohler had a huge tackle
                                                                           in the 2nd half along with great kicks during      when mid-fielder Kayla Bautista won control        header. Ashley Jenezon scored goal #3 when        first-place victory in the Nor Cal Premier
                                                                           this game. Ronnie Hahlbeck played great            of the ball and passed back to fullback Patti      she sent a rocket into the far post from 15       Bronze Girls Division with its 2-0 win on
                                                                           defense with 2 tackles and a deflected pass.       Norcross who sent a long shot from the right       yards out! The final goal was scored on a PK      Saturday against the Montclair Soccer Club
                                                                           Tyler Huggins had another great defensive          side that bounced in front of and over the         when Charlee Garcia placed the ball low and       (MSC) Clippers. The Pleasanton team,
                                                                           game with 6 tackles, along with Jack Lutz,         goalie into the goal. Fullback Claire Hickel       hard just out of the keepers reach. Rage’s        composed of first-time competitive play-
                                                                           with 5 tackles. QB Frost switched to defense       then followed with a nice defensive stop of        forwards Erin O’Loughlin and Cassie Scrog-        ers, ended its regular season undefeated
                                                                           later in the game and contributed greatly with     a CV breakaway to maintain the lead. Rage          gins had great games by constantly pressuring     after playing nine games. In the first half
Rage U11 Premier Goalie Juliet Allen was phenomenal against                a tackle and an interception this game. Eric       scored the 2nd goal when Kayla Bautista beat
                                                                                                                              a defender 1V1 on the right side and sent a
                                                                                                                                                                                 the Eclipse defense, while midfielders Olivia
                                                                                                                                                                                 Zhu, Megan Ash, Erin Schoendiesnt, Jillian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of Saturday’s home game, combinations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of Rage Grey forwards Lilly Fehrmann,
the Livermore Rampage in a 1-1 battle of the two teams.                    Meeks had his usual great game assisting in
                                                                           many tackles and also contributing rushing         shot that hit the cross bar, bouncing straight     Beck, and Marissa Victor did a fantastic          Holly Judson, Karin McCarty, Leila Shafi,
                                                                           yards on the offense. James Pryor, Izaiah          down, where forward Courtney Seams used            job distributing the ball. The stout defense      and Kaitlyn Sweeney, pressed hard, but
                                                                           Casillas, and Daniel Pryor also played a           her body to finish it off. This was Courtney’s     of Lindsay Rigel, Molly Rowse, Stephanie          came up scoreless. Rage Grey midfielders
                                                                           great game for the Dolphins. The Dolphins          7th goal and Kayla’s 13th goal assist of the       Little kept WCC’s offense at bay, while           Delaney Soble and Sarah Mirr supported
                                                                           ended the season undefeated.                       season. Castro Valley bounced back with a          keeper Shannon Easley came up with some           the offensive play by keeping the ball in
                                                                                Senior Division Consolation: Jets 20,         PK goal after a Rage fullback handball in the      great saves for the win. Each player battle       the Clippers’ half of the field. Goalkeeper
                                                                           Saints 8: With the Saints hungry for a win,        box. The game ended with CV attacking, but         hard every game this season. Top Offensive        Ellen Ebbers solidified her season record
                                                                           the Jets would have to play hard. The Jets         Goalie Nikki Costello blocked the shot and         Players: Abigail Moore Haley Paxton Alexa         of zero goals scored against her. Fired up
                                                                           offensive go-to guys, Cole Partington and          fullback Olivia Deutschman cleared it out to       Espinosa Ashley Jenezon Charlee Garcia;           from a half-time break pep talk by coaches
                                                                           Jacob Shinnick were pumped up and ready            seal the win. Top Offensive Players: Courtney      Top Defensive Players: Olivia Zhu Marissa         Dan Soble and Dave Judson, Rage Grey
                                                                           to run. However, the Saints defense put up         Seams, Patti Norcross, Kayla Bautista; Top         Victor Jillian Beck Erin Schoendiesnt             took the opening kick off. Addyson Mapes,
                                                                           a fight, not allowing a first down. The Jets       Defensive Players: Olivia Deutschman,                   Rage White U-12 team beat the Mustang        Shafi and Ebbers dribbled and passed up the
                                                                           “D” had plenty of pounding and pouncing            Lindsay Curlett, Claire Hickel.                    Courage, 1-0. The goal came in the second         field, taking a shot on goal that was blocked
                                                                           to go around. Keith Tyser, Jason Silva,                 The Pleasanton Rage U19 division              half of the game. Center-Mid Hanna Mallie         by the Clippers’ keeper, only to come loose
                                                                           Derek Lennier, Matthew Calcagno, Isaiah            3 team takes 1st in the league for the third       put it in the net for the Rage. The Rage De-      in the penalty box where Fehrmann tapped
                                                                           Mendez, Sam Ogee and Corbin Cofer all              consecutive season. It was an impressive           fense, lead by Kennedy Truex, Megan Martin,       it in for the game’s first goal. A few minutes
                                                                           contributed to a great effort in delaying a        season of outstanding accomplishments.             and Lisa DeFeo played an awesome game             later, Shafi wove in and out of the defense
                                                                           Saints touchdown. Late in the first quarter,       Undefeated in league with a record of 9 wins,      not letting many balls touch goalie Bryanna       to score the second goal. The Clippers were
                                                                           the Saints get on the board and converted          0 losses and 1 tie, their season wrapped up        Schriber's hand. The Rage passing game was        determined not to let Rage Grey continue to
                                                                           the extra points. In another series, the Jets      with 6 shutout victories, 31 goals while only      a symphony to see. Lead by Heather Jackson,       press, but their shots never found their target
                                                                           proved to be effective in getting through          allowing 6 goals against. In addition to 1st       Nicole Tsuno, Sadie Moore, Mildreth Gil,          through strong defensive play by second-half
                                                                           and around the Saints defense on the first         in league the Rage U19 team also took 1st in       and Maggie Kilday. Top Offensive Players:         goalie McCarty, and defenders Eknoor Kaur,
                                                                           two plays. On 3rd down, Cole Partington            the Benicia Fall Classic in September where        Christina Echavia, MacKenzie Bammer; Top          Quincy Kumfert, Julianna Pereira, and Grace
                                                                           got into the end zone. A penalty erased the        they served up three more shutout victories.       Defensive Players: Bella Villafuerte.             Skinner. Pleasanton Grey finishes its season
                                                                           score. Jacob Shinnick ran the ball for a 1st       Top Offensive Players: Casey Curtis, Niki               The Pleasanton Rage U16D3 Orange             with seven wins, two ties and zero losses.
                                                                           down, setting up the next big play. Cole           Gotelli, Hailey Johnson, Ellie Kim, Chelsea        team capped off a strong league season with       The team heads to Sacramento on Nov. 14
                                                                           next runs in for a touchdown. The Jets “D”         Loewenstein, Celia Ochoa, Sara Quero, Ken-         a hard-fought 3-1 victory over their fellow       and 15 for State Cup.
                                                                           comes in and shuts down the Saints as they         dall Ready, Phoebe Santos, Alyse Terschuren,       Rage U16D3 White on Sunday at Val Vista.               Rage Division 4
                                                                           turnover the ball on downs. The Jets offense       Madelaine Weber; Top Defensive Players:            The White got on the board first with Nayo             Under-14: Vortex 2, Tornadoes 1: Cas-
                                                                           would maintain possession the rest of the          Emma Caswell, Nicole Estorga, Caylee               Clinchard receiving a free kick at about 40       sidy Holmes stepped up right away to attempt
                                                                           2nd quarter. Jacob Storti completed a 35           Heller, Nicole Skubic, Mariette Souppe,            yards and beating the Orange defense for the      a goal from right side. Alexa Hansen closed
                                                                           yd pass to Jacob Shinnick. Then he ran the         Susie Styles, Alex Villanueva.                     initial goal. Katey Cloonan answered 5 min-       in again but the goalie stopped it quickly.
                                                                           to the 10 yd line on a QBK. With 3 seconds              Pleasanton Rage U12 Premier team              utes later driving home a rebound. Although       Handball gives Karah Paul a free kick that
                                                                           left the half, Storti completed a touchdown        played the Mustang Outlaws in an evenly            much of the game was played on the White's        she precisely slammed in past goalie to
                                                                           pass to a leaping Jacob Shinnick. The Jets         matched game that ended in a 1-0 loss due          side of the field, White goalie Tara Shreve       score the first goal. Juliet Logan and Sophie
                                                                           went into halftime with a 4 point lead, Jets       to a shot that richocheted off of a Pleasanton     did an excellent job denying the Orange who       Hudson battled for possession and sent the
                                                                           12, Saints 8. The Jets offense blasted through     player resulting in a goal for Danville. The       took over 30 shots on goal including 17 in the    ball to Cassidy for another attempt. Alex
                                                                           as Cole Partington and Jacob Shinnick took         game was nearly tied when Sophie Santos            first half as the period came to a close with a   Sanchez came in on defense and captures
                                                                           turns on the run. Several 1st downs would          made a shot on goal that just missed the upper     1-1 score. Strong defense by the Orange, led      the to ball, allowing Maddie Gallagher and
                                                                           get the Jets into good field position, but the     part of the net. With the exception of the fluke   by stalwarts Megan Smart, Madison Nethery,        Isabelle Adams to move forward. Priyanka
                                                                           Saints were able to stop Cole and force the
                                                                           Jets to turnover the ball. The Jets “D” broke      goal, keeper Sophia Brown was amazing in           and Autumn Whitney limited the White of-          Davar is able stop the ball from going out
                                                                           down the Saints, steamrolling their runners        her defense of the net. She was assisted by        fense for the remainder of the game. With         and passed it to Izzy who lobbed it to the
                                                                           and finally putting an end to the hopes of         the strong defense of Jasmine Dessouky, Eilis      about 10 minutes remianing, midfielder Mary       goalie. Pri outran the opposition again to
                                                                           them scoring. The Jets took advantage of           Hegarty and Hannah McGillivray as well as          Gruen lofted a shot from a crowd 15 yards         prevent future scoring by opposition. Maddie
                                                                           their speed in Cole Partington as he got the       the impressive play of Santos, Malissa Shadle      out that just squeezed under the crossbar         Jackson as goalie has some nice long kicks
                                                                           ball and ran past the Saints for 90 yds into       and Brookey Villanueva.                            for the winning goal. Cloonan scored her          that allows Cassidy to center the ball and
                                                                           the end zone. The Jets “D” start defending              In their second game under the lights,        second goal several minutes later using he r      pass it to MoMo who floats it over to Alexa
                                                                           their lead with a gang tackle on the Saints        Pleasanton Rage's U12 Premier team beat            speed to take a ball at the mid-line and split    who pops it up and over the goal. A penalty
                                                                           runner. There was no stopping them. Jason          Lamorinda 1-0 based, in part, on strong            the White defense before deftly finishing         call earns Alexa a free kick that she is able
                                                                           Silva, Derek Lennier, JR Wilkins, Clayton          performances by Kayla Bowers, Sophie               against an outstretched goalie. Top Offensive     to slam in and score the second goal. Top
                                                                           Bailey, Bryce Stovall and Matthew Calcagno         Santos and Brookey Villanueva. The sole            Players: Katey Cloonan, Mary Gruen, Arielle       Offensive Players: Alexa Hansen, Cassidy
                                                                           were stalwarts on defense. The Saints were         goal was made by Christy Jensen, while shots       Siegel; Top Defensive Players: Megan Smart,       Holmes, Juliet Logan -Vortex; Top Defensive
                                                                           not able to turn their final possession into       on goal were made by Carley Robertson,             Madison Nethery, Autumn Whitney.                  Players: Karah Paul, Priyanka Davar, Alex
                                                                           points. Late in the 4th quarter, the last Jets     Santos, Malissa Shadle and Villanueva. The              Rage U16D3 Orange Division 3 defeated        Sanchez -Vortex.
                                                                           offensive drive brought a few new plays
                                                                           and faces into the mix. Spencer Hickerson          defensive line of Jasmine Dessouky, Eilis          the Mustang Blast 2 to 0. A 2-goal explosion           Under-12: Barracudas 6, Bears 1: Top
                                                                           carried the ball first. In the final play of the   Hegarty and Hannah McGillivray along               by Delaney Holmes coupled with a smother-         Offensive Players: Tasia Halim, Taylor Mc-
                                                                           game, Storti sneaks the ball on a fake and         with keeper Sophia Brown came up with              ing defense led by several exceptional saves      Cutchins, Kelly O'Neill - Barracudas; Top
Photo is of Pleasanton resident Tori Kruger doing a back dive.             rushed for 30 yards.                               another shut-out.                                  by goalie Carly Boehmer resulted in the           Defensive Players: Hayden Harker, Ellen
                                                                                Advanced Division Consolation: 49ers               Rage U11 Premier: In a game hard              U16D3 Orange clinching 2nd place in League        Olsen, Savannah Miles - Baracudas
                                                                           16, Raiders 0                                      fought to the bitter end the U11 Premier team      with a 2-nil victory over the Mustang Blast at         Under-9: The Polar Bears met the Pink
                                                                                                                              played their final league game against arch        Val Vista. Holmes scored in the 17th minute       Panthers in a late season match. The team
                                                                                                                              rivals the Livermore Rampage. The first half       and again in the 55th, the latter goal setup      played their positions better giving and taking
                                                                           Edge Gymnastics                                    the Rage went on goal several times, but it
                                                                                                                              was a beautiful corner assist from Sam Frost
                                                                                                                                                                                 by a strong cross from Jessie Hopson. That
                                                                                                                                                                                 effort may not have been enough except for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   passes to advance the ball. The players are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   focused on controlling and advancing the
                                                                                At the NorCAL Zone 6 Championships,
                                                                           in the Senior Division, Sarah Fletcher placed      and a great kick in by Jo Salinas that put the     the strong play of co-captain Carly Boehmer       ball toward the goal. Top Offensive Players:
                                                                           first in the All-Around and second on the          Rage out in front. The defense of Ariana           who made one save with a lunge to deflect a       Vinix, Elsie C., Alaysia S. - Polar Bears; Top
                                                                           Beamin Level 4. Hannah Binder placed first         Nino, Amy Schoendienst, Haley Okumura              penalty kick, then another when she repelled      Defensive Players: Antonia S., Alicia V.,
                                                                           on the Vault. The team placed fifth.               and Lorna Roberts was tested more than             a point-blank kick by attacking the shot.         Sarah W. - Polar Bears.
                                                                                In the Older Division, Emily Reed placed      once as Livermore tried their hardest to go        She also made an over-the-shoulder grab                Under-8: Top Offensive Players:
                                                                           fourth on the Floor.                               on goal themselves, however thanks to goalie       and a kick-save in the second half. Sarah         Audrey Alavi, Megan Felix, Lily Manos
                                                                                 In the Middle Division, Samantha Foon        Juliet Allen who performed save after save,        Machado, Sydney Okumura, and Mary Gruen           - Martians; Top Defensive Players: Zoe
                                                                           placed third on the Vault. Gabriela Rego           and who played one of her best games of the        made strong contributions on defense, while       Moreenroth, Megan Guerra, Peyton Raun
                                                                           placed first on the Vault. On the Bars, Isabella   season the Rampage were kept scoreless. The        midfielders Arielle Siegel, Kiley Zieker, and     - Martians.
                                                                           Romano placed third and Brooke Saunders            second half was another great battle for the       Haley Boehmer helped the Orange dictate                Under-6: The Daffodils met the Drama
                                                                           placed fourth.                                     ball; the standout player was Tiara Lewis          play for much of the match. Danielle Homan        Queens for a rousing early morning match.
                                                                                In the Younger Division, Samantha             who seemed to be everywhere just at the            kept the pressure on with several near-misses     At this late stage of the season all the girls
                                                                           Fredrickson placed second All-Around               right time. T saved a very close “almost made      from her forward position. Kara Matsune,          are showing tremendous development in their
                                                                           and Vault.                                         it in” Livermore goal and then went down           sidelined by her AC L injury from a previ-        skills. The players are able to drive the ball
                                                                                Level 5 and 6 teams competed in the           field in the opposite direction just missing       ous game, made a key contribution as chief        full length of the field under control and are
                                                                           2009 Zone 6 Championships in Livermore.            her own scoring opportunity. Unfortunately         cheerleader. Top Offensive Players: Delaney       showing the ability to pass to teammates. Top
                                                                           The level 5 team finished 2nd, while the level     due to a Rage penalty Livermore was able           Holmes, Danielle Homan, Jessie Hopson;            Offensive Players: Arianna H., Emma H.,
                                                                           6 team was 3rd.                                    with only minutes left on the clock to kick        Top Defensive Players: Carly Boehmer,             Mariah A. - Daffodils; Natalie O'Sullivan,
                                                                                Level 5: Younger: Jennifer Daws , 3rd         the ball in to even up the score, the game         Mary Gruen, Sarah Machado.                        Mariah Gragg, Kennedy Williams – Dancers;
                                                                           all-around 35.775, 2nd beam 9.2, 2nd tie           ended 1-1. The Rage U11 Premier team has                Rage Black U-9 wrapped up the regular        Top Defensive Players: Isabella G., Julia S.,
                                                                           floor 9.15; Hannah Skepner, 1st bars 9.425,        shown a lot of heart and determination all         season with their best team effort of the         Paige M. - Daffodils; Miwa Hirai, Helena
The gymnasts of West Coast Olympic Gymnastics Academy competed             2nd vault 9.0; Stephanie Lowe, 4th tie floor       season ending with a 6-1-1 record.                 year. A spirited defense was led by Regan         Luck, Shaeyln Buress – Dancers;
                                                                           9.125; Skylar Relova, 4th tie floor 9.125.              The Rage U-12 White Team Division             Mah, Katy Murphy, Emily Esparza, Emma
in the Zone 6 Championships held in Livermore this past weekend. The                                                          1 tied the Brentwood Impact, 1 to 1. It was        Tsztoo, Emma Monson and Mollie KcKay.
level 6 team captured first place, capping off an undefeated season
                                                                           Middle: Serena Chan, 1st floor 9.5, 4th vault
                                                                           8.8, 5th beam 9.1; Isabella Baldacci, 3rd vault    a hard fought game by the rage that became         The Rage offensive attack was brought             Pleasanton Ballistic
                                                                                                                              decided two minutes before the wistle to end       on by Emily Ferrey, Madison Hildebrand,               The Pleasanton Ballistic United Soccer
where they won 1st place in 5 out of 5 meets. This continues their         8.825; Brianna L deree, 4th bars 9.3. Older:
                                                                                                                              the game. The Rage out played the Impact           Cierra Lofthouse-wolf, Abby Smith and             Club (BUSC) U19 Select captured the Al
                                                                           Rhianne Khweled, 3rd all-around 36.625,
winning streak from last year where they won 1st in 6 out of 6 meets as    1st floor 9.425, 2nd tie vault 8.9, 4th bars       the whole game. The lone score from the            Maryann Spears. It was a real back and            Caffodio League Title. The Pleasanton men
                                                                                                                              Rage came in the second half of the game           forth contest.                                    played an exciting final league match against
level 5 gymnasts. Carly Israel had the highest score of the entire meet    9.025, 4th beam 9.275; Danielle Mullins,
                                                                                                                              as Heather Jackson made a beautiful cross               Pleasanton Rage Grey U9 clinched its         Jack London Rockridge Sting Saturday with
                                                                           fifth all-around 36.15, 3rd bar 9.05, 4th vault
with 37.675, followed by Lauren Kobayashi-36.250, Anna Siebel-35.850       8.875, 4th floor 9.225. Older: Julia Morgin,       from the middle to MacKenzie Bammer and
                                                                                                                              she nailed it in. Two minutes to go in the
and Loren Couture-35.525. Jaala Downes, a level 5 gymnast, also won        1st all-around 36.975, 1st bars9.325, 2nd
                                                                                                                              game the Impact recieved an indirect kick
                                                                           floor 9.375, 3rd beam9.275, 3rd vault 9.0;
1st place all around with a score of 36.425, followed by Megan Quinton     Natalie Mauch, 5th all-around 35.65, 2nd           Bryanna Schriber deflected it and an Impact
                                                                                                                              player got her foot on it and scored. Top
with a 34.775. The level 4 team also completed and won 2nd place           vault 9.15, 5th beam 9.025; Claire Koupal,
                                                                                                                              Offensive Players: Hanna Mallie, Christina
                                                                           3rd bars 9.25, 4th beam 9.2; Lydia Henders
against strong competition. Alexandra Kim, captured 1st place with a       , 4th bars 9.175                                   Echavia, Nicole Tsuno, Maggie Kilday; Top
                                                                                                                              Defensive Players: Bella Villafuerte, Lisa
score of 37.025, followed by Alicia Powers-36.950, Shayne Estill-36.675,        Level 6: Younger: Sydney Wu, 2nd
                                                                                                                              DeFeo, Megan Martin.
                                                                           all-around 36.7, 1st vault 9.35, 1st tie floor
Chasia Wong-36.625, Sara Ling-36.175, Sabrina Kheirolomoom-35.875,         9.4, 3rd bars 9.05; Rebecca Okmin, 5th                  The Pleasanton Rage U16AC took 1st
Natalie Boyle-35.775, Adrienne Kwee-35.500, Abigail McKeag-35.10 and       all-around 35.775, 3rd floor 9.375. Older:         place in league when they finished the season
                                                                           Audrey Mesick, 1st tie bars 9.325; Carrie          with a decisive 4-1 win over the WCC FC
Rebecca Silva-34.075. The level 4 team has also had a remarkable year,     Stouffer, 4th tie floor 9.0                        Eclipse. The Eclipse got on the board first,
winning 1st place in the previous 5 meets. All the gymnasts qualified                                                         but Rage answered back when Abigail Moore
                                                                                                                              drilled one through the keepers hands off a
to compete in the Northern California State Championships later this       Pleasanton Rage                                    nice through ball delivered by Haley Paxton.
month. The team is coached by Charlene Chen, Joshua Ruby, Ashley              Pleasanton U14 Rage Orange beat                 The go ahead goal was scored when Alexa
                                                                           Castro Valley Saturday 2-1. Rage scored first      Espinosa finished a corner kick with a diving
Spooner, and Lynsi Teixeira.
PAGE 8 - The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

1st place overall at stake. The game was            the ball down the field. Seconds before the         Hannah Gooby, Kylie Diaz and Madyson               Eduardo Chavarria, Jose Andreas Chavarria,             Cougars 6, Lightning Girls 0: Offense:        Samiron Bora, Kevin Burklin, Gregory
played at Spunkmeyer field in Oakland. The          end of the game, Daniel Wu scored his first         Souza all played well. Livermore had a nice        Erick Salgado (Livermore); Defense: Adam          Sophia Schrodi, Nitzia Gonzalez, Amelia            Short (Jaguars); Defense: Nathan Hanscom,
pitch is notorious for its uneven surface mak-      goal of the season. On defense, Matthew             scoring chance in the 23rd minute when Elise       Hollar, Drake Foote, Ivan Padilla, Robbie         Sobrepena (Cougars); Katherine Gomez,              Grant Dufek & Noah Britto (Fireballs);
ing it difficult to control a soccer ball. In the   Hong was steadfast in clearing the ball away        Falgout passed a ball to Jenna Hatch on the        Quezada (Livermore)                               Katie Dabney (Lightning); Defense: Sierra          Derek Eijansantos, Oscar Prado, Cameron
first half both teams fought each other and the     from the goal time after time. Top Offensive        wing who drove to the goal and fired a shot              U12B: The Elite Hurricanes of Liver-        Leyva, Sierra Bolar, Julia Cable (Cougars);        Stephenson (Jaguars)
field conditions with both sides combining to       Players: Charlie Jetter, Daniel Wu, Gabe            just over the net. Foothill countered with         more for taking second-place at the Sonoma        Luci Romero, Marissa Carpenter (Light-                  U8 Girls: Dolphins vs Red Hots: Of-
create several dangerous scoring opportuni-         Payne; Top Defensive Players: Matthew               a few attacks before halftime but the Fury         Halloween Classic Tournament. There were          ning); Goals/Assists: Nitzia Gonzalez (4G),        fense: Valeria Gonzalez, Carlie Spruiell,
ties. The Sting had several excellent shots         Hong, Tyler Chen                                    defense held. Seconds into the half, Amber         12 teams trying to get to the championship        Savannah Stevenson (G), Amelia Sobrepena           Emma Hyde (Dolphins); Joanne Flores,
that were turned away by goal keeper Niko                Flash vs. Flames: A great show of team         Lennier drilled a long shot well beyond the        game and the Hurricanes made it by playing        (A), Chelsea Warner (G) (Cougars)                  Isabella LaRosa, Natalie Gonzalez (Hots);
Lecco, including one save that required a           work with excellent passing skills was ex-          box into the top half of the goal for a 1-0        with a high-level of teamwork in each game             Shockwaves 1, Soccer Rockers 1: This          Defense: Kayleigh Garcia, Hailey Lopez,
full extension dive to keep the ball out of         hibited by the Flames. Goals were scored by         lead. Foothill moved the ball into the Fury        they played. Every one of the Hurricanes          was a highly competitive, close game ending        Charlotte Schrodi (Dolphins); Jordan Briggs,
the far post. With 5 minutes left in the first      Carlos Caruso and Trevor Cheng. All of the          zone but Livermore held as Morgan Brandt           contributed and played with great intensity.      in a tie. Both teams controlled the ball very      Caitlin Miller, Lexi Borgna (Hots)
half Ballistic United had their best scoring        boys played an exceptionally good game.             defended well. Midway through the half,            They won the first game 2-1 with Trevor Ross      well, passing and playing positions. They               U7 Girls: Bubblegum Girls vs Soccer
opportunity of the game. Lecco targeted a                Stallioins vs. Stealth: Top Offensive          Souza's shot off the goalie forced a corner        scoring the first goal and then Scott Newby       blocked many attempts by the opposing team         Rockers: Offense: Corrina Bartallo, Katie
65 yard punt right to the head of Josh Cho.         Players: Luke Castro, Jonathon Goforth;             and her ensuing corner kick was directed in        bending one in on a corner kick for the game      to score. Offense: Allison Murphy, Sierra          Darling (Bubblegum); Kendall Sutton,
Cho flicked the ball into the Sting box for         Top Defensive Players: Dylan Easton,                by Amber Lennier for 2-0. The Fury kept up         winner. The second game was also a 2-1 win        Deane, Jenna Camargo (Shockwaves); Laura           Kylie Neubauer (Rockers); Defense: Jenna
Johnny Ramirez. The midfielder narrowly             Austin Nicolas                                      the pressure with shots from Elyse Codiroli        with Newby getting a goal on a penalty kick       George, Anyssa Perez (Rockers); Defense:           Lawerance (Bubblegum); Sarah Robinson
missed the one on one opportunity against                Under-8: Colts vs. Cheetahs: Top               and Rebekah Johnson. A bad hop resulted            then putting another one in the net from thirty   Clelia Opipari, Dominique Aciego-Ramirez,          (Rockers)
the Sting goal keeper.                              Offensive Players: Nate McGinty, Kaleb              in a late goal for the Sparks but Livermore        yards out. They won the third game 1-0 when       Hailey Cooper (Shockwaves); Mariam                      Kick'n Caterpillars vs Super-Girls:
     In the second half Jason Scott nearly gave     Real, Evan Thomas; Top Defensive Play-              prevailed 2-1. Tayler Lennier played another       Garret Vest blasted a shot that bounced off an    Brown, Sierra Miller (Rockers); Goals/As-          Offense: Faith Rogers, Cailin Thompson
Ballistic the lead but his short range shot         ers: Yezzen Alrawi,Adam Carper, Michael             strong game in goal for the Fury. Against          opposing player and went in. The Hurricanes       sists: Jenna Camargo (G), Britney Ortiz (A)        (Caterpillars); Caitlyn Foster, Isabella Andras
was cleared off the goal line by a Rockridge        McMasters                                           the Mustang Revolution, Livermore played           defense is always the key to their success and    (Shockwaves); Tyler Lee (G), Marissa Franks        (Super-Girls); Defense: Morgan Kuempel,
defender. In the 75th minute with the score              Minutemen vs. Meteors: This battle             an outstanding game against a strong oppo-         this tournament was no different. Defensive       (A) (Rockers)                                      Arianna Salcedo (Caterpillars); Kelsey
still tied 0-0 a Sting player was able to pen-      of two undefeated teams was an excellent            nent. Jenna Hatch worked hard to force two         captain Kevin Gillmore played injured, but             U9 Girls: Spirit 4, Dominators 0: Of-         Hoopes, Danielle Castro (Super-Girls)
etrate the right side of the field and then sent    match-up. Powerful defenses and impressive          corners in the first half and Alison Pierson       still did an awesome job in every game. Brian     fense: Olivia Powers, Noelle Rizzo, Sierra              Lucky Ladybugs vs Blue Moons:
a dangerous cross along the ground into the         ball-handling made for a great show and a           pressured the Revolution defense from the          Martinez shut down the other side of the field    Solorio (Spirit); Rachel Brock, Mackenzie          Offense: Sarah Parker, Bella Murphy (La-
Ballistic 6 yard box. The ball bounced over         very tight game. The Minutemen opened               left wing. Mustang moved the ball downfield        with his great speed. The level of intensity      Lemieux, Citlally Soto (Dominators); De-           dybugs); Delaney Cummins, Chloe Daoust
a clearing attempt by a Pleasanton defender         the scoring with two straight goals by Max          with short passes but the backline defense         by Harrison Goold and Brandon Brocklesby          fense: Emmerson Coberg, Elise Finnegan,            (Moons): Defense: Cassandra Matchett,
and was finished by a Sting player. Ballistic       Buscheck and Leopold Borghese, but the              of Ryley Landreth, Amanda Fairclough and           really intimidated the other teams and was        Aislinn McElderry (Spirit); Cassidy                Madelyn Schaffer (Ladybugs); Riley Johan-
tried to rally over the next 15 minutes but         Meteors came back with a goal of their own,         Sarah Franklin stepped up to keep the ball         a key factor in every game. Hayden Olsen,         Herberth, Itzel Acosta, Madelynn Valone            son, Julia Passannante (Moons)
when the referee’s whistle blew the score           and at halftime it was a close 2 - 1 game.          out of the middle box and force the play           Zabrisky Roland, and Connor Mcgee were            (Dominators)                                             U5 Girls: Lucky Ladybugs vs Rain-
was 1-0 in favor of the Sting.                      Then the Minutemen appeared to create an            wide. Led by the hustle of Beth McCall, the        outstanding at covering the entire field and           U14 Boys: The Bolts 1, Jaguars 0: Of-         bow Princesses: Offense: Harris Baxter,
                                                                                                        Fury disrupted the Revolution just enough to                                                         fense: Hannah Stepanek, Casey Schindler,           Tori Murphy, Samara Banker, Laura Myer
     Thanks to an Oakland Tepa win earlier          insurmountable lead with 2 goals in the 3rd                                                            frustrating the opposition. The consistent                                                           (Ladybugs); Elle Bowman, Makenzie Ra-
in the day, a 3 way tie was created with Tepa,      quarter by Joey Battilega and Max Buscheck          deny any quality scoring chances. However,         play and great passing by Luis Ceja-Mar-          Molly Morrisroe (Bolts); Bianca Aceves,            vera, Jori Wilkendorf, Serena Woodward
Ballistic and the Sting all having 22 points        - especially with the awesome defense be-           with only a few minutes remaining, Mustang         tinez, Archie LaBine, Connor Lovoi, and           Jamie Ditmore, Jamie Gellerman (Jaguars);          (Princesses): Defense: Maddie Flasck,
and identical league records. With overall          ing played by Timmy Gallagher and Cole              finally broke through on a quick run into the      Dominic Mingione contributed to each of           Defense: Emily Eijansantos, Sarah Guilford,        Karla Martinez, Symantha Traytwein, Ciarra
goal differential being the next tie breaker        Bartolo. Add to that some outstanding goal-         box and a well-placed ball into the top of the     the Hurricane's wins. Max Wiggington's            Madison Miller (Bolts); Sara Novell, Avery         Arlter, Emily Wheeler(Ladybugs); Jordon
Ballistic earns its second consecutive U19          keeping by Patrick Gallagher, Ben Schwartz          goal. Despite the 1-0 loss, Livermore played       (GK) fantastic work was critical to the team      Harker, Erika Ditmore (Jaguars); Goals/As-         Meier, Sierra Black, Meera Memula, Kira
League Championship. The U19 Select finish          and Joey Battilega and you might think the          excellently the entire match.                      getting to the championship.                      sists: Kirsten Mork (G) (Bolts)                    Demello (Princesses)
the season with 7 wins, 1 tie, 2 losses while       game was in the bag. But the Meteors came                The Livermore FC Elite Rampage U9                   Livermore Youth Soccer League                    Blazers 4, Del Fuego 1: A rough game,              U8 Boys: Scorpions vs Ghost Riders: Of-
scoring 30 goals and allowing a league low          roaring back with 2 straight goals in the 4th       Girls lived up to their name again as they         Rec-Plus                                          with the Blazers taking the lead early on          fense: Austin Weinshelbaum, Nathan Jones,
6 goals against.                                    quarter, and after a tense few minutes the          shut-out Union City Alliance, 10-0. After a              U12 Girls: Livermore Boom 1, San            and maintaining it despite fierce play by          Jared Rittenmeyer, Jack Bosso (Scorpions);
      The BUSC U16 Select went into their           Minutemen were able to hold them off to             slow start, Rampage stepped it up and began        Ramon Black Pearls 0: An exciting game,           Del Fuego. Blazer goal keepers, Jacob              Carlos Ventura, Cameron Winter, Eddie
season finale against the Mustang Scorpions         finish the game. Special honors for excellent       to play a strong passing game. Center Mid.         with both teams eager to close out the Rec-       Ryan and Brandon Olson were in top form,           Topeke (Riders); Defense: Mateo Moncado,
with the league standings already set. In           passing go to Ben Schwartz, who fed 2 assists       Madison Hood got the scoring started with a        Plus season with a win. Livermore Boom's          giving up only 1 goal to guide the Blazers         Garrett Hamer, Brayden Nunes, Cyrus
a game that showed the pride of the #1-2            to the Minutemen goal-scorers. Top Offen-           blast from 20 yards out. Then, forward Aly         amazing goal keepers, Briana Estevez and          to a 4-1 victory over Del Fuego. This put          Palmer (Scorpions); Noah Zika, Ricadino
                                                                                                        Silva took the ball down the right side and                                                          the Blazers in 1st place for the LYSL Boys'        Alvarez, Kevin Vega (Riders)
teams in the league, the final was a spirited       sive Players: Ben Schwartz; Max Buscheck;                                                              Mila Steinberg, fended off everything the                                                                 Fireballs vs Autobots: Offense: Zack
1-1 tie.Having played each other earlier in         Leopold Borghese; Top Defensive Players:            shot to the corner for goal #2. Next, Gigi         San Ramon Black Pearls sent their way.            Under 14 House division, sending them to           Kramer, Alejandro Mendes, Paul Chirica
the season, there were no surprises in the          Timmy Gallagher; Patrick Gallagher                  Cole worked the ball down the field and            The Black Pearls goalkeepers in turn man-         the Crossroads Tournament later in Novem-          (Fireballs); Riley Hargraves, Matthew
rematch. Joe Lee and Randy Copeman,                      Under-9: Tyrants vs. Thrasher: Thrasher        centered it to soccer-sister Ashley Cole for       aged to keep Boom scoreless for the first-        ber. Offense: Mauricio Diaz-Perez, Carlos          Hagan, Kevin Collity, Michael Gauch,
the "Ministers of Defense", shut down the           came out strong in the first half and scored        goal #3. In the second half, Kate Hottinger        half, but in the second-half, a goal scored       Gaspar-Sanchez, Jose Gutierrez-Salaiza,            Anthony Guerra, Carson Mohler (Auto-
dangerous Scorpion striker. GK Lukas                goals in the 5th and 14th minute. The Tyrants       had a beautiful cross to Gigi Cole for her         by Delaney Foote put Boom on top for a            Matthew Wells (Blazers); Luis Orozco, Saul         bots); Defense: Tyler Moran, Brian Peeso
Moses did have to come out hard to force a          goal keeper Eustyn Trinh played great goal          first goal of the game. Gigi would go on to        1-0 victory to wrap up an action-packed           Lopez, Francisco Reyes (Fuego); Defense:           (Fireballs); Cole Niermeyer, Ben Morrisroe,
shot wide in the 6th minute on a Scorpion           keeping skills with 2 excellent saves as the        score 2 more, earning herself a hat-trick for      season. Offense: Hannah Carlson, Brianna          Noah White, Vincent Rizzo, Anish Prabhu,           Jeffrey Fairbanks (Autobots)
2 v 1. But in general, the Select defense,          Thrasher's offense continued to push forward.       the match. Next up was Alexa Clatt, scoring        Schultis, Olivia Schormann, Shannon Kai           Zachary Burnett (Blazers); Austin Gibbs,                Clone Troopers vs Spiked Lizards:
supported by Yashar Benham, Abe Barreras,           Tyrants midfield, Maxwell Stubbs, Brandon           on a pass from Madison Hood. Kamy Farro            (Livermore); Brittany Lovett, Carly Hale,         Matthew Marty, Dustin Wright (Fuego);              Offense: Ryan Jurik, Chrisopher Rochez,
and Frank Morley, aggressively attacked             Doyle Maximilian Maratsos pushed the play           got in on the action, placing a ball above         Shanel Kar (San Ramon); Defense: Missy            Goals/Assists: Mauricio Diaz-Perez (2G),           Griffin Lawrence (Troopers); Ethan James,
the Scorpion offense and moved up into the          in the opposite direction and referee Grace         the keepers head and scoring another for           Nunes, Cameo Schubert, Katie Schloming,           Carlos Gaspar-Sanchez (A), Jose Gutierrez-         Kriegan Nelson, Jacob Peterson (Lizards);
attack themselves for strong attempts on            Ouyang awarded a penalty for a foul in the          the Rampage. Then Maggie Rae McPeek                Cassidy Kovisto (Livermore); Paulina Ruiz,        Salaiza (G), Devin Berghoff (G) (Blazers);         Defense: Ivan Ceballos-Amador, Shahmir
goal. Some slick ball work created a nice           6 yard box. Striker Joao Pais, opened up the        centered the ball perfectly across the goal        Veronica Van Avermaete, Hailey Arzaga (San        Francisco Reyes (G) (Fuego)                        Lodhi, Max Weasner (Troopers); Zachary
                                                                                                        for Kailee Haskins, who blasted the ball                                                                  U12 Boys: Dynamite 8, Fireballs 2:            Hollinghaus, Brent Young, saul Buendia
attempt by Brandon Cohen driving the weak           scoring for the Tyrants in the 23rd minute                                                             Ramon); Goals/Assists: Delaney Foote (G)                                                             (Lizards)
side, but his try was just wide, and the half       when he took the penalty kick sweeping the          into the corner net. Then Kate Hottinger           (Livermore)                                       Offense: Rodrigo Diaz, Julian Guerrero,                 Flying King Cobras vs Sonics: Of-
ended scoreless.                                    ball into the corner of the goal. The first half    solidly sent the ball from the right side to             U10 Boys: Livermore Flying Tigers 2,        Gino Stoneham (Dynamite); Jorge Garcia,            fense: Philip Weaver, Ryan Lortie, Connor
     The Select began to assume dominance           continued with Tyrants defense, Mihir Wel-          the left corner of the goal for the final score    Danville Devils 2: The Livermore Flying           Isaac Orozco, Spenser Kramm (Fireballs);           Campbell (Cobras); Justin Pestana, Trent
on time of possession and moved the ball well       ing, Jonathan Ouyang and Vishal Cherukuri           of the game.                                       Tigers and the Danville Devils battled to a 2-2   Defense: Jesus Espinoza, Austin Weller, Wil-       Crisp, Quinn Ayres (Sonics); Defense: Jake
against the Scorpions backs. However, in            holding Thrashers offense as Maxwell Stubbs              On Sunday, Rampage faced Newark in            tie in an exciting game with the teams playing    liam Bretz (Dynamite); Taylor Williamson,          Johnston, Ryan Wenzel, Joey Katen (Cobras);
the 50th minute, a cross-up in the backfield        took a shot at goal 30 yards out and hit the top    the last game of league play. After a closely-     each other for the third time this season. The    Omar Maklaf, Justin Pettis (Fireballs)             Evan Sire, Sean Pasqual, Rylan Matheson,
allowed #5 a through ball and he slotted it by      left corner in the 25th minute, equalizing the      played game of possession with Rampage             Flying Tigers were on the board first with a           Internationals 4, Fireballs 3: Offense:       Jacob Garner (Sonics)
Moses for the 1-0 lead. The Select did not          score before Referee Grace Ouyang called            dominating play but unable to capitalize on        Kadny Fabian shot into the net from a Caleb       Joshua Frazier, Arnold Avila, David Zamora              U6 Boys: Ghostriders vs Lightning: Of-
panic and ratcheted up their attack. Jared          half time. The second half opened up with           scoring opportunities, the team pressured          Hardesty pass. The Devils continued to take       (Internationsl); Isaac Orozco, Nick Brown,         fense: Alec Phillips, Jackson Nystrom, Jared
Shofi juked his mark to get off a strong left-      Shawn Keswani taking an offense position            the ball. Aly Silva centered the ball and          shots but failed, with the score at the half      Spenser Kramm (Fireballs); Defense: Ryan           McQuilliam, Jack Martin (Ghostriders); Matt
footer on net to energize the Select. They          supported by Euann Owens, and Eustyn                Gigi Cole knocked it in, putting Rampage           1-0. The second half the Devils were more         Bishop, Kolin Krewinkel, Nick Bedders              Thompson, Nick Yamamoto, Reef Sweeney
knocked the ball around and their pressure          Trinh. Rohit Jaganathan supported the left          ahead. The team held the lead and captured         successful with their shots with a Blaine         (Internationsl); Justin Pettis, Luis Angel         (Lightning); Defense: Feoden Soriano,
finally created the equalizer. Jake Lorentz         back defense with Brandon Doyle in goal and         the win, securing their position as the second     Nelsen goal, immediately followed up by a         Ortiz, Jason Wong (Fireballs); Goals/As-           Graedon Beeler, James Foley, Brody Price
                                                                                                        place team in league. With this win, the                                                             sists: Joshua Frazier (G), Arnold Avila (G),       (Ghostriders); London Bishop, Aidan Baker,
sent a turf-cutter down the left sideline to        Mihir Weling in right back position. Tyrants                                                           Jack Dooley goal, with Jack taking the most                                                          Chris Baker (Lightning)
Hunter Meurrens. He left his mark with a            offense played strong with 3 attempts at goal       team also accomplished another milestone:          shots of either team. The Flying Tigers came      Joshua Frazier (G), Joshua Frazier (G)                  Redhawks vs Pirates: Offense: Hunter
quick fake and sent a strong, hard cross into       hitting the cross bar and just wide of the          led by defenders Kamy Farro, Alexa Clatt,          from behind with Kadny Fabian launching           (Internationsl); Isaac Orozco (G, A), Jorge        Houghton, Brandon York, Angel Garcia
the box. Cohen finished with authority in           goal. Thrasher came back with a goal in the         Hayli Edwards, Kate Hottinger, and Alyssa          the ball into the net, ending the game in a       Avila (A), Nick Brown (2G), Spenser Kramm          (Redhawks); Kieran Campbell, Ryan Han-
the 62nd minute for the 1-1 tie. The Select         36th minute but the Tyrants continued to put        Silva, and goal-keeper Courtney Hayes, the         2-2 tie. Offense: Kadny Fabian, Dylan Keller,     (A) (Fireballs)                                    sen, Hayden Williams (Pirates); Defense:
continued to press for the go-ahead goal.           Thrashers defense under pressure with some          Rampage team has stopped their opponents           Harry Rose (Livermore); Blaine Nelson,                 Dynamites 6, Earthquakes 0: Offense:          Jasen Rudolff, Diego Iniguez, Braden Fuller
Miguel Nino played a chip over the defense          superb passing of the ball and formation play.      from scoring in their last 3 consecutive           Jack Dooley, Joshua Prieto (Danville); De-        Gabe Anderson, Gino Stoneham, Julian               (Redhawks); Andrew Hoffmann, Connor
to Cam Baker, but the Scorpion GK came out          A very close match.                                 matches and have allowed only 2 goals past         fense: Caleb Hardesty, Zachary Macintire,         Guerrero (Dynamites); Nathan Tabaracci,            Waklee, Stephen Geyer (Pirates)
to stuff the try. Eric Brooks sent a couple               Under-12: Ravens 3, Rockets 2: A              them in their entire league season.                Coben Turk (Livermore); Noah Thomas,              Seth Kuhn, Ryan Hipple (Earthquakes);                   U5 Boys: Dragons vs Tiger Sharks:
of strong corners into the attack, but the          Late season Battle Between The Ravens &                  Livermore Elite Rampage and Pleas-            Justin Gray, Thomas Kolander (Danville);          Defense: Jesus Espinoza, Noah Marcel,              Offense: Luca Montalvo, Eduardo Ange-
Scorpions held and the final was 1-1.               Rockets Began with Both Sides Hanging               anton Rage bottled to a 1-1 tie. Both teams        Goals/Assists: Kadny Fabian (2G), Caleb           Anthony Schultz (Dynamites); John Estrada,         les, Aidon Buenrostro (Dragons); Hunter
     The Select finished first in the U16           Tough until Mattew" Myungsub Struck A               displayed strong defense. Rage put the first       Hardesty (A) (Livermore); Blaine Nelsen           Ricardo Acosta, Shashwat Verma (Earth-             Barbero, Michael Johansson, Tyler Jame
bracket at 9-0-1 (16-3-3 overall) heading           laser shot from 20 yds out to go up 1-0 at          goal in the net for the early lead. Rampage        (G), Jack Dooley (G) (Danville)                   quakes); Goals/Assists: Julian Guerrero            Stiles (Sharks); Defense: Ozzy Cervantez,
into the high school season.                        the half The second half began with a Nice          put the pressure on and made drive after drive           Danville Galaxy 2 Livermore Flying          (3G), Rodrigo Diaz (2G), Santos Flores             Ethan Poe, Joseph Schweig (Dragons);
     Ballistic United U-16s travelled to            angle Goal from Joe Schafer. That was               on the Rage defense. With two minutes left         Tigers 0: The Danville Galaxy shut out the        (G), Josh Ison (G), William Bretz (A)              Ryan Esling, Maxwell Serpan, Maxwell
Union City on Saturday knowing that a win           soon followed as the Rockets Stuck Home             Rampage evened up the score off a direct           Livermore Flying Tigers in the final game         (Dynamites)                                        Flasck (Sharks)
against Alliance Tecos would guarantee them         a PK. Then off a corner kick, Blake Phillps         kick just outside the box when Hunter Vice         of the season. The Flying Tigers had hoped             Fireballs 5, Earthquakes 2: Offense:
the league title in their first year back in the    drilled one home. Still the Rockets fought          punched a long ball up in the air and over the     to score on an indirect shot by Zachary Ma-       Isaac Orozco, Omar Maklaf, Jorge Alvarez
gold division. In all fairness, Tecos, the team     back to score a late goal But Zack Hartley &        keepers head to the back corner of the net. An     cintire but it was called back by the referee.    (Fireballs); Trevor Tobin, Jarod Heise, Gar-       CYO Basketball
standing in their way looked like a shadow          Ahad Raue played hard to ice the game.Top           unbelievable shot!! Rampage couldn't have          The Flying Tigers tried to gain their point       ret Cordisco (Earthquakes); Defense: Taylor             St. Michael/St. Charles (SM/SC) (814)
of their former selves when the two teams           Offensive Players: Matthew "The Monster"            done it without the excellent Goal Keeping         back with 5 more shots on goal but none in        Williamson, Jason Wong, Justin Pettis (Fire-       defeated St. Isidore (817) 35-32 in CYO
met earlier in the season. Ballistic prevailed      Myungsub,Blake"Blazzer" Phillips, Joe               from Jessica Mahabali, Ashley Morton and           the net. The Galaxy responded with 2 goals        balls); Seth Kuhn, John Estrada, Churchill         basketball action. Using a pressure defense,
on that occasion by a score of 6-0, However,        "Big Game'Schafer; Top Defensive Players:           Alyssa Oki.                                        by Liam Woerner and Andy Glover to finish         Myers (Earthquakes); Goals/Assists: Spenser        SM/SC jumped to an early 12-3 lead and
Ballistic knew that any slip-up on their part,      Zack "Stonewall" Hartley.Bailey"The Wall"                 Livermore Crush U10 defeated San             the first half 2-0. The second-half had both      Kramm (G), Nick Brown (A), Isaac Orozco            was cruising by six at halftime. St. Isidore
might open the door for their closest rivals        McMullen, Ahad"The Spider"Raue                      Ramon Athletica, 3 to 1. The first goal in         teams taking many shots on goals, but all         (G, A), Jorge Alvarez (G, A), Omar Maklaf          did not give up and battled back to take the
Bay Oaks to snatch the title away from them              Rebels 1, Rapids 6: The Rebels threw           this match up came off of a direct kick for        failing to catch the net, making the final        (2G) (Fireballs); Nathan Tabaracci (G),            lead 25-24 in the fourth quarter. Sparked by
at the last moment. The game began brightly,        down the gauntlet against the Rapids from           Crush in the Athletica penalty area. Meghan        score 2-0 with a Galaxy victory. Offense:         Garret Cordisco (A), Ricardo Acosta (G)            Matt Adiao, SM/SC then went on a 8-0 run
and the first ten minutes of play was fairly        the get-go, streaking down the right sideline       Giamona took the kick with a beautiful shot        Liam Woerner, Andy Glover, Nick Cox (Dan-         (Earthquakes)                                      to regain the advantage and put the game
even, despite the fact that Tecos were only         with the opening kick, passing across the           just over the goalies head into the left corner    ville); Gabriel Parrish, Austin Price, McLain          Dynamite 4, Eagles 3: This game was a         away. Adiao paced the victors with 15 points
able to field ten men. It did not take Ballistic    mouth of the goal, making a short back-pass         net. Next, Kira Karter made a beautiful pass       Minton (Livermore); Defense: TJ Peck, Tate        tale of two halves. The Dynamite dominated         and Grant Perry contributed 5 points and 7
long to create the first opening however. Jason     and then squirting a goal into the net in the       across the goal to Samantha Dukes who              Peterson (Danville); Matthew Reddick, Noah        the first-half, scoring four unanswered goals.     rebounds. Greg Plantenga had 5 points and
Chow fed Colin Hartland inside the penalty          opening seconds. But that initial salvo served      headed the ball into goal. A goal was scored       Van Atta, Ethan Vincent, Cameron Priest           In the second-half, the Eagles got hot and tal-    2 assists, Justin McKee 6 points and Calvin
area and he smacked it past the keeper for          to slap the Rapids awake, and they rolled to        by Rachel from San Ramon. Following that,          (Livermore); Goals/Assists: Liam Woerner          lied three goals, while the Dynamite couldn't      Rasbold 3 assists. Jeffrey Warner played
the first score of the game. Ballistic went         a 6-1 victory behind heavy offensive and            in Athletica territory, Isabella Barbero with      (G), Andy Glover (G) (Danville)                   find the net. It was a hard-fought match, and      effective defense, neutralizing St. Isidore's
further ahead only three minutes later when         defensive pressure that put the Rebels on           a beautiful pass to Samantha D.; Sam with                U9 Girls: Livermore Cobras 6, Liver-        a fitting way to end the regular season for        big men.
Suhau Kuo managed to get on the end of a            their heels. The Rapids allowed only four           a one-touch pass across the goal to Meghan         more SWAT 0: The Livermore Cobras started         both teams. Offense: Anthony Schultz, Noah              •      •     •
pass across the face of the goal and fired it       shots on goal as midfielders Brandon Larson,        G. who was in position to tap the ball in past     off strong with Sienna Gibbs and Tara Collier     Marcel, Austin Weller (Dynamite); Edgar Al-             In 7th grade CYO basketball, SM/SC
home. Ballistic continued their domination          Ben Foos, David Koidal and fullbacks Amit           the defenders. Top players: Offense-Meghan         both scoring two goals each in the first-half.    varez, Julio Acevedo, Dilan Milan (Eagles);        CYO #711 fell to St Joan of Arc’s #712
of play for the next fifteen minutes and were       Nagdev, Zach Sonnenschein and Michael               Giamona, Isabella Barbero; Defense-Mad-            The second-half continued strong with Jenna       Defense: Gino Stoneham, Brandon Replogle,          19 to 14 in a hard fought battle Sunday.
rewarded when Suhau Kuo turned provider             Schwanhausser clamped down and steered              elyn Krueger                                       Tidwell scoring from an assist from Siena         Jesus Espinoza (Dynamite); Eli Monreal,            Devin Darden led SMSC with 5 points and
rolling the ball to Seth Niermeyer, whose shot      the Rapids back onto offense. It took the                Dublin Magic defeated Livermore Crush,        Gibbs. Tara Collier scored for goal number        Jordan Palino, Jonathan Forward (Eagles);          4 steals and Matthew Wells chipped in 4
was deflected over the goalkeeper's head into       Rapids 28 minutes to even the score, but when       2 to 1: This game was decisive as to who           two. Siena Gibbs then scored another goal         Goals/Assists: Santos Flores (2G), Rodrigo         more points. David Thomas and Brandon
the net for the third goal. Tecos kept battling     they did it opened the floodgates. The equal-       would control first place. Crush came in           for a Hat-Trick. The defense was strong           Diaz (G, 2A), Noah Marcel (G) (Dynamite);          Cory led SMSC rebounding with 10 and 7
away, but they found themselves down by             izer came when left forward Damian Johnson          with zero losses. Magic came into the game         led by Abby Fraser and Audrey Cordisco.           Edgar Alvarez (3G) (Eagles)                        rebounds respectively.
four just before half-time. Suhau Kuo found         nimbly knifed between two defenders, then           with 1 loss, to the Crush. The match up was        Offense: Siena Gibbs, Tara Collier, Jenna              U9 Boys: Trail Blazers 4, Fireball                 •      •     •
plenty of time in the Tecos box to turn and         chipped a pass to unguarded Tyler Kline at          very physical with great effort by both teams,     Tidwell (Cobras); Defense: Abby Fraser,           3: Offense: Nathan Frazier, Alex Frazier,               The 7th grade girls SM/SC "NUTZ"
sweep home a low shot for his second goal           the mouth of the goal. A minute later, Kline        and much heart shown by the Crush. Isabella        Kelsi Green, Jordan Kennedy, Carly Estevev,       Ty Bothwell-Mitilitsky (Blazers); Nathan           had a great first game against St. Isidore.
of the match.                                       wove down the middle, then flipped the ball         Barbero scored first for the Crush with a          Audrey Cordisco (Cobras); Goals/Assists:          Hanscom, Michael Nowaczyk, Evan Capurro            Struggling in the first half, and down 15-4
     The second half had the feel of a scrim-       to the right flank, where Jeffrey Deguchi lit       perfectly placed pass across the goal to Kira      Siena Gibbs (3G, A), Tara Collier (2G),           (Fireballs); Defense: Joe Campos, Jack Rosa,       at the break, the NUTZ came back with an
mage game with Ballistic comfortably ahead          the fuse on a cannon shot into the upper left       Karter, who was in position to make a strong       Jenna Tidwell (G) (Cobras)                        Alex Pierce (Blazers); Jacob Nixon, Jesse          incredible 12-0 run in the 3rd quarter. Tying
and Tecos rapidly losing interest in the game       corner of the net. Moments later, Kline fired       shot amidst many Magic defenders. Minutes                Livermore Cobras 0, SR Kixie Chicks 0:      Patrone, Nicolas Goterro (Fireballs)               the score at 19, both teams came out strong
as a true contest. Ballistic took the oppor-        a shot off the iron and then alertly slammed        into the second half, Magic answered with a        The Cobras played an excellent game to tie             Fireballs 2, Jaguars 1: The Fireballs fired   in the 4th with St. Isidore sinking the last
tunity to substitute liberally as both sides        home the rebound. The Rapids opened the             goal to tie it up. A very physical battle ensued   the first-place team and keep them scoreless.     2 goals in the first five-minutes and held the     two baskets. Point guard, Sarah Partridge,
went through the motions. Colin Hartland            second half with three quick goals that put         for the remainder of the second half, with both    Offense: Katie Hinds, Jamie Freitas, Sydney       score until the end of the first-half when the     led the team with 16 attempts, 8 steals, 4
netted a fifth goal for Ballistic after nice        away the game. Larson corralled a corner            defenses allowing very few shots on either         Duncan (Cobras); Defense: Kristen Heise,          Jaguars sunk a goal bringing the score to          rebounds and 5 points. Jessica Elfin, center,
diagonal pass from Nandor Krause. Krause            kick that had caromed outside the box, then         goal. With a few minutes left in the game,         Kaylie Lawson, Audrey Cordisco (Cobras)           Fireballs 2 and Jaguars 1. Both teams played       pulled down 10 rebounds, put up 9 attempts,
also assisted on the final goal chipping nicely     uncorked a skipping shot that angled into           Magic made their way into Crush territory                Livermore Youth Soccer League               tough defense in the second-half blocking          had 6 steals and 3 points. Power forward,
to Duke Driggs, who slid the ball home for          the left corner. Minutes later, Johnson split       for the winning goal. Top players: Offense-        House                                             all goal attempts. Offense: Austin Gnecco,         Kirah Van Trease, added another 9 rebounds,
the final tally of the game. The biggest cheer      the Rebels defensive line with a pass from          Samantha Dukes, Kira Karter, Defense-Tori                U14 Girls: Mighty Monkeys 3, Rage 1:        Izaac Guerrero, Evan Capurro (Fireballs);          9 attempts, 2 steals and 2 points. Natalie
of the game came when Ballistic goalkeeper          midfield that Kline chased down for a point-        Borgna, goalie: Claire Abele                       Offense: Carolina Soto, Michelle Saunders,                                                           Palomo also had 9 attempts, 6 rebounds,
Michael Viebeck was afforded some play-             blank breakaway. Kline capped his four-goal,             Berkeley Mavericks defeated Livermore         Kristin Paulazzo (Monkeys); Leah Becker,
ing time on the forward line and responded          one-assist domination of the center by tap-         Crush 5 to 2: In the final league match up,        Kali Adams, Jessica Kendro (Rage); Defense:
by cracking a shot against the upright of           ping in an assist from Sonnenschein.                Crush challenged Berkeley Mavericks in             Cassidy Herro,Tara Stoneham, Carla Perez
the Tecos goal just before the final whistle.            Revolution 4, Renegades 3: Renegades           Berkeley. Great fields, great officiates. Crush    (Monkeys); Breonna Burrell, Tessa Clark,
Ballistic emerged winners by a score of             came out strong in the first half scoring 3         struck first, with Isabella Barbero making a       Samantha Desilva (Rage); Goals/Assists:
6-0 and celebrated their first gold division        goals. Great play by all the Renegades, but         great pass in front of the goal to a waiting       Carolina Soto (G), Michelle Saunders (G),
championship after the game.                        especially Nick Barnett and Angelo Abel-            Meghan Giamona for a goal. Mavericks               Kristin Paulazzo (G) (Monkeys); Kali Adams
     Pleasanton BUSC U12 Premier: It                lar. Top Offensive Players: Nick Barnett,           answered near the end of the half to tie           (G) (Rage)
was a beautiful night for soccer at Shorty          Angelo Abellar, Viral Shukla, Kevin Lee;            up the first half. Following multiple back               The Bolts 5, Storm 0: Offense: Mor-
Garcia Park in Union City, as the visiting          Top Defensive Players: Noah Gushurst,               and forth rebounds at the Mavericks goal,          gan Correia, Hannah Stepanek, Madeline
Ballistic U12 Premier battled the Diablos to        Devin Kettell, Keody Baxter                         Andrea Sommer with an assist, got the ball         Schmitz (Bolts); Skyler Kriz, Cirin Cassa-
a 2-2 tie. Union City scored first, but their                                                           to Isabella B. for left foot shot and goal.        rino, Mary Ellam (Storm); Defense: Dorothy
lead did not last long as Carsen Paynter fed                                                            Mavericks answered with a goal against             Richards, Alicia Craft, Lauren Miller (Bolts);
a perfect ball to Tylor Silva who scored with       Livermore Youth Soccer                              Crush. At the kick off following the goal,         Maria Murrillio, Rebekkah Najera, Ogai
a patient slow rolling toe poke. Ballistic took          Livermore Elite Soccer Hi-Comp                 Samantha Dukes dribbled up past multiple           Zemarialai (Storm); Goals/Assists: Madison
the lead shortly thereafter as Tylor Silva               U18B, Div. 1: Livermore Elite Arsenal          Maverick defenders, taking the ball up solo        Miller (G), Hannah Stepanek (2G), Jessica
played a brilliant ball up to Nathan Esparza        3, Penninsula Crush 0: Livermore Arsenal            for a fast goal. Next, Sam D. with a shot          Irwin (G, A), Kirsten Mork (G) (Bolts)
who took the ball wide, then scored on a far        hosted the Pennisula at home last weekend           on goal, pulled goalie out when the goalie               Storm 1, Rage 1: The game started off a
post beauty. In spite of a couple of fantastic      and came away with a 3-0 win. Arsenal               rebounded the shot; Andrea S. was there for        little slow, but once the teams were warmed
saves by keeper Omeed Ziari, and outstand-          controlled most of the game with a swarming         the follow up shot, which was blocked by a         up it was on. Team Storm scored their first
ing defensive pressure by Chudi Atuegbu             offense from start to finish. The first score was   Mavericks defender, to Kira Karter, in place       goal during the latter part of the first-half.
and Mitchell Wilson, the Diablos scored the         a nice pass from Melissa Lamb to Sydney             for another follow up shot and goal in the         Team Rage followed shortly after with their
equalizer in the second half.                       Galetti who bumped the ball in the net with         right corner. The final goal came with Sam         first goal. The game got intense during the
     BUSC U13 Div III Select team finished          her body. Scoring second on a PK was Julia          D. making the assist pass to Claire Anderson,      second-half ending with a tie. 1 to 1. Awe-
the regular season with a win over their sister     Bartolo who was patient with her kick to            who was in perfect position for a left footed      some defense played by both teams. Offense:
team, BUSC Advanced, 2 – 0 on Saturday. It          gently roll it past the anxious keeper. Scor-       shot and goal. This win secured second place       Skylar Kriz, Mary Ellam, Gissek Manzano
was a match of ball control for the Select team     ing on a well placed ball by Jenna Lillie was       for the Crush in their division. Top players:      (Storm); Isabella Johnstone, Leah Becker,
with an opening possession of 13 consecutive        Shannon Sanassarian who beat the keeper for         Offense-Claire Anderson, Andrea Sommer;            Kali Adams (Rage); Defense: Rebekkah
touches as they moved the ball up the pitch.        the games third score of the afternoon. Dani-       Defense-Madison McCallister                        Najera, Haley Hamza, Michelle Pacheco
That theme would continue with a total of           elle Wilcox, Amanda Bonetti, and Romina                  U14B, Division-3: Livermore Elite             (Storm); Tessa Clark, Yesenia Sanchez,
12 “consecutive passing sets” of 7 touches          Oveida played a solid defensive game. Kelly         Thunder 4, Dublin Storm 1: Livermore Elite         Savanna Dixon (Rage); Goals/Assists: Gissel
or more the remainder of the match. The             Calton (GK) posted her fourth shut-out.             Thunder defeated Dublin Storm 4-1 in the           Manzano (G) (Storm); Isabella Johnstone
Select team dominated time of possession and        Offense: Nikki Wente, Nicole Emerson and            final league game to secure 3rd place in the       (G) (Rage)
outshot the Advanced team 25 to 6, scoring          Cheyenne Kisthardt (Livermore); Defense:            league standings. In the first-half, Erick               U10 Girls: Shockwaves 4, E-Goals 0:
2 goals in the first half of play, at the 25th      Danielle Dixon Amanda Bonetti and Romina            Salgado scored on a rebound. Coming out            Offense: Emme Poe, Jenna Jorgenson, Sierra
and 31st minutes. Pierre Marie and Lucas            Oviedo (Livermore); Goals/Assists: Melissa          of half-time with a 1-1 tie, Thunder fought        Dean (Shockwaves); Sarah Passannante,
Warzyniak were credited for the goals with          Lamb (A), Sydney Goletti (G), Julia Bartolo         hard and took the lead when Jose Eduardo           Riley Shepard, Molly Wharton (E-Goals);
Mathew Teng and Sam Hanson providing                (PK), Jenna Lillie (A), Shannon Sanassarian         Chavarria scored a goal off an assist from         Defense: Brooke Powell, Morgan Laughlin,
the assists. The offense continues to be a          (G) (Livermore)                                     Drake Foote. The final 2 goals of the game         Maya Pillon (Shockwaves); Laila Elmashini,
balanced attack with nine different players              The Livermore Elite Fury Girls U14             were scored by Jose Andreas Chavarria,             Isabella Vitale, Taylor Lachman (E-Goals);
taking shots on goal (Andrew Griehsham-             completed the preliminary round of play             the first off a rebound and the final goal off     Goals/Assists: Emme Poe (G), Britney Ortiz
mer, Joshua Cole, Lucas Warzyniak, Mason            in Norcal State Cup. Against the Foothill           an assist by Ricky Sanchez. Adam Hollar            (G, A), Jenna Camargo (G), Maya Pillon (G,
Picone, Mathew Teng, Pierre Marie, Reed             Sparks, the Fury forced the action early as         played well on defense and Grant Petrie had        A), Jenna Jorgenson (A), Clelia Opipari (A)
Marques, Sam Hanson and Tomas Rozsa).                                                                   a good game on the outside. Offense: Jose          (Shockwaves)
The midfield and defensive players (Chris
Goldhawk, Dylan Tuell, Roberto Beard,Ryan
Vicencio, prevented the Advanced team from
launching any serious attacks in the first half
as they didn’t allow a goal (or any shots on
goal). The Advanced team broke through
in the second half and executed 6 shots on
goal. Brian Kinnee anchored the Select
defense in the Keeper position and rejected
each of the Advanced shots, maintaining
the shutout.
     Ballistic United Soccer Club Division
4 -Recreational Publicity
     Under-7: Fighters vs. Fireballs: The
Fireballs displayed great teamwork by fo-
cusing on passing to their teammates in the
Saturday game against the Fighters. Charley
Jetter led the Fireballs scoring with four goals.
During the 2nd half, Gabe Payne, Daniel
Wu and Tyler Mahoney were continually
putting pressure on the Fighters and moving
                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009 - PAGE 9

                                                                                                     Mature Drivers Focus of Education and Enforcement
3 steals and led her team with 7 points.          available. Signups at the regular fee continue
                                                                                                        The Livermore Police Depart-          In 2008, in Livermore there        ing to view traffic.                    Emergency Technicians, Family
Natalie Assemi and Katie Johnston rounded         on Nov 14, and 21. For more info call Beau
out a superb defensive effort with 6 steals       at 925-443-1500 or check out www.valley-           ment will be focusing educa-          were approximately 127 colli-            Age-related physical changes         Members, Peace Officers, and
and 6 rebounds.                                                            tion and enforcement efforts on       sions involving mature drivers.       and musculoskeletal diseases            Driver License Renewal Ap-
     •     •      •
     Catholic Community of Pleasanton                                                                mature drivers for the month of       Of those collisions, nearly 70        (such as arthritis) may affect          plication.
(CCOP) #51 5th grade boys team opened             Baseball Camp                                      November as part of an on-going       percent of the collisions were        the ability to drive safely and             The #1 restriction for senior
their season versus a strong St. Isidore #52           4th Annual Tri-Valley Baseball Camp
team and came up on the losing end. Lead-         will be held Sun., Dec. 6, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It    traffic safety program. Mature        caused by the mature driver for       comfortably.                            drivers is vision related and usu-
ing the team with 9 rebounds was Joshua           is open to girls and boys ages 5 to 13. The cost   drivers are drivers over the age      various vehicle code violations.          In the interest of public safety,   ally requires the driver to wear
Ott. Sam Cukar put in 7 points and Will           is $50 per child and half off after the second
Leininger added 6 rebounds and 2 points in        sibling. Please contact springtrainingcamp@        of 70 years.                          Twenty seven of these collisions      the Department of Motor Ve-             glasses or corrective contact
their losing effort.                     for information.                          Nationwide, mature driv-           involved injuries.                    hicles (DMV) requires all driv-         lenses. Other common restric-
     •     •      •                                                                                                                           Driving is an activity requir-     ers at the age of 70 and older to       tions include, but are not limited
     SM/SC 5th grade girls (#5011) defeated.                                                         ers represent approximately 13
St. Isidore (#5009), 11 to 2. Alexandra           Baseball Tryouts                                   percent of the driving public.        ing complex and cognitive skills      physically go to their local DMV        to: No freeway driving; Driving
Lonsinger led the scoring for SM/SC with               NorCal Grizzlies Baseball will be hold-                                             such as memory, visual process-       office when it’s time to renew          a vehicle with an additional
5 points and 8 rebounds. Taylor Peterson,         ing team tryouts for the 2010 winter/spring        Those numbers are expected to
Mila Steinberg and Mallory Jones finished         season for boys in age groups 10U, 11U, 12U,       increase and it is anticipated that   ing, attention, and the ability to    their drivers’ licenses. They are       right side mirror; Driving from
off the scoring for SM/SC with 2 points each.     13U, and 14U. Tryouts are 10 a.m. to noon                                                analyze driving-related situations    required to take both a written         sunrise to sunset (no nighttime
Samantha Dukes, Jamie Zogaric, Maggie             on Sun., Nov. 15 and Nov. 22 at the indoor
                                                                                                     by the year 2030, mature drivers
Sneed, Madison Jackson and JJ Gibson              training faiclity, 1306 Stealth St., Livermore.    will represent approximately 25       to make appropriate decisions.        and eye test.                           driving); Time of day restriction
shutdown St. Isidore offense; allowing only       team practices begin in December with              percent of the driving public.           Medical conditions and medi-          California DMV also has a re-        (for example, not during rush
2 points and creating many turnovers. Both        tournaments from February through July.
teams played very strong defense down low         Information, 922-5050, tomg@norcalgriz-            In 2007, nearly 200,000 mature        cations common to seniors can         examination process for persons         hour traffic); Using adequate
refusing to allow any easy baskets.      or             drivers were injured in traffic       greatly affect these abilities.       who are diagnosed with recent           support to ensure proper driving
     •     •      •
     Team 410 vs. Team 409: Top Offensive                                                            collisions nationwide. It should         Muscle strength, endurance,        physical or mental condition, or        position; Area restriction; Wear-
Players 410: Garret Barker, Zellie Silberman,     PGSL Registration                                  also be noted that 79 percent of      flexibility, and muscle reaction      a poor driving record. Re-exami-        ing bioptic telescopic lens when
Vassilis Dimitropoulos; Top Defensive play-           2010 Registration is now open for all
ers, Noah Rakestraw, Joshua Esteva, Anthony       divisions in the Pleasanton Phantom Girls          fatal traffic collisions involving    to stimuli are all necessary for      nations are generated from many         driving/restricted to driving from
Francis Contarciego. Top Offensice Players        Softball League. All girls living in Pleasanton    mature drivers occurred during        operating a vehicle and for turn-     sources including, Physicians,          sunrise to sunset.
409: Joseph Murphy, Andrew Mesner, Cory           , Dublin and Sunol are eligible to play PGSL
Hickerson; Top Defensive Players: Devin           softball. Two ways to register: 1) Online          the day time.
Cominick, Cole Meyers, Will Hansen.               at; 2) Mail-
     •     •       •                              in: PGSL, P.O. Box 911 , Pleasanton , CA
     CYO 321 top players: Connor Livings-

                                                                                                     ICE RINK
                                                  94566 (download a registration form from
ton, Trevor Brown, and Derek Eijansantos;         the website). Late registration fee applies
319: Justin Rasmwssen, Darren O'Neil and          after December 1, 2009. For more informa-
Jaylin Shepard                                    tion or questions, contact Christine Tanis at
     •     •      •                                                                                  (continued from page one)
     The SM/SC CYO 3rd grade boys Eagles
vs Warriors 6- 21. Jonathan Mulrooney,
Nicholas Melendez and Logan Finch each            Bah Humbug! 5k Run/Walk                            steps, offering a downtown rink       for Pleasanton residents, $16         fee includes exclusive use of the       at a premium. In addition to park-
scored for the Eagles against Caleb Hardesty           The City of San Ramon Parks & Com-            to entice visitors to skate, shop     nonresidents; child Pleasanton        ice surface and skate rental for        ing located throughout the down-
and Nick La Rosas tireless defense. The           munity Services Department will host the           and eat at local businesses.
Warrior proved to be tough competitors with                                                                                                resident $12, nonresident $14;        up to 25 participants, additional       town area, the Alameda County
                                                  annual Bah Humbug! 5k Run/Walk. This
Roberto Iacomini and Malini Tia playing           3.1 mile course is a certified, flat, paved            Skaters will receive a ‘Skat-     senior $10; adult group rate of       guests can be added at a price of       Fairgrounds parking lot at the
strong offense to Robert Sandoval and Alex        route beginning at 2694 Bishop Drive in the        er’s Special’ coupon in which         10 or more $13 per person; child      $10 per person over 25.                 corner of West Angela Street and
Clarke equally strong defense.                    Bishop Ranch Business Park.
     This week the Eagles took on St Joan of           Race is open to all ages with medals
                                                                                                     they can receive gifts or dis-        group rate of 10 or more $10 per         For more information about           Pleasanton Avenue will be avail-
Arcs Scorpion 2-17. Wyatt Moseley scored          given to the top 3 finishers in 18 different       counts from more than 50 down-        person.                               promotional events, please email        able for overflow parking during
the Eagles sole basket assisted by Brent
Cisterman and Tamur Asur opposite Brett
                                                  age groups for those 5 and over. Costume           town Pleasanton merchants and             All skaters must have                   the holiday season.
                                                  awards will also be given for Most Grinch-
Shapiro and Cameron Cryer on defense.             Like, Best Holiday Spirit, and Best Group          businesses through the holiday        a signed waiver on file prior            Parking at and around the
Casey Cox and Manaav played determined
offense for the Scorpios to Adian Ackerman        Theme, as well as complimentary holiday            season. As an added treat, free       to skating. Please visit http://      Devcon Holiday Ice Rink will be
                                                  ornaments for all participants.                    horse-drawn carriage rides will
and Michael Gauch relentless defense.
                                                       Race day registration begins at 7:30am                                    
     •     •     •
     SM/SC 3rd Grade Lady Warriors played         and the race starts at 9am. Registration forms     transport visitors to and from        Waiver-HolidayWinterRinkIce

                                                                                                                                                                                 OPEN HEART
a tough and vicotrious game against St. Joan's    and online registration can be accessed from       the Devcon Holiday Ice rink           09-10.pdf to download the waiv-
3rd Grade girls. Great Scoring by Tina Asemi      our website: or by
(8), Jessica Keane (2), and Skylar Vinson (2).    calling 925.973.3200.                              and Main Street during one-way        er. Print and fill out this waiver
Also excellent defense played by Lauren                                                              trips from the Museum on Main         and bring it with you to hand to      (continued from page one)
Wirth, Jane Abele, Anneliese Widmann, and
                                                                                                     Street and a drop-off point near      the cashier.
Bridgette Meyer. Both teams played hard           New York Marathon                                  the rink.                                                                                                              Weathers said the Nov. 19
and worked together.                                   Livermore resident Chad Crittenden                                                      The ice rink (subject to weath-   increased demand. Thanks to the
     •     •      •
     SMSC 3rd grade boys (#332) played
                                                  completed the New York City Marathon run               The free rides are scheduled      er conditions) will be open week-     community, we are still here. We        fund-raising event will be a “lot
                                                  November 1. He finished with a time of four
SMSC #335 in week 2 of league play Sunday,
                                                  hours and 35 minutes, close to a goal he had       on Friday and Saturday evenings       days noon to 10 p.m., Saturdays       did not have to cutback on any of       of fun.” There will be live music
11/8/09. SMSC #335 played a strong game
but fell short to the Lakers who were led by      set for himself.                                   through December 12. For more         10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays        our programs.”                          performed by Roger Kardinal.
point guard Jayden Hurskin’s game high 16              Crittenden is an amputee and a former         information, please contact the       11 a.m. to 10 p.m.                       Weathers said there is a grow-       Appetizers will be available.
points. Alejandro Cabassa and Ryan Heise          contestant on Survivor. He used a "running
each scored a bucket for the Lakers who had       foot," a specialized prosthetic foot made          Pleasanton Downtown Associa-              Class lessons are available       ing need for box lunches sent              The raffle will offer some fun
20 points in the contest. SMSC #335 staged        for running.                                       tion at (925) 484-2199.               both on a once a week basis and       home with students on the week-         prizes. One package is a bottle
an impressive fourth quarter comeback led in           In addition to the marathon, Crittenden
scoring by Ryan Mitchell with 4 points and        also completed two triathlons and took                 Randy Hahn, the voice of the      a daily basis for a week. School      end. “In many cases parents have        of Madden Ranch Cabernet Sau-
Ian Partridge with 4 points. Bradley Mitchell     second place in a mountain bike competi-           San Jose Sharks, will emcee the       field trips can be scheduled          lost their jobs. They live below        vignon and a Raider football au-
also scored. Final score: SMSC # 332 20           tion in July at the Extremity Games held in
points / SMSC #335 10 points.                                                                        Grand Opening Events. Joining         daily Monday through Friday           the poverty line. Sometimes             tographed by John Madden. The
                                                  Flint, Michigan.
     •     •      •                                    He says his goal in competing is to           him will be ‘Sharky,’ the mas-        from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at       the lunches are the only meal           49er football is signed by Ronnie
     It was an exciting game for the SM/SC
CYO 2BN6 Leopards versus the 2BN5 boys
                                                  inspire others with disabilities not to let the    cot of the San Jose Sharks. The       a special rate of $9 per student      they will have on the weekend,”         Lott and Keena Turner.
                                                  disabilities hold them back.
basketball team. For the Leopards, a strong                                                          program is as follows: 6:30 p.m.      (includes skate rental).              Weathers pointed out.                      Former Raider Art Thoms
rebounding effort was led by Colby Sherer,
Max Jones, and Kyle Stow. Jacob Bryant                                                               Grand Opening; 6:40 p.m. Gold-            Tuesday Nite Cheap Skate             In addition, more people             will be on hand selling sports
and Ben Wiesner led the team with steals.         Bowling News                                       en State Synchronized Skating         offers a reduced fee of $10 per       are showing up for a hot meal.          memorabilia.
Enzo DeSantis, Charlie Latkowski, Brandon             Stacy Stephenson, in the Early Years
Pillon and Dylan Cole contributed on the          Reno Getaways, rolled 162 over series              Teams; 7:00 p.m. speeches and         person including skate rental         Weathers recalled being un-                There will be lots of wine-
defensive side while Robert Mullineaux            average with games of 213-279-180 at the           presentations; 7:15 p.m. ribbon           Corporate party rentals are       nerved when someone she used            tasting. Michelle Bucket, of
provided a strong all around performance.         Granada Bowl in Livermore.
For 2BN5, Luke Moylan and Mateo Moncada               Carol Werand in the Getaway Fours
                                                                                                     cutting; 7:30 p.m. first public       available to those who want to        to work with came into the              Michelle’s Jewelry Box, will be
played outstanding offense while Brandon          league was 81 over average with a 228              session.                              add a little ‘ice’ to their holiday   kitchen.                                selling her custom jewelry.
Martin and Dylan Silva provided strong
defense. Both teams played with hustle and
                                                  game and Louretta Agness 60 over with a                Ice skating admission is good     party this year with a skating             ”These are middle class               Linda McKeever, Executive
                                                  226 game. Mary Roberts bowled 151 over
determination.                                    series average for a 655 including games           for a two hour session and skate      extravaganza                          people who are losing jobs.             Director of Open Heart Kitchen,
     •     •      •
     The 1st/2nd grade Livermore CYO game         of 238 & 247. Denise Grimsley rolled104            rental is included in admis-              Private rink rentals are also     Their unemployment benefits             will be on hand to accept your
                                                  over average with a 267 game, Mike Balhorn         sion fees. Cost is $14 for adult
between the Jedis and the Warriors proved
                                                  turned in a 246, Jolie Bourque a 209, Mike                                               available for $400 per hour. The      have run out. Some have become          tax deductible donations. Checks,
to be tough battle. Both teams played a fast
and exciting game. Josiah Knight was the          Silva 257, Bob Suhr 244, John Easley 257,          skating pass age 12 and over                                                homeless. We now see families,          cash and credit cards will be ac-
Jedi's player of the game. Thomas Kello and       Jackie Thompson 235 and Clint McFaddin                                                                                         something we didn’t see before,”        cepted. For more information call
Bryce Hall scored for the Jedis, and Ryan         a 228 game. Also in the same league Steve
Anderson and Anthony Guerra played a              Maciorski rolled 129 over series with games                                                                                    she stated.                             925 580-6793.
strong game on both ends of the court. The        of 235-246-221 in the set. In the 4 Seasons
Warriors had several skilled players. Conner      Modified Guys & Dolls league, Mark Mc-
Murphy, Noah Vengley, and Aiden Lewis led         Creary bowled a 277 game, Dave Erwin a
the scoring while Ryan Wenzel, Henry Kath,        256. Jason Barrett rolled a 246 game, Gene
and Chad Madrid had excellent defensive           Maloney 235, Graham Scott 242, Matt Olsen                                                with his father Christian and his
games for the Warriors.
     •     •      •
                                                  235, Jake Hobbs 202, Pat Ansuini 204 and           Michael John Mondot Sr.               brother Elwood. He loved music
                                                  Matt Pickens a 217 game. Joe Monastiero
     The Sharks played a tough St. Joan of Arc    turned in a 749 series with a high game of            Michael John Mondot Sr. died       and played in bands all his life
team but battled to a 14-8 loss. Great defense                                                       Oct. 19, 2009 in Kingsport, Ten-
from Brianna Wheelock and Jacqueline              279. Dan Stuber shot 124 over with games                                                 including performances at the
Arnold completely stopped the opponents           of 223-222-201 and Ray Salas 237-269-279           nessee following lung surgery.        Danish Lodges in Livermore and
scoring in the second half. Two baskets           for a 785 series.
scored by Haley Thompson, one from Bri-               Senior Bowler Dale Irving in the Monday        Born June 6, 1940, he was raised      Modesto.
anna Wheelock and one from Amber Thomas           Primetimers rolled 61 over average with a 183      in Danville, graduating from San          Carl served in the National
showed the team never gave up.                    game. Paul Guerrero in the Sirs & Sirettes
     •     •     •                                league bowled a 268 game (85 over average),        Ramon Valley HS in 1958.              Guard from 1937 – 1941, and
     SM/SC 1st/2nd grade boys teams 2BN10         Gary Rodrigue a 246, Alma Taasevigen 235,             He is survived by his wife Sue     the Army 1941 – 1946. He was
vs. 2BN9 played a great game. Outstanding         Charlie Henderson and Jim Harvey each a            Mondot and children: Summer
offense players for team 2BN10 were Samuel        221 game and Larry Preszler a 215,
                                                                                                                                           awarded the Bronze Star Medal
Bush, Jason DeSantis, and Ethan Yabes. Out-           Youth bowler Zach Savoy bowled a 704           Mondeau, Michael Mondot Jr            for combat service in WWII.
standing Offensive players for team 2BN9                                                             and Stephen Mondot. He lived
were Cameron Stevenson, Landon Ratrino,
                                                  series with games of 246-212-246.                                                            Carl was a Civil Engineer for
and JJ Knight. These teams are doing a great                                                         many years in Livermore.              the Department of Defense. He
job of passing, getting rebounds, and taking
their team to the net.                            Gymfinity Gymnastics                                                                     worked at the Naval Air Missile
                                                       The Level 4 and 5 gymnasts from
                                                  Gymfinity Gymnastics competed on Sat-              Franz Hinek                           Test Center, Pt. Mugu, California
Lacrosse Registration                             urday, October 24, at the Pumpkin Caper               Franz Hinek, 48, died peace-       1948 – 1979 which included
     Girls lacrosse Spring 2010 registration      hosted by Performance Athletics in San Luis        fully at home on Nov. 3, 2009.        long-term projects on the island
is now open. It is open to girls in grades 2      Obispo, CA. Highlights for the Gymfinity
to 8. Registration is now through the end of      girls include a 1st place All-Around finish        He was born Dec. 20, 1960.            of Kwajalein in the Marshall
November 2009 at www.pleasantongirlsla-           for Emily Rakestraw in the Level 4 Younger            He was the beloved son of          Islands, and on Kauai in the Ha-
                                                  category where she also placed 1st on bars and Questions? Richard Murphy at
                                                  beam. In the Level 5 Younger age division,         Bernice and Frank Hinek, brother      waiian Islands. He was awarded Spring season
runs from February to May 2010.
                                                  Paige Chew stood at the top of the podium          of Bronco (Kathleen), John (Bar-      Civil Service Meritorious Award
                                                  for bars which helped her secure 1st place in
                                                  the All-Around competition. Priscilla Cruz         bara), Annamary (Mark) Howard         for 36 years of Military/Civil
LGSA Tryouts                                      took home the the All-Around gold for the
                                                  Level 5 Middle age group. For the Level 5
                                                                                                     and Elizabeth. He was a graduate      Service by DOD.
     Spring 2010 recreation season tryouts        Younger set, Megan Hebert took the top spot        of Moreau High School, class of           Carl’s hobbies throughout his
will be held on Saturday, December 5 for
all registered 10U and Middle School girls.
                                                  on the beam and floor exercise, and finished       ’79. Franz was an avid fan of         life were fishing, duck hunting,
                                                  2nd place in the All-Around. To top it all
Tryouts will be held at Joe Michell School,       off, Gymfinity's Level 5 team won 1st place        horseracing and football.             woodworking and gardening.
1001 Elaine Avenue, Livermore. For more           in the team competition.                                                                     He is survived by his wife,
information and to download the registration           Level 4: Younger - VAULT: Emily
                                                                                                        A funeral Mass was celebrated
form, visit,       Rakestraw, 8.80 (2nd). BARS: Rakestraw,            Tuesday, November 10, at St.          Jeanne, sister Viola, three chil-
email registration@livermoregirlssoftball.        8.85 (1st). BEAM: Rakestraw, 8.65 (1st).           Augustine’s Catholic Church           dren and four grandchildren.
org or call 925-556-5259.                         FLOOR: Rakestraw, 8.25 (6th). ALL-
                                                  AROUND: Rakestraw, 34.550 (1st). Middle            in Pleasanton. Interment was              A Memorial Service will
                                                  - VAULT: Payton Young, 8.425 (6th). BARS:          at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery            be held Sat., Nov 14 at 1 p.m.
Little League Registration                        Young, 8.65 (3). BEAM: Young, 8.00 (6th).
                                                  FLOOR: Young 8.35 (4th). ALL-AROUND:               in Hayward. In lieu of flow-          at Callaghan Mortuary, Liver-
     2010 Little League Registration for
Livermore leagues will take place on              Young, 33.425 (4th). Older - VAULT: Katie          ers please consider Cancer Re-        more.
                                                  Haegele, 8.65 (8th). BARS: Haegele, 8.60
Saturday, November 14 at the Livermore            (4th). BEAM: 7.90 (6th). FLOOR: Hae-               search.
High School Student Union from 10:00              gele, 8.05 (7th). ALL-AROUND: Haegele,
am - 2:00 pm.                                     33.20 (6th).
                                                                                                        Arrangements by Graham-
     Registration is open to players age 5 to          Level 5: Younger - VAULT: Paige Chew,         Hitch Mortuary.
18 years. Players must turn 5 yrs' by April       8.075 (4th); Kaylee Brist, 7.95 (6th); Megan
30, 2010. Livermore National, Livermore           Hebert, 7.75 (8th); Sierra Norvell, 7.60
American and Granada Little League will all       (9th). BARS: Chew, 9.225 (1st); Hebert,            Carl Emil Svanberg
be present at these registration dates. Please    8.40 (3rd); Norvell, 8.075 (5th); Brist, 7.20
bring with you at the time of registration a      (10th). BEAM: Hebert 9.15 (1st); Chew, 8.55           Carl Emil Svanberg died Oc-
birth certificate and proof of residency. For     (4th); Brist, 8.375 (5th); Norvell, 7.80(9th).     tober 31, 2009 at the age of 90.
more information or to download a registra-       FLOOR: Hebert, 8.50 (1st); Chew, 8.225
                                                  (7th); Norvell, 8.10 (8th); Brist: 7.95 (10th).    He was born in Livermore on
tion form, visit your league's website or call
your league.                                      ALL-AROUND: Chew, 34.075 (1st); Hebert.            April 27, 1919 and raised there.
                                                  33.80(2nd); Norvell, 31.575(8th); Brist,
     Livermore National -         31.475 (9th). Middle - VAULT: Priscilla               He was the first Eagle Scout
925-443-5655, Livermore American - 925-447-5255, Granada LL
                                                  Cruz, 8.375 (4th). BARS: Cruz, 8.70 (3rd).         in Livermore and became Scout-
                                                  BEAM: Cruz, 8.60 (2nd). FLOOR: Cruz,
- 925-866-6003               8.30 (3rd). ALL-AROUND: 33.975 (1st).              master prior to military Service.
                                                  Older - VAULT: Miranda May, 8.575 (3rd).           He attended Jamborees in Wash-
                                                  BARS: May, 8.150 (3rd). BEAM: May,
Phantom Lacrosse                                  8.275 (6th). FLOOR: 8.350 (4th). ALL-              ington DC. He graduated from
     Open Registration for Winter/Spring          AROUND: 33.35 (5th).                               Livermore High in 1938. He
2010 Season runs through Nov 25. Phantom                                                             loved fishing and duck hunting
Lacrosse Club is open to boys and girls grades
3 through 8. Registrations will be accepted
on a first come, first served basis so register
early for assured placement. Registration
Fee is $195 which includes the required
$20 US Lacrosse membership (second/third
child discounts). Visit the website at www. for further information.
If there are questions about the “Fastest Game
on Two Feet” or would like to learn more
about the organization, please contact Bill
Anaya at (925) 447-3832.

Roller Hockey
     Valley Roller Hockey in Livermore will
be starting the Winter session November 30.
No equipment is needed except skates. There
are all kinds of loaner protective hockey gear
available for those who do not have it.. No
experience needed to play this fun sport.
     Age groups includes free Mites ages 6
and under; Squirts-ages 7-10 ($140); Pee
Wees 11-14($140). The session lasts 9
weeks with players coming twice a week
for practices and games. Travel teams also
PAGE 10 - The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

Nature Programs                                  Education Week, which takes place                partnering with local organizations                ing, real estate, office management              elementary school has distributed                person may have a memory problem.
    Dark Fall Skies is the theme of              November 15th – 21st. The aware-
                                                                                                  to send holiday cards to troops                    and short sales.                                 "Support Our Troops" worksheets to               Memory problems could be caused by
a Sat., Nov. 14 program presented                ness campaign was founded by the
                                                                                                  stationed overseas. Cards collected                    Coldwell Banker Residential                  students. The coloring sheets, word              Alzheimer’s disease or other medical
by the Livermore Area Recreation                 National Education Association
                                                                                                  by Congressman McNerney will be                    Brokerage in Pleasanton is located               quizzes and essay sheets are tailored            conditions.
and Park District ranger staff. Meet             (NEA) and according to Dan Chou,
                                                                                                  included in troop-support packages                 at 5980 Stoneridge Drive #122, and               for each grade level. They will be                    Now in its seventh year, AFA’s
Ranger Glen Florey at 6 p.m. at the              of Huntington Learning Center in
                                                                                                  organized by the Danville Blue Star                can be reached at 925.847.2200.                  submitted back to AIM Mail Centers               National Memory Screening Day
Wetmore Road entrance to Sycamore                Pleasanton, it is a campaign that
                                                                                                  Moms, Packed With Pride in Stockton                Yousofi may be reached directly at               in Livermore. The materials will be              coincides with National Alzheimer’s
                                                 should be recognized by the local
Grove Park.                                                                                       and the Pleasanton Military Families                          judged at AIM's Veterans Day open                Disease Awareness Month, which
    Dress warmly for this Saturday                                                                and sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.                  or 925.997.7338.                                 house on Nov. 14.                                takes place during November. Sites
                                                      "American Education Week al-
night for a walk into the park to see            lows us all to understand the many                   To participate in the program                                                                      During the open house, a local                across the country will be partici-
the stars changing from summer to                benefits public schools provide our              make or purchase a holiday card,                   4-H Members Give                                 panel comprised of active military,              pating.
winter. The program will meet just               communities, and honor educators                 write a message of thanks inside to                    The Del Arroyo 4-H members                   veterans, community business people                   On Tuesday, November 17,
as it starts getting dark and take an            who ensure that our children receive             a service member, and deliver the                  used October festivities to give back            and school district officials will select        Rosewood Gardens Assisted Living
approximately two-mile walk into                 quality education," Chou said. Ac-               card to Rep. McNerney’s office in                  to their community and more. Many                winners at each grade level from the             and Memory Care will have memory
the park. It may be possible to see              cording to the NEA Web site, the                 Stockton or Pleasanton by Wednes-                  members participated in Trick-or-                school. Winning students will be                 screenings at 35 Fenton St., Liver-
some early Leonid meteors and                    campaign calls upon all Americans                day, December 2nd. Cards should                    Treat for UNICEF which helps                     recognized. Their classrooms will                more CA from 10:00am to 3:00pm.
some nocturnal creatures. Please                 to "do their part in making public               remain unaddressed and envelopes                   provide water, school supplies, im-              receive a pizza party from Marco's               Local Physicians will be performing
wear comfortable walking shoes,                  schools great for every child so that            unsealed.                                          munizations, and more to children.               Pizza.                                           free memory screenings. For more
and leave your flashlights at home.              they can grow and achieve in the                                                                    Members of the Go Green project
                                                                                                      Addresses are: Stockton, 2222                                                                      Beyond school worksheets, AIM                 information about National Memory
Canceled if raining.                             21st century."                                                                                      passed out fair trade organic choco-
                                                      Chou has provided the following             Grand Canal Blvd., Suite 7, Stockton,                                                               will also supply form letters to local           Screening Day, call 925-443-7200.
      The Sun., Nov. 15 program                                                                                                                      late in the Reverse Trick-or-Treating
                                                 advice for local parents on how they             CA, 95207; (209) 476-8552; Pleas-                  program to bring awareness to Fair               school students for a letter writing                  AFA suggests memory screenings
will focus on Owls. Meet Ranger                                                                   anton, 5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd.,                                                                    campaign to military personnel serv-             for adults concerned about memory
Dawn Soles at 2 p.m. at Veterans                 can be more active in the Pleasanton                                                                Trade Cocoa and Child-Labor laws.
                                                 public school system:                            Suite 175, Pleasanton, CA 94558;                   Other 4-Her's helped clean debris at             ing overseas. They will also offer free          loss or experiencing warning signs of
Park. Ghosts of the night? Signs of                                                               (925) 737-0727.                                                                                     APO/PPO postage for standard cards               dementia; whose family and friends
good luck or harbingers of doom?                      • Join the Parent Teacher As-                                                                  the creek one Sunday in October. For
                                                 sociation (PTA) – Participation in                                                                  more information on how you can                  and letters to active U.S. military              have noticed changes in them; or
Throughout history owls have been                                                                                                                                                                     personnel. The offer runs through                who believe they are at risk due to a
all these things to different peoples.
                                                 organizations like the PTA allows                Surviving State Cuts                               join Del Arroyo 4-H please contact
                                                 parents to offer hands-on support for                A free workshop on Surviving                   Margaret Miller at mmiller1435@                  Nov. 26.                                         family history of Alzheimer’s disease
Join LARPD ranger staff for this                 schools and teachers.                                                                                                               For more information, visit AIM               or a related illness. Screenings also
afternoon program to discuss owl                                                                  State Cuts in services and assistance
                                                      • Understand that Communication             will be sponsored by Community                                                                      Mail Center, 1141 Catalina Dr.,                  are appropriate for those who do not
legend and lore, some of their fabu-             is Key – It is important that parents                                                                                                                Livermore, or call 449-9110.                     have a concern right now, but who
lous physical adaptations and look at            contact teachers regarding anything
                                                                                                  Resources for Independent Living                   Food Pantry Hours                                                                                 want to see how their memory is now
                                                                                                  (CRIL). It will be held from 1 to 4 p.m.               The Food Pantry at Valley Bible
specimens of local species.                      that seems out of the ordinary with              on Tues., Nov. 17 at the Livermore                                                                                                                   and for future comparisons.
    There is a $4 per vehicle parking            their child's education, such as com-            Library, 1188 So. Livermore Ave.
                                                                                                                                                     Church holds an Open Pantry on                   Memory Screening                                      The event features a face-to-face
fee. A $2 donation is requested to help          plaints about incomplete homework                                                                   Thursdays from 6pm to 8:30pm. The                    Consumers who want a status
                                                                                                      The workshop is for people with                Pantry is located inside the church at                                                            screening, which takes only about
support the programs. Participants               or worsening grades that appear on                                                                                                                   check on their memory can take
                                                                                                  disabilities and seniors. There will               7106 Johnson Drive , Pleasanton next                                                              five to ten minutes, and consists of
may call 925-960-2400 for more                   their child's report card. This keeps            be a presentation about budget cuts                                                                 advantage of free, confidential
                                                                                                                                                     to Club Sport. It can be reached from            screenings on Tuesday, November 17               a series of questions and tasks. It is
information.                                     teachers on their toes and builds a              to SSI, Medi-Cal, and In-Home                      Wheels Route 3.                                  as part of National Memory Screen-               administered by a qualified healthcare
                                                 parent-teacher relationship, which is            Support Services and how to appeal
                                                 vital as children continue their school                                                                 The Pantry will be closed on                 ing Day, an annual initiative of the             professional, such as a physician,
Candles of Memory                                education.
                                                                                                  and preserve your rights. The ses-                 Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve                  Alzheimer’s Foundation of America                nurse, psychologist or social worker.
    On Sunday, November 15, Rose-                                                                 sions will begin with presentations                and New Years Eve. The pantry will                                                                The results do not represent a diagno-
wood Gardens Assisted Living and                      • Attend School Board Meetings              outlining the situation, followed by                                                                (AFA) designed to promote proper
                                                 – Not only will parents know what's                                                                 be open the Sunday before the Holi-                                                               sis, and AFA advises those individuals
Memory Care will join people across                                                               individual meetings with staff to as-              days on November 22nd, December                  detection of memory problems and
                                                 going on in their child's classrooms                                                                                                                 strategies for successful aging.                 with below-normal scores or those
the country and light candles in mem-                                                             sist individually or to schedule follow            20th and December 27th from 1p.m.
                                                 by attending school board meetings,              up action.                                                                                              Memory screenings are a signifi-             who have normal scores but are still
ory of those affected by Alzheimer’s                                                                                                                 to 2:30 p.m.                                                                                      concerned to follow up with a quali-
disease. This event is open to the               they will also be aware of budgets                   RSVP to CRIL so enough materi-                                                                  cant first step toward finding out if a
                                                 cuts for classes or any new equipment                                                                   Donations by Valley Bible                                                                     fied healthcare professional.
public at 6:30pm and will be held at                                                              als can be prepared. Call 371-1531 or              Church, Centerpointe Church, Val-
Rosewood Gardens 35 Fenton St.,                  available at the school.                         email to regis-
                                                      • Show Support for Teachers                                                                    ley Community Church, Boy Scout
                                                                                                  ter or for more information. Spanish
Livermore, CA. If you would like
to attend this memorial event please             – Whether it is a thank-you note for
                                                 helping your child achieve better
                                                                                                  translation and ASL interpretation
                                                                                                  available upon request. Please call
                                                                                                                                                     Troop 941, and Pleasanton Middle
                                                                                                                                                     School have provided food for this               Pleasanton Hosting Holiday Evening
contact us at 925-443-7200.                                                                                                                          year's holiday pantry.
    National Commemorative Candle                grades, a small thank-you gift for the           for interpretation or accommodations                                                                   Celebrate the holidays at Downtown Pleasanton’s Magical Holi-
                                                 holidays, or a simple phone call to the                                                                 For questions or more informa-
Lighting is one of AFA’s ongoing                                                                  before Nov. 12.                                    tion, please call Kim Chew 925-                  day Evening, the annual downtown open house. The streets will come
initiatives to raise awareness of                teacher to let him or her know that
                                                 you really appreciate their hard work,                                                              426-2492.                                        alive with the sights and sounds of the holidays.
Alzheimer’s disease and related
illnesses. AFA, based in New York,               it is important to show your support             Warm Up                                                                                                The event will run from 6-9 p.m. on Friday, November 20.
is a national nonprofit organization             for your child's teachers.                           The Rose Hotel invites visitors to             Grant Writing Workshop                           Downtown shops, restaurants and businesses usher in the holidays
that unites 950-plus member orga-                     For more information about                  downtown Pleasanton for ice skating                    The Las Positas College Coopera-             with festive decorations, twinkling lights, banners, beautiful window
nizations with the goal of providing             Huntington Learning Center in                    or shopping to stop by the hotel for a             tive Collection will host a free work-           displays and holiday treats.
optimal care to individuals with                 Pleasanton, please contact Dan Chou              fireside coffee beverage. On Fridays,              shop for students, artists, researchers,
                                                 at (925) 463-2334.                               Saturdays and Sundays, November                                                                        This year’s festivities include visits with Santa and encounters
Alzheimer’s disease and related ill-                                                                                                                 and other individual grant seekers
nesses and their families. For more                                                               20-December 13, 2009, from 7:00-                   seeking funds from foundations,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      with Elves who will hand out candy canes and peppermint lollipops.
information about AFA, call 866-                 Cards for Troops                                 11:00 p.m., visitors to the hotel lobby            corporations, and grant making public            There will be carolers, choruses, bell ringers, flutes – all singing and
AFA-8484 or visit                                                                 will be offered complimentary coffee                                                                playing holiday tunes. Balloon sculptors, face painters and Crackers
                                                     Congressman Jerry McNerney                                                                      charities. The workshop will be led
    Rosewood Gardens is an 81                                                                     or tea or, with the purchase of an
                                                 (CA-11) is sponsoring his third an-              Irish Coffee or Baileys and Coffee,                by Scott Ullman of the San Francisco             the Clown will all be on hand to celebrate the magic of the season.
independent/assisted living commu-               nual “Holiday Cards for Our Troops”                                                                 Foundation Center. Offering tips and                Forget about reindeer. You may see some magical mini horses
nity; Rosewood Gardens has begun                                                                  will receive a comparable beverage
                                                 program. He encourages members of                at no charge.                                      suggestions on how best to identify              roaming around downtown!
renovations to add memory care                   the community to join him in honor-                                                                 funding sources for individuals, this
services, called “Generations” to the                                                                 The hotel, located at 807 Main                                                                     Shop and dine downtown throughout the weekend (Friday evening
                                                 ing the service of our men and women             Street in Pleasanton, Calif., will also            workshop highlights the electronic
community by renovating a portion of             in uniform. Last year, Congressman                                                                  and print resources available for your           through Sunday) and have a chance to win one or more Downtown
the building. Extensive Construction                                                              collect business cards to be entered
                                                 McNerney collected and delivered                 in a drawing for a complimentary                   use at Las Positas College’s Coopera-            Pleasanton Gift Cards. For information, go to www.pleasantondown-
is progressing to add new memory                                                                                                                                                             for details.
suites; shared and private rooms to              over 9,000 cards with touching and               night’s stay. The drawing will take                tive Collection Center.
the present building. “Generations”              personal messages of thanks.                     place at 11:00 p.m. on December                        The workshop will include an
will consist of 18 apartments with
occupancy of 24 residents. It will
                                                     “The holiday season can be a
                                                 difficult time of year for the men
                                                                                                  13, 2009.
                                                                                                      The hotel also collects new or used
                                                                                                                                                     overview of resources for individual
                                                                                                                                                     grant seekers at the Foundation Cen-             Goodguys Car Show at Fairgrounds
be physically connected to Rose-                 and women who serve our country,”                DVDs for Operation DVD to be sent                  ter’s web site and a demonstration
                                                                                                  to military personnel.                                                                                  Goodguys 20th Autumn Get-Together Car Show will be held Sat.,
wood Gardens Assisted Living in                  Rep. McNerney said. “Being away                                                                     of Foundation Grants to Individuals
                                                 from friends, family and the comfort                 More information is available by               Online, the Center’s searchable data-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Nov. 14, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sun., Nov. 15, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the
Livermore California. “Generations”
will provide specialized services to             of tradition during the holidays is              calling the hotel at (925) 846-8802.               base providing information on more               Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.
seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s               an incredible sacrifice. Thoughtful              The Rose Hotel is located at 807                   than 6,600 grant makers that support                 The Goodguys 20th Summer Get-Together is a two-day auto-
Disease and other forms of dementia.             words of encouragement and support               Main Street in Pleasanton.                         individual grant projects.                       motive festival which includes an outdoor car show featuring over
It will provide 18 private studios               from our community can make a huge                                                                      The workshop will be held at                 2,500 vehicles, indoor car show, automotive swap meet, cars for
surrounding the kitchen, dining,                 difference in boosting the morale of             Real Estate News                                   Las Positas College, 3000 Campus                 sale area, a Street Challenge Autocross (timed road course for event
and living rooms. Special attention              our brave men and women who serve                    Coldwell Banker Residential                    Hill Drive in Livermore, on Friday,
has been given to common areas to                                                                 Brokerage announced that Moe                                                                        participants), vendor exhibits, great food and beverage, an arts and
                                                 our country with honor.”                                                                            December 4 from 11 a.m. to 12:30
help residents transition to their new               Congressman McNerney will                    Yousofi has joined the company as                  p.m. in Building 2400, Room 2416.                crafts exhibit, a model car show and music.T
home and encourage socialization.                collect cards for service members                a sales associate in its Pleasanton                Registration is required and available               Goodguys has partnered with bay area radio station Live 105
Our goal is to provide personal as-              recovering from injuries and stationed           office. In his new position, Yousofi               online at http://foundationcenter.               KITS 105.3FM to give away a customized 1965 Buick. Show at-
sistance, promoting independence                                                                  will specialize in residential sales
and dignity. Reserve your spot today.
                                                 away from their families this holiday                                                               org/sanfrancisco/training/ffsliver-              tendees will have a chance to register to win the classic Buick right
                                                 season. He will then hand-deliver                throughout the East Bay.                           more.html.
Call 925-443-7200.                                                                                    Prior to joining Coldwell Banker                                                                at the show. The final drawing and giveaway ceremony will be held
                                                 the cards to soldiers at Walter Reed                                                                    For more information, please                 Sunday, November 15th .
                                                                                                  Residential Brokerage, Yousofi
                                                 Army Medical Center in Washington,                                                                  contact Vicki Shipman at (925)
Education Week                                   D.C. and sailors and marines at the
                                                                                                  owned California Home Realty and
                                                                                                                                                     424-1355.                                            General admission $15, kids 7-12 $6, available at event or online
    With the tagline "Great Public                                                                First Financing Group, Inc., where he                                                               at
                                                 National Naval Medical Center in                 managed real estate agents and loan
Schools: A Basic Right and Our                   Bethesda, MD.                                                                                                                                            For information contact the Goodguys (925) 838-9876 or www.
Responsibility," organizations na-                   Congressman McNerney is also
                                                                                                  officers for five years. He has more               Support for Troops                     
tionwide will be honoring American                                                                than six years experience in financ-                   Representatives from a local

   LEGAL NOTICES/CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                                                       
LEGAL NOTICES                       FICTITIOUS BUSINESS          City Blvd. #4, Foster City       The Independent Legal No.          CA NETWORKING/SOUTH             FVC 2009-10 – SSA FAM-            ADOPT A DOG OR CAT,             DONATE YOUR CAR: Chil-
                                      NAME STATEMENT             Ca 94404                         2619. Publish November 12,         COUNTY BIDDERS CON-             ILY VISITATION CENTER              for adoption information       dren’s Cancer Fund! Help
     FOR INFORMATION                    FILE NO.430385           This business is conducted       19, 26, December 3, 2009.          FERENCE RFQ #900652             2009-2010, Friday, November        contact Valley Humane          Save A Child’s Life Through
      PLACING LEGAL              The following person(s) doing   by:Co-partners                                                      for Automotive Body Repair,     20, 2009, 1:30 p.m. – Al-                 Society at              Research & Support! Free Va-
          NOTICES                                                                                  NOTICE OF APPLICATION                                             ameda County Social Ser-                925 426-8656.
                                 business as:Studio 22381        Registrant has not yet begun                                        Tuesday, November 17, 2009,                                                                       cation Package. Fast, Easy &
   CONTACT BARBARA @                                                                                            TO                                                   vices Agency, 24100 Amador
                                 Photography, 3877 Stanford      to transact business under                                          2:00 p.m. – Public Works                                         4)FOUND                          Tax Deductible. Call 1-800-
         925 243-8000                                                                                  SELL ALCOHOLIC                                                Street, Shooting Star Rooms
                                 Way, Livermore Ca 94550         the fictitious business name                                        Agency, 4825 Gleason Drive,                                                                       252-0615. (CAL*SCAN)
                                                                                                          BEVERAGES                                                  A & B, 6th Floor, Hayward,          FOUND AN ANIMAL?
   FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           is hereby registered by the     or names listed.                                                    Main Conference Room, Dub-
                                                                                                  Date of Filing Application:                                        CA Responses Due by 3:00            FREE SECTION. Call            SELL YOUR USED CAR
     NAME STATEMENT              following owner(s):             Signature of Registrant:                                            lin, CA Responses Due by
                                                                                                       September 30, 2009                                            pm on December 8, 2009              Barbara 925 243-8000          HERE. Call Barbara at 925-
       FILE NO.430114            Laureen Rae Stephens, 3877      /s/:Scott Feldstein                                                 2:00 pm on December 11,
                                                                                                  To Whom It May Concern:                                            County Contact : Sandra                                           243-8000 0R go to www.
The following person(s)          Stanford Way, Livermore Ca      This statement was filed with                                       2009 County Contact : Felix                                                  FOUND
                                                                                                  The Names(s) of the                                                Oubre at (510) 267-9457 or                              
doing business as:La             94550                           the County Clerk of Alameda                                         Chang (510) 208-9644 or via                                      Long Haired White Cat with
                                                                                                  Applicant(s) is/are:
Colina, 10651 Mendenhall         This business is conducted      on October 13, 2009. Expires     LANNA THAI CUISINE
                                                                                                                                     email: felix.chang@acgov.       via email: soubre@acgov.         Light Green Eyes. Female -       EMPLOYMENT
Rd., Livermore Ca 94550          by:an Individual                October 13, 2014.                                                   org Attendance at Networking    org Attendance at Networking     Vicinity of Third St & “P” St.
                                                                                                  The Applicants listed above                                        Conference is Non-manda-                                          56) ADULT CARE
is hereby registered by the      Registrant has not yet begun    The Independent Legal No.                                           Conference is Non-manda-                                                  925 292-9830
                                                                                                  are applying to the Depart-                                        tory. Specifications regarding
following owner(s):              to transact business under      2614. Publish. November 5,                                          tory. Specifications and bid                                                                            CAREGIVERS
                                                                                                  ment of Alcoholic Beverage                                         the above may be obtained        6)LOST
Robert Scott Irby, 849 E.        the fictitious business name    12, 19, 26, 2009.                                                   copies regarding the above                                                                         NEEDED for elder care.
                                                                                                  Control to sell alcoholic bev-                                     at the Current Contracting
Stanley Blvd. #301, Livermore    or names listed.                                                                                    may be obtained at the Alam-                                     LOST A FAMILY PET? FREE             Light housekeeping
                                                                    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           erages at:                                                         Opportunities Internet website
Ca 94550                         Signature of Registrant:                                                                            eda County GSA-Purchasing                                        SECTION. Call Barbara              errands transportation
                                                                      NAME STATEMENT              2270 LAS POSITAS RD                                                at
Nancy Sue Willson, 849 E.        /s/:Laureen Rae Stephens                                                                            Department or the Current                                        925 243-8000 to let 38,000        meal prep personal care.
                                                                        FILE NO.431049            LIVERMORE, CA 94551-                                               11/12/09
Stanley Blvd. #301, Livermore    This statement was filed with                                                                       Contracting Opportunities                                        households know!                     Please fax resume
                                                                 The following person(s) do-      8892                                                               CNS-1733162#
Ca 94550                         the County Clerk of Alameda                                                                         Internet website at www.                                                                                925 371-8118
This business is conducted       on October 15, 2009. Expires    ing business as:Stellar Auto,    Type of license(s) Applied
                                                                                                                                                 The Independent Legal No.        AUTOS/BOATS/RV’S/TRUCKS
                                                                 6214 Thornton Suite A5,          for:                                                               2620. Publish November                                            60) BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
by:Husband and wife              October 15, 2014.                                                                                   11/12/09                                                         10)AUTOS WANTED
                                                                 Newark Ca 94560 is hereby        41-ON-SALE BEER AND                                                12, 2009
The registrant began to trans-   The Independent Legal No.                                                                           CNS-1730292#                                                                                      ALL CASH VENDING! Be
                                                                 registered by the following      WINE-EATING PLACE                                                                                   DONATE VEHICLE: RE-
act business under the ficti-    2609. Publish October 22, 29,                                                                       The Independent Legal No.       ANIMALS                                                           Your Own Boss! Your Own
                                                                 owner(s):                        Department of Alcoholic                                                                             CEIVE $1000 Grocery Cou-
tious business name (s) listed   November 5, 12, 2009.                                                                               2617. Publish November                                                                            Local Vending Route. In-
                                                                 Agha Ilyas Ahsan, 1835           Beverage Control                                                   2) CATS/DOGS                     pon. Your Choice. Noahs Arc
above on October 1, 2009                                                                                                             12, 2009                                                                                          cludes 25 Machines and
                                    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS          Edgewood Rd., Redwood            1515 Clay St. Ste 2208                                             Adopt a new best friend:         - Support No Kill Shelters,
Signature of Registrant:                                                                                                                                                                              Advance Veterinary Treat-        Candy for $9,995. Multi-
                                      NAME STATEMENT             City Ca 94062                    Oakland, Ca 94612                  NOTICE OF INVITING BIDS         TVAR, the Tri-Valley Ani-
/s/:R Scott Irby                                                                                                                                                                                      ments. Free Towing, IRS Tax      Vend LLC, 1-888-625-2405.
                                        FILE NO.430678           This business is conducted       (510) 622-4970                     Notice is hereby given that     mal Rescue, offers animals
This statement was filed with                                                                                                                                                                         Deductible, Non-Runners. 1-      (CAL*SCAN)
                                 The following person(s) doing   by:an Individual                 The Independent Legal No.          sealed competitive bids will    for adoption every Saturday
the County Clerk of Alameda      business as:CKMP Advertis-      Registrant has not yet begun     2611 Publish October 29,           be accepted at the Alameda                                       866-912-GIVE. (CAL*SCAN)
on October 7, 2009. Expires                                                                                                                                          and Sunday, excluding most
                                 ing, 4850 Tassajara Road        to transact business under       November 5, 12, 2009               County Social Services Agen-    holidays. On Saturdays from
October 7, 2014.                 Suite 2301, Dublin Ca 94568     the fictitious business name                                        cy Contracts Office, 2000 San
The Independent Legal No.                                                                         NOTICE OF INVITING BIDS                                            9:30 am to 1:00 pm, both dogs
                                 is hereby registered by the     or names listed.                                                    Pablo Avenue, 4th Floor, Oak-   and cats are available at the
2607. Publish October 22,                                                                         Notice is hereby given that
                                 following owner(s):             Signature of Registrant:                                            land, CA 94612 NETWORK-         Pleasanton Farmers Market at
29, November 5, 12, 2009.                                                                         sealed competitive bids will
                                 Christine Ohulani Kaehuaea,     /s/:Agha Ilyas Ahsan                                                ING/NORTH COUNTY BID-           W. Angela and First Streets.
                                                                                                  be accepted in the office of the
   FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           4850 Tassajara Road Suite       This statement was filed with                                       DERS CONFERENCE RFP             Two locations will showcase
                                                                                                  GSA-Purchasing Department,
     NAME STATEMENT              2301, Dublin Ca 94568           the County Clerk of Alameda                                         CFS FVC 2009-10 – SSA           cats only: Petsmart in Dublin
                                                                                                  County of Alameda, 1401
       FILE NO.430113            This business is conducted      on November 2, 2009. Ex-                                            FAMILY VISITATION CEN-          from noon to 4 and the Pet
                                                                                                  Lakeside Drive, Suite 907,
The following person(s)          by:an Individual                pires November 2, 2014.                                             TER 2009-2010, Thursday,        Food Express in Livermore
                                                                                                  Oakland, CA 94612 NET-
doing business as:Service        Registrant has not yet begun    The Independent Legal No.                                           November 19, 2009, 10:00        from 1 to 4. On Sundays,
                                                                                                  WORKING/NORTH COUNTY
Innovations Company, 849         to transact business under      2618. Publish. November 12,                                         a.m. – Alameda County So-       cats are available at Petsmart
                                                                                                  BIDDERS CONFERENCE
E. Stanley Blvd. #301, Liver-    the fictitious business name    19, 26, December 3, 2009.                                           cial Services Agency, 2000      in Dublin from 1 to 4, and
                                                                                                  RFQ #900652 for Automotive
more CA 94550 is hereby          or names listed.                                                                                    San Pablo Avenue, Oakland       PetCo in San Ramon from 11
                                                                    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           Body Repair, Monday, No-
registered by the following      Signature of Registrant:                                                                            Rooms A & B, 2 nd Floor,        to 3. Information, call TVAR
                                                                      NAME STATEMENT              vember 16, 2009, 10:00 a.m.
                                 /s/:Christine Kaehuaea                                                                              Oakland, CA NETWORKING/         at (925) 803-7043 or visit our
owner(s):                                                               FILE NO.430834            – Lakeside Plaza Building,
                                 This statement was filed with                                                                       SOUTH COUNTY BIDDERS
Robert Scott Irby, 849 E.                                        The following person(s)          1401 Lakeside Drive, Room                                          website at
                                 the County Clerk of Alameda                                                                         CONFERENCE RFP CFS
Stanley Blvd. #301, Livermore                                    doing business as:Memories       1107, 11th Floor, Oakland,
                                 on October 23, 2009. Expires
Ca 94550                         October 23, 2014.               In A Box Photography, 2048
This business is conducted       The Independent Legal No.       Pinon Ct., Livermore Ca
by:an Individual                 2613. Publish October 29,       94551 is hereby registered
The registrant began to trans-   November 5, 12, 19, 2009.       by the following owner(s):
act business under the ficti-                                    Sonia L. Bradley, 2048 Pinon
                                   FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           Ct., Livermore Ca 94551
tious business name (s) listed
                                     NAME STATEMENT              This business is conducted
above on June 10, 1992.                 FILE NO.430318           by:an Individual
Signature of Registrant:         The following person(s) doing   The registrant began to trans-
/s/:R. Scott Irby                business as:Joie de Vie Salon   act business under the ficti-
This statement was filed with    & Day Spa, 3059 Hopyard Rd.     tious business name (s) listed
the County Clerk of Alameda      Suites J & K, Pleasanton, Ca    above on October 12, 2009
on October 7, 2009. Expires      94588 is hereby registered by   Signature of Registrant:
October 7, 2014.                 the following owner(s):         /s/:Sonia L. Bradley
The Independent Legal No.        Thanh Duong, 1177 Foster        This statement was filed with
2608. Publish October 22, 29,    City Blvd. #4, Foster City      the County Clerk of Alameda
November 5, 12, 2009.            Ca 94404                        on October 28, 2009. Expires
                                 Scott Feldstein, 1177 Foster    October 28, 2014.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009 - PAGE 11

   LEGAL NOTICES/CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                                                         
BE WARY of out of area           NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS              170)LAND FOR SALE/OUT             500 current daily, weekly and    185)FINANCIAL SERVICES           com promocode: NCPA1.
companies. Check with the                                           OF STATE                          college newspaper contacts                                             (CAL*SCAN)
                                 151)ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                    in California. FREE email bro-   Get Out of Debt in Months!
local Better Business Bureau
                                                                    By Advertising with The Inde-     chure. Call (916) 288-6010.      Avoid Bankruptcy. Not a high    198)TUTORING SERVICES
before you send any money              Axis Health Center           pendent reaching over 38,000      www.CaliforniaPressRelease       priced consolidation com-
or fees. Read and understand     4361 Railroad Ave., Pleasan-       homes and businesses with                                                                           Professional in-home tu-
                                                                                             (CAL*SCAN)           pany or a consumer credit
any contracts before you sign.   ton. Serves Valley residents       your ad placement. Call Bar-                                                                        toring by college senior.
                                                                                                                                       counseling program. Free
Shop around for rates.           with emphasis on those with        bara 925 243-8000                 180)DAYCARE SERVICES                                              All subjects available.
                                                                                                                                       consultation CREDIT CARD
71) HELP WANTED                  low income. The center has                                                                            RELIEF 1-866-475-5353.           All ages. Call to discuss
                                                                    172)LOTS & AGREAGE/OUT                                                                              rates. 925-980-1213
                                 general medical services,          OF STATE                                                           (CAL*SCAN)
  Opportunity Knocking           family planning, well baby,
         Auto Sales              prenatal and maternity pro-        LAND FORECLOSURE                                                   TAX RELIEF! Do You Owe
       Self-Motivated            grams, social services, blood      SOUTHERN COLORADO 35                                               Over $15,000 in BACK
      Easy Schedule              pressure checks, WIC food          Acres - $29,900 Rocky Mtn.                                         TAXES? Need to Settle
  No Experience Needed           supplement programs, pre-          views, Warranty Deed Sur-                                          State, Business, Payroll Tax
         Will Train!             marital blood test, sports/        vey, Utilities. Enjoy 300 days                                     Problems, Eliminate Penal-
          Benefits               camp physicals, TB screen-         of sunshine. Low down                                              ties, Interest Charges, Wage

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mortgage Makes
        Apply Within             ing, free transportation avail-    payment. Call Today!                                               Garnishments, Tax Liens!
        Or Online @                                                 1-866-696-5263, x5355                                              Call American Tax Relief
                                 able. 925 462-1755                 www.ColoradoLand                                                                                                                1-800-496-9891. FREE,
    Call Parm or Ravi @          155)NOTICES               (CAL*SCAN)                                            Confidential, No obligation,

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fixers More Enticing
      (925) 294-7700             “NOTICE TO READERS:                174)REAL ESTATE AUC-                                               consultation. (CAL*SCAN)
 Ford / Lincoln / Mercury        California law requires that       TIONS                                                               195)SCHOOLS/TRAINING
                                 contractors taking jobs that to-   FORECLOSED HOME                                                      Advertisement for Training.
      INDEPENDENT                tal $500 or more (labor and/or     AUCTION, Northern Califor-                                              HEAVY EQUIPMENT                                         By Cher Wollard
CONTRACTORS WANTED               materials) be licensed by the      nia. 150+ Homes. Auction:                                                                                                           You qualify for a low-downpayment FHA loan. Your agent
                                                                                                                                       TRAINING. Learn to operate
  for Senior Home Health         Contractors State License          December 5, REDC /View                                               bulldozer, backhoe, loader,                                helped you find a home in the perfect location. The price is right.
Care Must Have Experience        Board. State law also requires     Full Listings www.Auction.                                            motor grader, excavator.
   Senior Solutions, Inc.        that contractors include their     com RE Brkr 01093886.
                                                                                                                                         Job placement assistance.                                  There are just two problems: The bathroom has been gutted and
       925 443-3101              license numbers on all adver-      (CAL*SCAN)
                                 tising. Check your contractor’s
                                                                                                                                       Call 888-210-4534. Northern                                  the roof needs replacing.
ATTN: COMPUTER WORK.             status at
                                                                    SERVICES                                                              California College of Con-                                    Or you are offering a house for sale with similar problems.
Work from anywhere 24/7. Up                                         176)BUSINESS SERVICES                                                 struction. www.HEAVY4.
                                 or 800-321-CSL B (2752).                                                                                                                                               In many instances, cash-laden investors have been the only
to $1,500 Part Time to $7,500/   Unlicensed persons taking
mo. Full Time. Training pro-                                        CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING                                                                                                          buyers willing to purchase such properties.
                                 jobs less than $500 must           in 240 Cal-SCAN newspapers
vided. www.KTPGlobal.            state in their advertisements                                                                                                                                          But the Federal Housing Authority offers a mortgage – the 203
com or call 1-800-330-8446.                                         for the best reach, coverage,
                                 that they are not licensed by      and price. 25-words $450.                                                                                                       (k) – that allows borrowers to finance the cost of repairs when they
(CAL*SCAN)                       the Contractors State License      Reach 6 million Californians!
Tired of the Same Routine?       Board.”                            FREE email brochure.Call                                                                                                        purchase or refinance a residence.
PHAT JOB Now Hiring! Full        REAL ESTATE                        (916) 288-6019. www.Cal-                                                                                                            “A lot of people are scared of them because the process is in-
time, travel, hotel, transpor-                            
                                 The Federal Fair Housing Act,                                                                                                                                      volved,” said Sarah Baggott, a Realtor with Windermere Welcome
tation provided. 866-350-                                           DISPLAY ADVERTISING in
2220 or 877-856-6960.            Title VII of the Civil Rights      140 Cal-SCAN newspapers
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Home in Castro Valley who has helped several clients who used
(CAL*SCAN)                       Act of 1964, and state law         statewide for $1,550! Reach                                                                                                     the program. “But it’s a very viable option.”
                                 prohibit advertisements for         over 3 million Californians!
JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! No             housing and employment             FREE email brochure. Call
                                                                                                                                                                                                        As with other FHA loans, the borrower has to live in the
experience. Get paid to train.   that contain any preference,                                          Loving family daycare,                                                                       property, which must be an existing dwelling; and the completed
                                                                    (916) 288-6019. www.Cal-           Livermore, meals/snacks
California Army National         limitation or discrimination (CAL*SCAN)
Guard. High School JR/SR &       based on protected classes,                                           included. Come join our                                                                      project must have one to four units, and meet local zoning and
Grads/GED. Up to 100% tuition                                       NEWS RELEASE? Cost-ef-             fun day! Infant-Pre-                                                                         code requirements.
                                 including race, color, religion,                                      school. LIC#013418354
assistance. Part-time work                                          ficient service. The California
with full-time benefits. www.
                                 sex, handicap, familial status     Press Release Service has             Call 925-455-1359.                                                                            The program may be used to purchase or refinance a home. The
                                 or national origin. IVPC does                                                                                                                                      borrower can even move a structure to another location.
                                 not knowingly accept any
reers or 1-800-GO-GUARD.
                                 advertisements that are in                                                                                                                                             The buyer needs at least 3.5 percent for a downpayment on
                                 violation of the law.                                                                                                                                              purchases, and a FICO score of 620 or higher. Maximum loan
ATTN: COMPUTER WORK.                                                                                                                                                                                amounts follow FHA guidelines: $729,750 – including financing
Work from anywhere 24/7.         157)APT/CONDOS/HOUSE/
Up to $1,500 Part Time to        TOWNHOUSE/RENTAL                                                                                                                                                   for repairs – for single family homes; higher for properties with
$7,500/mo. Full Time. Train-      Livermore – Bright and                                                                                                                                            two, three or four units.
ing provided. www.mlbwealth.      spotless one bedroom con-
com (CAL*SCAN)                                                                                                                                                                                          Normally, FHA has strict guidelines about the condition of
                                  do. $995 Quiet complex
ABLE TO TRAVEL. Na-               with pools, spas, tennis.                                                                                                                                         properties it will extend mortgages on. This loan sidesteps that
tional Company Hiring Sharp       Washer, dryer, refrigerator,                                                                                                                                      issue, and then some.
People. Able to start Today.      covered parking, storage.                                                                                                                                             The 203 (k) is available in two versions: A “streamlined” mort-
Transportation & Lodging          925-462-4657.
Furnished. NO Experience                                                                                                                                                                            gage for up to $35,000 above sales price and the “regular” which
Necessary. Paid Training.        GOT A HOUSE FOR RENT?                                                                                                                                              is restricted only by usual FHA loan limits.
Over 18+. 1-888-295-0108.        Let the 49,119+ households
                                 that read the Independent                                                                                                                                              “I’m doing a big one now,” Baggott said. “A $200,000 purchase
com (CAL*SCAN)                   find out about it. . To place an                                                                                                                                   price with $110,000 for repairs. A Victorian in Oakland. It needs a
                                 ad go to www.independent-                                                                                                                                          whole new foundation – everything.
TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED   or call Barbara at
AD call Barbara 925 243-         925 243-8000
                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Getting a loan up to $35,000 extra is not difficult. Getting above
8000 or go on-line at                                                                                                                                                                               that amount is more complicated, but we’re getting it done.”
www.independentnews.             160)BOAT/RV and RETAIL
com Also available pay by                                                                                                                                                                               Not all lenders offer the 203 (k), and some just offer the stream-
                                   STORAGE AVAILABLE
Credit Card for Classified and
                                    South Livermore Rd.                                                                                                                                             lined version.
Display Ads.                                                                                                                                                                                            Baggott works closely with mortgage specialists Gina Eads and
                                       Close to Town
  CLASSIFIEDS                      RE Broker 925 447-2323                                                                                                                                           Robin Dimiceli of Trinity Mortgage Capital.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        “I’ve been doing 203 (k)s for about 15 years now,” Dimiceli said.
    **************                LOOKING FOR RETAIL                                                                                                                                                “Clients have been able to purchase really distressed properties in
      Reaches                                OR
   38,000 Homes                     STORAGE SPACE?                                                                                                                                                  otherwise good neighborhoods. They can’t get a regular construc-
     Direct mail                 Great Location Off Hwy 580                                                                                                                                         tion loan with such a low downpayment. Most of the time, they do
          to                        On Kitty Hawk Road                                                                                                                                              the work and the property value increases greatly.
                                     For Details Email:
                                                                                                                                                                                                        “We had one we did where the value of the home in its ‘as
Pleasanton & Sunol                                                                                                                                                                                  is’ condition was $125,000. The finished appraised value was
                                 162)HOMES FOR SALE
    Call Barbara                                                                                                                                                                                    $220,000 after they put only about $14,000 into it. That was it.
   925 243-8000                  By Advertising with The Inde-
                                 pendent reaching over 38,000                                                                                                                                           “Unless they had cash, no one could buy that house without this
79)HELP WANTED/SALES             homes and businesses with                                                                                                                                          type of loan because they had to finish putting in the heat source
OVER 18? AVAILABLE to            your ad placement. Call Bar-                                                                                                                                       and it needed a kitchen.”
TRAVEL? Earn Above Aver-         bara 925 243-8000
age $$$ with Fun Successful
                                                                                                                                                                                                        The process begins like a regular transaction, Baggott said.
                                 FORECLOSED HOME                                                                                                                                                        “You get the contract accepted and you do all the regular inspec-
Business Group! No Experi-       AUCTION. Northern Califor-
ence Necessary. 2wks Paid
                                 nia. 150+ Homes. Auction:                                                                                                                                          tions. Then you have a licensed contractor go over the reports and
Training. Lodging, Transpor-
tation Provided. 1-877-646-      December 5, REDC / View                                                                                                                                            provide a line-by-line breakdown of costs to do all the work,” she
5050. (CAL*SCAN)                 Full Listings www.Auction.                                                                                                                                         explained. “You submit that with the loan package.”
                                 com RE Brkr 01093886.
MERCHANDISE                      (CAL*SCAN).                                                                                                                                                            In most cases, an FHA consultant is hired to review the bids,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    handle the paperwork and inspect the property.
     GOT OLD JUNK                HOME AUCTION. 800+                                                                                                                                                     “He makes sure it will appraise for the full amount of the loan
    FREE/GIVEAWAY                Homes. BIDS OPEN                                                                                                                                                   once the work is done,” she said. “It’s like a future appraisal.”
        SECTION                  11/16/09. Open House: No-                                                                                                                                              For example, the Victorian that Baggott’s client is buying may
Call 925 243-8000 Barbara        vember 7, 14 & 15. View
                                 Full Listing & Details www.                                                                                                                                        only be worth $200,000 in its current condition, but it must have
YARD SALES              REDC. Brkr                                                                                                                                             an anticipated value of $310,000 or more with repairs done.
                                 01093886. (CAL*SCAN)                                                                                                                                                   Once the loan is approved and the transaction completed,
                                 165) HOUSE/ROOMS/RENT-                                                                                                                                             FHA disperses funds to the contractor in stages, as the repairs are
Call Barbara 925-243-8000        ALS TO SHARE
or go to www.independent-                                                                                                                                                                           made. before 8am Tues-           RENT YOUR EMPTY                                                                                                                                                     “I don’t think a lot of people are taking advantage of these,”
days to get your ad in for the         LIVING SPACE
next edition.                        By Advertising with                                                                                                                                            Eads said. “I’m not sure why they don’t.”
                                  The Independent reaching                                                                                                                                              Another of Baggott’s clients used the program to purchase a
                                     over 38,000 homes                                                                                                                                              bank-owned triplex in very poor condition, although structurally
Place your household items          and businesses with
     here for sale. Call                   your ad.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    sound. Her client lives in one unit and rents out the other two.
 925 243-8000 or go on-line              Call Barbara                                                                                                                                                   “I worked with the contractor to get all the bids submitted,”
at www.independentnews.                 925 243-8000                                                                                                                                                Baggott recalled. “The lender kept wanting more and more, so it
  com Also you can pay by
  Credit Card for Classified                                                                                                                                                                        took a long time. I had to check in every day with the lender. It
      and Display Ads.                                                                                                                                                                              took about 45-50 days.
127) LOST/FOUND                                                                                                                                                                                         “But I think the program’s great.”
LOST or FOUND AN ITEM                                                                                                                                                                                   Dimiceli noted that many homes on the market now – especially
     FREE SECTION                                                                                                                                                                                   bank-owned properties – are in poor condition. Some have been
Call Barbara 925 243-8000
                                                                                                                                                                                                    stripped of appliances. Some new construction was left unfinished
130)MISC FOR SALE                                                                                                                                                                                   by builders.
   Used Chain Link Gate                                                                                                                                                                                  “With the streamlined loan, you can get up to $35,000 financing
  13'4" Wide x 4' Tall with
 Hinged Mounting Post and                                                                                                                                                                           for termite work, roofs, flooring, paint, that kind of stuff,” she said.
Hardware to Attach to Swing                                                                                                                                                                         “With the regular loan, you literally could have just the foundation.
    Gate Operator Elite                                                                                                                                                                             The house could have burned down and you have to rebuild it.”
    Call 925-872-1321                                                                                                                                                                                   In one case, a client converted a five-unit commercial building
        $250 or BO                                                                                                                                                                                  into a residential fourplex. Others have purchased single-family
                                                                                                                                                                                                    homes with illegal second units.
    Heavy Duty Electric                                                                                                                                                                                 “Buyers can make those second units legal or convert the whole
  Automatic Gate Opener,
        Swing Type                                                                                                                                                                                  thing to a single family home,” she said. “It kinda puts you in the
  Model Elite CSU-200-UL                                                                                                                                                                            driver’s seat. You’re able to buy homes that normally only an all-
   Good Working Order
  Call Lynn 925-872-1321                                                                                                                                                                            cash buyer could purchase.”
         $400 or BO                                                                                                                                                                                     Her partner agrees.
DISH NETWORK. $19.99/mo.                                                                                                                                                                                “These loans are for somebody who is purchasing a home that
Why Pay More for TV? 100+                                                                                                                                                                           needs work. And probably the house wouldn’t pass the appraisal
Channels - FREE 4-Room
Install - FREE! HD-DVR                                                                                                                                                                              process for a conventional FHA loan,” Eads noted.
Plus $600 Sign-up BONUS.                                                                                                                                                                                “It’s pretty awesome,” Dimiceli said.
Call Now! 1-866-747-9773.                                                                                                                                                                               More information about these loans can be found at www.hud.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Good News from Washington for Buyers, Sellers
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Late last week, President Obama signed two pieces of legislation
                                                                                                                                                                                                    that could have significant benefits for home buyers and sellers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Unemployment Insurance Act includes an extension of
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers to April 30 and a
                                                                                                                                                                                                    new $6,500 credit for existing home owners who purchase a home
                                                                                                                                                                                                    between Nov. 9 and April 30.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       The president also signed a continuing resolution that, among
                                                                                                                                                                                                    other things, extends higher conforming loan limits on FHA, Fan-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    nie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages through 2010. This resolution
                                                                                                                                                                                                    maintains the $729,750 limit for single-family homes purchased
                                                                                                                                                                                                    in high-cost areas, such as Alameda and Contra Costa counties,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    allowing borrowers to take advantage of lower interest rates.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       The usual conforming loan limit is $417,000.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Cher Wollard is a Realtor with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Windermere Welcome Home, Livermore.
PAGE 12 - The Independent, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

New Associate Director of
Global Security to Join Lab
    Penrose. C. “Parney” Al-         that created the Department of
bright, former Assistant Sec-        Homeland Security’s Science
retary at the Department of          and Technology Directorate,
Homeland Security, has been          developing its enabling legisla-
named the Principal Associate        tion, organizational construct,
Director of Global Security at       multi-year strategic planning
Lawrence Livermore National          guidance, and ultimately oversaw
Laboratory. Albright will join the   budget execution.
Lab on Nov. 30, Director George         “With his educational back-
Miller announced.                    ground and broad experience,
    The Global Security Principal    Parney has demonstrated wide-
Directorate applies multi-dis-       ranging managerial and scientific
ciplinary science and technol-       capabilities and knowledge that
ogy to anticipate, innovate and      will be essential in effectively
deliver responsive solutions to      managing the wide range of func-                                                   Photo - Doug Jorgensen
complex global security needs,       tional areas in Global Security,”    Vineyards take on the colors of the season.
from energy and environmental        Miller said. “I have confidence
security to domestic security and    that he will enable the Global Se-
nonproliferation.                    curity organization to continue to
    “Parney is extremely well        apply multi-disciplinary science
qualified to assume responsi-        and technology to anticipate,
bility for Global Security, an       innovate and deliver responsive
area of critical importance to       solutions to complex global se-
our Laboratory as well as the        curity needs.”
country,” Miller said. “He is in-
ternationally recognized for his
homeland and national security
    Albright has more than 20
years of experience in national
security, holding positions in the
federal government, federally
funded research and develop-
ment centers and the private
sector. His responsibilities have
ranged from research and de-
velopment to conducting stud-
ies and analyses and senior
leadership. He has worked in
programs to counter terrorism,
protect against weapons of mass
destruction, protect U.S. borders,
and perform systems analysis of
space systems and ballistic and
cruise missile defense systems.
    Prior to joining the Lab, Al-
bright was employed at Civitas
Group, a homeland security
consulting group in Washington,
DC. He served as an Assistant
Secretary in the Department of
Homeland Security; Assistant
Director in the Office of Sci-
ence and Technology Policy;
Senior Director in the Office of
Homeland Security in the White
House, and Program Manager
with the Defense Advanced Re-
search Projects Agency.
    Throughout his career he has
served in a number of capaci-
ties, from a scientist designing
and executing an experiment
carried out by the crew of the
space shuttle to developer and
manager of programs associ-
ated with special operations,
intelligence collection, mo-
lecular biology, and maritime
operations. He also led the team
THE INDEPENDENT • SECTION II                                                                                                                    THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

Art, Community, & Education

  Pleasanton History
  Sites Are In a Vid-
      eo Contest
  By Ron McNicoll
      Nicole Dalesio is out looking for votes. She is not a political
  candidate. She wants YouTube members to know that they can
  vote for her three-minute video about Pleasanton in a contest
  sponsored by Lonely Planet, the travel-book and video pub-
      Dalesio, a third-grade teacher at Fairlands Elementary School
  in Pleasanton, has already won first place in one of the contest’s
  five categories: “There Is No Place Like Home”.
      The category winners were picked by the staff at Lonely
  Planet. Now members of YouTube are voting through Nov.
  15 to determine which of the five category winners takes the
  grand prize.
      If Dalesio wins, she won’t need the free plane trip to Lonely
  Planet headquarters in San Francisco. However, she promises
  to make good use of other contest prizes, such as gaining free
  video-making lessons, and acquiring a better video camera and
  more sophisticated editing software.
      Dalesio has taken classes in videography and editing, and
  passed the knowledge along to other Pleasanton teachers. She
  would relish the advanced video lessons being offered by the
  Lonely Planet staff as part of the first prize. Another segment of
  the prize would help polish her skills, too. She would be making
  a short video for broadcast on the Lonely Planet show.
      Dalesio’s current video camera is a still camera with a few
  minutes of video capability on the disk. It’s the reason her You-
  Tube video is a combination of still photos and moving video
      The kids in Dalesio’s video are not her third-grade students,
  because of privacy issues. Instead, her own children are in the
  video. They tour Alviso Adobe, the Museum on Main and other
  Pleasanton historical sites.
      “The important message in the video is not about finding a
  perfect place to call home, but appreciate what surrounds you,
  and build on what’s been given to you. Take destiny in own
                                                                           'Hamlet' at Pleasanton Library
  hands, by making the most of what you have, and contribute to            There will be a free 55-minute     Trapped together during a cold          levels, returns to direct. She also
  the community,” said Dalesio.                                         presentation of Hamlet, Shake-        Denmark winter in a dark, drafty        directed last season’s production of
      She continued, “I tell students that they need to contribute.     speare’s original ghost story, on     castle, the complexities of their       Romeo & Juliet, as well as the pri-
  They need to be part of our culture, our community of character.      Sun., Nov. 15 at the Pleasanton       characters set the stage for drama      or touring productions of Twelfth
  We are teaching responsibility and respect for others.”               Library                               and intrigue.                           Night, The Comedy of Errors,
      Dalesio’s campaign for votes on YouTube has been confined            The performance begins at 2           Those who are new to Shake-          Two Gentlemen of Verona, and A
  to Pleasanton. She has talked to parents and teachers at Fairlands.   p.m.                                  speare often find this murder mys-      Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  She also reached out to Mayor Jennifer Hosterman and the city            The play is performed by           tery to be one of his most satisfying      The set design will reflect the
  council for support.                                                  Shakespeare on Tour, the touring      plays. Audiences are delighted to       castle environment of the royal
      Part of Dalesio’s goal is to show how important high-tech         troupe of the San Francisco Shake-    find they recognize many phrases        family. Costumes will feature
  equipment is for teaching today. “We can do amazing things            speare Festival.                      from the witty speeches and prob-       rich period brocades. Set designer
  with tech. Just being innovative and creative are valuable in this       This ghostly tale of a prince      ing dialogues, such as Shake-           and painter Serina Serjama and
  world and this society,” she said.                                    whose royal family is disrupted       speare’s most famous soliloquy,         composer Bill Walker, who have
      Only YouTube members can vote in the contest. They can do         by political events is considered     “to be or not to be”. The universal     worked on Shakespeare on Tour
  so by logging on to the contest, which is called the “My Journey      to be one of Shakespeare’s finest     dilemmas experienced by Hamlet          for the past four seasons, will
  Contest.” They will see five finalists. Look for the Pleasanton       commentaries on morality and the      continue to resonate with today’s       return with their usual artistic
  video. Clicking on the green “thumbs up” icon will enter a yes        human condition. Unsurpassed          audiences.                              expertise. The production will
  vote. People can vote no more than once each day.                     for its unique insights into human       As always, the cast will field       include a professionally choreo-
      Don’t look for Delasio’s name on the site, because she has        nature as well as its powerful dra-   questions from the audience at the      graphed sword fight by certified
  a different user name.                                                matic elements, the play is set in    end of the show.                        Fight Director Carla Pantoja.
                                                                        the medieval court of Denmark,           Rebecca J. Ennals, known for            This is the first time Shake-
                                                                        during the actual historical period   her ability to make Shakespeare’s       speare on Tour will stage a begin-
                                                                        of the events on which it’s based.    plays accessible to audiences of all                    (continued on page 2)
2    THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                                                                                                    Art & Entertainment

                                                                                                                                                                Tiempo Li-
                                                                                                                                                               bre to Present
                                                                                                                                                               Master Class
                                                                                                                                                                The public is invited to join
                                                                                                                                                            the Las Positas College Music
                                                                                                                                                            and Spanish Departments to
                                                                                                                                                            have some fun with percussion.
                                                                                                                                                            Las Positas College will host
                                                                                                                                                            Tiempo Libre, a Cuban group,
                                                                                                                                                            who will teach a free percussion
                                                                                                                                                            master class.
                                                                                                                                                                Tiempo Libre, a two-time
                                                                                                                                                            Grammy-nominated Cuban band,
                                                                                                                                                            will teach the master class at Las
                                                                                                                                                            Positas College, 3000 Campus
                                                                                                                                                            Hill Drive in Livermore, on
                                                                                                                                                            Thursday, November 12th at 4:00
                                                                                                                                                            p.m. in room 601.
                                                                             A collection of works by local artists Angela Johal and Katie Caulk                Tiempo Libre’s musical style
                                                                             are on display at Windermere Welcome Home realty through Jan. 4.               is a fusion of timba, a type of Lat-
                                                                             The public is invited to attend a reception for the artists this Saturday,     in Jazz, woven into the traditional
                                                                             Nov. 14, 5-7 p.m. Food, wine and acoustic music by The Jammies will            sounds of Cuban son. The group
                                                                             enliven the free event. Windermere, a sponsor of Livermore’s cultural          recently performed on Dancing
                                                                             arts community, is located at 1790 First Street, Livermore. The show           With the Stars and The Tonight
                                                                             is open for viewing during regular business hours or by appointment.           Show. This event will provide
                                                                             Contact Cher Wollard at 925 824-4824 or for               the community with a wonderful
                                                                             information. The photo is of "Into the Sea" by Angela Johal.                   opportunity to share in the Afro-
                                                                                                                                                            Cuban heritage of music.
                                                                                                                                                                For more information, please
                                                                                                                                                            contact Catherine Suarez at (925)

                                                                                                                                                            Young Musicians
                                                                                                                                                               to Chosen
Karen Fleschler will be exhibiting her watercolor paintings at Swirl                                                                                         Perform with
on the Square the latest addition to Blacksmith Square in downtown
Livermore. Patrons can meet the artist and view her latest work              Pendants are by Rhonda                                                           Symphony
on Sat. Nov. 14 from 3:30 - 5:30 pm. Karen, whose painting style is          Chase.
impressionistic realism, is also exhibiting her work at Cuda Ridge                                                                                              Curtis Kim and Frank Shin
Winery located at 5385 East Ave. in Livermore. Her work will be at             Jewelry and                                                                  have been selected as winners
                                                                                                                                                            in the 37th Annual Competi-
both locations November and December. Please check the website for other locations to view her work.                           Wearable Art                                                                 tion for Young Musicians. The
                                                                                                                                                            competition is sponsored by the
                                                                                 The Livermore Art Association Gallery will host a trunk show, “Jew-        Livermore-Amador Symphony
                                                                             elry and Other Wearable Art,” on Fri., Nov. 20.                                Association.
                                                                                 Gallery artists will bring in expanded lines of their jewelry and cloth-       Curtis, who plays the cello,
    Livermore Idol Competition Set                                           ing collections. From 5:30 - 8:00 pm, patrons can nibble on wine and
                                                                             cheese and try on original creations by Rhonda Chase, Michele Buck-
                                                                                                                                                            is the son of Andrew and Jenny
                                                                                                                                                            Kim. He is a student at Foothill
   Livermore youth will compete         by recording albums, winning         ett, Christine McCall, Caryne Finlay-Mount, and Jennifer McGregor.             High School in Pleasanton. For
on Saturday, Nov. 14, for the title     larger competitions and perform-     The featured artist, Rhonda Chase, just won a national award for her           the competition, he performed the
of Livermore Idol. High school          ing on stage.                        wire-wrapped pendants. Her collection of original works will be part           first movement of Concerto No.
and middle school students of              Winners will receive prizes,      of the show.                                                                   1 in B minor by Dvorak.
Livermore have gone through             including the honor of singing the       The Gallery is located in the historic Carnegie Building at 2155 Third         Frank plays the clarinet. He is
the first round of auditions with       national anthem at LARPD’s an-       Street, Livermore. The public is welcome to attend. Admission is free.         the son of Chang and Hyo Shin
final callback auditions still in the   nual Fourth of July Celebration.     For more information call the Gallery at 925-449-9927.                         and is also a student at Foothill
process.                                The winner will also be granted                                                                                     High School. Her performed
   The singing competition is co-
presented by the Livermore Area
                                        an automatic spot in Livermore’s
                                        2010 Talent Competition.
                                                                             (continued from page one)
                                                                                                                                                            the third movement of Weber’s
                                                                                                                                                            Concerto No. 2.
Recreation and Park District, the          The final performance night                                                                                          The students will perform as
Livermore Area Youth Advisory           for Livermore Idol is scheduled      ning-to-end production of Hamlet          Actors will play the following       soloists with the Symphony at its
Commission and the City of Liver-       for 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14, at     (Digging Hamlet, presented in the      roles: Hamlet, Ophelia/Horatio,         Feb. 13, 2010 concert. They will
more.                                   the Robert Livermore Community       fall of 2000, presented selected       Claudius/Ghost, Gertrude/Marcel-        perform the works they presented
   LARPD residents in sixth             Center, 4444 East Ave. Tickets       scenes only). As usual, the script     lus, Polonius/Laertes.                  during the competition.
through 12th grade are eligible.        for the performance will be $5 for   will be edited for length, remov-         The program is free and open             The judges were Dr. Arthur
The Livermore Idol competition          children and students and $7 for     ing the subplot of Rosencrantz         to all. No registration is required.    Barnes, conductor of the Liver-
prides itself on recognizing un-        adults. For more information on      and Guildenstern, but many of          For more information, call Penny        more-Amador Symphony and
noticed local talent. Past winners      Livermore Idol, visit www.larpd.     the most famous speeches will be       Johnson, 925/931-3405 or visit          violinist Susan Freier, a member
have grown in the music industry or call 925-373-5700.      included.                                           of the Ives String Quartet.
Art & Entertainment                                                                                                  THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                             3

                                                                                      Writers Club Offers Information on Publishing
                                                                                 The California Writers Club–        career pursuits include freelance        healthy dose of humor. Packed
                                                                              Tri-Valley Branch offers writers       artist, medical social worker and        with sage advice and witty, person-
                                                                              of all genres and experience levels    children’s art instructor. “Books        al anecdotes, Ms. Langer’s book
                                                                              the opportunity to learn about         are a joy,” she says, “and I feel for-   is a must read for anyone facing
                                                                              their craft and share their work.      tunate to be doing the same kind of      health or life challenges. Her new
                                                                              The next meeting is on Saturday,       happy folding, stapling, gluing and      book, A Funny Thing Happened
                                                                              November 21 from 11:30 am to           drawing which I loved at the age         on My Way to the World: Diary
                                                                              2:00 pm at Oasis Grille, 780 Main      of five.” To learn more, visit her       of a Fearless Travel Agent, due
                                                                              Street, Pleasanton.                    website: www.sarahwilsonbooks.           in autumn 2009, was inspired by
                                                                                 Every book tells a story, and       com. MORE                                her years of experience as a travel
                                                                              every writer’s story of his or her         Nancy O’Connell is a musician,       planner and her own travels to all
                                                                              path to publication is unique. On      artist and author and a Stanford         seven continents. A Writers Di-
                                                                              November 21, three of the Tri-         University graduate with degrees         gest national writing competition
                                                                              Valley’s own published book            in Humanities, Music, English and        finalist, Ms. Langer has also been
Jonathan Thomas Baer, (from left) Tabbitha McBrade and Nicholas               authors, Sarah Wilson, Nancy           Education. Her two books, a non-         published in several anthologies,
Boer rehearse for production opening this Friday.                             O’Connell, and Annette Langer,         fiction travel book, Take a Camel        including Livermore Wine Country
                                                                              will discuss what it took for them     to Lunch and Other Adventures,           Literary Harvest. When not writ-
                                                                              to become published and how            and a forthcoming picture book,          ing or speaking, she keeps busy
     Las Positas College's School for                                         other writers can benefit from their   Looking for Maji, set in Kenya,          as a volunteer for her local police
      Scandal Has Modern Setting                                              experience. The three writers will
                                                                              share a wealth of advice for writers
                                                                                                                     reflect her lifetime of travel and
                                                                                                                     remarkable background and inter-
                                                                                                                                                              department. Or go on line at www.
    The Las Positas College The-         world of Facebook, Twitter and       on how to tip the odds in their fa-    ests. A longtime, lauded writing            The meeting cost is $21 for
ater Department presents The             People Magazine”                     vor and turn a dream of selling a      instructor at Chabot College, she        members and $27 for nonmem-
School for Scandal by Richard               The cast of full time Las Posi-   book into a dream come true.           has helped launch the careers of         bers, including lunch. Anyone
Brinsley Sheridan. Performances          tas College students and some           Sarah Elizabeth Wilson is the       numerous students, some of whom          curious about the group is invited
in the Las Positas College Theater       community people includes Nikki      author and/or illustrator of more      have become award winning au-            to attend with no obligation to
are on November 13, 14, 20 and           Abercrombie, Jordan Adelman,         than thirty books for children,        thors themselves. O’Connell, who         join. Reservations are required. To
21 at 8:00 PM and November 22            Jonathan Baer, Charlie Baker,        including, George Hogglesberry:        recently retired from teaching, has      make a reservation for November
at 2:00 PM. Admission prices are         Nicholas Boer, Elise Christian,      Grade School Alien, which won          also written three adult mystery         21, contact Fred Norman at Fnor-
$12 general admission and $8 for         Henry Cole, Tom Darter, Blake        the prestigious Golden Kite Award,     novels. She is currently focusing or 925-462-
students and seniors.                    Edmunds, Matthew Hofstad, Jean-      and Big Day on the River, a Bank       on middle grade fiction and illus-       7495 by Wednesday, November
    Director Wendy M. Wisely             ice Jones, Tabbitha McBride,         Street Best Children’s Book of         trating children’s books.                18. For more information on the
is setting this production of the        LeAnn McGovern, Allison Mene-        the Year, plus two non-fiction             Annette Langer’s debut book,         California Writers Club–Tri-Valley
classic comedy of bad manners            ley, Adam Neylan, Salim Razawi       books for adults, two newspaper        Healing Through Humor: Change            Branch, contact Lani Longshore at
in contemporary America. In de-          and Abigail Vass. In addition        comic panels, and a children’s         Your Focus, Change Your Life,            925-455-1338 or longshore1769@
scribing her approach she states,        to Wisely, the staff includes Ken    newsletter, “The Letter Bear.” Ms.     chronicles the numerous, serious or go to www.trival-
“When the exploits of Paris Hilton       Ross, producer; Jeremy Hamm, set     Wilson is a popular speaker and        health challenges Annette over-
and Lindsey Lohan make headlines         and lighting designer and Wesley     workshop leader, whose previous        came via doctor’s orders and a
and taking a ‘hike through the           Morgan, costume designer.
Appalachians’ has a whole new               Ticket prices are $12 general
meaning, I am struck by how little       admission and $8 for students and
has changed since 1777 (when the         seniors. They may be purchased at
play was written) in regards to          the Las Positas College Bookstore.
the public taste for scandal. The        Advance reservations can be made
sport of gossip and character as-        by calling (925) 424-1812 and
sassination is still as in-style as it   show information can be received
was then. Characters called Lady         by calling (925) 424-1166 or send-
Candour, Lady Sneerwell, Joseph          ing an email to kross@laspositas-
Surface and Benjamin Backbite  
would feel right at home in today’s
4    THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                                                                                                    Art & Entertainment

                    Valley Concert Chorale: Hilarity at High Tea
By Susan Steinberg                        Floral centerpieces were high-           Then there were the tables of      could have been muddied and           Dave Brunswick drew laughter just
   Hilarity is seldom on the pro-      lighted by artist Kathleen What-        raffle items generously donated by     muddled in a choral rendition, but    trying to explain the daffy family
gram for Valley Concert Chorale,       ley’s charming watercolor sketches      local businesses and individuals,      the Chorale’s usual impeccable        relations in “H.M.S. Pinafore.”
but last Sunday it was definitely      from favorite shows, each adorned       from an afternoon of bocce ball to a   enunciation (often sorely lacking        In the grand finale, Barry Bai-
the order of the day.                  with the British Union Jack, and        serene mountain cabin, plus tickets    in G and S ensembles) allowed         ley brought down the house with
   Cutting loose from their cus-       displaying the title in distinctively   to future concerts and operas, with    easy comprehension of even the        his solo version of “The Kind of
tomary presentations of magnifi-       appropriate calligraphy style.          dinner vouchers from Livermore’s       densest lyrics, as did the slower     Maid” (“Princess Ida”) complete
cent classical works, the choristers      This attention to detail car-        fine-dining restaurants, and a beau-   pace of the singing.                  with physical clowning that left
offered a unique trio of treats:       ried over to the bountiful tables       tiful painting by Carolyn Ramsey          Selections varied from the         his listeners in hysterics.
vocal, visual, and culinary. Billed    of “sweets and savories” that           (my personal favorite).                familiar (“Tit-Willow” from “The         What a joyous performance!
as “An Afternoon with Gilbert          bore such whimsical titles as               As one patron remarked, “This      Mikado” and the Lord Chancel-         Not at all the usual Chorale pre-
and Sullivan,” the fund-raiser         “H.M.S. Ham and Mustard Sand-           is such wonderful fun, and we          lor’s “Nightmare Song” from “Io-      sentation, but a light-hearted af-
promised a program of engaging         wich,” Ruddygore’s Cursed Cream         haven’t even heard the music yet!”     lanthe”) to the less-known (King      ternoon of fun for singers and
selections from those masters of       Cheese,” “Modern Major Gen-             Everyone within hearing nodded in      Gama’s qvetchy complaint “The         guests alike.
lyricism and wit, sentimentality       eral Shortbread,” and “Buttercup’s      agreement.                             Baffled Grumbler” from “Princess         Congratulations to Conductor
and sarcasm.                           Tarts.” Here too Whaley’s delicate          Of course the music did begin,     Ida” and “The Ghosts’ High Noon”      John Emory Bush and accompa-
   It was all that and much more,      pen work made each small sign a         with the singers sporting a wide       from “Ruddygore”).                    nist Daniel Glover for the musical
as the patrons discovered upon         charming grace-note.                    variety of themed costumes. An            Bill Leach, in Keystone Kops       program, and to the dedicated
entering the hall. Tables elegantly       Every table featured those           informal introduction to each song     uniform and credible Cockney          event organizers for a uniquely
appointed with English floral print    classic elements of a proper high       helped place it in context, with the   accent, entertained the audience      elegant, entertaining, and delicious
cloths and napkins, and wall décor     tea: butter, jam, lemon curd, and       welcome printed texts allowing         with his philosophical introduction   celebration that everyone hopes to
evoking various G and S operettas      a small pitcher of cream for the        listeners to follow even the most      to “A Policeman’s Lot” from “Pi-      see repeated. Easily worth double
created the ambience of a British      traditional teas served in dainty       intricate “pattersongs.”               rates of Penzance,” while real Brit   the price of admission.
tea-room.                              handled cups.                               Pieces usually sung as solos

                          Symphony: Fun and Frivolity at the Pops
By Nancy O’Connell                     its driving rhythms and stirring        were here in elaborate costumes.           After a short intermission, the   xylophone. Snare drums and cym-
    To the enjoyment of everyone,      climaxes brought the audience to        One tall cellist, Dave Walters, was    winner for a chance to conduct the    bals were heard in the syncopated
the Livermore-Amador Symphony          a respectful quiet. All food was        a Viking warrior with a helmet and     symphony was announced. Susan         rhythms. There were demanding
held its annual fundraiser at the      forgotten in the delight of hearing     horns, making him tower over al-       Armantrout looked delighted, and      parts for every musician. As this
Barn last Friday and Saturday          the familiar melodies.                  most everyone. A woman, dressed        she put on a wonderful show. Act-     reviewer looked over at the cellos
nights, November 6th and 7th. As           In Rimsky-Korsakov’s selec-         as the exotic Scherazade, won one      ing hesitant for just a moment, she   they were playing up in the thumb
a hint of things to come, Esther       tions from Scheherazade an evoca-       of the prizes given to audience        took up the baton and conducted       position, racing up and down the
and Gordon Longerbeam, dressed         tive clarinet solo was followed         participants. Nan Davies, flutist,     World Events March with assur-        fingerboard. (Until the famous
in Japanese kimonos, greeted ev-       by a long unison passage in the         won a prize for her costume as a       ance and many humorous manner-        cellist, Pablo Casals, began to
eryone at the door. The Master of      strings. Then the high flute solo       British Grenadier.                     isms as she “hammed it up”. She       experiment and used his thumb
Ceremonies, David Alltop, who          sang above the other voices. Kris-          After the prizes were given        marched in place, never losing a      lying on its side, no string player
is on the Board of Directors for       tina Anderson, the concert master,      out, the second half of the pro-       beat, turned around and conducted     had ever used his thumb as an extra
the symphony, introduced each          had a lovely solo accompanied           gram traveled to “Europe and           the audience, then summoned a         finger before.)
musical selection, often with an       by the harp. Her part represented       Elsewhere”. Nan Davies played          woman and later a man to march           Authur Benjamin’s Jamaican
anecdote about the composer for        the voice of Scheherazade as she        a delightful piccolo solo in an        with her, always raising the baton    Rumba followed. It became so
the next piece on the program.         spun out her tales to save her life.    old English melody, the British        high enough for the orchestra to      popular that the Jamaican govern-
    He also pointed out that many      Dale Larsen, with his pleasing          Grenadiers March. Dale Larsen          still see her beat. While most eyes   ment sent Benjamin a barrel of Ja-
of the selections were arranged        voice, sang Loesser’s Slow Boat         was the soloist in the crowd-pleas-    were upon her antics, the multi       maican rum every year for the rest
by the symphony’s conductor, Dr.       to China. Then Wendy Mason              ing song, Porter’s I Love Paris.       - talented Dr. Barnes snuck back      of his life. Dvorak’s Goin’ Home
Arthur P. Barnes. Imagine the          led the audience in a “sing along”      In excerpts from Mendelssohn’s         to the xylophone and played it        from his New World Symphony fea-
hours of work behind the scenes,       of the Japanese folk song, Sakura.      Italian Symphony there were some       throughout.                           tured a haunting oboe solo played
because there were eight of these      Since the words were translated         difficult demands placed on the            Webber’s Don’t Cry for Me,        by Larry George, who stood after-
musical offerings which Barnes         and printed in the program, almost      orchestra, but every player came       Argentina was sung by Wendy           wards for a solo bow. The concert
personally arranged, including the     everyone joined in.                     through with solid musicianship        Mason. She performed it so well       closed with a “sing - along”. This
first number, a fanfare for Young’s         Wendy Mason’s voice was            and there was uniform bowing in        that some listeners had to fight      is My Country provided a rousing
Around the World in 80 Days. This      beautiful and clear. For the first      the strings.                           back tears. Her contrasts between     end to a festive evening with its
work was a good introduction to        time in at least three years, the           The audience’s voices were         forte and piano helped bring out      score calling for a full brass sec-
the theme of the evening, which        female’s voice was not distorted        all raised in singing When Irish       the pathos of this popular song.      tion, drum rolls and enthusiastic
was “Pops Travels the World.”          by the mike. Kudos to Michael           Eyes Are Smiling, It was easy to       Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag not     audience participation.
Borodin’s Polovetsian Dances           Paradiso, who was in charge of the      understand why the words were          only catapulted him to fame, but         Many children and young peo-
transported us to Russia. As this      sound system this year.                 well known after David Alltop          it really launched ragtime with its   ple were in the Barn having a
reviewer glanced around the room,          With the first intermission,        told us that this melody has been      catchy rhythms. Over a million        glorious time on the first of these
it seemed strange to see to two        picnic baskets were opened. Des-        heard in over 200 films! Spain was     copies of the sheet music for this    two concerts. Parents, please
armed security guards standing at      serts spilled out. Bottles popped       represented by Texidor’s Amparita      work were sold!                       bring them with you to the Liver-
the back of the hall. It somehow       open, and friends and symphony          Roca. The brass and percussion             A synthesizer joined the per-     more-Amador Symphony’s next
was startling to see them for the      members greeted each other and          were featured throughout as Span-      cussion section for the next work,    concert, Hits from Four Centuries,
first time during the imaginary        circulated. Many costumes were          ish rhythms pulsed and led to some     Copland’s Hoedown from Rodeo          on December 5th at 8 PM in the
tour of Russia with its history of     exclaimed over. Entire families         foot tapping among the listeners.      Suite. April Nissen played the        Bankhead Theater.
suppression. Borodin’s work, with
Art & Entertainment                                                                                                    THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                               5

 Broadway Chorus: A                                                                   'The Flow of Time and Money' Author to Speak
                                                                                  Author Lloyd Watts will speak        to make your greatest contribution       he founded Audience, Inc. whose
Grand Night for Singing                                                        about his book The Flow of Time
                                                                               and Money: How to Create a Full
                                                                               and Prosperous Life at the Liver-
                                                                                                                       to the world. This book condenses
                                                                                                                       the two disciplines of time man-
                                                                                                                                                                vision is to build systems that hear
                                                                                                                                                                the way that human beings do, and
                                                                                                                       agement and money management             commercialize them in dedicated
                                        a very young group. They were          more Public Library Civic Center,       into a powerful common frame-            hardware in the large cell-phone
                                        all cute as buttons. Their spirited    1188 S. Livermore Avenue, at            work, so they can be understood          and PC markets. In 2008 he wrote
                                        renditions of “Its Only a Paper        7pm on Thursday, November 19.           together.                                and published The Flow of Time
                                        Moon” and “Over the Rainbow”           There is no charge for this event.          Watts was born in London             and Money.
                                        were cheered and applauded (and        Books will be available for sale        England, and received his Ph.D.             The Friends of the Livermore
                                        not only by their families).           and signing.                            in Electrical Engineering from the       Library have underwritten this
                                            It was a grand night for singing      In his book The Flow of Time         California Institute of Technology.      program as part of the Friends
                                        and the Broadway Chorus sang           and Money, Watts lays out the           He has worked as an engineer at          Authors and Arts Series. For
By Susan Steinberg                      those beloved spirit-lifting melo-     principles of how to manage time        Microtel Pacific Research, Syn-          additional events, go to the the
    Kick back and swing to the          dies with love and enthusiasm that     and money, so as to create a fulfill-   aptics, Arithmos, and Interval           library’s website located at www.
music! That was the mood both           moved their audience to a grateful     ing and prosperous life, ultimately     Research Corporation. In 2000, 
onstage and in the audience at the      ovation.

                                                                                 Lithorama Has Special Features
Broadway Chorus Concert, “The               It’s not often that such a pol-
Great American Songbook”.               ished group emerges from a vol-
    Between singers and listeners,      unteer cadre of singers, but each
it was hard to tell who was having      concert has shown their increasing         The Livermore Lithophile Gem        no complete fossils of the animals.      be vendors. A ticket for a chance to
more fun.                               level of excellence. Great credit      and Mineral Club will host the an-      Mainly the display will consist of       win one of the hourly door prizes
    Now almost 100 strong, the          goes to Musical Director Jenny         nual Lithorama on Sat., Nov. 21         teeth, bone fragments and part of        is included with every paid admis-
Chorus is full-voiced, energetic,       Matteucci, whose zest infused the      from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sun.,        a tusk.                                  sion. Raffle tickets are available at
and so happy that their mood is         whole evening for everyone.            Nov. 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.              Blake Bufford of Jones and           $1 each or 6 for $5. Children will
irresistibly infectious. After all,         For all their hard work and            This gem and mineral show and       Stokes, Inc. in Sacramento col-          receive a free items. There will be
who could possibly resist jiving to     months of rehearsal, the Valley        sale will be held at The Barn, 3131     lected the samples. Bruce Hanson         a silent hourly auction of minerals
“Chattanooga Choo-Choo,” “I Got         owes Broadway Chorus a tre-            Pacific Ave., Livermore.                is preparing them, which includes        and lapidary materials.
Rhythm”, or their rousing opener,       mendous vote of thanks for this            Clubs from Northern California      cleaning and hardening the larger            The event also includes how-
“Sing, Sing, Sing.”                     time-stopping evening of joyous        will have displays of such things       specimens and recovery of small          to-do-it demonstrations such as
    Backed by a super jazz combo,       music-making. Here’s to many,          as cabochons, jewelry, minerals,        specimens from material that was         faceting, beading, and freeform
the songs covered the classic           many more!                             fossils, freeform cabochons and         screened and concentrated.               carving.
crooners, with selections like “I                                              more.                                       The material will be sent to the         Admission is $4.00 for adults
Only Have Eyes for You,” “Star-                                                     The “glow room” will feature       Paleontology Department at UC            (free weekend re-entry with
dust” and “For All We Know.”                 Concert                           a display of fluorescent rocks and
                                                                                                                           In addition to display, there will
                                                                                                                                                                stamped hand) and children age
Especially nostalgic was the non-                                                                                                                               12 and under free with adult.
chalance of Sinatra sound-alike            Band Goes to                            A special attraction will be a
Michael Bergez performing “Let’s                                               display of fossils recovered from
Fall in Love,” backed by a soul-            the Circus                         the Zone 7 dig site in 2008. The
ful sax.                                   The Pleasanton Community            dig took place off Las Positas Road
    Torch songs and blues, jazz and     Concert Band “Goes to the Cir-         near the Target Store. These are the
swing, followed from masters like       cus,” with its next family concert     most recent of the Pleistocene fos-
Johnny Mercer, Duke Ellington,          to be performed at 2 p.m. on Nov.      sils found in the Livermore Valley.
Hoagy Carmichael, Harold Arlen,         15.                                    The largest animal represented in
Fats Waller, Louis Prima, Ella             The concert will be held at the     the find is a Mammoth. A similar
Fitzgerald, and the Gershwins.          Amador Theater, 1155 Santa Rita        Mammoth was unearthed at the
    Tin Pan Alley cast its spell over   Rd., Pleasanton.                       National Ignition facility site at
everyone old enough to remember            The program will feature Thun-      Lawrence Livermore National
                                                                               Laboratory in 1997. The age of the
Bing Crosby’s “Swinging on a            der and Blazes, Barnum and Bai-
                                                                               Mammoth was determined through
Star” and young enough to recog-        ley’s Favorite, Circus Polka, The      carbon-14 dating and found to be
nize Dave Brubeck’s upbeat “Take        Circus Bee, The Skater’s Waltz,        16,000 years old.
5.” Swaying to “slow-dance” fa-         Dance of the Tumblers, Sabre               A mastodon was found in the
vorites like “Moonglow” brought         Dance, Pas Redouble, and Sobre         mid-1930s in a quarry just above
back Senior Prom memories for           Las Olas.                              the Blackhawk Center in Dan-
many, while “Hit Me with a Hot             There is no admission charge.       ville.
Note” had toes tapping and heads        However, donations are appreci-            Both species became extinct
bobbing to the snappy upbeat            ated.                                  10,000 to 12,000 years ago.
rhythm.                                    Doors will open at 1:40 p.m. For        Other animals from the Zone
    Dreamy numbers like “Star-          more information, call 846-5897 or     7 dig site include a horse, rabbit
dust” alternated with a close-har-      go to          and possible rodents. There are
mony octet’s “I’m Beginning to
See the Light” and some great hot
licks from the excellent combo.
Mellow riffs for each soloist in
“Satin Doll” were played against
a projection of the Manhattan
skyline. It was a perfect nightclub
    The Broadway Kids Chorus
made several welcome appear-
ances, every one of them shining
and poised, thanks to their dedi-
cated director Martie Muldoon.
Their clear enunciation and unison
singing was impressive for such
6    THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                                                                                                               Wine Country

    Occasio Winery’s 2009 Harvest Celebration To
Benefit Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry: Season of Giving
  Kicks Off With New Wine Releases and Live Music

                                                                                                                     Occasion family of wines.

                                                                             cal sounds of guitar, stand up bass,   duced from grapes grown right         New Release and Harvest Cel-
                                                                             accordion and percussion will fill     here in the Livermore Valley.           ebration at Occasio Winery
                                                                             the winery as guests enjoy a dinner    Guests who join the Occasio               Saturday, November 14th
                             Tasting room.                                   paired with a lineup of award-win-     Society Wine Club will receive             6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
                                                                             ning Occasio wines. Guests will        a wine and cheese pairing educa-       URL:
                                                                                                                    tion package. Occasio Winery is          Where: 2245B South Vasco
                                                                             have the rare opportunity to taste                                                   Road, Livermore
                                                                             the 2008 Del Arroyo Vineyard Zin-      a proud supporter of Slow Food,       RSVP: Reservations required by
                                                                             fandel right out of the barrel.        US Ark and of locally produced        11.13.09. Call 925-371-1987 or
By Laura Ness                         resent over 500 families who are          The highlight for wine lovers       products and services. All Occasio
   It’s been an extraordinary har-    experiencing hunger. The Haven’s       may well be winemaker Kinney’s         wines are made exclusively from
vest for Occasio Winery. Owner        permanent Food Pantry is located       2007 Thatcher Bay Vineyard             Livermore Valley grapes.              Occasio Winery invites you to
and winemaker John Kinney de-         at the Mar Thoma Church, at 418        Merlot. This velvety, refined wine,       The evening’s festivities will     experience their boutique winery
cided to mark the occasion with       Junction Avenue in Livermore. Ten      a delightful melange of dark rasp-     conclude with a dessert bar and       and tasting salon, where you can
the release of the winery’s 2007      percent of ticket proceeds from this   berries, leather, juniper, roasted     coffee service.                       relax and enjoy a glass of wine
Thatcher Bay Vineyard Merlot, of      event and others leading into the      chestnuts, and honey-baked ham,           The event costs $50 per person     in the shade of the giant cypress
which only 25 cases were made.        holidays will be donated to Tri-       received a Silver Medal at the 2009    plus tax for non-wine club mem-       tree, at the gateway to Livermore
The evening will be a festive one,    Valley Haven Food Pantry.              Indy International Wine Com-           bers, and $40 per person plus tax,    Wine Country. For those wishing
                                          The “End of Harvest” Celebra-      petition, one of the largest wine      for wine club members. Reserva-       to enjoy a more formal tasting,
featuring a concert by “Gaucho,”                                                                                                                          Occasio’s Library Room accom-
a popular gypsy jazz quartet on       tion should be as memorable as this    competitions in the United States,     tions are required and space is
                                                                             with more than 3,000 entries from      limited to 50 attendees. To make      modates parties up to eight people.
Saturday, November 14th begin-        recent, bountiful harvest. Begin-                                                                                   By appointment, guests can tour
ning at 6:30 p.m.                     ning at 6:30 p.m., attendees will      around the globe. Hints of wild        reservations, call (925) 371-1987.
                                                                             mushrooms and sage, combined              For those who cannot attend        the winery, accompanied by the
   Timed to provide an opportu-       be regaled with Occasio Winery’s                                                                                    winemaker. Occasio Society wine
nity for guests to select wines for   Gold Medal winning 2008 Pinot          with vibrant acidity, really make      this special evening event, Occasio
                                                                             this an exceptionally interesting      Winery will be supporting the lo-     club members are invited to tour
their holiday tables, the event is    Gris, paired with small bites. At                                                                                   the vineyards, by appointment.
also an occasion for those of us      7:15 p.m., Kinney will welcome         Merlot from the Livermore Val-         cal Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry
                                                                                                                    throughout the holiday season. Ten         Normal Business Hours:
more fortunate to help stock the      everyone to Occasio and intro-         ley, and well worth a special trip                                                      Friday 12-5pm
cupboards of Tri-Valley Haven         duce the evening’s entertainment,      to seek out and enjoy.                 percent of ticket proceeds from           Saturday, Sunday 11-4pm
Food Pantry, a local organization     “Gaucho,” known for their gypsy           Throughout the evening, guests      this event and others leading into       Please call 925-371-1987 to
that supports approximately 4000      jazz sound of 1930’s Europe, with      will savor Occasio’s celebrated        the holidays will be donated to the    arrange a visit outside of normal
low-income Tri-Valley residents       inspiration also drawn from New        small lot Pinot Gris, Sauvignon        Pantry’s valuable service.                       business hours.
monthly. These individuals rep-       Orleans swing music. The musi-         Blanc and Petite Sirah, all pro-
8      THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                                                                                                                       Art & Entertainment

ART EXHIBITS                                                        Country. Fine fruits and cheeses will       Spots, Leigh Vance and The Swing            dents For tickets call 925.373.6800 or
Livermore Art Association Gallery,                                                        be served. For more information             Sisters, Friday, Nov 20, at 8pm The         online at
 offers art classes, unusual gifts, paint-                       MEETING                  call (925) 373-6541 http://thomas-          swingin’ sounds of The Tex Beneke           Bankhead Theater, 2400 First Street,
 ing rentals, art exhibits and informa-                          Pleasanton                                  Orchestra return to Livermore by            Downtown Livermore
 tion pertaining to the art field, 1255                          Art League,             Prelude to Christmas, Fenestra               popular demand. Featuring the big          Rabbit Hole, Pulitzer Prize Winning
 Third St., Livermore. The gallery has                           Livermore Art            Winery, Nov. 27, 28 and 29, noon            band music of all time from such            Broadway Hitby David Lindsay-
 been open since 1974 and maintains                              Association,             to 5 p.m. Taste holiday foods along         legends as Glenn Miller, Count              Abaire. Ohlone College Department
 a video library of art tapes, art and                           general meet-            with Fenestra wines. 84 Vallecitos          Basie, Benny Goodman, and Tommy             of Theatre and Dance. November
 craft books and art magazines and                               ing Mon., Nov.           Rd., Livermore. 447-5246 or www.            Dorsey. Leigh Vance and her Swing           12-14, 19-21 at 8 PM. A child's tragic
 newsletters; hosts art events and                               16 at 7:30 p.m.                         Sisters will perform homage to the          death, a cold marriage bed, quantum
 workshops. Hours are Wed.-Sun.                                  at Almond Av-                                                        great sister groups of the era including    immortality and a girl fight at Whole
 11:30-4 p.m. For information call                               enue School,            MUSIC/CONCERTS                               the Andrews Sisters and the McGuire         Foods? These disparate elements
 449-9927.                                                       1401 Almond             Nakamatsu piano, and Jon Mannase,            Sisters. $56/$41/$33/$12 students.          come together with a big splash of
The Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery                                  Ave., Liver-              clarinet, Nov. 14, 8 p.m. Del Valle        For tickets call 925.373.6800 or            black comedy in Rabbit Hole, the
 is hosting an exhibit featuring the           more. Guest speaker will be Larry           Fine Arts concert. Bankhead Theater,       online at          fall theatre production at Ohlone
 Livermore Art Association from                Bendoski, Sculptor. There is no             2400 First St., Livermore. 925-373-        Bankhead Theater, 2400 First Street,        College. Smith Center at Ohlone
 November 1-30. The Livermore Art              charge to attend. The public is             6800,             Downtown Livermore.                         College, 43600 Mission Boulevard
 Association is comprised of local             welcome.                                  Diablo Symphony, performs concert           Asbury Christmas Concert – Asbury            in Fremont. $10-$15 510-659-6031,
 artists and fine craftspeople whose                                                       of all Russian music Nov. 15. Joyce        United Methodist Church will hold 
 mission is to promote public inter-         WINERY EVENTS                                 Johnson Hamilton conducts. Pianist         its 13th Annual Christmas Concert          Tiempo Libre, Dance-Inducing Afro-
 est and appreciation of fine art. The       Murrieta's Well Winemaker's Din-              Temirzhan Yerzhanov is guest soloist.      at 7 PM on Sunday Dec. 6, 2009 in           Cuban Music, Friday, Nov 13, at 8pm.
 gallery is located at 12501 Alcosta          ner, Fri., Nov. 13, 6:30 to 9 p.m.           2 p.m. Lesher Center for the Arts,         its Sanctuary at 4743 East Ave. in          Tiempo Libre, meaning Free Time,
 Blvd. in San Ramon. The gallery is           Gourmet four course dinner and               1601 Civic Dr., Walnut Creek. $12          Livermore. All of Asbury’s vocal            is one the hottest young Latin bands
 open Monday-Thursday from 8:30               accompanying wine pairings hosted            youth, $18 senior,, $20 adult. 943-        choirs, the Asbury Band and the bell        today and is the first authentic all-Cu-
 am-9 pm and Fridays from 8:30                by co-founders and winemakers Phil           7469             choir will be performing. Asbury’s          ban timba band in the United States.
 am-5 pm. For more information you            Wente and Sergio Traverso. $90 Per         Pleasanton Community Concert                 pipe organ will also be part of the         Equally at home in concert halls, jazz
 can contact (925)973-3200 or go to           person for Silver Spur Members               Band, annual family concert - PCCB         evening’s musical offerings. The            clubs and dance venues, the members                         $100 Per person for all guests. Res-         Goes to the Circus. Nov. 15, 2 p.m.        concert is open to the public. A free       of the Miami-based band are true
Photogenesis Club of Fremont will             ervations are required. Please RSVP          Amador Theater, 1155 Santa Rita Rd.,       will offering can be made at the door.      modern heirs to the rich tradition of
 have an exhibit at the Livermore             by November 8, 2009 by calling:              Pleasanton. Free admission.                There will be a punch and cookie re-        the music of their native Cuba. A hit
 Main Library, 1188 South Livermore           925.456.2395 or by email at tastin-        Sycamore Strings Academy students            ception immediately following in the        in the U.S. and abroad, the group is
 Ave. titled: "Fremont, A portrayal of        groom@murrietaswell                          perform in concert on Sunday,              Fellowship Hall. For more informa-          also celebrated for its incendiary,
 cultural and natural diversity through      Occasio Winery, celebrates the end of         November 15, at 6:00 P.M. at the           tion call Jean Braun at 449-4168, the       joyful performances of “timba,” a
 photographic imagery." The work              the harvest with the release of its 2007     Centerpointe Presbyterian Church,          church office at 447-1950 or e-mail:        dance-inducing mix of high-voltage
 will be displayed throughout the             Thatcher Bay Vineyard Merlot (only           3410 Cornerstone Ct. in Pleasanton.                      Latin jazz and the seductive rhythms
 month of November.                           25 cases were made) and a concert by         The students will perform a variety of                                                 of “son.” $56/$41/$33/$12 students.
An exhibition by oil artist Amy D.            “Gaucho,” a gypsy jazz quartet. The          pieces for violin, cello, and chamber     ON THE STAGE                                 For tickets call 925.373.6800 or
 Leung at John Christopher Cellars,           celebration will take place on Satur-        orchestra by Vivaldi, Shostakovich        The School for Scandal, a 1777 clas-         online at
 at Blacksmith Square, 25 South               day, November 14 beginning at 6:30           and J.S. Bach and others. Tickets          sic comedy of wit and manners set           Bankhead Theater, 2400 First Street,
 Livermore Ave., Livermore until              p.m. Throughout the evening guests           are free. Everyone, young and old,         in contemporary times. A Comedy of          Downtown Livermore
 November 29. Available for viewing           will taste Occasio’s small lot Pinot         is welcome. For more information,          Very Bad Manners - By Richard Brin-        Hamlet, a free 55-minute presentation
 every Thursday to Sunday from 12:00          Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Petite             visit www.sycamorestringsacademy.          sley Sheridan, Directed by Wendy            of Shakespeare’s original ghost story,
 -6:00 PM. For information please call        Sirah. The End of Harvest celebration        com or call 925-606-5818.                  Wisely. Performances are Nov. 13,           on Sun., Nov. 15 at the Pleasanton
 925-456-9463.                                will conclude with a dessert bar and       Black Violin, quite classical, not quite     14, 20 and 21 at 8 p.m. and Nov. 22         Library. The performance begins at 2
Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Butterfly            coffee service. The event costs $50          hip-hop, duo performs at the Bank-         at 2 p.m. in the Las Positas College        p.m. This is the first time Shakespeare
 Art, The Museum’s upstairs art gal-          per person plus tax for non-wine club        head Theater on November 16 and 17         Theater, 3000 Campus Hill Dr.,              on Tour will stage a beginning-to-end
 lery will feature the work of water          members and $40 per person plus tax          at 9 and 11am for four student per-        Livermore. Tickets are $12 general          production of Hamlet. The script
 colorist Elizabeth Koval Maffeo              for wine club members. Reservations          formances as part of the Livermore         admission, $8 students and seniors.         will be edited for length, remov-
 from thru November 15, 2009. Free            are required no later than Thursday,         Valley Performing Arts Center’s Arts       For more information, contact Ken           ing the subplot of Rosencrantz and
 with museum admission. For more              November 12. Space is limited to 50          and Education Programming. Influ-          Ross at 424-1166.                           Guildenstern, but many of the most
 information contact Connie Loosli at         attendees. To make reservations, call        ences range from Shostakovich and         Amador Valley High School drama,             famous speeches will be included. www.            (925) 371-1987. Occasio Winery is            Bach to Nas and Jay-Z. Black Violin        Help, I’m Trapped in a High School,         The program is free and open to all. The Museum              located at 2245B South Vasco Road,           will appear at the Bankhead Theater        Nov. 12, 14, 19, 20 and 21, 7:30 p.m.       No registration required. For more
 is located in Walnut Creek.                  Livermore.                                   for four student performances on           Amador Theater, 1155 Santa Rita             information, call Penny Johnson,
Flying Solo, a series of exhibits            Holiday Preview, Nov. 26-29, 11               Monday, November 16 and Tuesday,           Rd., Pleasanton. www.amadordons.            925/931-3405.
 presented by Poetry On Canvas                a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wente Vineyards            November 17 at 9 and 11am. Tickets         com.                                       Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, Sunday,
 Pleasanton showing in November               will welcome early holiday shop-             are available at the theater ticket of-   Opera San Jose, performs Cinderella          Nov 15, at 12pm and 5pm. Get
 & December at the Berry Patch in             pers for tastings of Wente Vineyards         fice, 2400 First Street, by phone at       in the Fast Lane: La Cenerentola.           yourself invited to “Tony N’ Tina’s
 Downtown Pleasanton on Main &                sustainably farmed estate grown              925-373-6800 and online at www.            Nov. 14-29. Italian with English            Wedding,” now celebrating its 19th
 Angela. Schedule: John West- Nov             wines, including The Nth Degree                           supertitles. California Theatre, 345        Hilarious Year in New York, where
 8 to Nov 14; Tricia Leonard- Nov 15          wines, tours of the cellars, and other     Jeffrey Siegel, Keyboard Conversa-           South First St., San Jose. $51-$91.         you don’t just watch the
 - Nov 21; Antonia Wennink-Nov 22             gifts available in the Estate Tasting        tions Livermore Valley Performing                            are the show! Guests are seated on
 - Nov 28; Gary Winter- Nov 29 - Dec          Room. For more information, visit                                                      An Evening with Jane Hamilton, Rae           the Bankhead Stage throughout the
 5; Judi Caplan- Dec 6 - Dec 12; Dee Special                                                         Dorough Speaker Series, Thursday,           evening. It’s an all-inclusive event
 Haag- Dec 13 - Dec 19; Claudette             tasting flights will be developed at no                                                 Nov 12, at 7:30 pm Jane Hamilton            where the audience members are
 McDermott- Dec 20 - Dec 26; Stan             additional charge. Wente Vineyards                                                      lives, works, and writes in an or-          treated like members of the family.
 Vierk - Dec 27 - Jan 3                       Estate Tasting Room, 5565 Tesla                                                         chard farmhouse in Wisconsin. Her           The event includes a full Italian meal,
Meet artist Karen Honaker, Nov                Road, Livermore.                                                                        first published works were short            champagne toast, wedding cake and
 13, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. and Nov 14, 1           Thomas Coyne Winery Winter                                                               stories, “My Own Earth” and “Aunt           dancing. While dining, guests will sit
 p.m. to 4 p.m. Alexander's Fine Art,         Open House, Nov. 27, 28 and 29,                                                         Marj’s Happy Ending,” for Harper’s          among the actors and even have the
 downtown Pleasanton, presents an             noon to 5 p.m. New varietals will be                                                    Magazine in 1983. “Aunt Marj’s              option to dance with the bride and
 open studio with watercolorist Karen         released: 06 Tannat, 07 Graciano, 06                                                    Happy Ending” later landed a spot           groom during the infamous money
 Honaker. Meet the artist and see her         Mourvèdre, 08 Sweet Emilie (a white                                                     in “The Best American Short Sto-            dance, when dollar donations for
 new original paintings. Honaker's            port style). Visit the historic tasting                                                 ries of 1984.” Her first novel, “The        LVPAC will be accepted. Please
 work creates an intimate view of             room located 51 E. Vallecitos Road.,        Arts Center Presents. Nov. 18, 7:30         Book of Ruth,” won the PEN/Ernest           bring a wrapped wedding gift (nice
 momentary reality with vibrant color.        Livermore, Ca. The tasting room was          p.m. Bankhead Theater, 2400 First          Hemingway Foundation Award for              or white elephant) to be placed in an
 608 Main Street, Pleasanton. RSVP            built in 1881 and is a landmark in           St., Livermore. 925-373-6800, www.         best first novel and was a selection        auction to raise money for LVPAC.
 925-846-6015 or info@alexanders-             the Livermore Valley Wine Country.                        of the Oprah Book Club. Her second          Dress the part and come in charac-
                                              Bring a picnic and enjoy sweeping          Swinging with the Big Band starring          novel, “A Map of the World,” was an         ter as a wedding guest. All Seats
                                              views of the Livermore Valley Wine           The Tex Beneke Orchestra, The Ink          international bestseller. $30/$12 stu-      $98 including Buffet, Wine, Show,
Art & Entertainment                                                                                                             THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                                   9

 and $50 Tax Deductible Donation           Nutcracker. Performances will take          open to the public. The film is 96        to 5; Sun. 10 to 4. Items for sale will    Railroadiania Slides, t-shirts, videos,
 For tickets call 925.373.6800 or          place at the Bankhead Theater, 2400         minutes long. For more information        include handcrafted furniture, framed      railroad gift item, books, photos and
 online at        First Street in Livermore, Calif.,          call Janice Bauman, 931-3411.             wall art, hand painted furniture and       much more. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both
 Bankhead Theater, 2400 First Street,      December 12-20, 2008. Public per-         It’s a Wonderful Life as part of its        accessories, architectural art carv-       days. Special: Sell old trains, get
 Downtown Livermore.                       formances will be accompanied the           new Classic Cinema series Sunday,         ings, holiday items, chocolates,           free appraisals on site. www.great-
Lamplighters Music Theatre, warp           Livermore-Amador Symphony pit               December 13, at 2:00 p.m. The show-       fudge, soups, dressings, all types of
 drive into the 25th Century with their    orchestra and holiday carols by Har-        ing, underwritten by Arts Leadership      gourmet delights, purses, clothing        All Breed Cat Show, Nov. 28-29, Al-
 44th annual Champagne Gala Fund-          mony Fusion will highlight the show         Alliance, will take place at the Grand    and more. Adult $7, Child (under           ameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasan-
 raiser – Star Drek: The Generation        prior to opening curtain and during         Theatre Center for the Arts, 715          10) $2, Seniors $7, parking $8. www.       ton. Presented by Fog City Cat Club.
                                                                                       Central Avenue, on the corner of                         9 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. Cat show
 After That. After sustaining dam-         the “snow” scene. Evening perfor-
                                                                                       Central and Seventh Street, Tracy.       Great Western & Atlantic Train              for over 12 breeds including judging
 age to the main engines and losing        mances will take place December                                                       Show, Nov. 28-29, Alameda County
 their fuel supply during an asteroid      12, 18, 19 and 20, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.        Tickets are $7.50 for General Admis-                                                 of over 200 cats. Lots of vendors
                                                                                       sion seating. They may be purchased       Fairgrounds, Pleasanton. The show          with gifts, toys, supplies, cat trees,
 storm, Captain James T. Quirk and         Matinee performances will take place                                                  features 200 - 500 tables of train
                                                                                       online at, by                                                     beds, artwork, clothing, jewelry &
 his landing party beam down onto          on December 12, 13, 19 and 20, 2008         phone at (209) 831-6TKT (6858) or         dealers who offer everything from          more. Special: Pedigreed kittens for
 a strange planet – D’Oyle Quatre          at 2:00 p.m. All seats are reserved.        in person at the Leona Darr Willis        HO scale, N scale, Lionel(0 gauge),        sale, rescue kitten and cat adoptions,
 - in search of diatonic crystals. The     Tickets are $33, $27 and $24 for            Box Office.                               G gauge, Z scale, American Flyer           household pet cat judging too. Adult
 crew find themselves in the midst of      adults and $18 for students 17 years                                                  (s gauge), hobby tools, die cast ve-       $6, Child $3, Seniors $5, parking $8.
 a never-ending war between factions       and younger. They may be purchased        MISCELLANEOUS                               hicles, train whistles, scenery items,
 and to make matters worse a strange       online at         Friday Night Open Mic for Teens,
 portal keeps sucking people out to        or by phone at 925-373-6800. Tickets       Nov. 13, performers sign up between
 who-knows-where. Sun., Nov. 15, 4         may also be purchased in person at         6 and 7 p.m. Rules and forms avail-                       New Literary Harvest
 p.m. Herbst Theatre, San Francisco.       the theater box office, 2400 First St.,    able on Veterans
 Tickets: $50-95 415-392-4400 •
                                           Livermore. Information available at
                                                                                      Hall, 301 Main St., Pleasanton. $8 in
                                                                                      advance and $10 at the door; student
                                                                                                                                                Release Party Planned
Plaid Tidings, holiday edition of                                                     tickets with valid ID $5 in advance          A release party is set for Sat., Nov. 21 for the "Saturday Salon Liter-
 Forever Plaid, November 19 to            AUDITIONS/VOLUNTEERS                        and at the door.                          ary Harvest."
 December 6, Thursday, Friday and         Livermore's 2010 Talent Competi-           Women’s Day of Poetry, Sat., Nov.             The event will be held from noon to 6 p.m. at Swirl on the Square,
 Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. and           tion is now accepting applications.        14, 7 p.m. Hear four Bay Area Poets       21 South Livermore.
 Sundays at 2 p.m. The Douglas Mor-        Aspiring performers are invited to         whose poems appeared in the Sum-             A series of readings will be presented on the following schedule:
 risson Theatre, 22311 North Third St.,    audition and compete in the next           mer 2009 Issue of Calyx. Rebound
                                                                                      Bookstore, 1611 4th Street, San           Noon: Cher Wollard, Carl Gamez, Larry Beresford, Chris Alesso; 1
 Hayward. $25 adults, $22 seniors,         Livermore Talent Competition.                                                        p.m.: Ethel Mays, Patricia Bacon, VZ Bryam, Tania Selden, Harriet
                                                                                      Rafael, (415) 482-0550. Featured po-
 $25 juniors/students. For tickets call    Information and applications are           ets: Dian Duchin Reed, Connie Post        Sue Boyd, Albert Rothman;
 the box office at (510) 881-6777 or go    available at www.LivermoresTalent-         (former Livermore Poet Laureate),
 on-line     Applications must
                                                                                                                                   2 p.m.: Shannon Brown, Helen Gladden, Thomas Lofgren, Marilyn
                                                                                      Nancy Cherry, and Theresa White-          Slade, LaDonna Fehlberg; 3 p.m.: Karen Hogan, Linda Milanese, Jim
Rumpelstiltskin, Friday, November          be received by December 11, 2009.          hall. Information on Calyx: www.
 20, 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, November      The top winners in each age category For more information
                                                                                                                                Carcioppolo, Tom Darter; 4 p.m. Cynthia Patton, Cathleen Yarahmadi,
 21, 11:00 a.m. The theater is located     – youth (17 and under) and adults (18      contact: Connie Post at Connie@           Pat Coyle, Selense Steese; and 5 p.m.: Kathy Lechner, Frank Thorn-
 at 715 Central Avenue, on the corner      and over) – will take home $2,500.                           burgh, Jerry Blair, and Susan Mayall.
 of Central and Seventh Street, Tracy.     This year's event is open to anyone       Tinker Bell is coming to Alexander's          The public is invited to attend. The literary magazine is published
 The classic tale, Rumpelstiltskin, is     from anywhere, not just Bay Area           Fine Art in downtown Pleasanton.          by 4th Street Studio. For information, call 447-1400.
 performed by 50-60 of Tracy’s lo-         residents. The two Rotary Clubs of         Meet Disney's original reference
 cal students who have participated        Livermore are again sponsoring this        model for Tinker Bell, Margaret
 in Missoula Children’s Theatre’s          event. All net proceeds will go to the     Kerry and illustrator/artist Ron Dias
 week long residency. Tickets are $15      community grants that are presented        on Nov. 20, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Alex-
 for adults and $10 for children and       by the Rotary clubs throughout the         ander's Fine Art, 608 Main Street,
 seniors. Grand Box Seats available        year. Information is available at www.     Pleasanton. RSVP at 925-846-6015
 for an additional $15.00 and Parterre           or
 Seating for an additional $5.00. They                                               Lithorama 2009 Gem & Mineral
                                                                                      Show, Nov. 21-22, The Barn, Liver-
 may be purchased online at www.          MOVIES                                      more. Displays include cabochons,, by phone at (209)        Mature Adult Program – MAP at the           jewelry, minerals, fossils, freeform
 831-6TKT (6858) or in person at the       Pleasanton Public Library, will show       cabochons and more. Glow room
 Leona Darr Willis Box Office.             "Up," a Walt Disney/Pixar movie on         displays fluorescent rocks and
                                           Tuesday, November 17 at 1:00pm.            minerals. Vendors. Presented by the
DANCE                                      Carl Fredricksen spent his entire          Livermore Valley Lithophiles Gem
The Dream Of The Snow Queen,               life dreaming of exploring the globe       & Mineral Society. Saturday 10 a.m.
 Livermore School of Dance holiday         and now in his 78th year he launches       to 5 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
 show. Performances will be at 2 p.m.      his house into the sky via thousands       Admission $4 for both days, children
 and 7 p.m. on Sat., November 28 at        of balloons. Right after lift-off he       12 and under free with adult. www.
 the Bankhead Theater. Original story      discovers he has a stowaway in the
 about a young child trying to find the    form of an over optimistic 8-year-old
 true meaning of the holidays. $26,        Wilderness Explorer named Russell.        FAIRGROUNDS
 $20 and $18; seniors (65 yrs.) and        This hilarious journey takes you into     Country Folk Art Craft Show, Nov.
 children 12 and under receive $3.00       a lost world with the least likely duo     20-22, Alameda County Fairgrounds,
 discount. 925-373-6800 and on-line        on Earth. This program is free and         Pleasanton. Fri. 4 to 9 p.m., Sat. 10
Sunol Jazz Café, 11986 Main Street,
 Sunol (925) 862-2800: Organic local
 farm produce sold Tuesdays and Sun-
 days. Ballroom dancing with Dixie
 Sounds 2nd and 4th Tuesdays; ball-
 room dancing with Big Band Sound
 1st and 3rd Tuesdays ($5 suggested
 donation for band); dinner buffet
 available. Sunday brunch and Jazz
 Music - full breakfast fare / made-
 to-order omelets and BBQ.
Valley Dance Theatre, celebrates its
 30th Anniversary Season with its
 annual full-length production of the
 Tchaikovsky’s holiday classic The
10     THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                                                                                                                     Community

            CrossWinds Church Answering Call to Volunteer
     CrossWinds Church is cancel-      health care that is responsive and    Bike racing program; volunteers            • Pleasanton Senior Services         more likely to say “yes” to doing
ling its Sunday church services        affordable; we’ll be doing some       will be setting and cleaning up the    (Doing yard work and cleaning            a deserving service project.
to participate in a project called     maintenance of their facility.)       course, and providing race day         projects for seniors who are still          To view the complete list of
“Beyond These Walls.” On Sun-              • Baja Missions Trip (Build-      support.)                              in their own homes.)                     projects and to sign up, visit www.
day, November 22, instead of           ing a house for a poor family in          • MedShare (Medshare is a              • Prayer Quilts (Cutting squares
having people take a seat in the       Tijuana.)                             non-profit organization dedicated      for quilts; the quilts will be donated      The church is hoping 2,000
auditorium, the church will be             • Camp Arroyo (General clean-     to improving the environment           to seniors.)                             volunteers from CrossWinds and
asking people to take an assign-       up of this “green built” park that    and health care through the ef-            • Shepherd’s Gate Support            their friends will make this a “can’t
ment—an assignment that will           offers residential and environ-       ficient recovery and redistribution    (Shepherd’s Gate provides Christ-        miss” event and will help create a
allow themselves, their family and     mental camps for school children      of surplus medical supplies and        centered services and housing to         ripple effect in the church and in
their friends to serve people in the   and children with life-threatening    equipment to health care facilities    battered and homeless women              the community this fall. Cross-
local communities.                     diseases.)                            in developing countries; we’ll be      and children; will be cleaning and       Winds cannot wait to see what
    CrossWinds is asking its con-          • Camp Character (Children        sorting and packing supplies.)         organizing at their center.)             happens among us as we seek to go
gregation members put their hands,     will make blankets, and put togeth-       • Missionary Respite House             • Valley Pregnancy Center Baby       beyond our walls together.
feet and hearts into the church’s      er totes for homeless children.)      Project (Restoring an old house        Gift Drive and Deep Cleaning
mission statement to “know, love           • Canyon Middle School Cam-       on our new church property; pro-       (VPC offers free counseling and
and reflect Jesus in our communi-      pus Beautification (Painting, land-   viding suitable living quarters for    compassionate support to women
ties and world.” People will have      scaping, and other maintenance        our missionaries when they come        who are experiencing an unplanned
some choices as to what worthy
“people projects” they can chose to
                                       projects that are long overdue.)
                                           • Eden Villa Assisted Living
                                                                             home between stints on the mis-
                                                                             sion field.)
                                                                                                                    pregnancy; we’ll be hosting a gift
                                                                                                                    drive for some expectant mothers
                                                                                                                                                                Orders Being
participate in. Some of the people     Visit (Assemble and deliver gift          • Mount Diablo Cleanup (Help-
                                                                             ing with a few different cleanup
                                                                                                                    and helping with some cleaning of
                                                                                                                    their facility.)
                                                                                                                                                                 Taken for
who will be served through this        packs to 40 residents.)
project are children in developing         • Kids Karnival (Creating a fun   projects.)                                 • VA Hospital Visitation (The           Gingerbread
countries, families impacted by        carnival environment for families         • Open Heart Kitchen Neigh-        VA Hospital in Livermore pro-
disabilities, the elderly, veterans,   affected by disabilities.)            borhood Food Drive (Neighbor-          vides exceptional health care for             Cookies
the homeless and hungry, unwed             • Habitat for Humanity (Habitat   hood food drives to help boost their   veterans; we’ll be visiting with
mothers, Mount Diablo Park, a          for Humanity creates successful       inventory.)                            them and organizing a poker tour-
local school, overseas missionaries    home ownership opportunities for          • Operation Christmas Child        nament.)
and many more. Following is a list     families with limited incomes; we     (a Christian relief and evangelism         One of the unique things about
of the projects:                       will be working on a development      organization; making toys, filling     this event is that even those who do
    • Alameda County Food Bank         in Oakland.)                          shoeboxes, and loading trucks.)        not attend church regularly can get
(Sorting, boxing, and shelving             • Hayward Salvation Army              • Operation Cranberry Sauce        involved. Even people who may
donated food)                          Painting Project (Sprucing up the     (Helping families who need assis-      say “no” to an invitation to attend          In 1977, a group of women
    • Axis Community Health (Axis      community center.)                    tance this holiday season.)            a church service may be much             founded Tri-Valley Haven. To
provides medical and mental                • Livermore Cyclocross Event:                                                                                     raise money to pay for the articles
                                                                                                                                                             of incorporation, one of the found-
                                                                                                                                                             ing mothers, Claire Nelson, would
                                                                                                                                                             bake batches of gingerbread cook-
                                                                                                                                                             ies and sell them at the community
                                                                                                                                                             bazaar. This holiday tradition con-
                                                                                                                                                             tinues with the annual Gingerbread
                                                                                                                                                             Cookie Project.
                                                                                                                                                                 During the first weekend in
                                                                                                                                                             December, several thousand hand-
                                                                                                                                                             made gingerbread boys and girls
                                                                                                                                                             will be baked, decorated and pack-
                                                                                                                                                             aged for delivery. All funds raised
                                                                                                                                                             will benefit the Tri-Valley Ha-
                                                                                                                                                             ven’s shelter for battered women

           Firefighters Launch Annual Toy Drive
                                                                                                                                                             and their children, sexual assault
                                                                                                                                                             prevention programs, homeless
                                                                                                                                                             services, community outreach,
    The Livermore-Pleasanton Fire      donate toys to LPFD. Donated                                                 Stoneridge Mall Road, Pleasanton;        counseling, and the 24-hour crisis
                                                                                • Toys-R-Us Toy Collection
Department (LPFD) has launched         toys are given to children who live                                          Station 3, 3200 Santa Rita Road,         hotline.
                                                                             Day at Toys-R-Us in Dublin.
the local Toys-for-Tots Campaign       in the Tri-Valley region. Through                                            Pleasanton; Station 4, 1600 Oak              Orders are now being accepted
                                                                             LPFD Firefighters will collect toys
for the 2009 Holiday Season. Once      the donations of businesses, com-                                            Vista Parkway, Pleasanton; Station       for this hand-made gingerbread
                                                                             by the staged antique fire engine.
again designated as an official        munity organizations, schools                                                5, 1200 Machado Place, Pleasan-          boys and girls. Each cookie is
                                                                                • Pacific Swimming 14-Under
Local Community Organization           and individuals, firefighters met                                            ton; Station 6, 4550 East Avenue,        7.5” tall and can be customized
                                                                             Junior Olympics Championship
by the Toys-for-Tots Foundation,       a goal of collecting 15,000 toys                                             Livermore; Station 7, 951 Rincon         with the name of a loved one, co-
                                                                             Hosted by the Pleasanton Se-
LPFD firefighters have already be-     last year. The race is on to meet                                            Avenue, Livermore; Station 8,            worker, teacher, friend, etc. at no
                                                                             ahawks, Friday to Sunday, Decem-
gun collecting, storing, and sorting   the same goal this year, and LPFD                                            5750 Scenic Avenue, Livermore;           additional cost.
                                                                             ber 4 to 6, 2009 Dolores Bengtson
new and unwrapped toys that will       has several toy collection events                                            Station 9, 1919 Cordoba Street,              Cookies cost $5 each. Orders
                                                                             Aquatic Center, 4455 Black Ave.
benefit and provide holiday cheer      planned over the holiday season,                                             Livermore; and Station 10, 330           of $100 or more will receive free
for the children of the Tri-Valley.    including:                                                                   Airway Boulevard, Livermore.             delivery directly to the address
                                                                                All Livermore and Pleasanton
    The LCO designation gives             • Annual Holiday Parades held                                                Police Department Locations           of choice. An order form can be
                                                                             Fire and Police Stations also have
LPFD recognition as an official toy    in Pleasanton and Livermore.                                                 : Livermore Police Department,           found on the website at www.
                                                                             Toys for Tots containers where
drop-off location by the National      Parades are scheduled for Sat-                                               1110 South Livermore Avenue;    Orders must
                                                                             the public can drop-off new, un-
Toys for Tots Foundation, which        urday, December 5, at 6:00 p.m.                                              Pleasanton Police Department,            be received by Tuesday, Decem-
                                                                             wrapped toys:
lists LPFD on its website so that      in Livermore and at 4:00 p.m. in                                             4833 Bernal Avenue.                      ber 1. They will be available for
                                                                                Station 1, 3560 Nevada Street,
businesses and/or individuals can      Pleasanton down Main Street.                                                                                          pick-up on Monday, December 7
                                                                             Pleasanton; Station 2, 6300
                                                                                                                                                             after 12 p.m.
Community                                                                                                          THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                        11

       BPW Honoring Woman of the Year 2009
   Livermore Valley Business and      following email Loni@Livermore-       training. She worked as a nurse         profit to buy it. The sanctuary en-
Professional Women has selected or stop by dur-      until her father requested she help     ables families a safe, secure home
Anita Gandolfo as Woman of the        ing the business day at Livermore     run Joesville Grocery and Hotel         for up to a year.
Year 2009 for her contributions to    Print and Sign, 383 South I Street,   on Portola Ave (located across             She used the brick and stone
the area including helping make       downtown Livermore.                   the street from the current Rock        motif of the Rock House and
Shepherd’s Gate current facility         Gandolfo was born and raised       House. Joesville burned to the          Castle Rock buildings to build
possible.                             in Livermore. She attended St.        ground in 1965. Anita’s father          and develop the shopping center
   A dinner honoring Mrs. Gan-        Michael’s as a child, St. Joseph’s    loved stonework. He designed            on the corner of Portola and North
dolfo will be held Nov. 20. Dinner    Presentation Academy in Berkeley      the brick and stone motifs on the       Livermore Ave
will be $20 per person. Anyone        and graduated from Livermore          Rock House and Castle Rock                 Anita also rebuilt the Rock
who would like to attend the din-     High School. As a young woman,        Restaurant.                             House Sports Bar and Deli. She
ner is requested to RVSP to the       Anita attended Holy Names Col-           She married to Richard Gan-          enlarged the building to include a
LVBPW secretary, Loni Frankland       lege in Oakland and Providence        dolfo in 1950. They had 3 children,     Gift Shop that Anita still person-
at Livermore Print and Sign, at the   Hospital (now Merritt) for nurses     John (who now runs the Pumpkin          ally runs.
                                                                            Maze), Kathryn and Richard all of          Her labor of love was the re-
                                                                            whom still reside in the area. Anita    building of the stone building
                                                                            raised her family in the traditional    which is now Castle Rock Res-
                                                                            “stay at home mom” style of her         taurant.                                 Air Force Airman 1st Class
                                                                            generation.                                Anita is still a lively, spunky      Ashton M. Van Winkle
                                                                               Anita became the facilitator in      lady who is a sharp businesswom-        graduated from basic military
                                                                            the expansion of Shepherd’s Gate        an as well as a generous contribu-      training at Lackland Air Force
                                                                            Women’s Shelter when she made           tor to the YLI Catholic charities.      Base, San Antonio, Texas.
                                                                            it possible for her friend, Alice       YLI is the Young Ladies Institute       She is the daughter of Torrey
            Talk Hawks Bring Home                                           Ann to expand the operation. Alice
                                                                            Ann’s dream was a new building
                                                                                                                    which was started by some nuns to
                                                                                                                    educate priests. Anita says most of
                                                                                                                                                            Kochendorfer of Livermore,
                                                                                                                                                            and the granddaughter of Jim
              Sweepstakes Awards                                            across the street from the original
                                                                            sheltee. Anita owned the property.
                                                                                                                    the ladies in the organization are no
                                                                                                                    longer young.                           Smith of Reno, Nev. Van Winkle
                                                                            She made it possible for the non                                                is a 2008 graduate of Granada
    The Las Positas College (LPC) Talk Hawks once again spoke their
 way to victory at the Kevin Twohy Invitational Tournament recently
                                                                                                                                                            High School, Livermore.
 held at Diablo Valley College. The tournament included colleges from
 Southern California, and one from El Paso, Texas. The LPC Speech
 Team took two Sweepstakes awards - Second Community College
 Sweepstakes and 3rd Individual Events Sweepstakes, the top com-
 munity college to win the award.
    Novice Talk Hawk Kricel Gutierrez won three 1st place awards.
 The following students racked up twenty-seven individual awards at
 the tournament:
    Jordan Adelman, Livermore, Top Novice Drama Interpretation, 3rd
 Novice Prose Interpretation; Kricel Gutierrez, Tracy, 1st Novice Prose
 Interpretation, 1st Novice Informative Speaking, 1st Novice Persuasive
 Speaking; Kailas Menon, Pleasanton, Finalist Novice Informative
 Speaking, Finalist Novice Persuasive Speaking, Sara Slechta, Castro
 Valley, 3rd Novice Speech-to-Entertain, Semi-finalist Novice Informa-
 tive Speaking, Finalist Novice Prose Interpretation;
    Mark Svetik, Livermore, 1st Novice Prose Interpretation, 3rd
 Novice Impromptu; Birney Young, Dublin, 1st Open Communication
 Analysis, 2nd Open Impromptu, 3rd Open Communication Analysis,
 3rd Open Informative Speaking; Justine Whitfield, Livermore, 1st
 Novice Speech-to-Entertain, 2nd Novice Speech-to-Entertain, 3rd
 Novice Informative Speaking; Charlie Passero, Livermore, Finalist
 Open Communication Analysis, Finalist Open Informative Speaking,
 Finalist Open Poetry Interpretation; Lanea Warren, Pleasanton, Finalist
 Novice Informative Speaking                                                Pictured at the grand opening of the new Hope Hospice office in Dublin are (from left) Helen Meier,
    Las Positas College Instructors Janet Brehe Johnson and Jim Dobson      executive director; and Tim Neal Board President of Hope Hospice along with Alameda County
 coach the Talk Hawks.                                                      Supervisor Scott Haggerty. The new, larger offices are at 6377 Clark Avenue, Suite 100, Dublin.
12        THE INDEPENDENT • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009                                                                                                                                                                            Community

     (Organizations wishing to run notices in       (relative, friend, bus, paratransit.) For a ride or   Tri-Valley Division #85, meets Tues., Nov. 17         from the San Ramon Valley Times newspaper.         Sponsored by the San Ramon AAUW (Ameri-
Bulletin Board, send information to PO Box          to volunteer to provide a ride, contact Jennifer      at the IBEW Union Hall, 6250 Village Parkway,         Meeting 11:30 to 2 p.m. Lunch $19. Call Myrna,     can Association of University Women). The
1198, Livermore, CA 94551, in care of Bulletin      Cullen at (925) 931-5387 or ja.cullen@yahoo.          Dublin. Bonnie Weiss, a teacher of musical            560-0656, for info and reservations.               sale benefits students in San Ramon and former
Board. Include name of organization, meeting        com. Funding for the Senior Transportation            history and appreciation at San Francisco State            ReBoot Camp provides tools to help            foster girls in the Renaissance Program at CSU
date, time, place and theme or subject. Phone       Program is provided by Alameda County                 and Dominican Universities, will present a            Veterans returning from combat who are hav-        East Bay. The event is free to the public. Ques-
number and contact person should also be            Transportation Improvement Authority and              program on Mary Martin, who starred as Nellie         ing difficulty reconnecting with family, com-      tions: call Julie at 828-8275.
included. Deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.)               Measure B Funds.                                      Forbush in South Pacific, Peter Pan, and Maria        munity, and career. Face to face meetings are a         Christmas Craft Faire, Sunday, Dec. 6, 1
     Holiday Boutique, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sat.,           Hearing Loss Association of America,             Von Trapp in the Sound of Music. Presentation         returning Veteran’s 1st Civilian Division. They    to 6 p.m. St. Clare's Episcopal Church, Pleasan-
Dec. 5 at 690 North L St., Livermore All items      Tri-Valley Chapter, meets Nov. 19, in the             at 11:50 a.m. followed by lunch. Cost is $13.         connect returning Veterans to other returning      ton. Handmade gifts, live holiday music, food
sold have been made by clients. Funds benefit       Valley Community Church, at 4455 Del Valle            For information, call 373-8254.                       Veterans who are facing the same challenges.       and door prizes. Admission is $8 (kids 5 & under
GARDEN Tri-Valley, a nonprofit organiza-            Parkway, Pleasanton at 7:00 PM. The program                Brain Book Club meets Wednesday,                 Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 7265           are free) & includes holiday food sampler and
tion for developmentally disabled adults in         will start at 7:30 PM. Meetings are open to the       November 18 at 7:00 p.m. at Towne Center              hosts a local 1st Civilian Division unit from      one door prize ticket. For more info, contact
Livermore.                                          public, are free, and refreshments are served.        Books, 555 Main Street, Pleasanton. The book          7:00 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Veterans    St. Clare’s Episcopal Church at 925-462-4802
     Handling the Holidays, Planning ahead,         Malvina Levy of the Hearing and Speech                is "Wherever You Go, There You Are" by Jon            Hall, 5th and L Streets in downtown Livermore.     or or visit the church website
examining feelings and fears, brainstorming         Center of Northern California will speak on           Kabat-Zinn. Everyone's welcome -- zesty               Veterans helping Veterans reconnect to civilian    at
with other family members, and expectations         new developments in the treatment of Tinnitus.        prose, free tea, & parking behind the store.          life. To learn more or to let the group know            Bingo, every Sunday, Games 4 p.m. to
are areas we will explore. Hope Hospice offers      The meeting will be captioned for the benefit              Livermore Lions Lunch Branch invites             you’re coming, visit the website at http://www.    8 p.m. 18 $250 pay-outs, 1 $350 payout, &
a program to discuss strategies that can make       of those with extreme hearing loss. For more          the public to a luncheon meeting Wednesday,           ReBootCamp.US or call the Director, Joy            more! Bingo Ranch, 3070 Pacific Avenue,
a difference in how to manage to “Handle the        information contact Hiram Van Blarigan at             November 18 from noon to 1:30 PM at the               Montgomery, at 925.292.9898.                       Livermore. 606-7777. Must be 18 years old to
Holidays." Wednesday, November 18, 7:00    or Richard Taylor            Zephyr Grill, 1736 First Street in Livermore               DAR, Daughters of the American                attend. Pacific Avenue, Livermore. 606-7777.
– 9:00 p.m. and Friday, December 4, 10:00           at 925 846 3647                                       for a presentation by Ayn Wieskamp, Direc-            Revolution, Jose Maria Amador Chapter,             Benefits LVCS / CCEF.
a.m. – 12:00 Noon. Hope Hospice Grief Sup-               Widowed Men and Women of Northern                tor Ward 5 East Bay Regional Park District.           Pleasanton, join the members and prospective            RELIGION
port Center, 6377 Clark Avenue, Suite 100,          CA., Lunch/optional shopping in Livermore,            $15 for lunch and program – pay at the door.          members for social gathering and history of our         Divorce Care, Valley Bible Church, 7106
Dublin. (925) 829-8770. To RSVP, please call        Nov. 19, 11:30 a.m., RSVP by Nov. 17 to               Call Lion Carol Beddome at 925-201-6068               American roots. Members are descended from         Johnson Dr., Pleasanton. 13 week seminar and
Hope Hospice at 925-829-8770. This program          Kathy, 398-8005. Happy hour in Pleasanton,            for reservation.                                      Patriots who won the American Revolutionary        support group for people who are separated
is being held in the new location.                  Nov. 20, 5 p.m. RSVP by Nov. 18 to Lorraine,               Armchair Travelers, Livermore Civic              War of Independence from England. Monthly          or divorced. Meetings Mondays from 7 to 9
     Dublin Senior Center, trip to Healdsburg,      846-5695. Friendly bridge, optional lunch in          Center Library, Thurs., Nov. 12, from 1:30 to         meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of the       p.m. $25 for workbook and other materials.
Dec. 12, 9:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Includes wine       Hayward, Nov. 21, 1 p.m., RSVP by Nov. 16             2:30 p.m. Former Livermore mayor John Shir-           month. For more information and meeting loca-      Preregistration is required. Contact Mark
country Christmas party, no-host lunch, $30         to Elma, 510-582-1308. Champagne birthday             ley will present digital photographs of his recent    tion, please contact Susan at 925-699-4147.        Porter, 846-9693 or
resident, $35 nonresident. 556-4511. www.           brunch in San Ramon, Nov. 22, 11:45 a./m.,            trip to France for the 3rd Infantry Division’s 65th        The second annual “Put a Little Love In       for details or to register.                                    RSVP by Nov. 19 to Marsha, 355-0757. Lunch            anniversary tour of World War II battle sites.        Your Heart” will be held from 5:30 to 8:30              L.I.F.E. (Lessons in Faith Experience),
     Thanksgiving Dance, Single Profes-             in Dublin, Nov. 29, 11:30 a.m., RSVP by Nov.          John Shirley led a tour of veterans and family        p.m. on Thurs., Nov. 19 at Blacksmith Square,      Fr. Kenan Osborne, O.F.B. will be presenting
sionals of all ages are invited to celebrate        27 to Marsha at 830-8483.                             members. He will discuss highlights of the tour,      21 South Livermore Ave., Livermore. Live           Reconciliation: What does it mean for us
Thanksgiving with new single friends, Sat-               Casino-Bingo Night, Nov. 14, 6:30 p.m.           and provide background information about the          music will be provided by Roger Kardinal           Today? on November 17 at 7:30 pm at St.
urday, November 28, 8pm-Midnight, at the            Livermore-Pleasanton Elks Lodge, 940 Lark-            battle sites they visited. Adults are invited to      – Acoustic Classic Rock Guitar. There will         Charles Borromeo in Livermore, as part of
Pleasanton Marriott, 11950 Dublin Canyon            spur Dr., Livermore. Hors d'oeuvres, no host          this free program on the second Thursday of           be wine tasting and appetizers. Art Thoms,         the series. This education series welcomes
Road, Pleasanton. Adults of all ages are            cocktails, variety of games. $10 per person.          each month in the Community Meeting Rooms             former Oakland Raider, will be selling sports      all people, regardless of religious affiliation.
welcome. $20 at the door includes dancing to        Proceeds to benefit major projects. 455-8829          of the Civic Center Library, 1188 S. Livermore        memorabilia. Michelle Bucket, of Michelle’s        A free will offering of $5 is appreciated. For
current hits and oldies. Coat & tie/dressy attire   for information.                                      Avenue, Livermore. For additional information         Jewelry Box, will be selling her custom jew-       more information contact Julie at upcatholic@
are recommended. Anyone who wishes more                  Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Touring                 please call 925 373-5500.                             elry. Raffle prizes will be given away. Linda or 925-447-4549 ext 114.
information about this and many more singles        Club, Sat., Nov. 14, 105 miles up Mines Rd.                Free computer classes, Livermore Public          McKeever, Executive Director of Open Heart              St. Charles Borromeo & St. Michael's
parties may visit           and backside of Mt. Hamilton, meet 6:30 a.m.          Library, 1188 So. Livermore Ave. Introduction         Kitchen, will be on hand to accept your tax        Catholic Churches, present Mary Fair speak-
or call 415/507-9962.                               at Harvest Park School, Pleasanton, Russ              to Microsoft Word, Monday, November 16,               deductible donations. Checks, cash and credit      ing on "Identify and Affirm Your Talents to Live
     Tri-Valley Holistic Moms Network,              Berckmoes, 202-7383. Sat., Nov. 14, 55 miles          6:15 - 8:15 p.m. Google and Beyond, Monday,           cards will be accepted. For more information       Your Strengths." The program is Thursday,
meets Monday, November 16 at 7 p.m. Gerrie          St. Helena ride, meet 9 a.m. at Pleasant Hill         November 30, 6:15 – 8:15 pm. Classes are              call 925 580-6793.                                 Nov. 12, between 9:15 -11:15 a.m. Childcare is
Tribble, Certified Herbalist and Natural Health     BART, Don Carpenter, 228-1096. Sat., Nov.             hands on, first come first served, and take place          Sons in Retirement (SIRS), informal           available for a nominal fee. Contact Cheryl at
Professional, will present an talk about sugar.     14, 20 miles scenic Lafayette-Moraga and              in Community Meeting Room B. For more                 social group for retired men who meet once a       925-292-0506. Hosted by WINGS (Women In
She will discuss why we crave sugar, the ef-        Orinda Trails, meet 10 a.m. at trail parking          information, stop by the Civic Center Library         month for lunch. No fees, dues, etc. Variety of    God's Spirit), a group for women of all religious
fects of sugar on the body, how sugar impacts       lot on Olympic Blvd., Randy Huey, 518-8439.           Information Desk, or call 373-5505.                   activities include golf, chess, hiking, etc. The   backgrounds. At the St. Charles campus, 1315
your health & how we can balance blood              Sun., Nov. 15, 25 miles, explore mysteries of              Pleasanton VIP Travelers, Sun., Nov.             Livermore SIRS 101 group meets at the Dou-         Lomitas Ave., Livermore.
sugar, resulting in more energy, better sleep &     Sunol, meet 10 a.m. at Shannon Center, Dublin,        22, "Little Women, the Musical," at the Sierra        bletree Hotel, 720 Los Flores Rd., first Tuesday         St. Charles Borromeo & St. Michael's
mental clarity. Living Vine Fellowship, 4100        Alaine Nadeau, 577-6586. Wed., Nov. 18, 40            Repertory Theater, Sonora. Lunch included.            of each month, 11:45 a.m. Contact Chuck Petty,     Catholic Churches, present Kathy Allen
First St., Pleasanton. This meeting is free for     miles from Danville to Livermore Airport via          $89 for everyone.. Senior Center, 3535 Sunol          447-4704 or                 speaking on "Don't Ask Me Those Deep Theo-
Chapter members & first time visitors. Meet-        Highland and Collier Canyon, meet 10 a.m.             Blvd., Pleasanton. 931-5370. Trip to see "Beach            Holiday Boutique, Our Savior Lutheran         logical Questions." The program is Thursday,
ings are held on the third Monday evening of        at Railroad Museum, Barb Hailey, 899-8676.            Blanket Babylon," in San Francisco, Dec.              Ministries will be hosting a Holiday Boutique      Nov. 19, between 9:15 -11:15 a.m. Childcare is
each month. For further information, please         Anyone planning to go on a ride is asked to           16, includes dinner at the Crab House, $126.          on Saturday, November 14 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.     available for a nominal fee. Contact Cheryl at
visit or e-mail Tri-Val-       call the leader for details on where to meet          Victorian Christmas trip to Nevada City, Dec.         The event will take place in the gymnasium         925-292-0506. Hosted by WINGS (Women In                                  and what to bring.                                    20, $42 members, $44 nonmembers.                      at Our Savior, 1385 S. Livermore Avenue in         God's Spirit), a group for women of all religious
     American Drug War will be shown at 7                San Ramon Valley Newcomers Club                       Reading Volunteers Needed, new group             Livermore. Everyone is invited to attend!          backgrounds. At the St. Charles campus, 1315
p.m. on Sat., Nov. 14 at the IBEW Hall; 6250        invites new and established residents to their        forming to start training in January to become a      Please contact the office if you have any ques-    Lomitas Ave., Livermore.
Village Parkway, Dublin. This event is open         December luncheon on Dec. 10th at Izzy's              Barton Reading Tutor. No experience is neces-         tions, 925-447-1246.                                    Grief and the holidays, Father Padraig
to the public, free/$3.00 donation requested,       Steaks & Chops, 200 Montgomery, San Ramon.            sary and training is free of charge. Volunteer             Silent Auction and Green Boutique,            Greene will facilitate a discussion on Thurs.,
refreshments are provided, and wheelchair           11:30 -2pm. Cost is $19.50. Gift exchange and         matched to a student who needs help. All the          Thursday, December 3 from 7 p.m. to 8:30           Nov. 12, 7:30 p.m. St. Elizabeth Seton, 4001
accessible. Meet & greet begins at 6:30 PM,         music by the Sweet Adelines. Call Myrna,              materials and training provided needed to bring       pm at the San Ramon Library meeting room           Stoneridge Dr., Pleasanton. No preregistra-
while a short discussion follows the film. The      925-560-0656 for info. & res.                         a student’s reading and spelling up to grade          (Montgomery Street). Come and shop early.          tion required. All are welcome regardless of
film shows how money, power and greed have               Eighth Annual Youth Food Drive, Youth            level or above. For more information about                                                               religious affiliation.
corrupted not just drug pushers and dope fiends,    service groups in Livermore, Pleasanton,              the Barton Reading Program, please contact
but an entire government. This is a collection      Dublin, Sunol, San Ramon, Alamo, Danville,            Christina Clark at Valley View 925/596-0292,
of expert testimonials from the troops on the       Walnut Creek and Concord may now volunteer            or email
ground at the front line in the drug war, the       and request collection sites for the Eighth An-            Livermore Moms (formerly Livermore
ones who are fighting it, and the ones who are      nual Youth Food Drive to be held on March             Moms Club) meetings are held the second Mon-
living it. Guest appearances in the film include    6, 2010 by signing up at www.youthservice-            day of each month at 7:00 p.m. and are a great
Joe Rogan (“Fear Factor & UFC host) and    Girl            way to meet other members as well as learn
Tommy Chong. For more information, call             Scouts, youth ministries, and 4-H Clubs will          more about our community and our roles as
925-462-3459.                                       be participating. Youth Service groups will           mothers. The purpose of the Livermore Moms
     Regional Summit to Support California          go door to door to collect nonperishable food         is to share ideas and talents so that we may
Majority Rule & The California Democracy            and return it to the closest collection site. All     grow as parents, learn better ways to understand
Act featuring George Lakoff. Saturday Novem-        donations will go to local food pantries in the       our children to help them become confident
ber 21, 10 AM to 1 PM - Humanist Hall 390           Tri-Valley or to the Contra Costa Food Bank.          and capable individuals. We frequently invite
27th St. Oakland. This is an organizing event       Details of the program and locations of col-          speakers to make presentations. Meetings are
where representatives of many organizations         lection sites are available on-line. For more         free for members, as well as for first time visi-
will decide how to participate in the campaign.     Information, call 925-998-6513.                       tors. Contact for
The immediate goal is to organize the petition           Tri-Valley Vegetarian Potluck, Saturday,         more information
drive and use a speakers bureau to educate vot-     November 14, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. This                    Free English Conversation Classes at
ers. The longer term goal is to build a strong      event will allow Tri-Valley residents to share        Pleasanton Public Library on Tuesdays from
network to carry the ballot measure to victory.     and enjoy delicious plant-based foods and             7 p.m. to 8:30 pm, Wednesdays from 12 noon
RSVP:                             listen to Ginette Warwick-King of Confident-          to 1 p.m., and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 11
     Tri-Valley Seniors: rides available to         Vision-Living talk about improving health.            a.m. 400 Old Bernal Ave. The program is
medical appointments. Seniors who require           Participation is open to everyone. The San            free and open to all. No registration required.
door-to-door service are now eligible for a         Ramon Library is located at 100 Montgomery            For more information call Janice Bauman
ride to their medical appointments. Volunteers      St. in San Ramon. For further information,            (925)-931-3411
use their personal vehicles to drive seniors to     persons can call 925-989-1811 and/or view                  San Ramon Valley Newcomers Club
and from medical appointments. Seniors must for            invites new and established residents to its
be 60 and over, living in Dublin, Livermore,        potluck guidelines.                                   monthly luncheon on November 19 at Black-
Pleasanton or Sunol, and unable to find a ride           California Retired Teachers Association,         hawk Grill. The speaker will be Chuck Barney

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