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									Group                                 Mass Meeting Date Room              Description
Agnostics, Atheists, and              see website       TBD               Agnostics, Atheists, and Freethinkers holds bi-weekly meetings
Freethinkers                                                              where we discuss matters relating to religion (or lack thereof),
                                                                          philosophy, and politics in an atmosphere where people can be
                                                                          open about their beliefs. To join or find out about our mass
                                                                          meeting, email or go to
Amazin' Blue                          Sept. 7th, 7pm     Henderson Room, AMAZIN' BLUE is the University's oldest co-ed a cappella group.
                                                         Michigan League  We are a nationally recognized and award-winning ensemble,
                                                                          proud to be considered among the best in the country. We sing
                                                                          songs from pop, rock, jazz and many other styles and perform
                                                                          regularly on campus and off. This fall we will be holding auditions
                                                                          for all voice parts, male and female.
American Red Cross Club               Sept. 17, 7:30pm   Wolverine (ABC)  The American Red Cross Club of Michigan is a branch of the
                                                         Room, Union      Washtenaw County Chapter. Its mission is to provide Red Cross
                                                                          services to the local community and students on the campus of
                                                                          The University of Michigan, with club members delivering these
                                                                          services in accordance with the American Red Cross Code of
American Society of Civil Engineers   Sept 12, 12:30pm   2305 or 2315 GG  ASCE is a student run civil engineering society. ASCE provides a
(ASCE)                                                   Brown            way for the students in the Civil & Environmental Engineering
                                                                          program to learn more about the Civil Engineering profession. It
                                                                          also provides a way for the students and faculty to get to know
                                                                          each other. Some of the events throughout the year include IM
Anti-War Action! (AWA!)               Sept 7th, 7pm      Room D, Michigan Anti-War Action! was formed in the Fall of 2002 in opposition to
                                                         League           the war against Iraq. Since then we have expanded our focus to
                                                                          include other pressing issues such as the erosion of civil liberties,
                                                                          the war on terror, and the military research currently taking place
                                                                          on U of M's campus. Our past successes include rallies,
                                                                          conferences, performance protests, and teach-ins. New
                                                                          members are always welcome!
Arab Student Association              Sept. 19th, 9pm    Pond Room, Union The ASA is an Arabist organization that is aimed to serve Arab
                                                                          students on campus during the process of acquiring knowledge.
                                                                          The association is committed to promoting arabic culture and
                                                                          heritage, thus adding to the campus'cultural fulfillment, as well as
                                                                          increasing the general public awareness about Arabs.
Group                     Mass Meeting Date Room               Description
Arts in Motion            Septh 10th & 17th, Valley Room,      "Arts in Motion" incorporates the Dance Movements,
                          8pm                 Pierpont Commons Conditioning, and Stretching of Pencak Silat with the movements
                                                               of Self Defense and Martial Art, related to Meditation and
                                                               Healing. The various elements of the self-defense components
                                                               are integrated through fluid dance-like movements, combined
                                                               with trapping, locks, and evasive footwork with continuous
                                                               unexpected counter.
ASCE Steel Bridge Team    Sept 18th, 7:00pm 2305 or 2315 GG    The Steel Bridge Team designs and fabricates a 1/10 scale
                                              Brown            model steel bridge. The bridge is approximately 25 feet long by 3
                                                               feet wide and 2 feet tall. Throughout the fall semester th bridge is
                                                               designed. Fabrication begins during the winter semester.
                                                               starting from scratch with steel tubing members cut, grind, and
                                                               weld the steel members together until the bridge is complete. In
                                                               March, there is a regional conference in which schools from
                                                               Michigan and Northern Ohio bring their bridges to be judged in
                                                               various categories.
Billiards Club            Sept 12th, 5pm      Billiards Room
Black Undergraduate Law   Sept 8th, 7pm       Sophia B. Jones  The Black Undergraduate Law Association (BULA) is an
Association (BULA)                            room, Union      organizion that is created and designed for minorities, particually
                                                               African/African Americans that are interested in pursuing a career
                                                               in law. Our primary function is to research, discuss, and evaluate
                                                               issues relating to law; to help prepare our members for the LSAT
                                                               and law school in general; to give back to the Ann Arbor
Bowling Club              Sept 10th, 6:30pm Parker Room,
Campus Hope               Saturdays beginning Anderson ABC,    Campus Hope is a Christian service oriented group that provides
                          Sept 13th, Sabbath Union (on 9/13)   stress relief massages, health oriented information, Bible studies,
                          School at 9:30am                     outreach activities, and church services to the University of
                          Worship at 11am                      Michigan community. We also are a church that meets on
                                                               campus every Saturday morning. Anyone can contact us at
Chess Club                Sept 12th, 4pm      U-club, Union
Group                          Mass Meeting Date Room               Description
Chi Alpha Chi Chi              Sept 13th, 6pm    1119 South Forest, Chi Alpha Chi Chi is a volunteer organization open to all students
                                                 it’s a BBQ too!    that was created last year. We are a group of students who
                                                                    enjoy helping our community, but understand people have other
                                                                    obligations also, so we are not a huge time commitment. Our
                                                                    events include things like cooking dinner for the families at
                                                                    Ronald Mcdonald house.
Chinese Christian Fellowship   Sept 5th, 7pm     1360 East Hall
Climax Dance Team              n/a               n/a                We are a coed, multicultural team specializing in hip hop, R&B,
                                                                    Reggae, and old school dance. We perform by request at many
                                                                    events throughout the academic year. Some of our performances
                                                                    have included the African Students Association's Cultural Show,
                                                                    Zeta Sigma Chi's Step Show, and Dance Marathon. We hold
                                                                    tryouts at the end of winter semester. Email if
ComCo (Comedy Company)         Sept. 17th, 7pm   2105A, Union       What's the recipe for the U of M's oldest and most popular improv
                                                                    group? Well take 5 people. 3 tablespoons of characters, 8
                                                                    pounds of comedy, add two things weird... something like "tortilla
                                                                    chips" or "priesthood" or "left-handers", and mix vigourously for
                                                                    an hour and a half while mixing in audience participation and a
                                                                    dash or two of talent and you've got Comco. For information or
                                                                    auditioning email or come to the mass
Consider                       Sep 21st, 6pm     Room 2105A, Union meeting a non-partisan issues forum. For people interested in
                                                                    working for a publication and discussing relevant issues.
Dance Marathon                 Sept 8th          Koessler Room,
                               Sept 17th,        League (first 3
                               Sept 28th,        dates) Anderson
                               Oct 6th,          ABCD, Union (4th
Dialogue                       Mondays, 8pm      State Street       A weekly discussion group that investigates current and pertinent
                                                 Espresso Royale    issues in society, politics, the Church, and other arenas and
                                                                    discusses how to address them as Christians. Our goal is to build
                                                                    awareness as Christians, that we may be better equipped to
                                                                    submit our minds, hearts, and lives to the will of God, and Christ's
                                                                    vision for the world.
Group                             Mass Meeting Date Room             Description
Do-RAK (Do-random acts of         Sept 8th, 7pm     Anderson Room D, Even a smile, a friendly hello, or a happy note can brighten
kindness)                                           Union            someone's day. RAK teams build on this idea by discussing and
                                                                     creating acts of kindness to spread throughout the community.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)   Sept 16th, 7:30pm   2233 GG Brown      Engineers Without Borders (EWB) works to find sustainable
                                                                         solutions to development problems at home and abroad.
                                                                         Recognizing that engineering students have a great deal to offer
                                                                         in the development of sustainable technology, EWB works to
                                                                         harness this expertise and apply it to real world problems. In turn
                                                                         the students gain a deeper understanding of the social,
                                                                         economic, and ecological implications of their work.

Environmental Action (EnAct)      Sept 10, 8pm        MSA Chambers,      EnAct is a student organization dedicated to raising
                                                      Union              environmental awareness and promoting sustainable living. We
                                                                         work on various local and national issues as volunteers and
Euchre Club                       Sept 9th, 8pm       U-club, Union
Foosball Club                     Sept 8th, 7pm       Billiards Room
Forensics Team                    Sept 24th, 7pm      YK Lounge, South   Our group is a competitive acting and speech group. We
                                                      Quad               compete with other colleges from around the country in dramatic
                                                                         and informative categories, such as Duo, Drama, and
                                                                         Extemporaneous. The forensics team not only cultivates your
                                                                         acting technique, but builds confidence in public speaking and
                                                                         makes you a more presentable orator. The e-mail address for
                                                                         our team is
French Association                Sept 4th, 8:30 pm   Union Tap Room     The French Association is dedicated to driven students with an
                                                                         interest in the French language and culture, who are in pursuit of
                                                                         academic excellence and committed to helping others.

Global Citizenship Club (GCC) @ U Sept 3rd, 6:30 pm   D1275, Davidson    Through its efforts, the Global Citizenship Club aspires to have an
of M Business School                                  Hall, B-school     impact upon the community and to firmly establish Michigan as
                                                                         the business school of moral and civic leadership. Global
                                                                         Citizenship Club offers the opportunity not only to give back to the
                                                                         community, but also to develop leadership skills and build your
                                                                         resume through the many activities it organizes. You don't need
                                                                         to be a Global Cit Section Rep to be part of the club. All you need
                                                                         is to bring lots of enthusiasm!
Group                                  Mass Meeting Date Room                Description
Groove                                 Sept 7th, Noon    2105A, Union        Groove is a high-energy percussion group that creates and
                                                                             performs music using traditional and non-traditional instruments
                                                                             (Garbage cans, brooms, newspapers, basketballs, you name it)
                                                                             blending choreography and comedy into performances on stage
                                                                             and street.
h2o campus church                      Sept 7, 11:11am      State Street     h2o campus church; spiritual, open minded, artisitc, authentic.
                                                            Starbucks        Are you tired of the same old organized religion? So are we.
                                                                             Join us at the state street starbucks each sunday @ 11:11am, as
                                                                             we seek to help one another on our spiritual journey. At h2o you
                                                                             will experience a friendly, artistic and non judgemental
                                                                             enviornment. Did we mention great cappuccino!

Hellenic Student Association (HSA)     Sept. 11th, 7:00pm   Michigan Union   H.S.A aims to represent and showcase Hellenism on the
                                                                             University of Michigan campus; to encourage a diverse student
                                                                             membership and give members the opportunity to be immersed
                                                                             in Hellenic culture. Events including dances, Greek dance
                                                                             lessons, a backgammon tournament, picnics at Wheeler Park,
                                                                             and a Ski Trip in Montreal will take place throughout the year.
                                                                             Please visit for more information.

Hillel's American Movement for         Sept 8th, 8pm        Parker Room,     Come to this mass meeting to learn more about the American
Israel (AMI)                           Sept 22nd, 8pm       Union            Movement for Israel, a non-partisan organization seeking to
                                                                             educate people about the history, culture and politics of Israel.

Hillel's Conference on the Holocaust Sept 15th, 7:30pm      Hillel           Be a part of the planning committee for the 25th Annual
                                                                             Conference on the Holocaust and 5th Annual Kristallnacht
                                                                             Commemoration. Join the committee and help plan, publicize
                                                                             and fundraise for this exciting series of events.
Hillel's Literary Magazine             Sept 8th, 7:30 pm    Hillel           Hear about Hillel's literary magazine. Learn how you can be a
                                                                             part of the editorial staff or submit writing and artwork for the
Hillel's Progressive Israel Alliance   Sept 16th, 7:30pm    Hillel           The Progressive Israel Alliance seeks to educate ourselves and
                                                                             others about Israel and the Middle East through advocating for
                                                                             peace in Israel, moving beyond polarized debates, and building
                                                                             bridges across campus by reaching out to other groups. Please
                                                                             join us to plan for the coming year!
Group                                 Mass Meeting Date Room                   Description
Hillel's Shulchan Ivrit               Sept 15th, 7pm    Hillel                 Help plan Shulchan Ivrit (Hebrew conversation tables) for this
                                                                               year. While there, speak some Hebrew and enjoy free pizza and
                                                                               snacks. All Hebrew levels are welcome
Hillel's Social Action Committee      Sept 10th, 7pm       Hillel              Come join the social action crew in their attempt to educate and
                                                                               involve Jewish students in the community at large. All ages and
                                                                               all ideas are welcome and encouraged to come help plan our
                                                                               upcoming events. For more information contact Jessica,
Human Powered Helicopter (HPH)        Sept 16th, 7pm       1012 FXB            The dream of human powered flight in a rotorcraft will become a
                                                           (Aerospace building reality upon successful construction of the Phoenix Human
                                                           on North Campus) Powered Helicopter. The HPH team is building this craft in an
                                                                               attempt to set a world record for human powered flight duration in
Human Powered Submarine Team          Sept 8th, 8pm                            It is the mission of as winning the Michigan Human Powered
                                                           Bursley Front Lobby a rotorcraft, as wellthe University of$25,000 Sikorsky Prize. The
                                      Sept 10th, 8pm       Markley Front Lobby Submarine Team to provide an opportunity for students to
                                                                               explore their interests, apply their theoretical education, and gain
                                                                               the hands-on experience that cannot be learned in a lecture hall.
                                                                               Our team is open to all University students who have an interest
                                                                               in design, construction and business. What the Human Powered
                                                                               Submarine Team does is fund, design, build and race
Interfraternity Council               Sept 9th, 7pm        Michigan Union      The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the local governing body for
                                                           Ballroom            National Interfraternity Conference chapters at U of M. IFC works
                                                                               to promote the highest ideals of scholarship, leadership, service
                                                                               and fraternalism. IFC provides educational programming on a
                                                                               variety of topics to fraternity chapters and their members
                                                                               including leadership and alcohol awareness. IFC consists of an
                                                                               elected executive council and a legislative body of fraternity
International Affairs Society (IAS)   Sept. 8th, 8pm and   Pond Room ABC,      Our organization explores international policy making first-hand at
                                      Sept 22nd, 8pm       Union               Model United Nations conferences hosted in exciting cities such
                                                                               as Montreal and Boston. We are also involved in international
                                                                               affairs on campus, hosting our own middle school conference, a
                                                                               joint simulation with Michigan State University, and helping to run
                                                                               a high school conference at Michigan. Please visit our website at
Group                               Mass Meeting Date Room                        Description
International Latin American        TBD               TBD                         ILASA brings together international students from Central and
Students Association (ILASA)                                                      South America, and the Caribbean, who have come to the United
                                                                                  States to study at the University of Michigan. We sponsor
                                                                                  private, social gatherings, amongst its members. ILASA
                                                                                  represents over 70 International Students from most countries in
                                                                                  Latin America. Our temporary website is:
International Students Fellowship   Sept 1st, 1-5 pm It's Burns Park (on          The purpose of ISF is to provide opportunities for international
(ISF)                               a picnic!             Wells St. South of      students, visiting scholars, and their families, from all countries to
                                                          Central Campus)         come together for friendship and sharing of ideas in social and
                                                                                  educational activities. ISF offers English language tutoring,
                                                                                  Christian fellowship for those who desire that, and whatever
                                                                                  mutual help and encouragement the members may want to share
                                                                                  with one another
K-grams                             no official until after                       K-grams is a mentoring and learning program that pairs college
                                    pen pals are                                  and elementary school students from Southeast Michigan. If you
                                    selected                                      are living in a traditional res hall in the fall you can become a pen
                                                                                  pal and participate in monthly letter exchanges with a local
                                                                                  elementary student. To learn more about K-grams and how to get
                                                                                  involved visit our website at! SMILE!

Lebanese Student Association (LSA) Sept 18th, 7:00pm          room 2105B, Union The Lebanese Student Association (LSA) is non-sectarian, social
                                                                                and cultural, that is open to all members of the U-M community.
                                                                                The purpose of LSA is to promote Lebanese and Lebanese-
                                                                                American heritage on campus, and to unite students with an
                                                                                interest in Lebanon. LSA seeks to be the voice of Lebanese
                                                                                students on campus. We also serve our community by assisting
                                                                                incoming students from Lebanon to settle into U-M and Ann
Michigan Animal Rights Society      see website               TBD               The Michigan Animal Rights Society (MARS) is a group with a
(MARS)                                                                          focus on promoting animal rights on campus. In previous years,
                                                                                we have volunteered at animal shelters and sanctuaries, done an
                                                                                advertising campaign against animal testing, and held occasional
                                                                                vegan potlucks. To join or find out about our mass meeting,
                                                                                email or go to
Group                          Mass Meeting Date Room                Description
Michigan Bridge Club           Sept. 14th, 4pm   The U Club, Union   Our organization is dedicated to reinvigorating competitive bridge
                                                                     for the University of Michigan community. We provide people,
                                                                     facilities, and opportunities to improve, learn, and participate in
                                                                     bridge games and tournaments in a casual, friendly atmosphere.
                                                                     All skill levels are welcome. Meetings every Sunday at 6pm and
                                                                     Tuesday at 8 pm in the Univeristy Club, Michigan Union.

Michigan Business School       TBD                TBD                The Michigan Business School Automotive Club's mission is to
Automotive Club                                                      join car enthusiasts in fun social activities, and to provide access
                                                                     to networking and career opportunities in the automotive industry.
                                                                     Contact or for more
Michigan Concrete Canoe Team   Sept 16 7:00pm     2305 or 2315 GG    The Concrete Canoe Team designs and fabricates a canoe made
(MCC)                                             Brown              completely of concrete. The canoe is a real size canoe that can
                                                                     support 4 people. Throughout the fall and winter semesters
                                                                     students design the canoe and finally fabricate it. In March, there
                                                                     is a regional conference in which schools from Michigan and
                                                                     Northern Ohio bring their canoe to be judged in various
                                                                     categories including aesthetics, a design presentation, and a
                                                                     canoe race.

Michigan Investors             1st week of Sept                      For information about mass meeting and more check out
Michigan Mock Trial Team       Sept 4th, 7pm      Parker Room,       The undergraduate Mock Trial Team competes against other
                                                  Union              universities in simulated court cases. The team performs both
                                                                     the attorney and witness roles for each side of the case in each
                                                                     round. Michigan has finished in the top ten at a national
                                                                     championship for six years straight. Mock Trial allows members
Group                             Mass Meeting Date Room                Description
Mixed Initiative                  Sept 15th, 6:30-8pm Welker Room,      The Mixed Initiative is a group for students who are biracial,
                                                      Union             multiracial, or ransracially adopted. "The Mix" provides a
                                                                        comfortable atmosphere for biracial and multi-ethnic people to
                                                                        explore their backgrounds, celebrate their histories, and strives to
                                                                        promote awareness on the mixed race experience. In addition to
                                                                        biweekly meetings, we hold social events, sponsor lectures and
                                                                        discussions, and participate in community service. Any questions
                                                                        should be directed to

Multicultural Greek Council       Sept 10th, 7pm      Union             The Multicultural Greek Council, consisting of 10 fraternities and
                                                                        sororities, strives to promote multicultural awareness, develop
                                                                        unity among multicultural Greek organizations, create a large and
                                                                        unique voice for multicultural Greeks and serve as an advocate
                                                                        for the respective communities.
MUSKET                            Sept 15th, 7:30pm   Anderson Room,    MUSKET, a branch of UAC, is a student run theatre organization
                                                      Union             that puts on two musicals a year in the Power Centre. The
                                                                        MUSKET organization is almost a century old, and started out
                                                                        performing original operas in the basement of the Michigan
                                                                        Union. Since then, MUSKET has evolved to it's current state.
Muslim Graduate Student           Third Tuesday of    Guild House       MUSKET is known for it's quality shows and for the experience
Association                       every month, 7pm

Muslim Students' Association      Sept. 10th, 7pm     Wedge Room,       The Muslim Students' Association works for the betterment of the
                                                      West Quad         Muslim and Non-Muslim community on campus through
                                                                        community service, education and social activites.
National Council of Negro Women   Sept. 15th, 6pm     Koessler room,    NCNW creates and builds a strong foundation of women of all
(NCNW-UM)                                             Michigan League   ethnicities and nationalities and to aid the growth of women on
                                                                        this campus and in surrounding areas who carry the respositibility
                                                                        of having children. NCNW-UM highlights issues that have strong
                                                                        effects on women of color, specifically political awareness, social
                                                                        and health issues, and special emphasis on education whereas to
                                                                        maintain and also to increase the population of women of color
                                                                        here at the University of Michigan.
Group                           Mass Meeting Date Room                  Description
National Pan-Hellenic Council   Sept 5th, 10pm    Michigan Union        The National Pan-Hellenic Council is the umbrella organization of
                                                  Ballroom              all historically African American fraternities and sororities at U of
                                                                        M. The mission of NPHC is to further the ideals and principles of
                                                                        each Greek organization. It is a goal to continuously be a good
                                                                        representation of forward thinking, upwardly mobile, educated
                                                                        and public service oriented individuals working together to unify
Native American Student         Sept. 15th, 6:30pm Vicki Barner         our organizations and Student Association iscommunity as a that
                                                                        The Native American the African American an organization
Association (NASA)                                  Lounge, Alice Lloyd combines social, political and cultural activities to promote
                                                    Residence Hall      awareness of Native American cultures and issues on campus
                                                                        and in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area. We put on many events
                                                                        throughout the year such as Native American heritage month
                                                                        events and the annual Ann Arbor powwow, which will be March
                                                                        26-28, 2004 in the Crisler Arena. Everyone is welcome to each
                                                                        event and meeting; NASA is open to people of all races, cultures,
New Life Church                 Aug. 31st and Sept. MLB Aud. 3.         religions andchurch is about people. It’s about you. So we
                                                                        At New Life, backgrounds.
                                7th, 10:01 AM and                       accept you just as you are: church background or not, student,
                                12:01 PM                                rich, poor, young old, punk rocker, conservative, liberal, anarchist,
                                                                        whatever. Because we are about having real relationships,
                                                                        relevant speakers, and slamin’ music. Why? Because God is
                                                                        real and he cares about people; so we do too. Come see for

Panhellenic Association         Sept 7th           A- Michigan Union       The Panhellenic Association is the organization that strives to
                                L 2pm, M-Z 4pm        Ballroom             unite National Panhellenic Conference sororities and work for
                                                                           their common goals. Each sorority elects a delegate to serve on
                                                                           the council that meets weekly during the school year, sharing
                                                                           information, discussing issues of concern and interest, and voting
                                                                           on policies and procedures. Ten women are elected to serve on
                                                                           the Executive Board, and a staff advisor works closely with them.
Group                               Mass Meeting Date Room             Description
Pencak Silat USA                    Sept 8th & 15th,  Valley Room,     Teaches an effective self defense and combat system, including
                                    8pm               Pierpont Commons all weapons, hand to hand combat and ground fighting.
                                                                       Incorporates Effective Defenses and Unpredictable Offenses
                                                                       which are executed with precision. Uses Evasive Tactics and
                                                                       continuous action movements, which are synchronized and in
                                                                       conducted with balance. Our Silat connects through an unbroken
                                                                       lineage, deeply rooted in esoteric spiritual practice, while
                                                                       upholding “adab” and respect of culture and traditions for all of
Persian Students Association        Sept 24th, 7pm    Koesler Room,    The Persian Students Association is a non-religious non-partisan
                                                      Michigan League  student organization. The object of PSA is to sponsor Persian
                                                                       cultural and social events and activities, and to promote an
                                                                       understanding of our culture. PSA strives to build and sustain an
                                                                       environment of friendship and support for the students at
                                                                       University of Michigan and the surrounding community.

PROVIDES (People Realizing          Sept 11, 6pm       Parker Room,         PROVIDES is a student run University of Michigan organization
Opportunities to Volunteer In                          Union                committed to fighting against world hunger. We help students get
Dreams of Eliminating Starvation)                                           involved in this important battle. Through the fundraising
                                                                            opportunities that we offer, members can sponsor children in third-
                                                                            world countries without feeling financially strained.

Reach Out!                          Sept 14th, 2pm     Burns Park Picnic    Reach Out! matches volunteers with children and teens in long-
                                                       Shelter, 1300        term mentoring relationships. We focus on hands-on science
                                                       Baldwin Ave (South   clubs for elementary children, and academic and career
                                                       of Central Campus)   mentoring for teens. The commitment is about 2 hours per week
                                                                            for a minimum of one semester. Have fun while making a
RHA (Residence Hall Association)    Sept 9 7-10pm      Pendleton Room,      RHA is the third largest student government on campus, serving
                                                       Union                all of our residence halls and dealing with issues that arise within
                                                                            them. We also run the RHA movie channel and are responsible
                                                                            for bringing entree plus to the reshalls. We meet on Thursday
                                                                            nights at 7 pm, place TBA.
Group                              Mass Meeting Date Room                   Description
RhythM                             Sept 8th, 7pm     Tap Room, Union        RhythM Tap Ensemble is a performance group made up of
                                                                            around 10 - 15 people. Our mission is to promote tap dance as a
                                                                            form of young American culture on campus. We hold practice two
                                                                            times a week and perform 2-4 times a semester with different
                                                                            organizations like Dance Mix, Dance Marathon, and Parents'
                                                                            Weekend. we also hold social activities like trips to Windsor and
                                                                            going to see shows. We work hard to put on a great show but we
                                                                            also always make sure to have fun.

Sahaja Yoga                        Sept 13th, 5-6pm    Business Education   Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an
                                                       Building (Rm 158)    experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening).
                                                       of Washtenaw         Through this process, an inner transformation occurs. Meetings
                                                       Community College    are held weekly at the Business Education Building (Rm 158) of
                                                                            Washtenaw Community College, every Saturday 5- 6pm.

Sexual Assault Prevention and      Sept 9th, 7pm       TBD                  The Mission of SAPAC is to provide specialized and
Awareness Center (SAPAC)                                                    comprehensive educational and supportive services for the
                                                                            University of Michigan community related to sexual assault,
                                                                            dating/domestic violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. We
                                                                            are committed to fulfilling this mission in a culturally-sensitive,
                                                                            empowering, and empathic way by offering crisis intervention,
                                                                            outreach, counseling, advocacy, consultation, training,
                                                                            awareness, and prevention to U of M students, staff, faculty, and
                                                                            their families.
SHOUT (Students Honoring           Sept 23rd, 7:30pm   Sophia B. Jones      Each year U-M students vote for their favorite professors to
Outstanding University Teachers)                       room, Union          receive the Golden Apple Award for teaching excellence. Come
                                                                            help us organize this year’s event
Sister 2 Sister                    Sept 14th, 6pm      Wolverine ABC,       Sister 2 Sister is a student organization for African-American
                                   Sept 28th, 6pm      Union                women at U of M. It is a group African-American females
                                                                            dedicated to community involvement and campus cohesiveness
                                                                            among the Black community utilizing a unique social context. Our
                                                                            energies are dedicated toward the improvement and enrichment
                                                                            of the Black U of M community through programming, dialogues,
                                                                            social events, & community service
Group                          Mass Meeting Date Room                   Description
Society of Physics Students    Sept. 9th, 7pm    Don Meyers             Our organization generally provides support (that's academic and
                                                 Commons rm 335,        psychological, not financial) to those interested in studying
                                                 West Hall              physics. We also provide our members with many opportunities
                                                                        for physics related community service and various social events.

Spades Club                    Sept 17th, 7pm      U-club, Union
Squirrel Club                  Sept 7, 2pm         Grad Library Steps   The mission of the squirrel club, in a nutshell, is to champion the
                                                   (Diag)               welfare of all squirrels in Ann Arbor. We meet regularly to hand-
                                                                        feed the squirrels and engage in squirrel-related discussion. We
                                                                        can be reached at Our website is

Student Astronomical Society   Sept. 10th, 6pm     Room 807,            The Student Astronomical is a mostly undergraduate student
                                                   Dennison             group for anyone interested in astronomy. We host regular Public
                                                                        Observing Nights at the Angell Hall Observatory during the school
                                                                        year, as well as have weekly tutoring sessions for students in
                                                                        introductory level classes. This fall we are helping coordinate a
                                                                        Public Lecture series about the origin of the universe. We also
                                                                        help out at public inreaches and outreaches and plan observing
                                                                        trips for events such as meteor showers, eclipses, star parties,
Student Mediation Service      Sept 5th, all day   Festifall Table      Student Mediation Service is a student-run organization
                                                                        committed to helping the University resolve and minimize
                                                                        conflict. The 30 hour program is based on developing
                                                                        professional standard and gives new mediators exposure to, and
                                                                        opportunities to practice, advanced communication and problem
                                                                        solving skills, through the particular mediation process used at
                                                                        SMS, which is taught by experienced SMS volunteers.
                                                               for more info
Group                               Mass Meeting Date Room                Description
Students Educating and              Sept 10th, 8pm    Crofoot room, Union SEVHA is a student-run non-profit organization that aims to
Volunteering for Health Awareness                                         improve health awareness among youth in India. The current
(SEVHA)                                                                   SEVHA campaign is centered on tobacco awareness education.
                                                                          By traveling to India in the summer and collaborating with various
                                                                          community leaders and groups in India, SEVHA hopes to
                                                                          establish a base that will continue the education and anti-tobacco
                                                                          activism in India after the delegates return to the U.S.

Students Exploring Life Sciences    Sept 9th,           location TBD, email SELSS is devoted to promoting awareness of the impact of
and Society (SELSS)                                     to find out         scientific advancement on society through such avenues as
                                                                            public seminars, lectures, debates, community education, and
                                                                            conference planning. This year participants will have the rare and
                                                                            valuable experience of taking a leadership role in organizing the
                                                                            7th National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference, and meet
                                                                            such newsmakers as Dr. Francis Collins, founder of the Human
                                                                            Genome Project.

Students Helping Others Choose      Sept. 5 1-2pm       Couzens Hall Living SHOCK is an fun and educational theatre troupe that travels to a
Knowledgeably (SHOCK)                                   Room (Second        different Ann Arbor elementary school each Friday from 1-3pm
                                                        Floor)              performing an orginal, humorous show about substance abuse
                                                                            education. No acting experience is required!!!
Synchronized Swimming Team          Sept 14th, 3:30pm   Union, room TBA     We are a club sport with currently around 20 girls on the team
                                                                            and we practice 3 times a week, a total of about 8 hours. We
                                                                            compete in regional meets from January through March, and also
                                                                            compete in the National competition at the end of March.

Table Tennis Club                   Sept 15th, 7pm      Sports Coliseum
                                                        (Hill and S. Division)
Group                                Mass Meeting Date Room                   Description
Taiwanese American Students          Sept 9th, 7:30pm  Wolverine Room,        TASA seeks to provide an environment and resources to help
Association (TASA)                                     Union                  individuals discover and define Taiwanese American identity.
                                                                              We host community building events, cultural workshops, and
                                                                              sometimes participate in community service. We often
                                                                              collaborate with other APA groups, as well as the two other
                                                                              Taiwanese organizations on campus. For more information
                                                                              please check out or email
The Michigan Every Three Weekly      Sept 29th, 9pm      Kuenzel Room,        Do you like "The Onion"? Well, then you'll love the Every Three
                                                         Union                Weekly! This is Michigan's very own humor newspaper, created
                                                                              by and for students on campus and the world at large. If you are
                                                                              interested in writing, editing, or being any part of Michigan's most
                                                                              popular humor publication, check us out at

The Rude Mechanicals                 Sept 10th, 8pm      Union               The Rude Mechanicals are a student run theater group, with a
                                                                             Shakespeare play every fall and a modern piece every spring.
                                                                             This year we are also having a student written festival of short
                                                                             plays, screenplays and scenes. If interested in submitting or
                                                                             working backstage, contact or attend
                                                                             the mass meeting.
The Well                             Wednesdays, 8pm     University Reformed Our weekly student meeting. We gather each week for a time of
                                                         Church, Basement singing, fellowship, teaching, discussion, learning, growing,
                                                                             dancing, laughing, loving, and generally trying to live deeper lives.

U of M Rugby Football Club           Sept 4th & 8th, 8   Dennison, Room       The UMRFC is an athletic organization open to any and all
                                                         TBD                  students who wish to join. We work to develop athletic and social
                                                                              growth in all individuals, as well as teach the game of rugby. No
                                                                              experience is necessary to join. For more information:
UAC (University Activities Center)                                            UAC is an umbrella organization that encompasses some of the
                                                                              universities best student groups in various creative fields,
                                                                              including Amazin' Blue (acapella), Impact Dance, M-agination
                                                                              Films, Comedy Company, and Michigan Pops Orchestra. Put
                                                                              your talents to good use and come be a part of UAC! Check us
                                                                              out at
Group                               Mass Meeting Date Room               Description
Undergraduate Research Forum        First Week of     see flyers and     The Forum is a student-run, non-technical, undergraduate
                                    September, watch  website            research journal. Research articles written by undergraduates are
                                    for flyers                           faculty and peer reviewed, and published for prospective and
                                                                         current students and faculty. Accordingly, we are soliciting
                                                                         research articles from University of Michigan undergraduates that
                                                                         can be understood by informed, nonprofessional readers.
University of Michigan Men's Glee   Sept 4th, 6:30pm   Pendleton Room,   Founded in 1859, The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club is
Club                                                   Union             the second oldest collegiate chorus in the United States and the
                                                                         oldest continually-run student organization on the Michigan
                                                                         campus. Our members are both undergraduate and graduate
                                                                         students from almost every school at the University. We pride
                                                                         ourselves on continuing the 143-year tradition of the glee club,
                                                                         celebrating camaraderie, and of course, always striving for
                                                                         musical excellence.
Young Life                          Wednesday, 8:30pm Union              Young Life is a non-denominational Christian outreach to high
                                                                         school and middle school kids in Washtenaw County. “College
                                                                         Life” is a meeting for college students who are interested
                                                                         fellowshipping with other Young Life alumni or want be trained to
                                                                         be a Young Life or WyldLife leader in one of the local schools.
                                                                         College Life meets every week in the union

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