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Pool Rules


									Pool Rules
New York’s 54 outdoor pools are great places for summer fun
and active recreation. Each summer over one million visitors
learn to swim, keep fit, make friends, and beat the summer heat.
For everybody’s health, safety, and protection, we ask our guests
to observe the following rules:

      Bathing suits must be worn on the deck and in the water.
       Men’s bathing suits must have mesh linings. Hats may be
       worn on the deck for sun protection but are not allowed in
       the water. Plain white T-shirts may be worn over bathing
       suits if desired. Sneakers are not permitted. Rubber flip
       flops or water shoes are permitted.

      No urinating or defecating in the pools.

      Children under 16 must be at least eight inches taller than the maximum water
       depth to enter the pool without adult supervision. Specific height requirements are
       posted at every pool.

      No person will be permitted in the pool having: skin lesions, sores, or inflamed
       eyes, mouth, nose, or ear discharge, carrying communicable disease or having any
       type of bandage, adhesive tape, etc., on their body.

      All bathers must take a shower in the locker room before entering the pool.

      Patrons must provide their own padlock. No responsibility is assumed for lost
       articles. A standard master or combination lock is recommended. Small luggage
       locks are not permitted.

      The use of swimming aids, water toys, and flotation devices is prohibited.

      Electronic equipment, including radios, cameras, and cellular phones, is not
       allowed on pool deck.

      Eating or drinking is permitted only in designated areas. Alcoholic beverages are

      Beach chairs, baby strollers, bags, blankets, or beach balls are not permitted on
       the pool deck. We will make our best effort to secure strollers.

      Follow the directives of lifeguards, Parks staff, and the police.
   Ball playing, running, jumping, using profane language or other forms of
    disruptive and disorderly behavior are prohibited.

   No diving, except in designated areas.

   No smoking, pets, or glass bottles permitted.

   Books and bound periodicals are permitted on the pool deck. Newspapers are not.

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