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Here at Playset Junction, we carry one of the most extensive arrays of swing hangers anywhere. We carry swing hangers for backyard 
Here at Playset Junction we carry one of the most extensive arrays of swing hangers anywhere We carry swing hangers for backyard
residential use, hangers for schools, churches and parks, and everything in between.  Below are the swing hangers we carry and the 
pertinent information for each hanger.  This guide gives you a quick comparison regarding the attributes of each hanger.

                             Playset Junction Swing Hanger Guide
                       Standard Swing 
                                               Lag Screw Hanger         Small Steel Hanger     Large Steel Hanger        Ductile Hanger         Pipe Hanger

                                                                                                                          Commercial/           Commercial/ 
Hanger Grade              Residential             Residential               Residential            Residential
                                                                                                                           Residential           Residential

Weight Limit                125 lbs
                            125 lbs                 125 lbs
                                                    125 lbs                  150 lbs
                                                                             150 lbs                 350 lbs
                                                                                                     350 lbs                 350 lbs
                                                                                                                             350 lbs               350 lbs
                                                                                                                                                   350 lbs

Bolting Type               Thru‐Bolt                  Lag                  Carriage/Lag           Carriage/Lag             Carriage/Lag            Clamp

Coating                   Galvanized              Galvanized           Powder coated steel    Powder coated steel          Galvanized            Galvanized

Swing attachment             Hook                    Hook                     Hook                 Spring Clips            Spring Clips     Spring Clips/Shackle

Overall             Standard bolt‐thru      Great for hanging a       Medium duty hanger.  Heavy duty residential  Commercial grade        Commercial grade 
                    swing hanger for        baby swing under a        Stronger than a basic  hanger.  Great for    hanger with a 350 lb    hanger used primarily 
                    residential backyard    deck or any situation     hanger but not as        adults or children  weight rating.          in schools, parks and 
                    use                     where you can't get to    heavy duty as the large                                              churches.
                                            the top of the wood       steel hanger
                                            swing beam

Hanger Grade:       The grade of the hanger; Either backyard residential use or commercial use for schools, parks, and playgrounds.
Weight Limit:       The maximun working load of the hangers as a pair.
Bolting Type:       How the hangers bolt to the substrate.
Coating:            The exterior coating on the hangers for durability.
Chain attachment:   How the swing attaches to the hangers.
O    ll             A       ll i     f th h
                    An overall view of the hangers.

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