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                               REDEVELOPMENT OFFICIALS
                                  Executive Board Meeting
                                   Monday, April 20, 2009
                                     Galveston, Texas

        Steve Shorts, President of Texas NAHRO, called the meeting to order and recognized guests present.
He welcomed Robert Reyna, Executive Director of the Beaumont Housing Authority and Horace Allison,
Executive Director of the Houston Housing Authority. David Zappasodi gave a brief introduction of both

I.    Roll Call
      Present were: Steve Shorts, Richard Herrington, Riza Nolasco, Billie Shelburn, Wes Bell, Lori
Mendez, Annie Botsford, Eva Shults, Blas Cantu, Sherri McDade, Betty Brewer, Karen Morris, Barbara
Holston, Bernadine Spears, Judy Medders, Beverly Banks, Nono Flores, Gary Moore, David Zappasodi, Jim
Hargrove and Shelli Scrogum. It was noted that Barbara Menzel-Garner, Buzz McKethan and Estella
Trevino were excused from this meeting.

        The President declared a quorum present and business was transacted as follows:

II.    Invocation
       Richard Herrington gave the invocation.

III.   Acceptance of October 26, 2008 Executive Board Meeting Minutes
       Billie Shelburn motioned to approve, seconded by Lori Mendez. The motion carries.

IV.   Treasurer’s Report
      Wes Bell reviewed the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual from January through December 2008 and
noted net income of $80,423.87. The Profit & Loss vs Actual for January through April 6, 2009 showed a
net income of $12,806.09. Wes Bell noted that we’re off to a good start. He reviewed the Balance Sheet as
of April 6, 2009 showing total assets and total liabilities and Equity of $303,683.64. He noted the money
market balance of $227,221.69. Steve Shorts stated that the money market funds are all in one account and
recommend that they be split into three different accounts. Wes agreed and said that he would look into it.
With no further discussion, Judy Medders motioned to approve, seconded by Lori Mendez. The motion

V.     Discussion and Action for “NAHRO Fellow” Recommendations
       Steve Shorts noted that as Texas NAHRO we can recommend and nominate people to be NAHRO
Fellows. Steve gave a brief description of the guidelines to qualify for a NAHRO Fellow and noted that two
nominations had come before him; however, he felt that the nominations needed to come from the Board.
He nominated Jim Hargrove and Richard Herrington and asked for other nominations. It was noted that
there is a $25 fee for each nomination and that Texas NAHRO would incur this fee. Nono Flores nominated
David Zappasodi. With no further nominations, Steve Shorts motioned to approve, seconded by Gary
Moore. The motion carries. Shelli said she would submit in the nomination forms to NAHRO.

VI.   Resolution in Support of Texas HB 1506 “Mary’s Law”
      Rachel Benavides with the Corpus Christi Housing Authority addressed the Board seeking Texas
NAHRO’s support of this resolution. She explained the significance of this House Bill as it relates to people
involved in domestic violence offenses and the monitoring of offenders via a GPS tracking device. She

                                       Texas NAHRO Executive Board Minutes
                                                 April 20, 2009
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added that if enacted, H.B. 1506 will make Texas the 12th state to allow courts to order a domestic violence
offender to be fitted with a GPS tracking device as a condition of bond or upon the issuing of a protective
order. After a brief discussion it was suggested that on the signature line, Texas NAHRO needed to be
spelled out, Texas Chapter of National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. With no
further discussion, Richard Herrington motioned to approve, seconded by Blas Cantu. The Motion carries.

      Steve Shorts thanked Rachel Benavides for taking the time to go before these committee meetings and
testifying. He also thanked Jim Hargrove, David Zappasodi, Barbara Holston, Mary Ann Russ and Nono
Flores for their efforts in the legislative arena these last three or four months. He added that it takes a lot of
effort when you have an issue you strongly believe in.           Barbara Holston noted that Mary Ann Russ is
interested in getting involved with Texas NAHRO.

     Steve Shorts asked Lori Mendez to brief the Board of her new Executive Director. Lori reported that
her new executive director is Lourdes Castro Ramirez and she comes to them from the Los Angeles Housing
Authority where she ran the Section 8 program for the last eight years. She added that Ms. Ramirez brings
forth great knowledge and experience in working with a large housing authority. Steve noted that we as an
organization should make an effort to call these new folks and try to recruit them into our organization and
welcome aboard. He said he would personally call her.

VII. Update on TXNAHRO Maintenance Trailer
      Jim Hargrove referred to the hand out in the packets regarding the trailer. He reported on going to
Texarkana and bringing the trailer down, fixing it up and painting it. Jim and the contractor traveled to San
Antonio to look at their maintenance facility to get an idea of how the trailer should be set up and the
contractor came to the conclusion that our plans for the trailer were not going to work. Jim said that they
went out and what they found was an enclosed trailer that has doors that come up on either side. He added
that this would be better suited for our training needs. This was the major change and what they agreed to do
was to take the existing trailer and trade it in which increased the cost by $3750 and he thought he was
authorized to spend $37,000. Jim Hargrove noted the scope of components that would be in this trailer. He
said it would contain everything from a furnace all the way down to a refrigerator. It would include
everything that you would find inside an apartment. He said that as soon as we get the trailer and it takes
four to six weeks for delivery, they will begin work on it immediately so that it can be taken to Shelli for
training. He also reported that he has worked closely with the Austin Community College on a potential
Train the Trainer Maintenance Outline. A training syllabus will be put together for each of the training
components so people could be sent to Austin Community College to become trainers. He added that he
hoped this training could be followed up with a certificate and a letter sent to their Executive
Directors/CEO’s outlining what their scope of work was and what they should be qualified to do and also to
create a Texas NAHRO patch that can be sewed on their uniforms. Shelli added that he had been approved
up $40,000 for the trailer. Gary Moore asked if once the trailer is completed, would it be possible for the
Austin Housing Authority to house it for TXNAHRO periodically and Jim Hargrove said yes but it was up to
the Board and he hoped to have several trainers from the housing authorities.

VIII. and IX. Update from the Legislative Committee and the Legislative Consultant
      Jim Hargrove reported that he handed out a copy to each Board member of the legislative report
received from Cissy. He added that there were two bills that they followed; HB 1931 presented by
Representative Thompson (D) Houston relating to judicial review of a decision to terminate certain federal
housing assistance, HB 3261 presented by Representative Naishtat (D) Austin relating to procedures for
notifying residential tenants before rehabilitation or a change in used of leased premises. Jim noted that
Cissy was a tremendous help to them and they don’t know what they would have done without her
assistance. He added that with this legislative session Cissy has definitely earned her money and he is very

                                         Texas NAHRO Executive Board Minutes
                                                   April 20, 2009
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pleased with the way it turned out. He added that HB 1931 is still in committee and the companion bill on
the Senate side of the house is still there but they’re not sure if it’s going to pass but they are definitely
keeping an eye on it. He briefly reviewed other bills included in his hand out. He stated that on April 21st,
83 bills were being monitored and he praised Cissy for her hard work. He added that she’s done a great job
and it great knowing that we have someone out there actively looking out for the housing authorities and
bringing these matters to our attention. Jim noted that this concluded his and the Legislative Consultant’s

     Steve Shorts noted that he was never an advocate of Cissy; those were his personal feelings and we
have not found a way to pay for her yet; however, he said that he was not involved in the committee
meetings but she has kept the legislative committee alert as to what is going on, she set up meetings with the
sponsors of these bills so that David, Barbara, Jim and Mary Ann could meet with them. She kept the
committee informed and if Jim says that Cissy is worth $36,000 so be it. He added that this issue will be
resolved later today. He noted that even though he was against Cissy, he thought that she did not understand
our industry until these last three months.    Jim noted that Cissy is up on the Hill and could not be in

      Lori Mendez motioned to approve Jim Hargrove’s report on the Maintenance Trailer and both
legislative reports, seconded by Blas Cantu. The motion carries.

X.    Standing Committee Reports

     A.   Professional Development
          Lori Mendez reported that they met this morning with six members present and they were also
          joined by Sharon Sherrill of the National NAHRO Professional Development. They discussed that
          Shelli is working closely with the HUD staff to bring necessary training that will be beneficial to
          housing authorities. She noted that Shelli is to be commended for taking the lead to make sure
          Texas NAHRO is providing the most current training and making it available to the smaller
          housing authorities. Gary Moore noted that monitoring NAHRO training was a valuable tool
          because it provided the opportunity to take in the training but not have the expense of the
          registration. Discussion followed concerning the training the trainer certification and the
          committee voted to continue to move forward with the PD survey for the members to identify the
          areas of training that would benefit their staff. Richard Herrington of National NAHRO PD
          Committee announced that there are nine new certifications from the Specialist level to the
          Executive Certifications. Anyone interested in learning more can log on to NAHRO’s website.
          Also noted were certifications from other vendors besides NAHRO will be recognized toward
          meeting the requirements for the new certifications. Richard Herrington reported that HUD has
          been engaged and is supportive of the new certification process. Sharon Sherrill explained the
          auditing program and encouraged all PD members to take advantage of the program because you
          can get the advantage of the training and NAHRO really wants to hear from HA staff on whether
          the training is addressing the points they are necessary for their staff. If non members of the PD
          Committee are interested in participating in the auditing program, their Executive Director should
          contract Sharon Sherrill or Lisa Coleman at the NAHRO Office. She also reported that there will
          be new certification classes being announced in July and August. Sherri McDade motioned to
          approve, seconded by Blas Cantu. The motion carries.

     B.   Housing
          Riza Nolasco reported that Housing Committee members attended the Southwest NAHRO Winter
          Committee Meetings last January 21-23, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Committee

                                       Texas NAHRO Executive Board Minutes
                                                 April 20, 2009
                                                     3 of 7
      passed seven resolutions, which were submitted to the National Housing Committee and adopted
      by the Board of Governors on March 15, 2009. The full context of each resolution and minutes
      of the committee meeting will be available within the next few weeks on NAHRO’s Housing
      Committee’s web page. Riza motioned to approve, seconded by Lori Mendez. The motion

C. Member Services
   Billie Shelburn reported that the committee met this morning with seven members present. Job duties
   for the week were outlined. She noted that a basket which would be displayed at their station was
   being raffled and tickets will be $1 each; proceeds going towards the scholarship committee and the
   drawing would be held on the last day of the conference. She also mentioned that items for the
   Southwest NAHRO state basket should be sent to Shelli or taken to the Southwest Conference and
   given to Shelli no later than Saturday of the conference in St. Louis. She also noted that a regional
   basket for National NAHRO was being put together and items were going to be needed for it. Billie
   reported that the committee recommended increasing the membership dues as follows:

             0 – 100 units          from $30 to $40
            100 – 250 units         from $55 to $65
            250 – 500 units         from $75 to $85
            500+ units              from $100 to $110 plus $.11 per unit over 500

            These new dues would go into affect in 2010. She also reported that the committee would
    be giving prizes to the first time attendees which numbered about 50. Billie motioned for approval
    of her report and approval of the increase to the membership dues, seconded by Betty Brewer. The
    motion carries.

           Gary Moore asked Shelli how the increase in membership dues would increase the income
    and what affect it would have on the legislative fee. He asked that the results be emailed to the

D. Community Revitalization & Development
   A report was not available.

E. Commissioners
   A report was not available.

F. Vendor Committee
   Betty Brewer reported that they met this morning and worked on preparations for this evening’s

G. Scholarship Committee
   Blas Cantu reported that the committee met via teleconference on March 26, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. and
   after careful review and discussion, members agreed to award $1,000.00 scholarships to the twenty-
   five (25) students listed in the conference program.     On April 2, 2009 Blas reported that Shelli
   informed him that Ms. Kimberly Martinez who had been selected as a scholarship recipient was
   found to be ineligible. The Committee members were notified of Ms. Martinez ineligibility via
   email on April 2, 2009 and were asked to consider awarding the scholarship to the remaining
   applicant from the Brownsville Housing Authority or to let him know if they preferred to have a
   conference call to select a student from another housing authority. A deadline to respond was given

                                   Texas NAHRO Executive Board Minutes
                                             April 20, 2009
                                                 4 of 7
   to the Committee of 2:00 p.m., Friday, April 3, 2009. All committee members responded within the
   deadline signifying that they had quorum via email. Four (4) members voted to award the
   scholarship to Brownsville Housing Authority’s 3rd applicant, Ms. Claudia Y. Garcia. One (1)
   member voted for another student. The Chair abstained from voting. Blas asked to let the record
   show that the two students from the Brownsville Housing Authority receiving scholarships are Ms.
   Claudia Y. Garcia and Ms. Flor Cruz. Billie Shelburn motioned to approve, seconded by David
   Zappasodi. The motion carries.

           Steve Shorts thanked Blas Cantu for his hard work with the Scholarship Committee, Wes
   Bell for his hard work as Treasurer and Jim Hargrove because of him and Southwest Housing
   Compliance Texas NAHRO has the best scholarship program of the State Chapters in the Southwest.

H. Awards Committee
   Richard Herrington reported that the winners are listed in the Conference agenda and he thanked the
   committee for doing a great job. He announced the awards ceremony is being held on Tuesday
   evening and those agencies receiving multiple awards would receive them at the same time. He
   noted at the end of the meeting he would be removing himself from the committee and if anyone is
   interested in serving on the committee to let him know. He added that a conference call would take
   place to select a chair for the committee. He thanked those that submitted entries.

           A discussion followed as to Buzz McKethan’s request of a Community Service Award.
   Steve Shorts referred this to the awards committee. Jim Hargrove motioned to approve, seconded
   by Blas Cantu. The motion carries.

I. Site Selection Committee
   Eva Shults reported the following conference schedule and solicited volunteers to host the undecided
   fall conferences.

           Fall 2009       San Marcos
           Spring 2010     McAllen
           Fall 2010       Beaumont
           Spring 2011     Austin
           Fall 2011       undecided
           Spring 2012     Arlington
           Fall 2012       undecided
           Spring 2013     San Antonio
           Fall 2013       undecided
           Spring 2014     Corpus Christi

          With no further discussion, Eva motioned for approval of her report, seconded by Gary
   Moore. The motion carries.

J. Nominating Committee
   Bernadine Spears read Stella Trevino’s report listing the slate officers and Board of Directors for
   October 2009 – September 2011 and Board of Directors for 2008-2010. Shelli noted that the
   nominations will be taken before the membership and voted on during tomorrow’s Annual
   Conference Meeting during the luncheon and she’ll pass those out at that time along with an agenda
   with items to go before the membership for their approval. It was noted that Karen Morris is now
   Karen Baker.

                                  Texas NAHRO Executive Board Minutes
                                            April 20, 2009
                                                5 of 7
      K. Service Officer Report
         Shelli reported that there are 40 exhibit booths and a total of 296 registered attendees, speakers,
         trainers, booth representatives and special guests plus there have been several on site conference
         registrations as of this morning. She reported that two trainings have been completed this year and
         she currently has four (4) additional trainings contracted and booked and is working on several
         more. She reported that the Fall Conference will be held in San Marcos on October 18-21, 2009 at
         the new Embassy Suites Conference Center. The maintenance workshop is in the works and will be
         in the western part of the State, Odessa/Lubbock area this year in late summer. She reported that
         there are 260 paid agency members and we continue to receive dues payments in addition to 60
         associate members.

                  Shelli reported that the Spring 2010 Conference scheduled for McAllen is faced with a few
          problems in that due to the economy the hotels that were going to be built next to the convention
          center have not broken ground. The closest hotel that could accommodate us is across the freeway
          about five minutes away and the conference participants would have to be bused or drive
          themselves to the convention center. She added that since we have partnered with HAVE, we need
          to keep the conference in the Valley. She noted that she and Eva would be meeting with Ernie
          Arredondo with the McAllen Visitors and Convention Bureau during this conference to try to get
          this resolved. If this cannot be resolved, we will look into South Padre Island for the conference.
          Blas Cantu suggested that the Island be considered. Shelli noted that she would notify the Board as
          soon as possible.

                 Shelli reminded the Board that on Tuesday during the lunch the annual business meeting will
          take place after the exhibitor recognition. The Annual Business Meeting agenda was passed out and
          she noted that standing committees V.P.’s should be prepared to give a brief report to the general
          membership along with Rachel’s presentation of the Resolution on Mary’s Law and elections of the
          officers will also take place.

                 She also referred to a letter included in the packets from Justin Ormsby from the Fort Worth
          HUD office inviting representatives to their offices on May 18th to discuss ways our organizations
          could work together.

                 She noted the poster contest information was included in their packets. She added that last
           year she had a local group judge the entries and submitted them however Texas did not win. She
           added that she wanted to participate again this year and she would send out an email asking
           everyone to send their posters to her and she would have a local group conduct the judging. Jim
           Hargrove motioned to allow Shelli to run the poster contest, seconded by Sherri McDade. The
           motion carries.

XI.   Old Business
      Steve reported that Cissy’s contract is up for renewal September 30, 2009 and the next meeting is not
until October. The contract will expire unless we do something about it. We can let it expire and go out for
bids or let the contract expire and wait a year. After a brief discussion, Jim Hargrove recommended to allow
the Legislative Committee to negotiate a new contract with her and bring it back to the Board for review
and/or approval in October. David Zappasodi motioned to approve, seconded by Nono Flores. The motion

                                        Texas NAHRO Executive Board Minutes
                                                  April 20, 2009
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XII. New Business
      Steve Shorts referred to a letter from Tri Eagle Energy LP requesting Texas NAHRO’s endorsement
and a hidden portion of each sign up would be given to us. He added that he also received an email from one
of our members recommending Alliance, who is one of our vendors this week. Both are new vendors to
Texas NAHRO. Steve stated that his feeling behind endorsements is that we should not do that if we have
competing vendors. Several members along with Steve Shorts stated that this something we should not enter
into. Richard Harrington motioned to not have any endorsements with individual vendors at any time, Jim
Hargrove seconded the motion. The motion carries.

     Shelli asked the Board to support the nomination of Richard Herrington for V.P. of Professional
Development for Southwest NAHRO on a petition format. Southwest NAHRO Nominating Committee met
and moved their slate of officers forward, but nominations can be made from the floor. She added that Texas
was not represented on the slate of officers and she would like to have a petition. She said she would prepare
the petition, 50 signatures are required. Shelli asked for the Board’s support and added that she talked to
Donna Dunwoody and she also feels that Texas should be represented and the nomination should be brought
forward. Blas Cantu motioned to approve, seconded by Judy Medders. The motion carries.

     Annie Botsford voiced her interest in the V.P. of Housing for Southwest NAHRO position. Steve
Shorts motioned to nominate Annie Botsford for V.P. of Housing of Southwest NAHRO, seconded by Sherri
McDade. The motion carries. Shellie said she would prepare the petition.

     Steve referred to Shelli Performance Review included in the Board’s packet. He added that he, Richard
Herrington and Wes Bell prepared this evaluation. He added that Shelli’s contract is coming up and he made
a motion to give Shelli a 10% increase in her salary effective October 1st. It was suggested that the Steering
Committee should be the one negotiating the contract. Another suggestion was made to extend her contract
with a 10% pay increase. Jim Hargrove motioned for a new three year contract on her anniversary date,
October 1st, with a 10% pay increase effective today, seconded by Nono Flores. The motion carries.

XIII. Adjournment
      Meeting was adjourned at 1:52 p.m.

                                       Texas NAHRO Executive Board Minutes
                                                 April 20, 2009
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