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					    Carnage Magnet Middle School
          PTSA Newsletter
                                      February 2009

                             Greetings from Dr. Fogg, Principal

Dear Carnage Middle School Family,

I am pleased to inform you that Fred J. Carnage GT Magnet Middle School has been selected
for a Magnet Schools of America Merit Award as a Magnet School of Distinction. This national
award, given by Magnet Schools of America, is based on a commitment to high academic
standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation/diversity efforts, and the consistent
delivery of high quality education to students. The award will be presented at the Magnet
Schools of America Conference this April in Charlotte, NC. Mrs. Lou Spivey, magnet
coordinator, and Mrs. Cheryl Zelek, AG coordinator, will join me in Charlotte to accept this

Attendance zones for Carnage Middle were changed in the reassignment plan recently
approved by the board of education. Several school nodes were reassigned to other middle
schools in effect lowering the number of students assigned to the Carnage next year. In
addition, the magnet draw area for Carnage Middle was changed to include a larger area of the
county. We encourage all parents to review the reassignment information posted on the
district’s Internet site to determine if they are impacted by this change.

Carnage Middle will implement a schedule change next year that will impact incoming 6th grade
students. The purpose of this change is to more closely align students’ schedules to match
their academic needs. Our sister school, Ligon Middle, is currently piloting the new schedule at
6th grade with tremendous success. Rising 7th and 8th graders will keep the current schedule
until they leave Carnage Middle School. Our staff has already begun to embrace this change
and will continue to work closely with the Ligon Middle staff to learn from their experience.

Finally, we have begun the second half of the school year and days are slipping by quickly.
While we have had a successful first semester, we your help to make sure our students remain
focused until June. We appreciate your continued support!


Delores Fogg, Principal

PTSA Greetings to Carnage Families!                   The Walk-a-thon Is Coming!

Hello Carnage Families,                      How do you change the world? Sometimes it
                                             is one step, or one lap at a time.
I know it’s only February but the end of
the year is sneaking up on us quickly. As    That’s the theme of this year’s Walk-a-thon to
it stands now, we need to replace the        be held on March 17th, “Changing the World,
entire board next year. Per our bylaws,      One Lap a Time.”
this is the last year I can serve as
President and our other board members        The Walk-a-thon is a fundraising event that
are either moving on to high school or       gets the entire Carnage community involved.
have been affected by the Wake County        Students have been given pledge cards and
reassignment. If you are interested or       from now until March 17th can ask friends,
know of any upcoming 6th grade parents       families and members of the community to
that might be interested in the board        make a donation based on the number of laps
positions, please let me know. We need       the students walk on the 17th.
to get these positions filled immediately
otherwise Carnage will be without a          The goal is ambitious: raise $11,000. This
PTSA next year.                              money will help the PTSA continue to provide
                                             programs for Carnage students such as the
In lighter news, the Walk-a-thon is          ever-popular end of the year 8th grade social,
coming up in March and we are off to a       end of year awards programs and other
great start. If you haven’t heard by now,    activities.
Dr. Fogg will be participating in a
basketball shoot out if we meet our goal     As an added incentive, when Carnage meets
and I cannot wait for that event. That is    its goal, Dr. Fogg has offered to don her
almost as exciting as the Walk-a-thon        basketball gear and compete against Carnage
itself, so please donate whatever you        mascot, Trojan Jones, in a basketball free
can if for no other reason than to see Dr.   throw contest!
Fogg in her basketball gear.
                                             Additional prizes are offered for participation.
As always, if you ever have any              More information is available on the Carnage
questions or concerns, please feel free      website. For questions, contact Patricia
to contact me at      Scurlock at

Kind regards,
Holly Drake
PTSA President
Carnage Middle School
                                                            Upcoming Events
If there is ever anything you need please               (Of parental importance)
don’t hesitate to contact me at:
Volunteer Opportunities                       (see Carnage School calendar for a listing of all
                                             school activities)
We regularly need volunteers to help
with theDrake of the month
Holly E. student                             February 9-28:   Online magnet application process
breakfast, which recognizes student
PTSA President                               February 11:     Student of the Month breakfast
achievement and effort. If you’re            February 12:     Early Release, 11 a.m.
available on the second Wednesday of         February 13:     Valentine’s Day dance, 3:30-5:30
the month, contact Kate Hines at             February 16:     Snow Makeup Day
                                             March 5:         Early Release, 11 a.m.                    March 17:        Walk-a-thon
                                  Parent/School Connection

Magnet Registration Begins

For 8th graders interested in attending a magnet high school next year, the magnet school
registration process has begun. Forms are available online at Wake County Public School
System’s website,

The registration process goes from February 9 through February 28 th. As long as the
application is received within that timeframe, the date that it is submitted has no bearing on
the selection process.

High school magnet programs include:

Center for Leadership and Technology at Southeast Raleigh High School
Gifted &Talented/IB Center for Humanities, Sciences at the Arts at Enloe High School
International Baccalaureate at Garner High School
Early College at Wake Early College of Health and Science.

Remember that registration is based on program, not on school. In a recent article on the website, Dr. David Ansbacher, director of the magnet program, described the
factors that affect being accepted in a magnet program:
     Whether the application was submitted during the registration period
     Transportation patterns
     Sibling situation
     Capacity of school and classroom
     Diversity
     Current status of the applicant

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in mid-March.

New 6th Grade Immunization                Make Lunch Easier             Find Us!
                                        Tired of sending checks         Join the discussion
Do you have a rising 6 grader? A        to school for lunch             among Carnage PTSA
new vaccine is required before          accounts? Wake                  parents through our
entry into 6th grade that protects      County now offers               Yahoo Group, and be
against tetanus, diphtheria and, an            the first to get important
whooping cough. This vaccine            online service that             information:
(Tdap) is a booster of one given to     allows you to manage
young children prior to                 your student’s lunch            Carnage PTSA:
kindergarten. Contact your doctor       account at your                 http://carnagems.wcpss
or local health department for          convenience.                    .net/ptsa/PTSA.html