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					Chippewa County District Attorney Office
711 North Bridge Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
(715) 726-7740 Fax: (715) 726-7748

District Attorney                                           Assistant District Attorneys
Jon M. Theisen                                                  Roy La Barton Gay
                                                                 Ellen J. Thorson
                                                                 Wade C. Newell
                                                                 Lawrence Broeren

                                    MEDIA RELEASE

DATE:                         August 20, 2008

FROM:                         Jon M. Theisen, Chippewa County District Attorney

CONTACT PERSON:              Diane Lesniewski, Office Manager (715) 726-7747

Today, the office of the Chippewa County District Attorney files sexual assault charges against
Brian Bohlmann, M.D. Dr. Bohlmann is a former staff physician of the Stanley Correctional
Institution, Stanley, WI. The criminal complaint alleges that Dr. Bohlmann repeatedly used his
position as a medical professional to sexually assault patients. The criminal complaint is filed
after a thorough investigation conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of
Criminal Investigations. The investigation included multiple interviews of the complainant
victims, witnesses, Dr. Bohlmann and medical experts.

“Medical doctors take a Hippocratic Oath wherein which they swear to protect their patients
from harm and injustice. It is despicably ironic and unjust that any doctor would use his or her
position to sexually harm patients. The Chippewa County District Attorney’s Office zealously
prosecutes all sexual offenders. This office has earned a reputation for successful prosecution in
support of sexually assaulted women, children and the disabled. All victims, including prison
inmates, deserve our aggressive prosecution of their offenders.” -Jon M Theisen, District
Attorney, Chippewa County Wisconsin.

The Chippewa County District Attorney’s Office assigns Assistant District Attorney Wade C.
Newell as lead prosecutor on this case.

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