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Vol. IV NO XLXX                                                                               Thursday, September 23, 2010
                          Westchester’s Most Influential Weekly

      City Hall Preys Upon the
      Object of their Seduction
 Godfrey: Remembering the 9-11 “Day of Infamy”, Page 3; Elkin: A Redundant Choice, A Wasted Opportunity, Page 6;
   NYS Board of Elections Validates NY Tea Party Candidate Steven Cohn, Page 6; Ed Koch Movie Reviews, Page 7;
      Weir: Organized Crime—Government Style, Page 11; Koch: Tolerance Must Be a Two-Way Street, Page14
Page 2                                                The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                                  ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010

 Of Significance                                                                                                                         The Hezitorial
                                                                                                                                         By Hezi Aris
  campaign Trail..............................................................................................6
  community ...................................................................................................3
                                                                                                                                         The Price of Seduction
                                                                                                                             Yonkers, NY -- The assertions and          thinking person to conclude this situa-
  economic development ...............................................................................4                  subsequent confirmation by Yonkers city        tions occurred because of an oversight
                                                                                                                         hall of not billing Yonkers city council       by the YPa and the forgetfulness of Ms
  ed Koch commentary................................................................................14
                                                                                                                         Majority Leader Patricia Mcdow for             Mcdow. a logical deduction suggests Ms
  ed Koch Movie reviews ..............................................................................7                  parking / storing her BMW sedan                Mcdow was advised that she could store
                                                                                                                         within the Buena Vista Parking struc-          her BMW in the city facility devoid of a
  The hezitorial ...............................................................................................2        ture managed by the Yonkers Parking            license plate and devoid of an inspection
  Legal Notices...............................................................................................19         authority (YPa) demands further                sticker in the Buena Vista Parking facility
                                                                                                                         introspection. The first telling of the        at not cost to her. Therein lies the disgust
  Music Scene...................................................................................................9        acid-tongued bloggers’ assertions were         and distrust of government fiat.
                                                                                                                         revealed in a June 28, 2010, hezitorial             The use of the Buena Vista Parking
  New York civic ...........................................................................................15           entitled “Yonkers city hall deceives city      facility to park/store,Ms Mcdow’s BMW
  Politics..........................................................................................................13   agencies to cover up Mayor’s $800,000          took place under the aegis of Yonkers
                                                                                                                         Blunder BY hezi aris”. In that writing,        Mayor Phil amicone and deputy
  radio..............................................................................................................2   the ability by the YPa to manage the           Mayor William regan. Mr regan is also
                                                                                                                         financial largesse of the quasi-government     the chairman of the Yonkers Parking
  Shifting Gears ...............................................................................................6        agency prudently was questioned. The           authority, making him privy to every
  Weir Only human ......................................................................................11               discovery of Ms Mcdow not paying and           action taken under his umbrella as head
                                                                                                                         the YPa not billing for services rendered      of the quasi-governmental agency.
                                                                                                                         runs contrary to the tenets delineated              despite the formal demeanor
                                                                                                                         within the YPa‘s code of ethics which          demanded by the YPa’s code of ethics not
                                                                                                                         states in part, “(4) use or attempt to use     to “secure unwarranted privileges or exemp-
                                                                                                                         his or her official position to secure         tions,” Yonkers city hall and Yonkers
                                                                                                                         unwarranted privileges or exemptions for       Parking authority, have become embroiled
                                                                                                                         himself, herself or others;...                 in alleged illegal conduct by Wiliam regan,
                                                                                                                             In a letter addressed to the editor,       the dual office holder of YPa chairman
                                                                                                                         dated September 8, 2010, YPa deputy            and Yonkers deputy Mayor.
                Westchester’s Most Influential Weekly                                                                    executive director/cFO Joseph dalli                 did city hall plot to seduce Ms
                                                                                                                         wrote, “I have concluded my review of          Mcdow to accept free use of the parking/
                                      Guardian News Corp.                                                                the facts concerning the alleged parking/      storage facility? Once Ms Mcdow
                                           P.O. Box 8                                                                    storage of a BMW sedan without license         parked her BMW in the facility, did city
                                   New Rochelle, New York 10801                                                          places and an expired registration in the      hall thereafter exact her vote on issues
                                                                                                                         Buena Vista parking structure. although        promoted by city hall rather than garner
                            Sam Zherka , Publisher & President                                                           no prior invoices have been forwarded to       her supporting vote by voting on the
                         Hezi Aris, Editor-in-Chief & Vice President                                                     the owner of the said vehicle, I am now in     validity of their argument and vision? can
                                                                                                                         the process of calculating these costs and     Yonkers city hall be trusted to divulge the
                                 publisher@westchesterguardian.com                                                       will be forwarding this bill to the owner      truth? Is there a paper trail of the circum-
                                  editor@westchesterguardian.com                                                         for payment of these changes.”                 stances that led to this debacle of mistrust
                                                                                                                             There is only one situation that can       and disgust? Will Ms dow divulge the
                                  Ellie Ellis - Advertising Manager                                                      logically explain this circumstance having     name and / or names of those who cajoled
                                         elliekellis@gmail.com                                                           taken place. It is totally illogical for any   her to enter into this arrangement?

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                                        The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                  ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                            Page 3


Remembering the 9-11 “Day of Infamy”
                     By Peggy Godfrey
                          The flag hung
                       conspicuously     on
                       the New rochelle
                       armory      Building
                       on September ll and
several rows of Firemen and officials
stood closely by. units from the Police
department and armed Forces were
also present. The President of the united
Veterans of New rochelle, Peter Parente,
set the tone of the evening by saying this
was “very much a moving event,” and it
was organized to “never forget” the tragic
events of 2001 to the Twin Towers, in
Pennsylvania and Washington, d.c.
Thanking various people who cooper-
ated to make this remembrance possible,
Parente continued by recalling how this
armory was “used as a staging area for
ground zero citing that supplies were
stored here. he recounted this armory’s
use for the Marine reserves in the late 80’s
and 90’s, including his unit’s activation to
desert Storm. With a touch of sadness,
Parente mentioned Michael curtin. a
true hero, who answered the called of
duty on 9-11 only to have it become his
last day on earth. Police and Firemen put
their “lives on the line every day,” Parente
reminded the crowd of several hundred
that had gathered. The next speaker, New
rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, felt
honored to be at this ceremony honoring
the dead. he felt “americans can not be
intimidated and added, “values that have
made america a light of the world,”
should be upheld.
     The keynote speaker, former New
                                               as secure as we once were, a beacon for          The last speaker was Fire Lieutenant    to make. The bagpiper band played and
York State assemblyman ronald Tocci,
                                               freedom. We’ve paid dearly” with 3,000       McLean who thanked the crowd that had       the audience sang amazing Grace as the
recalled in l941 there was another “day
                                               dead. he saluted the heroism displayed by    come “to honor and remember” as well as     program ended.
of infamy” which will never be forgotten.
                                               many, especially on flight 93 which “prob-   those who put their lives on the line and        after the ceremony , Jerri Smith, the
“9-11 will be our day of infamy and never
                                               ably saved our capital.”                     “made the ultimate sacrifice nine years     widow of firefighter Kevin Smith, said
forgotten.” he said it was “surreal to
                                                   The uSO Liberty Bells bank planed        ago.” candles were lit and a moment of      her sister had been telling her about this
watch the towers crumble. No one could
                                               a musical interlude and several songs        silence followed. Names of people from      ceremony so she drove 70 miles to attend
imagine that could happen in america.”
                                               were sung. Next Jim Killoran, executive      the area and Iona graduates who had died    this service. Proudly she claimed she had
While a “dark cloud” was present for
                                               director of habitat for humanity,            were read by John d’alois who had been      eight children, two of whom were serving,
weeks, americans handled their wounds
                                               called the evening “a blessed night.” he     introduced as a true american. a violin     in the Marines and the Navy. her family
“with a sense of patriotism. But as the
                                               suggested if everyone “worked together,      played soft music in the background as he   is “all military” and patriotic.
cloud disappeared, patriotism waned.”
                                               imagine what we can all do.” This prayer     read. This was followed by people in the
The result was “We realized we were not
                                               service is being held on holy ground.        audience who had a message or comment
Page 4                                   The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                          ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010


Construction of 70-Unit Condominium Project Resumes
in Mount Vernon
     Mount Vernon, NY -- Mayor clinton            with ‘70’ new backpacks. each backpack
I. Young Jr. joined members of Petro real         included new school supplies. “It is nice to
estate development corp. and Glenmark             know that for each one of our units a bag
Partners on September 15, 2010, as they           was donated to a student looking to make
resumed construction at 550 Locust Street,        Mount Vernon’s horizon a little brighter,”
one the largest condominium projects to be        said Felix Petrillo.
built in Mount Vernon in over two decades.
during the ceremony Mayor Young Jr.
joined the development team in unveiling
the project’s new name, The horizon at
     The 11-story project has been at a stand-
still since 2008, when the previous developer
had to abandon work on the building due
to financial difficulty resulting from the
economic downturn. The project expects to
                                                   aT FleeTwood.
boost the area with jobs, additional property
tax revenue and a renewed interest of buyers
in the community.
     “The completion of this project is a vital
part of the renaissance that Mount Vernon                                                    Photo by and courtesy
is experiencing in terms of revitalizing our                                                 of PhotoBureau, Inc.
economy,” said Mayor clinton I. Young,
Jr. “Mount Vernon is leading the way in
economic development and is bringing the
condo market back to life in Westchester
     Felix Petrillo, a native of Mount
Vernon and founder of Petro real estate
development, spoke fondly of his memo-
ries growing up and raising his family in
Mount Vernon. “There is an excitement
about building in your hometown but also
a responsibility. We at Petro development
knew we had to bring in the highest caliber
design, engineering, and construction team
to complete this project and that is what we
did”, said Petrillo.
     during the ceremony Petrillo intro-
duced Petro’s partner on the project,
Glenmark Partners LLc.
     “We are thrilled about bringing a ‘best-
of-class’ development with a down-to-earth
price tag to the city of Mount Vernon,”
said Glen Vetromile, Principal of Glenmark
Partners. “The horizon at Fleetwood will
offer prospective buyers superior value in
the current real estate marketplace. We
expect that this property is going to put Mt.
Vernon on buyers’ short lists,” he added.
     The event closed with the develop-               (L-R): Mark Alexander, Glenn Vetromile, Felix J. Petrillo, Michael Petrillo, Felix Petrillo, and Felix Petrillo and Mayor Clinton I. Young Jr.
ment team presenting the city of Mount                                                               Photo by and courtesy of PhotoBureau, Inc.
Vernon and the Grimes elementary School
                                         The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                     ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                                 Page 5


                      Mayor Marvin’s Column                                                     Why aren’t police officers on foot more
                                                                                                                                              exposing a municipality to additional
                      By Mary C. Marvin                                                             The department would very much                as for rumble strips or roughing of
                                                                                                like to have a foot patrol officer both to    the road, there is no study that has proven
                         I compiled a           property and investigate. however, they         meet and greet residents and conserve         they are an effective traffic calming device.
                    list of the most            cannot come on the property uninvited           fuel costs. however due to our minimum        also the noise made by the autos crossing
                    commonly        asked       for no reason. The responsibility for peace     manning levels, a third officer on a shift    these rough spots is extremely loud and
                    questions that have         and order rests with the property owner         is an extra that has major budget implica-    incessant to neighboring dwellings.
                    come my way as              and the school like concordia college           tions. Two cars are on patrol at all times,   Can construction projects be operating on
Mayor. I thought a global response to           and Lawrence hospital, must supply              but these officers cannot park the car        the weekends in the Village?
some of them might be helpful to many           security if deemed necessary.                   and walk because valuable time would be
other Village residents. I could also title                                                     lost in an emergency if they had to walk          If the particular activity required a
                                                Why is there a school crossing guard at                                                       building permit from the Village, the
this column, “Things I Never Knew until                                                         several blocks back to their car before
                                                Masterton Road and not near the library                                                       terms of the permit allow work to be done
I Became Mayor.”                                                                                being able to respond.
                                                or at the intersection of Midland Avenue                                                      from 8aM to 6PM on weekdays only. If
Why do the parking enforcement officers         and Pondfield Road?                             Why don’t we think of having speed bumps      the activity is one that a permit was not
watch drivers cross double yellow lines or           The Village adheres to Federally           or humps, rumble strips or rough roads        required, for example painting a house,
engage in other driving infractions and do      promulgated safety standards recog-             placed throughout the Village to reduce       work can be done on weekends. however,
nothing about it?                               nized by the State and Federal highway          speed?                                        even work acceptable to do on weekends
    The Parking enforcement Officers            administration to guide us in all areas of          again, we follow State and Federal        must respect the Village’s noise ordinance
or PeOs are not police officers, nor even       traffic and pedestrian safety.                  standards on the use of any traffic calming   and not create an undue disturbance.
peace officers and are only authorized and           crossing guards should only be placed      devices. Before any speed hump or bump        Villagers can call the police department
trained to issue parking tickets and in         at an intersection that has a high volume       is installed, a traffic engineering study     with any noise concerns.
very limited cases an appearance ticket for     of children, is a significant distance from     must be undertaken to determine both its
minor violations. New York State Vehicle                                                        necessity and proper location with verifi-    Why don’t we employ a “no loitering” law
                                                the nearest intersection controlled by a
and Traffic Laws can only be enforced by                                                        able data on traffic volume, speeds and       to discourage the large groups of teens from
                                                traffic light and the route the children
trained police officers. Traffic stops are                                                      accident rates. Incorrectly installed bumps   congregating at various locations in the
                                                would have to take to reach that traffic
actually the most dangerous duty of a                                                           have opened municipalities to significant     Village?
                                                light intersection is without proper side-
police officer because stops often lead to                                                      liability. For example, a bump too close          Simply congregating is not loitering
                                                walks such as the condition along crows                                                       according to the New York State Penal
more serious charges such as stolen car                                                         to a curve in a road does not provide
                                                Nest road. hence, the need for a guard to                                                     Law. Loitering is only when someone
cases or outstanding criminal warrants,                                                         adequate warning to the unfamiliar driver
                                                Masterton road.                                                                               remains or wanders about a public place
and a PeO has none of the training                                                              and can result in increased accidents at
                                                     crossing guards are never to be placed                                                   for the purpose of begging, gambling or
needed to handle these situations.                                                              that location.
                                                at an intersection controlled by a traffic                                                    soliciting or engaging in sexual conduct.
Why don’t the police patrol the school field?                                                       even after it is determined a speed
                                                light due to the dangerous confusion that                                                     however, in recent weeks we have issued
    The school field is private property                                                        bump would be helpful, a series of signs
                                                can be caused when a driver sees perhaps                                                      88 tickets, many for public disturbance
and is analogous to one’s own backyard.                                                         must be placed in both directions and
                                                a green light but then a guard waving                                                         violations under our noise ordinance.
If the police drive by and see suspicious                                                       the bump and the road markings leading
                                                a child across the intersection. The
activity while passing the school or any                                                        up to it must be brightly painted. Speed      Mary C. Marvin is the Mayor of the Village
                                                dualing authorities make for a potentially      bumps that you see without this signage
residential property, they can enter the        dangerous situation.                                                                          of Bronxville.
                                                                                                and paint are incorrectly installed, thus

                      Message from the Mayor                                                        Next Monday, crews will mobilize
                                                                                                on the exxon portion of the site, which
                                                                                                                                              exxon will begin “bioremediation” of the
                                                                                                                                              remaining pollution using bacteria native
                      Clean-up of the Waterfront Begins                                         borders the river. Some vegetation over       to the soil, prodded to bloom in great
                                                                                                polluted areas will be removed, and then      quantity, to consume the remaining vola-
                      By Peter Swiderski                                                        exxon’s contractors will jackhammer           tile chemicals over a two-three year period.
                           We are pleased       mostly a by-product of the fuels and paint      and remove concrete pads in place at the           We are grateful to the NY department
                       to announce that         dyes that were stored or manufactured at        site so the dec can sample the ground         of environmental conservation for its
                       the clean-up of the      the site. It should take about three years to   beneath. about 35 truckloads of polluted      efforts on the waterfront, our fire depart-
southernmost fourteen acres of the water-       decontaminate this portion of the water-        soil will be removed from the site. The       ment for its supervision, our municipal
front will commence next week. after            front. (Work on the northern portion will       trucks will only run on weekdays and not      employees for their work all through the
several decades of discussion, we will          not start for a couple of years as we work      during the school rush hours. This entire     process, my colleague Trustee Quinlan
finally begin the long process of cleaning      through remediation design with the             process should take less than a month. It     who has been instrumental in prodding
the waterfront of pollution and preparing       dec and BP, and will take longer.)              will be monitored by the village and inde-    forth activity, and, not least, exxon and
it for eventual reuse.                              The first step involves placing air         pendent engineers.                            chevron for living up to their obligations
     The southern third of the waterfront,      monitoring equipment at two locations               Once exxon has completed this first       and carrying through on the clean up.
owned by exxon, chevron and uhlich,             this week, one at the site and one at           phase of remediation, chevron will then            This is, indeed, a historic moment
has a considerably lower level of contami-      riverview Park on Warburton avenue,             clean their portion of the site. (We don’t    for hastings: we can begin to visualize a
nation than the northern portion, which         to develop baseline statistics before the       yet have a time line for that work but will   waterfront one day open to all residents.
is owned by BP arco. contaminants are           clean-up begins.                                share it with you when we do.) Next year,     Peter Swiderski is the mayor of the Village of
Page 6           The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                   ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010

         Ed Koch Movie Reviews
         By Edward I. Koch

                     Movie Review: “Heartbreaker” (+)
                     September 13, 2010

                         French, frothy and frolics galore with a little slapstick and      by his sister, Melanie ( Julie Ferrier), and her husband, Marc
                     shtick thrown in for additional humor. There are no belly laughs       (Francois damiens).
                     in the flick, but there are plenty of smiling faces in the audience.       The action focuses on Juliette (Vanessa Paradis) who is
                     The movie even has an old hollywood ending which I haven’t             engaged to Jonathan (andrew Lincoln), a rich englishman her
                     seen for years – two lovers run toward one another for what looks      father doesn’t want her to marry. It all becomes complicated when
                     like a kilometer. (0.6 miles.)                                         alex and Juliette fall in love.
                         The opening scenes take place in Morocco and the closing               The plot is often trite and sometimes perilously close to
                     ones in Monaco. The two principal actors, whom I have never            becoming a soap opera or sitcom, but it ultimately adds up to
                     seen perform before, provide very skillful and amusing moments.        a modestly entertaining film. I personally much prefer a French
                         alex (romain duris) is a professional lover (not a gigolo)         film noir to an english trifle dessert. (In French, with english
                     usually hired by families to end a romantic relationship in which      subtitles.)
                     their daughter is involved. alex gets the woman to fall in love            I saw the movie at the IFc center located on Sixth avenue
                     with him but never becomes intimate with them which would              and West Third Street.
                     violate his contract with the family. he is assisted in his business

                     Movie Review: “Animal Kingdom” (+)
                     September 13, 2010

                         Notwithstanding Stephen holden’s Times review, this movie              The plot involves police corruption and a police execution
                     is not as terrific as it could have been. holden is smitten by the     of a family member with a comparable retaliation. The number
                     acting which I agree is good but not as good as he conveys with        of killings should satisfy anyone’s need or interest in viewing
                     one exception: the role of Smurf cody played by Jacki Weaver.          violence, but they don’t. The movie certainly doesn’t meet the
                         Smurf is the mother, grandmother and pillar of strength to a       standards set by Quentin Tarantino in his scripts. Other draw-
                     family of crooks living in Melbourne, australia. One of her sons,      backs for me were the low decibel level of the film and the fact
                     Pope (Ben Mendelsohn), is feared by his brothers and Smurf ’s          that the australian accents were sometimes difficult to under-
                     17-year-old grandson, J cody ( James Frecheville), who lives with      stand. So, while those who like the genre will enjoy this movie, it
                     his relatives. J’s mother died from a drug overdose. In a voice-       could have been much better. I saw the picture at the Landmark’s
                     over, he tells the story and fills in the missing facts to complete    Sunshine cinema on east houston Street in Manhattan.
                     the narrative. another of Smurf ’s sons, darren (Luke Ford), who
                     appears to be mentally challenged, is not certain about his sexual
        The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                    ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                               Page 7

Ed Koch Movie Reviews
By Edward I. Koch
            Movie Review: “The American” (+)
            September 7, 2010
                George clooney is a fine actor. To his credit most of his films,     is well worth watching and figuring out what is happening. I saw
            in which he plays the same role over and over, have been very            it at the aMc Loews Kips Bay cinema on Second avenue at
            successful. The most recent example was “up In The air,” which           31st Street.
            was a light, romantic box office hit.                                         henry Stern said: “This was a movie about assassins, so as
                “The american” is a morose, silent, and slow-moving picture          you can imagine there was a substantial body count. The photog-
            that includes full frontal female nudity. everyone in this movie is      raphy was beautiful and the characters were enigmatic. If there
            either extremely beautiful or very handsome. Indeed a prostitute,        were an Oscar for the movie with the fewest spoken words, ‘The
            clara (Violante Placido), is absolutely off the charts in beauty. In     american’ might win it. The best parts of the film were the views
            one water scene she reminded me of hedy Lamarr when she first            of rural Italy and its mountains, which look as they did centuries
            came on the hollywood scene so many years ago.                           ago, except for the cars and guns. consider the movie a travel-
                George clooney, who goes by several names in this film,              ogue; from your seat you can admire the scenery and observe
            mostly Jack, is an assassin. When we meet him early on, he is in         the people, especially the priest, without the danger of freezing
            Sweden with another beauty, Mathilde (Thekla reuten), where a            or being shot. Of course you would miss the sex with beautiful
            murder takes place. Jack, who has to flee for his life, is directed by   Italian women, but you can’t do that from Kips Bay.”
            his handler, Pavel ( Johan Leysen), to go to Italy. he ends up in             Visit the Mayor at the Movies website to view and read Mr
            a small mountain town, abruzzo, 100 miles northeast of rome.             Koch’s archive chock full of reviews
            The scenes of Italy – villages, highways, mountains and local                 Let me know your thoughts at eikoch@bryancave.com.
            people -- are gorgeously photographed.                                   The Honorable Edward Irving Koch served New York City as its
                although this is one of the slowest paced films that I can           105th Mayor from 1978 to 1989.
            recall seeing in a long time, and nothing in it is clearly stated, it
Page 8                                   The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                 ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010

                            By Bob Putignano

                            Grateful dead “road Trips Vol. 3 No. 2
                            November ’71 rhino-dead.net
                            ‘First tour with Keith Godchaux, no Pigpen nor Donna, but high-speed antics prevail’
    This latest edition of the road Trips      the Line,” “One More Saturday Night,”       and the dead seemingly were enjoying            if you are like me and dig this era of the
series is an extremely hot show, two           a rip-snorting “casey Jones,” and a         Godchaux’s dexterity, which propelled           dead, you will love this recording. If you
shows actually, that is if you are fortunate   dizzying “cumberland Blues.” The (as        the dead to mightier heights. Garcia is         are unfamiliar with the dead, this box set
to have the first-run box set that adds        expected) lengthy jam segments consists     spot on throughout, and Lesh is right           is a great place to zone into. Last but not
an additional bonus disc. These bonus          of the spacey “dark Star,” that segues in   there with Jerry- every step of the way!        least; don’t forget to try to find a copy with
discs are highly collectible, and this one     to “el Paso,’ than back to “dark Star,”     It’s also noteworthy to mention that this       that bonus disc!
                                                                      plus the show        edition of the band is a five piece unit, and        Keep on truckin’ on…
                                                                      ending anthem:       I for one adore the economics and non-          Bob Putignano is host of WFDU’s Sounds
                                                                      “Not         Fade    cluttered sound this finely honed unit          of Blue, www.SoundsofBlue.com the most
                                                                      away,” a superla-    accomplished. unfortunately Pigpen had          pledged to program for three consecutive years
                                                                      tive and flowing     health issues and was not a part of these
                                                                      “Jam,” that even-    performances, and even though I find
                                                                      tually turns into    it hard to say this, he is not missed.
                                                                      “Going down          Long story short,
                                                                      the road Feeling

shouldn’t be an exception. recorded in         Bad,”
Fort Worth, TX this set is well worth          back to
seeking out, starting with a heady “china      a kicking
cat Sunflower, “I Know You rider,” and         “Not Fade
a standalone “Sugar ree.” The next flurry      away.” The
of tunes is a non-stop jam that soars for      encore      is
nearly one hour! “Truckin’” is amaz-           somewhat
ingly exuberant and flows into a short         anticlimactic
drum solo (no Mickey hart here,) that          as the boys
ignites into a turbulent “The Other One,”      deliver a nice
into “Me and My uncle,” back to “The           (but not memo-
Other One.” as Yogi said: “It ain’t Over       rable) “Johnny
till it’s over.” “The Other One,” morphs       B. Goode.”
into a gorgeous “Wharf rat,” that even-            The dead’s
tually segues into a rip-roaring “Sugar        historian      Blair
Magnolia.” It’s a tremendous perfor-           Jackson is dead
mance, as Jerry and company are really         on stating that
firing hard, and (at times) with reckless      the     band      was
abandon.                                       adjusting to their
     The next night the band moved on to       latest addition Keith
austin, and once again delivered another       Godchaux, (sans his
powerful show. Most noteworthy are             wife donna.) Keith
single song performances like: “Bertha,”       added a new dimen-
“deal,” “Jack Straw,” “Beat It On down         sion to the band,
                                                       The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                                       ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                                               Page 9

    Sunday • Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday • Friday • Saturday Sunday • Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday • Friday • Saturday

       Thursday sepT 23
      Thursday Sept..23 Thursday Sponsored23 S25th from ept. 25 you theArt Sept. locations”cantueSday Capital. Resourc- and
      Lecture: How To Drastically along the Saturday, Sept.
                                                            aturday, S
                                                       by can Artists  across the
                                                                       Leaf-printing, “coordinate
                                                                                                  26 give  find it. Best for 28 5
                                                                                                                     Sept ages                                                                      ery class is required for information
                                                                                                          Fallen • on our
         Cut Costs in Difficult Times. California Pizza Kitchen. Book- Americas.Adm.: Adults $12 Leaves 33 acres, and thenup.es: Business free. Writing Re-    Members Plan Non-members             comprehension. The goal is to com-
                                                         The offer for a free Children/Seniors $7 • by Pepeyou’re off to do modern day$10 per family. Rochelle Public
      Lecture: How To Richard marks with an Lady With All the
         Consumer advocate
                                                                                                          Led    Kids-
                                                                                                                            Coronado. Ages 5+.              source. New 99 Dromore Lane,            plete the course with a draft busi-
         Nathan worked for Costs
                          Cut a credit
      Drasticallyhe began teach-in CaliforniaAnswers kid’s Grand1 EntranceSat;20 participants goal is to find thetime. andScarsdale6-9is critical to business
                                                            Pizza Kitchen                               of the Danc- treasure hunting. Geocaching: Library 914.723-3470.busi-
                                                                                                            1PM Sun. the at any one object
                                                                                                                                                                         PM. A detailed green-      ness plan. Those who complete the
         union before                          meal are available in the Manor ers@ & 4PM
      Difficultclass 23 years ago. House. Recommended forEgan as Ann Land- is located at the then put it backSculpt anotherburghnaturecenter.org            ness plan
         ing this Times.                                 Starring Carol chil- FDR State Park              First-come, first-served. so that a               success and growth, enabling            course will have access to free one-
      Consumer advocate research Na- aged 8 and younger. by the M&M Produc- TaconicFruit Led by Vickycan find it. Best forPoetry Reading with
         Learn how doing Richard dren                    ers, presented Free. FDR exit of the Fall State geocacher Youngman,                                owners to keep an eye on costs,         on-one business plan counseling,
      than workedbuy agets youunion be- Dromore Lane, Scarsdale Parkway in Yorktown Heights. ages 5 and up.$10 per family.Viviancustomer needs, planfree
         before you for credit the 99                    tions Acting Company, 2-3:30PM for public transit Non-members Members free. meet Shipley and P.H.
                                                                                                          pinch unglazed clay into the shape
                                                                                                                                                                                         for        business development counseling
         best deals on cars, insur- 914.723-3470. greenburghna- 718.686.9297                                                                                unforeseen events. This
      fore heand creditteaching this class
         ance began cards; how to turecenter.org         @ Irvington Public Library, 12 South Parking. red- 99 Dromore Lane, ScarsdaleLiotta course is offered by
                                                                                   info. $8.00 NYS        of pumpkins, apples, and other fall               15-hour                                 and can apply for a quick start micro
      23 years ago.when investing in re-
         avoid pitfalls Learn how doing                  Astor Street 914.591.7840. FREE.                                914.723-3470. greenburghna- Community Capital Resources
                                                                                   hawkcouncil.org fruits and vegetables. Ages 7+. 20                                                               loan in addition to credit counseling
         stocks and real estate. Irving-
      search before you buy gets you the                 Call Pamela Hodgins Bernstein at                                turecenter.org                     (CCR) Hudson Valley Writers
                                                                                                                                                        4:30PM. and NRPL. Attendance                to get their businesses started. CCR
         ton Public Library, 12 South Saturday, Sept. 25                                                  participants at any one time; First-              at every class is required Drive,
                                                                                                                                                        Center. $5.00. 300 Riversidefor
      best deals on 6PM - 9PM. Call and
         Astor Street,    cars, insurance                the Irvington Library to reserve seat.           come, first-served. 511 Warburton Viv-Sleepy Hollow. writerscenter.org.
                                                                                                                         Poetry Reading with                information     comprehension.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    is the Small Business Administration
         Pamela Hodgins to avoid pitfalls                irvingtonpubliclibrary.org
      credit cards; howBernstein at “The Lady With All the An-                                            Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701 914-963- @ The goal is to complete the
                                                                                                                         ian Shipley and P.H. Liotta                                                (SBA) MicroLender for Westchester,
         the investing in stocks and swers” starring Carol Egan as
      whenIrvington Library to register real                                                              4550 hrm.org                                  Science Sunday
                                                                                                                         4:30PM. Hudson Valley Writers course with a draft business                 Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess
                                                         Book Sale Yonkers Public
         :914.591.7840. irvingtonpub- Ann Landers, presented by the                                                      Center. $5.00. 300 Riverside plan. Those who complete                      counties focusing on start-up and
       epT. Irvington Public Library, M&M 23 Saturday,Branch
   sestate.23 Thursday sepT. Productions Acting Com- ept. 25 Sunday Sept. Drive, give tHollow. writer-2:30PM @ Hudson River Museum.
                                               12                               S                                          26 Sleepy ueSday Sept 28
                                                         Library, Willfrom across the you the “coordinate scenter.org. Community Capital.the course will have access to                             existing businesses that are chal-
        Drastically along the Call Sponsored 2-3:30PM Artists
   To South Astor St. 6 - 9PM.way. Pame-       pany, by can @ Irvington                                                   locations”                         Resourc-
                                                                                                                                                            free one-on-one Admission.
                                                                                                                                                        Free with Museumbusiness plan Lab
Difficult Times.Bernstein at Pizza Kitchen. Book- Americas.Adm.:Sponsored • by
          Hodgins California the Irvington               9AM-4:40PM.
      la Traumatic Brain Injury Sup- Public Library, 12 South AstorAdults $12                          Sunday Sept. 26
                                                                                                  on our 33 acres, and then es: Business Plan Writing Re- business develop-
                                                                                                                                                            counseling,                             lenged by the expectations of tra-
vocate Richard register: with an offer Street free Children/Seniors Three• For The
                                                                                                                                                        Carts Environmental Activities 1 - 3
      Library Group,marks 914.591.7840. a 914.591.7840. YPL. of
         port to
d forMonthly at CaliforniaHospitalKitchen kid’s Grand Entrance“”Offthe Danc- treasure hunting. Geocaching: Library 6-9 PM. A PM. Take a turn on Hudson Riv-
            a credit
                          third Thursday,
                                                for      Friends of FREE. $7             Kids- you’re off to do modern daySunday @ New Rochelle Public
                                                                                                                         Science      source. Hudson ment counseling and can apply
                                                                                                                         River Museum: 2:30 PM. Freedetailed busi- start micro loan in
                                                                                                                                                            for a quick
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ditional bank loans. The program
      irvingtonpubliclibrary.org     Pizza               Show”” presents
                                               Call Pamela Hodgins Bern-             The Book-                                                                                                      is made possible with funding from
 e began teach- brain are available in stein at the Irvington & 4PM to 1PM Sun. the goal is to find the object and ness plan is critical to business credit see the effects
                                                         Shelf”” Adult Park is located at the then put it back so that another success Activitieserama lab carts to
         Center for meal injured per- the Manor ers@ 1 Library Sat;                                                      with Museum Admission. Lab addition to                  counseling
                                                                           Music Program fea-                            Carts Environmental and growth, enabling businesses started.               Webster Bank, SBA and Empire
         sons and House. Recommended for chil- FDR State
  23 years ago. their caregivers. reserve seat. irvingtonpubli-
      Traumatic dren Wood8 Pavil-
doing FREE. 6:30-8PM. agedInjury clibrary.org FDR exit of the Taconic State geocacher can find it. - 3 PM. Take a turn on Hud- eye on costs,
                         Brain and younger. Free.        turing singers Mark Cummings and                                                               of to getistheiron the river and how
                                                                                                                                                             pollution Small Business Ad-
            research                                                                                                     1 Best for owners to keep an CCR the                                       State. Limited space:contact Rob-
      Support 99 DromoreG-41, Scarsdale Parkway in Yorktown Heights. ages 5 and up. MembersRiveramameet carts to seemarshlands are made.
y gets you the Group
         ion, Building #7, Room Lane,                    Paulette Oliva, Donna Ventarola                                 son free.      lab customer needs, plan for (SBA) MicroLender
                                                                                                                                                            ministration                            bin Finney-Granston to register:
                                                                                                                         the effects    pollution events. This free
 n cars, insur- 914.723-3470. greenburghna- 718.686.9297 for public transit Non-members $10 per family. ofunforeseenon the for Westchester, Rockland, Put-
      Thirdhow Ques.: MonthlyWhiteBurke
 t cards;
         785 Mamaroneck Ave.,
               Thursday, Janet Good- Book Sale piano. WillNYS Parking. red- 99 Dromore Lane, river and how marshlands areis offered Brick Lane. fo-
         Plains. to turecenter.org      at                      Yonkers
                                                         on info. $8.00 Public
                                                                             Branch Auditorium                            Scarsdale 15-hour course      Movie: by
                                                                                                                                                            nam and Dutchess counties               (914)747-8020 X14 or rfinney-
                                               Library, Will Branch. 9AM-
        investing Center for brain injured               2-3:30PM ypl.org
 henHospital in 597-2237 burke. 4:40PM.Sponsored by Friends
         man, LMSW                                             hawkcouncil.org                                           made. hrm.org
                                                                                                  914.723-3470. greenburghna- Community Capital Resourcesstart-up and existing
                                                                                                                                                            cusing on
                                                                                                                                                        Mini Foreign Film Festival @ White          granston@ccrhv.org
      persons and
 l estate. Irving- their caregivers. FREE.YPL. Three For The Show”
         org                                   of                                                 turecenter.org                                            businesses
                                                                                                                                      (CCR) and NRPL. Attendance that are challenged
 ary, 12 South Saturday, Sept. 25 “Off The BookShelf”                                                                    Movie: Brickat everyMini For-Plains thePublic
                                                                                                                                        Lane. class is required for
                                                                                                                                                            by                Library 2-4PM.
                                                                                                                                                                      expectations of tradi-        Discussion: Beyond The
      6:30-8 Call Wood Pavilion, Build-        presents
PM - International French Film: Adult Music Program featuring Sunday Sept. 26                                                                                 young
                                                                                                  Poetry Reading with Film Festival @ WhiteA tional bankBangladeshi woman,
ns Bernstein Room G-41, 785 Mama-
      ing #7, at (Ne LeLadyAWith All the An-
                                                                                                                         eign Viv- information
         Tell No-One “The Dit Per- singers Mark Cummings and Bike MS Southern NY:and P.H. Liotta PublicThe goal 2-4PM.Nazneen,the
                                                                                                  ian Shipley The Plains @
                                                                                                                                                     comprehension. loans. The program
                                                                                                                                                            is made possible 1980s London,
                                                                                                                                         Library is to complete arrives in with funding
brary sonne)Ave., swers” Plains. Ques.:
      roneck based upon starring Carol Egan as
          to register White the book Paulette Oliva, Donna Ventaro- New York City - Southern NewValleyyoung Bangladeshi woman, from Webster Bank, SBA and
                                                                                                  4:30PM. Hudson         A Writers course with a draft business                                     Insightful and thought-provoking
                                                                                                                                                        leaving behind her beloved sister
    irvingtonpub- Coban. 7-9:15597-2237 by the Will Branch Audi- York Chapter Center. $5.00. 300 Nazneen, arrives Those who Empire State. Limited space:
      JanetHarlan Ann LMSW presented piano.
         by Goodman, Landers, PM la on                                                             will host two Bike      Riverside plan. in 1980s           complete                              discussions focusing on current
         Ossie Davis Theatre New Ro- torium 2-3:30PM ypl.org                       MS events in Drive, registration London, leaving course willherand home, for an arranged mar-
                                                                                                   2010. Sleepy Hollow. writer- the behind have contact to   access Robbin Finney-Grans-
      burke.org M&M Productions Acting Com-
         chelle Public pany, 2-3:30PM @ Irvington
                        Library. (Ed Note-                                                                                                                  ton to a new life. Nazneen strug-
                                                                                   $50; Fund Raiser Min. $150. beloved sister and home, forriage and register: (914)747-8020
                                                                                                  scenter.org.                        free one-on-one business plan
                                                                                                                                                                                                    events led by Dr. Vincent Bonelli.
ain Injury Sup-filmPublic Library, 12 South Astor
         excellent        adaptation of a NRAA Annual                    Jurying Bike MS Southern NY offers the an arranged counseling,and agles develop- rfinney-granston@
                                                                                                                                       marriage business to accept
                                                                                                                                                            X14 or                                  New Rochelle Public Library 1-3PM.
      International French Film: FREE. ExhibitRochelle rare opportunity to ride over the @new life. Nazneen struggles toandccrhv.org her lifestyle, but she
third great thriller). French914.591.7840. Installation New
           Thursday, Street         w sub- and                                                    Science Sunday            Hudson ment counseling           can apply                              nrpl.org
Burke titles. nrpl.org (Ne Le Dit A
      Tell No-One Pamela Hodgins Bern-
            Hospital Call                                                                         River in a traffic accept her for a quick start
                                               Public Library Meeting Room Tappan Zee BridgeMuseum: 2:30 PM. Free lifestyle, but shemicro loan in
                                                                                                                                                        soon discovers that life cannot be
 in Personne)stein at the Irvington1st Floorto
       injured per-                             Library 9AM-5PM. nrpl.org                                                                                   WedneSday Sept to confront
                                                                                   free lane andwith Museum of- soon discovers that life credit counseling is forced . 29
                                                                                                   Bike MS NYC Admission. Lab addition to can-avoided - and                                         Astronomical Society of
 eir caregivers. reserve seat. irvingtonpubli-
      BasedPavil- clibrary.org by Har- In Activities @ Hudson around Manhattan PM. through turn on Hud- itCCR day that theit the dayAd- theHudson River-
M. Wood
         tember 30th @
                 upon the Greenburgh Drop
                                                                                                  Carts Environmental Activities to - and is businesses started.
                                                                                   fers the only opportunity to ride not be avoided get their forced
                                                                                                  1 - 3 or Take a                                           Arts &
                                                                                                                         to confront the is the Small Business Crafts
                                                                                                                                                                     that    hotheaded young        Greenwich
      lan Coban.
 7, Room G-41, 7-9:15PM Ossie Da-
         Nature Center.          Stroll on River Museum: The following                            son Riverama lab hotheaded ministration (SBA) MicroLender knocking at her door.
                                                                                   the Lincoln Tunnel traffic free! carts to see young Karim comesKarim comes Guild meets week-
                                                                                                                                                            front Artist                            Public Observation Night 7:30-
 ck vis Theatre New Rochelle Public Public will be on both Sat- Southern NY the effects of pollution on theat her Westchester, Rockland, Put- Sarah Gavron, 2007,
        Ave., White Book Sale your programs
         our woodland trail with Yonkers
     Janet Good-can take a stroll on urday & Sunday: 1 - 4 PM. Face a.m. Ride Begins: 7:15 a.m. by Sarah Gavron, and Dutchess counties fo- Branch:10AM- 1PM.Eng-
         child(ren)     Library, Will Branch. 9AM-
                                                                                                          Bike MS Southernfor door. DirectedDirected Yonkers Public Library
                                                                                                   Site Opens: 6:15 knocking
                                                                                                                                       NY                   ly @ by
                                                                                                  river and how marshlands are nam 2007, Color,Color, 1 hr. 42 min., UK/India,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    9:30PM, weather permitting. The
97-2237 burke. 4:40PM.Sponsored filmFriends Colors of Fall With SHARP Startmade. The New York hr. 42-min., UK/India, English. and existingbring their own sup-
      Library. (Ed Note- and read a by
         our woodland trail, excellent Painting, the                                                Line/Finish Line: 1 City Southern New
                                                                                                           hrm.org                    cusing on start-up Members
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bowman Observatory is located
         favorite children’s storybook thriller).
      adaptation of YPL.great For The Show” Arts. Leaf-printing, Kraft Foods 555 South Broad- whiteplainslibrary.org that are challenged                lish. whiteplainslibrary.org                on the grounds of Julian Curtiss
                        of a      Three        Agostino                                                                               businesses
                                                                                                          York Chapter will host two Bike MS                plies & refreshments to work
                        presents “Off The Art with Native Americanway, Tarrytown. 212-463 9791 2010. registration $50;
      French w/subtitles. nrpl.org BookShelf”            Fallen Leaves Led by                     Movie: Brick Lane. Mini For- by the expectationson artistic projects. There is
                                                                                                                                                               of tradi-
                                                                                                          events in Monday Septbank loans. The program teaching. Call Jody                          Elementary School, 180 E. Elm St.,
                                               Pepe Coronado. Ages Sept bikenyn.nationalmssociety.org
   French Film: Adult Music Program featuring Sunday 5+. 20 . 26
                                                         PowWow SouthernorNY: The eign Film Festival @ 2-4PM. tional . MS     White             27          no formal
 e Le Dit A Per- singers Mark Cummings and at anyMS time.
                                               participants Bike one                  bikeMS@msnyc.org      Public Library                made          Monday Sept. 27
                                                                                                  Plains Fund Raiser Min. $150.isBike possible with funding Maier at 914-337-1500 ext.492
                                                                                                                                                                                                    northeast of the Milbank/Elm St. ro-
                                               First-come, New York Sculpt 11AM- 7PM
                                                         FDR Park Yorktown.
 upon the book Paulette Oliva, Donna Ventaro- first-served.City - Southern New A young Bangladeshi woman,thefromCompassion to register. ypl.org
                                                                                                          Southern NY offers DivinerareWebster Bank, SBA and
                                                                                                                         Annual                op-                                                  tary. Free (weather 203.413.6744.
 an. 7-9:15 PM la on piano. Will Branch Audi- Led or Vicky Young-host two Bike Nazneen, arrives Golf1980s Empire Whippoor-Annual Divine
                                               a Fall Fruit York Shine. Sat. & Sun. 2 Days
                                                         Rain by Chapter will                                                                                                                       brucemuseum.org
                                                                                                                          ride Classic Tappan
                                                                                                          portunity to in over the at State. Limited space: Discussion Se-
heatre New Ro- torium 2-3:30PM ypl.org pinch unglazed clay 2010. registration London, leaving behind her Armonk. ProceedsCompassion Golf Classic
                                                                                   Family -Friendly Geocoach- will Club in contact Robbin Finney-Grans-     Jane Austin
                                               man,            MS events
                                                         of Native Fund in into Dancing, Sing-
                                                                      American Min. $150. beloved sister andinhome, thefree lane register: (914)747-8020 7 PM led by Man-
                                                                                                               Bridge a traffic ton of the
                                                                                                          ZeeNature benefit for Sistersto andDivine ries @ 2 &
 brary. (Ed Note-                              the shape of pumpkins, apples, ing @ Greenburgh
                                                               $50;        Raiser
                                               and other        Music, Crafts, NY offers Food,A arrangedMS Compassion, X14 ministries,Whippoorwill College professor
                                                         ing, Bike MS Southern Jewelry, the an combination ofNYC offersa the their or rfinney-granston@ Club in Armonk. Pro-
adaptation of a NRAA Annual Exhibit Juryingfall fruits and vegeta- Center, 2PM:                           Bike marriage and              only op-           hattanville                              Wednesday Sept. 29
                                                         Birds of Prey & to hide and seek
                                               bles. Ages rare opportunity More...by native & treasure hunt- ride around ccrhv.org                          Juliette Wells, Ph.D. at of the
                                                                                                          portunity to and specifically Good Counselceeds benefit the Sisters White Di-
 French w sub- and Installation New Rochelle 7+. 20 participants ride over the new life. Nazneen struggles to Manhattan
                                                                                      a geocaching has become High she
                                                                        Zee Bridge ing, traffic accept her lifestyle, but School and Good Coun- Plains Public Library. register
                                                               Tappan Artists fromin across the
                                               at Room
                                                         American and Bike MS NYC of- soon discovers thatsel Lincoln Tunnel traf- Sr.vine Compassion, theirour on-
                        Public Library Meetingany one time; First-come,
                        1st Floor 9AM-5PM. first-served. free lane                 an international pastime. We’ll the Elementary School. Call Sept. the series through
                                                                                                          or through life can- WedneSday                    for 29
                                                                                                                                                                                      ministries,   Arts & Crafts Hudson
hrough         Sep-
                                                         Americas. Warburton
                                                                       only opportunity to • Chil-
                                                               fers theAdm.: Adults $12 ride not befic free! - and is forced Site 914-798-1286and specifically or by contactingHigh
                                               Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701 914-                                 avoided SouthernKeegan at Opens:
                                                                                                                         Jane NY                            line calendar Good Counsel              Riverfront Artist Guild
 @ Greenburgh Drop In Activities @ Hudson hrm.org Manhattan or throughEn- confront it the day that the for7:15&a.m. din-SchoolRiver-GoodDesk at 422-
                                               963-4550  dren/Seniors $7 • KidsGrand
                                                               around                             to                                                        the and
                                                                                                          6:15 a.m. Rideregister Arts and or Hudson Reference Counsel Elemen-
                                                                                                                         to Begins: golf Crafts
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Meets weekly @ Yonkers Public
  r.                                                                                                                     ner. 12:30-7:30PM. divine- meets week-
          Stroll on River Museum: The following the of the Dancerstraffic free! hotheaded young Karim comes front Artist Guildtary School. registration needed
                                                         trance Lincoln Tunnel @ 1 & 4PM                                                                    1480; no
  trail with your programs will be on Native American PowWow Opens: 6:15 knocking at her                               Start Line/Finish Yonkers Public Library Call Sr. Jane Keegan
                                                                                                          SHARP door. Directed ly @ Line:
                                                                                                                         compassiononline.org               for movie nights. wppl.lib.             Library Riverfront Branch:10AM-
                                                both Sat- Southern NY FDR State Park is
                                                                1PM Sun.
                                                         Sat;a.m. Ride Begins: 7:15 a.m. by Sarah Gavron, 2007, Color, Riverfront Branch:10AM- 1PM.
 ake a stroll on urday & Sunday: 1 - 4FDR Face Yorktown. 11AM-
                                                PM. Park                                                  Kraft Foods 555 South Broad-                        914-798-1286 to register for
                                                                                                                                                        at ny.us                                    1PM. Members bring their own
                                               7PM Rain SHARP the FDR exit of the
                                                         located at Start &
 rail, and read a Painting, the Colors of Fall With or Shine. Sat.Line/Finish Line: Ta- hr. 42 min., UK/India, English. Members bring their own sup- dinner. 12:30-7:30PM.
                                                                                                  1       way, Tarrytown. 212-463 9791                  golf and or                                 supplies & refreshments to work
n’s storybook                                            conic Native Ameri-
                                               Sun. 2 Days of State Parkway in Yorktown
                        Agostino Arts. Leaf-printing, Kraft Foods 555 South Broad- whiteplainslibrary.org                             plies & refreshments to work
                                                                                                          bikenyn.nationalmssociety.org projects. There is                                          on artistic projects. There is no for-
                        Art with Fallen Leaves Led by way, Tarrytown. 212-463 9791
                                               can Dancing, Singing, Music,
                                                         Heights. 718.686.9297 for public onday Sept. 27                              on artistic
                                               Crafts, 20 bikenyn.nationalmssociety.org M
                        Pepe Coronado. Ages 5+. Jewelry, Food, Birds of                                   or bikeMS@msnyc.org no formal teaching. Call Jody                                         mal teaching. Call Jody Maier at
                                                         transit native Ameri
                                                one & More...by info. $8.00 NYS Parking.
      Storywalk participants first-served. Sculpt or bikeMS@msnyc.org
                                       at any Prey time.                                                                                                Tuesday Sept. 28
                                                                                                                                      Maier at 914-337-1500 ext.492                                 914-337-1500 ext.492 to register.
                        First-come,                      redhawkcouncil.org                               Family Compassion
                                                                                                  Annual Divine -Friendly to register. ypl.org
      Through September 30th @by Vicky Young-                                                     Golf Geocoaching
                        a Fall Fruit Led Green-                                                           Classic at Whippoor-
                        man, pinch unglazed clay NRAA Annual Exhibit
      burgh Nature Center. Stroll a wood- into Family -Friendly Geocoach- will Club in Armonk.Nature Center, 2PM: A Discussion Se-
                                                                                                                           Proceeds Jane Austin         Community Capital                           Jane Austin Diecussion
                        the shape of pumpkins, apples, ing @ and Installation benefit the Sisters of the Divine ries @ 2 & 7 PMResources
                                                         Jurying 2PM: A combination of Compassion, their ministries, hattanville College professor
                                                                         Greenburgh Nature                                                                led by Man-
      land trail withand other fall fruits and vegeta- Center,
                           your child(ren) and                                                            combination of hide and seek and                                                          Series
                        bles. Ages storybook                                                              treasure hunting, geocaching Wells, Business Plan Writing Resource.
      read a favorite children’s7+. 20 participants hide and seek & treasure hunt- and specifically Good Counsel Juliette has Ph.D. at White
                                                         New Rochelle Public Library Meet-                                                                                                          2 & 7 PM led by Manhattanville Col-
      along the way. Sponsored by Cali-                                                                                                                 New Rochelle
                                                         ing Room 1st Floor become High School andan international pastime. Library. register Public Library 6-9
                        at any one time; First-come, ing, geocaching has 9AM-5PM.                         become Good Coun- Plains Public through our on-                                           lege professor Juliette Wells, Ph.D.
      fornia Pizza first-served. 511 Warburton an international pastime. We’ll sel Elementary School. Call Sr. for the series or by contacting
                        Kitchen. Bookmarks               nrpl.org                                 Jane Keegangive you the “coordinate lo-
                                                                                                          We’ll at 914-798-1286 line calendar           PM. A detailed business plan is
                                                                                                                                                                                                    at White Plains Public Library. regis-
                        Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701 914-
      with an offer 963-4550 hrm.org
                         for a free California                                                                                                          critical 422-
                                                                                                  to register for golf and or din- the Reference Desk at to business, success, and
                                                                                                          cations” on our 33 acres, and then                                                        ter for the series through our online
      Pizza Kitchen kid’s meal are avail-                Drop In Activities @                                                divine-
                                                                                                  ner. 12:30-7:30PM. do modern1480; trea-               growth, enabling owners to keep
                                                                                                                                              no registration needed
                                                         Hudson River Museum: compassiononline.org        you’re off to                 day
                                                                                                                                      for movie nights. eye on costs, meet customer                 calendar or by contacting the Ref-
      able in the Manor House. Rec-
                        Native American PowWow
                                                                                                          sure hunting. Geocaching is not a             an wppl.lib.
                                                                                                                                      ny.us                                                         erence Desk at 422-1480; no reg-
      ommended for childrenor aged 8 Sat. The following programs will be pre-
                        FDR Park Yorktown. 11AM-
                        7PM Rain           Shine.        &                                                game of finderskeepers; the goal              needs, plan for unforeseen events.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    istration needed for movie nights.
                          Free. 99 Dromore
      and younger.Sun. 2 Days of Native Ameri-           sented on Saturday & Sunday: 1 - 4                                                             This free 15-hour course is offered
                                                                                                          is to find the object and then put                                                        wppl.lib.ny.us
      Lane, Scarsdale Dancing, Singing, Music, Face Painting, the Colors of Fall
                        can     914.723-3470.                                                             it back so that another geocacher             by Community Capital Resources
      greenburghnaturecenter.org Birds of Agostino Arts. (cont.)
                        Crafts, Jewelry, Food,
                        Prey & More...by native Ameri
                                                                                                                                                        (CCR) and NRPL. Attendance at ev-
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Weir Only Human

Organized Crime – Government Style
                  By Bob Weir
                        The textbook defi-     precursor to a laundry list of                                                               presume that they know how to spend our
                    nition of robbery is the   tariffs that would insinuate them-                                                           money better than we do. hence, instead
                    taking of something of     selves into the socioeconomic                                                                of keeping taxes low, allowing consumers
                    value from another by      landscape of the country. Nickel                                                             to have more money to spend, thereby
                    the use of force. Now,     by nickel; dollar by dollar; the                                                             stimulating the economy the old fash-
                    how many of you will-      people have been subjected to                                                                ioned way, we’re told that our infinitely
ingly give about half of your earnings         the increasingly rapacious arm of                                                            more intelligent benefactors have a better
each year to the government? If you’re like    state-sponsored income distribu-                                                             plan. Their plan is to penalize productive
most people, you probably feel that you’re     tion. Need more money for a new                                                              people by taking half of their money and
paying way too much for an assortment of       program dreamed up by a bureau-                                                              hand it out to unproductive people via
taxes that range from federal to property      crat who never worked a real job                                                             more government programs. It was that
to sales and everything in between. have       in his life? Tax the people! Need                                                            airheaded philosophy that got us into the
you ever looked closely at your phone          more money for a new govern-                                                                 current economic meltdown. Perhaps, on
bill and noticed all those little fees and     ment office building to serve as                                                             November 2, voters will begin getting us
taxes slipped in by federal, state and local   the headquarters for the afore-                                                              out of it.
authorities? You have no idea why you’re       mentioned program? Tax the                                                                       Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with
paying the additional $1.15 for this and       people! Need more government                                                                 the New York Police dept. (NYPd), ten
88 cents for that because no one bothered      employees to handle the extra                                                                of which were performed in plainclothes
to explain it to you; they just decided that   revenue being generated by this                                                              undercover assignments. during his early
you probably wouldn’t notice it. after all,    latest hair-brained scheme? Tax                                                              years with NYPd, Bob earned a Bachelor
it’s a tiny amount compared to the overall     the people some more! after all,                                                             of Science degree, cum laude from New
bill. Yet, that tiny amount, added to tens     what are they going to do about                                                              York Institute of Technology. he retired
of millions of bills, comes to a tidy sum      it? If they refuse to pay, take away                                                         as a sergeant after supervising patrol in
that is, collectively, being robbed from       their homes, or throw them in jail.                                                          Midtown Manhattan, the busiest precinct
the american public. The same goes for         It is precisely this use of force to                                                         in the country. after owning and oper-
the federal income tax that began during       take our money that resembles the                                                            ating a wine and liquor retail business in

All responsible citizens recognize the need for taxes to pay for services that provide
security, infrastructure, school financing, etc.
                                                                                            last people on earth you want to mess
the civil War when current methods of          thug with a gun. using the principle of      with if they feel they are being treated        Long Island for 5 years, he sold it and
taxation, i.e., tariffs on imports, were       strength in numbers, the state can pick      unjustly. It is that spirit of righteousness,   moved to Flower Mound, Texas. Bob
not enough to meet the demand for war          off individual members of the populace       etched into our genetic code by ancestors       began a writing career about 12 years ago
resources. The first withholding tax was       without fear of serious resistance; gangs    who struggled against tyranny, that sets        and had his first book published in 1999.
3% on incomes of $600 (about $10,000           are stronger than loners. (Organized         us apart from the majority of the planet,       Bob went on to write and publish a total
today) to $10,000 (do the math) and 5%         crime uses that tactic too.)                 most of whom genuflect obsequiously in          of seven novels, “Murder in Black and
on incomes from $10,000 to $50,000. By             however, that’s why citizen              the presence of their masters. That’s not       White,” “city to die For,” “Powers that
the way, they also tossed in a small inheri-   involvement is an essential element of       the american way! That’s why my chest           Be,” “ruthie’s Kids,” “deadly to Love,”
tance tax (called the death tax today).        democracy; the voice of the people is        swells with pride when I see Tea Party          “Short Stories of Life and death,” and
    In 1819, John Marshall, the great          more than a cliché. all responsible citi-    groups forming across the country to tell       “Out of Sight,” are available at Barnes &
chief Justice of the Supreme court,            zens recognize the need for taxes to         the government they are tired of having         Noble, amazon.com, Books-a-million,
wrote, “The power to tax involves the          pay for services that provide security,      their pockets picked by parasites who           and other major online book sellers.
power to destroy.” The eminent jurist was      infrastructure, school financing, etc. In    have spent their entire adult lives sucking     he also became a syndicated columnist
amazingly prescient when one considers         addition, most people are decent enough      the blood of working men and women.             under the title “Weir Only human”. his
that the comment was made about a              to open their wallets a little wider when    The imperious nature of these larcenous         perspective may be read within the pages
half century before the federal income         the need arises; americans are the most      leeches makes them arrogant enough to           of the Westchester Guardian, Westchester
tax was imposed, a tax that became the         generous people on earth. Yet, they’re the                                                   Herald and the Yonkers Tribune
                                        The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                   ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                         Page 11

TV Producer David Simon to Speak at Benefit
for Yonkers Police Sgt. Roy McLaughlin

Creator of HBO’s famed police series “The Wire,” is
featured speaker at benefit for real-life officer Roy
McLaughlin; Proceeds to benefit Sgt. McLaughlin as
he battles brain cancer
    Yonkers, NY -- On Sunday, October          entertainment for all ages. Family
3, 2010, award-winning journalist, author      and friends are requesting a $25 dona-
and television producer david Simon,           tion payable to roy McLaughlin which
creator of hBO’s hit TV series “The            includes food, soda and activities.
Wire,” will be the featured guest speaker at       at approximately 3:00 p.m. Yonkers
a special event held in support of Yonkers     Mayor Phil amicone will welcome
Police Sergeant roy McLaughlin from            keynote speaker david Simon. Simon is
    12:00 Noon to 8:00 p.m. at The             a Baltimore-based journalist, author and
Social, dunnwoodie Golf course, 1              television producer, who started his career
Wasylenko Lane, Yonkers, NY.                   as a crime reporter for The Baltimore
    McLaughlin, a devoted husband              Sun. he authored two works of narra-
and father of four young children, is a        tive non-fiction; “homicide: a Year On
twelve-year veteran of the Yonkers Police      The Killing Streets;” and “The corner:
Force. This dedicated and well-respected       a Year in the Life of an Inner-city
police sergeant was recently diagnosed         Neighborhood.”
with brain cancer. as a show of support,           “homicide” became the basis for an
McLaughlin’s family, friends and fellow        NBc drama airing from 1993 to 1999
officers are joining together with the         which Simon worked as a writer and
help of famed television producer david        producer. “The corner” became an hBO
Simon to assist the McLaughlin family          miniseries, winning three emmy awards
during this critical time and help offset      in 2000. “The Wire,” a subsequent
                                                                                             executive producer of hBO’s “Generation          For event and donation informa-
his medical expenses.                          hBO drama, aired from 2002 to 2008
                                                                                             Kill,” a miniseries depicting u.S. Marines   tion, contact Lt. Tom Phelan, President
    In addition to guest speaker david         and depicted a dystopic american city
                                                                                             in the early days of the Iraq conflict. he   of c.L.S.a., at (914) 377-7370 or (914)
Simon, the benefit will include Live           contending with fraudulent drug war, the
                                                                                             is currently working on the second season    525-2834. donations may also me mailed
Music & dance, Pipes & drums of the            loss of its industrial base, dysfunctional
                                                                                             of “Treme,” a drama about post-Katrina       to c.L.S.a. - 104 South Broadway,
Police emerald Society of Westchester,         political and educational systems and a
                                                                                             New Orleans.                                 Yonkers, NY 10701.
raffles, T-Shirts, a Bouncing castle,          media culture oblivious to it all. also in
Face-Painting, Food and Family-Style           2008, Simon also served as writer and
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Primary Day Round Up 101By I.M. Cob
                              Well the dust
                          has settled around
                          Primary day 2010
                          and one thing is for
                          certain, tea is the
beverage of choice for this November’s
general election. In a historical guber-
natorial primary, Buffalo businessman,
carl Paladino not only emerged victo-
rious but literally swept rick Lazio under              Carl Paladino                  Eric Schneiderman                   Joe DioGuardi                         Greg Ball
the rug. While Lazio will remain on
the ballot under the conservative line,          his own party but with some heavy duty         Greg Ball. The guy is always in your face    Tom Bock in November . This should
it seems that this general election will         campaigning and a slick television ad, Joe     but to be honest, can anybody name a         be an easy win for abinanti as Bock
be Paladino’s to lose. So what does this         got the last laugh, and is on the ballot. It   single thing he’s accomplished while in      doesn’t appear to be actively campaigning.
mean? It means that the voters, having           didn’t hurt that he is former american         the assembly? One has to feel sorry for      The 99th assembly district had veteri-
their wallets dipped into time and time          Idol star Kara dioGuardi’s dad and we          Mike Kaplowitz. he’ll be mowed down          narian Steve Katz beating Jim Borkowski
again by inflated government, are sending        all know how much americans love their         by a professional campaigner and the only    although Borkowski has yet to concede.
the message to big government that they          celebrities. If I were Kirsten Gillibrand      thing that voters will remember is that he   These two candidates had everyone
have had enough. Paladino touts that he          I would be having an “uh oh” moment            has represented that all too dysfunctional   picking their jaws up off of the floor a
will be able to cut taxes by 10% in the first    about now. What was expected to be an          Westchester Board of county Legislators.     few weeks back when they both stated
six months in office and 10% more in the         easy run for Kirsten Gillbrand has prob-            The New York State assembly races       that they wanted english to be the offi-
next subsequent months. We heard that            ably got her wishing she could get a cup of    have been interesting, but predictable as    cial language of New York State. Wow,
before at the Westchester county level           tea somewhere. Jay Townsend obviously          well. Gary Pretlow easily beat community     we all know that illegal immigration
and look forward to this year’s budget           used his experience as a political strate-     activist Sam rivers in the 87th district.    is a huge problem here but it is always
in November; but at the end of the day           gist to beat out ex-cIa operative Gary         rivers is a young energetic guy who could    amazing when candidates come out with
is it really a realistic goal? carl Paladino     Bernsten but in the end, all of Bernsten’s     have probably done a great deal of good      not so veiled statements of racism. even
is talking the talk but taking a cue from        covert training was no match for the good      for his district. Quite frankly, we can’t    more humorous is that the majority of
Missouri, “show me”. however if you              ole’ get out the vote strategy. does this      remember a single thing that Pretlow has     Katz’s clients in The Bronx are Spanish
have a sense of humor about the whole            mean that chuck Schumer has a viable           done for his district but the power of the   speaking. Oxymoron anyone?
gubernatorial primary results, then you          opponent? Probably not. chuck Schumer          pension keeps him running. The 89th saw          Finally we have Mount Vernon
must be getting a good chuckle knowing           never met a media outlet that he didn’t        Tom roach beating out Mark Jaffe. One        lawyer doug Martino coming out on top
that Tuesday evening was the worst               love and we are sure to be seeing him          has to wonder what is going on with this     against Barry Warhit for the conservative
night in andrew cuomo’s life. “Ya gotta”         non-stop between now and election day.         race. roach has made it perfectly clear      line. Warhit is no conservative but in that
wonder how he is going to respond to this             In other “wanna be” congressional         that he would be the anointed choice for     new sport of cross endorsing, he probably
win and what his strategy is going to be in      news we have York Kelinhandler edging          Mayor of White Plains if/when adam           thought he had it in the bag. again, the
the next forty some odd days.                    out Tony Mele in the 17th congressional        Bradley gets shown the door. With an         voters spoke and restored their choice to
     eric Schneiderman emerged victo-            district. In the 19th congressional            impending trial, an ethics investigation     the ballot.
rious from the attorney General race             district, Nan hayworth easily beat out         and now newly served divorce papers,             This election season continues to
that looked like a horse race at Yonkers         Neil decarlo.                                  (and with his bodyguard/driver hugh          be a roller coaster ride for both parties.
raceway. If anything, you have to hand                The state senate primary was also great   Fox defecting to rob astorino), Bradley      however, this time the ride operators are
it to his fundraisers because he went into       fun to watch. Somers Town Supervisor           looks as if he’s only being kept alive by    the voters. They’ll determine who goes
the primary with nonstop television ads          endorsed by county chairs, failed to beat      life support. In all honesty whoever runs    up, who goes down and who gets jerked
and we all know those ads ain’t cheap.           professional campaigner Greg Ball for a        against Bob castelli will have a hard        around. Maybe after this election rob
     at a time when everyone is down             slot on the ballot in the 40th state Senate    time. castelli, by all accounts is doing     astorino can reach out to them; I hear
about the economy and job loss, the feel         district. Ball’s campaign has always been      well in albany and is generally liked by     he’s got a dragon coaster that he’d like
good story to emerge from this primary           about the drama. From targeting illegal        constituents on both sides of the aisle.     to sell. Perhaps they can discuss it over a
was the victory Joe dioGuardi had over           aliens, to dead animal heads and alleged       Tom abinanti won the 92nd district           steaming cup of tea.
david Malpass. dioGuardi had been                female groping, the non-stop Twittering        primary against school board member
shut out of receiving the endorsement of         and Facebook postings, it’s hard to ignore     anna Sterne. he’ll square off against
                                         The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                   ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                                Page 13

Current Comment

A Redundant Choice, A Wasted Opportunity
by Larry M. Elkin, CPA, CFP®
     President Obama could have sent an             The two have a longstanding and               experts with a private-industry back-
exciting message to the business commu-         close professional relationship. Goolsbee     ground are conspicuously absent at the
nity last week by choosing, as his top          was Obama’s economic spokesman in             administration’s high levels. This may
economic guru, someone with a deep              the 2008 presidential campaign, and has       account for the president’s unfortunate
understanding of how the private sector         known him since his 2004 run for the u.S.     tendency to diagnose “greed” and other         Boehner, r-Ohio, said much the same
works.                                          Senate. although they didn’t meet there,      evils in those who disagree with him           thing when he panned the Goolsbee
     Instead, Obama looked no further           the two men overlapped in their times         and for his apparently genuinely surprise      nomination. “unfortunately, the appoint-
than his own inner circle to select             teaching at the university of chicago,        when business executives respond less          ment of austan Goolsbee to be the
austan Goolsbee to chair the council of         from which Goolsbee is currently on           than enthusiastically to his initiatives,      president’s chief economist represents a
economic advisers.                              leave. Though the university is better        including but not limited to the health        commitment to more of the same failed
     The president is, of course, entitled to   known for its conservative economists,        care overhaul.                                 ’stimulus’ policies,” the would-be house
seek advice from anyone he wants. any           Goolsbee himself is considered a liberal.         Of course, most private economists         speaker said Friday.
president wants to lean on somebody he              and Goolsbee already is a member          work for financial firms, which may be              The president’s selection of Goolsbee
trusts and respects. In announcing the          of the cea. This means his promo-             one reason the president shuns them.           is business as usual in Washington.
appointment at a press conference Friday,       tion to chair the council will not require    after years of demonizing “Wall Street”        That’s too bad. a lot of us in the business
Obama called Goolsbee “one of the finest        another round of congressional confirma-      and blaming that ancient New York              community were hoping for a change.
economists in the country,” and said he         tion, which the administration probably       right-of-way, together with republicans,            Larry M. elkin, cPa, cFP®, is
had complete confidence in Goolsbee’s           sees as a bonus. Jack Lew is still awaiting   for all the country’s ills, Obama may lack     president of Palisades hudson Financial
ability to do the job.                          confirmation as Obama’s budget director       the desire or the political courage to let     Group which is a fee-only financial plan-
     What troubles me is the suspicion that     to replace Peter Orszag, who left the post    the enemy’s camel get a nose inside the        ning firm headquartered in Scarsdale, NY.
if the two men simply traded places – if it     in July.                                      administration’s economic tent.                The firm offers estate planning, insurance
were Obama’s job to advise Goolsbee on              The Obama economic team is stuffed            Whatever his reasons, Obama has            consulting, trust planning, cross-border
economic matters – the president would          with academics – like Goolsbee, Lawrence      signaled that he plans to forge ahead          planning, business valuation, family
give the same advice he can expect to get       Summers and christina romer, the              with his current approach by selecting         office and business management, execu-
from Goolsbee. rather than opening the          uc-Berkeley economist whom Goolsbee           Goolsbee. as Obama himself said in his         tive financial planning, and tax services.
president’s mind to new ideas and alter-        will replace as head of the cea – and         recent speech in Ohio, the country should      Its sister firm, Palisades hudson asset
native approaches, or even just presenting      by technocrats, like Treasury Secretary       “keep moving forward with policies that        Management, is an independent invest-
contrasting opinions in terms the presi-        Timothy Geithner. The president’s own         are slowly pulling us out.”                    ment advisor with about $950 million
dent can readily understand, Goolsbee           professional experience seems to make             and, in an election year in which he       under management. Branch offices are
can be counted upon to reinforce the chief      him most comfortable with people from         and the president never seem to agree on       in atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale. Website:
executive’s existing beliefs and biases.        that milieu.                                  anything, house Minority Leader John           www.palisadeshudson.com.

NYS Board of Elections Validates NY Tea Party Candidate Steven Cohn
     albany, NY -- Political organizer                                                        unencumbered by any political affilia-         will not tolerate another self-serving ‘poli-
and Westchester Guardian Publisher                                                            tions; he is the the official NY Tea Party     tician’; carl Paladino’s conduct is turning
Sam Zherka, Tax activist Kurt colucci,                                                        pick.                                          out to be exactly that -another lying
and dominica O’Neill jubilantly greeted                                                           Zherka insisted if Paladino or his         politician, who will say,and do anything
the September 17, 2010, New York State                                                        campaign continue lying and misin-             including mislead the public for his
Board of elections (NYSBoe) decision.                                                         forming the public, he will seek court         personal gain,” continued colucci.
     “We worked hard and secured nearly                                                       ordered injunctions barring him from                The NY Tea Party insist they have
fifty thousand signatures state wide said                                                     doing so.                                      the manpower, boots on the ground,
Zherka. This is a great time for New York                                                         Lending credence to Zherka’s asser-        to get their word out. We have 3,000
and america.. Its a time for the american                                                     tions was Kurt colucci who said, “Plain        volunteers state wide who are ready,
tax payer to take a more proactive role in                                                    and simple, carl Paladino is lying to the      willing, and able the get to word out,”
our government and ‘kick the bums out’.                                                       public. In fact, nearly 50,000 Tea Party       said dominica O’Neill. “We will use
     “economic enslavement and preda-                Long Island Attorney Steven Cohn         supporters and activists state wide said so,   conventional and non-conventional
tory government will not be tolerated,”         is NOT the choice of the NY Tea Party,        and the State of New York confirmed it.        means of drumming up support for our
said colucci.                                   Steven cohn, a Long Island attorney               “Paladino may believe NY Tea Party         candidate,” concluded O’Neill.
     Sam Zherka reaffirmed carl Paladino        IS. Steven cohn is a political novice         supporters are stupid but they’re not. We
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                     Tolerance Must Be a Two-Way Street
                     By Edward I. Koch
     What should we do to deal with                                                                                                                     years old, at one time engaged in
people like Pastor Terry Jones who                                                                                                                      outrageous actions which would be
threaten to burn the Koran?                                                                                                                             deplored today. For example, the
     having the President and other                                                                                                                     concept of an eye for an eye was
members of the administration                                                                                                                           given up eons ago in the Jewish and
publicly and privately plead with                                                                                                                       christian world. Not so in some
them, as was the case with Jones,                                                                                                                       Muslim countries. recently, as
is foolish and, indeed, counterpro-                                                                                                                     reported in The Times of august
ductive. Never reward bad behavior.                                                                                                                     19th, in Saudi arabia, the literal
When this current dingbat Jones is                                                                                                                      concept of an eye for an eye was
out of the limelight, we can be sure                                                                                                                    invoked. The article reported, “A
there are others who are waiting to                                                                                                                     Saudi Arabian judge has asked several
step into his shoes and get telephone                                                                                                                   hospitals in the country whether they
calls from the White house and the                                                                                                                      could damage a man’s spinal cord as
Pentagon.                                                                                                                                               punishment for his attacking another
     Then there are the talking heads                                                                                                                   man with a cleaver and paralyzing
in the media. Last week on MSNBc’s                                                                                                                      him, the brother of the victim said
early morning show, “Morning Joe,”                                                                                                                      Thursday.”
I heard the guests propose that                                                                                                                             We also cannot accept that an
the President do whatever it takes,                                                                                                                     act of blasphemy permits an Islamic
legal or not, to shut the pastor up                                                                                                                     court or member of the clergy to
or remove him from the scene. One                                                                                                                       issue a death warrant, directing all
speaker, Pat Buchanan, proposed that                                                                                                                    Muslims to kill the blasphemer.
President Obama do what President                    Then, I suggest the President proclaim     of near 3,000 innocent people, and revere               That has happened on several occa-
Truman did to a steel company during the        a day of meditation and teaching respect        al-Qaeda and bin Laden.                           sions, the most prominent being the
World War II era – remove the company’s         for all religions and with his cabinet               We also cannot accept discriminatory         death sentence imposed on the writer
president during a strike and take over the     and the clergy of the major religions --        and repressive practices being carried out        Salman rushdie, who has needed the
company. Buchanan added, in effect, so          christianity, Judaism and Islam -- make         in parts of the Islamic world in the name         protection of British law enforcement
what if a court two years later finds that      a pilgrimage to a church, synagogue and         of Islam or Islamic law ( Sharia). Witness,       authorities ever since. a more recent
the action was illegal and sets it aside – as   mosque in Washington, d.c., or hold a           for example, the recent death sentence            example is the death warrant issued by
it did. after all, he conveyed, the emer-       joint event.                                    by stoning carried out on a couple in             Islamic clergy at a danish cartoonist who
gency had been dealt with. Wrong. The                 as the President has often said, we are   afghanistan. a New York Times article of          lampooned a number of religious figures,
President should not knowingly violate the      not at war with Islam. The vast majority        august 16th reported:                             including Mohammed. riots and deaths
law to establish leadership or anything else.   of Muslims are decent people who mean                Witness also the denial of an educa-         occurred in Muslim countries because of
     I suggest that the President call the      us no harm. But we should not be afraid         tion to girls in a number of Islamic              the publication of the cartoons. Probably
leaders of Muslim countries and ask             to call Islamic terrorists and all other        countries, with the horror magnified by           out of fear of the repercussions, the great
them to explain to their people that in         terrorists by their rightful names, which       the use of poison gas in afghanistan in           New York Times refused to republish the
the united States, we truly have free           his administration regrettably is unwilling     an effort to close girls’ schools. The Times      cartoons. did Muslim leaders and clergy
speech and that burning revered objects         to do, whether out of fear or misguided         of august 31st reported, “Blood tests have        denounce the worldwide Muslim reac-
such as the flag is an act of free speech.      notions of political correctness.               confirmed that a mysterious series of cases       tion? I believe not.
Further, President Obama should bring                Just as it is important for the            of mass sickness at girls’ schools across the         These and many other issues must
to their attention that, although the           President and other political and religious     country over the last two years were caused       be addressed by the american-Muslim
u.S. population is 70 percent christian,        leaders throughout the nation to stand          by a powerful poison gas, an Afghan official      community and Muslims throughout
christians do not riot when someone             up, speak out and fight the ugly face of        said Tuesday…But he emphasized that how           the world. The u.S. is not at war with
commits an act of sacrilege or blasphemy.       hate, whether it be directed at Muslims,        the gas was delivered — and even whether          Islam. But, on occasion, it appears that a
For example, when one artist placed             christians, Jews, women, blacks, homo-          the poisonings were deliberate — remained a       wayward part of Islam has declared war
a crucifix in a vat of urine and another        sexuals, etc., it is incumbent on Muslim        mystery…Many local officials had dismissed        on Western civilization.
splattered a painting of Mary, Mother           political and religious leaders to denounce     the cases as episodes of mass hysteria provoked
                                                                                                                                                  The Honorable Edward Irving Koch served
of Jesus, with elephant dung, there were        fellow Muslims who kill or support the          by acid and arson attacks on schoolgirls by
                                                                                                                                                  New York City as its 105th Mayor from
peaceful protests and boycotts, but no          killing of other Muslims and Westerners         Taliban fighters and others who objected to
                                                                                                                                                  1978 to 1989. His e-mail address is: eikoch@
violence against the artists or those           in the name of Islam. There are significant     their education.”
presenting the art to the public.               numbers of Muslims who still applaud                 Of course, religions like Judaism
                                                the terrorist act of 9/11 and the deaths        and christianity which are thousands of
                                          The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                    ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                               Page 15

New York Civic: The People Speak

What We Learned from the Primary
                        By Henry J. Stern
                             In an initial       delMonte of Niagara county, who lost           processed by the machines. We will keep        some reforms, but he has balked at an
                         take     on      the    to John accardo, 52-48. reform was not         you posted on how the two sets of figures      independent redistricting commission.
                         September 15th          a particular issue in these races, all four    match up. Theoretically, they should be            an important element of the Speaker’s
                         Primary we offer        candidates having signed the pledge.           identical.                                     power to enforce his will is the ability to
                         some nuggets of             Fields originally attacked Mangan on            7. The 2011 legislature will be very      punish refractory (from his viewpoint)
fact, surmise and opinion.                       TV for not signing, but then he signed         much like the 2010 legislature, except         legislators by abolishing their districts,
     1. The democratic and republican            and mooted the issue. The state teachers       that the coup conspirators espada and          merging them with others, or removing
party organizations continue to weaken.          union supported Mangan.                        Monserrate will be gone. We cannot             their homes from their districts. an inde-
They are most influential in races where             4. The majority of incumbent state         predict which party will control the state     pendent commission would presumably
no one knows who the candidates are,             legislators were not challenged by other       senate next year, and what the effect of the   not be congenial to spot redistricting on
usually for judgeships or at the bottom          aspirants. Therefore, primary elections        Paladino candidacy will be on republican       the basis of a legislator’s independence or
of the ticket. For more important offices,       were not held for those positions.             legislative candidates. Will the GOP be        submission to the Speaker.
where voters have familiarity with the               Fifteen incumbent senators were            energized by its standard bearer, or will          The leadership has many other powers
candidates, they make their own decisions        challenged. For the remaining 47 seats         frightened moderates desert the elephant       over individual members, including
as to whom they will support, guided to          (out of a total of 62), the incumbents were    line?                                          committee assignments, lulus (pension-
some extent by the campaigns and the             unchallenged.                                       democratic senate leader John             able payments to committee chairs and
media.                                               Twenty-seven assembly members              Sampson of Brooklyn will presumably            miscellaneous favored designees), the
     The generally low democratic turnout        were challenged. For the remaining 123         succeed Pedro espada as majority leader,       use of the rules committee to advance
placed a premium on machine support.             seats (out of 150) the incumbents were         if the democrats retain their senate           or to bottle up bills, the assignment of
Percentage wise, more republicans cast           not challenged in a primary.                   majority. Sampson has written a letter         office space and other facilities, etc. The
ballots.                                             5. according to Jerry Skurnik, who         signing on to the Koch reforms, as has         Speaker’s power was likened many years
     2. Tuesday was a good night for             is an expert in these matters, the reason      dean Skelos, the republican leader, and        ago, with regard to the city council,
incumbents. as far as we know, only              there are proportionally more contested        all his troops.                                to the authority of a Mother Superior
two state senators were defeated. Pedro          city than state elections is that the city’s        8. If the senators keep their written     in a convent. The power to terminate a
espada, Jr., in the Bronx, against whom          campaign finance system provides               pledges, substantial legislative reform        political career by reapportionment is
the entire civilized world had combined          for matching funds on a 6-to-1 basis           would be a strong possibility in the           a superfluous award of authority to the
lost 62-33 to Gustavo rivera; and Bill           for contributions of $175 or less. The         areas of redistricting by an independent       most powerful man in state government
Stachowski of Buffalo, lost, 63-26, to Tim       maximum public subsidy for a city council      commission, ethics reform identifying          (with the occasional, but not recent,
Kennedy.                                         race was $88,550 in 2009, and it will          and limiting the private employment            exception of the governor.
     Stachowski, a state senator for 28 years,   rise in 2013. The expenditure limit was        of elected public servants in the legisla-        We will be following the race.
was a target of environmental groups for         $161,000; it too will rise.                    ture, and requiring a state budget to be
his opposition to clean up of toxic wastes,          There is no provision for matching         balanced budget pursuant to generally          Henry J. Stern writes as StarQuest. Direct
and gay organizations objected to his            funds in state elections, so the candidate     accepted accounting principles (GaaP).         email to him at StarQuest@NYCivic.org.
hostility to marriage equality. Stachowski       must raise all the funds he spends. This       This is the law in New York city, but not      Peruse Mr. Stern’s writing at New York
was supported by the Working Families            discourages candidacies, because to attain     in New York State.                             Civic.
and the Independence Party. he held              a minimal level of exposure in an assembly          The assembly will be a harder sell.
up the state budget because he insisted          race against an incumbent, spending close      Speaker Silver says that he would allow
on greater autonomy for SuNY Buffalo.            to $100,000 is a requirement. double that
however, in the end he caved and disap-          sum for a state senate race. Since people
pointed his constituents.                        are usually unlikely to give large sums to
     Tim Kennedy is an erie county               local candidates, there is a great advantage      Before speaking to the police... call
legislator, who linked Stachowski to the         to aspirants who can fund their own races.
dysfunction in albany. We also suspect               6. The roll out of the new electronic           George Weinbaum
there were demographic changes in the            voting machines was flawed, drawing                            ATTORNEY AT LAW
district since the Polish-american solon,        the ire of the public and spurring elected
a former football star at holy cross, was        officials to berate the Board of elections.            FREE CONSULTATION:
first elected a generation ago. Both candi-      Now we must find out how accurate the                  Criminal, Medicaid, Medicare
dates signed the Koch pledge.                    electoral counts tabulated by the machines             Fraud, White-Collar Crime &
     3. The only two assemblymembers             are. Today, the Board is conducting a                  Health Care Prosecutions.                              T. 914.948.0044
to be denied renomination were Ginny             lottery to randomly select 3% of the                                                                          F. 914.686.4873
Fields in Suffolk county, who lost to            election districts in the five boroughs
Ken Mangan, 53-47, and Francine                  for a hand recount of the paper ballots               175 MAIN ST., SUITE 711-7 • WHITE PLAINS, NY 10601
Page 16                                    The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                    ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010

Shifting Gears
Smart ForTwo: When Half a Car Is Still a Lot
By Roger Witherspoon

    It was a small parking spot, even by         the Smart ForTwo, which is designed for
New York city standards.                         one main purpose – commuting around
    The man walking his Scottie paused           the city. Which means the shelf behind
and looked, with obvious incredulity, as I       the front seats has enough room for a
drove the Smart                                  briefcase, some groceries, or an instru-
    ForTwo into the gap with room to             ment – though not a bass fiddle – and little
spare. he walked around the car twice,           else. despite its diminutive size, however,
stopping at one point to hold out both           the front seats are more than adequate
arms and noting his wingspan was about           for a six and a half foot tall, 350 pound
the length of the vehicle.                       passenger whose legs were stretched out,                         French-German border
    “how fast can this thing go?” he             not doubled around his chin.                                                                                  would leisurely drive across
                                                                                                               town of hambach. In the                        the country. It is comfortable
asked.                                               The Smart is not, however, a tradi-        uS, it is solely distributed by the Penske
    “The top speed is 90 miles per hour,” I      tionally designed sedan which had an                                                            enough for the trip, but there is no room
                                                                                                automotive Group and sold by Smart               for your luggage. But if you want a car just
said. “and I’ve had it at about 85 miles an      unfortunate encounter with a buzz saw.         dealers. Some of these are affiliated with
hour going uphill on the highway.”               Its style can best be described as perky,                                                       to get around town or get you to and from
                                                                                                existing Mercedes dealerships.                   work, it might be a smart car to look into.
    “really?” he asked, quizzically. “What       with a painted on curve around the doors           The engine is in the rear and is mated
kind of engine fits into that little thing?      which resembles a rolling smile. as might      to a five speed, automatic transmission          2010 Smart ForTwo
    “It’s got a three cylinder engine            be expected, the three-cylinder vehicle        with an electronic manual mode oper-             MSRP:	           $13,990
pushing about 70 horsepower,” was the            is slow to accelerate, taking almost 13        ated by paddle shifts behind the leather         EPA	Mileage:     33 MPG city;
answer.                                          seconds to go from zero to 60 miles per                                                                          41 MPG highway
                                                                                                                                                 Performance	/	Safety:
                                                                                                                                                 Top Speed:       90 MPh
                                                                                                                                                 0 – 60 MPh       12.8 Seconds
                                                                                                                                                     1.0-Liter, 3-cylinder, aluminum engine
                                                                                                                                                 producing 70 horsepower and 68 pound/
                                                                                                                                                 feet of torque; 5-speed automatic trans-
                                                                                                                                                 mission with electronic manual mode with
                                                                                                                                                 paddle shifts; lower wishbone, McPherson
                                                                                                                                                 strut, front suspension; dedion axel, coil
     “Three cylinders? Seventy horse?            hour. But once it gets rolling, it has not                                                      spring rear suspension; disc brakes; elec-
                                                                                                wrapped steering wheel. The Passion              tronic stability and traction control; rack
That’s just half an engine,” he snorted.         trouble keeping ahead of the normal            coupe model is a two part convertible. at
     “Well, yeah,” I replied. “But look at it.   highway pack. and in city driving, where                                                        and pinion steering; 15-inch aluminum
                                                                                                the touch of a button, the soft top can roll     wheels, driver and passenger airbags, head/
It’s only half a car. half an engine works       speed is impossible anyway, the maneu-         back along a set of roof side rails. It can be
just fine.”                                      verability of the little Smart is an asset.                                                     thorax side airbags.
                                                                                                opened or closed while at full speed with
     and so it goes for the Smart ForTwo,        In addition, the car has an ePa rating of      no problems.                                     Interior / Comfort:
the ultimate urban vehicle. The $14,000          33 miles per gallon in city driving, and 41        Of, if one wants a completely convert-           Tilt, leather wrapped, 3-spoke sports
car was designed to comfortably hold two         miles per gallon on the highway.               ible look, the roof rails over the windows       steering wheel with shift paddles; aM/
large people and little else. as an example          On city streets, motorists and pedes-      pop out at the touch of a button and store       FM radio; 6-disc cd player; MP3
of the scale, the Smart ForTwo is just 106       trians do a double take when the see the       in special slots in the trunk door. If the       and iPod connections; 2-speaker and
inches long, which is just a shade over          sporty half-car. On the highway, some          weather turns ugly, you will have to pull        subwoofer sound system; heated seats;
eight feet, and weighs 1,808 pounds. The         motorists find it hard to accept the fact      over to reinsert the rails, but the process      fold flat passenger seat; roll-back soft
speedy Mini cooper S, with a 185-horse-          of being passed by something little bigger     takes seconds. and the car comes with            roof; removable roof rails.
power, four cylinder engine and a top            than a colorful riding lawn mower. a           fog lights for the road, and heated seats to         Wm. roger Witherspoon’s career has
speed of 138 miles per hour, is 146.2            motorist in a Mercedes e-350 was star-         keep you comfortable.                            been in the news business, working as a
inches long, or just over 12 feet. The           tled when the Smart passed him at 85               Inside, the Smart is not barren. It has      full time reporter, editor, columnist, or
more staid honda civic coupe, with a             miles an hour, and immediately changed         power windows and there is an option for         producer for a variety of media companies
140-horsepower, four-cylinder engine, is         lanes to follow. When I exited at a gas        a factory installed navigation system. It has    including newspapers (The record, N.J.;
175.5 inches, or about 14.5 feet. In short,      stop he pulled up alongside and yelled         just aM/FM and no satellite radio, but           Star Ledger, N.J.; NY daily News; atlanta
you can fit two Smart ForTwo cars in the         “what is that thing and who makes it?”         there is a six-disc cd player and jack input     constitution; dallas Times herald;
standard parking space.                              “It’s a Smart ForTwo,” I said. “and it’s   for an MP3 or iPod. There are only two           Journal News (N.Y.); Westchester herald
     But the civic and Mini are intended         made by the same guys who make yours.”         speakers and a sub woofer, but that is more      (N.Y.); and Yonkers Tribune; television (
to be full time, go everywhere cars with             Smart is a division of Mercedes            than enough for the small passenger cabin.       cNN, KNBc and NBc Network); and
adequate trunk space for extended                Benz, with German precision engi-                  The Smart ForTwo is not the car you          radio (WcBN, MI.).
getaways. There is a different mission for       neering, though it is assembled in the
          The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN            ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010   Page 17

     A Taste of Puerto Rico In The Heart of New York!
       Dinner 7 Days a Week I Bar I Catering I Entertainment

          Sofrito     has a hot little sister and her name is   Sazon!

                      Now Open at 105 Reade St., Tribeca

400 East 57th St., New York, NY 10022 • T 212.754.5999 F 212.754.5959
Page 18                             The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                             ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010

  OPEN HOUSE SEPT. 25                                             TH

                                                                   OPEN HOUSE
                                                                    SEPT. 25TH
                                                                  10 AM – 4 PM

      1 & 2 BR APARTMENTS AT A GREAT PRICE!                                                                                                We
    1 BR STARTING AT $1075 • 2 BRS STARTING AT $1300
                        914.798.9410                                                                                                      Moved!
  • High-Rise Building and Views of the Hudson and Historical Yonkers
  • Nearby Public Transportation, Shopping/Restaurants, the Hudson River
                                                                                                                                            Come In For
     and only 15 min. away from NYC                          TTY # 800.662.1200
                                                                                                                                          Some Great Buys
  • Fitness Center On-Site                                       Riverview Court                                                           at our beautiful new location:
  • 24 Hours Access Control Patrol                                     Does Not
  • Large State of the Art Laundry Room                             Discriminate                                                          399 Huguenot St.
  • 24 Hr. Maintenance                                             On The Basis
                                                                    Of Disability.
                                                                                                                                           New Rochelle
  • On-Site Management
                                                                                                                                              Large Selection of
  • Reasonably-Priced Indoor Parking On-Site, with Controlled Access
                                                                                                                                             Bikes, Parts & Gear.
  • Resident Lounge                                            15 MIN.
  • Business Center                                           FROM NYC
  • Beautiful Courtyard in the center of the complex              VIA
    with well-appointed landscape areas                     METRO NORTH!
                                                                                        WHEELSPORTCENTER.NET • NEWROCYAMAHA.COM

                                                                                           JOHN P. POLLIS, II REALTY CORP.
                                                                                                    COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE BROKERS
                                                                                                   Commercial Mortgages for Note Purchases.
                                                                                                                John P. Pollis, II
                                                                                                           President, 1986 – present

                                                                                                          Call John P. Pollis today at:
                                                                                                    e-mail jpollis@johnpollisrealty.com
                                                                                                  Tel. (212) 873-9380 • Fax (845) 876-2050
                                                                                                   COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES
                                                                                              38 West 75th Street, Suite BR, New York, NY 10023
                                                                                                   FOR NOTE PURCHASES
                                                                                     New to market 1st mortgages for purchases of commercial notes, 7.5%
                                                                                     interest, 50% of note price, 30 day closing. Also, apartment buildings, com-
                                                                                     mercial strip malls and offices- financing 4.25% to 5.25%, 30 day closing.
                                                      The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN                                                              ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010                                                               Page 19

                                                        LEGAL NOTICES
SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER                          Notice of Qualification of Troubadour       Devan Enterprises, L.P. Articles of
SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS AND NOTICE Index No. 14829/09 Date Filed:                        Reunion Tours, LLC. Application for         Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY)
8/23/10 JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA Plaintiff -against- Khristen Guerra f/k/a            Authority filed with the Secy of State      6/21/2010. Office in Westchester
Khristen M. Kerr, Individually and on behalf of the Estate of Tony Guerra, if         of New York (SSNY) on April 5, 2010.        Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC
she be living, or, if she be dead, her spouse, heirs, devisees, distributes and       N.Y. Office Location: Westchester           upon whom process may be served.
successors in interest, all of whom and whose names and places of residence           County. LLC formed in Delaware on           SSNY shall mail copy of process to
are unknown to Plaintiff; Washington Mutual Bank f/k/a Washington Mutual              January 14, 2010. SSNY has been             Catholing Shih 300 E 75th St Apt. 30G
Bank, FA; The State of New York; Any unknown heirs, devisees, distributes             designated as agent of LLC upon pro-        New York, NY 10021. Purpose: Any
or successors in interest to the late Tony Guerra, if they be living, or, if they     cess against it may be served. The          lawful activity
be dead, their spouses, heirs, devisees, distributes and successors in inter-         P.O. address to which the SSNY shall
                                                                                      mail a copy of any process against          Divot Capital LLC Articles of Org. filed
est, all of whom and whose names and places of residence are unknown to                                                           NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 7/30/2010.
Plaintiff, and “JOHN DOE” #1 through “JOHN DOE #10”, the last ten names               the LLC served upon him/her is C/O
                                                                                      the LLC: c/o Gelfand, Rennert, & Feld-      Office in Westchester Co. SSNY de-
being fictitious and unknown to the Plaintiff, the person or parties intended                                                     sign. Agent of LLC upon whom pro-
being the person or parties, if any, having or claiming an interest in or lien upon   man, LLP, 360 Hamilton Avenue, Suite
                                                                                      100, White Plains, NY 10601. The            cess may be served. SSNY shall mail
the mortgaged premises described in the complaint, Defendants. PROPERTY                                                           copy of process to Jeffery H. Title 23
ADDRESS: 189 Winfred Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704 TO THE ABOVE NAME                      principal place of business address
                                                                                      of the LLC is: 360 Hamilton Avenue,         Kingston Road Scarsdale, NY 10583.
DEFENDANTS: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the complaint in                                                                    Purpose: Any lawful activity.
                                                                                      Suite 100, White Plains, NY 10601.
this action and to serve a copy of your answer, or a notice of appearance on
                                                                                      Certificate of LLC filed with Delaware      NOTICE OF QUALIFICATION OF LE-
the attorneys for the Plaintiff within thirty (30) days after the service of this
                                                                                      Secy of State Division of Corpora-          GAL MARKETING INNOVATIONS,
summons, exclusive of the day of service. The United States of America, if            tions, John G. Townsend Bldg. 401           LLC (“LLC”). Application for Author-
designated as a defendant in this action, may appear within sixty (60) days of        Federal Street, Suite 4, Dover, DE          ity filed with the Secretary of State
service hereof. In case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be         19901. Purpose of LLC: To engage in         of New York (“SSNY”) on August 25,
taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint. NOTICE         any lawful act or activity.                 2010. Office location: Westchester
OF NATURE OF ACTION AND RELIEF SOUGHT THE OBJECT of the above cap-                                                                County. Principal business location:
tioned action is to foreclose a Mortgage to secure $180,000.00 and interest, re-      Tekne’ LLC Articles of Org. filed NY        11 Tall Pines Drive, Bedford Corners,
corded in the Westchester County Clerk’s Office on June 2, 2004, in Instrument        Sec. of State (SSNY) 8/16/2010. Of-         NY 10549. SSNY designated as the
Number 441271699 covering premises known as 189 Winfred Avenue, Yonkers,              fice in Westchester Co. SSNY de-            agent of the foreign LLC upon whom
NY 10704. The relief sought in the within action is a final judgment directing the    sign. Agent of LLC upon whom pro-           process against it may be served.
sale of the premises described above to satisfy the debt secured by the Mort-         cess may be served. SSNY shall mail         SSNY shall mail a copy of process
gaged described above. Plaintiff designates Westchester County as the place           copy of process to The LLC 77 Lime          to: Legal Marketing Innovations,
of trial. Venue is based upon the County in which the mortgaged premises is           Kiln Road, 2G Tuckahoe, NY 10707.           LLC, 11 Tall Pines Drive, Bedford
situated. NOTICE YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME IF YOU DO                      Purpose: Any lawful activity                Corners, NY 10549. DE address: LLC
NOT RESPOND TO THIS SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT BY SERVING A COPY                                                                       c/o Harvard Business Services, Inc.,
OF THE ANSWER ON THE ATTORNEY FOR THE MORTGAGE COMPANY WHO                            Reliance Air LLC Articles of Org. filed     16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE
FILED THIS FORECLOSURE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU AND BY FILING THE                       NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 4/19/2010.          19958. LLC formed in Delaware on
ANSWER WITH THE COURT, A DEFAULT JUDGMENT MAY BE ENTERED AND                          Office in Westchester Co. SSNY              August 9, 2010. Articles of Organiza-
YOU CAN LOSE YOUR HOME. SPEAK TO AN ATTORNEY OR GO TO THE COURT                       design. Agent of LLC upon whom              tion filed with Delaware Secretary of
WHERE YOUR CASE IS PENDING FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON HOW TO                          process may be served. SSNY shall           State, Division of Corporations, John
                                                                                      mail copy of process to The LLC 18          G. Townsend Building, 401 Federal
                                                                                      Rockinghorse Trail Rye Brook, NY            Street, Suite 4, Dover, DE 19901. Pur-
                                                                                      10573. Purpose: Any lawful activity.        pose: any lawful business activity.
THE ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF (MORTGAGE COMPANY) AND FILING                          Notice of Qualification of Hoodwink
                                                                                      Films, LLC. Application for Authority       Cavallari Enterprises, L.P. Articles
                                                                                                                                                                                Just Paving & Masonry, inc.
THE ANSWER WITH THE COURT. Dated: October 9, 2009 Shapiro, DiCaro                                                                                                                all tyPes of Paving      & Masonry work done
& Barak, LLP Attorneys for Plaintiff 250 Mile Crossing Boulevard Suite One            filed with the Secretary of State of        of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY)
Rochester, NY 14624 (585) 247-9000 Our File No. 08-070990 Premises known              New York (SSNY) on July 20, 2010.           5/18/2010. Office in Westchester Co.                Driveways • Patios Walkways • Walls • Etc...
as 189 Winfred Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704. All that certain property situated          N.Y. Office Location: Westchester           SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon
in the City of Yonkers, County of Westchester, State of New York. Section 6           County. LLC formed in Delaware on           whom process may be served.
                                                                                                                                  SSNY shall mail copy of process
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Call Derek Teelan:
Block 6357 and Lot 38.                                                                September 17, 2004. SSNY has been
                                                                                      designated as agent of LLC upon             to C/O Christopher Romano, CPA                                           T. 914.376.5731 • C. 914.573.1426
                                                                                      process against it may be served.           800 Westchester Ave Ste N405 Rye
                                                                                      The P.O. address to which the SSNY          Brook, NY 10573. Purpose: Any law-                                    FREE ESTIMATES FULLY LICENSED & INSURED.
Private Label Autographs, LLC Ar-          27-29 North Mortimer Avenue, LLC           shall mail a copy of any process            ful activity. Latest date to dissolve                                        LIC. 4039 YONKERS LIC WC 16447-H05
ticles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State      Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State    against the LLC served upon him/her         12/31/2099.                                        60 dartMouth ave., yonkers, ny 10701
(SSNY) 8/24/2010. Office in West-          (SSNY) 6/24/2010. Office in Westches-      is C/O the LLC: c/o Gelfand, Rennert
chester Co. SSNY design. Agent of          ter Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC          & Feldman, LLP, 360 Hamilton Av-
LLC upon whom process may be               upon whom process may be served.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pascazi Law
                                                                                      enue, Suite 100, White Plains, New
served. SSNY shall mail copy of pro-       SSNY shall mail copy of process to         York, 10601. The Principal Business
cess to C/O Salvatore M. Di Costan-        The LLC P.O. Box 85 Yorktown, NY           Address of the LLC is 360 Hamilton                FREE Initial
zo / Mcmillan Constabile Maker &           10598. Purpose: Any lawful activity.       Avenue, Suite 100, White Plains,

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Offices, PLLC
Perone, LLP 2180 Boston Post Road
                                           Notice of Formation RYABB PROP-            New York, 10601. Certificate of LLC               Consultation
Larchmont, NY 10538. Purpose: Any                                                     filed with Delaware Secretary of
lawful activity.                           ERTIES LLC Arts. of Org. filed with
                                           SSNY 8/11/2010. Off. Loc.: West-           State: Delaware Secretary of State
                                                                                      Division of Corporations, John G.
KLJ Meetings & Events LLC Articles
                                           chester Cnty. SSNY designated as
                                           agent of LLC whom process may be           Townsend Bldg., 401 Federal Street –                                                                        General Law Practice
of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY)                                                 Suite 4, Dover, DE 19901. Purpose of
5/10/2010. Office in Westchester Co.
                                           served. SSNY shall mail process to:
                                                                                      LLC: Film & TV Production.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  We Evaluate All Cases: A to Z
                                           c/o The LLC, 2965 Saddle Ridge Dr.,
SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon             Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. Pur-
whom process may be served.                pose: all lawful activities.                           Legal Notice                                                                                  1065 Main St., Ste. D, Fishkill, NY 12524
SSNY shall mail copy of process
to Alison McCartin 2 Bassett Court         MCVR, LLC Articles of Org. filed           Notice of Formation of a Limited Li-                                                                                             Ph: 845.897.4219
Baldwin Place, NY 10505. Purpose:          NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 6/23/2010.         ability Company (LLC): Name: DILAPI                                                              26 S. Greeley Ave., Ste. 1, Chappaqua, NY 10514
Any lawful activity.                       Office in Westchester Co. SSNY             HOLDINGS LLC, Articles of Organiza-
                                                                                      tion filed with the Secretary of State of                                                                                        Ph: 914.861.4966
                                           design. Agent of LLC upon whom
569 East 184th Street, LLC Articles        process may be served. SSNY shall          New York (SSNY) on 07/27/2010. Office                                                                      Paris, France • Ph: +
of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY)      mail copy of process to Corporation        location: Westchester County. SSNY
5/3/2010. Office in Westchester Co.        Service Company 80 State St. Al-           has been designated as agent of the                                                                                  www.PascaziLaw.com
SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon             bany, NY 12207. Purpose: Any lawful        LLC upon whom process against it may                                               Parliamo Italiano
                                                                                                                                                                                                         We Can Help!
                                           activity. Registered Agent: Corpora-       be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of
whom process may be served.
                                                                                      process to: C/O DILAPI HOLDINGS LLC,                                               Nous Parlons Français
SSNY shall mail copy of process            tion Service Company 80 State St.
to C/O Stern Keiser & Panken, LLP          Albany, NY 12207.                          399 Knollwood Road, Suite 300, White
1025 Westchester Ave Ste 305 White                                                    Plains, NY 10603. Purpose: Any Lawful
Plains, NY 10604. Purpose: Any law-                                                   Purpose. Latest date upon which LLC is
ful activity.                                                                         to dissolve: No specific date.
Page 20   The WeSTcheSTer GuardIaN   ThurSdaY, SePTeMBer 23, 2010


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