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                                                                                                                                                Administration, Faculty, & Staff
Excellence in Teaching Award
Bud Clark, Assistant Professor
  Philosophy and Religion

 Excellence in Service Award
         Cathy Bio
    Financial Aid Officer

                                 Administration ........................................................................................ 136
                                 Faculty ..................................................................................................... 136
                                 Professional Staff ..................................................................................... 138
                                 Support Staff ........................................................................................... 139
                                 Advisory Committees .............................................................................. 140
                                 Index ....................................................................................................... 143
                                 Academic Calendar .................................................................................. 144
136 Administration & Faculty

    ADMINISTRATION                                                                   CLARK, Bud, Assistant Professor, Philosophy & Religion                 984-3223
                                                                                     BA, University of California at Santa Cruz; MA, Claremont Graduate University
    MURAOKA, Karen, Director, University of Hawai‘i Center, Maui          984-3527
    BA, MBA, University of Hawai‘i                                                   COHEN, Denise, Assistant Professor, Nursing                             984-3493
                                                                                     BSN, MS, University of Hawai‘i; APRN BC
    ROBINSON, Suzette, Interim Assistant Dean of Instruction              984-3406
    Interim Director, Continuing Education & Training;                               COOPERSMITH, Ann, Associate Professor, Biology                            984-3312
    BEd, MEd, University of Hawai‘i                                                  BA, California State University Humboldt; MA, Stanford University
                                                                                     MA, San Francisco State University; Prof. Assoc. of Diving Instructors, PADI
    SAKAMOTO, Clyde, Chancellor                                           984-3636
    BA, MEd, University of Hawai‘i; EdD, George Washington                           DELA CRUZ, Darryl, Assistant Professor, Food Service                    984-3478
    University; Credential, Institute of World Affairs                               BBA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    TAGOMORI, Alvin, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs                   984-3268   DELEON, Hiroko, Assistant Professor, Japanese                           984-3265
    BSE, MS, Emporia State University                                                BA, Aoyama Gakuin University; MA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    TAMANAHA, David, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs            984-3253   DUCKWORTH, Patricia, Assistant Professor, Nursing                       984-3476
    BBA, MBA, University of Hawai‘i                                                  BSN, Salve Regina College; MSN, University of Tennessee-Memphis
    wiger, flo, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs                       984-3213   DUKELOW, Kahele, Instructor, Hawaiian Studies                           984-3346
    BS, MS, North Dakota State University; PhD, University of Minnesota              BA, MEdT, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                                                                                     EMMSLEY, Ann N., Associate Professor, Agriculture                       984-3243
    FACULTY                                                                          BS, Pennsylvania State University; MPPPM, University of Georgia
    ACKS, Kate, Associate Professor, Mathematics                          984-3488   ENGH, Eric, Assistant Professor, English                                984-3633
    BS, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo                     BA, University of Florida; MA, San Francisco State University
    MS, San Diego State University                                                   FLEMING, Molli, Assistant Professor, Spanish                            984-3329
    ADAMS, Patricia, Associate Professor, English                         984-3445   BA, MA, University of Oregon
    BA, BEd, Western Washington State College                                        FLETCHER, Kathryn, Associate Professor, Anthropology                    984-3274
    MA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa                                               BA, MA, California State University, Los Angeles
    AGUIRAN, Wayne, Ku‘ina, Project Director                              984-3682   FOREMAN, Cynthia, Assistant Professor, Economics                        984-3235
    BA, Southern University; MA, University of Central Florida                       BA, Oregon State University; MS, University of Massachusetts
    AINSWORTH, Don, Assistant Professor, Construction Technology          984-3384   FRANCL, Mary, Instructor, Nursing                                      984-3453
    BEd, MEd, Colorado State University                                              BSN, MSN, University of Arizona; FNP, University of California at San Diego
    ALBERT, Mike, Instructor, Media Center Coordinator                    984-3620   FREELS, Dawn, Assistant Professor, VITEC                                984-3460
    BA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa                                               BA, University of Hawai‘i
    ALBERTO, Crystal, Instructor, Counseling                              984-3294   GARDNER, Craig, Assistant Professor, Drama                              984-3222
    BA, MA, University of San Diego                                                  BA, Centenary College of Louisiana; MA, University of Miami
    ALCONCEL, Pamela, Instructor, Lana‘i Coordinator                      565-7266   GEORGE, Stephen, Professor, Computer Science                            984-3283
    BA, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo                                                BA, MA, Occidental College
    ARAKAWA, Ann, Assistant Professor, Mathematics                        984-3383   GREENWOOD, Lois, Professor, Director, VITEC                             984-3466
    BEd, MEd, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa                                         BA, University of North Carolina
    BORITZER, Rafael, Assistant Professor, ABIT                           984-3326   MA, PhD, University of California at Berkeley
    BA, New York University; MA, PhD, New School for Social Research                 GRIESEMER, BK, Professor, Psychology                                    984-3259
    MBA, Fairleigh Dickenson University; EdD Columbia University                     BA, Dickinson College; MA, Antioch University
    BOSWELL, James, Assistant Professor, Agriculture                      567-6577   MBA, University of Hawai‘i
    Molokai Farm Manager; BS, Brigham Young University at Provo                      GROOMS, David, Associate Professor, Accounting                           984-3348
    BRUCK, Margaret, Instructor, Counseling                               984-3560   MS, University of Hawai‘i; MBA, California State University, Bakersfield
    MA, Michigan State University                                                    GUERRERO, Benjamin, Halau A‘o, Director                                 984-3362
    BUTLER, Bruce J., Professor, Science                                  984-3282   BA, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo; MA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    BS, MS, University of Massachusetts                                              HAYTKO-PAOA, Donna, Professor, Molokai Coordinator                      553-4490
    CALDER, Sean, Assistant Professor, Biology                            984-3220   BA, Colorado State University; MA, University of Hawai‘i
    BS, MS, CalPoly University                                                       HELM, Mikahala, Associate Professor, Counseling                         984-3247
    CARLETTA, Charles M., Instructor, Business Technology                 984-3305   BA, PD, MSW, University of Hawai‘i
    MA, University of California at Davis                                            HOFFMAN, Mark, Assistant Professor, ECET                                984-3321
    CASEY, Doris, Assistant Professor, Nursing                            984-3250   BS, California State University, Chico
    Diploma, St. Louis Municipal School of Nursing                                   HOKOANA, Lui, Title III, Director                                       984-3553
    BSN, MSN, St. Louis University                                                   BA, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo; MA, University of Hawai‘i
    CHRISTENSEN, Margaret, Assistant Professor, ABIT                      984-3619   HUSSEY, Thomas, Associate Professor, Automotive Technology             984-3236
    AB, MAT, Cornell University; MS, PhD, Temple University                          AAS, Maui Community College; State Mechanic Auto. License
    CHUNG, Winifred, Instructor, Counseling,Title III                     984-3405   ASE Certified Automobile, Parts Specialist, and Engine Machinist
    BA, MSW, University of Hawai‘i                                                   Oshkosh Crash & Rescue Truck Cert.; Industrial Training Services Cert.
                                                                                                                                                           Faculty 137

IRWIN, Sally, Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Genetics               984-3566   OWEN, Jennifer, Assistant Professor, Art                               984-3202
BS, San Diego State University; MS, PhD, University of California at Davis          BA, Princeton University; MFA, University of Oregon
JOHNSON, Malia, Assistant Professor, Nursing                            984-3250    PASCUAL, Cyrilla, Assistant Professor, Business Technology           984-3344BA,
BSN, University of Connecticut; MA, George Peabody College                          MAPL, Chaminade University
of Vanderbilt University; EdD, University of Hawai‘i                                PAYBA, Shane, Instructor, Counseling                                   984-3496
JOHNSON, Nancy, Associate Professor, Nursing                            984-3250    BA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
BSN, MSN, APRN, University of Nebraska                                              PELLEGRINO, Wallette, Associate Professor, Cooperative Education       984-3239
KA‘EO, Kaleikoa, Instructor, Hawaiian Studies;                          984-3369    BA, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College; MA, Marquette University
Po‘okela Program Coordinator                                                        PEROS-SOLANZO, Lorelle, Assistant Professor, Hospitality &Tourism 984-3343
BA, MA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa                                              BBA, University of Hawai‘i; MBA, University of the Pacific
KATSUTANI, Michele A., Associate Professor, Counseling                  984-3325    PERREIRA, Rosemary, Assistant Professor, Nursing                       984-3250
BA, St. Mary’s College of California; MSW, University of Hawai‘i                    BSN, Bloomsburg University; MSN, University of Pennsylvania
KELM, Marge, Professor, Nursing                                         984-3477    PETERSON, Ellen, Public Services Librarian                             984-3582
BSN, University of Wisconsin; MS, University of Hawai‘i                             BA, University of New Mexico; MLISc, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
KIKUCHI, Bert, Professor, History                                       984-3215    PETITH-ZBICIAK, Carol, Assistant Professor, Nursing                    984-3254
BA, University of Hawai‘i; double MA, University of Oregon                          ADN, Maui Community College; BA, Antioch U.S.F.-at-a-Distance
KLEIN, Robyn, Assistant Professor, Business                             984-3345    MS, University of Hawai‘i; APRN BC
BA, California State University; MS, San Diego State University                     PEZZOLI, Jean Ann, Institutional Researcher                            984-3290
KRUSE, Dan, Assistant Professor, Computer Science                       984-3324    BA, MS, PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
BA, Augustana College; MS, Marycrest College                                        Credential, Applied Educational Research
LEES, Laura, Instructor, English                                        984-3475    PYE, John, Professor, Physical Science; Associate Director             984-3206
BA, Amherst College; EdM, Harvard University                                        NASA Space Grant College, MCC; BS, UC at Santa Barbara
LINARES, Vincent, Professor, English                                    984-3316    MS, University of Colorado-Boulder; Prof. Scuba Diving Instr./Dive
BA, Bellarmine College; MA, University of Hawai‘i                                   Training Consultant-UH, MAUI, and Technical Diving International

LUM, Kuuipo, Assistant Professor, Business Technology                   984-3237    PYLE, Dorothy R., Professor, History                                   984-3224
                                                                                    BA, College of St. Teresa; MA, University of Hawai‘i
BS, Central Michigan University
                                                                                    RAYMOND, Ki‘ope, Associate Professor, Hawaiian Studies                 984-3244
LUTHER, Alice, Director, Maui Language Institute, Assistant Professor   984-3408
                                                                                    BA, Professional Diploma, MEd, University of Hawai‘i
BA, University of New Brunswick; MA, University of Idaho
PhD, University of Minnesota                                                        RILEY, Renee, Associate Professor, English                             984-3435
                                                                                    BS, Southeast Missouri State University; MA, De Paul University
MACLAUGHLIN, Cordy, Director of Institutional Advancement               984-3471
                                                                                    PhD, Columbia Pacific University
BS, MS, University of Southern California
                                                                                    SANTOS, Robert, Professor, Food Service                                984-3688
MAEDA, Cheryl, Associate Professor, Fashion Technology                  984-3292
                                                                                    BA, University of Hawai‘i; AOS, Culinary Institute of America
CC, Paris American Academy; BS, University of Hawai‘i
                                                                                    SEPA, Lisa, Assistant Professor, Technical Services Librarian          984-3577
MANGUM, Lillian, Assistant Professor                                    984-3584
                                                                                    AB, Sarah Lawrence College; MS, Pratt Institute
Distance Education Librarian
                                                                                    MA, New York University
BA, University of Northern Colorado; MLIS, University of Hawai‘i
                                                                                    SHISHIDO, Colleen, Assistant Professor, Counseling                     984-3497
MARMACK, Tim, Instructor, English                                       984-3610
                                                                                    Maui; BA, Western Michigan University
BA, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, MA University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                                                                                    MA, University of Northern Colorado
MARQUEZ, Ben, Instructor, Food Service                                  984-3301
                                                                                    SHURILLA, Teresa, Instructor, Culinary Arts                            984-3683
AAS, Maui Community College; Western Culinary Institute
                                                                                    Cert., LeNotre Pastry School; Apprentice Cert., Le Gavroche London
McGEE, Julie, Instructor, Nursing                                       984-3455
                                                                                    SLATTERY, Mark, Assistant Professor, Building Maintenance             984-3246
BA, Carroll College; MN, University of Phoenix-Hawai‘i
                                                                                    AA, Maui Community College; State Supervising Electrician License;
MEYER, Diane, Professor, Accounting                                     984-3617    EPA Certified Universal Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician
BS, California State University, San Jose                                           BA, University of Hawai‘i
Fifth Year Diploma; MBA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                                                                                    SPEERE, Christopher, Associate Professor, Food Service                 984-3690
MILLER, Richard, Assistant Professor, Business                          984-3211    AA, AS, City College of San Francisco
BS, Youngstown State University; MS, Columbia University
                                                                                    SPRINKLE, Don, Associate Professor, Food Service                       984-3485
MINOR-FLORES, Karmi, Student Support Services Program, Director         984-3574    BBA, University of Hawai‘i
BA, MA, San Diego State University
                                                                                    ST. JOHN, Ron, Assistant Professor, Speech                           984-3341
MOORE, Johanna, Instructor, Accounting                                  984-3468    BS, Northern Michigan University; MA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
BS, McMurry University; MBA, University of Hawai‘i
                                                                                    STEIN, Lee, Assistant Professor, Human/Social Services                 984-3338
NAKAMA, Debbie, Professor, Articulation Coordinator                   984-3614      BA, University of New Mexico; MSW, University of Hawai‘i
Business & Hospitality Dept. Chair; BA, MEd, PhD, University of Hawai‘i
                                                                                    SWANSON, Sandra, Assistant Professor, Computer Science                 984-3388
NAPOLEON GRAMBUSCH, Nanette, Instructor, Po‘okela                       553-4490    BS, Northrop University; MS, University of California at Irvine
BA, Teacher Certificate; University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                                                                                    TAKASHIMA, Rebecca, Instructor, Counseling                             553-4490
                                                                                    BA, Central Washington University; PD, MEA, University of Hawai‘i
138 Faculty & Staff

    TAKEMOTO, Michael, Assistant Professor, Art                            984-3249    PROFESSIONAL STAFF
    BFA, University of Hawai‘i; MA, MFA, Northern Illinois University
                                                                                       ALEXANDER, Elena, Student Life Coordinator                         984-3434
    TAKUSHI, Kyle, Instructor, Automotive Technology                       984-3236
                                                                                       BA, Menlo College; MBA, University of Phoenix
    AA, Maui Community College; ASE Certified
                                                                                       AMBY, Debie, Institutional Support                                 984-3549
    TANGA, Dennis, Assistant Professor, Auto Body Repair & Painting   984-3214
                                                                                       BA, University of Hawai‘i-West Oahu
    AA, AS, Maui Community College; State Mechanic Automotive License
                                                                                       ARREOLA, Joanne, Academic Support                                  984-3299
    TENGAN, Marvin, Associate Professor, Apprenticeship Coordinator        984-3404
                                                                                       BA, Prof Diploma in Secondary Ed, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    BA, University of Hawai‘i-West Oahu
                                                                                       AYAU, Mikiala, Na Pua No‘eau, Molokai                              553-9993
    TESTER, Colleen, Counselor, Nursing                                     984-3320
    BA, California State University, Long Beach; MSW, University of Hawai‘i            BASS, Julie, STEM - Ho‘okahua Program Coordinator                  984-3359
                                                                                       BS, De Vry Institute of Technology
    THOMPSON, Catherine, Assistant Professor, Communication                984-3433
    BA, MA, EdD, West Virginia University                                              BIO, Catherine, Financial Aid Officer                              984-3277
                                                                                       BA, Carnegie Mellon University; MEd, University of Hawai‘i
    TIMMINS, Emerson, Instructor, Physics                                  984-3423
    BS, MS, Florida Atlantic University                                                BOHN, F. Melody, IT Specialist                                     984-3283
                                                                                       BA, BS, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    TOLLIVER, Dorothy, Associate Professor, Head Librarian                 984-3583
    BA, Indiana University; MLS, University of Illinois                                BRITTON, Lynn, Customized Training Specialist                      984-3678
                                                                                       BA, Eastern Washington University
    ULICHNEY, Theresa, Instructor, Nursing                                 984-3456
    BSN, St. John Ursuline College; MED, MSN, Kent State University                    BROWN, Debbi, Institutional Support                                984-3461
                                                                                       BA, Eastern Washington University
    VORHIES, Christine Kulamanu, Instructor, Counseling                    984-3272
    BS, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa; MSCP, Chaminade University                     BURTON, Robert, Physical Plant Manager                             984-3245
                                                                                       BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    WEHRMAN, Robert, Assistant Professor, Music                            984-3303
                                                                                       MA, Rider University
    BA, California State University, Northridge
    MA, PhD, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa                                            COBB-ADAMS, Maka, Na Pua No‘eau, Pathways/Ho‘omau                  553-9993
                                                                                       BA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    WHITE, James, Instructor, Nursing                                      984-3646
    BSN, University of Conneticut; MSN, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute               DAVIDSON, Malia, Financial Aid Counselor                           984-3277
                                                                                       BA, MA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    WOLF, Alfred, Professor, Mathematics                                   984-3228
    BA, University of Colorado; MA, University of Washington                           DE AQUINO, Fred, Dormitory Resident Manager                        242-6920
                                                                                       BS, MA, University of Hawai‘i
    WUKELIC, Marti, Instructor, Hana Coordinator                           248-7380
    AA, Bander Fashion College; BBA, Baker College                                     DECAMBRA, Ashlie, Financial Aid Banner Specialist                  984-3277
                                                                                       BA, BS, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    YAMASHITA, Elaine, Professor, Human Services                           984-3208
    BEd, MEd, University of Hawai‘i                                                    DELA CRUZ, Reuben, UH Electronics Technician                       984-3618
                                                                                       AS, Heald Engineering College; AS, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo
    YANKOWSKI, Lynn, Professor, Psychology                                 984-3332
    BA, State University of New York-Plattsburgh;                                      DURAN, Bradley, Electronic Technician                              984-3283
    MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; PhD, Walden University                       BS, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo
                                                                                       EGAMI, Jennifer, Institutional Support                             984-3381
                                                                                       BS, University of Hawai‘i
    PROFESSOR EMERITUS                                                                 EVANGELISTA, Pacifico, UH Computer Specialist                      984-3283
    Gail Ainsworth               Bruce Palmer                                          AA, Maui Community College
    Steve Francis                Victor Pellegrino                                     FISHER, David, Director, Small Business Devel. Cntr.               875-2402
    Dick Mayer                   Ernie Rezents                                         BA, Yale University; MBA, New York University
    Wanda McMaster               Karen Tanaka
                                                                                       FITZPATRICK, Jill, UH Media Specialist                             984-3625
                                                                                       BFA, University of California at Los Angeles
    PROFESSORS RETIRED                                                                 FORNWALL, Marilyn, UH Foundation Support Specialist                984-3261
    Liz d’Argy                    Lillian Kobayashi             George Sano            FUJIOKA, Delena, Institutional Support                             984-3375
    Marion Blanton                Joe Kong                      George Seriguchi       BBA, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo
    George Robert Converse        Walter Lai                    Glenn Shepherd         GOMES, Sharane, Program Administrator, OCET                        984-3498
    Herb Coyle                    Hollis Lee                    Amy Tam                AA, Maui Community College
    Ron Daniels                   Bill Lindstrom                Gertrude Ueoka
    Bertha Drayson                Ralph Lyon                    Bette Waite            GRAY, Jeremy, UH Media Specialist                                  984-3611
    Michelle Driscoll             Wallace Matsuda               Tom Wright             BA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    Doug Field                    Phyllis McOmber                                      HARRIS, Frieda, OCET, Maui County Store Manager                    877-6669
    Hajime Fujimoto               Ellen Nakasone                                       BA, University of Hawai‘i
    Alma Cooper Henderson         Robert Oishi
    A. Bruce Hughes                                                                    HASENPFLUG, Nancy, Upward Bound Director                           984-3299
                                  Evelyn Sano
    Bomani Kim                                                                         BA, Chaminade University of Honolulu; MSW, University of Hawai‘i
                                                                                       HAYWOOD, Leah, Institutional Support                               984-3550
                                                                                       AA, Maui Community College
                                                                                                                                                            Staff     139

JACINTHO, William, Agriculture Technician                            984-3285     CARREON, Valentin, Janitor                                               984-3232
AS, Maui Community College; Certified Arborist                                    DE AQUINO, Phyllis, Program Assistant, OCET                              984-3581
KAMAKANA-JUARIO, Elizabeth, Student Support Services                 553-4490     DENECKE, Ellen, Clerk Typist, EOC                                        984-3286
BA, University of Portland
                                                                                  DUDOIT, Stephanie, Account Clerk, Molokai Center                         553-4490
KAMEDA, Stephen, Registrar                                           984-3267
BS, Michigan State University; MEd, University of Hawai‘i                         FRANCO-EHARIS, Lucille, Program Assistant, OCET                          984-3419
                                                                                  FAUDAN, Samuel, General Laborer                                          984-3232
LEE, Brenda, Operations Manager, OCET                                984-3401
                                                                                  GANNON, Angela, Secretary to Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs   984-3296
LEVINSON, Paul, EOC Director                                         984-3286
BBS, University of Capetown; MEd, University of Hawai‘i                           HARA, Ellen, Clerk Typist, CTE/VocTech Dept.                             984-3319
LIGHTFOOT, Jon, Ka Lama Computer Center Coordinator                  984-3350     HIWATASHI, George, General Laborer                                       984-3232
BA, California State University, San Francisco                                    HOLOKAI, Kerry Ann, Clerk Steno, Business & Hospitality Dept.            984-3212
MCKINNON, Brian, Coordinator, VITEC                                  984-3273     HOOPII, Pamela, Janitor                                                  984-3232
BA, Oakland University                                                            INOUYE, Pamela, Janitor                                                  984-3232
MILLER, Kilohana, Assistant Financial Aid Officer                    984-3277     IWAMOTO, June, Secretary to Director, OCET                               984-3403
BS, Brigham Young University
                                                                                  KALUA, Dwight, General Laborer                                           984-3232
MORA, Flora, Administrative Officer                                  984-3373
                                                                                  KAMAKANA, Verna, Clerk Steno, English Dept.                              984-3258
BBA, University of Hawai‘i-West Oahu
                                                                                  KNOBEL, Lenore, Clerk Steno, Allied Health Dept.                         984-3250
MORANDO, Ohua, Na Pua No‘eau                                         984-3364
BA, University of Hawai‘i                                                         KOGA, Liane, Secretary to Director of UH Center, Maui                    984-3250
NAHOOIKAIKA, Talia, Administrative Services                          984-3387     LASHLEY, Bev, Clerk Steno, Media Center                                  984-3621
CA, AS, Maui Community College                                                    LATU, Iris, Clerk, Operations & Maintenance                   984-3232/984-3374
QUESADA, Eryck, Webmaster                                            984-3601     LAU, Patricia, Account Clerk                                             984-3371
BA, Occidental College; MBA, Babson College
                                                                                  MORTON, Corrine, Janitor                                                 984-3232
REECE, Deanna, UH Media Specialist                                   984-3607     NAGANO, Carol, Secretary to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs           984-3512
BA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                                                                                  OWARA-TAKEO, Kathy, Program Assistant                                    984-3366
SHIBANO, Kris, UH Computer Specialist                                984-3283
BSCS, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa                                              PAGAN, David, General Laborer                                            984-3232
                                                                                  PAGAN, Lynne, Program Assistant, VITEC                                   984-3474
SLATTERY, Michael, UH Electronics Technician                         984-3217
AA, Maui Community College; AS, Hawai‘i Community College                         RAMES, Barbara, Janitor                                                  984-3232
STEVENSON, Mona, EOC Info/Outreach Specialist                          984-3286   RAPANOT, Stanford, General Laborer, Molokai                   984-3277, 553-4490
BA, San Francisco State University; MA, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa            RIGLOS, Amelia, Janitor                                                  984-3232
WINKLER, Deborah Hasegawa, Acting TLC Director                       984-3446     RODRIGUES, Bettylou, Janitor                                             984-3232
BEd, University of Hawai‘i
                                                                                  RODRIGUES, Leroy, General Laborer                                        984-3232
YAMAMOTO, Cindy, UH Administrative Officer                           984-3288
                                                                                  SEGUNDO, Frances, Clerk Steno, Computing Centrr, STEM Dept.              984-3283
BBA, University of Hawai‘i
                                                                                  SHINYAMA, Dannyette, Janitor                                             984-3232
YAMANOHA, Veronica, EOC Counselor                                    984-3286
BA, University of Hawai‘i-West Oahu                                               SZADKOWSKI, Raymond, Building Maintenance Worker                         984-3232

YOSHIOKA, Melissa, TLC Educational Skills Specialist                 984-3586     TANAKA, Georgette, Clerk Typist, Admission & Records                     984-3514
Coordinator, MA, University of LaVerne                                            TANAKA, Janis, Account Clerk                                             984-3372
                                                                                  TEIXEIRA, Colleen, Secretary to the Chancellor                           984-3655
SUPPORT STAFF                                                                     THOMAS, Sonje, Secretary, SBDC                                           875-2402
AHEONG, Tressy-Ann, Clerk Typist, Admission & Records                984-3513     TOKUNAGA, Susan, Personnel Clerk                                         984-3380
ALVIEDO, Myralene, Account Clerk                                     984-3264     UMETSU, Marilyn, Library Technician VI                                   984-3284
AQUINO, Encarnita, Program Assistant, OCET                           984-3400     VALDEZ, Theresa, Library Technician V                                    984-3233
AWANA, Liane, Clerk Typist, Assistant Dean of Instruction            984-3377     VANZANDT, Jeremy, Janitor, Dormitory                                     984-3232
BAL, Debbie, Program Assistant                                       984-3630     WOOD, Debrajean, Clerk Typist, Nursing                                   984-3250
BARNEY, Teresa, Clerk Typist                                         984-3306     YOSHITAKE, Doris, Secretary to Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs       984-3234
BARRIENTOS, Jimmy, Janitor                                           984-3232
BARUT, Rodney, Building Maintenance Worker                           984-3232
BEERS, Herminia, Janitor                                             984-3232
BERNARD, Lourdes, Janitor                                            984-3232
BINONWANGAN, Teresita, Janitor                                       984-3232
CABERTO, Michele, Clerk Typist, Student Support Services             984-3574
140 Advisory Committees

    Del Adlawan, Community Representative                        Lionel Brash, Maui Lani
    Susan Bendon, Maui Community College                         Russell Dooge, Waikapu Golf Course
    David Cole, Maui Land & Pineapple Co., Inc.                  Dan Honma, Makena Golf Course
    Jeff Halpin, Classic Resorts                                 Douglas Myer, Waiehu Golf Course
    Steve Holaday, HC&S                                          Steve Olsen, Wailea Golf Course
    Richard Kipper, Community Representative                     James Tavares, The Grassmaster
    John Kreag, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
    Dorvin Leis, Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc.                        APPLIED BUSINESS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
    Bob Lloyd, Community Representative                          Debasis Bhattacharya, XML Star LLC, Intranet Solutions
    B. Martin Luna, Carlsmith Ball                               Ruth Corn, Hawaii Business Research Library
    Roger MacArthur, Community Representative                    Tim Fahey, Maui High Performance Computing Center
    Howard Nakamura, Community Representative                    Robert Kay, Public Relations Consultant
    Thomas Steinhauer, Four Seasons Resort                       Ron Kenar, Spectracolor
    Anne Takabuki, Wailea Golf Club                              Donald C. McGean, Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods
    Susan Takeda, Bank of Hawai‘i                                Sharon Mielbrecht, Pacific Disaster Center
    Lorraine Tamaribuchi, Hawai‘i Community Foundation           Sandra Ohara, Adecco Technical Corp.
    Sarajean Tokunaga, Community Representative                  Scott Sanchez, Professional Windsurfer Association
    Steve Williams, First Hawaiian Bank                          Joseph Sugarman, Publisher
    Leona Rocha Wilson, Community Representative
    William C.N. Wong, Community Representative                  AUTO BODY REPAIR AND PAINTING
    ACCOUNTING                                                   Jerry Kawahara, H&S Garden and Paint
                                                                 Dennis Kinoshita, State Farm Insurance
    Suzanne Doodan, Treasurer, County of Maui
                                                                 Pat Lindgren, Precision Auto Body
    Roen Hirose, Hirose, Kato & Co.
                                                                 Michael Tamanaha, Hisamoto Body & Fender
    Ron Kawahara, Ronald A. Kawahara & Co., CPA’s
    John Kreag, Blue Hawaiian Helicoptors
    Marilyn Niwao-Roberts, Niwao & Roberts CPA’s                 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY
    Johnny Pascua, CPA                                           Joyclynn Costa, Goodyear Auto Service Center
    Alvin Santandar, Bank of Hawaii                              Bryan De Powell, Auto Supplies Maui
    Kathleen Vierra, Student                                     Gail Fujimoto, Hawai‘i Consumer Complaints
                                                                 Tim Hultquist, Island Dodge
    ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE                                    Neil Nakamura, Maui High School
                                                                 Nathan Perreira, Pacific Heavy Equipment & Auto Repair
    Bobby Au, Transportation Security Administration             Chester Rafanan, Maui Toyota
    Ron Brock, Freeman Guards                                    Dennis Sasai, Lahainaluna High School
    Robert Cole, Realtor, Cole Corp Real Estate                  George Seriguchi, Community Representative
    Clinton Fukushima, Director of Security, Westin Maui Hotel   Ivan Watanabe, Valley Isle Motors
    James Hirono, Corrections Supervisor
    Michael Kahoohanohano, Maui Chapter of SHOPO                 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS CAREERS
    Lowery Leong, Transportation Security Administration         COOPERATIVE EDUCATION
    Philip Lowenthal, Attorney at Law
                                                                 Rhonda Alexander-Monkres, Kamehameha Schools
    Danny Matsura, Maui Police Department
                                                                 Corrine Arquero, Whaler’s Village
    Dwayne Nitta, Director of Security, Grand Wailea Resort
                                                                 Leilani Bulosan, Maui High Performance & Computing Center
    Thomas Philips, Chief, Maui Police Department
                                                                 Stephanie Hall, Maui Land & Pineapple Co.
    Patrick Sniffen, Maui Sheriff’s Office
                                                                 Leticia Hedani, County of Maui
    Matt Stevenson, Director of Security, Four Seasons Hotel
                                                                 Barbara Hughes, Maui Memorial Medical Center
    Howard Tagomori, Transportation Security Admininstration
                                                                 Lisa Kono-Tateishi, Tateishi & Associates
    Ron Vaught, Maui Police Commission
                                                                 Lynn Kreig, County of Maui
                                                                 Merle Minam-Shima, Maui Electric
    AGRICULTURE & NATURAL RESOURCES                              Deanna Moon, Akimeka LLC
                                                                 Leimamo Lind, Aloha Airlines
    Cheryl McGrath, Dekalb-Pfizer Genetics Corp
                                                                 Alvin Santandar, Bank of Hawaii
    Norman Nagata, UH Extension Service
                                                                 Jacquelyn Smith, Student
    Reny Platz, Maui Tropical Plantation
                                                                 Winslow Tanabe, Verizon Hawaii
    Sidney Sparkman, Self-Employed Landscaper
                                                                                           Advisory Committees 141

Kui Aipa, Destination Resorts Hawaii, Inc.             Jennifer Ashitomi, First to Work Molokai
Leah Belmonte, Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort         Marlene Burgess, Alu Like
Javier Cano, Ritz-Carlton Kapalua                      Judd Cunningham, Aloha House
Kelley Cosgrove, Fairmont Kea Lani Maui                Ben Guerrero, Hawai‘i Job Corps
Lance K. Gilliland, Embassy Vacation Resort            Sharon Honda, DOE Interagency Transition Service
Ann Ikuta, Four Seasons Resort Maui                    Earl Hotta, Maui High School
Wendell Inamasu, King Kamehameha Golf Club             Sylvia Ishikawa, Maui Community School for Adults
Andrew McGovern, Maui Marriott Resort and Ocean Club   Claire Iverson, Family Support Services Molokai
CharlAnn Nakamoto, Maui Prince Hotel                   Carol Kawagoe, Workforce Development
Sarah Neilson, Aloha Airlines                          Atu Laqueretabua, Ka Hale A Ke Ola
Chris Rabang, Westin Ka‘anapali Ocean Resort Villas    Zoe Miner, Hui Malama Learning Center
Keith Shibuya, Consolidated Resorts                    Bill Staton, Office of Veterans Services
Kazuyo Sugiyama, Maui Beach Hotel                      Matt Yatuso, Maui County Correctional Center
Jeff Tarpey, United Airlines
Mike White, Ka‘anapali Beach Hotel                     ELECTRONIC & COMPUTER
Tets Yamazaki, Sheraton Maui                           ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
                                                       Albert Esquibel, Northrup Grumman
                                                       Andrew J. Vliet Dphi, Akimeka LLC
Clark Abbott, The Paint Can                            Curt Leonard, Oceanit
Thomas Arisumi, Arisumi Brothers                       Dan O’connell, Oceanit
Mark S. Beauchamp, General Contractor                  Mike Maberry, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai‘i
Joel W. Chapman, Aloha Builders Company, Inc.          James Cannon, Verizon Hawaii
Emmons Connell, Gaspro                                 Rusty Hughes, Trex Enterprises
Dick Doran, Aloha Plastic Recycling, Inc.              Joe Ritter, SAIC
Clement Enomoto, County Building Examiner              Sharon Mielbrecht, Pacific Disaster Center
Gerald Hiyakumoto, Hiyakumoto Higuchi Architects       Joseph Janni, USAF Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
Bob Jones, Nani Kai Hale                                Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing Site (AMOS)
Brian Kealoha, Maui Electric Company, Ltd.             Steve Karwoski, Manager, Pacific Technology Division SAIC
Earl Kono, Riecke Sunnland Kono Architects, Ltd.       Leslie Wilkins, Maui Economic Development Board
Mike Lum, HC&S                                          Women in Technology
Harvey Makii, Maui Electric Company, Ltd.              Stuart Jefferies, Maui Scientific Research Center
Randy Montalvo, Lahainaluna High School                 University of New Mexico
Don Osterwise, New Dimensions Drafting Services        Lisa Hunter, Center for Adaptive Optics
Alvin Sakutori, GYA Architects, Inc.                    University of California Santa Cruz
Diane Sandate, COSCO Supply                            Dr. Tak Sugimura, Maui High Performance Computing Center
Tom Reed, Aloha Glass Recycling, Inc.                  Mark Harmer, Harmer Communications
Art Takabayashi, Maui Electric Company, Ltd.           William Medieros, Maui County Dept of Management
Marvin Tengan, MCC Apprenticeship Coordinator          Michael Reiley, Textron Systems Corporation
Hilton Unemori, ECM, Inc.                              Wayne Lewis, Cisco Academy Training Center
Warren Unemori, Warren Unemori Engineering, Inc.
Mike Williams, Miyake Concrete Accessories, Inc.       FASHION TECHNOLOGY
Alvin M. Yoshimori, GYA Architects                     Pat Chiaco, Chiaco Co.
Larry Zolezzi, Pacific Biodiesel, Inc.                 Maggie Lee-Coulombe, Maggie Coulombe Design
                                                       Ann Krezel, Blue Ginger
                                                       Patti Pottorff, Biasa Rose Boutique
Mickey Damerell, DDS, Orthodonics Practice             Marilyn Sameshima, Sew Special
Peter Fay, DMD, Private Practice                       Leona Rocha Wilson, Vogue Butterick Co. & Fashionetics
Gen Iinuma, Department of Health
Ted Kanamori, DDS, Private Practice                    FOOD SERVICE
Frank Kihara, DDS, Private Practice                    David Allaire, TS Restaurants
Dan Mayeda, DDS, Private Practice                      Bryan Ashlock, Sheraton Maui
Neil C. Nunokawa, DDS, Private Practice                Will Bailey, Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa
Lorrin Pang, Department of Health                      Jake Belmonte, Fairmont Kea Lani Maui
Wendie Schwab, DDS, Private Practice                   Jeffrey Cabiles, Simply Sweets Bakery
Fumio Tsuji, DDS, Hawaii Family Dental Centers         Patrick Callarec, Chez Pauls
Steven Williams, DDS, Private Practice                 Bob Cambra, Waterfront Restaurant
Elsa Wittbold, DDS, Private Practice                   Tom Fairbanks, Kaanapali Beach Hotel
                                                                                            (continued on next page)
142 Advisory Committees

    FOOD SERVICE     (continued from preceding page)             LIBRARY
    Eric Faivre, Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa                 Stephen George, Maui Community College
    Greg Gaspar, Makena Resort-Maui Prince Hotel                 Linda Lindsay, Seabury Hall Library
    Harold Hardcastle, The Bakery                                Lynda Mitchell, HSPL Maui District - Retired
    Clark Hashimoto, UH CTAHR                                    Lani Scott, Kahului Public Library - Retired
    Steve Holton, Makena Resort-Maui Prince Hotel                Mark Slattery, Maui Community College
    David Ishii, Ishii Farms                                     Ron St. John, Maui Community College
    Kyle Kawakami, Maui Community College                        Sandy Wada, Maui Cmty Correctional Center Library
    Kevin Kimizuka, Workforce Development                        Susan Werner, Wailuku Public Library
    DK Kodama, Sansei Restaurant & Sushi Bar
    Jerry Kunitomo, BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria
    Joey Macadangdang, Roy’s Kahana Bar & Grill                  MOLOKAI PROGRAM
    Judy Nakamura, Maui Land & Pine Co., Inc.                    Billy Akutagawa, Na Puuwai
    Nelson Okumura, VIP Foodservice, Inc.                        Fred Bicoy, Community Representative
    Tylun Pang, Fairmont Kea Lani Maui                           Cathy Kawamae, Maui Community College Student
    Ed Santos, Manana Garage                                     Debbie Kelly, MLSWCD
    Reyn Tateyama, Kamehameha Schools                            Ron Kimball, Kamehameha Schools
                                                                 Dodie Manaba, Maui Community College
    HANA PROGRAM                                                 Donna Mersberg, Department of Human Services
    Christel Blumer-Buell, Hana High-Elementary School           Pat Mims, Student Representative
    William H. Chang, Hina-Malailena                             David Nanod, Community Representative
    Robert Carroll, Maui County Council                          Baron Okimoto, Farmer
    Melanie Coates, Hana High-Elementary School                  Edmund Pedro, Alu Like, Inc.
    Melody Cosma-Gonsalves, Community Representative             Tina Tamanaha, Hikiola Cooperative
    Patti Eason, Community Representative                        John Urauchi, Community Representative
    Kalani English, State Senator
    Harry Hasegawa, Hasegawa General Store                       NURSING CAREER LADDER
    Carl Lindquist, Hana Coast Realty                            Kathy Bauer, Maui Memorial Medical Center
    Ma‘ano Smith, Kamehameha Pre-School                          Tiffany Benton, Hale Makua
    Kathleen Street, Public Health Nurse                         Mary Lou Carter, Kula Hospital, DON
    Kealohanui Tolentino Helekahi, Community Representative      Mei-ling Chang, Hui No Ke Ola Pono
                                                                 Faith DeBuhr, Hale Makua-Kahului
    HUMAN SERVICES                                               Gina Edgar, Community Clinic of Maui
                                                                 Sandra Hew, Kalama Heights Retirement Residence
    Paula Ambre, Maui Farm, Inc.
                                                                 Dana Howeth, Community Clinic of Maui
    Marcy Brown, Family Court Drug Court
                                                                 Jim Kahler, Hale Makua Home Health
    Jud Cunningham, Aloha House
                                                                 Leona Kaiser, Kalama Heights Retirement Residence
    Sheri Daniels, Consultant
                                                                 William Kepler, MD, Maui Clinic
    Lucy Feinberg, Maui Family Support Services
                                                                 Shirley Kodani, Maui Medical Group
    Colin Hanlon, Boys and Girls Club
                                                                 Joanne Liu, CareResources
    Fran Joswick, Ka Hale a Ke Ola
                                                                 Wendy Milovina, Community Representative
    Barbara Ann Keller, Drug Court
                                                                 Jim O’Brien, Community Representative
    Cathie Long, Parents and Children Together (PATCH)
                                                                 Gigi Olsten, Public Health Nursing
    Iris Mountcastle, Queen Lili‘uokalani Children’s Center
                                                                 Karen Oura, Maui Memorial Medical Center
    Carlayna Nakamura, Hale Makua
                                                                 Henry Pohndorf, Community Representative
    Wendy Stebbins, County of Maui, Grants Management Division
                                                                 John Schaumburg, Maui Memorial Medical Center
    John Tomoso, County of Maui, Office on Aging
                                                                 Kendall Sharpless, Kula Hospital
                                                                 Kathleen Street, Public Health Nursing
                                                                 George Talbot, MD, Kaiser/Maui Memorial Medical Cntr
    Vince Bagoyo, Castle & Cooke Resorts                         Lorraine Tamaribuchi, Hawaii Community Foundation
    Debbie Dela Cruz, Bank of Hawaii-Lanai                       Barbara Tanner, RN, Board of Nursing
    Delores Fabrao, Lana‘i Planning Commission                   Laurie Tomas, Hale Makua
    Ernesto Magaoay, First Hawaiian Bank-Lana‘i                  John Tomoso, County Office on Aging
    Pierce Myers, Lana‘i High-Elementary School                  Martha Turner, Kaiser Permanente
    Kay Okamoto, Okamoto Realty                                  Meyer Ueoka, Community Representative
    Pat Reilly, Lana‘i High-Elementary School                    Marianne Vasquez, Kula Hospital
    Jackie Woolsey, Public Health Nurse
                                                                                                                               Index 143

Academic Subject Certificate      12-13       Drafting Technology Program           37    Orientation                            54
Acceptance Notification               61      Drops & Adds                          70    Outreach Programs                       7
Accounting Program                    18      Drugs, Illicit                        75
Accreditation                          7                                                  Parking on Campus                      74
                                              Early Admission (Admit) Program       63    Pets                                   75
Add classes                           70
                                              eClasses & Distance Learning       7, 84    Phi Theta Kappa                        71
Address, Campus & Ed Centers           1
                                              Educational Opportunity Center        52    Placement: English, Mathematics        62
Administration                    4, 136
                                              Electronic & Computer Engineering 39-40     Po’okela                               52
Administration of Justice             19
                                              Employment of Graduates               66    Refund Policy                  65-66
Admission and Registration        60-68
                                              Erase Period                     70, 144    Registration                  58, 144
Advanced Placement                    72
Advisory Committees             140-142       Faculty & Phone Numbers        136-138      Registration Changes, Drop, W      70
Affirmative Action Policy             67      Family Education Rights & Privacy 68        Repeating Courses                  70
Agriculture & Natural Resources       20      Fashion Technology Program           41     Residency Criteria             64-65
Alcoholic Beverages                   75      Fees                                 66     Running Start                      63
Allied Health                     21-24       Final Exams                     70, 144     Safe Zone Program                  53
Application to College                60      Financial Aid             56-58, 77-78      Safety                          74-76
Apprenticeship Program                49      Financial Obligations                78     Sea Grant                       49-50
Articulation Program, 2+2             72      Food Service Program             42-43      Security                           74
Articulated A.A.                      73      Food Court                       81-82      Selective Service Registration     78
Associate in Arts Degree          10-11       Grade Reports                          70   Sex Offenses & Policy              75
Associate in Applied Science      14-15       Grading System                     70-71    Small Business Development Cntr     8
Associate in Science Degree       14-15       Graduation                    52, 71, 144   Smoking                            74
Associate in Technical Studies        14      Grievance Procedure                    77   Space Grant College Program        50
Attendance Policy & No-Shows          62      Hana Center                          1, 7   Standards of Progress              77
Auto Body Repair & Painting           25      Head Start, MCC-MEO                    81   Student Life, Government           54
Automotive Technology                 26      Health Center                          80   Student Conduct Code            76-77
Bachelor of Applied Science  7, 17, 27        Health Insurance                       62   Student Publications               54
Bookstore                           80        Hearing Impaired Services           1, 53   Student Right to Know Act          54
Building Maintenance Program        35        History, College                        6   Student Support Services           53
Business Careers Program        28-32         Honors                                 71   Summer Session                      7
Business Technology Program     33-34         Hospitality & Tourism                  44   Sustainable Technology Program     38
Calendars         144, Inside back cover      Housing for Students                   54   TB, MMR Clearance                     60
Career Program Maps               18-46       Human Services Program             45-46    Telephone Numbers          1, 2, 136-139
Carpentry Technology Program          36      International Programs                50    Topics Courses                        48
Certificates               10, 12-13, 16      International Students             63-64    Transfer                   8, 49, 72-74
Class Act                             82                                                  Tuition and Fees                   61-62
                                              Job Placement Center                  58
Community Health Worker               21                                                  Transcript Evaluation                 52
Computing Services                    80      Ka Lama Computer Center               80    Transcript Requests                   62
Concurrent Registration               62      Kihei Center                           7    Tuition Waivers                       57
Continuing Ed & Training, Office of 8         Lana‘i Center                        1, 7   Ulu A‘e                                50
Cooperative Education                 48      Learning Center (TLC)                 81    Uniprint System                        81
Counseling                            52      Liberal Arts (A.A.) Program        10-11    University of Hawai‘i Center, Maui    1, 7
Course Numbering System               84      Library                               80    Upward Bound                           53
Course Descriptions              85-134       Library, Business Research              8
                                                                                          Veteran Assistance            58, 77-78
Credit by Examination             72-73       Lost and Found                        54
                                                                                          VITEC                                 8
Credit Load                           70      Map of Campus          Inside front cover
                                                                                          Weapons, Lethal                        75
Dean’s (Honor’s List)                    71   Marine Option Program (MOP)           49
                                                                                          Welding Technology Program             37
Degree Requirements                   11-15   Maui Language Institute               50
                                                                                          West Maui Center                      1,7
Den-en Chofu Exchange                    50   Media Center                          81
                                                                                          Withdrawal with a W grade             70
Dental Assisting Program                 21   Mission Statement                       6
                                                                                          Work Practicum                        48
Development Office, MCC                   8   Mohala Ka ‘Ike                        52
                                                                                          Work-Study Program, Federal            57
Discrimination Complaints                68   Molokai Center                       1, 7
                                                                                          Writing Intensive Courses              84
Directed Study                           48   MyUH                                  60
Disabilities, Services for Students      53   Na Pua No‘eau                         52
Disclaimer Statement                      3   Non-Discrimination Policies        66-68
Dishonesty, Academic                     76   Nursing Career Ladder              21-24
144 2006-2007 Academic Calendar

    Registration Information
    An Application may be obtained from the web, by mail or by fax. The application can be downloaded from http:// A completed application must be received by Admission & Records at
    least 5 - 10 working days prior to registration (see application deadline, p. 60). Applications are accepted on a continuing basis
    until the end of late registration (exception: see section on International Students, p. 63-64).
    Registration is conducted via the “MyUH” portal only. In-person services are available from Admission & Records in the
    Ho‘okipa building, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm and from outreach centers at Molokai, Lana‘i and Hana.
    Students must have a UH username before utilizing in-person services. To obtain a UH username, students may go to MyUH
    portal at and follow the steps outlined.
    The toll-free number for Hawai‘i and Mainland students calling from outside Maui County is 1-800-479-6692.

    Registration                                                                                   Fall 2006             Spring 2007
    Priority registration – according to credits completed toward graduation                       See MyUH              See MyUH
    Registration & Academic Advising for all students –                                            Aprl 10-Aug 25        Nov 6-Jan 12
    New, Returning, Transfer, Continuing degree-seeking or non-degree/unclassified
    Saturday registration at Admission & Records                                                   August 12             January 6
    Strategies for Success – for New, Returning, Transfer students                                 By Appointment        By Appointment
    Orientation                                                                                    Aug 17 & Aug 19       Jan 4 & Jan 6
    First Day of Instruction                                                                       August 21             January 8
    Last day to add/late register                                                                  August 25             January 12
    Erase period ends– Courses dropped by this date do not appear on transcript                    September 10          January 28
    Graduation Application Deadline                                                                October 6             March 2
    Deadline for Official Withdrawal with a W Grade                                                 October 30           March 16
    Deadline to Make-up Incompletes (I grades)                                                      October 30           March 16
    Last day to change CR/NC option                                                                 October 30           March 16
    Last day to select Audit grade                                                                  October 30           March 16
    Summer Session Registration begins (tentative)                                                                       April 9
    Last Day of Instruction                                                                         December 7           May 2
    Reading Day                                                                                     December 8           May 3
    Final Evaluation Period                                                                         December 9-14        May 4-10
    Last Day of Semester                                                                            December 15          May 11
    Commencement                                                                                                         May 13

    Disclaimer Statement - The College reserves the right to, without prior notice, change or delete, supplement, or otherwise amend at any time the
    information, requirements, time schedules, and policies contained in this catalog.