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Bryan Basketball


									          Bryan Basketball                                          and                                 Bryan Baseball


                2011Summer Skills
*Camp Date/Location:
               June 13th-14th-15th (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday)
               Basketball Camp will take place at the HIGH SCHOOL GYM
               Baseball Camp will take place at GARVER PARK (located behind High School)
       **Participants of both camps will be able to walk the short distance between locations**
*Camp Enrollment/Fee:
       This camp is open to any boy in the area that is currently in 1st – 6th grades and is interested in
improving his basketball and/or baseball skills through fundamental drills and skills competitions!
Pre-registration for Baseball/Basketball Camp is $55 for both sports or $30 for one sport. This fee
includes all instruction and OFFICIAL Baseball/Basketball Camp T-Shirt and various competition
prizes. Check for camp registration!
*Camp DAILY Schedule:
Baseball Camp Times:
       8:00 AM-10:00 (Grades 4-5-6)
       10:15 AM-12:15 (Grades 1-2-3)
Basketball Camp Times
        8:00 AM-10:00 (Grades 1-2-3)
       10:15 AM-12:15 (Grades 4-5-6)
Camp Instruction Provided by:
       Baseball: Bryan Head Baseball Coach Jeff Inselmann and Staff
       Basketball: Bryan Head Basketball Coach Doug Billman and Staff
*Camp Payment:
       Make ALL checks payable to: Bryan Basketball (Questions?-Call Doug Billman 769-1774)
       Send Registration Form and Check to: Bryan High School
                                                  Doug Billman
                                                 150 S.Portland St., Bryan, OH 43506
            Detach bottom portion and return completed form with payment to address shown above, or bring to first day of camp.
                                              REGISTRATION FORM AND CONSENT

NAME                                                                AGE                          DATE OF BIRTH

ADDRESS                                         EMERGENCY PHONE #1                                         EMERG. PHONE #2

10-11 GRADE                           T-SHIRT SIZE (CIRCLE)  CHILD OR ADULT
                                           (CIRCLE)   SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE-EXTRA LARGE

                                        has my permission to participate in the Summer Skills Camp. I hear by waive and release for myself, my
heirs, and administrators-all rights and claims for damages against the Bryan City Schools, any and all injuries or loss of property suffered by
my son during this camp.

            Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                         Date

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